Jamie Lee Curtis vs. Salma Hayek by bbb4

Salma Hayek climbs through the ropes wearing a dark green spandex bikini covering her full chest, and wide, womanly hips. She shakes her long brown hair, smiling spitefully as she sees her opponent leaving the locker room area and making her way to the ring. Salma's dark eyes narrow cruelly as she walks to her corner, thinking of the pain she is going to inflict on that bitch Jaime Lee. Salma's dusky hips, a bit wider than they were a few years ago, contrast with the deep pine color of the snug fitting bikini bottom. The higher cut sides make her a bit nervous, but she knows she won't be wearing it at the end of the match anyhow. She self consciously adjusts the skintight backside to cover her wide, but firm, butt cheeks where the suit had started to climb up on her. She also gives her small bikini top a tug here and there, adjusting her large olive breasts, and deep cleavage. A few bouncing jumps to make sure the bikini top is up to the task do nothing to help her confidence. She again has adjust the top to contain her large breasts.

Jaime Lee Curtis wears her brown hair short, but newly added blonde streaks match the wild streak she is known to exhibit in the ring. A hot pink bikini barely is up to the task of containing her huge, firm breasts. The tiny triangles of cloth that make her bikini bottom also seem on the verge of being overwhelmed. Jaime Lee has a height advantage of about three inches. Her deep all over tan gives away her love of hiking and the outdoors. It appears that it will be a match of wild streak against mean streak from the beginning.

Jaime Lee looks across the ring at the shorter woman, sneering. She reaches down and slowly undoes the front catch of her strapless bikini top, freeing her mountainous tits, smiling at Salma the entire time. Her large, rosy nipples swell quickly despite the stifling heat in the small gymnasium. Jaime Lee looks down as she slowly runs her hand down her cleavage, lovingly caressing each of the huge mounds, outlining the small triangular tan line crowning each tit. She again looks up to Salma across the ring, her hands still resting on her bosom.

"I thought you wanted to settle this woman to woman...."

Salma gives an exasperated sigh and looks heavenward, mildly irritated at the older woman, and her gaudy display. Jaime Lee goads her younger opponent, again delicately rubbing her large, fleshy tits.

"What's the matter,? ... tits sagging a bit?"

Salma reaches behind her shoulders and quickly undoes the catch of her bra, shrugging it off her shoulders, and allows it to fall to the canvas. Salma's truly enormous breasts free themselves easily, swaying invitingly as she thrusts her chest forward slightly. Her dusky, almost dark, skin make up the huge breasts capped by almost comically small, black nipples. The contrast with Jaime Lee's bronze tits and rosy peaks is immediately visible.

Taken aback by Salma dropping her top so easily, Jaime Lee starts across the ring with a dismayed look on her face. She has half crossed the ring when Salma holds up one finger, stopping the taller girl. Salma's thumbs squeeze between her hips and the waist line of her bikini bottom.

Smiling she stares back into Jaime Lee's eyes, "Woman to woman...right?"

She slowly lowers the bikini bottom, first exposing her small mound of pubic hair, then wiggling her hips, and bending at the waist to slide the tights over her pelvis. Her wide, smooth buns without a hint of sag are on display as bends further at the waist and steps out of her bottoms. Stretching her hamstrings, she finally stands erect and drapes her bottoms over the nearby turnbuckle, "Woman to woman..." she repeats.

Jaime Lee stops dead in her tracks in the middle of the ring, staring at Salma's bare body. A small drop of sweat makes its way between her slouching tits, coming to rest in her belly button.

Salma points at the tanned goddess, panning her hand down her trim body, "Well....Woman to woman.. lets settle this."

Jaime Lee hesitates, stunned at having so easily lost her usual shock advantage. She reaches down and tugs at the band of her bottoms, and gets it down around her hips, awkwardly trying to squirm out of the tiny garment. As she glances up, all she sees is the bottom of Salma's feet as they crash into her face. Thrown back by the dropkick and still entangled in her bikini bottom, Jaime Lee stumbles and staggers a few steps before crashing onto shapely ass.

