Jamie Lee Curtis vs. Christina Ricci (2 of 3 Falls) by bbb4 11/2000

Jamie slides under the bottom rope, easily negotiating the ring with which she has become so familiar over the past years. She adjusts her tight fitting bikini top where it has rubbed against the rough canvas of the mat, exposing some more flesh than she intended....for the moment. She turns quickly as she hears the opening of the door across the deserted gym and sees her foe face to face for the first time. The raven haired beauty is a bit of a mystery, never having wrestled anyone Jamie knows. Studying the shorter beauty intently, it is hard to determine her make up as she is wearing a loose button down blouse and baggy blue jean cutoffs. She appears wide in the shoulders, hips and thighs, the signs of a powerful young lady. Slightly curled dark hair hangs to the back of her neck, shimmering as she shakes the ringlets out and makes her way down the deserted aisle in the stifling heat. Jamie notices that at no time does Christina turn her back toward her, and she always keeps a suspicious eye canted in her direction. Maybe this new comer isn't the rookie she appears to be....

Christina uses the creaky stairs to climb up on the ring apron, slipping between the bottom and middle rope, she stares wordlessly at her opponent, her face expressionless. Jamie smiles at the newcomer. A pink bikini sets off Jamie's own awesome, tanned body, already covered with a light dew of sweat. Jamie smiles broadly across the ring, like the spider with a juicy fly caught in her web. Knowing Jamie's propensity to wrestle bare breasted, Christina slowly undoes the buttons of her blouse, and brushes the leaves of her shirt open. A black lace bra beneath can barely hold in her enormous tits. The cleavage afforded by the bra is deep, her tits creamy white. Not as firm as Jamie's tanned wonders, her breasts nonetheless dwarf the other girl's assets.

As if on cue, Jamie quickly drops her top in a single, efficient, well practiced motion. Her large breasts are dappled with the freckles of a sun filled youth. Each tanned tit is crowned with a concentric cream white triangle, surrounding a surprisingly small, but erect nipple.

She points across the ring at Christina and begins the taunting she is known for, "Get that bra off you cow, I want to see the milk..." She shakes her short brown hair and stalks out of her corner a bit, not threatening the shorter beauty, but letting her know that she is ready to wrestle.

Christina reaches down, never taking an eye off the brunette across the ring and undoes the front catch of her bra, letting her milky mams loose for the first time. She sheds the blouse, her brassiere still hanging slack over her huge assets. Quickly slipping the bra off and dropping it to the mat. Her twin mounds couldn't be more different from Jamie's rounded, firm, perky breasts.

Christina's large chalky white breasts fall free from the bra and swing loosely from side to side. A tan line covers her entire upper body as the saucer sized nipples dangle unencumbered. She scowls across the ring, but cannot intimidate the experienced brunette.

Jamie tugs at her own bikini bottom.

"Ahem," she says, pointing at Christina's cutoffs. "I'm gonna tear'em off anyway, so why don't you save me the trouble."

Christina turns her back to Jamie and the older woman notices for the first time the wide butt and powerful thighs on the beauty. The baggy shorts are cut up the sides to envelope her wider buns and tree trunk thighs.

Christina slaps her butt and replies, "Kiss my ass....but then you'll get that chance a little later, when I sit on your face and butt smother you..."

"Uhhhh...." answers Jamie lovingly rubbing her firm abs and tight behind, "I don't think so..."

She looks at Christina's behind with a look of disgust, and adds, "Last time I saw legs like that, there was a piano on top...." Christina's glare becomes more pronounced; Jamie has pushed the young beauty's hot button.

"Did you have to sew those jeans on, or did they start out as overalls, fat ass?"

Fall 1

Christina faces the brunette and advances across the ring, her pendulous breasts swinging side to side as she expertly corners Jamie. The older brunette nervously looks side to side as Christina cuts off the ring, keeping her in the corner.

But the veteran was just luring her in, drawing her into the corner with a chip on her shoulder that Jamie is only too happy to knock off with a quick boot to the gut. Christina's advance is slowed as she staggers forward, holding her belly. Jamie readily accepts the beauty, grabbing her by the hair and ramming her knee into the Ricci's head. The blow snaps Christina's head back and sends her crashing to the mat on her significant ass. Without hesitation, Jamie slams two well aimed boots into Christina's well upholstered chest, flattening her. Christina lies motionless on her back, her huge breasts rocking from the stomping blows of her opponent. Jamie completes her attack with another well aimed blow to the tits, an elbow drop.

