Elisha Cuthbert vs. Eliza Dushku by The Walkin Dude

It was early January in Crystal Lake, a small town nestled in the outskirts of the New Jersey pine barrens. And early January meant two things: People were already in the process of breaking their New Year's Resolutions and secondly that it was beyond frigid most of the time. This evening was no different, the sky was clear and cloudless, but the wind was blowing something fierce, moving around the piles of snow that were already on the ground. And in Crystal Lake there was only one place to go when it was this cold and there was nothing else to do. That place was Voorhees Roadhouse, a real saw dust, peanut shells on the floor kinda place more notable for numerous bar fights and drunken altercations than glowing service or clientele.

But Voorhees had another thing going for it…every now and then the Women's Wrestling League would stop at the tiny watering hole and for an evening. On that night, the only fights took place within the squared circle- which is where we find ourselves this evening; checking out the first card of 2005! Fannin decided to start the year off right; loading the card from top to bottom with the best talent the promotion had to offer. The locals had been responsive to the whole under-card, but it was the main event that had them excited! Tonight, two very popular, very talented - not to mention very brash - women were facing off. Blonde Elisha Cuthbert was going to tangle with brunette Eliza Dushku and the fact there was bad blood between them was the promoters fault!! Several weeks ago, Fannin made the mistake of accidentally addressing Elisha as Eliza (or vice versa) but whatever, both women were irked at being confused with someone they saw as far inferior and they let Fannin - and each other know it - exchanging verbal barbs and other insults before Rich decided, “What the hell, I’ll just arrange a match and be done with it!”

But, back to the action at hand....the Announcer steps into the ring and begins his tried and true shtick (no changes for him), "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for our main event. Introducing first at 5' 4"...she is....Elisha Cuthbert!"

"Headstrong" crashes through the club and Elisha moves through the curtain. The curvy blonde is sporting her usual ring attire, consisting of a gleaming white bikini and matching boots. The outfit is completed with maroon knee and elbow pads. As always the crowd eats up her arrival and Elisha rewards them well, joking and playing to the inebriated mob as she makes her way to the ring. Reaching the apron she slides under the bottom rope and pops to her feet, giving the audience one final pose before heading to her corner, awaiting the arrival of opposition.

Letting the roar die down, the Announcer resumed, "And her opponent at 5' 5"; ladies and Gentlemen...Eliza Dushku!"

The first discordant strains of Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" growls to life and Eliza makes her presence known. The response for the cocky brunette is easily a match for that of her opponent and Eliza knows it, working the crowd expertly as she moves toward the ring. For her battle with Elisha, the brunette has chosen black bikini bottoms and a white bikini top. Her boots and pads are the same shade of black, and her attire is topped off with simple tape wraps around her wrists. Eyes never leaving her foe, Eliza slides into the ring and goes straight to her corner, waiting for the match to start.


The bell rang and the crowd roared as the young ladies moved out of their corners, made a beeline for each other and came to a halt when they were separated by only the slimmest of margins. Staring into the others eyes, there was perhaps fifteen seconds of silence as they searched their rival for the tiniest bit of fear or intimidation.

Finding none, (but hoping to create some) Elisha said, "Ever since I arrived in this league, one thing I've constantly heard is how tough Eliza Dushku is. I'd almost started to believe it, but standing here face to face, you don't look tough. You look like a second string skag living on past victories over nobodies and a crappy barb wire tattoo. You need to be beaten badly 'Liza and I'm the one to shatter your pathetic myth. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

She finished her tirade by stepping even closer, pressing her chest lightly into the brunette's. Most ladies would have responded with a fist to Elisha's impertinent mouth, but Eliza just broke into a wide grin. Mimicking Elisha's tactics, she stepped into her rival, pressing as close as she could, until she was nose to nose with the blonde.

Breaking her silence, she said, "You think you can beat me 'Lishy? You think you can shatter my pathetic myth? It's no myth bitch, it's the cold hard truth. You're in for the worst beating of your life and I won't even need a car to throw you into!" Elisha's eyes widened at Eliza's last sentence and the brunette relished her foe's surprise. "Oh yeah, everybody knows that Kristin kicked your ass out there in the woods. And that you were too much of a chicken shit to fess up to it. You're really pathetic." Elisha had enough of Eliza's baiting and shot her hands out, gripping Eliza's wrist. In the same motion, she stepped back and twisted the captive limb in a complete circle, wrenching Eliza's arm in a classic Arm Wringer. "I'm gonna shut your mouth once and for all bitch. And if I can't do it during the match, I'll do it after, when I'm sitting on your face!"

Grimacing at the pain in her arm, the brunette knelt and placed her free hand on the mat. In the blink of an eye she had executed a perfect one handed cartwheel, an acrobatic way to reverse the pressure of the blonde's Arm Wringer. Enjoying twisting Elisha's wrist, Eliza said, "Better than you have threatened to shut me up 'Lisha and so far not one of them has succeeded. You're just another cunt for me to wipe this mat with."

When she wrenched the hold a little bit more, Elisha, focused more on the pain in her arm (and in showing her foe up a bit) ducked and executed her own cartwheel, replicating Eliza's earlier move; but instead of going back to the Wringer, she stepped behind the brunette, pinning Eliza's arm between them in a Hammer Lock.

As Eliza went up on her toes to relieve the pressure of the hold, Elisha taunted in her ear, "Anything you can do, I can do better Liz. Impressed?"

"Not in the slightest!" replied Eliza.

Looking to escape the blonde's hold, Eliza reached her free arm up and placed her hand on the back of Elisha's neck. Bending at the knees, she pushed up hard, jumping off her feet an into the air while still held in the Hammer Lock. At the apex of her momentum, Eliza tucked her knees and pulled forward. Landing on her knees, she pulled hard with the hand on Elisha's neck and tossed the blonde forward over her shoulder, sending Elisha rolling with an innovative application of the basic Snap Mare. The audience ohhed and ahhed as Eliza popped to her feet at the same time Elisha was rolling to hers.

