Body Doubles: Jamie Lee Curtis vs. Brigitte Nielsen (1996) by Morton

It's outside what I usually do in that the characters are based on actresses--I always wanted to see a Jamie Lee Curtis/Brigitte Neilsen match-up (back when they were in their prime).
Jamie Lee Curtis moved through her morning workout with purposeful determination on the patio of her Mulholland Drive mansion, luxuriating in the warm summer sun as she put her world-famous body through its paces. She had just finished a tough action movie but she was in no mood for relaxation. At 35 she knew her days of being the reigning female box office draw would soon be coming to an end. For ten years she had been known as "The Body," a tall and beautifully athletic goddess who had proved herself as an actress but was still in demand as someone who could bring an eye-popping display of cleavage to a part. Jamie had always been slender but she had developed spectacular breasts in high school and had always been the envy of other girls. She had come to Hollywood looking for a career as an actress like thousands of other girls, and like many she had taken a particular route to stardom. In her early, lean years she had gotten a lot of work as a body double and had taken advantage of the industry's penchant for secrecy about such matters. She had kept up the body double work several years after getting her first legitimate roles to keep the money rolling in, and like many other girls in that line of work she'd kept her soft brown hair in a sleek, short cut so she could easily sport various wigs to make her look more like the actresses she doubled.

Once she had gotten her first real acting roles her short hair quickly became a trademark that somehow made her provocative body even more noticeable. Even Jamie had realized that there was something incredibly sexy about leaving her shoulders and neck completely uncovered, leaving nothing to distract attention from her beautifully sculpted back and her proud, full bosom. She knew she had gotten even more body double work because of the size of her long, straight nipples too, and her muscular, lengthy legs and perfectly aerobicized derriere added even more to her appeal. She had the entire package, and she had redoubled her notoriety by displaying her bare breasts in a topless scene in one of her early legit movie roles. It was something a lot of actresses wouldn't have dared to do, but her secret career as a body double had made the scene an easy one to shoot.

She glanced over the broad expanse of canyon that her overhanging patio overlooked. Similar houses perched up and down the green, steeply sloped hills, all sporting large swimming pools and elaborate decks. She could see down the canyon to the buildings of Hollywood and almost to the ocean on this clear day. There was just one noticeable obstruction to her perfect view. About seventy feet across from her was another deck jutting out from the structure of the neighboring house on her hill, and on its surface another woman with a spectacularly sexy body was working out in what seemed to be a mirror image of Jamie's daily routine. She could clearly see the other woman's toned abs clenching as she did rep after rep of sit-ups, pulling up enough to thrust out her full bosom, packed tightly into a white sports bra that seemed slightly damp with sweat. Her platinum blonde hair was cut in just the same short and streamlined manner as Jamie's, as if to accentuate the womanly curves of her gorgeous body even more.

Jamie grunted as she put a little more effort into her own sit-up reps and noted that the other woman quickened her pace right along with Jamie. It was unclear at this point who was setting the pace but it was more than clear that both women were focused on each other with laser-liked accuracy. Brigitte had moved in to the house next door a month ago just as both had been lobbying for an important new part. Jamie had known Brigitte since their old “Body Double” days and even then, they’d competed for work. It was always a close call whenever they went up against each other for a role since their bodies were like mirror images of one another - as well as two of the more devastatingly alluring figures in Hollywood.

Jamie had always had to work her hardest to keep her body in the same toned, sinuous shape as Brigitte's, and she had always resented her for it. Once she started getting real acting roles she had thought that the rivalry between the two was over, but Brigitte quickly found her own way in the industry and before she knew it she was competing with the blonde for legitimate acting jobs too. If there was another woman who could claim the title of sex goddess of Hollywood, it was Brigitte, and Jamie begrudged her every job and every man she got.

Jamie strained in her bright red workout bra and biker shorts, glaring across the miniature divide between her and her longtime rival. She had been stunned when the blonde had moved in next door but there was really nothing she could do about that. She had fully intended to keep up her daily fitness regimen and if Brigitte and her man wanted to watch, so much the better. She would have enjoyed making the blonde sexually jealous of her but she soon discovered that like her, Brigitte lived alone, and also like her, she enjoyed working out in the mornings on the open deck where she could display her fantastic body to the entire canyon. Jamie knew that directors, producers and studio heads lived all over this secluded canyon-it was one of the reasons she'd taken the house in the first place. Here she could remind the players in Hollywood every day who had the best body in town. But now she had to share the spotlight with Brigitte, and no matter what time either chose to exercise, the other quickly emerged on the opposing deck to offer potential viewers a choice.

Jamie watched Brigitte's thighs ripple with strength as she pumped away at her Nautilus machine, and she quickly hooked her own legs into the leg stirrups of her Nautilus and began to squeeze away, grunting as she sought to match Brigitte move for move. She had to admit that their open fitness competition had done wonders for her routine. She might have cut her workouts down a bit without Brigitte around but she would be damned if she was going to be shown up by the cheap blonde now in the climax of her career. Sweat bathed her brown body and she glared sullenly into the eyes of the blonde woman across the way. It was a little far to really read Brigitte's expression but she thought she detected a snarl to the other woman's full lips. She returned the sneer with interest and for a while both girls redoubled their efforts on the machines. Jamie was gratified when the blonde broke off her routine first, and both women stood up and engaged in some long, luxuriant stretching. Jamie proudly displayed her curves to Brigitte, thrusting out her full bosom and placing her hands on her hips, then dipping her upper body and spreading her long legs, giving the blonde a good view of the deep valley of sweat-moistened cleavage between her two breasts. She watched as Brigitte copied her movements and eyed the other woman's equally impressive bust, noting as the other woman bent down that her nipples were stiffly poking through the stretch fabric of her white sports bra.

She wondered if Brigitte was getting off on the competition as much as she was. Getting men aroused had long since ceased to be a challenge for Jamie-she knew millions of men around the country wanted her. But there was a particular satisfaction in the suspicion that this longtime female rival might recognize the power of her feminine charms in this way. Maybe Brigitte just got aroused by exercise in general, but she had to suspect that the other woman enjoyed checking out her own rival's body and mentally measuring it against her own.

Even she had to admit that watching Brigitte work out was a turn on. The two women had rarely gotten into each other's faces over work, preferring to let their accomplishments speak for themselves, but Jamie couldn't help but remember a night at the Academy Awards when both had worn tiny dresses with spectacular cleavage display and had wound up in the woman's restroom at the same time. One of Jamie's biggest prides was that her magnificent breasts were a hundred percent real and that she had never resorted to the silicone work and facial surgery others had used to get ahead in the industry. For a long time she had consoled herself that Brigitte's equally perfect boobs must have been fake-an easy assumption to make since most girls in Hollywood had had surgery. But that night after the restroom had cleared out of all but the two of them for one brief moment, Brigitte had proved her wrong. Eyeing her longtime rival appraisingly, the blonde had suddenly stepped forward until she was nose to nose with Jamie and then without warning had brushed her imposing bosom straight up against the brunette's. Jamie had fought the urge to gasp or flinch away and instead had simply met the other girl in a cool stare-down, even moving to press her own breasts a little harder against the blonde's. She had to admit that the sensation had been astonishing, an indescribably mix of firmness and yielding softness that could only have been full, natural breasts caressing her own bosom. Brigitte had simply said "Bitch," before jabbing her breasts one last time into Jamie's and stalking out of the restroom.

Jamie had always wanted to return the favor sometime but the opportunity had never really presented itself. It wasn't the sort of thing one could do in public. But she had often flashed back to that initial meeting of breasts and wondered what would have happened if there had been more time...a lot more time. As successful as she was, Jamie knew a huge part of her career rested on her body and the fact that so many people found her staggeringly sexy. Brigitte was in the same position, and the question had always been: who was sexier? Who had the better body? It was a question that had never been stated directly and certainly not answered. But this new daily, unspoken competition between the two women was clearly predicated on answering it. Even as she continued to stretch, turning her back to Brigitte and bending over to eye her rival upside down from beneath her widely spread legs, Jamie knew all this posturing would never settle the question. It wasn't about who was stronger or had more stamina, although that had something to do with it. She wondered: if Brigitte was aroused by this daily face-off, how hot would the blonde get by another face-to-face meeting?

She turned lithely, unfolding her body from its bent-over position and again facing Brigitte full-length as the other woman responded, also straightening. For a moment both women waited to see who would make the next move: they stood again with breasts thrust out toward each other like spherical weapons targeting one another. Jamie saw Brigitte's hands drift up briefly across the crotch of her white biker shorts, across her sexy, taut belly and then, shockingly, up to caress her own full breasts. Jamie was too stunned for a second and then she found herself cupping her right breast and briefly lifting it up in a universal, bitchy signal she had used since high school: jerking her boob slightly she mouthed the words "suck my tit" to the blonde. She wondered if the other woman could read her lips from this distance, but she had no doubt Brigitte could see the hand signal clearly. She waited for Brigitte to return the gesture when something else happened.

Smoothly, glaring into Jamie's eyes, Brigitte peeled her sports bra off revealing her two shockingly white, flawless round breasts. She discarded the bra and stood with her hands on her hips and aimed her naked bust squarely at Jamie. Jamie couldn't help glancing nervously around the expanse of the canyon at the other houses. She didn't see anyone watching them but that didn't mean no one was. The blonde had thrown down the gauntlet in a way Jamie had never expected and now the ball was in her court. She watched in silence as Brigitte reached down to grab a tube of tanning lotion and slowly began massaging the oil into her bare boobs, still staring down Jamie. Jamie knew if she didn't answer this challenge she might as well end her long competition with the blonde and simply admit defeat. She came to an abrupt decision and whipped her own top off, placing her hands on the railing of her balcony and giving the blonde a long look at her own bare breasts.

For several minutes the two topless goddesses stared each other down, studying their half-naked bodies, and Jamie's heart pounded as she wondered what turn this unexpected showdown would take next. Suddenly Brigitte stepped away from the edge of her deck, spun in a seeming burst of anger and draped a towel around her shoulders, flashing Jamie one last look of anger before stalking back into her house. Jamie stood on display for a few more moments. Surely she couldn't have won the face-off this easily, she thought. But after five minutes there was still no sign of Brigitte. Jamie took a last look around before slipping back into her sports bra, a little embarrassed. She was chagrined that the confrontation had gone this far but maybe now the blonde would quit trying to one-up her. She stepped over to her outdoor bar and poured herself a drink. The incident had left her with mixed emotions. She couldn't help feeling a sense of triumph but she also couldn't quite believe the confrontation was over. And she wasn't really sure she wanted it to be.

Jamie suddenly heard her doorbell chime. She frowned, wondering who it could be-the mail wouldn't be due for hours yet. She glanced back at Brigitte's house but saw no sign of the other woman. The doorbell rang again, quickly enough that there was a sense of urgency to it. Jamie walked through the house to the door and checked the peephole. She was rewarded with an image of Brigitte, in sunglasses and a hat but still dressed only in her sports bra and biking shorts. Jamie hesitated only for a moment before opening the door. For the first time in years the two rivals regarded each other from only a few feet away. Jamie caught a strong whiff of cocoa butter and perfume with an undertone of sweat: the sweet, tangy sweat of a woman in the full bloom of sensuality. Brigitte removed her sunglasses and her glittering blue eyes locked with Jamie's intense brown ones.

