Maria Grazia Cucinotta vs. Brigitte Nielsen by Boeing666 and Martin

Rome Italy - Brigitte Nielsen is seen in her locker room backstage wearing a black leather trench coat that is closed up. She stands before the puzzled interviewer.

"Don't worry about why I am wearing a trench coat. Maria has been making fun of my breasts lately, saying they are ugly and fake. I will show her what real breasts look like right in front of her homeland crowd. That is all that I have to say."

In Maria's locker room, Maria is standing there looking angry. Her hair long black and straight is pulled back in a pony tail as she is seen wearing a black leather halter top that says "FBI" for "Full Breasted Italian" and a matching black leather skirt with black fishnet stockings.

"Have you seen Brigitte's breasts? They may be bigger than mine but doctors can do anything these days. That was a very bad doctor though as he made them all deformed and ugly looking. She may try to tell people that she will show them what real breasts look like in front of my own people, but Brigitte is in for a surprise once I beat her. I will make her worship my superior - real - breasts!"

Maria is in the ring waiting for Brigitte. Maria wears the same outfit as she did in the interview except her long black hair is out of the pony tail now. She smiles to the crowd.

Next Brigitte comes out wearing a black leather trench coat. She enters the ring, pulls off her trench coat revealing that she is fully nude. She actually gets a huge crowd reaction in Maria's homeland. This pisses off Maria, but Maria steps back looking a little worried as Brigitte - bigger by 3 inches and 30 pounds - sits and laughs at her. Despite being older, Brigitte looks more toned and tells the crowd, "Look at Maria, she won't show her breasts in front of her country's people! She must be embarrassed! But don't worry, no need to be disappointed... you’ll get to see them - and more - before I’m done!!"

Maria shakes her head ‘no’ - actually getting a few boos.

At the bell, Brigitte and Maria lock up in the middle of the ring for a Test of Strength but it’s no more than 10 seconds before Brigitte as Maria on her knees howling in pain. Brigitte lets Maria stand up, but then gives her a hard kick in the pussy that drops her back down to the mat holding her crotch.

Brigitte grabs Maria by her long black hair and hoists her up easily into a huge bearhug. Brigitte charges the corner slamming Maria into the corner and letting her go. Brigitte whips Maria hard into the other corner. Maria slams into the corner, slides down, the ropes catching under her armpits keep her from falling. Brigitte charges the corner and clotheslines Maria hard, so hard that Maria almost flies over the turnbuckle out of the ring but instead lands on her ass. Brigitte again whips Maria into the other corner hard, once again the ropes catch under Maria's armpits preventing her from falling to the mat. Brigitte charges the corner and gives Maria a huge avalanche in the corner. Maria sinks down to the mat in a daze.

Brigitte grabs Maria by her hair, hoists the big brunette up and bodyslams her down to the mat hard shaking the ring. Maria rolls to her side holding her back. Brigitte grabs her by her hair, tosses her into the ropes, when Maria comes back Brigitte gives her a big powerslam that once again shakes the ring. Maria lays flat on her back in one of her worst poundings ever. Italy's dominant brunette is getting decimated in the ring.

Brigitte hoists Maria up, dropping Maria's ass onto her knee in a regular atomic drop. Maria hobbles around holding her ass before Brigitte spins her around, lifts her around the waist and gives her a reverse atomic drop. Maria gets crosseyed while holding her pussy. Brigitte does not let up on her though as she picks her up horizontally across her chest carrying the brunette beauty around the ring. Maria has a look of panic on her face not knowing what Brigitte has planned.

Brigitte carries her to the corner, turns her upside down and hooks the back of Maria's knees over the top rope on either side of the corner so that Maria is hanging upside down in the ropes in a tree of woe. Her black leather skirt folds up revealing her black cotton flimsy thong underneath the fishnets. Brigitte begins sending punch after punch into Maria's belly and crotch before giving her stomps and kicks.

