Elisha Cuthbert vs. Eliza Dushku (rematch) by The Walkin' Dude

It was about the end of May and things were going pretty well in the small, out of the way town of Crystal Lake New Jersey. It was indeed the beginning of the long Memorial Day weekend and the tiny populace of Crystal Lake was gearing themselves up for a solid three days worth of barbecuing, partying, drinking and general carrying on that marked most holiday weekends. One of the highlights of the weekend was happening at the town's only club, a glorified pool hall known only as 'Voorhees' Roadhouse.' And while the place was far to small to have a marquee, if it had had one, it would have let the passerby know that women's wrestling was returning to the town for the first time in several months. The male citizenry of the little berg were quite pleased and your narrator would be lying if he didn't mention the fact that quite a few ladies were also in attendance that evening.

And for the first time in the better part of three months, promoter Richard Fannin was in a great mood. The reason for his good mood was simple. After the near miraculous return of Neve Campbell last week had handed the Darkness their first major setback, Katie and her cronies hadn't been heard from. Fannin wasn't nearly dumb enough to think that anything with Katie and her followers had changed but he was quite grateful for the respite, even if it only was for a week. However, there was a downside to the Darkness' absence.

And for the first time in several months, Rich had to come up with a main event that didn't involve trying to take down Katie and her cabal. But this was a problem that Richard was more than willing to face head on. In fact he only had to think for a few minutes before he came up with a suitable Main Event for the patrons of Voorhees Roadhouse. Tonight the lucky few in attendance would bear witness to a grudge match of epic proportions when the blonde Elisha Cuthbert faced of with brunette bombshell Eliza Dushku.

(A little history for the uninitiated. A few months back, Eliza and Elisha clashed for the first time in a match that went back and forth for nearly half and hour before a winner as decided. In the end, Elisha had taken the win, but it was what happened after the fight that started the feud. The blonde had handcuffed her rival to the bottom rope and proceeded to claw the brunette's groin until she'd nearly passed out. Elisha hadn't stopped there though. She took a lock of Eliza's hair and her bikini bottoms, leaving the brunette semi nude and helpless in the ring. Now Eliza had her chance and she was more than ready to make Elisha pay. Now, with the back-story explained, lets go to the ring!)

The Announcer steps into the ring and begins his routine, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for our main event. Introducing first, she stands at 5 feet 4 inches, she is.... Elisha Cuthbert!"

'Headstrong' roars to life and Elisha moves through the curtain. The curvy blonde is sporting her usual ring attire, consisting of a gleaming white two-piece bikini and matching wrestling boots. The outfit is completed with maroon knee and elbow pads. Sliding under the bottom rope, Elisha headed to her corner to await the arrival of her opponent.

Letting the roar die down, the Announcer resumed, "And her opponent. She stands at 5 feet 5 inches. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you.... Eliza Dushku!"

The first discordant strains of 'Living Dead Girl' growls through the club and Eliza makes her presence known. For her return match with the blonde, the brunette was sporting black bikini bottoms and a white bikini top. Her boots and pads are black, and her attire is topped off with simple tape wraps around her wrists. Studiously ignoring the blonde, Eliza slides into the ring and goes straight to her corner, waiting for the match to start.

When the bell rang, signaling the start of the match, neither lady immediately moved. Instead, Eliza stayed in her corner for several seconds, just staring down the curvy blonde on the other side of the ring. For her part, Elisha did the same thing, eyeing her brunette opposition with a smile that was both casual and dismissive at the same time. After a few more seconds of this, both seemed ready to begin and they pushed out of their corners, heading toward one another on a diagonal. Drawing in close, the girls went nose to nose, staring a hole in her nemesis. After another spate of seconds had gone by, Elisha said "I was expecting you to demand this match months ago. I guess you really aren't all that intent on avenging yourself. Not that I can blame you of course. If I'd been humiliated like you were, I'd never show my face again." She ended her taunt with a bright, hard smile that didn't reach her arctic eyes.

Eliza's face was set in stone as she replied to her former conqueror. "I was just biding my time Elisha. I've got things in mind for you bitch. You're going to pay for what you did to me. After I'm done with you, you're the one who won't be showing her face in public."

Elisha was unfazed. "Big words you no class twat!" she lashed a hand out and slapped it right across Eliza's face, snapping the brunette's head hard to the side. Eliza snarled as she recovered her senses and the brunette didn't bother with a cogent verbal response to Elisha's attack Instead she growled viciously as she put all her weight behind a slap of her own, the stiff backhand shot crashing into the blonde's face and knocking her back several steps. Eliza didn't give her any time offer a return attack however as she was on Elisha immediately, her talons sank deep into the blonde's mane. Still in the throes of her fury, Eliza powered Elisha back into the corner, really chesting up into Cuthbert as she tore at her golden locks.