"Are you alone, whore?" Brigitte said quietly enough so that even if someone else had been behind the door, no one would have heard. Jamie took the last word like a slap in the face but she kept her face impassive.

"No I'm not alone; I've got a blonde tramp at my door," Jamie said simply.

"Is that invitation to suck your tit still open?" Brigitte said, suddenly brushing past the startled Jamie, pausing only long enough to reunite her hot bosom with Jamie's and purr "Hmm, bitch?" into her ear. Then she was past the brunette and stalking toward Jamie's deck as if she had memorized the layout of the house. Jamie angrily marched after her, eyeing the sway of the other girl's muscular back and the hypnotic, powerful pivoting of her pelvis as her supple buttocks smoothly flexed and jiggled with her stride.

"Get out of here!" Jamie snarled as she caught up with the blonde. "Unless you want a trespassing charge on your hands!"

"I'm not going anywhere until we settle things once and for all," Brigitte said, striding out into the sunlight of the deck. She turned to face Jamie and whipped off her hat, tossing her sunglasses on a deck chair. "If you're not woman enough to face me in private maybe you should call the police."

Jamie stopped only a few inches from the blonde. Brigitte was even more beautiful than she had remembered. If anything she looked better at 35 than she had at 25. And her body didn't betray any signs of aging either. Jamie glared at the invader, knowing that she too looked her best this morning. Ever since their little competition had started she always spent time putting on makeup and styling her hair for their daily face-offs. For the first time this morning she had even put on some perfume and a scented body wash, and she wondered if she had somehow anticipated this new level of confrontation. Despite her curiosity about what might develop between them she was still outraged at Brigitte for marching into her house uninvited. She realized that the blonde had taken the initiative to psych her out from day one. Brigitte had been the one to get in her face in that restroom years ago; she had moved in next to Jamie and had started the daily exercise showdowns. She had been the first to bare her breasts and now she had invaded Jamie's house.

Jamie realized that if she had any chance of coming out on top of this competition that she would have to take the battle to Brigitte. And there was probably no better arena for that than the comfort of her own home. She glanced down at Brigitte's white sports bra, stretched to the limit under its burden of her two perfectly round, swollen breasts. The blonde's nipples strained at the lycra material, stretching it between them like two flagpoles raising a tent. Her eyes flicked from Brigitte's firm, cleft crotch to her flat, gleaming belly, up to her heavy bosom and finally on her elegant, slightly snotty features, her full lips and upturned nose, blue eyes gleaming wickedly at her in challenge. She slowly stepped forward and matched Brigitte's stare until they were nose to nose.

"This isn't exactly private," she said, glancing around at the surrounding houses.

"We're public figures, honey," Brigitte said. "And I've been ready to settle whose figure is the hottest for a long time now."

"What are we going to do, take a vote of our neighbors?" Jamie said.

"No, we can just let them watch while I beat your big tight body right out on this deck.," Brigitte replied.

"You come here looking for a fight?" Jamie said, moving in closer to the blonde. "I'd love to tangle with you, sugar."

"We both know we're not going to scratch and claw up our bread and butter, Jamie," the blonde said. "This is a body fight, not a catfight. I'm going to prove to you I've got more going on than you do if I have to take on every inch of that fucking rack of yours one inch at a time."

Jamie couldn't believe what she was hearing but she thought she had a pretty good idea what the blonde was talking about. Of course she remembered her breast to breast encounter with Brigitte years ago, and she could go back even farther to those few secret times when she'd compared breasts with other girls in high school and college. She had always boasted that she had the best bosom in her high school and two or three times other tall, well-developed girls had called her on the claim in private locker room confrontations, daring to press their boobs up against her own. The confrontations had always taken place with bras on but Jamie had always come out on top.

"If it's a rack contest you want, blondie, I'll give you one you won't forget," she said dangerously. "And I'm definitely not afraid to put my chest on the line against yours if that's what you're talking about."

"Well we both got a good look at what we're up against so there's not gonna be any surprises," Brigitte murmured. "And I'll tell you right now there's no way your big tits stack up against mine."

"I hope you've got the guts to try and prove that, honey, because I am more than ready to compete with your bustline, any way you want to." Jamie had put as much fire into that statement as she could and now she stared hard at Brigitte, waiting for her response.

When the blonde spoke it was in a husky whisper despite the fact that no one could possibly hear the two speaking. "Then bring it on, bitch. Or should I say bring THEM on?"

Jamie glanced down briefly at her own breasts. She had felt her nipples harden to their full length and stiffness the minute Brigitte had shown off her bare breasts but she felt them actually get even harder now. They felt like they might explode right through the taut lycra material of her sports bra, and the tight garment seemed to be squeezing her throbbing boobs like two closing fists. She knew that her breasts wanted at Brigitte's pair...badly. Glancing back up into the blonde's eyes she brought her bosom forward until her stiff, lycra-locked nipples pressed up against the blonde's tip to tip. Her nose brushed against Brigitte's as she glared into the blonde's brilliant blue eyes and silently looked for any sign that the other woman might back down from this building conflict.

Instead Brigitte simply narrowed her eyes and pushed back against Jamie almost infinitesimally. Jamie felt the exquisite pressure on her nipples as the other girl's met them straight on. It only took a few precious seconds for the slippery lycra fabric to betray the battle and allow the women's nipple shafts to slip past each other and grind length against length. Jamie felt Brigitte stiffen against her, her breath quickening as their nipples slid against each other, and for a second she thought the other girl might retreat from the contact, but instead the blonde moved in even tighter until she felt her nipples twisting against her rival's and finally plunging deep into the soft tissue around her hard pink rods.

"I'm surprised you had the nerve to bare your tits to me back there but I'm glad you did it," Jamie said as she maintained pressure on Brigitte's bosom. "I should have gone after you all those years ago when you came up against me at the Oscars. If you want to compete against my body then let's really compete."

"I'm not intimidated by your tits and I never have been, honey," Brigitte grunted as she leveled her own boobs firmly back against Jamie's pair. "If I'd have known this is what it would take to get you up against me once and for all I'd have flashed you a long time ago."

Jamie breathed in the scent of Brigitte's face and her warm breath as she pressed against the other woman. She slowly increased pressure with her left breast, grinding it fully into Brigitte's soft right orb and getting a sense of the firmness and weight of the rival gland as she rubbed into the blonde. She felt an answering pressure in her right breast as Brigitte did the same thing to her, leading with her own left breast and pressing deep into Jamie's right boob. "Take a good long feel of how hard I am, baby,"

"Not hard enough, honey," Brigitte hissed back at her. Jamie wanted to lash out and bite the blonde's soft face but she held her ground and continued the simmering stare-down as both women slowly maneuvered against each other. Both girls slowly rotated their shoulders, grunting as they slid and pressed forward with first one breast, then the other, slowly trying to out-press and dominate the other girl's chest. Sometimes Jamie could feel her boob being compressed almost into her armpits by Brigitte's advance, other times she plunged her own full boob deep enough into the blonde's hot body to feel Brigitte's ribs and collarbone pressing hard against her. Several times she felt her own nipples twisted painfully or tugged out as the tight lycra fabric of her sports bra was stretched and pulled roughly across her breasts. She kept nose to nose with Brigitte as long as she could, sucking in the other girl's sweet breath and avoiding the urge to bite her or butt her arrogant face away. Several times the girls pressed chin to chin and slowly wrestled face to face, trying to shove the other girl's sneering expression backward. During those times Jamie would glance down to see Brigitte's succulent lips curled back in an erotic snarl, her pearly teeth bared, trembling with her own desire to sink her teeth into her enemy's flesh. The other girl's tongue trembled and glistened brilliantly in her mouth as if it too could barely be contained by its owner's determination not to let this confrontation spin out of control.

Jamie put all her muscle into forcing her upper body against Brigitte's and for a moment the blonde woman staggered back before regaining her balance and battering her slippery, lycra-covered bosom back against Jamie's. Grunting, the girls jostled and began quicker, hotter upper-body wrestling, jostling breast to breast and violently rubbing up and down and from side to side in an effort to outmaneuver the other's breasts. Jamie's nipples were stretching her bra cups to their limits but she found them the perfect added weapons in this spiteful, bitchy encounter: she took every effort to jab her boobs straight on against Brigitte's in order to plunge her stiff nipples painfully into the other woman's soft, yielding bosom, and she flinched frequently and hissed as Brigitte did the same thing to her, driving hard, rubbery points into her tingling boobs again and again.

After a particularly hard tit to tit jab Brigitte suddenly pulled away from the skirmish and the two magnificent duelists circled each other, breasts rising and falling as they took deep, hard breaths. "You like stabbing at my tits with those things?" Brigitte snapped, glaring down at Jamie's jutting nipples.

"I love it," Jamie replied hotly. "You like sticking yours into my boobs, baby?"

Brigitte nodded slowly. "I'd like it a lot better if I could see the nice marks I'm making on your tits, bitch."

Jamie stared at her for a moment and then realized it was time for her to take some initiative. Reaching up she slowly peeled her sports bra off and shook her big, full boobs loose. She groaned slightly as her nipples popped away from the bra cups and stood long and erect in the hot sun, pointing pinkly at Brigitte. "Take a good look, tramp," the brunette said evenly.

Brigitte smiled wickedly, studying Jamie's boobs with open admiration for a moment before reaching up to remove her own top. Her stiff, brown nipples contrasted obscenely with Jamie's hard pink shafts and for a moment both women put all their concentration into studying each other's aroused milk rods, pointing at one another like gun barrels. Jamie's nipples had always pointed slightly upward in a way that other girls always found bitchy and arrogant, and she was at first annoyed and then quickly satisfied to see that Brigitte's brown rods jutted upward in just the same way. For a second she glanced nervously at the surrounding homes. If anyone was watching them now they were really getting an eyeful. Well, she didn't care anymore. She'd been bare-breasted on movie screens in front of millions of people, and if this opened the eyes of a few more directors or producers so much the better. Let everyone in the canyon see whose body was really the best.

Brigitte stared at Jamie's erect nipples contemptuously. "Now I know why I used to get so much more body double work than you," she sneered. "Remember they used to call those 'nipple auditions'? Obviously they were looking for sexier ones than yours."

"Oh, please," Jamie huffed. "Brown nipples are just low class. They might by all right for trashy sluts like you, not for a beautiful love scene. Check out the way my pink ones catch the light." Jamie arched her back a bit more until her nipples were almost pointing up at Brigitte's face.

"Those things just disappear on camera, honey," Brigitte said dismissively. "You need nice dark ones like mine to really stand out."