Rising slowly, Jamie shifts her weight, deliberately grinding her elbow on Christina's soft breasts. Ricci moans and tries to cover her already aching tits, but Jamie simply pushes her hands away and rubs her elbow into the sweaty tit flesh even harder. She smiles as she works the soft flesh under her elbow, feeling Christina's hot breath on the back of her neck.

After grinding Christina's boobs for a moment, Jamie finally rises to her knees and straddles the beauty. Jamie pins her hands at her sides, giving her free access to the bounty of Christina's Jell-O chest.

Lightly grabbing her opponent's immense nipples between her fingers, she teases Christina, jostling her globular tits from side to side. As she begins to tweak the nipple a little harder, Christina's eyes widen and then close tight. She whimpers in pain as Jamie continues to sting her cherished assets with her long nails. Jamie pinches and twists her teats, working the stiff flesh mercilessly, sneering as Christina wails in pain.

Jamie, in turn, is shocked as the solid beauty arches her back, nearly tossing the brunette off. Her hands come free and immediately seek to pay back the breast torture, squeezing Jamie's bare, hanging breasts with all her strength. Jamie shifts her attack and jabs her thumbs in Christina's eyes. After a screaming, cursing, ranting streak, Jamie tears her fingers away, ripping Christina's eyes. She grabs Christina's free hands, pinning them to the canvas over her head and drops her breasts into the struggling beauty's face.

Ricci shakes her face from side to side, hissing and spitting, avoiding most of the smothering effects of Jamie's mouth watering tits, but not the humiliating effects of her opponents sweaty assets being pressed into in her mug. Christina presses her hands up, powering them loose from Jamie's grip a second time, showing the power in her upper body. More than a little distubed by the ease with which Christina broke out from under her weight, Jamie breaks the hold, slapping her tits across Christina's face playfully one last time before return to a sitting straddle. Christina again thrust her hips up, almost dislodging the brunette, but Jamie reasserts her dominance by grabbing both of Christina's liquid assets, squeezing the globes until Ricci cries out in teeth grinding agony.

Jamie climbs off the whimpering beauty, but pauses to haul her up by a handful of her beautiful locks. Christina gives the brunette a snap cunt shot, jabbing her clenched fist into Jamie's bikini clad crotch. Jamie grunts and bends over, more angry than hurt and drives her knee into Christina's tits, knocking her back. again. Still using the damp hair as a handle, Jamie snap mares her opponent to the mat. Christina's large behind lands on the mat with a resounding wallop.

Before Christina can roll to the side, Jamie secures both of her arms, pulling them backward in a surf board. It is only in the clutches of the horribly painful hold that Jamie realizes the younger beauty's power. Jamie hauls back on the devastating hold, twisting both arms backward with all of her might, hoping to wear the powerhouse beauty down with a combination of debilitating clutches and submission holds.

Jamie grits her teeth as she draws her opponent's arms back, asking, "Wanna give?"

Christina cries out at a particularly brutal backward twist of her arms, but shakes her head, indicating she doesn't. Jamie blasts her wrestling boots into Christina's ribs and breasts from behind, concentrating the punishment on the buxom beauty's vulnerable breasts. Finally, she releases Christina's arms and takes a seat behind her. Christina hunches her shoulders forward, rubbing the sting out of her arms and wrists, hoping to return some of the circulation.

Jamie scoots in close behind Christina and wraps her thighs around Ricci's upper waist. Before squeezing her, Jamie again grabs both of Christina's arms, this time in a full nelson. Pressing her ample breasts into Christina's humid back she flexes her shoulders, forcing Christina's head down while simultaneously she squeezes her thighs. She's rewarded with a high pitched scream as Christina's lung are crushed and her neck and shoulders twisted.

Jamie concentrates on the full nelson, forcing Ricci's face down until all she can see is her own pendulous breasts swaying with the neckbreaking motion. Occasionally, Jamie squeezes her thighs, mashing her muscular legs into Christina's ribs, but for the most part she is satisfied using the full nelson to make Ricci quit. With each surge of power Jamie puts into the full nelson, she relishes feeling her stiff nipples press into Christina's sweat drenched back as she listens to the beauty wheeze and struggle.