Elisha was no rookie however and she responded as such, getting her hands in the ropes and calling for the break. Seconds later, the ref had worked his way between the 2 and pulling Eliza off her prey. Dushku seemed to regain control of herself and she released Elisha's hair, raising her arms over her head to signal the clean break. As the brunette stepped back, Elisha used the opening for a shot of her own, belting the brunette's head to the side with another hard slap. As Eliza grunted from the blow, Elisha hissed "#### you Lizzie! Nobody shoves me around!" The second shot enraged Eliza even more than the first and she let her hatred for the blonde come pouring out. Shoving the ref aside she cracked Elisha with a forehand slap that put the blonde back against the turnbuckles.

"YOU LIKE CHEAP SHOTS?" Eliza screamed. "Then you'll love these!" Drawing back her hand, the brunette laced a wicked Knife Edge chop into Elisha's chest that drew a pained cry from the blonde. Smiling at her foe's pain, Eliza didn't stop, chopping and hacking at the blonde's bounty as Elisha gritted her teeth and tried to suck up the punishment. After about a dozen chops, Elisha tired of being Eliza's and she proved as such by bringing her hands up and burying them in Eliza's dark hair.

With a feral scream of her own, the blonde reversed position with her foe, slamming Eliza painfully against the buckles. Leaning in to Eliza's ear, Elisha purred "Let me show you how to execute a proper chop." Then she pulled back and absolutely laced into Eliza, sending a furious fusillade of chops into Eliza's boobs that had the pale brunette howling with each impact.

Elisha had almost reached 20 chops when Eliza's hands came out of nowhere and shoved the blonde hard. Elisha was caught off balance and the blonde stumbled back several steps before she was able to regain her balance. She had just refocused on her foe when Eliza exploded out of her corner, leaving her feet in a graceful leap that culminated in her driving her right arm full force across Elisha's mouth. The Flying Clothesline was a complete success and Elisha went hard, hands on her abused mouth. Eliza on the other hand was on her feet in seconds stalking the disoriented blonde as Elisha slowly got to her feet.

Standing behind her woozy victim, Eliza waited for the perfect opening before she called out, "Back here ya dumb bitch!"

Elisha whirled around on her heel, bringing her guard up as she did so but by then it was already too late. Eliza had shot forward and left her feet again, soaring towards her rival in a smooth arc that that saw her heel crash against Elisha's face full force. Cuthbert groaned as she went down while Eliza simply lay on the mat, taking a dark satisfaction at punishing the bitch who had humiliated her some months before. Deciding the respite was over, Eliza hopped to her feet and turned her attention back to the downed Elisha. Stepping away from the slowly recovering blonde, Eliza backed up a ways and waited for Elisha to get her legs under her.

Setting Cuthbert in her sights, Eliza hissed, "I'm gonna kick your pretty little face right off Elisha!" Then added, "Well I'm still not sure WHAT I'm gonna do."

Elisha regained her vertical base a moment later and Eliza was on her like a shark, streaking at the dizzy blonde with evil intentions. But though she had been on the receiving end of the abuse for a bit, Elisha wasn't going to just sit there and take it, so when Eliza charged her the blonde leapt high, leapfrogging the brunette as she rushed under her. Landing back on the canvas Elisha immediately left her feet a second time as Eliza was coming back at her. This time the blonde went on offense and as Eliza cut the distance between them, Elisha snapped her right leg out, sending her calf into the brunette's face.

The Leaping Calf Kick caught Eliza full force and she went down hard, hands on her abused face. Getting to her knees, Elisha combed a hand through her hair before pulling Eliza to her feet. Getting the aching brunette in a tight Waist Lock, Elisha bridged up and back, drilling Eliza's head and shoulders into the canvas with a German Suplex. Feeling Eliza hit the canvas, Elisha bridged up trying to hold Eliza down for the 3 count. The brunette might have been hurt, but she was nowhere near hurt enough to stay down and she broke Elisha's grip right after the 2 count. Undeterred, Elisha popped to her feet and hauled Eliza to hers. Pulling the brunette roughly into her, Elisha secured her prey with a tight Front Face Lock, before using her other hand to grab a handful of Eliza's black bottom. Tensing herself, Elisha popped her hips violently, taking Dushku up and over very quickly with a scintillating Snap Suplex. Rolling onto the hurt brunette, Elisha shoved her forearm across Eliza's face as she leaned on her, going for the pin.

Finally breaking her silence, Elisha looked down at her foe and spat, "No holding back this time Lizzie. I'm gonna ride your face HARD tonight. You won't ever fuck with me again!"

The validity of her statement remained to be seen because Eliza kicked out right before "TWO", shoving Elisha off her. Scooting alongside the recovering brunette, Elisha was still in command of the situation. Hauling Eliza to her knees, Elisha turned her back to her foe, her back pressing against the brunette's. In one easy motion, Elisha slipped her hands over her head and laced them under Dushku's chin.

Securing her grip, Elisha pulled back hard, Bending Eliza's neck painfully over her shoulder. Bouncing slightly to increase the pressure of the modified Chin Lock, Elisha taunted, "Why don't you give up now Lizzie? I want you to be fully aware when I'm grinding your face under my ass."