Brigitte takes this opportunity to tear off Maria's top letting her beautiful big funbags fall out. The crowd erupts in cheers as Maria tries to cover them from her upside down position. Brigitte grabs Maria's big tits and lifts her parallel to the mat with her legs still hooked to the corner post. Brigitte then lets go, slamming Maria’s back hard into the turnbuckle where she remains dangling upside down.

Brigitte repeats the move nine (9) times with Maria screaming each time! Brigitte unzips Maria's skirt causing it to fall of her body behind her. Brigitte pulls down Maria's fishnet stockings and sticks her fingers under Maria's thong and begins fingering her until Maria starts to respond and moan. Brigitte sniffs her fingers, then pulls down Maria’s fishnets.

"Fishnets! How appropriate," Brigitte laughs. "Perfect for the girl whose pussy smells like fish! They sure did nothing to keep the smell in!"

Brigitte pulls the fishnets all the way down, briefly uncrosses Maria's legs so they can be completely pulled off around the turnbuckle, before recrossing Maria's ankles on the turnbuckle. Brigitte leaves the ring and stands behind the upside down Maria. With Maria's head near the mat, Brigitte grabs her by the hair and begins pulling making Maria scream. Brigitte then takes the fishnet nylons and wraps them around Maria's neck and chokes her with them. Brigitte climbs back into the ring as the referee tries to free Maria from the tree of woe, but Brigitte shoves him down. Brigitte grabs Maria by her legs and slams her off of the turnbuckle. Maria lays on her stomach as Brigitte straddles her back and grabs her by the back of her black cotton thong, which by now has become quite damp with sweat and yanks up giving the tall Sicilian a Wedgie.

Maria screams in pain as her ass crack is violated by her own thong. Brigitte flips Maria over onto her back and gives her a front wedgie, the thong splitting up between her pussy lips. Brigitte gets up and stomps Maria in her crotch. Maria screams and rolls to her side holding her aching pussy. Brigitte grabs Maria by her hair and puts over across her shoulders carrying her around before giving her a Samoan Drop.

Maria lays on her back motionless. Brigitte shoves Maria's head between her legs, hoists her up into an inverted reverse bearhug so that Maria's ass is in her face and squeezes making Maria holler in pain. Maria is getting lifted like she weighs nothing and has not been woman handled this bad since she faced Anna Falchi. Maria is dropped stomach first on the top rope so that she is folded over ass facing out to the crowd. Brigitte kicks Maria in the back tumbling her back into the ring.

Brigitte stands Maria back up, grabs the front and back of Maria's sweaty thong and lifts her high bouncing her up and down with the thong digging in deep and Maria screaming. After about 10 bounces the sweat soaked thong rips as Maria falls out of it leaving Brigitte holding just a thong in her hand. Brigitte looks at the busted thong in disgust and tosses it aside. Brigitte grabs Maria by her hair and stands her up, one hand squeezing Maria's breast, while she shoves her other hand into Maria's crotch and lifts her with ease high over her head in a gorilla press and starts doing reps with the raven haired amazon.

Brigitte carries Maria to the side of the ring and tosses her out of the ring to the outside. Maria falls several feet and lands in a tangled mess. Brigitte is on top of her and tosses her around back and forth before lifting Maria onto her shoulder and carrying her back into the ring and dumping her back in. Maria rolls around in pain on the mat as Brigitte grabs her by the hair, standing her up. Brigitte pulls Maria towards her with her arm extended nearly taking Maria's head off with a short arm clothesline that flips Maria a complete 360, Maria spasms on the mat. Brigitte laughs and lifts Maria by her breasts and holds her up in the air by her breasts while twisting.

Maria screams in pain, but is soon dropped hard to the mat. Brigitte grabs Maria by her hair, shoves her head between her thighs and hoists her up so that Maria is sitting on her shoulders facing her crotch in Brigitte's face. Brigitte turns around so everyone can see before she gives Maria a huge sit down Powerbomb. Maria bounces off the mat hard and goes into spasms as Brigitte stands up and spits on Maria and takes her fingers and plugs her nose yelling at Maria to take a shower.