"All you need are big hard ones, sugar," Jamie snapped. "And I guarantee mine are bigger and harder than yours." The women began circling each other slowly, and Jamie purposefully lowered the angle of her breasts so that her nipples were pointing more directly at Brigitte's. She wasn't about to lower her guard and let the blonde come in with a naked nipple stab now. She felt a fluttering in her belly as she became aware of what was inevitably going to happen between them. She had pressed her tits against other girls before but now her breasts were naked and vulnerable. Not only would there be no bra cups holding her trophies up to the confrontation, but she would be feeling the kiss of Brigitte's bare breasts against her creamy, delicate skin of her own bosom. Brigitte was eyeing her nipples expectantly, her steely blue eyes flicking their focus from Jamie's tits to the actress's brown eyes, her expression full of dirty implication. She was acting like a woman who had matched bare breasts with other rivals before. Jamie steeled herself, biting the inside of her lower lip slightly as she mentally prepared herself to maintain composure no matter what happened now. Her breasts had always been sensitive and she didn't know how she would react to the feeling of another woman's bare boobs touching hers. The initial breast to breast face-off in their sports bras had already aroused her nipples to incredible stiffness and sensitivity, and the idea that those tingling shafts might touch against Brigitte's hard rods seemed unimaginably exciting.

Brigitte took a step forward and Jamie almost backed off warily as the other woman's nipples moved to within an inch or so of hers. Both girls eyed their opposing breasts intently, mentally measuring the distance between them before flashing challenging stares into each other's eyes. Jamie focused on keeping the points of her nipples exactly centered on Brigitte's so that the other woman couldn't slip past her and stab into her breast. "Those pink things aren't as long or as stiff as my brown ones, baby," Brigitte said threateningly. "And I'll put them on the line against yours to prove it any time you want."

Jamie stared at her evenly, wanting to control the confrontation as much as she could. "Let's see who's longer then," she said, moving forward slightly. Brigitte instinctively recoiled an inch or two and Jamie glanced into her eyes with a brief moment of satisfaction, but then the blonde's eyes narrowed and she moved back into position. Their nipples were pointing directly at each other, about a quarter inch of space between their blunt tips. "Let's put them side to side and see whose tips touch the others aureole first."

"Gladly," Brigitte said. The two women carefully eyed their opposing nipples, glancing back and forth at each other warily as they prepared to slip past each other's nipple tips. They each feinted imperceptibly for a few seconds as Jamie tried to decide whether to pivot to her left or her right. She settled for left and gave ground until her nipples tips had moved inward about half an inch closer to Brigitte's boobs, passing about a quarter inch of the other girl's shafts. They both paused for a moment, their eyes meeting again, and both girls engaged in a brief stare-down as they prepared themselves, each wondering who was really longer. Suddenly Brigitte sneered and flicked her nipple tips across Jamie's, hitting her two tender tips with a harsh, rubbery friction. Jamie instinctively gasped and stepped backward, and the blonde leered at her in wicked triumph.

"What's the matter, priss?" Brigitte taunted. "Never had bare nipples touch yours before?" Jamie flushed but immediately regained her composure and in a quick, violent move flicked her own nipples back across Brigitte's nipple tips in reply. The blonde grunted and retreated slightly at the touch, and it was Jamie's turn to grin nastily.

"Maybe I'm just not used to nipple fighting with ugly brown ones like yours," she said.

"It can't be any worse than tussling with weak pink softies like yours are, honey," Brigitte replied.

"Let's find out whose are weak and soft, slut," Jamie said, moving forward again. "I want to see which one of us is longer."

"Then bring those pink sticks on, Jamie," Brigitte said, standing her ground. Again the girls eyed each other carefully before aligning their nipples with pinpoint precision. Again Jamie cautiously slipped past Brigitte's defenses until almost an inch of the girl's erect nipples were parallel to each other. Jamie marveled at the size of the blonde's shafts-she must be almost an inch and a half long, she thought. But she knew she was way over an inch in length so it was still possible she could beat Brigitte at this game. She watched the tip of her left nipple bear down ever closer to the dark brown, puckered skin of Brigitte's right aureole. It hovered barely an eighth of an inch away from the surface, and Jamie's breath caught as she realized her nipple tips were going to touch Brigitte's aureoles before the blonde's were going to touch her fleshy pink disks. She was going to prove she was longer than this stuck-up whore.

Suddenly she felt a rubbery intrusion on her own sensitive aureole skin, and at seemingly exactly the same instant she felt the warm softness of Brigitte's aureole flesh caressing the tips of her nipples. Her eyes locked on Brigitte's and for a moment the two women stood with their nipples extending just slightly into each other's soft aureoles, four shafts in parallel silently invading their rival's breasts. They could not have been more similar in length.

"So we're just the same length," Jamie muttered. "That doesn't prove anything."

"The only reason you're this long in the first place is because I'm making you hard, Jamie," Brigitte snapped.

"What are you talking about?" the brunette demanded.

"Why don't you just admit you're as turned on by my body as everyone else is?"

"You're full of it!" Jamie shot back. "I'm this hard and long naturally and you know it if you've seen any of my body work!"

"You've been watching me ever since I moved in next door, and don't deny it!" Brigitte hissed.

"You're the one who's been watching me, bitch!" Jamie snarled.

Suddenly Brigitte swiped her breasts sideways and her hard, rubbery nipples pressed length to length against Jamie's. "Let's see just how hard those things are!" she growled. Jamie gasped briefly at the sensation, flinching for a second before bearing in the opposite direction, determined not to let the blonde bitch dominate her this way. She had never had another woman's bare nipples touch hers and the feeling was astounding. She felt like an electrical current was being fed into each pink rod from Brigitte's nipples, and the only consolation was her certain knowledge that Brigitte must be feeling the same erotic sensations exploding from her own brown shafts as Jamie's nipples touched hers. Both girls fenced back and forth, each quivering at the other's touch until they each bore down against the other full on, both determined not to break contact until the other did. Jamie glared into Brigitte's blue eyes, a few drops of sweat breaking out on her forehead as she rode the waves of stark pleasure radiating out from her breasts at the touch of Brigitte's. She could see the uncertainty and effort in the beautiful blonde's expression as she too tried to prevent herself from being overwhelmed by the friction of nipple against nipple.

"I'll rub those little sticks raw, baby," Brigitte grunted after a few moments of strained silence. Both girls managed to pivot their upper bodies with minute control and delicacy, sliding their nipple shafts against each other anywhere from a fraction of an inch to a full inch at a time, but always without breaking contact. Every centimeter of movement resulted in a cascade of violent sensation shattering through each other's breasts.

"Not before I wear yours down, honey," Jamie growled back with a ferocity she didn't quite feel. For all their arguing she had to admit that the sight of Brigitte's delicate features so close to her own, the awesome spectacle of their four incredible breasts in direct contact, and the heat of the other girl's body next to hers was filling her with feelings she'd never experienced before. For as much as she hated Brigitte she had to admit the creamy, beautifully toned blonde was as sexy as she'd always bragged she was. She pressed her sweat-slick forehead against Brigitte's and braced her legs further backwards, struggling to maintain her balance and keep herself nipple to nipple with the blonde. Her two full breasts pumped smoothly back and forth in time with Brigitte's as the two kept up their long nipple fight. After several more minutes Jamie forced a long groan from the blonde as she twisted deeper into her and the blonde responded with a sharp move that actually bent Jamie's left nipple around Brigitte's brown shaft. Jamie shuddered and twisted herself in the opposite direction.

"I'll tie those things up in knots!" she snarled, and for a moment the two pairs of stiff nipples actually twisted around each other, catching for a moment in a tangle of unbelievably arousing, hard friction. Jamie felt herself letting out a long, moaning squeal at this amazing sensation and she felt an answering groan of dirty pleasure from Brigitte as both girls continued to twist and writhe against each other. Finally Jamie could stand it no longer and she wrenched away from the blonde with a sharp gasp of pain. Both girls stood with their bare breasts heaving as they drew in deep breaths, glaring at each other furiously.

"I'm going to have more than that, slut!" Brigitte said dangerously. "I'm going to mark up those tits of yours good!" She kept her hands on her hips despite that threat and suddenly danced forward, leading with her boobs. Jamie immediately responded and both girls' naked chests met with a loud smack. The two body doubles grunted and snarled into each other's faces as they advanced and began a vicious game of tit boxing, each trying to lead with her left or right breast to provide a maximum impact, using the full weight of her upper body to drive the heavy liquid flesh of her breast into the other girl's chest as violently as possible. Soon Jamie's boobs were tingling and hot from the smacking blows, her pale breast skin mottling with red as tiny capillaries burst under her skin. Now the women's' nipples were even more dangerous weapons that could knife deep into their enemy's bosom tissue or, conversely, be painfully bent and twisted as their rival's tit smashed down on top of them. The brunette's boobs burned as the struggle intensified, but she was determined not to back down no matter how rough this duel got. She could hear the grunts of pain coming from the blonde and watched her delicate features twist every time the two girls collided. She was giving as good as she got.

The girls circled, glaring at each other for a few seconds of respite at a time, but always they flashed forward to deal more wicked slaps breast to breast. Jamie didn't know why they weren't using their hands at this point; part of her wanted to shrug off the weird little silent agreement they'd made to fight only breast to breast like this. She longed to smack, twist or grab Brigitte's quivering tits but she told herself she wouldn't start that kind of war unless the blonde did. There was something compelling about the idea of beating Brigitte's big body with her own once and for all. All their rivalry had always centered on their shapely curves, and especially on their breasts. Jamie had long believed she had the most perfect bust in Hollywood, and the idea that even one woman out there thought her pair was the equal of the brunette's infuriated her. She had endured the blonde's sneering attitude long enough, and the time was long past to settle this bitter body feud they had going.

She knew if anyone else in the canyon was watching her house right now they were getting an eyeful. It seemed as if the wet, heavy smacks from their bashing breasts were ringing off the canyon walls, as if there were two rams bucking out there somewhere. She realized that an hour ago the thought of putting a battle like this on in public would have mortified her; now after only a few words between her and her longtime enemy she didn't care who saw them fight like this. If the canyon neighbors wanted to watch her body humiliate Brigitte's today, then let them, she thought. She felt emboldened, somehow freed up from all the laws of ladylike society as her chest dueled with Brigitte's. She ground forward, flexing her magnificent buns and thighs as she drove against Brigitte, and with a series of forceful smacks she managed to drive the blonde backward toward the shallow pool and hot tub built into her deck. Brigitte grunted as she stumbled backward and for a few seconds Jamie thought she might drive her back into the pool. Then the blonde suddenly stood her ground, locking her legs back behind her so that Jamie could make no further forward progress. Instead her now sweat-slick chest smacked once more into Brigitte's and she and the blonde pressed together cheek to cheek, neither able to move for several long seconds. Long, deep groans shook both women as they strove to break the stalemate. Jamie felt the other woman's hot breasts slowly, stickily sliding across hers as they struggled for position. Her fattened nipples were bent back painfully and she winced as she felt Brigitte's stiff udders stabbing deep into her aroused boob flesh.

"How's that feel, cunt?" Brigitte purred hoarsely, shifting her shoulders back and forth slightly to press first her right, then her left nipple even deeper into Jamie's boobs. "You like feeling my nipples so deep down into your tits?"