Salma dispenses with her extensive wrestling knowledge and begins a good old fashioned beat down, kicking and stomping the bigger girl in the midsection and breasts. Salma screams obscenities at Jaime Lee calling her every Latin derivative of whore in the Spanish dictionary as she puts boot after boot onto Jaime Lee's boobs and belly. With Curtis down, and hurting, Salma grabs her legs and spreads them.

Grinning at Jaime Lee, she says, "Make a wish."

Salma drops the point of her elbow right into Jaime Lee's waiting groin, grinding her bony elbow into Jaime Lee's warm wetness, sending her flopping across the mat like a beached fish, but not before Salma peels her bikini bottom down the rest of the way. Salma allows herself a rare smile as she watches Jaime Lee scoot away, holding her womanhood.

Salma pursues the taller girl, climbing up on all fours and crawling after her. She catches Jaime Lee as she tries to scramble away from her, grabbing her opponent's leg by the boot. Salma yanks on the leg, dragging Curtis back, kicking and screaming. A deadlock ensues as Jaime Lee is able to grab the bottom rope and Salma is unwilling to relinquish her hold on Jaime Lee's ankle. Curtis finally breaks the impasse, burying her other foot in Salma's soft tits. Two more mule kicks to the breasts, and Salma gratefully drops the her grip in favor of protecting her now aching knockers.

Jaime Lee won't leave her alone though, and reverses the course of the match, grabbing Salma by the hair and dragging her back toward herself. She threads her hands behind Salma's neck, wrenching the smaller girl into a full nelson. She snaps her powerful shoulders forward, straining Hayek' neck with unyielding pressure.

Asserting her control, she leans forward and whispers in Salma's ear, "Eat canvas."

With that warning, she lunges forward, pressing Salma's nose into the dirty canvas, rubbing it back and forth, burning her face and eyes. Salma's screams are muffled by the coarse canvas rubbing against her face. Jaime Lee releases her after a few face rubs against the canvas, leaving Salma face down on the mat, pouting faintly. Gently grabbing one of Salma's breasts, she rubs the soft, rubbery nipple against the canvas, eliciting a new series of screams and then a long moan. Salma curls up, cradling her blistered nipple, running her tongue against the torn flesh as Jaime Lee take a few moments to right herself before standing up.

Jaime Lee uses a handful of Salma's hair to pick her up off the mat and sends the smaller woman to the ropes, and catches her in a bearhug on the return trip. Jaime Lee easily lifts Salma's smaller frame up into her arms, completely lifting Hayek off the mat. The two ladies' tits crush into each other, nipple to nipple as Jaime Lee squashes the smaller woman in her grip. Punishing Salma with all her might, Jaime Lee concentrates denying the older woman a hint of air. Jaime Lee is egged on, feeling the hot, soft flesh of Salma's yielding breasts pressed against the firm, stiff flesh of her tanned breasts. She knows that her hard nipples are punishing the softer, giving flesh of Salma's tits like hot pokers.

As if to confirm her theory, Salma throws her head back, moaning deeply as Jaime Lee tries to crush her ribs. Curtis jerks her opponent side to side, punishing her lower back and ribs even further as Hayek is tossed about like a rag doll. Salma's arms are still pinned at her sides when Jaime Lee turns and falls on top her prey, crushing her with all of her weight. Hearing all the air expelled from Salma's lungs as she smashes down on her, Jaime Lee smirks as she releases Salma from her grip. Curtis smiles as Salma's arms wrap around her midsection, cradling her ravaged ribs.

As she mounts Salma, Jaime Lee lets her stiff, red nipples dance over Salma's chest, grazing and tickling her opponents soft breasts as they loll from side to side with Salma's gentle rocking. Scooting forward Jaime Lee applies a quick breast smother, forcing her sweaty melons together with the inside of her arms and they mushroom over Salma's face. Hayek quickly forgets the fire in her ribs as Jaime Lee forces her tits into her face. She first claws wildly at Jaime Lee's sides as best she can, her hands pinned helplessly at her sides. Next, she desperately thrusts her hips forward, trying to force Jaime Lee away, as her brain begins to cloud with asphyxia.