Hoping to strike the first decisive blow of the match Eliza tensed for just a moment before hopping forward, lashing a hard Super Kick at the point of Elisha's jaw. Her hopes of striking first were in vain however as Elisha nimbly rolled under the strike and was on her feet behind the brunette seconds later. Taking advantage of the split second opening Eliza had given her, Elisha leapt off her feet, aiming both boots at the brunette's head with a Standing Dropkick. But even that split second was more time than Eliza needed. Sensing rather than seeing Elisha's attack, Eliza stepped back and Elisha hit nothing but air. Seconds alter, the blonde was on her feet and both ladies were staring each other down, both slightly frustrated at the stalemate so far. Not bothering to speak, they locked up Collar and Elbow in the middle of the ring, each looking to secure the advantage.

After a few seconds of fruitless shoving, Elisha broke the clinch and grabbed Eliza's wrist before whipping her toward the ropes. Eliza went with the momentum of her opponent's toss, hitting the cables and heading back at the blonde at high speed. With Eliza only feet away, Elisha dropped to her back and stuck her feet into the air, meaning to toss Eliza up and over with the Monkey Flip. But she hadn't taken Eliza's ability to stop on a dime into account. Mere inches from Elisha's upraised legs. Eliza came to a screeching halt and grabbed an ankle in each hand. Pulling Elisha's legs apart, Eliza jumped into the air and extended both of her legs. The brunette came crashing down on her foe, her thighs smashing painfully across the blonde's own stretched thighs. Elisha gasped at the pain of this modified Leg Splitter and she quickly rolled away from Eliza, rubbing at the abused muscles.

Moments later she was on her feet, trying to clear the pain from her brain. Unfortunately Eliza wasn't willing to give her any time to recover and as soon the blonde was standing she fired a boot into her bare midsection. Elisha wretched and doubled over, making it easy for the brunette to cinch her in a tight Front Face Lock. Slinging Elisha's near arm across her shoulders, Eliza grabbed a handful of her foe's tights before taking her over fast and hard with a beautiful Snap Suplex. Elisha cried out when her back hit the mat and she placed both hands on the small of her back, nursing the pain there.

Watching Elisha get to her knees Eliza took a moment to interact with the crowd, "She says I'm overrated! Let's see how overrated she thinks I am after I kick the teeth outta her mouth!"

The crowd roared as Eliza bounced off the ropes and raced toward the penitent blonde. Seconds before impact, Eliza hopped and lashed a leg out meaning to smash the length of her shin into Elisha's face, a simple running kick known in certain circles as the Shining Wizard. But microseconds before Eliza could take her head off, Eliza ducked even lower and Eliza's leg passed harmlessly over head. Eliza's own momentum spun her around and for a second her back was to the kneeling blonde. That was all the time Elisha needed to take full advantage! Popping to her feet, she leapt and drove both boots between Eliza's shoulders, connecting with the Dropkick she'd missed earlier. Eliza grunted and stumbled forward, not falling but landing awkwardly propped against the ropes, facing the audience.

Regaining her feet, Elisha wasn't about to give Eliza a second to get her wits about her. Breaking into a run, she sprinted toward the prone brunette. Still several feet away, she leapt forward and brought a knee up, smashing it hard between Eliza's shoulders, right at the base of her neck. The force of the blow pushed Eliza even harder into the ropes and she gagged as her neck was pressed down hard into the top rope. Elisha pulled away from her foe and let Eliza stagger back on wobbly legs. Unfortunately for the brunette, she stepped right into the blonde's grasp and Elisha wasted no time in cinching the discombobulated Eliza in a Half Nelson.

Holding the groggy brunette tight, Elisha spoke with venom in her voice, "Impressed yet Lizzie? If not this might sway your thinking." She pulled the brunette up and over, looking to the audience like she was going to spike Eliza's head and shoulders into the mat with a Half Nelson Suplex. As she reached the apex of her bridge, she twisted her torso and dropped to one knee. Still holding Eliza in the Half Nelson, she drove the brunette down across her outstretched knee with diabolical force, a ingenious modification of the Backbreaker. Eliza screamed openly as Elisha tossed her to the mat and then stood over her. Looking derisively at Eliza's pain wracked form, Elisha sneered, "What's wrong bitch? I thought a tough girl like you could shake off anything I hit you with. Let's see if you have any more luck shaking THIS off!"

With that she pulled the brunette to her feet and stood at her side. Grabbing a dual handful of Eliza's hair, Elisha pulled forward with both hands and fell to one knee simultaneously. The effect was to drive the back of the brunette's neck into Elisha's bent knee. Eliza's head was whiplashed violently and she could only moan as Elisha pushed her to the canvas and the covered her, trying to end the match. And though Elisha's last maneuver was an innovative piece of work, Eliza was nowhere near done and she kicked out just after a “one” count.

"Good to see you've got some fight left bitch!" Elisha muttered as she pulled Eliza to her feet. "Let's see how strong you really are!"

She laced her fingers with the brunette, intent on dominating her in a Test of Strength but before She could apply any pressure, Eliza roared to life and lunged forward, smashing a hard Head-butt into the bridge of Elisha's nose. She moaned and saw stars, releasing her grip on Eliza and staggering away. But the brunette was in a rage and she wasn't about to let the blonde escape. Stalking after her retreating foe it was Eliza's turn to grab a dual handful of hair. Holding Elisha bent in front of her, Eliza tensed for just a moment before jumping up and pistoning both knees into the blonde's forehead. Elisha was knocked flat on her back from the force of the Double Knee Lift and for several seconds her vision was nothing but a swirling haze of color. Eventually her vision did clear and she was infuriated to find herself looking at the lights. Brushing aside the pain in her head, Elisha pushed herself up off the canvas and looked to tear into Eliza.

Tragically, it happened the other way around! Elisha hadn't been on her feet two seconds when Eliza bounced off the ropes and pounced toward her. The brunette left her feet and smashed an amazing Spinning Heel Kick into Elisha's face that looked like it could have decapitated a normal person. Elisha went down again, and as she lay there moaning, Eliza knelt beside her and shoved her over onto her stomach. Still not speaking, the brunette grabbed Elisha's wrist and bent her whole arm up, pinning it to the blonde's back with her own Hammer Lock.