Christina finally pulls her wits about her and flexes her equally powerful shoulders, forcing a contest of upper body strength.. Jamie feels her intertwined knuckles strain as her arms start to separate when Christina forces her powerful arms down, slowly breaking the full nelson. As Jamie's fingers separate, Christina snaps her head back, catching the brunette in the face with the back of her head. Although nearly laid out by the stunning head butt, Jamie maintains her scissors on Christina's waist and works it to her advantage, thrusting her hips forward with effort.

Christina is paralyzed by the suffocating pain of Jamie's waist scissors, and can only weakly paw at Jamie's legs as she is slowly and methodically crushed between the older woman's thighs. Holding her palm to her nose to check for blood, Jamie spots a slight trickle of the red stuff. Frustrated, she slams her forearm to Christina's back and neck several times, screaming, "bitch!" after each.

Jamie resumes her attack on Christina's breasts and reaches forward, under her arms and begins to maul the soft flesh. Grasping each tit from below, she digs her nails into Christina's breasts, punctuating the grabbing and squeezing by driving her index finger into each nipple. Christina howls in pain, grasping Jamie's wrists; but the veteran knows she is hurting Christina and continues to squeeze and pummel her opponent's wonderful tits. Christina finally slams her elbows down on Jamie's forearms to break the mauling and letting out an exaggerated sigh as Jamie's talons are finally forced from her breasts.

The rest period is short, though; Jamie knows she has to wear the powerfully built beauty down at every chance. She begins flexing her hard butt and thighs, squeezing Christina, and pounds her with punches to the neck and back. As she continues to beat on the beauty, Jamie slowly starts to run out of steam. Each forearm shot gets a little weaker, each pulse of power to her legs a little less mighty. Jamie's legs begin to tremble and burn as she exerts herself, squeezing the life from the stocky beauty. She leans back, resting on her elbows, and closes her eyes. Compressing her thighs as much as she can, as she tries to force Christina to quit, suffocating her with her clenching thighs.

As Jamie leans away, Christina reaches back, groping Jamie's tits; scratching and skewering her nails down Jamie's sweat drenched belly. As her talons reach the top of Jamie's bikini bottom, they dive into the spandex suit, grabbing a thatch of brown hair. Pulling on the pubes, Christina hears Jamie let out a scream as she finally releases the punishing body scissors.

Both girls let out an exasperated sigh as the clench is released. Jamie slumps to her side, both hands cradling her aching pelt, while Christina slides out from between her thighs, scooting across the canvas on her buns before slouching to the mat, clutching her ribs.

Both girls are devastated by the destruction they have wrought on each other, but Jamie has dealt out more pain than she has received. Knowing she has a winning combination, she scoots over to Christina and tries the body scissors again, squeezing the strapping beauty's ribs. Jamie's well shaped buns flex and harden as she squeezes the younger girl. As Christina leans forward in renewed agony, Jamie feels the softness of her opponent's clammy breasts against her knees. Christina quickly reaches back, hoping for a repeat performance in breaking the scissors.

But Jamie will have none of it and swats Christina's hand away, hoping to force her to submit. Squeezing her thighs constantly, she pummels the aching beauty with elbows and forearm smashes to the back of the neck. With Christina bent forward, she can't strike back.

As Jamie's thighs again begin to tire, she pushes on Christina's sweaty back, keeping her from retaliating. Looking down at her own crotch in desperation, she notices Christina's cutoff blue jeans and the white panties peaking out from the waist. Her long fingers quickly work their way down the back of Christina's shorts and loop under Christina's panties. The beauty bellows in pain as Jamie gleefully jerks up on her panties, turning them into a thong. The wedgie and Christina's blinding crotch pain reenergize Jamie as she pulls harder. Each whimpering whine from Christina, eggs her on to yank harder yet. The pain proves so great that Christina slumps forward, nearly unconscious.

Through the fog of pain, Christina feels Jamie's legs around her chest again, this time from the side. She is helpless as Jamie pulls her close, snugging Christina's aching ribs against her damp womanhood. Christina's head lolls over into Jamie's lap as she positions the beauty for what she hopes is a submission body scissors. Jamie takes her time, making sure that both of Christina's milky tits are under her thighs as she begins to squeeze the helpless beauty. The pressure on her breasts is sudden, the smoldering pain jolting her back from the foggy haze.