"Suck me, baby," Jamie snarled. She feinted backward with her upper body suddenly, allowing Brigitte to advance on her fully and force her backward. The move allowed her to separate their dueling, mashed-together breasts and shift her nipples back into position. As she wrestled chest to chest with the blonde she forced her heavy boobs upward until the blonde's brown erections were bent upward and she could position her own pink probes to stab their own way into Brigitte's sweating breasts. Then she began to muscle her way back into the fight, struggling to push the blonde backward again. "Now we'll see how deep I get into these fat hard tits of yours, bitch," she growled. Brigitte only groaned in response; Jamie could see the dark reflection of the blonde's well-muscled back and ass flexing against her in the glass of the house behind her.

She managed to force Brigitte backward a step or two but her brief gambit to readjust the collision of their breasts and nipples had cost her leverage in the upper body fight. Brigitte was coming on strong now with redoubled stamina and Jamie felt herself giving way as they struggled breast to breast and forehead to forehead. She glared straight into Brigitte's brilliant blue eyes and glanced down at the other girl's soft, succulent mouth and the flash of bared teeth as the blonde strove against her. Suddenly Brigitte's head twisted and she snaked forward, teeth flashing as she snapped at Jamie's lips. Jamie flinched at the attack and tried to retaliate, managing to catch the blonde's soft lower jaw between her teeth for a fraction of a second. Brigitte hissed and twisted out of the bite before lunging forward and succeeding in catching Jamie's wet lower lip in a tough, teasing little bite. Jamie groaned and smacked her hands down on Brigitte's upper back and shoulders, finally gripping the nape of her neck with one hand as she tried to wrestle her way out of the bite.

She felt herself staggering backwards with the blonde vixen clamped onto her. Brigitte reached up with her powerful arms and stripped Jamie's gripping hands away from her neck and shoulders and the two girls interlocked fingers, their arms spreading out to their sides as they engaged in real wrestling now while still keeping their jiggling, battle-hardened boobs plastered to each other face to face. Jamie finally managed to pull out of the bite, and she felt herself overwhelmed in a moment of vengeful, almost panicky fury as she sucked in her swollen lower lip and glared, enraged into Brigitte's face. "Is that how you want to fight baby?" she snarled raggedly, snapping forward and baring her teeth as she lunged for her own taste of Brigitte's face. The blonde twisted away desperately but Jamie's fury drove her forward and would not be denied. She managed to lock onto the blonde's beautifully sculpted chin and sank her teeth into it as Brigitte writhed against her. The other girl grunted and then squealed at the pain; Jamie held the bite just hard enough to spite, stopping just before she might have broken the skin before allowing the blonde to twist free.

"I'm glad you like it that way because the dirtier we do it to each other the better as far as I'm concerned!" Brigitte growled into her face. The blonde's powerful body was still driving her back and suddenly Jamie felt the iron handrail of the deck railing hit her in the back. Jamie had wrestled her back into the corner overlooking the drop-off below the house and now the blonde's upper body forced the brunette's out over the abyss, wrestling her until she was at almost a forty five degree angle overhanging the drop below. She couldn't go back any further now and the full, grinding heat of Brigitte's muscular body was put to work on her. Brigitte forced her chin against Jamie's, snarling as she pressed her breasts harder against the brunette's pair, digging her nipples in as deep as she could. Her toned, flat stomach now kissed Jamie's, lining up so the brunette could even feel the hollow between their two navels tighten as they pressed a bubble of air between them. Now her legs and pelvis came into full contact with their counterparts on the blonde as Brigitte forced her ever deeper into the crook of the corner; Jamie felt her legs spread out as she struggled for balance, felt every inch of Brigitte's hot body molding to her. Her knuckles were white as she struggled against the blonde's interlocked fingers, and she felt her biceps and forearms meet Brigitte's muscle to muscle, tendon to tendon. Both girls simply groaned and breathed into each other in the morning heat, staring each other down, and Brigitte seemed to revel in this new triumph over her rival.

"Okay, bitch, now it's my body against yours, all the way. You can feel everything I've got so I dare you to tell me I don't outclass every inch of you right now." Brigitte put every ounce of emotion she had into this slow, low threat to Jamie. "Now everyone in this canyon can see which one of us comes out on type in a fight like this. Come on, Jamie-how does it feel? How does it feel finally getting beat by my body?"

As if to punctuate this final embrace Brigitte slowly brought her shapely pelvis to bear on Jamie's sleek, curvy hips, their groins aligning so the sleek 'V' of the blonde's crotch pressed perfectly down on top of Jamie's own flawlessly trimmed and manicured mound, the flesh of her hips matching up with mathematical precision against the brunette body double's. Jamie might as well have been pressing her body up against a mirror, she thought as she gauged every ounce of Brigitte's flesh against hers. In the final seconds of the struggle her nipples had twisted right around Brigitte's and the four rubbery rods were now generating waves of painful pleasure, encased in their opposing hot pillows of breast flesh; every tiny movement of either girl's upper body sent shocks of intolerable pleasure radiating out from their glistening boobs. Jamie had never had another woman's body used against her like this and it gained her a new, full appreciation not only of Brigitte's sensuality, but her own. As she felt Brigitte tremble against her she knew the other girl must be just as overwhelmed by the feelings Jamie's body was generating against hers as she was feeling from the touch and press of the blonde's supple curves. The steel armrail was jabbing painfully into her back and she knew there was even danger of falling if the two kept struggling like this. But she wasn't about to back down from Brigitte's challenge.

"My body isn't beat yet, bitch," she purred into the blonde's hot face, studying her eyes intently from up close. With the blonde's chin pinning hers she couldn't bite her, but as she watched Brigitte's gorgeous mouth twisted into a dirty little snarl of triumph she realized that her teeth weren't the only weapon at her disposal. Breathing hard, she snaked her tongue out and licked at Brigitte's lipsticked mouth lasciviously. Brigitte flinched, trembling against her, and snarled in protest, but Jamie kept up this new, erotic assault. The blonde snapped her teeth several times, trying to catch her rival's probing tongue in a quick bite, but Jamie kept the pink probe just out of reach and continued to flick and tease Brigitte's panting mouth.

"You fucking whore," the blonde breathed, continuing to press hard against her.

"You said the dirtier the better, bitch," Jamie purred before returning to her wicked, flicking tongue attack.

"If you want to get even dirtier I'm ready for you, gutter tramp," Brigitte snarled. Her mouth yawned temptingly and Jamie strained to touch her tongue to even more of the blonde's succulent lips. Suddenly she saw Brigitte's tongue emerge from her mouth like some hidden, pink pit creature; it slashed and flicked against hers with all the dirty nuance that Jamie had put into her original attack, and she felt her body quiver as half the length of the blonde's tongue suddenly coiled around hers. Both girls pumped their long, pink probes against each other slowly, taking the measure of each other as their breaths shuddered from open mouths. Jamie could feel the blonde trying to drag her sticky boobs across hers, trying to get a rise out of her that way too. She responded with her own boob moves and added some pressure on the blonde's covered crotch, sliding her sleek vulva down the long surface of Brigitte's cleft groin. She managed to wrap her tongue around Brigitte's and almost suck it back into her own mouth, and at that move she felt Brigitte's body give in a crucial way.

Immediately Jamie twisted her upper body violently until both girls were jammed sideways into the corner. Both girls legs flashed and gripped at one another as they full-body wrestled for position until Jamie's flared, womanly hips suddenly pivoted and pinned Brigitte's back into the corner, fully reversing their positions. Exulting in her victory, Jamie growled as she smashed her upper body forward and pressed Brigitte's breasts and chest backward. Now the blonde dangled her back over the abyss and Jamie hunched over her, going chin to chin with her rival just as the blonde had humiliatingly pinned her like a butterfly out for the whole canyon to see. Even with her fingers still interlocked with the blonde's she managed to use her position to smack her heavy, quivering breasts down aggressively onto Brigitte's jiggling pair, and she kept at it until her stiff, rubbery nipples had gained the superior position and drove them deep into the blonde's yielding boobs, wrestling Brigitte's own nipples almost flat against her aureoles.

"Now who's ass is against the wall, huh, baby?" Jamie taunted her rival. "Whose body's beating whose?" She forced Brigitte's powerful thighs apart and measured her smooth crotch down against the blonde's, forcing the other girl's pelvis tightly back into the metal corner. "I'll make you wish you never started a body fight with me!" Exulting in the new control she had over the blonde, Jamie inched forward on Brigitte's retreating face until the blonde could back up no further. Trembling, she inched forward and let her lips slide back across pearly teeth, baring them against the blonde's mouth. There was no escape for Brigitte as Jamie slowly clamped her teeth down on the other girl's lips, feasting on the blonde's sweet mouth. Jamie added bite after spiteful bite as Brigitte groaned, clamping her teeth down on first her lower lip, then her upper, then on the tender, thin webs of flesh at the sides of Brigitte's beautiful mouth. As Jamie bore even deeper into her Brigitte seemed to realize that the brunette had no intentions of retreating from this mouth to mouth confrontation and she began to twist her way into return bites at Jamie, sucking in the other girl's soft, moist lips and catching them between cruel teeth in the same way that Jamie was doing her. The girls quivered and hissed at each other as they exchanged long, vicious bites, glaring madly into each other's eyes, each looking for a sign that the other girl was about to break down or pull away from this new confrontation. But Jamie saw no sign of weakness in Brigitte's glittering eyes. Finally she bent downward and forced her mouth fully on top of the blonde's. Brigitte eagerly met her mouth on mouth, their teeth clicking across each other like grinding pearl necklaces, each girl trying to open her mouth wider than her rival, trying to eat her enemy whole. Jamie managed to suck much of Brigitte's mouth in for a long bite before the blonde pried free and returned the favor, her teeth closing around the sides of Jamie's sucking lips and sinking deep into the soft, sensitive flesh of her face. Neither girl bit hard enough to draw blood, just enough to test the limits of her rival's pain.

Jamie could feel the resistance of Brigitte's body softening against hers as the slow, vicious biting duel progressed, and she felt her own body going weak with sensuality as well. Finally she could stand it no more and plunged the full length of her tongue slowly and deeply into Brigitte's mouth. Flexing her powerful ass cheeks, she jammed her crotch against Brigitte's with all her power and slowly drove her tongue into the blonde like a piston, forcing moan after moan out of Brigitte. After several moments she withdrew back into her own mouth, but neither girl broke the contact of their glued-together lips. They stood against each other for a moment, exchanging sweet breaths, and then Jamie felt Brigitte's tongue fill her mouth just as she had filled the blonde's. Brigitte's tongue throbbed inside her like a heartbeat and she felt a flush of hot, sexual energy spreading across her back and buttocks. She could hear herself groaning against the blonde's tongue and she also felt Brigitte pressing against her, testing her body contact and grip, clearly trying to use this moment to wriggle free of the hold. But Jamie held her ground even as she writhed against her rival's deep-licking tongue. When Brigitte finally popped wetly out of her mouth the two women still stood rigidly breast to breast. But it was clear the battle had moved in a new direction.

