Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Kaley Cuoco by Jackflash

So, who had the best butt…the finest fanny…the greatest gluteus maximus?

There was no denying that of Michelle’s many gifts, perhaps the most visually appealing was her derriere - widely hailed by many fans as about as close to perfection as possible. Special attention was called to that particular part of her anatomy because she’d so often employed the facesit finisher in her matches, demonstrating that her rear end was more than merely decorative, it was also dangerously functional in battle. Personally, Michelle thought all the attention being paid her posterior and facesit finisher was a bit ridiculous. She was certainly proud of what mother nature had given her, sure…but she never measured herself by any physical feature; rather feeling her intellect was her best weapon! And as for facesitting, while she couldn’t deny it was effective…a move that delivered a nice measure of humiliation to certain girls who definitely deserved to be taken down a peg or two…she hardly saw it as her “signature move.” Indeed, she won most matches with a variety of moves but, still, it was the facesit people most identified her with.

As far as self-identity goes, Kaley was most definitely proud of what was in her opinion, a perfect derriere, and unlike some, she wasn’t above declaring it ‘The Best Butt in Hollywood’ and while there were many in full agreement with her on that score, others held sharply differing views (so to speak). As a catfighter, Kaley loved to accent her behind by planting it on the faces of her opponents and putting them away with her own facesit; a devastating move quickly becoming synonymous with the young blond. Still somewhat of a newcomer to the exotic sport, Kaley had torn through a string of fellow rookies and felt she was ready to take the next step to a higher plateau. So Kaley set her sights on Michelle, declaring they had to fight to determine “who possessed the best rear end.” Hollywood moguls who ran the catfight circuit couldn’t resist a gimmick and were quick to seize on it; decreeing this battle could only be won by facesit…no other finishing move would count.

Michelle’s response was…Kaley who? She claimed she’d never heard of this newcomer, and stated she wasn’t interested in engaging in anything as silly as, “… a gimmick match against a nobody.” And for sure, Michelle had a bigger target on her radar, Scarlett Johansson; Michelle’s hated nemesis who’d been ducking a rematch for over a year. The brunette didn’t want to let this rookie distract her from her effort to set up a fight with Johansson by engaging in acts of oneupwomanship with every “narcissistic hussy” who came along.

But then someone clued Michelle in to the fact that Kaley was a ‘close friend’ of Scarlett’s and suddenly everything was clear: Scarlett was using Kaley to go after Michelle, hoping she’d beat her so decisively it would derail the brunette’s hopes for a rematch with Johansson. Perhaps Scarlett was even daring to dream Kaley may beat Michelle so devastatingly, it would drive her from catfighting altogether; then the blond would never have to worry about her rival again. But the brunette had other plans!

Michelle swore she’d beat Kaley and her victory would ensure the much desired rematch with Johansson. Scarlett could hardly haughtily continue to reject Michelle’s challenge once it was known the blond had used a third party to go after Michelle. Besides, Michelle figured if Kaley was so hell-bent on having her face under her butt, she could hardly deny the blond her heart’s desire…could she? Besides, she couldn’t resist accepting Kaley’s challenge once Kaley made statements like, “That bitch was afraid to fight a real woman! When I’m done, she’ll worship my perfect ass.” Yep, Kaley was practically begging to have her mouth shut…with a face full of fanny.

A few quick phone calls and the match was set. Michelle still thought it all a bit silly and even quipped that the facesit gimmick was “ASSinine”…but she wasn’t about to take her opponent lightly. As for Kaley’s boasts, Michelle announced, “There’s no way that bimbo was gonna facesit me; but I’ll be happy to give her a close-up look at a truly excellent tush!”

The battle would be held on the deck of the beach house of a music producer, overlooking the Pacific as the sun sank beneath the waves. The deck was huge by most standards…the producer never did anything small…so it could easily accommodate the one hundred or so privileged spectators and still give the combatants more than enough room to fight atop the plush carpeting the owner was having specially installed.