Even a veteran fighter like Salma begins to panic, kicking the mat and trying to scoot out from under Jaime Lee's expert and determined tit smother. After struggling for a few seconds, Salma quickly regains her composure and sends her hands a little bit lower on Jaime Lee's abdomen, forcing her hand inward, across Jaime Lee's now sweaty belly and chest.

Salma let her fingers do the walking. The two fingered twat rake doesn't have the desired force behind it, but delivers enough to coerce Curtis to break the hold. Jaime Lee reels back, holding her stinging groin and biting her lip in anguish. Salma lies motionless on her back, her huge, sweaty breasts lolling back and forth as her chest heaves in breath after breath despite the agonizing pain shooting through her ribs. Wrapping one arm around her lower chest, Salma climbs to all fours and the to her feet, doggedly pursuing Curtis.

Jaime Lee has recovered sufficiently to stagger to a corner, facing away from Salma, where she is assaulted by Hayek. Salma stalks up behind her opponent and drives her knee and shin into her lower back, grinding her boot laces over Jaime Lee's naked butt, driving her to her knees again. Another knee driven across Jaime Lee's high back causes her to go face first into the thinly padded buckles. Jaime Lee lies draped face first over the buckles until Salma slowly drags all ten fingernails down her opponent's sweaty back. Long red welts trail Salma's fingers as she starts at the shoulder blades and slowly works herself to Jaime Lee's waist line. Curtis screams, and then cries as Hayek takes her time, digging her nails into the sweat soaked skin of Jaime Lee's back and shoulders. Salma follows her backrake with another slow, deliberate rake of Jaime Lee's ribs and armpits, sending Jaime Lee into pained fits.

After a long rest, gathering herself, Salma takes a handful of hair and slams Jaime Lee into the middle buckle face first. Salma then stands turns Jaime Lee around to face her, laying her in the corner like a slab of meat. Curtis is still stupefied by the blow to the head and hardly resists as Salma begins to pound away at her belly with her fists and elbows. The first series of shots rain down on Jaime Lee's lower abdomen, between her belly button and pubic mound. The punches land squarely on top of Jaime Lee's ovaries, causing her to double over in agony, but Salma grabs a handful of her bangs and pulls her back up. With her hands occupied, Salma begins to use the bottom of her boot to continue to punish the taller girl, stomping her repeatedly in the gut and crotch.

Finally, Salma yanks Jaime Lee out of the corner by the hair and drags her to the center of the ring. Hayek hefts the bigger girl into the ropes and hits her with a cross body block, using her weight to land a crushing blow to the brunette. With Jaime Lee lying on her back, still dazed from the slam, Salma quickly stands, winds up and delivers a text book perfect elbow to Curtis' lower abdomen and pubic mound. Jaime Lee curls up slightly, but Hayek only smiles, cruelly grinding her elbow into the taut abs and mound for a little extra punishment.

Rolling over on top of the brunette, Salma slaps her breasts into Jaime Lee's face, returning the earlier favor and smothering her. Feeling the sweaty tits in her face, Jaime Lee does her best to roll out from under the asphyxiating avalanche of flesh. Salma's large tits easily envelop Jaime Lee's face, but it clear quickly that Curtis' size advantage is going to make it hard for Salma to stay on top. Fighting the bucking brunette, Salma gives it her best try, maintaining the seal for a few seconds before being kneed in the thigh. She rolls off of Jaime Lee, grabbing her upper leg in pain.

Tired and beaten herself, Salma wipes the profuse sweat from her face and shakes her head, running her fingers through her now soaked hair. She slowly rolls over, kneeling between Jaime Lee's legs and slowly threads her hands between Jaime Lee's legs and into her exposed crotch. Seeing the impending crotch claw, Curtis' hands shoot between her legs, covering her snatch and protecting her naked womanhood from Salma's intended attack. The two women struggle, Salma grinding her teeth in concentration, but Jaime Lee's wild eyed, desperate struggles prove too much for the smaller woman.