Jamie reaches forward and places a hand over Christina's mouth and nose as she squeezes the younger girl between her tired legs, using her other hand to tie up Christina's free hand. Jamie smiles as she first feels Christina's hot breath and the panicked vacuum as she tries to draw a breath through Jamie's suffocating fingers. She constricts her thighs tighter seeing Christina's panic stricken eyes roll first to the right, then to the left, then up and finally roll back into her head. The stout beauty begins to waver, and her struggles begin to wane as she is choked out.

As the suffocation finally finishes Christina, her head drops back, her eyes closed. Jamie reaches down and latches onto on of Christina's soft, swollen nipples and gives it a brutal twist. There is no reaction when Jamie cruellytwists the supple flesh between her fingers, so she releases the KO'd beauty.

As she kicks Christina from between her quivering thighs, Jamie crawls to all fours, leans forward, whispers in Ricci's deaf ear, "Kids these days.....Time for a little fun."

Jamie rolls Christina onto her back, her pendulous tits lolling to the sides. Jamie painfully climbs to her feet and puts her thumbs underneath the waistband of her pink bikini bottoms. The bikini drops to her ankles and she steps out of it. Her sweaty triangle of pale flesh is crowned by a wide pubic mound with a narrow, but dense swath of pubic hair.

"Yep, a little fun....going for a little ride."

Jamie straddles her unconscious opponent, her hard buns on Christina's pillowy soft breasts. She bounces her ass a few times, reviving the beauty with pain of a breast squashing butt bounce. Jamie pins her opponent's hands to the mat and looks down at her.

"Give?" asks the dominant brunette.

But before Christina can answer, Jamie scoots forward in a front face sit.

"MMMMMmmffffth..." comes from between Jamie's tight thighs as she begins a slight rocking motion.

"What's that, Christina? Sounded like MMMMMmmmmffth..."

Jamie's pace begins to accelerate as she is excited by her warm womanhood rubbing against Christina's sweaty face. Her gently swaying breasts begin to bounce back and forth, her already stiff nipples hardening completely as she reaches a fevered pitch, grunting and snorting with each thrust of her wide, powerful hips. With an exaggerated groan, Jamie releases Christina's hands and grabs her opponent's hair on the top of her head. Just as suddenly, she releases her juices with a volcanic orgasm. Screaming and howling to finish the fall, Jamie rolls off of the beauty. Still heaving hot breath with of her orgasmic pleasure, she slaps Christina's goo covered face until she stirs and tries to raise her head.

Slapping her opponent a little harder, Jamie says, "Ten minutes..."

She rubs her soaked groin, still tingling with pleasure, "Then you get a second helping of my.... hair pie."

Christina rolls over and crawls to her corner, languidly laying down as she unzips her cutoffs, and pulls them partially down. Looking down, Christina winces. Her white undies bunch up and disappear into the jungle of her untrimmed bush. She loosens the cutoffs further, pulling her jeans down over her wide, powerful hips. The panties do the same in the rear, bunching and disappearing between her large, ham hock buns. She finally decides to free herself completely and kicks off her jeans. Ever so slowly, the panties come off too. She winces at each centimeter of cotton that comes from between her red, swollen lips. Finally discarding the sweat soaked cottons, she pulls herself to her full height.

Jamie, resting across the ring, snickers watching Christina painfully extract her undergarments. Jamie lets out a low gasp though, as she notes Christina's wide hips, powerful thighs and wild beauty snatch patch for the first time. Christina, despite being facesat, smiles and rubs her hands lovingly down her ass, then puts a finger up the front crease of her womanhood. Taking the offending finger, she kisses it and blows the kiss at Jamie.

Jamie, clearly ruffled by the implied threat, stands up.

"Alright, bitch, nap time is over. Lets go!"

Fall 2

The two come to the center of the ring, each trying to push the other backward. Christina wins the contest, violently shoving Jamie back into the ropes and catching her with a kick to the knee as she rebounds. Jamie scowls in pain and takes two steps back, resting on the ropes. Christina closes, and just as before, Jamie is waiting with boot aimed at her crotch. This time, though, Christina catches the boot and returns the favor, kicking Jamie in the snatch. The brunette gasps in pain, slouching against the ropes as Christina closes in and plants a fist in her belly. Ricci's assault on Jamie's abs continues, as she moves in close, like a boxer and pounds away at Jamie with crushing blows aimed at the belly and the lower ribs. Each shot resounds off the walls of the empty arena, with a loud smack as Christina connects over and over. Her arms dangling over the ropes, Jamie is unable to protect herself from the rain of punishing blows.