As Elisha grunted in pain from the simple maneuver, Eliza flipped some hair from her eyes and taunted her captive, "So you can do anything I can do huh Elisha? Well lets see you do THIS!"

Tightening her grip, Eliza lowered her head and planted it forehead first into the canvas beside her victim. Planting her feet, she pushed off the mat and executed a headstand while still wrenching Elisha's arm with the Hammer Lock. The blonde screamed as the pain of this simple hold was intensified tenfold by the pressure from the headstand. Eliza was able to hold this position for several seconds before falling forward, landing in a perfect bridge, still torturing the blonde's arm. The crowd ate the maneuver up, but as neat as it was, Eliza wanted to play with her foe a bit more before she finished her off. Bridging up on her toes one last time, Eliza finally released Elisha's arm and the blonde immediately rolled away, cradling her mangled limb.

There was a cold, pitiless look on Eliza's face as she stalked toward the injured blonde. Bending down, she grabbed Elisha's bad arm and pulled her to her feet. Lacing the fingers of one hand with those of her rival, Eliza stepped away from her foe, pulling Elisha's injured arm away from her body.

With the blonde standing groggy before her, Eliza sneered, “Ever had your face kicked in by a myth 'Lishy? I've heard it hurts like a bitch. Maybe you can confirm it for me!"

Then she began firing high, hard martial arts kicks directly into Elisha's armpit. The blonde grimaced and tried to pull away, but Eliza maintained her manacle like grip and Elisha was forced to soak up more punishment. Finally after nearly a dozen kicks to her foe's arm and shoulder, Eliza blasted one right into Elisha's face. That last kick took the blonde off her feet and she fell to the mat as if shot, her wounded arm still in Eliza's grasp.

Moments later, the domineering brunette released Elisha's wrist and tossed it disgustedly aside. Rolling her shoulders she looked down at the moaning blonde and spat, "Pathetic!"

Moving with no discernible hurry, Eliza went to Elisha's head and stood beside her. Saying nothing, she leapt into the air and bent a knee, meaning to drive it into Elisha's prone skull. But her past success had made her the tiniest bit overconfident and as she came racing down, Elisha managed to roll out of the way, leaving Eliza's knee to slam into the recently vacated canvas. The brunette groaned as lighting raced up her knee, the price for missing the Knee Drop quite high. She gritted her teeth and rose to her feet, cursing as she did so. She had just turned to find her nemesis when Elisha planted her own knee in Eliza's gut. The brunette groaned and doubled over as Elisha wasted no time in driving her knee up again, this time catching Eliza in the forehead. Eliza landed hard on her back and she just lay there, simply shaking her head and trying to clear her vision. It was just starting to return when Elisha sat down next to her. Moments late Eliza found her head trapped between the blonde's sweating thighs, her chin scant inches from the blonde's crotch. Eliza clawed and slapped at Elisha's legs, but the blonde simply pushed them away and kept squeezing.

Bouncing her hips, the blonde took a deep breath and taunted her victim, relishing the sudden turn of the tide, "How do you like my Scissors Lizzie? Like having your head crushed between my thighs? Tell ya what, give up right now and maybe I won't expose you for the pitiful, helpless nobody you actually are!"

Choking, but still enraged by the blonde's barb, Eliza only grunted in response, instead electing to drag herself and her captive toward the ropes. The process was agonizing, but after a few seconds, the brunette was able to get a foot under the bottom rope, forcing Elisha to release the scissors. Listening to the ref warn her, Elisha had every intention of letting Eliza go. But not before she made a little statement. Grabbing hold of Eliza's dark locks, Elisha pulled the brunette's face forward and ground it into her crotch, making sure the proud brunette's nose and mouth were pressed against the flimsy material covering her groin for at least a few seconds. The crowd roared and Eliza gagged as Elisha suffocated her for those brief seconds.

Finally, with the ref threatening disqualification, Elisha released her hold and rose luxuriantly to her feet, watching smugly as Eliza used the ropes for support, bringing herself up to face the woman intent on humiliating her. Dark eyes flashing, Eliza hissed "You're dead!" before launching herself forward and firing a leg out, a devastating Thrust Kick aiming for the point of Elisha's jaw. The blonde was not so easily taken however and she ducked under Eliza kick, lunging forward and wrapping her arms around the surprised brunette's waist. Her grip secure, Elisha rose up, taking Eliza off the mat before bringing her down crotch first on the blonde's bent knee, a textbook Inverted Atomic Drop. Eliza voiced a silent scream stumbled back awkwardly, standing prone in front of her vengeful foe.

Her rival's taunts echoing in her ears, Elisha hissed "Why don't YOU tell ME what it feels like to have your face kicked in you bitch!" With that she left her feet again, her vertical leap culminating with a Dropkick crashing off Eliza's jaw. The brunette's head was snapped back and she fell to the canvas like a cut tree. For her part, Elisha just stood over the mewling brunette as Eliza slowly got to her hands and knees. Enjoying mentally dominating her foe as much as physically dissecting her, Elisha bent and slapped the back of Eliza's head several times as the brunette was getting to her feet, “Come on Lizzie, get up and fight. Ya gotta keep that pathetic reputation of yours intact don’t ya?" She slapped the back of Eliza's head one last time as the brunette regained her feet.

Eliza was enraged at the demeaning treatment and she let Elisha know it, getting right in the blonde's face, going nose to nose with her nemesis. Choking down her rage, the brunette hissed, “Try to embarrass me again you cunt. See what happens."

"All right" Elisha hissed back before rocketing an open palmed slap into Eliza's cheek. The blow staggered her, but did not knock her down. Eyes blazing with a hellish fury, Eliza shook off the blow and retaliated, blistering Elisha with a back hand slap that sent the blonde reeling. But Elisha was in the grip of the same anger powering Eliza and she shook off the blow in record time, getting back in Eliza's face, the two beauties toe to toe, nose to nose in the center of the ring.