Finally, the two fighters stood in opposite corners of a carpeted “arena” garbed in hand-sewn kimonos. Michelle undid her obi sash first, allowing the silk robe to slide from her body which was clad in a pink bikini, her bottom amply displayed, flattering the two nearly-flawless hemispheres of her rear. Smiling broadly and confidently, she gave a pirouette with all eyes fixed first upon her behind, but then quickly taking in the dance-sculpted contours of her legs; the firmness of her abs; her small pert breasts and lastly, the dangerously intelligent glint in her eyes. The brunette had proven time and again against a parade of formidable opponents that not for nothing was she hailed as one of the finest young fighters in this elite sport. Under other circumstances, Michelle would undoubtedly be the odds-on favorite, but Kaley was a genuine wildcard.

While still a neophyte, Kaley was undefeated and in her handful of matches she’d shown a stunning cruelty almost intoxicating to behold…one which reminded many fans of Scarlett Johansson at her most merciless (the joke making the rounds was that the reason why Scarlett and Kaley had become such good friends was because they both wanted to study the other up close for weaknesses they could exploit later). So neither young woman went into the match as the favorite.

Now it was Kaley’s turn to disrobe and she did so with relish. She let the silk garment slip low from one shoulder, then the other; like an exotic dancer she slowly dropped the kimono to her ankles, revealing a taut body in a blue string bikini that left little…and yet everything…to the imagination. From her side of the room Michelle rolled her eyes at the youngster’s spectacle - but she also knew how effective little displays like that could be in winning the hearts and minds of the crowd.

Part of Michelle’s mind regretted not having vamped up her own unveiling a bit more. Also preying on the brunette’s mind was the crowd itself; or rather, one particular member of the crowd. As a rule, wrestlers were usually not invited to other matches because it was felt they’d prove a distraction for one or both fighters - as well as the spectators; but in this, as in most things, Scarlett Johansson couldn’t be denied and she sat front row center in a high-back wicker chair that bore more than a passing resemblance to a throne. She would see every moment of the battle from a few tantalizing feet away and whether her presence would be disconcerting for Michelle only time would tell.

Focusing her attention back on Kaley, Michelle now saw that the blond was posing and curving her body to the best advantage of showing off her derriere to the appreciative crowd…and Michelle had to admit, the girl had the goods. For perhaps the first time in her fighting career, Michelle felt a twinge of self-consciousness, silently acknowledging that Kaley’s boasts of her assets were hardly exaggerations. Reflexively perhaps, the brunette flexed her glutes to tighten them up a bit, but all eyes still remained on the blond. At last, the time for preening and posturing was at an end, and the battle was about to begin as the ombudsman went over the rules one final time; reminding both girls one could win and it would be when she smothered her opponent out with a face sit…a verbal submission would NOT spare the loser!

The time for talking had passed and the signal to begin was given. Michelle moved cautiously toward Kaley, hands ready to lock up. But Kaley exhibited no great concern, condescendingly sauntering forward, smirking at the brunette’s caution. As they neared one another, they went into a standard lock up, their bodies straining against one another for several long moments.


Suddenly, Michelle moveed with a blur of motion, wrapping up Kaley’s right arm in a short vise grip. Kaley’s face lost the smirk and her brow furrows as she concentrates on the best method of escaping. Michelle was confident she could counter just about anything - if she wanted to, but at this early stage in the match she was curious to see what her opponent was capable of, so when she felt Kaley’s body tense up in preparation of a reversal, she readied herself, but did nothing to stop it.

Or, at least, she thought she was ready for it! But she hadn’t anticipated a high-risk maneuver from the blond, and Michelle was caught by surprise. Kaley suddenly somersaulted forward, breaking the pressure on her arm. Then, with the grace of a gymnast, she reversed her momentum and rolled backwards onto her knees, allowing her to then sweep her foot out and knock Michelle’s legs out from under her, sending her crashing to the carpet with a heavy THUMP!

The brunette had no chance to berate herself for allowing her foe to overcome her so easily because Kaley immediately went on the offensive, grabbing Michelle by her left wrist and pinning her arm to the floor. Kaley drove both knees hard into the arm, eliciting a pained groan from her rival. Continuing to focus her attack on Michelle’s arm, Kaley pulled her to her feet and twisted the arm until Michelle was forced to bend over at the waist to relieve the pressure. Taking advantage of the predicament, Kaley used her free hand to bend Michelle’s fingers backward, causing her to yelp in pain. It was at this point Kaley realized that the two of them were positioned so that Michelle, bent over, was giving a significant portion of the grateful spectators a long look at her derriere.