Christina drags Jamie off the ropes, but shoves her backward, bouncing her off the ropes again. Christina catches the bouncing brunette in a bearhug, but turns quickly and slams her onto the mat, using her weight on top of Jamie for a picture perfect breast to breast power slam. Christina climbs off her slowly, brushing her thick nipples across Jamie's face.

"You like those?" she asks. Jamie only rolls up, holding her now aching ribs so Christina sneers, "How about a full helping?"

Christina's giant sweaty breasts drop down, blotting out Jamie's face as she rubs her milkers on her face. Closing her arms to enlarge her already yawning cleavage, Christina leans forward, trapping Jamie's face between her tits. Curtis responds quickly, pushing Christina away, but her hands repeatedly slip on the sweat dampening Christina's supple midsection. The darkened world begins to spin as Curtis tastes breast sweat; approaching the dreaded point of asphyxiation, drowning in Christina's milk.

The beauty rubs her tits back and forth, side to side, in short strokes, ensuring that no air is available for Jamie's struggling brain and heaving lungs. Jamie pushes harder, but it's no use against the slickness of Christina's belly. Her hands simply slide down Christina's soft abs - and right into her shaggy muff....

Grabbing two handfuls of pubic mound, Jamie yanks back, breaking the breast smother with a flourish. Even after a lungful of air, Jamie has the presence of mind to jab a finger in Christina's opening and cunt rake her. Ricci rolls away, cursing and holding her mutilated groin. Jamie takes two heaving breaths and wipes the scummy mix of Christina's tit sweat and her own makeup from her eyes. She looks at Ricci, who is still clenching her wounded womanhood, intent on punishing her pussy further. Jamie crawls to the beauty's back and maneuvers a hand between Christina's thighs from behind. Another sadistic cunt rake elicits a wailing moan from the beauty.

"What's the matter, blondie? No one ever play with your twat? But then, with an ass like that," she reaches down, patting the beauty on her behind, "I'm not surprised." Jamie tries to wedge her probing fingers between Christina's strong thighs and asks, "How about these? Do you like this?"

A final rake of the inner thigh is all Jamie can manage, however, as Christina clamps her sturdy thighs together.

Picking her up by the hair, Jamie unloads a devastating kneelift to the stomach. Christina staggers back, landing on ropes in much the same Jamie herself was hung a few minutes before. Repeating Christina's earlier attack, Jamie shoves the beauty ragdoll into the ropes and picks her up in a bear hug. But instead of a power slam, Jamie steps into Christina and gives the younger girl a cunt breaker over her knee. Jamie picks up the humiliated beauty and, with greater effort, hefts her up and gives a second cunt breaker across her opposite knee.

Jamie shoves Christina off her knee, watching the snail trail across her thigh and knee as Ricci collapses to the mat.

Jamie slowly climbs to her feet, intent on cuntbusting the beauty until she passes out or submits. She lifts Christina up by the hair and goes tit to tit with her again, trying to lift her off the mat for a third consecutive bush buster. Trying and trying.

After Jamie makes a few grunting, groaning, and ultimately aborted attempts to get the bottom heavy beauty off the mat, Christina wraps her own arms around Jamie's upper body in a mutual nipple-to-nipple bear hug. The contest turns out to be no contest as Christina's upper body power and amply upholstered chest dominate. Her powerful arms crush the brunette and Jamie's perky knockers are swallowed by Christina's vast reservoir of flesh. Christina continues grunting and groaning herself, crushing the last resistance out of the fatigued brunette.

"Let's see how you like being split in two, whore!"

Christina takes her now obedient opponent to the ropes and puts her belly-to-back in what appears to be a spine buster. Instead of dropping Jamie's firm behind on her knee, however, she drops Jamie astride the top rope, driving the unyielding plastic coated steel cable into Jamie's crotch with all of her weight. Jamie's eyes clamp shut as her toes barely touch the mat on either side of the ropes, taking none of the weight off her aching groin. Jamie gives a squeaky peep and begins to climb off the ropes.