Leaning into her foe, Eliza whispered, "Come on bitch, give me your best shot!"

Elisha pressed even closer, "You couldn't handle my best Eliza, but since you asked for it, here it is!"

Elisha's arm shot toward Eliza's face, but the brunette had a plan. Eliza shot her arms forward and locked up Elisha's incoming arm. In the same movement she spun in a circle bringing both her and the blonde to the canvas with all of Eliza’s weight on Elisha's outstretched arm. Savoring the opportunity to pay the blonde bitch back for her little grinding tactic earlier, Eliza plants her feet on the mat and leans back putting tremendous pressure on Elisha's arm and shoulder. The blonde shrieks loudly as her arm is bent to the breaking point by the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Elisha's cries make Eliza smile and she put even more pressure into the hold, hoping to hear a teary submission in a matter of seconds. But though the pain in her arm was agonizing, Elisha wasn't willing to concede to her foe just yet. Putting aside the pain as best she could, Elisha slowly pulled herself toward the ropes, all the while carrying Eliza with her. After what seemed like an eternity, she managed to grab the ropes and force Eliza to break the Arm Bar. The brunette broke her hold immediately, but she hadn't forgotten what Elisha did to her the last time they were in the ropes.

Straddling her opponent's back, Eliza reached a hand back to Elisha's ass and said, "Next time the ropes won't be there to save you. And if you're still entertaining thoughts of sitting on my face, maybe this will force you to reconsider." She pinched Elisha's helpless ass as hard as she could, really relishing the blondes, humiliated and pained cries.

Through humiliating Elisha for the moment, Eliza got up and pulled the groggy blonde to her feet. Looking to take Elisha's arm out of the equation permanently, Eliza stood in front of the blonde and using one hand, scissored the wounded limb up and behind Elisha with yet another Hammer Lock. Her other arm, she threaded through Elisha's legs and scooped her up, holding her in position for a Body Slam. Eliza held Elisha for a moment before slamming her down, the blonde landing on top of her own injured arm. Elisha gritted her teeth and tried to fight the pain, but the punishment her arm was taking was quickly becoming unbearable. Her situation didn't improve any when Eliza covered her and hooked a leg, going for the win. Elisha cursed and bucked hard, able to escape the pin right after ‘one.’

Exasperated, Eliza pulled Elisha to her feet and locked up with the blonde. Taking advantage of the blonde's wounded arm, Eliza pressured Elisha to her knees and then shot a knee out, catching the blonde in the shoulder. Elisha gaped and tended to her injury, but in her pain played right into the brunette's hands. With her guard down, Elisha had no way to protect herself from the buzz saw like kick that Eliza smashed into her temple. The white-clad beauty gave a watery little cry sand slumped forward, coming to rest face down on the canvas.

Looking down at her decimated opposition, Eliza chuckled, "Ahh, there's nothing like dismantling a mouthy bitch to start the year off right."

Cracking her knuckles, she bent and pulled Elisha to her feet yet again. Gripping the blonde's wrist, Eliza tossed her towards the ropes. Watching the blonde stumble drunkenly toward her, Eliza brought her foot up meaning to take Elisha's head off with a simple boot to the face. But the blonde wasn't done for yet and as she hurtled toward Eliza's upraised foot, Elisha dropped low and slid between her foe's legs with a Baseball slide. Coming up behind Eliza, she gripped the brunette's ankle with both hands and tugged hard. Eliza was caught off guard and fell forward, slamming her face into the canvas. The brunette groaned and saw stars as Elisha scrambled to her feet. Moving to Eliza's head, Elisha grabbed the brunette by the hair and pulled her to her hands and knees. In the same move she wedged Eliza's head between her knees and locked them tight.

Giving Eliza no chance to recover, Elisha fell to her knees, landing on the back of Eliza's head which had just been smashed into the mat. The brunette moaned and she tried to roll away, but Elisha was in a vengeful mood and wouldn't let her off so easy. Untangling her legs from Eliza's head, Elisha sat on her knees and cinched her foe in a tight Front Face Lock. But instead of using the hold as a mere transition, Elisha poured on the pressure, squeezing Eliza's skull in her muscular arm. Eliza thrashed and tried to punch her way free, but Elisha just tightened the hold and wrenched it from side to side, forcing Eliza to abandon her escape attempts. Looking to turn up her torture a bit, Elisha takes her free hand and reaches it down the length of Eliza's back, finally bringing it to rest at the top of the brunette's black bikini bottom.

Getting a firm grip on the material, Elisha pulls up hard, delivering an insidious wedgie to Eliza's helpless rear; jerking and sawing the bottom from side to side, Elisha sneered, "C'mon Eliza break free. It wouldn't look very tough if you just sit here and let me play with your ass all day. Of course maybe a slut like you likes this!"

She released the wedgie only to give the angry brunette's backside several derisive slaps. Eliza's trapped face flushed a bright red at having her ass paddled by her mouthy blonde foe. Fueled by rage, Eliza gave a primitive shriek and managed to force her way to her feet, while still trapped in the Face Lock. Taking advantage of Elisha's surprise, the brunette fired several HARD punches into the blonde's stomach and ribs finally forcing a release of the hold. Elisha stumbled back and Eliza went on the attack, whipping a Roundhouse Kick at Elisha's head. But again Eliza found nothing but empty air as Elisha had anticipated the move and slipped behind the prone brunette. Gripping Eliza in a tight Waist Lock, Elisha hissed "That's three strikes you predictable twat. Now you're done!" With that she bridged up and back taking Eliza up and over for what appeared to be a German Suplex.

But just as she reached the highest point of her bridge, Elisha suddenly reversed the momentum; tossing Eliza forward and down while at the same time she sat out; landing hard on her butt, legs spread in front of her in a V. The effect was to drive the length of Eliza's torso into the mat full force. The brunette hit with a sickening thud and moaned once, before simply laying still. Smiling at the devastation her move had wrought, Elisha slid back and stood up, hands on her hips.

