Jamie Lee Curtis vs. Susan Sarandon by TNT

"Here, have a little more champagne, hon."

"Arggggh....Nooooooo!" (Gasp...gurgle).

One beautiful redhead snarled out her futile protest seconds before two strong hands pushed her lovely face down hard into the large punch bowl filled with the best champagne.

"My, my! How these Hollywood types settle their differences," one lovely, giddy, horny, giggling Beverly Hills socialite cooed as she watched the beautiful Jamie Lee give her feisty red-haired rival a quick dunk in the bubbly.

"This'll teach you to shoot your mouth off, bitch," Jamie Lee hissed as she brought the drenched gasping, coughing redhead up via a handful of wet hair.

"I'm gonna (gasp) kill (cough) you," Susan snapped, her lovely face as red as her upper body was wet. The front of her spaghetti strap dress was soaked, her erect nipples poking erotically against the tight clingy fabric.

"Yeah, right, you're really gonna pound me, carrot top, like hell...YEOOOWWWCH!!"

Jamie Lee's leg burst into fiery pain as Susan's heel smashed into her shin, then a hard backward elbow thrust slammed into Jamie Lee's ribs making her gasp. The angry redhead spun around and delivered a blistering bitchslap to the overconfident brunette's face.

"Uhhhhhh!" Jamie Lee's heel snapped off as she started to fall backward and down she went, giving her attacker and the lucky on-lookers an erotic and beautiful view of her luscious body as her gorgeous long pantyhose clad legs kicked out and up in an erotic "V". Two huge, firm breasts almost bounced out of the short tight low-cut dress that clung to her body as her long arms flailed frantically, trying - and failing - to catch herself or break her fall. WHOMP! The floor seemed to jump up rudely and slam into Jamie Lee's luscious butt as she hit with her legs spread, one heel flying off. She bounced off the floor, and off the wall, coming to rest back on the floor! To Jamie it seemed but an instant; but to the delighted Susan it seemed to be in slow motion....plenty of time to make her next move.

"ARRGH!" Jamie Lee groaned as a hard shoe slammed into her ribs, then onto her stomach. She screamed as her scalp blazed with pain; angry fingers grabbed her hair, she was jerked to her feet as a fist slammed into her full left breast almost knocking it out of its erotic confinement.

"Hmmmm, nice bra babe," Susan hissed as she jerked her rival to her feet and grabbed for her lovely face. Jamie Lee's eyes blazed as she tried to ignore her pain; her fingers grabbed the redheads arm; she dug in deep. Susan screamed as she reluctantly released the painful face claw hold.

"Nooooooo...." Jamie Lee's protest was too little too late as she heard the sound of her dress ripping; Susan's' smirk and the audiences' collective gasp told her that her overstuffed black lace bra was now completely exposed. Time to get down and dirty.


Susan grunted and groaned with each punch and slap that sent pain to her lovely face. She barely got out an angry, embarrassed protest as she felt her dress being ripped clean apart and leave her body. Her beautiful breasts found instant freedom; the firm mounds sported erect pink nipples ripe from the incredibly cold wet champagne.

"My, my, Miss Sarandon, have you no shame? Showing off your boobs like this!" Jamie Lee giggled as she watched Susan's face turn several shades of red in one of those priceless catfight moments. WHACK. The blistering backhand sent Susan flying backward, leaving her sprawled spread-eagled on a table-a desert table.

"A bit clumsy, aren't we? I know your problem honey, too much champagne!" Jamie Lee taunted as she moved in for the kill.

"Let me have a good feel of those ti...ARRRGHHH!"

Jamie Lee's attempt to feel the lovely redheads' twin assets screeched to a halt as Susan brought her leg up and slammed it hard into the brunettes midsection. Jamie Lee groaned as she flew backwards, tripped and landed hard on her ass.

"Uhhhhhhmpfh," Jamie Lee grunted in pained surprise. As she got to her feet her loose dress slid downward.