"I should have known I could trust you to turn into a down and dirty cunt the minute this thing got cooking," Brigitte snarled, clearly infuriated at the way Jamie had manipulated her during their close-quarters struggle. She was trembling, her sweaty, naked chest rising and falling with angry breaths.

"If you want to take this into the gutter I'll crawl right down there with you, tramp," Jamie snapped back, equally outraged to be accused of being a slut by such a low-down whore. She punctuated the end of her sentence by spitefully butting her boobs into Brigitte's with a dull smack. Brigitte's eyes blazed and she immediately returned the bosom-to-bosom blow; Jamie stumbled backward, her breasts shaking, and Brigitte advanced furiously, ramming the brunette across the deck with her naked chest. Jamie angrily met her blow for blow but for the moment the blonde had the momentum and she felt herself staggering backward toward the deck pool. For several savage seconds both women forgot the unspoken rules of the fight: Brigitte landed several open handed slaps to Jamie's face and soon the girls were raining down blows on each other's faces, breasts and stomachs, filling the air with the whipcrack sound of hands smacking down on bare flesh. Jamie's breasts and face burned with the blows and she hammered away at the blonde with equal ferocity, brown eyes blazing in fury at this new phase of the battle. Suddenly both girls upper bodies slammed together and their flailing arms slapped down around each other's backs, hugging in close together cheek to cheek. Grunting, the two women pressed their sweating, hot breasts together and Jamie felt her bosom compressing under the weight of Brigitte's boobs, flattening out into thick pads against her ribs and armpits. As she eyed their four breasts kneading each other like dough smashed between their colliding upper bodies she noted that the blonde's boobs were mashed down just as much as hers were, and that both pairs now bulged obscenely upward and outward like balloons on the edge of bursting. Deep inside their dueling breasts Jamie could feel Brigitte's hard, abrasive nipples sawing at her own and invading her tender aureoles. She slid fingers down the blonde's rippling, muscled back and found the waistband of her low-riding biker shorts. She tugged at the material experimentally and managed to yank it up a full six inches, sliding lycra material deep up inside Brigitte's crotch and between her powerful, flexing ass cheeks. Suddenly she felt the blonde's nails sliding down across her own buns, finally burying themselves just under the curving swell of her own strong buttocks and yanking them upwards, digging in underneath her firm buns before dragging the nails upward to rake viciously across her magnificent derriere. Jamie winced as she felt the nails abrade her flesh and tear at the taut red fabric of her biker shorts, and she yanked at Brigitte's shorts even harder, glaring at her as she fought to grind the tight folds of material as deep into her opponent's behind and crotch as she could.

"I'm gonna split your pussy in two you cheap whore," she snarled into Brigitte's face.

"Not before I claw your hot ass bare, bitch!" Brigitte shot back, wincing at the pain.

"I can claw your buns too, baby!" Jamie said, continuing to pull with her left hand while her right reached down to fill her hand with one of Brigitte's jiggling buttocks. She squeezed and clawed at the hot mass of round muscle, tearing at the elastic fabric as she struggled body to body with the blonde. Suddenly she felt an incredible pressure on her own crotch and an invasive sensation as her own biker shorts were grabbed and hauled upward from behind. Brigitte was giving her a taste of her own medicine and she groaned as lycra slid over her labia and plunged deep between her clenching buttocks.

"I can go up your big ass too, cunt!" Brigitte snarled as the two women danced violently in each other's holds.

"My ass can take anything you can give, pussy," Jamie growled with a certainty she didn't feel. If Brigitte was feeling half the erotic violation she was feeling, she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer.

"I'm going to finish that body of yours off once and for all," the blonde thundered back. Both girls gyrated against each other, hugging close in a mass of muscle and sweat, and Jamie groaned ferally as she tried to crush the life out of her sexy enemy. But for every ounce of power she put into her bearhug Brigitte applied just as much pressure to hers, and there seemed no clear victor between their two pairs of grinding, overheated breasts. She felt Brigitte grunt against her and wondered just how much more either of them could take. With a final, grinding body to body explosion the two combatants suddenly broke free of their embrace, gasping in pain and exhaustion. Jamie clutched her aching boobs for a moment, quivering as her fingers closed on her still hard and tingling nipples. She looked over to see Brigitte cradling her own bare boobs, her wicked brown nipples still long and stiff. The blonde's white biker shorts were stained with sweat, a few tatters of torn lycra hanging down from where Jamie had clawed her ass.

Jamie felt a sudden flush of fury and she stepped forward slightly, almost ready to close and fight again. Brigitte locked her own stance but simultaneously both women hesitated, each backing away from the threat posed by the other. Simmering, the two women stared each other down coldly, neither able to decide what to do next. Jamie doubted her own ability to engage in another violent crush, but she knew if Brigitte really brought it to her she couldn't back down. But the blonde looked no more eager to resume that kind of furious combat than she did.

"Cunt," she said dully, her eyes narrowing in Brigitte's direction once again, but without making a move to restart the fight.

"Pussy," Brigitte retorted shortly, staring her down as well. Both women knew they weren't finished, but neither knew exactly what the next phase of the battle would be. The longer they stood the more aware Jamie was of the toll the fight had taken on her body. Her breasts were pounding, her nipples on fire; even her lips and tongue were raw from her mouth to mouth skirmish with Brigitte. The clawmarks Brigitte had left on her ass were beginning to sting. And her biker shorts had become an oven, particularly burning the tender flesh of her labia and the skin between her ass cheeks with every slight movement of her legs and pelvis. She knew she had to get out of the shorts and as she eyed Brigitte's sweat-slick body she wondered if that might be the next direction for their duel. Keeping her eyes trained on the blonde, she dug her thumbs into the waistband of her biker shorts and slowly, carefully peeled them down over her flaring hips until a few tufts of moist, tangled brown pubic hair peeked out over the top of the waistband. She hesitated, knowing she didn't want Brigitte to attack her while she was in this vulnerable position. But instead the blonde straightened haughtily, flashing her eyes down Jamie's lithe body, and brought her own fingers down on the white waistband of her shorts. She peeled her shorts down off the lower half of her supple belly until a few fringes of golden pubic hair caught the light. Now both women bent slightly, glaring at each other as they slipped the lycra shorts down over their pelvises, letting their bare, bulging buttocks see the light for the first time today. Brigitte revealed a flawless, tangled golden patch of blonde fur just as Jamie unveiled her own dark jungle of brown curls. Sweat brought a kiss of cool air to her buns and crotch as she stripped, reinvigorating her as she slipped the shorts down over her muscular things and off her legs before tossing them aside.

Jamie and Brigitte slowly straightened at the same time and now faced each other completely naked for the first time. Each had seen pieces of the other's body in films but never before had either had the chance to examine her rival so fully and so intimately. With her almost translucent cornsilk bush, Brigitte gave Jamie an almost unobstructed view of her sleek vulva and pink labial folds peeking out from underneath the tangle of golden fur. There was even the suggestion of a pink protrusion nestled in there that might have been the blonde's clitoris, she thought. If so the other woman's clit was a long one...but Jamie had a thing or two to say about that. Her own brown thatch felt like a sunbaked jungle right now.

Jamie moved slowly to the side and she and Brigitte began to circle now, eyeing each other warily. She put her hands on her hips and proudly thrust her breasts out again, letting her high-pointing nipples aim accusingly at Brigitte's face. She took a wide-legged stance as she moved sideways, giving the blonde a full view of her body, crotch included.

"Real women don't need to beat each other with their fists to settle things," she said simply.

"Well I know I'm a real woman, Jamie," Brigitte purred. "Are you?"

"Take a good look, baby. You better believe I'm a real woman."

Brigitte gave her big boobs a little shake as she flashed her eyes up and down Jamie's body. "Come here and prove pussy bitch."

Jamie slowly closed the distance between her and Brigitte, glaring into the blonde's eyes. Brigitte also started forward and the two girls accelerated chest-first just when they were about a foot apart. Their breasts collided with a liquid smack that rang through the canyon and sent both girls stumbling backward a step. After the fury of their last encounter the violent sound of their striking boobs served as a warning to both of them. When Jamie stepped forward again it was more carefully, and she and Brigitte eyed each other intensely, almost seeking permission from their opponent to join the combat once again. For the first time since they had stripped off their tops the two women glided in and almost gently caressed breast against breast. Dancing expertly around each other the two women explored each other's bare bosoms tentatively. Jamie probed with her stiff nipples, seeking out a reaction as she dragged the pink points across the blonde's tender, naked globes, and she winced and held her breath as Brigitte's opposing nipples dug and scraped across her own tingling, naked glands. The women eyed each other furiously as this new contest intensified. Jamie tried to do to Brigitte exactly what she feared the blonde would do to her: overwhelm her oversensitized boobs with an erotic, gliding touch. The feeling of Brigitte's soft, bare bosom against hers and the stark contrast of the other girl's shockingly hard, knifelike nipples cutting and probing at her almost made her dizzy with lust.

She must have closed her eyes briefly or given herself away in some other manner because she immediately heard Brigitte whisper "I told you I was sexier than you, little whore." Jamie gasped slightly. It had been as if the blonde had read her mind for a second. In this kind of slow, sensual fight it really did come down to which woman was sexier, more beautiful, and more aware of how to turn her opponent on. Jamie bit down on her lower lip and glanced down at their four dueling breasts before jamming in just a bit tighter and dragging her nipples the full length of Brigitte's breasts from top to bottom and back again, pausing to stab and duel briefly nipple to nipple with the other girl. The blonde quivered at this new aggressiveness and moaned as Jamie attempted to circle the blonde's nipples with her own, dragging them around Brigitte's aureoles as if drawing a line in the sand. Brigitte stabbed and grinded right back and for a second the girls pushed each other apart a step. Jamie led in with her right breast and smacked it against Brigitte's left, and was met instantly with a light slapdown of the blonde's right breast onto her left. The girls exchanged a few more light tit slaps before closing back into their sensual grind. Jamie was determined to stay on this new erotic battleground and it seemed Brigitte was eager to stay there too.

She wrestled in closer to the blonde and suddenly jabbed out with her tongue, flicking it into Brigitte's open, snarling mouth. Brigitte snapped at it and Jamie flinched backward, noting that her rival was in a much better position to bite her tongue now than she had been in their earlier chin to chin standoff. She tried to reinitiate the chin lock but Brigitte knocked her aside with a violent shake of her head, having none of that. Instead the blonde flashed out her own tongue suddenly and Jamie felt the hot organ snake into her mouth and flick out again before she could land a bite on it herself. Suddenly the blonde reached up and snaked fingers into Jamie's short, brown hair, tugging her close before plunging her tongue back into Jamie's mouth. Jamie reeled under the assault but quickly regrouped and sent her tongue sliding back against Brigitte's. The two girls squealed in this mutual assault for several seconds before writhing free of each other once again.

"Come on, bitch, you want some more of me?" Brigitte taunted.