Impishly, the blond then began to launch kicks into her foe’s behind. “Look,” Kaley snickered. “I’m kicking your ass! And it’s even easier than I expected.”

Many in the crowd laughed at Kaley’s mockery, and their laughter burned in Michelle’s ears. She could take being underestimated, and she could take…for a time…being beaten. But being ridiculed? Oh, hell no! Unluckily for Kaley, her little teasing left her distracted from the task at hand, and with a roar, Michelle suddenly sprang to life, breaking free of the armlock. Her face flushed with anger, she charged at her startled opponent, driving her knee up into Kaley’s lower belly, then hip tossing her to the floor. Before the blond could gather her wits and react, she found herself in a half-Boston Crab.

“How’s this for an ass kicking?” Michelle sternly asked as Kaleys fist pounded the carpet in pain.

Desperate to break the hold, Kaley reached back blindly with her right hand, grasping for anything she could reach. What she managed to fill her fist with was the waistband of Michelle’s bikini briefs, which the blond then tugged down, unveiling the startled Michelle’s derriere in all of its glory to the approving onlookers. That only succeeded in irritating the brunette even more, and she reached behind with her free hand to grab Kaley by the wrist, while still trapping her leg with her other hand. Planting a foot upon the small of her foe’s back, Michelle managed to apply a crude modified Standing Backbreaker, causing the aching blond to squeal.

Satisfied with the damage she’d inflicted, Michelle suddenly released Kaley’s wrist and then flipped her onto her back. Then with cobra speed, Michelle grabbed both of her legs, positioning herself to administer a Slingshot Catapult which she did, sending the hapless Kaley sailing headlong through the air to crash face-first on the carpet where she lay stunned, her limbs splayed.

With Kaley laying dazed for several moments, Michelle paused to slip her thumbs into the waistband of her bottom and hike it back up over her butt…to the regret of the crowd. Then walking over to Kaley, Michelle arrived just as Kaley was lifting herself up to her elbows. Michelle placed her foot against Kaley’s shoulder and shoved, flippin Kaley over onto her back. Turning to face Kaley’s legs, Michelle straddled her and a second later executed a perfect leg split, dropping her butt with her full weight behind it, squarely upon Kaley’s belly. Kaley let out a gasp and a moan and Michelle, sitting astride her prone rival, looked back over her shoulder at Kaley and for the first time since the match started, she smiled.

“I think we should end this now before you get seriously hurt, don’t you?” Michelle taunted. “And since you’ve insisted on only one way for me to win…”

She didn’t need to finish the sentence but everyone knew full well what was coming next. And everyone was caught by surprise…particularly Michelle! Kaley may have been hurt, but she was far from finished, and Michelle made a rookie mistake dropping her defenses to tease her foe…a mistake which she would now pay!

Even as Michelle spoke her sarcastic words, Kaley raised her legs upward. Without warning, she snared them around Michelle’s head and, with a powerful jerk, slammed Michelle’s face into the floor! With her calves still wrapped tight around Michelle’s head, Kaley began to squeeze with a crushing vise hold. And as Michelle’s legs were still split wide, she provided a most tempting target for Kaley, who applied dual claw holds to her victim’s tender inner thighs! And for good measure, Kaley rolled her legs side to side, which served to rake Michelle’s face across the carpet.

Now it was Kaley’s turn to taunt. “I’m no prima ballerina…like you,” she said, mocking Michelle’s years of ballet training. “But I AM a nationally ranked amateur tennis player as well as a pretty fair equestrian. You know what ‘equestrian’ means, precious? It means I have a lot of experience ‘riding’ and my legs can crush you like an eggshell - any time I want!”

To emphasize her point, she gave her scissors an added burst of pressure that made Michelle let out an involuntary yelp. Yet for all of her braggadocio, Kaley knew well the precariousness of her situation. Her unorthodox hold couldn’t hope to hold Michelle for long once Michelle got her wits about her and made a really serious escape attempt. The blond knew she had to take control of the fight, and do so quickly! Releasing her twin claw holds and grabbing Michelle’s legs, Kaley shifted her weight and turn them both over, leaving Michelle on her back and her tormentor atop her.