Smiling at the crowd she yelled, "You think Lizzie's almost ready to give up?" The crowd roared an unintelligible response to which Elisha grinned and said, "Yeah me neither. Let's have a little more fun with this slut!!"

With an evil gleam in her eye, the blonde pulled Eliza to her hands and knees, before sitting on her back and lacing her fingers under the brunette's chin. Elisha leaned forward for just a moment before pulling back viciously, trapping Eliza in the Camel Clutch. Remembering the horrible agony of the Arm Bar and the Hammer Lock, Elisha showed no mercy with the clutch, pulling and twisting at Eliza's neck with everything she had. If that wasn't enough she also added the occasional bounce of her butt against the brunette's lower back, bending her even more awkwardly while putting her impressive chest on display to the bloodthirsty locals.

Eliza suffered in this inescapable nightmare for the better part of a minute before Elisha asked, "Ready to admit I'm better than you?" She leaned back even further, making the brunette's response that much harder.

Struggling against the white hot pain in her back and neck, Eliza nonetheless managed a perfectly understandable reply, "Fuck off! I don't tap for anyone; least of all you!"

Giving the hold a final tug Elisha dropped Eliza's head and stood up over her, arrogantly planting a foot on the small of the brunette's tortured back. Bending down, she brought the hapless Eliza up before trapping her in the Front Face Lock again.

"Fine. Don't give up!" said the dominant blonde. "That just means I have more time to strip away your precious mystique before I finish you off!"

She fell back as hard as she could, taking Eliza along for the brief ride before planting the brunette forehead first on the canvas with the DDT. Eliza only whimpered and collapsed onto her back as Elisha covered her and went for the win. The ref's hand had hit the mat twice when Eliza got a shoulder up. Angry at Eliza's willpower, Elisha dragged her to her feet and pulled a fist back, meaning to smash it into Eliza's jaw. As her fist flew towards the brunette's face, the haze in Eliza's eyes cleared and Elisha realized her foe wasn't quite ready to go down yet. Ducking under the incoming fist, Eliza lunged in and sprang her trap. In one smooth motion she wrapped her right arm over the blonde's right shoulder and her left arm under Elisha's left arm, the brunette's hands clasping together where they met between Elisha's shoulderblades. To angry to taunt, Eliza simply jumped and fell forward, taking her captive with her. The modified Neckbreaker (known to savvy fans as The Side Effect) drove the back of the blonde's head and shoulders hard into the canvas and for long seconds her vision was nothing but pale swirls of color. Knowing the Side Effect hit perfectly, Eliza got to her feet and surveyed her opponent. Elisha was on her side and crying, gently rubbing at her abused head.

Taking a deep breath, Eliza looked out at the crowd and shouted, “She wants to strip me of my pride? Well I'll gladly return the favor. And a little later on, I'll strip her of something a little more material!"

The audience cheered Eliza's sinister implication and the noise served to further motivate the brunette to take her revenge. Bouncing off the ropes, she headed straight for the downed blonde, but instead of pouncing and attacking from above, Eliza went low, delivering a vicious low Dropkick to the side of Elisha's head. The blow sent the blonde rolling and Eliza was more than happy to chase after her whimpering nemesis. Standing tall over her former tormentor, Eliza knelt and slowly brought Elisha to her feet, securing the damaged blonde in a Front Face Lock of her own. Using her free hand, Eliza grabbed a handful of white bikini bottoms and pulled them up hard, a demeaning half wedgie on her captive. Elisha could only moan and blush as the brunette turned in a slow circle, giving everyone in the club a glimpse of Elisha's partially bared rear. Tiring of the mental torment, Eliza went back to the physical kind, falling back and drilling Elisha with a DDT of her own. Getting to her knees beside her injured foe, Eliza grabbed Elisha's bad arm and pulled it away from her body, laying it against the canvas, she placed one hand on the wrist and another on Elisha's shoulder.

Looking into Elisha’s pain-twisted face, Eliza said coldly, "You know it just occurred to me that I really wouldn't mind breaking your arm. Let's see how this plays out shall we?"

Making certain her grip was firm, Eliza pushed off the mat, legs rising into the air until she was almost inverted, the brunette using Elisha as the base of her handstand. Holding aloft for just a moment, Eliza swung back down and drove both pad covered knees into Elisha's elbow. The blonde wailed and tried to pull free, but Eliza was relentless, repeating the move 2 more times. Each impact bringing another pained scream from the blonde's throat. Finally Eliza tired of the move and brought Elisha up, still holding the weakened blonde's damaged arm.

Pulling Elisha close, Eliza stared deep into her foe's blue eyes and upon seeing the first hints of desperation, Eliza smiled, "Is this all you've got for me ‘Lishy? Looks like you're ready to give it up and call it a night; but I don't think I'm done with you yet. In fact, I….GRRRHHHHNNNGGH!"

Eliza's threat was cut off as Elisha brought her knee up right between Eliza's thighs. The brunette fell to her knees in front of the blonde, able to do nothing but moan and clutch her wounded groin. Hate smoldering in her cold blue eyes, Elisha smashed her knee up a second time, this one catching Eliza on the bridge of the nose. The brunette offered a pained grunt and then slumped backwards, covering her bashed face. Looking for vengeance, Elisha stalked over to the downed brunette and pulled her up harshly. Saving her breath for later, Elisha was silent as she scooped Eliza up and put her in position for the Tombstone Pile-Driver, a move that had achieved nearly mythic status in professional wrestling. But instead of dropping Eliza into the canvas, Elisha held her inverted, forcing the brunette's face to hover in front of her crotch. Elisha held Eliza tightly and strode around the ring, displaying her prize for everyone to see.

Catching her breath, she yelled to the mob, “Eliza thought I was done, but I'm just getting warmed up! This dumb bitch is going to learn what happens to cunts who try to humiliate me!"

