Maria Grazia Cucinotta vs. Anna Kournikova by Ze 4/25/01

Anna now had a final chance to show that she was strong enough and could fight after a string of one-sided humiliations at the hands of various lady tennis players. On the other hand this was Cucinotta's first fight and she wanted to prove she was as just as tough as she appeared in her movies to win the fans' respect and get her fight career off to a flying start.

Anna came to the match wearing a white shorts, heels and boob tube, and she let her long blonde hair flow freely over her shoulders. Maria appeared in a contrasting black lacy bra and panties and her long dark hair also fell loosely.

Both girls were very nervous, Anna, afraid of being given another thrashing and Maria because she'd never fought before and was unsure what to expect. They both moved nervously and silently as they waited in the ring for the fight to begin. In fact, Anna need not have worried. Maria had been carefully chosen as the vehicle to restart Anna's devastated fight career. She'd been fighting fellow tennis players but never won a fight. Indeed, several times Anna had been utterly destroyed by girls who proved themselves stronger both mentally and physically.

In a fight against Amelie Mauresmo, Anna experienced the ultimate humiliation of being brought to an unwilling and submissive orgasm by her totally dominant conqueror.

Amelie was Anna's third opponent and she suffered a brief but brutal destruction. Amelie seemed to revel in her ability to hurt and humiliate her opponent and Anna was conscious during the fight of an unusual intensity in Amelie's assault on her. She knew that Amelie was a lesbian but it had never occurred to her that she might become a target, but in the ring she felt that the way Amelie's handled and crushed her had an element of sexual dominance that she hadn't experienced before.

After the fight Anna was sitting in her dressing room after showering, wrapped in a large white towel, trying to come to terms with her emotional disarray that had been caused by the worst physical beating she had ever suffered combined with the sense that she had been the object of a sexual game with a dominant lesbian, when Amelie knocked and entered. She had also showered and was wearing a white bathrobe. She was kind and gentle, sitting next to Anna on the couch to express the hope that Anna was not badly hurt, and suggesting that she had put up a good fight (which Anna knew was not true).

She had put a comforting arm around Anna's shoulder, and a hand on her knee. At that point Anna began to wonder what was going to happen, but Amelie continued to talk kindly, suggesting that Anna might get a rematch, and that Amelie had thought she was quite strong. But then Amelie's hand began to stroke higher and higher up Anna's thigh. She kissed Anna on the cheek, but then turned Anna's face to hers and embraced her lips strongly. Anna struggled to get away but Amelie crushed her back onto the couch and forced her way between Anna's powerless thighs. Anna resisted frantically but she was no match for Amelie.

Her towel seemed to offer some resistance to Amelie but not for long, and then Amelie knelt over Anna to remove her bathrobe. The sight of Amelie's naked body poised over her broke Anna's spirit. She knew she could not prevent what was going to happen, and instead wept and pleaded for Amelie to leave her. As Amelie came down on top of her Anna felt her hard, erect clit press into her. Amelie was in no hurry and gently caressed Anna's subservient breasts and stroked her surrendering, unresisting arms and stirred her defenseless womanhood.

Soon, Anna began to grow faint as her sexuality was forced from her. Amelie had completely mastered her now and let her spasming body rest and recover from time to time so as to extend her own pleasure, and only when she too was ready did she tip Anna over the edge of orgasm and ride her bucking torso to her own satisfaction.

In another match, Anna's climax had been brought about by her own overwhelming sense of powerlessness and physical inadequacy combined with the gentleness and care taken with her defenseless body by her opponent. Anna had been overwhelmed with gratitude and a strange feeling of being protected and cared for that she couldn't stop her body from expressing itself in its deepest, most intimate way.

The second occasion, against Venus Williams, had been very different than the first. Venus had no desire to hurt or humiliate Anna. She enjoyed fighting as a test of physical strength and agility. She never fought dirty or employed any tactic that might hurt an opponent, such as scratching, biting or attacking another girl's womanhood. She just liked to wrestle and test her strength.

