Talisa Soto vs Maria Grazia Cucinotta by NewGuy 04-Jun-00

The special guest referee is Jennifer Lopez enters the octagon ring on the roof of the arena building. The crowd cheers as she jumps into the ring wearing a referee bikini that shows off a lot. Jennifer does not like anyone, but herself. It is not known if she will help Talisa, and make Maria lose the match, or this time help her. Either way, Maria is gong to kick Talisa and Jennifer's ass.

Maria enters the ring after Jennifer, and she waits for Talisa to enter. Maria is wearing a short skirt, a short top that shows her stomach and the bottom of her bra-less tits, and high heel boots.

Talisa is now coming to the ring. Talisa is wearing a short leather top that shows the tops of her tits and her stomach, a leather skirt that has slits from about the top to bottom on the sides, and a pair of thigh high leather boots.

Maria walks up to Talisa, who is a little bit smaller than Maria and she says, "You may be the tallest of the Latinas, but you are still smaller than me, especially in the chest department".

This is the most even match out of all the matches because Maria is 6' and Talisa is 5' 10". Jennifer signals for the bell, but Maria already started the match with a clothesline for Talisa. Maria stomps Talisa a few times, but Talisa trips Maria.

Then Talisa jumps up and she stomps Maria a few times. Talisa stops to allow Maria to get up. Both women lock up, and Talisa manages to twist Maria's arm behind her back. Then Talisa puts her foot on Maria's ass, and she kicks Maria to the floor while letting go of the hold. Talisa runs to the ropes on the other side, and on the return she tries to cross body block Maria, but she catches Talisa in midair.

Maria gives Talisa a body slam. Maria sits on top of Talisa, and she starts to smash her fists on Talisa's tits. Talisa lifted her right foot, and kicked Maria on the back of the head. Maria falls to the side with her hands on the back of her head, and Talisa gets up.

When Maria gets up, Talisa jumps back up immediately, and she kicks Maria in the head again. Maria doesn't fall down, but after a few kicks to the midsection and then one to the cunt, Maria goes down. Talisa lifts Maria up, and she whips Maria to the ropes of the big octagon. When Maria bounces back, Talisa monkey flips her to the other side. Then Talisa whips Maria to a turnbuckle, and she starts to kick Maria all around. A few c--- kicks, and Talisa starts to punch Maria's big tits. Talisa grabs Maria's shirt, and she rips it off of Maria. Maria great huge tits can now be seen by the crowd, and they cheer loudly. Talisa starts to pinch Maria's nipples.

Maria has had enough and she pushes Talisa down hard. Talisa gets up, but Maria runs with a clothesline, bringing Talisa back down. Again Talisa gets up, but this time Maria misses with the clothesline. Talisa gave Maria a kick to the chin, and Maria went down.

Talisa picks Maria up, and she tries to kick her in the head, but Maria caught Talisa's foot, she cleared Talisa's skirt to show her thong, and Maria gave Talisa a hard punch to the cunt. Talisa falls down. Maria rips the skirt off of Talisa.

As Talisa rubs her pussy, Maria grabs Talisa's hair and pulls her up. Maria whips Talisa to the ropes and Maria clotheslines Talisa on the comeback. Talisa spins a full 360 degrees before hitting the mat. Maria stomps Talisa in the c--- before picking her up again. Maria throws Talisa to the turnbuckle, and Maria charges at Talisa with her shoulder. Then Maria keeps hitting Talisa in the stomach with her shoulder. Then Maria whips Talisa to the other side, and she runs after Talisa. Talisa turns around and hits her back on the turnbuckle, but then she sees Maria coming in with a clothesline.

Talisa falls to the mat after getting hit hard with the clothesline. Maria picks Talisa up immediately, and Talisa is again whipped to the other side. Talisa hits the turnbuckle hard with her tits, and Maria picks Talisa up and places her on the top turnbuckle. Maria climbs the turnbuckle and stands Talisa on it. Maria is going to give Talisa a German suplex off the top, but Talisa lifted her foot behind her, and she kicked Maria in the cunt.

Talisa gave a Maria an elbow, and she fell down to the mat. Talisa sits back down on the turnbuckle with her back to Maria. Then Talisa decides to get up, she looks back to see were Maria is, and she flips backwards off the turnbuckle and she lands with both feet on Maria's tits. Both large melons were squished hard. Then Talisa stands on Maria's side, and she stomps Maria's tits repeatedly. Talisa stops stomping, and she runs the ropes, and when she is running back, she flips into the air to land on Maria's back with her back (Senton bomb). Maria sees what's coming, and she moves out of the way.

Once Talisa landed on her back onto the mat. Talisa gets up on all floors, but Maria kicks her in the stomach, turning Talisa around onto her back. Then Maria sits on Talisa, and Maria starts to slap Talisa's ass until its red. Once Talisa's ass is red, Maria turned around, and she pulled Talisa up by her top. Maria squished Talisa's tits as she pulled Talisa's top. Then Maria unzipped the top and ripped it off of Talisa to show her tits (Not the biggest, but I think they're great). Maria pulls Talisa back down by her hair. Maria gets on top of Talisa, and she keeps punching Talisa's breasts for a some time. Maria says, "Now its time to twist these nipples off your small tits!"