Elisha dropped to one knee, driving Eliza's shoulder into the bony joint. The brunette gasped as Elisha pushed her to the mat, as now it was her turn to experience how painful an attack on the shoulder could be. She didn't get long to savor however as Elisha immediately went for the cover, hooking both legs this time. Eliza had been weakened, but she wasn't done yet, kicking out just after the 2 count. Elisha knelt beside her and pulled the brunette to her knees. Electing brutality over finesse, Elisha dug both claws into Eliza's face and began to claw, scoring the brunette's features with her talons. Eliza cried out and tried to fight free, but Elisha held her grip and continued to rake, paying special attention to her foe's cheeks and throat. After several seconds of this Elisha simply slammed Eliza down face first against the canvas, enjoying the hollow thud her rival made upon impact. Getting to her feet, Elisha pulled Eliza up, wedging the brunette's sweating head between her thighs, the universal start position for a Powerbomb. Wrapping her arms around Eliza's waist, Elisha hauled the brunette off the canvas and held her aloft for several seconds, making sure everyone in the audience (and Eliza especially) knew who was in complete control of this match. Her arms finally tiring. Elisha drove her captive down, Eliza's back and head taking the majority of the impact.

When the Powerbomb hit Elisha didn't release her grip on Eliza's thighs. Instead she held her grip and flipped forward, rolling Eliza up with a simple pinning combination. A good majority of the crowd got a great view of Eliza's struggling rear as the ref dropped to make the count. His hand was coming down for the third time when the brunette managed to break her opponent's bridge. Angry that Eliza had escaped defeat, Elisha was looking for new ways to dish out pain and humiliation. Her pretty face was occupied with a thoughtful expression for several seconds before breaking into a wide grin. Bringing Eliza up, she immediately went to one knee and forced Eliza down stomach first across said knee.

Tracing her hand lightly over Eliza's damp derriere, Elisha asked the audience, “I wonder how tough girl here would like having her ass spanked? You think she'll cry? I think she might!"

As the crowd roared its approval Elisha brought her hand up and then down, cracking it hard against Eliza's ass. The brunette yelped and squirmed at this demeaning treatment, but for now she was held fast, and Elisha continued to rain down short, stinging slaps, the brunette's cheeks quickly becoming a deep, fiery red. After the twelfth slap, Eliza's rage finally overpowered the blonde and she surged free from her tormentor. Popping to her feet, she lunged at Elisha and locked up with her in a tight clench.

Forehead to forehead with her nemesis, Eliza growled, "I'll kill you for that. Nobody does that to me and gets away with it, especially not a not talent peroxide soaked bitch like you!"

Elisha surged forward against her foe's grasp and returned the threat, "I can do anything I damn well please Liz. You haven't figured it out yet, but I OWN you. And I'll use you any way I want!"

Her threat concluded, Elisha whipped Eliza hard into the corner turnbuckle and took off after her. Unfortunately for her, Elisha's plan hit a tiny snag when Eliza managed to get both boots up and drive them into Elisha's chest. The blonde gasped and stumbled back, trying to draw a full breath. Eliza wasn't going to allow Elisha any recovery time however and she surged out of the corner, grabbing Elisha by the hair.In control for the moment, Eliza pulled Elisha back to the corner, until the brunette's back was touching the turnbuckles. Moving a bit awkwardly, Eliza pulled herself up so that she was sitting on the top buckle, while at the same time hoisting the blonde up so that she was standing on the bottom buckle, facing Eliza. Going back to a move that had paid off before, Eliza snaked her right arm over the blonde's right shoulder and her left arm under Elisha's left arm, the brunette's hands clasping together where they met behind her victim's back.

Taking just a moment to taunt, Eliza whispered hatefully, "You got your facts backwards Elisha. I'm the one who OWNS your pathetic ass!"

Her grip firmly in place, Eliza jumped forward into the center of the ring, slamming Elisha back first to the mat, this time from several feet up. The crowd cheered its appreciation for the top rope Side Effect as Eliza went for the cover. Convinced that Elisha was finished, Eliza was shocked when the blonde managed to get a shoulder up before ‘three.’

With a feral snarl on her face, Eliza hoisted Elisha up and slapped on another Front Face Lock. Getting a firm grip on her rival's tights, Eliza lifted Elisha up and over her head, planning on dropping the blonde skull first to the mat with a match ending Brain Buster. But sadly, things don't always work out as planned and this was one of those instances. Elisha managed to float free from Eliza's grip and land comfortably on her feet behind the startled brunette. In a flash, Elisha had tied up her foe in a simple Full Nelson. In the same breath she bridged up and back, driving Eliza's head and shoulders into the canvas with her Full Nelson Suplex. The blonde held her bridge and the ref began to count Eliza down but the resilient girl still managed to break free before the deciding count. Both ladies lay on the mat for some time after that, the breakneck pace of their maneuvers and counter maneuvers finally beginning to take a toll on both of them. After the ref had reached 7 on his count, both women pushed their way to their feet and locked up once more in the center of the ring. After struggling for a few seconds, Elisha took the initiative, managing to wrestle her foe in position for a Brain Buster of her own.

When she went to haul the brunette off the mat, Eliza managed to thread a leg between those of her foe, effectively blocking the move. Before Elisha could react, Eliza pounded several punches into her ribs, loosening Elisha's grip. But instead of breaking free from the blonde, Eliza held on with one hand, keeping Elisha in the Face Lock while her free hand reached down and hooked the blonde's leg at the knee. Taking a second to collect herself, Eliza picked Elisha up off the mat and held her, one leg hooked up tight, directly over the brunette's head. Reaching the limits of her strength, Eliza simply fell down, driving Elisha's head into the canvas from several feet up. The crowd began their requisite HOLY SHIT chant as Elisha lay spread-eagled on the mat, a victim of Eliza's vicious Fisherman's Brain Buster. Exhausted, the brunette weakly rolled over onto Elisha and waited for the ref to make the three count. The ref went to make the count, but it didn't reach 3 as Elisha somehow managed to get a shoulder off the canvas. Both the crowd and Eliza were incredulous. 99% of the time, a Fisherman's Brain Buster at this point in the match was a guaranteed win. But apparently no one had told Elisha that. Finally reaching the limits of her patience, Eliza stood up and hauled Elisha to her feet.

Putting her plan into action, Eliza paused just long enough to tell Elisha, "You're finished slut."

