Maria Grazia Cucinotta vs Salma Hayek by NewGuy 29-Apr-00

Pamela Anderson had a chance to get even with Maria, but she lost; now it's Salma's turn to get revenge. Salma had gotten the worst of the interference by the Italians. Salma wanted to do the same to Maria. This match will take place in a hotel suite in New York.

Salma Hayek and Maria Grazia Cucinotta had arrived at the hotel at the same time. They went up to the top floor in the same elevator, and the few people who were going to watch the fight had to stand between Salma and Maria so that they don't start fighting there and get kicked out of the hotel. They got into the suite and looked at how big it was. It was the hotel's best suite at the top.

Salma is a pair of high heels and a long trench coat that she removes immediately once she entered the suite. Under her trench coat, Salma shows us that she is wearing a short black skirt and a white top that showed off her navel. Maria is wearing a long black dress and a pair of high heel shoes. Both of them would start the match without their high heels. The special guest referee, who was requested by Salma, is Jennifer Lopez and she had been the first one in the room.

There is no bell to ring, so Jennifer just says, "Let's begin."

The two celebs circle each other in the middle of the suite. Maria pushes Salma down and Salma falls on her ass. Salma's skirt flips up and her shaved pussy can be seen. Maria grabs Salma's clit and she pulls on it hard. Salma screams in Spanish, "pinche puta!" Maria tries to drag Salma by her clit and she does, a little. Salma is desperately clawing at Maria's hand, trying to make Maria lose her grip, but she doesn't.

When Maria stopped dragging Salma, Salma put her foot in Maria's face. Salma begins to kick wildly, and she kicks Maria in the face a few times. Salma is kicking hard enough for Maria to get a bloody mouth. On Salma's last kick, Maria was hit hard in the jaw by Salma's heel of her foot. Maria falls back and she loses her hold of Salma's pussy. Salma is crying while she has her hands under her skirt to rub her pussy, so that the pain may go away.

Maria gets up, her legs are a little bit wobbly, but she is OK. Maria goes up to Salma and kicks her in the breasts. Salma doesn't care because her other pain is much bigger. Maria pulls Salma's arms away from her pussy and Maria pins them over Salma's head. Maria bites on Salma's tits, getting more screams from her. Maria lets go of Salma's hands and she pulls Salma's shirt over her head. Salma's tits are not covered by a bra.

With her left hand, Maria keeps the shirt over Salma's face, and her right hand is used to punch Salma's tits. Maria takes turns on each tit, hitting them about 15 times each. Salma is trying to wiggle out of her shirt and gets her head and her right arm free and then grabs Maria's left tit and gives it a violent twist.

Salma frees her left arm and grabs both of Maria's tits and twists as hard as she can. Salma turns Maria onto her back and she gets on top of her. Salma rips the top of Maria's dress and pulls it down, trapping Maria's arms. Salma waits a little before pummeling Maria. She rubs her tits that are a little black and blue and have barely visible teeth marks.

Looking at Maria's tits that are not covered by a bra as well, Salma says, "Take a look at real breasts!"

Salma shoves her breasts in Maria's face and smothers her for a while. Maria is now out of breath, so Salma begins to pinch and twist Maria's nipples.

"I'm gonna rip these things off your chest, you damn bitch."

Salma starts to pull Maria's nipples and she will not give up until she actually does. Maria is screaming at the top of her lungs feeling that her nipples could come off. Maria spits in Salma's face and as Salma tries to wipe it out of her eyes, Maria has the chance to kick Salma off.

Maria gets the top of her dress over her shoulders and gets up. Maria takes her dress off and she wraps it around Salma's neck and chokes her. Maria doesn't let go until Salma is almost out. Maria picks up the semi-conscious Salma and throws her all around the room. Maria picks up a chair and hits Salma on the head with it. Salma is out and Maria takes Salma to the bathroom and shoves Salma's head into the toilet to wake her up. Maria lifts Salma's head up so she sees where her head is.

Maria throws Salma around in the bathroom. Salma tries to crawl out of the bathroom, and Maria kicked Salma right in the cunt on her way out. Salma is holding her cunt while Maria rips Salma's skirt, leaving her naked. Maria grabs Salma by her breasts, lifts her up and throws her over a couch into the room. Salma lands on a glass table in front of the couch. Salma has shards of glass all over and many small cuts.

Maria says, "It's time to finish it!"

Maria sits on Salma's face suffocating her. Then suddenly the ref., Jennifer Lopez, hits Maria over her head with a vase. Jennifer had decided to interfere. Salma had demanded Jennifer because Jennifer can get mad easily.

Salma had talked to Jennifer three days before the fight saying, "Those Italians made fun of all other Latinas and they made of you the most."

Jennifer did not believe Salma too much, but she didn't refuse to referee because she felt the Italians could be a threat to her. She picks up Maria's legs and kicks Maria in the cunt. Maria screams. Jennifer gets on top of Maria and she hammers down on Maria's tits. Salma awakes ten minutes later and sees Jennifer is taking care of Maria's tits so she goes to work on Maria's crotch. Salma pulls on Maria's clit just like Maria did to her.

After a few minutes of pussy pulling, Salma puts both of her legs between Maria's legs, grabs and pulls Maria's legs, pushing her own legs into Maria's pussy. Salma pushes as hard as she can.

Jennifer has finished pummeling on Maria's tits, leaving them black and blue. She gets up as does Salma and they both pick up the 6 foot Italian (Jennifer is 5'6" and Salma is only 5'2") and throw her onto the broken glass of the table. Maria now has many cuts on her body.

Jennifer and Salma pick up Maria again, and they take her to the bathroom. Salma puts Maria's head on the toilet, and smashes Maria's head with the toilet seat. Then Salma dunks Maria's head into the toilet a few times.

Salma asks Maria, "Do you want to quit?"

Maria sobs, "Yes" so Jennifer exits the bathroom and tells the officials that Salma wins (even though she interfered).

Back in the bathroom Salma had turned on the bath water so that she could wash off her blood. Jennifer comes back into the bathroom and drags Maria out of there. Jennifer stands over Maria's face (in front of the people that watched the catfight) as she takes off her spandex shorts and referee shirt, leaving her totally naked!

Jennifer smoothers Maria into unconsciousness.

Jennifer waits until Salma is done bathing to wake up Maria. When Salma came out, Maria was awake, and she was told to make Salma have an orgasm. Salma gets on the bed in bedroom, lies down and spreads her legs. Maria starts to lick Salma's pussy for many minutes until Salma had an orgasm. Maria then had to suck Salma dry. The people were watching every moment of it until Jennifer told the people to go, that Maria will be taken care off. Everyone leaves and the two catfighters and referee are alone.

Salma gets up after her orgasm and she and Jennifer beat on Maria until she is unconscious again. Jennifer puts on her shorts and shirt, while Salma just put on her trench coat and she took her skirt and shirt in her hands.

Jennifer and Salma took Maria down to the basement to Salma's limo. From there, they drove Maria to Central Park. Upon arriving there, they threw Maria out into the park naked in broad daylight. When Maria woke up she was furious because she had to figure a way out of her predicament.

The End