Talisa did not let her though because she started socking Maria's tits. Then Talisa socks Maria in the face a few times. Maria tried to stop each punch, but Talisa was too fast, and Maria stood up, but before getting out of Talisa's reach, Talisa kicked Maria in the cunt. Maria was bent over, and Talisa grabbed the two huge things in front of her. Talisa pulled Maria down to the floor by her tits. Talisa scratched at each tit, then she grabbed the left tit, and she slapped it a few times. Then Talisa grabbed the right tit, and she did the same. Then she dug in her thumbs of her finger nails.

Both nails dug in very deeply into the soft flesh. Maria saw that Talisa's tits were close enough, and she did the same to the Talisa. For a long time, each celeb twisted a nipple with each hand, but they were getting nowhere. Talisa released her grip, but Maria did not. Talisa grabbed Maria's head, and she started to slam Maria's head into the mat. Maria let go of her grip and Talisa was able to get away from Maria. Both women were sitting down on the ground, rubbing each place that hurt. The crowd began to boo the two until Talisa got up and she drop-kicked Maria's head while she was sitting down on the floor.

Then Talisa climbs a turnbuckle to jump off of, but Maria gets up immediately and she runs to the ropes, and that causes Talisa to fall onto her cunt. Maria climbs the turnbuckle, grabs Talisa to set her up for a superplex, and Talisa hits the mat hard.

Maria waits a few seconds before getting up, then she grabs Talisa's legs, and gives Talisa a few punches between the legs. Then Maria grabbed Talisa's hair and lifted her up. Maria began to pull Talisa's bottoms up from behind. Talisa stood up on her tiptoes, and her height helped her a little, but Maria tugged higher. The materials disappeared in the back, and it started to disappear in the front.

Talisa lifted her foot up again, and kicked Maria in the cunt. She did it a few times, Maria let go. You could barely see Talisa's pussy lips, but Talisa pulled it out. Talisa turned around, she ripped Maria's skirt off, and she pulled Maria's skirt up. Talisa pulled up as high as she could and Maria was lifted off the mat. The panties finally ripped off after a few minutes and Maria fell down to the mat nude.

Talisa picked up Maria's legs and she gave her a few stomps and then finally a knee into the cunt. Talisa lifted Maria up, and she took to the ropes. Talisa tied Maria's arms in the ropes. Talisa started kicking Maria in the tits a few times. Then Talisa pinched each nipple, and she dug her nails in deeply again. Talisa released Maria from the ropes, but she tied Maria up again upside down around the ropes and with her clothes.

Talisa began to pinch Maria's clit. Talisa dug her nails deeply into that while she was on her knees with her pussy covering Maria's mouth. Maria was out, but Talisa kept up the clit scratching.

Talisa released Maria out of the ropes again, and she covered Maria for the three count. Jennifer refused to count though. Talisa got up and she cussed at Jennifer. Jennifer just looked the other way. Talisa turned back around to do some more damage to Maria, but Jennifer came up from behind and she pulled Talisa's bottoms up. Talisa stood on her tiptoes, and the height advantage helped her against Jennifer's wedgie.

As the material began to dig into Talisa's ass and pussy, Salma Hayak came up from behind and started to give Jennifer a wedgie. Jennifer ended her wedgie attack. Then Talisa turned around and gave Jennifer a roundhouse kick to the throat. Jennifer fell backwards with her hands on her throat. Salma picked Jennifer up and she kicked Jennifer in the cunt. Jennifer fell on her face on Maria's side. Talisa sat on top of Maria's stomach and she pinned Maria's head. Salma told Jennifer to count.

"No! I won't count! I'm going to disqualify Ta......."

Jennifer couldn't finish before Salma put her hand over Jennifer's mouth, and grabbed Jennifer's crotch with the other. Jennifer's muffled screams could be heard over Salma's hand. Jennifer then started to count because she saw Patricia Velasquez get close to the ring.

Salma said, "You better start counting, or else!"

Talisa is declared the winner, but of course, the Italians would not leave without humiliating their defeated opponents, so the Latinas thought that they should do the same.

Talisa ties Maria to the bottom rope. Then Salma released her grip on Jennifer's cunt, and she tied Jennifer to the ropes on the ropes next to Maria. Patricia enters the ring, and she strips naked. Patricia sits on top of Maria, and Maria has to pleasure her. Maria licks Patricia as deep as she can into Patricia's cunt. Then Patricia starts to rub her cunt all over Maria's face. Patricia starts to moan softly as she begins to rub faster. Patricia finally cums on Maria.

Talisa and Salma go over to Jennifer. Talisa and Salma pull Jennifer's bikini bottoms off, and then they rip Jennifer's top off leaving her naked. They don't really think Jennifer can satisfy both Latinas, so they start to pound on Jennifer. Salma pounds on Jennifer's smaller tits. Then Salma starts in to scratching, then pinching. Talisa works on stomping Jennifer in the cunt. She then punches, and scratches Jennifer's pussy. After about ten minutes, they switch, and they do the same. They just left Jennifer with bruises, scratches, and imprints of fingernails. Salma took off her top and her bra, and she smothered Jennifer into dream land. Meanwhile that was happening, Patricia was getting herself off on Maria over and over again.

All three Latinas put their clothes back on, and they leave Jennifer Lopez and Maria hog tied, giving the audience perfect views of their pussies. The crowd cheers the Latinas when they leave.