Frustrated by Jaime Lee's defenses, Salma gives up and instead rears back and slams her fist into Curtis' unprotected midsection. Jaime Lee roars in agony, making a feeble attempt to roll away from her tormentor. Salma allows herself another smirking smile and winds up, cruelly slapping her dreaded claw hold on Jaime Lee's lower stomach, again near her ovaries. Jaime Lee lets out a wailing, baleful moan as Salma's strong fingers dig lower gut, tearing apart her equally toned abdominal muscles.

Hayek single-minded applies more and more pressure to Curtis' belly, not even cracking a smile as Jaime Lee's eyes tear up and she scratches weakly at Salma's elbows. Inwardly though, Hayek gloats with satisfaction, feeling Jaime Lee's every twitch and twist in her tensed abdominal muscles. As Jaime Lee's pained moans die away, Salma leans forward and wrenches the claw hold, setting Curtis' guts on fire again. Seeing Jaime Lee's pain tortured face, a grim smile finally crosses her face, but it is short lived.

In leaning forward to apply even more pressure to already debilitation hold, her pendulous breasts swung into Jaime Lee's range. The wily brunette needed no encouragement and grabbed both beasts in her hands. Each of Salma's large breasts easily fill each of Jaime Lee's hands. The lighter flesh of her tits oozes out from between her fingers as she squeezes, driving her fingertips deep into the hot, sweaty flesh.

Hayek winces in agony, drawing in a slow controlled breath as the fiery pain shoots up her tits. She has had her inviting breasts squeezed many times before and she has no intention of letting this break her hold. Even as colored spots cloud her vision, she manages to wrench her belly claw to the left and right several times, causing Jaime Lee to release one of her deadly grips in an anemic attempt to pry away Hayek' iron grasp. Jaime Lee too shows unbelievable determination, releasing her breast squeeze to apply an even more painful nipple pinch.

Her eyes too clouded with tears to see, Jaime Lee gropes her opponent's hanging melon blindly. She rubs her fingertips all over the satin soft, damp globe of flesh, and easily locates the swollen pink nipple, stiff with excitement. Pinching the small areola, Jaime Lee twists the stiff teat to the left and then the right. Still unable to see, she hears Salma's breathing become irregular, a series of deep groans followed by squeaky peeps as Jaime Lee's thumbnails find the pliable nipple. Each twist of the warm, rubbery flesh weakens Salma's grip on Jaime Lee's belly, but at this rate, Jaime Lee may well pass out before Salma's pain threshold is reached.

Opening her eyes once more, she can make out Hayek' face, her eyes pinched in agony as her prized breasts are deformed under Jaime Lee's grip. Salma is finally forced to release Jaime Lee's stomach, leaving behind torn muscles and reddened welts.

With both hands free, Salma easily brushes aside Jaime Lee's nipple jerking grip, only to feel Jaime Lee's well toned thighs wrap around her midsection like a python. The first squeeze is the worst, forcing most of the air out of the older woman's lungs on one pained huff. Salma's shoulder slump visibly as Jaime Lee continues to squeeze, smiling as she hears Salma's ribs crackle under her unrelenting pressure. Salma's sweaty tits, now splotched with red marks and scratches sway freely, as her hands drop to her ribs where Jaime Lee's knees are lodged.

Hayek leans back, opening her mouth, but no sound comes out. She reaches down to Jaime Lee's thighs in vain, pulling them apart, trying vainly to pry the twin steel bands apart. Jaime Lee too leans back, squeezing and flexing her powerful thighs, fighting the burning ache in her abs to wring the life out of the smaller brunette. Realizing that she isn't going to be able to pry Jaime Lee's legs away, Salma pounds a weak shot into Curtis' already sore belly. Jaime Lee takes the blow, but it only seems to redouble her effort to crush the smaller girl between her legs. Stars begin to dance before Salma's eyes as her oxygen is depleted. Her head lolls back languidly, snapping back to attention in squeaking, wincing agony as Jaime Lee renews her bruising assault on Hayek' torso.