"No, you don't, not quite yet," Christina answers with a fist crashing into Jamie's temple sending the brunette slumping forward and increasing the pressure on her crotch.

Christina shakes the ropes, yanking them side to side, torturing Jamie's groin with the unforgiving cable. She grabs Jamie's hair, using the brunette locks to keep her opponent from falling off the rope. Her free hand alternately tugs at the ropes or Jamie's now unprotected muff and nipples. Each jerk on the rope sends agonizing waves of nausea up Jamie's body. Each pull of her well trimmed pubic mound brings new cries of agony. Each pinch of the stiff nipples brings her closer to giving up. Christina finally releases her grip on Jamie's hair and yanks the ropes toward herself with both hands.

As Jamie teeters one final time and drops to the mat with a resounding thud, Christina stops to admire her demolition. Jamie is curled in a ball near the apron, mewing like a kitten. Smiling, Christina drags Jamie to the center of the ring, sets herself near the fallen brunette and delivers an incapacitating leg drop across the older woman's throat and tits. Jamie hardly notices the blow, her attention still focused on the burning throbbing between her thighs.

Christina works her way down to Jamie's crotch, spreading her thighs as if to inspect the damage inflicted by he top rope on her cunt. Peeling back Jamie's protective hands one finger at a time, she delicately inserts two fingers up to the second knuckle. Then she slowly begins to work them forward and backward, in and out. After a few seconds, the burn in Jamie's groin is numbed, canceled by a new - and much more pleasant boiling between her thighs. Just as she is beginning to feel some pleasure, things go abruptly wrong! As the forceful pressure becomes more insistent, more demanding, she tries to push away from Christina, away from the groping fingers.


Christina plunges her fingers deep into Jamie's crotch, burying her thick fingers to the third knuckle before withdrawing them, only to ram them home again and again! Jamie's struggles weaken as she is overcome by the mix of pleasure and pain caused by Christina's expert work. Instead of fighting the pain, Jamie's hips begin to rise to meet each wonderfully powerful stroke. Christina releases her grip on Jamie's hand and uses it to apply a choking grip across the brunette's throat.

"UNCLE! SAY IT! I can fuck you all night long and half of tomorrow! GIVE IT UP!"

Jamie looks as though she has taken a very deep breath and cannot release it. Her face turns several shades of red as Christina pierces her womanhood with angry, vengeful strokes. Her arm working like a well-lubricated piston, Christina continues to finger Jamie violently, banging her fist into her opponent's pelt as she drives her digits between Jamie's legs. Jamie begins to arch her back in response to Christina's adept stimulation, closing her eyes as she loses control of herself.


Even if Jamie had wanted to give, it's doubtful she's in control of herself enough to force any words out past Christina's asphyxiating clench. Christina slows a bit as she feel Jamie's warm juices flood over her hand.

"There you are....uh huh...yeah..." Christina draws out each word as she draws out each stroke, teasing the older woman to the crest of her orgasm, then back down the other side.

Christina's first smile cracks her beautiful face as she sucks the last energy from the gratified brunette. With a huffing wheeze, Jamie collapses back to the mat, completely drenched in sweat.

"Wanta go again?" Christina quietly asks.

Jamie languidly shakes her head from side to side, only to feel Christina's tempo increase once again. She opens her eyes to see her beauty opponent beginning to stroke her crotch again.


Christina's fingers explore Jamie's womanhood again, plunging so deep into Jamie, that she's sure to be tickling her opponent's tonsils. Jamie takes in a huge breath as she feels her loins quickly rise to a boil. Grabbing Christina's shoulder, Jamie screams out her submittal.

"GG...GGG....GIVE! I GG...GG...Give....oooohhhh fuck!"

She explodes again on Christina's offending hand, smearing her already soaked crotch further.

"Fuck is right, you worthless whore. SAY UNCLE!" screams Christina as she works Jamie's love triangle.

"UNCLE!" screams Jamie as the brutal vaginal assault continues.

"LOUDER....LOUDER or I'll fuck you so hard you'll pass out."

Christina punctuates the threat with a healthy dose of deep, penetrating thrusts to Jamie's groin. With another few plunging thrusts of Christina's squat fingers, Jamie screams out her second submittal.

"UNNNnnnCLLEeeee!" as her body shudders and she gratefully passes out.