"What the hell," the busty brunette muttered as she bent down, slipped out of the dress leaving the crowd gasping at her drop dead gorgeous body, clad in stockings, garters and the low-cut revealing bra. She looked over at her red-haired rival who was sitting up on the table, the backside of her redhair smeared with whipped cream.

Biting back an impulse to laugh, Jamie Lee shouted, "You'd better run bitch!"

"Bring it on you big boobed cow," Susan said, raising a fist shaking it, then pointing her finger, curling it, as she shouted her taunting invitation, "C'mon and get me!"

"YIEEEEEE!" the brunette's savage attack cry filled the room, exciting the lucky crowd. As Jamie Lee entered the redheads personal space, Susan leaped to her feet, stepped to the side and fired her leg up just as her attacker moved in. Jamie Lee groaned as she sprawled forward. BONK. Her forehead slammed into the side of the table.

"Stupid broad," Susan laughed as she fired a hard punch to the back of the groaning brunettes head, grabbed her by the hair, slipped in front of her and fired her knee into her crotch.

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall," Susan chirped as she watched Jamie Lee double over.

"Speaking of big-anybody wanna see some really BIG boobs?" Susan laughed. A cheer went up as Susan fired a fist into Jamie Lee's jaw, then reached around and skillfully but slowly unsnapped each snap of her bra. Reaching around front, Susan rolled her eyes mischievously and cooed, "My what BIG tits you have honey," as she yanked her dazed rivals bra off.

"Don't be shy, show 'em off now," Susan cackled as she fired a punch to Jamie Lee's right kidney, wrapped her left arm around her neck, jerked the brunettes head and neck back and pressed her hard knuckles into her lower spine.

"Everybody take a good long look; wanna cop a feel?" Susan said as she paraded her captive around the room. Several men and several women enjoyed a feel as the weak-kneed busty beauty was pulled around the cheering crowd.

"I'm sorry everybody, but I and my guest are feeling a bit hungry, for something sweet," Susan giggled as she pulled the red-faced Jamie Lee back toward the dessert table.

"Hmmmmmm, so many goodies, so little time, what about that Ms Jamie Lee-that one over there," Susan snipped as she gave Jamie a solid hard push downwards towards a gooey dessert. "Whaaaa...Umppppfffh!" Just as her head was about to meet its sweet fate, Jamie Lee's turned. Her hand flashed forward; a full upper body twist; a plate of sweet goop rocketed forth and slammed into one surprised but way too confident and arrogant redheads' face.

"Playback's' sweet, bitch!" Jamie Lee laughed as she grabbed the back of Susan's head and held her as she ground the plate of sweet goo in her face. She smiled as she watched the redheads' arms flail wildly and listened to her angry groans and muffled raspy voice.

A quick release of Susan's head and the offending dessert plate, was followed by a well placed fist into the redheads stomach.

"Now its my turn sweetie," Jamie Lee said coolly as she grabbed a handful of gooey red hair, pulled Susan forward and down towards a huge sheet cake.

"Gonna sweeten up those perky small titties," the brunette laughed as she forced Susan chest first down into the thickly frosted cake. She chuckled as she watched Susan squirm. Grabbing an arm she jerked and twisted it hard, pulled her out of the cake, wrestled her down onto an empty space on the table, positioning her upper body on the table, her legs hanging down. WHUMP. WHUMP. Two hard and fast knee lifts to the crotch put Susan in a very submissive mood, and stilled her wildly kicking legs.

"You're right, I am sooooo hungry for a bit of sweetness," Jamie Lee laughed looking at the redheads deliciously frosted chest. As the crowd gasped and cheered Jamie Lee bent down and began to lick the thick sweet frosting from Susan's full firm breasts. Soon the redhead was moaning as her rock hard long thick pink nipples slowly appeared from the rapidly disappearing frosting.

"Noooo... stop it... please," the crimson faced redhead screamed in between seemingly involuntary moans of pleasure.

"Whats the matter; knowing you, I thought you'd enjoy this," Jamie Lee taunted. She delivered several stinging slaps to Susan's face and breasts, then angrily shredded her pantyhose.