The first two or three minutes of the fight were competitive, but after that Venus had established in her own mind that she had complete control of Anna and that she could not be hurt by Anna. After that the fight became more of a practice session. Looking back at the tape it is easy to see that Venus was allowing Anna good positions as a test for herself to see if she could turn the tables. It was clear that both girls were enjoying the competition, as Venus repeatedly turned the tables on her weaker rival. For Anna it was a new experience. She enjoyed her moments of success, which at first she did not realize that Venus was giving to her. At first, as Venus exerted herself and turned the tables on her, she grew afraid that Venus would hurt her as her previous opponents had done.

But Venus only overpowered her and re-established her dominance before allowing Anna to find a way out. Anna had never been so gently dominated before, and she was grateful to Venus for it. She enjoyed the playfulness of the fight and no longer feared Venus harming her. She celebrated her moments of ascendancy, and marveled at Venus' strength and power as she threw her, pinned her, held her and controlled her. She felt strangely safe and protected as Venus gently held, twisted, strained and out muscled her, knowing that Venus would not harm her.

The fight continued for some while until Venus realized that it was time to finish it. She put Anna in a full nelson and then lifted her slightly off the ground and walked around the ring to show the crowd the loser. As she did so Anna's legs dangled helplessly, and her buttocks gently pushed up between Venus's legs. Then Venus crushed Anna gently down so that the blonde Russian was forced face down onto the mat.

Venus reversed her own position to put Anna in a Boston Crab, which she exerted enough to make Anna cry out once. Then she dropped Anna and flipped her onto her back, and as her legs fell apart Venus knelt between them for the finish. She knelt up as high as she could, and then, keeping her muscular body as straight as a falling ladder, toppled onto Anna, arms stretched above her head, in a kind of body splash which ended with Venus sprawled over her blonde opponent. The last few moves had happened so quickly and Anna had felt like a toy in Venus's hands.

She'd never been so completely dominated - or so gently destroyed - and she loved Venus for it. She was so grateful and so impressed with Venus's magnificent strong body. When she felt Venus come down on top of her she felt herself overwhelmed with the desire to submit herself to her, and in that moment her crushed body began to quiver and buck under Venus.

Venus was not aware at first, and was only emphasizing her victory by pressing herself down on the blonde but when she felt Anna bucking under her, and realized that Anna was now clinging to her with her arms and had wrapped her legs around her hips, she knew something was wrong. She quickly removed Anna from her and stood up and looked down at Anna, moaning and bucking on the mat, with a shocked, uncomprehending gaze. She had never seen a woman orgasm before, but from her own few experience she knew that was what was happening. She stood back, shocked while ring officials entered. At first, they thought that Anna was having some sort of a fit brought on by physical exhaustion and the doctor quickly entered the ring. He immediately realized what was happening, as had some of the crowd. He called for a blanket and a stretcher and Anna was rushed to her dressing room to recover. Most of the crowd went home thinking that Anna had just suffered the effects of a severe beating. Only those at ringside were aware of the truth.

Anna's best fight by far, had been against Martina Hingis, and she had almost won it. But Martina had come back strongly at her and finally overpowered her as Anna's strength wilted alarmingly towards the end (Martina herself has admitted she's one of the weakest girls on the tennis circuit; that many girls cause her problems because of their superior strength and power.)

Several times in the past, opponents had been suggested to Anna from among models and actresses, but she refused to take on any of these less physically developed girls who, as a professional sports woman, she looked down at as being physically inferior.

Anna was proud of being a sportswoman and was determined that she could and would compete with them, but her last fight, against Eliana Dementiava, her younger fellow compatriot had been the final disaster. She had only agreed to the fight reluctantly, feeling that the teenager was not a worthy opponent for her, but in the event the fight had been short, with Anna being quickly stripped and crushed. Even worse, after the fight Eliana had come to her dressing room to complete what she had begun, and Anna, without a referee to protect her had suffered a severe beating. It had finished with Anna lying naked on her dressing room floor with Eliana's foot on her throat and a promise by Anna, gasped out between tears and exhaustion, never to beat Eliana in a tennis match.