Christina slaps the helpless brunette several times with her free hand, screaming at her, "Wake up! You can't pass out...I haven't smothered you yet."

But Jamie is out like a light. Christina withdraws her hand, wipes the syrupy fluids on Jamie's belly and gets up stiffly.

Rubbing a loving hand down the front of her own womanly crease, Christina hisses, "Don't ever touch me there again."

A splash from Christina's water jug wakes Jamie and sends her crawling back to her corner with one hand cupping her sore, bruised cunt.

Christina glares at her and yells, "Don't EVER touch me there again."

Fall 3

Even before the short break ends, it is clear that the contested portion of the match is completed and the punishment phase has begun. Even after rest, Jamie finds it difficult to climb to her feet, while Christina paces back and forth, waiting to demolish the older woman. As she climbs the ropes with her hands for support, Jamie listens to Christina, catching only muttered portions of her seething diatribe.

"Gonna fuck 'er......then fuck 'er again....sit on... smother....til she's out. Suck my titty sweat til she..."

Jamie only picks up snatches and pieces of the angry tirade, but she doesn't like any of it. Her already stiff muscles contract in sheer horror as the timer set beside the ring clangs once, a death knell. Christina turns toward her opponent, her heavy breasts swaying as she crosses the canvas, intent on finishing the match.

Jamie is so bruised from her encounter with the top rope that she can barely stumble away from the irate beauty, hobbling across the canvas, staying near the ropes. She finally turns to lock up with Christina, her back to the ropes. As Christina comes in range, Jamie tries one last ditch effort, throwing a desperate kick between Christina's legs. Ricci had been expecting the attempted cunt shot. She brushes the foot aside and briefly locks up collar and elbow.

Christina quickly slips the lock up and batters the brunette with a clubbing forearm to the ear. Punch drunk., Jamie slumps as she's pounded again and again with brutish shots to the head and neck. Satisfied that Jamie is almost out, Christina pulls her away from the ropes, puts her in a brutal side headlock and hip tosses her to the mat, landing with all of her weight on top of Jamie.

Christina springs to her feet, only to land a devastating leg drop across Jamie's breasts. A second leg drop lands unopposed as Jamie cannot even protect herself from Christina's hammering attack. Jamie lies on her back, her firm breasts rising and falling, her eyes open, but glazed. Realizing Jamie is nearly finished, Christina rises once more and stands over the fallen woman; her bare, sweaty body glistening as though oiled; her huge tits heaving. She places one foot directly on Jamie's drenched mammaries and strikes a flexing victory pose for the empty arena.

"You're done...I OWN YOU!" Christina yells at the defeated woman. In a more subdued voice, she intimates, "Time to take a ride."

Christina drops her arms to her side and steps across Jamie, letting the semiconscious Curtis look up into her crease; up at her mountainous tits dripping with dew; but most of all, into Christina's expressionless, dead eyes. Fear begins creeping through Jamie's features as she faces the prospect of Ricci's threats to smother her out. Seeing her opponent's dewy breasts and sweaty snatch so close above her brings her to the reality that her pain may just be starting.

Christina squats, resting her buns on Jamie's taut abs.

"So.." she asks, gently rubbing one of her sore tits, "Which one do you want? My tits or my ass on your face?"

She smiles, waiting for Jamie's answer. The humiliated brunette points timidly at her heaving chest, preferring the fleshy mounds on her chest to the ultimate humiliation....the facesit.

Christina straightens a few locks of wet hair, and leans forward, brushing her oblong nipples across Jamie's face as she reaches up and pins her hands to the mat over her head. Christina leans forward a bit further so her teats rest on Jamie's face - but still not covering her mouth or nose. With her sensitive ovals gently resting and rubbing Jamie's features, Christina lets out a low moan, closes her eyes and lets her sense of touch guide her.

"Mmmmmmm.... oooohhhhh yeah. Lick'em for me. Suck em."

Jamie timidly sticks out her tongue and flicks the bottom of Christina's treasures, tasting the salt of her workout. With a little more force in her voice, Christina repeats herself.

"Lick'em dammit! Don't stop till I say so."

Jamie continues running her tongue up and down the sweaty tits, earning a slight shudder from Ricci as her tongue encircles Christina's swollen nipple, closes around her teat and starts sucking gently.