"Yeah, I'll take some more," Jamie snarled, lunging forward and grabbing the blonde by the hair. Wrestling against her body, she forced her mouth down hard on Brigitte's gaping lips, sealing a kiss on the other woman. Both women moaned as their tongues met in the hot cave formed by their dueling mouths and Jamie felt Brigitte's hands clamping around her waist and drawing her in even tighter. Spreading her legs to maintain her balance, Jamie for the first time felt Brigitte's blond cunt flash upward to snuggle in against hers. The other girl's crotch felt like a hot iron against hers and she could hear the whisper of grinding pussy fur snickering between their matched hips as they locked together again. Jamie felt a hot flash burn through her at this new contact and again as if reading her mind Brigitte forced her pelvis forward in two quick jerks, digging between Jamie's vulva with her own hot fur. Jamie tugged backward at Brigitte's hair but the other girl's grip on her waist was iron-strong. The escape attempt only forced their hot crotches into even tighter contact and Brigitte's snarl took on a gleeful quality as she seemed to see an advantage building. Jamie still worked on Brigitte's hair but she knew that in this fight their short hairdos made typical catfighting moves like this a waste of time; she just didn't have the leverage a long-haired girl would have provided. Jamie could still force the blonde's upper body backward though and she knew she would have to take desperate measures before the explosive feelings in her crotch spread throughout her entire body.

Lunging forward, she sank her teeth into the upper flesh of Brigitte's right breast, then slid downward until she could suck in a mouthful of the soft, supple tit flesh. Brigitte snarled as Jamie sank her head down even deeper and found the blonde's nipple. Using her tongue she maneuvered the stiff, sweet rod into her mouth and slid her tongue across it before bringing her teeth to bear on its rubbery surface. Brigitte writhed violently under her as she ground her incisors across the stiff nipple, and finally the other woman twisted out of the hold, her right hand smacking down on the saliva-slick aureole and nipple as she staggered away from Jamie.

Jamie immediately advanced on her and Brigitte tried to reverse her direction in time to meet the brunette chest to chest once more. But Jamie hit first with a breast to breast blow that kept the blonde staggering backward. The pool was directly behind her.

Brigitte toppled into the pool, sending up a shower of warm water droplets as she disappeared briefly into the shallow water. She stood up immediately, splashing water everywhere as she shook herself and glared up at Jamie. Now the blonde was soaked, her golden body glistening all over with water droplets that accentuated every curve and bulge of her perfect anatomy. Water dripped from the tips of nipples that now seemed even more long and erect from their dousing; her short hair formed a perfect, sleek golden helmet on her head, and as she stood in the water that just reached to the tops of her thighs her golden bush gleamed as if embroidered with diamonds. Her stark white breasts still aimed up at Jamie like two thick, spherical weapons, while the large, dark slit of her bellybutton seemed a deadly torpedo tube between the thick, smooth muscles of her abdomen. As she stared up at the brunette she raised her well-muscled arms up and smoothed back her wet blonde hair, and the movement pulled her breasts tight into two perfect, bulging domes pointed up at Jamie.

Jamie almost shook as she watched the blonde. Despite tossing Brigitte into the pool she realized that now her rival looked suddenly stunning and glamorously sexy at the center of the pool, while she just looked disheveled and ravaged from the fight. She could still see welts and red marks on Brigitte's body from her attacks but the glistening coating of water and the play of reflected morning sunlight on the blonde's body only eroticized her more. Brigitte bit her bottom lip and gazed up at Jamie seductively as if daring her to come in the pool for more. She cupped her bitten breast and glared into the brunette's eyes intensely.

"Why don't you come on in here if you want that body of yours dominated for good," the blonde purred. Jamie's jaw set in anger and she suddenly found herself stalking down into the lukewarm water until it was up to her thighs. She crouched and immersed herself briefly in the water, letting it coolly caress her abraded body. In a few seconds every hurt Brigitte had dealt her suddenly tingled with pleasure. When she emerged from the water to face the blonde her nipples were newly erect and hard, radiating with sensation but dangerous too.

"You'll be the one dominated, blonde," Jamie said as her powerful thighs stroked forward through the water. The two wet vixens faced each other down, circling one another in the shallow water, and Jamie was gratified to see Brigitte's sparkling eyes playing over her wet curves and bulges the same way she had studied the blonde. She glanced sideways at her reflection in the house's glass porch, and saw herself and Brigitte facing off in perfect profile, big breasts jutting forward at each other sexily, hips cocked provocatively backward, asses flexing and ready for action. Jamie raised her arms and ran her fingers through her own wet hair, spitefully duplicating the challenging pose Brigitte had struck before Jamie had entered the pool. Her breasts rode high on her chest and seemed to point up right at Brigitte's face. The blonde's eyes narrowed; her hands had been on her hips as she waited for Jamie to approach but now she raised her arms slowly and put her hands at the back of her neck with her elbows up over her shoulders to match Jamie's pose. Jamie held her stance and stared hard at Brigitte as the two engaged in a simmering, silent pose-down, each taking pride at the way her breasts jutted upward arrogantly as if uncowed by the hot, violent combat of just a few minutes before.

Jamie was determined to show Brigitte that her boobs had come through the fight just fine so far. She arched her back, thrusting her tits out even more, and Brigitte grunted a little at the sight and followed suit, tensing her belly as she aimed her bosom skyward. Again Jamie glanced at their reflections, taking in the incredible spectacle of two of Hollywood's most superb bodies facing each other in direct competition. She spread her thighs more, skidding her feet across the pool floor and giving Brigitte a better view of her dark and dangerous brunette bush. Brigitte immediately took up the challenge and opened her own thighs more, and Jamie caught a glimpse of pink flesh nestled in the center of the blonde's golden fur. She knew that right now her breasts were being stretched to their limits by her elevated, pulled back arm muscles; every time she drew in a breath she could feel her twin, fleshy orbs tighten to rock hardness, skin pulling tight across nipples and gooseflesh from the morning air on her wet skin adding even more to the hardness of her nipples and boobs. She took a step toward Brigitte and the blonde tentatively matched her; Brigitte started to drop her arms until she saw that Jamie was keeping hers raised behind her head. She glanced down speculatively at the blonde's chest, noting that Brigitte's nipples no longer quite lined up with hers as she had started to lower her arms. Brigitte picked up on the look immediately and returned her arms to their position behind her head.

Jamie knew her breasts would never be tighter and firmer than they were right now. It was the perfect way to engage the blonde's chest, stretched to its breaking point just as hers was. She eased forward and Brigitte grinned nastily at her.

"We don't need to tear each other up to settle this, do we?" the blonde purred, posing languidly for Jamie as she circled her rival.

"No; all I need to do to dominate you is to get this body up against yours," Jamie agreed slowly.

"Why don't you bring those stiff nipples over and fight me then, Jamie," Brigitte said, eyeing the brunette's breasts challengingly. "If you don't mind being stabbed by the two stiffest nipples you've ever felt, that is."

Jamie shook her head slowly as she moved forward. "I'll do the stabbing, honey, and you'll be the one feeling the harder stiffies up against yours."

"Good," Brigitte said, her voice shaking. "Let's just make this slow and hard. I'm going to wear down your tits once and for all."

"Bring it on," Jamie whispered, glaring into the blonde's eyes. There was a moment of silence before both women suddenly jabbed forward and grunted simultaneously at the touch of nipple on nipple. As the four wet rods slipped past each other Jamie gasped at the sensation of Brigitte's stiff brown shafts cutting across her wet, stretched-to-the-limit breast flesh. The goosebumps on her body redoubled as she felt her own nipples bending at their contact with Brigitte's rock hard tits. She immediately flexed her shoulders and tried to drive her yielding nipples deeper into Brigitte's firm boobs but both girls' tits were stretched so taut that neither's nipples could really penetrate them. Jamie knew the only way to win this contest was to engage Brigitte with her entire breast, but she backed off just slightly and crossed nipples again with the blonde, holding her off that way for a few seconds. She glared into the blonde's eyes at these close quarters and saw a mirror of her own hesitation in Brigitte's stare, and even though the sensation from touching their raw and reddened nipples together was almost unbearable both girls were content to keep the tit duel at this preliminary stage. Jamie filled her eyes with spite as she painfully sawed the sides of her nipples back and forth across Brigitte's brown shafts, and the blonde glared back at her with hate-filled eyes as she returned the favor. The blonde's nipple shafts felt like sandpaper as they rubbed against hers but Jamie refused to back down from this silent, intense little showdown.

"That feel good, my nipples cutting up yours, bitch?" Brigitte said huskily after several minutes of nipple fencing.

"Face it, honey-yours are getting the worst end of this contest," Jamie said confidently as she bore down on the blonde's stiff brown rods.

"Those weak pink twigs aren't up to going up against my thick ones, baby," Brigitte warned her as she grunted against Jamie's pink shafts.

"Don't think those ugly brown sticks of yours are gonna match my hard ones, honey," Jamie retorted, shuddering at the touch of the blonde's hard rods against hers.

"We can fence it out all day, slut; why don't we go head to head and really see who's stiffer?" the blonde demanded.

"That's for later, pussy," Jamie said, flicking her pink shafts sharply across Brigitte's. "We can't fight like that with our arms up like this and I plan on matching tits with you when we're good and hard and tight."

"If you want a hard tit fight, woman, bring those big ones on then!" Jamie snapped. The blonde was clearly growing impatient and Jamie knew she wouldn't be able to keep her arms raised for very much longer. She couldn't stall any more. It was time to put her breasts on the line against Brigitte's for real.

"You bring YOURS on!" she hissed with a determination she didn't yet feel. She lunged forward and smacked her hardened breasts down on Brigitte's bosom and received a quick smack in return. The sound lacked the heavy, dull feeling of their earlier tit slaps; there was no jiggling or yielding flesh impacting now, only hard, round balls hitting together bluntly. And despite the first sharp smacks neither girl intended to return to the violent, head to head butting they had engaged in before. "Slow and hard," she whispered as the blonde brought her hard boobs slowly forward to match Jamie's full on. Her firm flesh slid wetly across Brigitte's breasts and for the first time she could gauge her bare bosom against the blonde's in minute detail, checking out every ounce of flesh pressing against hers and feeling out her rival intimately. Her chin again met Brigitte's as the girls closed flesh to flesh and she felt the other girl's toned and tawny stomach match hers like cool, molten iron.

"Slow and hard," Brigitte said hoarsely as she dragged her boobs across Jamie's. Jamie's ass clenched as she thrust against the enemy blonde, pressing ever tighter into the body she had always seen as her natural rival. This was how it should have always been, she thought-no scratching and clawing, no slapping, just one naked body striving against the other, nipple against nipple, breast against breast, stomach against stomach. She could even feel the whisper of Brigitte's blonde bush beginning to mingle against the stray black curls of her pubes, but she wasn't ready for that phase of the battle yet. Neither girl had said anything about competing sex against sex, but Jamie doubted the blonde would have bared her snatch if she hadn't been ready to take things to that level. Right now all she wanted to do was flatten Brigitte's big breasts under her own and she began to pour every ounce of strength she could onto her enemy in order to do it. Brigitte grunted and groaned against her and as the blonde's tits bore into her similar moans began to be forced from her own body. Her nipples were painfully bent backward against Brigitte's hard breast flesh and occasionally the movement of one girl against the other sent the blonde's nipples ripping into hers, forcing gasps and hisses out of her.