Standing behind the incapacitated blonde, Eliza went to put the last nail in Elisha's coffin. Standing with her stomach against Elisha's back, Eliza reached forward and hooked both of her rival's arms at the elbows, pulling them roughly behind her. Milliseconds later, Dushku twisted her upper body around, while still holding the blonde's arms. Now both ladies were still standing but Elisha was bent double, forced into that position by the twisting of Eliza's torso. The blonde's arms were still hooked and pulled out in front of her, her head resting above the small of Eliza's back. The crowd roared and leapt to its feet, knowing that this was the position for one of Eliza's two finishing moves, a sadistic variation on the DDT she liked to call "The Face Eraser."

Moments before the brunette could fall to the canvas and spike Elisha's head into the mat, the blonde pushed forward with all her might. The shove surprised Eliza and her grip was broken. To make matters worse, Elisha had somehow managed to shove her towards the corner and the brunette was unable to stop her forward momentum before she slammed chest first into the top turnbuckle. Gagging and coughing Eliza stumbled back a few steps, right into the blonde's waiting clutches. Knowing that she needed to put Eliza down fast, Elisha grabbed two handfuls of dark hair and simply sat out, driving Eliza's back and head into the canvas. But instead of going for the cover, Elisha headed toward the corner and began climbing.

Reaching the top, she turned to face Eliza, surveying the carnage below her. Looking out at the audience, she raised a hand over her head and extended 3 fingers. The crowd roared it's anticipation as the blonde had just given the signal for one of her finishing maneuvers, a Somersault Leg Drop, known as "3 Seconds from the End" (Because after it hit. It was only three seconds from the end. Get it?) Steeling herself, Elisha flipped off the top and brought one gorgeous thigh down right across Eliza's face. The brunette flopped once and then lay still, not protesting a bit as Elisha covered her.

"Finally got ya Eliza!" Elisha croaked. The crowd counted along with the ref, but didn't get to complete their cheer because Eliza kicked out microseconds before the "three."

Fury and disbelief blooming behind her eyes, Elisha got to her feet and dragged the semi conscious Eliza's head between her thighs, locking her up for either a Powerbomb or a Pile Driver. But before she could hoist Eliza up, the brunette grabbed Elisha behind the knees. Then Eliza swept her opponent's legs out from under her before rolling forward, folding her in half with a Jackknife pin. Elisha was startled by the counter but not so started as to cost her the match and she broke the hold before the 3 count. Getting slowly to her feet, Elisha charged the groggy brunette and was greeted with a boot to the gut for her troubles. Bent double, Elisha felt herself being shoved into position for a Pile Driver from her dark-haired foe. Knowing the match would be over if Eliza connected. Elisha tensed her knees and waited for Eliza to pull her up and when she did, Elisha pushed up as well adding her own momentum to Eliza's.

The blonde's surprise push threw off Eliza's timing and instead of a Pile Driver it looked like she'd have to settle for another Powerbomb. But before she could slam Elisha down, the blonde clamped her thighs tight around the brunette's head and pulled back, taking her to the mat with a desperation Hurricanrana. When Eliza hit the mat, Elisha leaned back hoping to hook the brunette's legs and keep her pinned down, but Eliza had a counter for her counter and as soon as her shoulders hit the mat, the brunette rolled backwards, somersaulting free of the pinning predicament. Standing in front of the seated Elisha, the brunette drops low and blasts a final Dropkick into Elisha's chest. The blonde is knocked back and lays dazed on the canvas while Eliza regains her feet.

Unable to believe how much punishment the blonde has been able to take, Eliza looks down at her and hisses, "I AM better than you Elisha, regardless of what you may think. And now I'm finally gonna prove it to you!"

Then the brunette raced forward, hopping over Elisha's downed form as she sped toward the ropes. With only a few feet separating her from the edge of the ring, Eliza leapt into the air, coming to rest perfectly (yet precariously) balanced on the top rope. In the same breath, she used the rope as a launch pad, back flipping off it and landing chest to chest on the gasping blonde. Her Springboard Moonsault perfect in every way, Eliza hooked Elisha's near leg tight and waited for the three. 2 and a half seconds later she screamed her fury when Elisha broke the count. Furious beyond all thought, Eliza brought Elisha to her feet before burying a boot in the blonde's gut. With Elisha bent over, Eliza leapt high into the air and extended a leg over Elisha's neck intent on finishing the blonde with her other finisher, "The Crisis of Faith." At the last possible moment, Elisha pulled back, leaving Eliza to slam her tailbone painfully into empty canvas. Eliza cried out and fought the pain, getting to her feet to face Elisha. But when she regained her footing, Elisha was waiting for her, planting a boot in the brunette's gut before Eliza had a chance to counter as she stepped forward and wrapped Eliza up in the Pile-Driver position. But instead of a simple Pile-Driver, she lifted her right leg and stepped forward placing it in front of Eliza's dangling right arm. She repeated the maneuver, this time trapping Eliza's left arm behind her left leg.

With Eliza tied up and helpless, Elisha took one second to say, "You made the last mistake Lizzie. That means you lose!"

Tired of talking, Elisha jumped and fell face first toward the mat. Eliza was taken along for the ride and her exposed chest and ribs were driven viciously into the mat. The crowd roared their approval as Elisha maintained the hold on impact, rolling onto her butt with Eliza now shoulders down on the mat in a sort of modified Sunset Flip. Elisha had just connected with the "White Out", her primary finishing move. The referee knelt to count and 3 seconds later, the blonde had won the match!!

Jubilant in her win, Elisha held Eliza down for a few more seconds before pushing the defeated brunette away. Standing up stiffly, she strode around the ring, basking in the adulation of the crowd. After about 30 seconds of this, the blonde turned back to the goings on in the ring. Seeing the ref tending to Eliza, the blonde sprinted forward and blasted a kick into the zebra's head. He uttered one started groan before collapsing into an unconscious heap. Looking down at the brunette, Elisha knew she'd have to act before her opponent could recover any more. With a ferocious smile on her face, she gave Eliza a kick of her own, the blow sending the brunette crashing back to the canvas.