"Oh yeah," Christina chuckles. "I'm beginning to like you."

Jamie moves to the other breast, repeating her performance, licking the base of her bounty, before moving up to suck her opponent's huge melon, earning low groans and shudders from Christina as she services the bulbous teat. As Christina enjoys Jamie's adept tongue work, she gently eases her breasts forward to smother Jamie.

Jamie quickly realizes what is going on, but is too weak to fight off the beauties overwhelming attack. Soon her face is buried between Christina's tits, trapped in the warm, wetness of her cleavage. Jamie's struggles abate slightly as Christina rubs her melons in her face. Christina lets up briefly, letting Jamie gulp a breath or two before plunging her back into darkness.

After a few seconds, Christina lets up again, ordering Jamie sternly to, "Suck."

Jamie obediently goes to work on Christina's dangling mammaries, sucking and licking the teats; bringing Christina's level of excitement up to the boiling point.

"That was nice work, but now it's time you pay for that wedgie."

Christina sits up on Jamie's belly, ending the brunette's nascent struggle with a quick slap across the face and then a double breast claw. She digs her nails into the soft breast tissue and watches smiling as Jamie's eyes clamp shut, then pool with tears. She shifts her attack, pinching the stiff nipples, twisting them left and right. Jamie continues to struggle under Christina weight, shifting her hips, kicking and trying to buck the beauty off of her. Christina releases one nipple and reaches back, placing a finger on Jamie's twat. She presses gently against the pubic mound, letting Jamie know she is still in control and instantly ending Jamie's resistance.

"That's what I thought."

Leaning forward, Christina lays her pendulous breasts on Jamie's sore tits and whispers, "Who's your daddy?"

Jamie begins to pout a bit, her well-shaped chest heaving under Christina's ample behind.

"Oh shut up..." Christina says as she scoots forward into a front facesit; her womanhood blanketing Jamie's face. Christina begins the dance slowly, grinding her womanhood down, forcing it onto Jamie's face as she slowly humps back and forth. As Jamie's struggles weaken, Christina gets up, slowly turns around to reposition herself for a reverse facesit and brings her awesome backside into the equation. Jamie's sweat smeared face doesn't even move as Christina drops her ass on Jamie's face, smothering her out. She again begins to grind, this time with more fervor, grunting and closing her eyes as she plunges her crotch into Jamie's face.

Christina fills her hands with Jamie's jiggling, sweaty breasts, mauling them as she continues to hump and bump. Her concentration is intense; she clenches her teeth, grunting as she forces Jamie's features further and further into her warm womanhood, rubbing and grinding.

Soon, even her clenched teeth can't muffle her thundering screeches as she approaches the peak, using the vanquished brunette for all she's worth. Thrusting her hips forward, Christina finally reaches the summit of her climax, flooding Jamie's hidden face with her pent-up pleasure. She throws back her head in agonizingly wonderful gratification, sweat streaming down her bare chest, flying off on her dew soaked tits as they bounce uncontrolled with each wrenching thrust.

Finally, with a lamenting sigh, Christina slides back off of Jamie's face, leaving the red-faced brunette unconscious. Still feeling the toasty satisfaction of orgasmic afterglow, she smiles a goofy grin, lopsided and slow.

"Ohhhhh....gggaaaawwd....It has been too long since I did THAT!"

Christina looks at Jamie's gently swelling chest, noting that she hasn't come out of the asphyxia-induced sleep yet. She crawls over to her corner, and gingerly steps into her blue jean shorts and blouse, not bothering with the panties or bra. The blouse quickly soaks through, as her saucer sized nipples poke at the material. As she turns to leave, she sees Jamie has begun to stir from her slumber.

Christina stops, bends at the waist and slaps the brunette lightly on the cheek a few times. As soon as Jamie shows signs of life, she takes one finger and slowly wiggles it into Jamie's womanhood. Then she gives the groggy older woman a warning.

"Never touch me," she hisses as she suddenly thrusts her finger to the hilt, "THERE again!"

Jamie's body jerks at the rough insertion, but she quickly nods her understanding and assent as Christina slowly withdraws her finger. Before leaving, however, Christina rips out a pinch of brunette pubic hair for her scrapbook. Laughing, Christina exits through the ropes as Jamie curls up in a fetal position on the mat, her body racked with uncontrolled sobbing.