Jumping to her feet, Kaley returned tit for tat, leaping into the air and landing with both feet smashing hard into Michelle’s stomach, knocking much of the wind out of her. Then, reaching down and grabbing the wheezing brunette by her ankles to lift her legs and hold them apart, Kaley viciously planted her heel against her foe’s crotch and began to grind it in. The brunette choked back sobs in between gulps of air to feed her starved lungs. This was the kind of pain, Kaley knew, that sapped a woman’s strength and she was also well aware, a particularly cruel move…which made it all the more appealing to the sadistic blond.

Despite her pain, Michelle’s brain was already racing with possible counter maneuvers. Unfortunately for her, Kaley wasn’t about to give her take an opportunity to try any of them! Releasing Michelle’s ankles and ceasing her crotch torture, the blond sat down hard upon Michelle’s chest, forcing out much of the precious breath she had managed to struggle for. And she wasted no time moving to finish off her adversary, sliding herself back until her rear end hovered, if only for a moment, over the face of its target. Michelle’s eyes went wide, and she tried to grab one last lungful of air. And then, almost gracefully, Kaley settled her butt upon the face of Michelle, smothering her beneath two flawless spheres. The match, it would appear, was moments away from ending.

But Michelle would not go easily into that bad night. She arched her body up as much as she could, trying frantically to bridge out of the facesit. Regrettably for her, all she really succeeded in doing was give Kaley an additional means to torture her with for, with a malicious grin, Kaley reached out and again grabbed Michelle’s bikini panties, this time from the front. Once she had a firm grip, she leaned back, jerking the panties up and inflicting a brutal wedgie! The pink lycra, stretched to its limit, quickly disappeared into her thick thatch of curly brown hair as the unyielding fabric carved its way deep into Michelle’s already aching womanhood!

A muffled howl - costing Michelle the last of her crucial oxygen - signaled her explicit agony and the brunette hysterically slapped at her assailant’s hips and thighs with her hands, but to no avail. Many in the crowd were stunned; they’d expected a long and magnificent battle, not a match that ended in under ten minutes. Nor had many…perhaps most…expected Kaley to be triumphant. Michelle had been on a glorious victory streak and it was almost taken for granted she’d win this battle as well. But Kaley had ably demonstrated the fallacy of assumptions.

As Kaley herself might say, “When you assume, you make an ass of you and…my ass on you!”

As Michelle’s movements grew sluggish, she was clearly only seconds away from unconsciousness. However, with conquest in her grasp, Kaley decided instead to have a bit more fun. Glancing over toward Johansson, Kaley gave her mentor a quick wink. Scarlett, her face as imperturbable as the Sphinx, replied with only the slightest of nods.

Suddenly sitting up, breaking her smother while simultaneously releasing her wedgie death grip, the blond said in a voice loud enough to be heard by all, “Oh no, no, no my precious…you don’t get off so easy tonight. First, I think, there’s going to be a little worshipping around here, maybe a little begging and groveling, and then we’ll get back to the facesitting. Sound good to you, pumpkin?” Michelle’s only response was the pathetic sound of panting as she desperately sucked in oxygen, her near-vacant eyes unfocused as they stared up blankly. Getting to her feet, Kaley grabbed Michelle’s chestnut brown mane and hauled her to a seated position, then pulled Michelle forward onto her knees. Standing directly in front of Michelle so her butt was mere inches from Michelle’s face, Kaley daintily pulled the cloth off her right buttock, exposing the cheek and said, “Let’s start with you puckering, bitch. And you’d better make it a nice long smooch if you know what’s good for you. And hey, do you like ponies? Because after this, you’ll be giving me a little ride Seabiscuit!”

With a silent air of resignation, Michelle leaned forward and placed her lips to her hated rival’s butt. A self-aggrandizing smile crossed Kaley’s face as she felt her foe’s lips upon her skin. And then, the smile disappeared…replaced by widened eyes and, a moment later, a wounded… “AIEEEEEEEEEEE!” Wrapping her arms around Kaley’s thighs to hold her, Michelle sank her teeth deep in her rival’s butt cheek! In pain and momentarily panicking, Kaley struggled, but succeeded only in toppling herself to the floor. The fall ended Michelle’s bite to her backside…revealing twin crescent moons of bite marks, a few of which punctured the skin and resulted in tiny rivulets of blood…but that mattered little.