"Keep those fucking stiff nips of yours off mine you bitch!" she snarled suddenly as one particularly sharp exchange tore at her. She knew the outburst had been a mistake the second she'd said it but of course the admission of discomfort only egged Brigitte on. The blonde immediately wriggled against her, twisting her hard brown shafts around Jamie's stiff pink rods.

"What's the matter, bitch? Don't like my stiff ones on your weak pink pussy nipples?" Brigitte growled at her as she thrashed tightly nipple to nipple with the brunette.

"I can rub your brown ones raw too, baby!" Jamie snarled as she thrashed back into Brigitte. The girls slashed into each other violently for several seconds before the flurry of hate subsided and both women settled back down into the original tit to tit contest. Suddenly Jamie felt herself being slowly forced back as the blonde pressed against her. Her boobs felt close to the breaking point and she was now forced cheek to cheek with Brigitte as their four swollen glands mashed outward between them. Jamie knew her breasts couldn't compress one millimeter more, but she was rewarded with a hiss of pain every time she pressed back hard enough against Brigitte. This tit war was reaching its final stage and Jamie was determined to emerge the victor in any match of bosoms with the blonde. Suddenly she felt the warm cement of the edge of the pool against the small of her back. Her belly smacked hard against Brigitte's as the blonde wrestled her against the pool wall. The pain in her shoulders had now become unbearable and in a moment of exhaustion she dropped her arms across the blonde's shoulders, hugging Brigitte to her even more closely. The blonde dropped her own arms and both women sank into a wet, brutalized embrace chest to chest. Jamie hugged Brigitte into her with all the strength she could muster and she heard the cracking of tendons as the blonde crushed against her equally hard. Their boobs grinded like jello into each other and Jamie desperately lined up nipple against nipple with the blonde-as furious as that tactic had made her when Brigitte had done it, she knew her only chance to match tits with Brigitte in this position was to make the tit press as painful for Brigitte as possible.

"Now who's nipple-fighting?" Brigitte hissed as she shuddered against Jamie.

"I'm just keeping our tits against each other all the way, baby," Jamie argued. "I'm going to crush you flat."

"Not today, bitch," Brigitte snarled. "I always said I'd squeeze the milk out of these hot tits of yours if I had the chance and that's just what I'm going to do!"

"Not before I milk you like the cheap cow you are, you big-nippled bitch!" Jamie roared back at her. She was losing it and she knew it but she didn't care if she went crazy on Brigitte now.

"You pink-nippled pussy, we'll see who squirts milk first! I'll start those tits of yours squirting and then I'll suck you off once and for all!"

"In your dreams, honey," Jamie said. "I'm going to be the one on top of you, sucking those fat tits dry tonight."

Overcome with fury, Jamie gained the strength necessary to wrestle the blonde's back to the pool wall and she ground away at her rival for several long moments as Brigitte's anguished moans filled her ears. But as much damage as her tit press was doing to the blonde, it was causing her every bit as much pain. It was almost a relief when she felt Brigitte's fingers in her hair, yanking her head back and separating their four dueling breasts. For a second the only contact was between their stinging nipples, and Jamie managed to touch her pink shafts against Brigitte's tip to tip for a moment before Jamie suddenly bent her head down, taking one last, glaring look into the brunette's eyes before she launched a new attack on her rival.

"I owe you this, bitch," she said as she sank her teeth into Jamie's left breast and tongued her nipple eagerly a second before sinking her teeth into the long, pink rod and its surrounding, dimpled aureole. Jamie roared in pain and thrashed away from the bite.

"What's the matter, pussy?" Jamie taunted, cupping her wounded tit. "You so afraid to match nipples with me that you have to bite your way out of it?"

"Fuck you, whore," Brigitte growled. "Let's settle whose nipples are stronger right now." She turned and waded toward the steps to the pool and Jamie immediately followed, studying the woman's shapely, firm buns flexing as they drove her toward the edge of the pool. She saw the claw marks she'd left on the blonde's back and buns shining red in the sunlight and the sight seemed to send her own wounds out of hiding; she could feel the sting of cuts and scrapes on her shoulders, back and buns, and the raw feel of Brigitte's teeth on her tit still burned at her. For all their talk of a body duel the fight had been rough.

Brigitte exited the pool, water flashing off of her rippling muscles as she stepped onto the exercise mat Jamie worked out on. She took a classic, challenging stance with her hands on her broad hips and thrust out her chest at Jamie arrogantly as the brunette emerged from the pool to meet her. Jamie glared coolly into Brigitte's eyes as she slowly stepped forward; she smoothed the wet hair off her forehead and briefly let her hands drift down to her breasts, caressing them gently as she stared at the blonde. She was relieved to see that her nipples were still hard and stiff from all the fighting. And her nipples weren't the only stiff part of her body. She glanced down at Brigitte's furry bush to see a bright pink shaft peeking out from its nest of labial folds. Glancing back up into Brigitte's face she slid her own hands down her belly and into her jungle of dark pubic fur. The blonde stared down at her crotch as she gently touched her protruding labia and shivered slightly as she felt her own long clitoris emerging from its hiding place.

"Big nippled bitches always have big clits, don't they Jamie?" Brigitte said quietly.

"Big nippled bitches like me sure do," Jamie said, moving forward until her raw, erect nipples were inches from the blonde's. "What about you?"

"I'm big enough for you, big bitch," Brigitte assured her.

"Prove it," Jamie said. She stepped forward and pressed the tips of her nipples directly into Brigitte's. The rubbery, quarter-inch-wide tips matched and held at their most sensitive points and Jamie simply breathed in slowly as she held her nipple tips against Brigitte's nipple tips.

"I'm going to bend those pink prods of yours until they snap," Brigitte promised.

"Not before I push your brown slut-rods all the way into your ribs, baby," Jamie snarled. The girls increased the pressure, leaning forward slightly, finally reaching forward to interlock their fingers and press palm to palm for more control of their upper body movement. The women bore into each other, each taking great care not to slip off the other girl's tips and slide past her. Jamie was determined to bend the blonde's nipples before hers bent, but the task wasn't easy. She had to admit the other girl's long nipples were still as hard and stiff as they had been at the beginning of the fight. At this distance there would be no distracting the blonde with kisses, licks or bites; the best she could do was squeeze ruthlessly at the other girl's hands just as Brigitte tried to crush Jamie's hands beneath her own strong fingers. Brigitte's breast compacted slightly, dimpling in around the aureoles as her nipples were pushed back, and both women hissed as their long rods bent somewhat under the pressure. They hastily adjusted their positions, each trying to prevent her own nipples from bending back under the press of the other's. Neither dared make a quick movement for fear of breaking contact and allowing the other's nipples to slip past hers.

"Why don't you just admit mine are longer and harder, Jamie?" Brigitte grunted as they dueled.

"I will when you will, slut," Jamie retorted. "I suppose you think that fat little clit of yours is longer than mine too?"

"Oh, it's longer all right. But I don't think you're woman enough to meet me down there," Brigitte taunted.

"You'd better be ready, because after I break these nipples of yours I'm going to beat your clit."

"Bring it on, bitch," the blonde said huskily. "Why don't we settle who the hotter bitch is once and for all? I think a clit fight is the perfect way to do it."

"You fucking blonde whore," Jamie groaned. "I've been wanting to take your pussy on ever since you first flashed that crotch of yours at me across the way. If that's the dirty way you want to settle things between us I'm all for it."

"You and I have always been a perfect match-up, Jamie," Brigitte growled. "I told you I'd take on every inch of your body and I meant it. And that includes your big inch of hard clit."

Jamie was swooning with lust and eagerness to fully entangle with Brigitte now, but even as sweat bathed her forehead and tits she kept her concentration on bending Brigitte's nipples backward. Finally she managed a perfectly controlled surge forward and the blonde's brown nipples sank almost completely into her aureoles. Brigitte moaned in pain before regrouping and sending her stiff brown rods plunging back against Jamie's. The brunette felt her own pink nipples sinking deep inside her breast tissue before they rose back upward. Finally both women's shafts bent upward as they broke one another, pointing skyward as they ground into each other shaft to shaft. Brigitte savagely ground her twisted nipples and pounding breasts into Jamie's and the brunette furiously rubbed back, slicing her nipples into her enemy's hot, sweating breasts. Then both women retreated, cupping their stinging glands in agony. Jamie thought that the pain would have caused her nipples to go slack by now but the more they collided with Brigitte's, the more pain they endured, the harder and more sensitive they seemed to become. The discomfort was almost overwhelming now and Jamie knew the breast battle would have to end. She knew all the talk about a meeting of their clits would have to now become action.

Pulling down with all her might she forced Brigitte down to her knees and fell with her on the mat until they faced each other that way, gorgeous thighs spread, breasts still erect and firm but meeting hesitantly, bellies kissing. Then Jamie smacked her hands down on Brigitte's full ass and hissed as she forced herself a little closer to the blonde. Now they were nose to nose, raw breasts touching, and Jamie gasped as Brigitte's palms smacked down on her firm buns, jerking her even closer as her claws dug into the brunette's toned butt muscle.

"You always wanted me," Brigitte snarled. "Ever since the beginning. And every time I did a nude scene I knew you were out there watching my body."

"You've wanted to fuck my bod ever since we saw each other on the first casting couch," Jamie replied angrily.

"Only to show you who the better woman was!" Brigitte snapped. "And that's exactly what I'm going to do right now."

"There's only one woman who's going to come out on top of this fight and that's me, baby," Jamie said dangerously. "You'd better be ready for the toughest little clit fight you've ever been in."

"I've whipped longer and harder ones than yours, believe me," Brigitte said. "You won't give me any trouble."

"I'll give you trouble all right, cunt," Jamie said. "I'm going to rub you raw down there."

"Shut up and start fucking, pussy," Brigitte snapped back.

"Then you shut up and bring that hot, hairy snatch on. Let's fight each other's pussies right now," Jamie demanded, digging her fingers deep into Brigitte's ass. She hissed as she felt an answering clutch at her own round buns as Brigitte's talons plunged into them, jerking her pelvis forward. The blonde's golden bush seemed to set Jamie's crotch fur on fire as its curled thatch intermingled with hers; she could hear the crackle of grinding and tearing pubic hair knotting together as the two hot women explored one another. Brigitte's mound was firm, as were the thick, twin lips of her vulva. Jamie grunted as she slowly, agonizingly ground her way past the thick forest of hot hair to the lush, delicate flesh of the blonde's labia. Both girls tilted their pelvises as far forward as they could, squeezing each other's buttocks and urging each other into even dirtier, more intimate cunt contact. Jamie closed her eyes for a moment as she took in the minute details of Brigitte's sex as it pressed against hers. The blonde seemed as fleshy and hot down there as Jamie was, the brunette thought. From this angle she could only barely feel a suggestion of Brigitte's clit lying in wait for her own, but even now she could feel the size of the enemy sex organ deep in its lair.