After that, Anna had grudgingly agreed to fight an actress or model next to regain her confidence, but only on the condition that if she won it would lead her back into the more competitive fighting with her fellow sports women, where she felt she belonged. So the search had begun for a suitable opponent. Anna had made it very clear that she would not lower herself to fight any of the well-known 'soft touches' of the actress and model fight scene, but on the other hand it was important that Anna should not get another beating. That would signal the end for her. And so finally Maria Cucinotta was chosen. She was the perfect opponent, never having fought before, but wanting to start, tallish, and with something of a tough image from the movies. On the other hand she was slender and lacked the muscle and strength of Anna's opponents to date. Anna was shown some of those movies and finally agreed to the fight

When the fight began, they immediately interlaced their hands for a test of strength. Maria managed to push Anna back in the first seconds, and for a moment it seemed that Anna's fighting career was heading for a final, humiliating end. Maria smiled confidently as she felt the blonde struggle to resist her. But Anna knew she dared not loose to this beautiful, delicate actress. Her pride drove her on and the confidence on Maria's face disappeared as Anna held her and then forced her back.

Anna forced her hands to conquer as strongly as she knew how, but Maria resisted. And then suddenly, Anna's strength was just too much for the novice actress. Her wrists snapped back and she cried in pain as her arms split apart so as not to have her wrists broken.

Anna pulled Maria to her and slammed her right knee into Maria's belly.

The Italian seemed to break in two and collapsed to her knees in disarray, and Anna slammed her knee into her face. Maria was dazed and Anna went behind her and forced her to her feet by her hair. Maria screamed in pain, but screamed louder when Anna slammed her face against the ring post. Maria put her hands on the ropes as she tried to support herself on treacherous legs. Anna took advantage of Maria's distress hiking Maria's panties from behind before bringing her fist up between Maria's already trembling legs, again from behind. The blow stunned Maria and her legs turned to jelly.

As they subsided under her she lashed out wildly and desperately at Anna, but Anna seized Maria's flailing arm and bent it up behind her back. Maria screamed in pain, her legs desperate to collapse and her tortured arm desperate that they should not. For the first time in a fight Anna felt in control. She like it and her excitement grew as she felt her opponent rapidly wilting under the effects of her power.

While maintaining her hold with her left hand on Maria's arm, Anna's right went again to Maria's panties, this time violently ripping them down from the brunettes hips. Maria tried to stop it but before her free hand could move her panties were already lying around her ankles. The brunette panicked, frantically trying to cover herself with her hand, but Anna roughly pulled it away and punched Maria's crotch. Maria's rapidly weakening legs again began to collapse.

She stumbled backwards into Anna, as her long slender thighs trembled violently and Anna continued her attack her between her legs. Anna's lifted Maria by the crotch, surprised at how light she was, putting a tremendous pressure on Maria's trapped arm. Anna knew that Maria's actress body was much less substantial than any of the tennis girls she had fought. After some seconds, Anna allowed Maria's feet to touch the ground, but then she lifted her again for another long moment. When Anna finally put Maria down, the brunette was squealing for help and mercy.

Anna let Maria go. Maria stumbled away from her, distressed. She stood unsteadily for a moment in the center of the ring, weeping and tremulous, her long legs uncertain where to go or how to support their mistress. And so, caught in indecision they buckled, dropping the devastated brunette to the canvas. Helpless, Maria Cucinotta tried to get to her feet, while Anna stood watching the pathetic struggling of her swiftly defeated opponent. Maria got unsteadily to her knees. Anna allowed her to struggle to her feet, where she stood precariously, tottering on shaky thin legs. Anna walked towards Maria, and as she did so Maria raised her hands in a mixture of defense and submission. She begged Anna not to touch her. As Anna reached out to her Maria again fell to the floor.