Brigitte grabs the unconscious Maria by her hair and presses the nearly deadweight over her head again and carries her over to a corner and drops her hard crotch first onto the turnbuckle so that Maria straddles it facing in the ring. Maria winces in pain as her hands go down to her aching pussy. Brigitte makes a slashing motion across her throat as she climbs to the second turnbuckle, turns around and holds Maria over her shoulder, then repositions her upside down, holding her in 69 position with Maria’s thighs on either side of Brigitte's head.

Then Brigitte leaps off driving Maria's head hard into the mat in a tombstone piledriver off the ropes. Maria bounces up and Brigitte folds Maria up so the back of her head and top of her shoulders are the only thing touching the mat other than the tips of her toes that also touch the mat as her legs are folded over her in a tight Matchbook. Brigitte sits on Maria's legs as Maria's nude ass is exposed in a very humiliating up in the air position knees on either side of her head. Brigitte fingers Maria's sweaty pussy as the pinfall is counted.




Brigitte gets off of Maria as Maria remains folded up. Brigitte grabs Maria's leather top and stuffs it into her ass before kicking Maria flat and rolling her onto her stomach. Maria is completely ko'd as Brigitte uses Maria's fishnet stockings to hog tie her. Brigitte then takes Maria's sweaty smelly thong and shoves it into Maria's mouth posing over her as Maria's Italian crowd cheers shockingly for Brigitte and her complete dominance of the Italian Amazon.
Some time later, Brigitte remembers that the fight was not only about strenght, but also about who had the better boobs. As she sees it, Maria's boobs are about the same size as her's, but with a better shape. At least they *had* better shape before the fight! She orders two T-shirts, skirts and stockings applicable to her and Maria and goes to Maria's room.

Maria has just gained consciousness and as she sees Brigitte, she moans, "Please, Brigitte, no more. You are the best. I'll do all you want."

Brigitte laughs: "Shut up, little girl! It's not all over. Take my bra and give me yours." They trade. "Now, put on these clothes!" Because Brigitte's bra is to big for her, Maria’s boobs droop - a lot. On Brigitte, Maria's bra is nowhere nearly big enough and her boobs are squeezed together and pushed up. Covered by the T-shirts it's just the look Brigitte wanted - her boobs looking far, far bigger than Maria's! "Come on, the reporters and paparazzi are waiting for us. They wanna see the winner and the looser!"

"But it's not fair...," Maria protests.

She’s interrupted by Brigitte, "You should only say the 'right' things or you’ll get another special treatment, OK?" To demonstrate her advantage, she grabs, then pinches and pulls on Maria's nipples, stretching them out over the top of the loosely fitting cups.

Maria screams, "Please, no, no more. I...I know what to say."

They leave the room and are surrounded by the press people as Brigitte explains, "It was so easy to beat this weak girl. I'm some numbers to big for her." To demonstrate, she shows her amazing legs, even longer than Maria's beautiful long legs. "But this was a fight of big boobs. Maybe you didn't look at them during the fight, but now you can easily see who has the bigger, better, ones!"

She stands facing Maria so everybody can draw their own comparison. The press people are astonished and ask Maria, "Did you expect such a decisive defeat? We thought your boobs could stand up to Brigitte’s."

Maria fearfully but with a bit of pride answers, "Today, Brigitte was too strong for me. I’ll have to train harder for upcoming events but Brigitte did NOT win the boob fight. What you see here is just a FAHHH..."

Brigitte interrupts grabbing Maria’s nipples, "Shut up, you loser! I promised you a special after-treatment and now here it is!" She pinches down, twisting her wrists and wringing Maria's nipples as she forces the tearful Italian beauty to her knees screaming.

"OH NO... please... let me... OK….you…yours…your are the best...bigger...STOP…pleeeeeeeeeese…."

Brigitte leaves Maria on her knees weeping as she goes off to celebrates her victory with the adoring press!