Again their violated breasts crushed together, but the growing warmth in her crotch was almost enough to override the pain Jamie felt in her chest. Her breasts had almost moved beyond their fighting agony to a new sense of warm sensation, and the hot feelings flooding through her hips and stomach only added to that. She took in Brigitte's golden face, eyeing the delicate, aristocratic features with a hint of bitchy girlishness still remaining. The blonde was her match in beauty, she had to admit, although she could tell from the slack, lustful expression on Brigitte's face that the blonde had to feel the same way about Jamie. Maybe if she had seduced her long ago things might have been different, she thought. But the years of competition had taken their toll. They were enemies now, doomed to settle their differences in the only way possible between two women confronting a sexual rival. Jamie realized that no man had ever entered this field of battle. She begrudged the blonde none of her male conquests, even if some of them had been directors or producers willing to cast her in exchange for a fuck. The conflict between them simply excluded the outer world: only they and their two dueling bodies existed now.

Jamie leaned forward despite the painful protest from her compacted, raw breasts; the stabbing of Brigitte's nipples against hers no longer had any meaning. She matched Brigitte's open mouth and jabbed her tongue wetly inside it and was instantly met by the blonde's long, sweet tongue against hers. The two women stroked each other for several minutes before lasciviously licking their once-lipsticked, soft mouths. They finally withdrew, panting and moaning against each other's bare breasts, only to renew their skirmish with a flurry of tired but still angry and spiteful bites to each other's lips, chins and cheeks. Jamie could feel her clit growing ever harder, sliding out from its hiding place of soft labial folds. She could sense the nearness of her enemy's matching organ, hot and close to hers, almost meeting tip to tip. She knew the final stages of the battle were about to begin.

Suddenly she stiffened as she felt Brigitte's long fingers scraping their way between Jamie's two clenching ass cheeks. Her eyes blazed into the blonde's as she realized what her rival was up to and she immediately probed her own fingers between Brigitte's firm buttocks, pressing first against the hard valley just over her tailbone, then reaching lower to the softer flesh beneath. Brigitte's fingers were already probing even lower, and Jamie felt her body trembling at this new invasion.

"You filthy whore," she breathed. "Just remember I can go up your ass too."

"Be my guest, bitch," Brigitte whispered. She lunged downward suddenly and Jamie tightened her glutes to rock hardness to fend off the attack, but instead the blonde's hand snaked down between her legs from behind and clutched at the soft flesh just behind and beneath Jamie's vagina, tugging at tufts of pubic hair and soft nether region tissue. Jamie retaliated, reaching between Brigitte's legs and jabbing her fingers deep in the flesh behind the blonde's cunt, and both girls groaned in exquisite violation as they pressed forehead to forehead. Brigitte kept yanking backward and Jamie suddenly realized what the other girl was doing-actually trying to pull her labia backward to clear it away from her burgeoning clitoris. The brunette knew her clit was already lengthening enough from the arousal of the fight to clear its moorings and had emerged half an inch from the surrounding labia. She tugged at Brigitte's nether flesh and pressed her pussy forward, and was instantly rewarded with the touch of the blonde's clitoris against hers.

"You fucking cunt!" Brigitte snarled, quickly biting at Jamie's retreating face. Somehow she hadn't been prepared for this new duel despite how hard she had fought to bring it on.

"You want my clit, baby, then take it!" Jamie replied furiously, jabbing her hips in tighter, smacking against Brigitte's hot flesh. The two rival clits caught each other like tongues, but it was still hard to maintain contact in this position. Jamie knew the only way to really get at Brigitte this way would be to force her down on the mat and scissor her leg to leg.

"Let's see how much you can take, bitch," Brigitte grunted, and suddenly the attack Jamie most feared began as the blonde actress forced her fingers deep into the brunette's quivering ass. She felt an index finger jabbing into her anus and she immediately forced her own fingers between Brigitte's firm buns, looking for revenge. Brigitte's body coiled like hot iron against hers as the two girls violated each other, and at the same time she felt the hot strokes of Brigitte's long clit against hers. She winced as she tried to thrust forward herself, but every forward movement of her hips caused her ass to clench around Brigitte's invading fingers and add to her pain. Suddenly she felt herself toppling backwards with the blonde on top of her, her big tits smashing down painfully on Jamie's quivering glands as the brunette's back hit the mat. Supple, muscular thighs thrashed around each other as both girls fought for the best position in this new contest, and Jamie managed to bash her ass against the mat hard enough to dislodge Brigitte's fingers. She managed to keep her own hands buried in her rival's behind as Brigitte forced her thighs apart and slid her right leg over Jamie's left in order to bring their cunts into even closer contact. The blonde's face mixed triumph with agony as Jamie jerked her fingers into Brigitte's ass while the blonde positioned her long clit in direct contact with the thick pink shaft of Jamie's sex organ.

"Now I'm going to fuck you once and for all, pussy bitch!" Brigitte threatened, her buns flexing as she began to jerk long, aggressive strokes into Jamie's clit. The brunette's already aroused clitoris seemed to vibrate and hum at this intimate contact with its most deadly rival, and Jamie fought to squeeze as much energy out of her pelvis as she could and jerk up to meet Brigitte clit against clit. She could feel the other woman's sex give way slightly before Brigitte's hips slammed down to pound away her resistance. Gravity was on the blonde's side now and Jamie groaned under the assault as the big woman's golden body spread out on her own. She could feel the steely coils of Brigitte's abs flexing against her own, she could feel the blonde's heartbeat pounding through her breasts into Jamie's bare bosom, and her hot cheek pressed Jamie's head down on the mat. "Like it, baby? You like getting pounded by my big pussy?"

"I'll pound yours right back, whore," Jamie promised, but she didn't feel as confident as she sounded. The two women were of equal weight but the fatigue of their combat meant that fighting Brigitte off her sweating body would be doubly hard. She wasn't sure she had the energy, and every stroke of the blonde's long clit against hers drove her closer to orgasm, an orgasm she knew she wouldn't be able to hide from her rival. She twisted until Brigitte's hot mouth closed on hers and she fought to drive her tongue as deep inside the blonde as she could. Their two burning snatches stroked each other ruthlessly, and for a moment Jamie knew her neighbors could see her now being viciously fucked by her most hated enemy.

With every ounce of strength she had left she plunged her fingers deep into Brigitte's hot ass. The other girl's buns clenched to steely hardness around her fingers and Jamie feared they might break under the strain for a moment, but she didn't dare stop her attack. Brigitte writhed and bucked on top of her in fury but Jamie fought to keep her mouth clamped over the blonde's, draining her ability to suck in air. After several brutal seconds of infighting she felt a tremor of weakness in the blonde's sweat-slick body. She twisted, pouring all of her power into her hips and thighs and managed to fight Brigitte onto her side. Now the body war was suddenly even and both women glared into each other's eyes in renewed fury. Brigitte smacked desperately against Jamie chest to chest and belly to belly, and Jamie angrily smashed her whole body back against the blonde. It took three desperate body blows to bring Brigitte down on her back. There was another violent thigh skirmish before Jamie managed to mount and scissor Brigitte. She grabbed the blonde's wrists and slowly, agonizingly pinned them over her head, insuring that Brigitte would have no further access to her ass. Grunting, she spread the blonde's body out beneath her, first pinning her pelvis and legs, then feeling her back plaster stickily to the mat, finally her shoulders and arms. Brigitte still leaned upward with her head, snarling at Jamie as the brunette moved in closer to her mouth to mouth. She planted one angry kiss on the blonde before using first her chin, then her cheek to pin Brigitte's head to the mat. She could still feel blonde muscle coursing under her own body but Brigitte's ragged breathing told her she was nearly out of fight.

"Now who's getting fucked, bitch?" she breathed against her rival, carefully positioning her hips over the blonde's, lining up the twin grooves of their warring snatches until her long clit took the superior position atop Brigitte's erect sex rod.

"If you want to fuck this out then let's fuck," Brigitte said hoarsely, still spoiling to fight despite her exhaustion. Jamie licked at her sneering mouth and was rewarded with the hot touch of the other girl's tongue against hers. She began to stroke, first with long, slow movements against Brigitte's hot clit, then with increasing energy as Brigitte somehow managed to pump back against her. She hadn't expected a fight at this stage but she almost welcomed it. When she beat Brigitte it would be all the sweeter. Her ass still burned from Brigitte's attacks but as it bobbed in the warm morning air, cool sweat kissed it and made her building orgasm gather momentum. As she stroked her tongue and clit against the blonde's she could feel the spasms of a climax twitching along Brigitte's body too. Now it was just a matter of who would be forced to the finish line first.

Brigitte suddenly twisted away from their teasing kiss and managed to sink her teeth into Jamie's left tit. She licked and sucked until she managed to pull Jamie's nipple into her mouth. Jamie wrestled against her for several long, sweaty minutes until she too managed to find one of Brigitte's still stiff nipples to suck on. Jabbing at the sweet nipple with her tongue, she increased her stroking to frantic intensity. Miraculously, Brigitte managed to pound back at her until Jamie thought their two clits had almost knotted around each other. She didn't feel she could pull away from the clit fuck but her movements were not limited and in the final, frenzied moments of the sexual duel neither girl could move their hips against each other more than a few centimeters. Jamie squeezed her eyes shut as she focused all her mental energy on riding Brigitte's clit, on encircling it with her own and draining it of sexual energy. After what seemed an eternity the blonde began a furious bucking beneath her.

"You cunt!" she roared against Jamie's mouth. "You fucking sexy cunt!"

Jamie hugged her rival to her body until she was sure every ounce of fight had drained from Brigitte over the course of a shaking, multiple climax. Then she felt free to grind herself off on top of Brigitte's spent body. She clung to her enemy for ten long minutes in pure exhaustion, breathing lightly as their bare skin cooled on the deck. Then she finally rolled off Brigitte.

"Get out of here before I throw you off this deck," she said dangerously.

Brigitte sat up, her raw, scraped breasts still pointing accusingly at Jamie. Almost unconsciously Jamie leveled her own boobs to point back at the blonde's. If Brigitte wanted any more she was ready for it. The blonde's glance flicked down along the length of Jamie's lithe body and Jamie in turn studied Brigitte's golden curves before both women glared into each other's eyes one final time.

"You're crazy if you think this is over, bitch," Brigitte said. Jamie tensed, waiting for the blonde's charge, but instead Brigitte got slowly, shakily to her feet. She walked over and found her ripped biker shorts and winced as she dragged the elastic fabric up over her thighs and finally over her raw hips, hiding her vanquished pussy from Jamie. Jamie watched as Brigitte found her sports bra and put it on also, groaning slightly as her now flaccid, reddened nipples were tucked under the elastic.

Jamie toyed with the idea of taunting the blonde further but she knew she was no longer in a position to fight either. The look that passed between them before Brigitte turned for the door said everything, however.

"Come back any time, Brigitte," Jamie said, rising and presenting her nude body to the blonde one last time. Brigitte said nothing as she stalked out the door.