Anna grabbed the terrified Sicilian by the hair. She was enjoying her dominance. She had never felt so strong, so powerful, so dominant. It was sheer ecstasy to feel Maria totally under her power, so helpless and subdued, so unable to resist. She pulled Maria to her feet, twisted her right arm up behind her back again and wrapped her free arm around Maria's neck. Then she paraded the shattered actress around the room, displaying her to the crowd. The crowd roared its approval, and Anna's excitement hit new heights.

"What shall I do with her?" she called out, and held up a thumb before turning in down, asking whether the crowd wanted mercy or destruction.

"Take her, take her, take her, take her," roared the crowd

Making sure that Maria's right arm was pushed firmly and painfully up behind her back Anna used her free hand to remove Maria's black lacy bra. She carefully undid the clasp and sensuously swept her hand over Maria's delicate shoulders, brushing the straps off and down her arms. She smiled at the crowd, who cheered wildly. Seeing that the crowd were enjoying this Anna let her hand sweep over Maria's soft breasts, finally brushing the bra away and exposing them. The roar of the crowd reached a new level of intensity.

"Take her, take her, take her, take her," they roared again.

Anna gave the crowd what they wanted, caressing Maria's firm, tanned breasts and feigning sexual arousal herself. Her hands wandered all over Maria's breasts, shoulders and stomach. Maria struggled and wept, humiliated, but she could not prevent it. Anna was all-powerful and Maria was forced to endure her domination. Finally Anna's hand slid down to Maria's pussy and a long slim finger entered her. Maria was caught by surprise as Anna's finger entered her. She cried out with a shocked gasp, and her knees once again buckled beneath her and her agonized right arm burnt again with shocking pain. The crowd roared as they saw Maria wilt. Anna's finger caressed Maria who panted in a mixture of humiliation, exhaustion and arousal.

"Please. No!" she whispered, but Anna was deaf to her pleas.

Anna herself had been overwhelmed in the same way and her conquerors had never shown her any mercy. She was enjoying her authority and wanted it rewarded.

Anna was now in such control that she no longer needed Maria's right arm to maintain it. She let it go so that she could more effectively attack her subsiding opponent. She had one hand inside Maria's now pulsating womanhood, while the other massaged and caressed Maria's increasingly responsive breasts. It wandered freely over Maria as the crowd roared ecstatically and Maria's total destruction loomed. Maria struggled occasionally to escape, but whenever she did Anna wrapped a firm, restraining arm around her waist.

Gradually Maria's senses were overwhelmed. Every muscle ached with the exhaustion of being physically overpowered; her whole body screamed for relief from the assault that Anna was making on its ability to control itself. Maria's panting became faster and more desperate. She threw her head back onto Anna's shoulder, seeking respite. As she felt Maria grow weaker and weaker and increasingly desperate, Anna again began to parade the brunette around the ring for the whole crowd to enjoy. Now it was necessary to lift Maria, as her legs were now completely beyond her own control.

Anna knew that it was time to finish this. She released Maria and threw her roughly to the ground. She placed a foot on her heaving chest and looked up at the crowd and flexed her biceps and posed like a bodybuilder. Her slender muscles were never going to impress, but she made a beautiful picture of dominant female beauty, and in the mean time the referee counted Maria out.

Anna reveled in the crowd's cheers as the chant of ,"Take her, take her, take her, take her" filled the auditorium again.

Anna pulled the devastated brunette to her feet and marched her to ropes and threw her over. She climbed over herself and jumped down beside Maria. She dragged Maria to her feet by her hair, bent over and let the brunette fall draped across her shoulders, then picked her up. Her legs struggled with the extra weight and she needed the help of crowd member who supported her while she steadied herself, but then she walked unaided, albeit on erratic and wavering legs, out of the arena carrying her victim. After entering the dressing room, she locked the door and there she erased the memories of her own humiliations by pursuing her own humiliation of the exquisite Maria Grazia.

And so Anna Kournikova won her right to a rematch with Martina Hingis and a final chance to make progress against her fellow tennis stars. Maria was left to restart her career with a less ambitious fight and to consider the foolishness of a slightly built actress presuming to take on a professional sportswoman, however helpless she had seemed against her own kind.