"Let me up; let me go, help me somebody," Susan shrieked. A few more slaps, an erotic finishing of the remaining dabs of frosting and Jamie Lee finally tired of the erotic torment.

"Okay, you hot, arrogant smartass bitch, I think you've had enough," the brunette said as she landed one final hard backhand and slowly stepped away.

"Now, next time remember your manners," Jamie Lee said as she watched the whimpering redhead get to her feet.

Susan ran her fingers through her messed up sticky hair, wiped her eyes and rubbed her sore breasts and crotch before slowly slipping past Jamie Lee. Jamie Lee snickered and picked up a piece of cake and began to nibble, trying hard not to laugh at the funny sight of her defeated foe or to flaunt her victory.

"Well, that was a nice show, but not a real final ending, what do you think hon," a happy inebriated observer chirped to her friend.

"Yeah, usually its much more decisive-at the end you know," the observers friend replied.

"Tell me about it," another woman said as she scurried by so fast she almost knocked the two ladies over.

"Hey, Susie, come 'ere," the pretty redhead said. Susan, embarrassed and angry was almost to the door. She tugged at her torn panties and looked down in dismay at the last remaining shreds of her pantyhose. She wanted to clean all the goop off her defeated luscious body.

"Are you really gonna let that cow go unpunished?" "Why she whipped your pretty little ass good-that's a shame for a redhead, any redhead." "You can do it girl, now go get her!" the woman said looking into Susan's downcast eyes; holding her stare until sparkle, then fire returned as did a look of steely determination.

"Hmmmmm, this stuff is really good," Jamie Lee mused as she took another bite of a delicious but almost totally destroyed dessert and a gulp of champagne. She looked down, smiled and picked a red hair out of the bubbly liquid.

"I know where this came from; she's was such a sore loser," the brunette giggled as she thought of sucking the frosting off her rivals breasts. "Should have twisted 'em off," she thought.

"Okay you dumb-ass lezzie slut, take this!"

The loud, angry words shot surprise to Jamie Lee's startled consciousness as her backside exploded in a wave of torment. Susan's' angry fists pummeled her backside; the cup left her hand, shattering on the floor. She coughed as she involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of crumbly sweetness. Strong angry arms grabbed around her waist as a leg shot out, hooked hers; she fell forward.


"Now we'll see who cries for mercy," Susan snarled her angry fists flying.

"Uhhhhh...Umppppfhhhh...Ahhhhhhh!" Jamie Lee grunted and groaned as punches and slaps assaulted her face, stomach, ribs and big beautiful breasts. Angry fingers clamped on her right nipple and twisted the sensitive nub painfully. "You stupid bitch," Jamie Lee hissed, forcing herself to ignore the pain and launch her own counterattack. She grabbed a handful of gooey slick redhair; lost her grip, then grabbed again. Incredibly she hung on, aimed and fired a punch to the redheads jaw; Once, twice. A loud groan pierced Jamie Lee's eardrums. The angry fists stopped their pounding. A string of curses filled the brunettes ears. She jerked hard on the red hair, fired another punch. Another groan, this time lower, softer. "You crazy red-haired wench! Don't you know when to quit?" Jamie Lee said as she rolled Susan off of her, grabbed her hair, jumped to her feet and hauled Susan's dazed body up.

"Umpppfh!" Susan gasped as Jamie Lee put her in a bearhug; two beautiful huge breasts slammed into two full firm breasts. Four rock hard thick nipples; two perfect pink, two darker nubs did their own erotic battle dance. Susan groaned, grunted, gasped as Jamie Lee's dark nubs inverted her ‘perky pinks.’ "Had enough huh?" Jamie Lee laughed.

Susan groaned out a submissive, "Please stop, Uhhhhh."

"Guess your evening should end with a little more sweetness, bitch," Jamie Lee snarled as she released the bear hug, grabbed a handful of redhair and pulled Susan's beautiful face into her chest. Quivering lips found ample firmness, a groaning sigh was heard. "Sweet dreams," Jamie Lee cooed as she felt her lovely red-haired rivals body go limp.