Satisfied that Eliza would stay down long enough for her to retrieve what she needed, Elisha slipped under the bottom rope and knelt by the ring apron. Reaching under the ring, she felt around for a few seconds before finding what she was looking for. With the same cold smile on her face she rolled back into the ring and held her prize aloft. Her fans cheered wildly when they saw the little black bag in Elisha's hands. Everyone remembered what had happened to Kristin Kreuk when that bag made an appearance. Now it looked as though another proud brunette might suffer the same fate. Elisha reached into the bag as she approached her victim.

Grabbing a hold of something, she tossed the bag aside and revealed a pair of regulation handcuffs. Spinning them lazily on one finger, she looked to the crowd and said, “You guys ever seen a reputation destroyed?" The crowd replied that they hadn't. "Would you like to?" Elisha asked slyly.

The crowd confirmed that yes, this is something they would like very much. Heeding their cries, Elisha straddled the downed brunette and snapped one of the cuffs over Eliza's wrist. Before she snapped the other cuff shut, she looped the chain over the bottom rope, effectively locking Eliza in place. Stranding up, she looked at the still unconscious brunette for a second before going back to the bag. Retrieving her final item, the crowd gasped when the shears were brought into view.

Stalking back over to the brunette, Elisha looked down at her and said, "No more sleeping Eliza. You have to be awake for this."

She then raised a foot up before bringing it crashing down into Eliza's defenseless mound. That woke the brunette up and she came around fast, screaming in pain at first and then flailing wildly when she realized she was handcuffed. Straddling her trapped foe, Elisha spoke sweetly to Eliza, "You lost bitch. And now I get to take a little trophy for myself. I may not be able shave your nasty head bald, after all Fannin threatened to fire me if I did it again. But he'll let me get away with this. And besides you know what they say. Sometimes, less is more!" With that Elisha opened the shears and grabbed a long lock of Eliza's dark hair between her thumb and forefingers.

As Elisha was about to snip the blades closed, Eliza threatened, “You do that and I'll end you!"

Elisha looked unfazed by Eliza's threat, “What? THIS?" she said innocently as she closed the shears, lopping off a thin rope of dark hair. Still straddling the brunette, Elisha tossed the scissors aside and shook the hair in Eliza's face. "Or did you mean THIS?" While Eliza fumed and bucked beneath her, Elisha took her trophy and nonchalantly wove it into her own golden mane. When she was done, the blonde had a thin but noticeable streak of midnight running through her hair. Putting her hands on her hips, she smirked at the enraged brunette, "I kinda like this new look Eliza. If you don't mind, I’ll come back for more when these start to fray. Of course, I'll be back even if you mind; it's more fun to take them after a fight."

She got up and turned her back on Eliza, posing for the audience once more before she headed toward the ropes. She was just about to exit the ring when Eliza called after her, "As soon as your feet hit the floor you better start running. Because the second I get out of here, I'm coming for you. You won't know where and you won't know when, but I'll be coming for you. No one does this to me and gets away with it."

Elisha turned back to her squirming captive and walked slowly over to her. Kneeling beside the brunette, Elisha ran a hand over her rival's slick stomach, traveling the length of Eliza's midriff before stopping right above the top of her bikini bottom.

Looking into Eliza's furious eyes, Elisha said, "You're not doing anything right now Eliza, just running your helpless mouth. But if you're so intent on revenge, why don't you come for me right NOW!" With that, she slid her hand under Eliza's bikini and gently tugged at her opponent's snatch.

Eyes widening in shock and hate, Eliza whispered, "You wouldn't DARE!!"

"Oh yes I would!" taunted the blonde. "And after you've come for me once, maybe you won't want to do it again. Maybe it'll finally sink in that I'm just that much better than you."

Before the brunette could protest, Elisha slipped three fingers into Eliza's womanhood and began to claw; stabbing at her opponent's center, bringing her slowly and relentlessly toward climax. The brunette gritted her teeth and tried to fight the traitorous urges of her system, but she was too tired and Elisha was too insistent. In a matter on instants, Elisha was in total control of Eliza and the humiliated brunette could do nothing but gasp and twist as Elisha continued her sadistic manual manipulations. Several times the cold hearted blonde took her right to the edge before yanking her back, saving the final humiliating wave until there was no chance of Eliza being able to control it. Finally, her tormentor's rhythm seemed to pick up and Eliza simply closed her eyes and waited, refusing above all else to scream when Elisha brought her around. Just when it seemed there was no going back, the clawing ceased. It didn't fade away, it didn't slow down, it just stopped. Slowly opening her eyes, Eliza found herself staring into the face of her blonde tormentor.

"Wondering why I stopped?" Elisha said but then before Eliza could reply, "Like I said earlier, sometimes less is more. When you get out of here Lizzie, I want you to remember everything I did to you. And everything I COULD have done to you. Realize that I can do this to you anytime I want. Think about that while you're planning your little revenge. And realize that if you come after me, I'll do all this and more. And when I've satisfied you...I'll make sure to satisfy myself."

With that she straddled Eliza's face and ground her crotch down ever so slightly against Eliza's mouth and nose. The blonde held her position for about 10 seconds before getting to her feet. Standing over her victim, she couldn't resist one final indignity. "And if you needed any more motivation to seek a rematch....." She bent down and tugged Eliza's bikini bottom down around her ankles, leaving her naked from the waist down. "You can always try to get THESE back." Elisha whispered, holding the sodden garment in one hand.

Humiliated and embarrassed like never before, Eliza was still able to manage a retort, "You have no idea what you're getting into.... But you will."

"I think I already do. See you soon Eliza!" Elisha said quietly before heading out of the ring and up the ramp, disappearing through the curtain.

Moments later, a herd of zebras hit the ring and managed to get Eliza covered up and free from the handcuffs. As she moved stiffly up the ramp, Eliza didn't look like a woman who had just been handed the worst beating and humiliation of her career. She looked like a woman dead set on revenge. And god help anyone who got in her way.