Michelle had already decided on her next tactic! With strength drawn in equal parts from fury and desperation, she swarmed over her downed rival, flailing away with both fists to Kaley’s face; hammering mercilessly her deceptively angelic features, until Kaley’s eyes went glassy. Michelle could have probably have attempted the facesit right then, but she wanted to punish the blond first, and badly.

What unfolded next was a veritable seminar on grappling, with the emphasis on holds that inflicted ever-increasing amounts of pain to their victim. The Abdominal Claw…Indian Deathlock…Anklelock…Surfboard…Backbreaker…Michelle applied them all with expert skill and chilling intensity, Kaley’s screams making it crystal clear just how effective each maneuver was. After a quarter hour of this slaughter, Michelle regained enough of her sense of humor to give the crowd a bit of what they had come to see.

“Time the money shot, dear,” Michelle purred as she draped the wilting body of her rival over one knee, then yanked down Kaley’s panties.

WHACK! WHACK! SMACK! SPLAT! A succession of sharp spanks echoed as Michelle’s open palm whipped back and forth across Kaley’s bare bottom. The spanking quickly resulted in two glowing-red butt cheeks! Satisfied she’d taught Kaley a lesson, Michelle ends her onslaught. The two combatants kneel facing one another, their taut bodies glistening with sweat. Filling her hands with her foe’s matted golden locks, Michelle lifts Kaley’s head up so that their eyes meet.

Then she says, “Wanna guess what happens next?” Kaley knew full well what was happening next…although Michelle was unaware of it until Kaley’s fist suddenly smashed into her crotch! The brunette winced and lost her grip on Kaley’s hair as her hands dropped to her pussy to massage away the pain.

Utterly spent, Kaley could mount only the smallest of offenses. Grabbing Michelle’s halter and tearing it away until Michelle’s right breast fell out, Kaley locked her teeth upon the mammary. Michelle howled, but all but a handful in the crowd of elite spectators believed she would be in trouble for long. The blond was clearly running on fumes, and this was her last desperate act. Except something unexpected happened…all of the power seemed to suddenly drain away from Michelle! It was as if the tables turned on her, the last of her adrenaline-fueled strength dissipated and her arms dropped limp at her sides; her upper body swayed; her eyelids grew heavy. Kaley’s teeth kept gnawing her breast with animalistic fury and, perhaps for the first time, some began to suspect Kaley might well seize victory this night after all.

That miserable thought most certainly crossed Michelle’s dazed mind as well and seemed to give her one last spark. With the throaty roar of a lioness, she swings both of her arms up, arcing them until the heels of her hands slam into Kaley’s ears! The sudden shocking pain startles Kaley, and her jaw slackens, releasing her heartless bite as she reels from the throbbing twin blows.

Paying no heed to the bloody beads encircling her pink nipple, Michelle moves with more speed than anyone could have expected, planting her derriere firmly upon the face of her rival. Kaley’s body squirms, more by instinct than in conscious defiance, but it was a futile gesture. Within seconds, she was rendered unconscious, smothered into oblivion by Michelle’s superior…none may deny that now…ass.

But even with final victory, Michelle was not finished. Kaley’s sole purpose in this life now, at least in her vanquishers opinion, had been as an object lesson. First, Michelle stripped Kaley’s bikini, tearing away the last remnants of civilization and reducing her to the status Michelle‘s inferior. Then, displaying a near-superhuman burst of strength, she hoisted the limp blonde’s body across her shoulders and paraded her before the assembled spectators like a hunter flaunting her trophy.

Finally, she ended her celebratory parade in front of Scarlett Johansson. The strawberry blond said nothing, but her eyes locked with Michelle’s and although her face remained impassive, Scarlett was literally radiating vibrations of the purest fury!

Contemptuously, Michelle tossed Kaley’s limp body at Scarlett’s feet and muttered through clenched teeth, “I believe this is YOURS…” Then, just before she turned and strutted proudly back to the bedroom for a much-needed shower, she jabbed her finger in Scarlett’s cleavage and snarled, “…and now your ass is MINE!”/FONT>