Salma's pain addled brain knows that the match is over unless she can break the brutal body scissors. Having tried to beat Jaime Lee's stomach and pry Jaime Lee's legs apart, she knows only one other way to insure separation of Curtis' thighs. Reaching down, she is able to jimmy her hand between her sweat slick stomach and Jaime Lee's moist womanhood. Curtis sees Salma threading her fingers into her groin area again, but a moment too late.

The burn as Salma rakes her fingernails up Jaime Lee's exposed crotch is worse than any Jaime Lee has ever felt. Her legs pop open like a sprung trap, releasing Salma from her asphyxiating grip. Hayek can only sit, still wedged between Jaime Lee's soft thighs, gasping painfully as she fills her lungs and clears the clouds from her vision. Jaime Lee has both her hands wedged between her thighs, rubbing her womanhood and protecting herself. But not well enough. Salma's fingers make a second trip between Curtis' thighs, ripping and twisting and pulling at any of Jaime Lee's tender flesh that she can grab. Released from Jaime Lee's grasp, Salma has to take a few seconds to fill her lungs, painfully clutching her bruised ribs and ravaged breasts.

One glance at Salma's hate filled, burning eyes tells Jaime Lee that she didn't finish the spiteful little brunette. She tries to back her away from Salma, scooting on her hands, but that only exposes her self. Seeing Jaime Lee's legs spread, Salma needs no further encouragement, and lunges forward, applying finisher, the crotch claw. Jaime Lee feels Salma's finger probe and explore her womanhood and screams out her submission, but Salma will have none of it and continues to work her opponents groin. After a few minutes of fingering the older woman, Salma adjusts her position, straddling one of Jaime Lee's legs so that she can use both hands and apply even more pressure. Curtis sings out in abject agony, feebly scratching and Salma's dark buns. Hayek releases the hold, finally satisfying herself that she has finished Jaime Lee, and turns to the prone Curtis to truly satisfy herself.

Straddling Jaime Lee's chest, Salma rubs her bare, damp backside against Jaime Lee's well shaped mounds, feeling the soft, sweaty flesh against her equally sweaty butt. She scoots forward a little more, pinning Jaime Lee's shoulders down in a schoolgirl pin. Her muff is just centimeters from Jaime Lee's panic stricken face. Curtis' eyes shoot from side to side, looking at Salma's soft thighs as they press against her ears. Salma takes a moment to lean back, and straighten her hair and stretch her sore ribs before looking down at Jaime Lee, staring for a moment.

"Woman to woman."

Salma slides forward, going for the front facesit to knock Jaime Lee out. She slithers slowly, feeling Jaime Lee's chin and mouth press against her. With a shudder, she feels Curtis' nose pass under her, and she begins to grind. She thrusts her hips forward and backward, slowly at first, with her head bowed in concentration, her eyes closed lightly.

A simmering heat begins to spread between her thighs, "mmmmmmmmmmmmm......."

Salma's face rises slowly as her pace begins to quicken, her eyes gently closed in ecstasy. She turns slightly to the side, giving a slight whimper. Her pace quickens even more as she really begins to feel to boiling between her thighs. The whimper turns into a rhythmic primal grunt as she transforms her slight rocking motion into hip thrusting, groin grinding ride. As she beings to peak, Salma grabs the hair on top of Jaime Lee's head to steady herself, and opens her dark eyes wide, biting her lower lip in pure pleasure. She reaches her peak with a wild, animal like scream, and finishes Jaime Lee with two exaggerated thrusts of hips, each accompanied by a rasping deep breath. Feeling the pain in her ribs again, she climbs off the blue faced Curtis, collapsing in a heap of sore muscles.

Rising slowly, Salma wipes her juices and Jaime Lee's makeup off the inside of her dark skinned thighs, and sighs....

"Woman to woman..."