Her words distorted by Elisha's grip on her chin, Eliza snarled, "FUCK YOU..."

Trying to engineer her escape, Eliza got her mouth in reach of Elisha's fingers and bit down hard, gnawing and chewing on the intruding hands. Elisha cursed at the pain in her hands and she released her grip quickly, creating some space between her and the brunette. Furious at Eliza's questionable tactics, Elisha pushes to her feet and watches as Eliza does the same. When the brunette turns to face her, Elisha sprints forward and leaves her feet, sending both of her boots rocketing towards Dushku's chin. But Eliza saw the Dropkick coming and she reacted accordingly. Getting her hands up, she stepped back while simultaneously slapping out at Cuthbert's legs, knocking the blonde hard to the canvas. Elisha hit the mat with a thud lay there groaning as she cradled her flattened stomach.

Backing up a step, Eliza said cruelly, "Well high didn't work, so I'll go low next time!"

She bounced off the ropes and hurled back toward Elisha. Upon reaching the point of no return, she executed a near perfect Baseball Slide, driving both feet into the side of Elisha's head. The blonde voiced a pained sounding bark as she was rolled across the ring like a broken mannequin. Savoring the sudden turn of the tide, Eliza got to her feet and sauntered over to where Elisha lay moaning.

Hands on her hips, she chided, "What's the matter 'Lisha? Head hurt? Let's see what I can do about that."

She pulled Elisha to her feet and pulled the blonde into her. Bending her victim over, Eliza used her left arm to secure a grip on Elisha's right arm, while she used her other hand to cup Elisha's chin. In the same motion she spun in a tight little circle she dropped Elisha back to the mat, the Swinging Neckbreaker wreaking all kind of havoc on Elisha's head.

Cuthbert was still clutching her head when Eliza sat down beside her and scissored her thighs around Elisha's waist. Locking her ankles, Eliza slipped her arms around the blonde's throat and cinched them tight, adding a Sleeper to go along with the Body Scissors. Sending occasional pulses through her thighs to torture her victim, Eliza worked both holds as she baited the squirming blonde. "You're gonna ride my face Lishy? I don't think so. You're the one who's going under the ass tonight. And that's just the beginning. I've got a whole load of payback lined up for you."

Sick of listening to Eliza berate her, Elisha returned a favor from earlier, sinking her teeth deep into the soft meat of Eliza's forearm. Dushku cursed and released her holds, pushing the blonde roughly away from her. But Elisha didn't go far and as she regained her senses, she scrambled back toward Eliza who was still nursing her chewed arm. Grabbing her foe by her midnight locks, Elisha threw Eliza to the mat and wasted no time locking her legs around the brunette's head. Crossing her ankles, Elisha grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Eliza's face roughly into the crotch of her bikini as she clamped on the dreaded Head Scissors.

Grinding Dushku's face furiously, Elisha snarled sweetly, "Fuck you AND your payback Eliza. This is just a sample of what awaits you at the end of this match. I can't wait to hear a girl as proud as you scream for mercy as I grind ya into nothing!"

Indeed Eliza's cries were being dampened by her foe's groin, but the brunette wasn't going to concede this fight just yet. Breathing through her nose, Eliza twisted and bucked wildly, eventually finding the ropes. As the ref chided Elisha into releasing her hold, Elisha pinched Eliza's nose shut and gave the brunette's mouth a final grind before releasing the scissors.

Getting to her feet, Elisha smirked as Eliza rubbed her face, trying to relieve herself of Elisha's scent. Shaking off the smell and the last vestiges of her asphyxia, Eliza locked eyes with Elisha and charged forward, meaning to lock up with the blonde. But Cuthbert had no urge to grapple with the furious brunette and she demonstrated as such by shooting her hand forward and poking Eliza in the eyes. Blinded, the brunette cried out and staggered away, wildly swinging at the air in front of her. Sensing an opening, Elisha sprang forward and left her feet, driving the ridge of her forearm right into Eliza's face. The brunette went down in a heap, her legs beating a pained tattoo on the mat as she tried to protect her face. Standing over her mewling foe, Elisha flung Eliza's earlier taunt back in her face.

"Does YOUR face hurt Eliza? Maybe I can do something to help!" Elisha said as she jumped into the air, coming down with her right knee on the back of Dushku's head. The brunette cried out and rolled away, holding her head even tighter after this latest assault. Shaking her head smugly, Elisha moved after her wounded foe. Kneeling in front of her, Elisha slipped both arms around Eliza's head, crushing the brunette's cranium between her powerful forearms. As the Headlock did its job, Elisha cooed, "No escape Eliza. Your face has gotta be properly tenderized before it's good enough for my ass to sit on."

Enraged at the blonde's continued threats to sit on her face, Eliza brought her hands into play, drilling short hard punches into Elisha's midsection. The blonde grimaced, but just tightened her grip, cranking Eliza's neck as hard as she could. Motivated by her punches, Eliza got her knees under her before pushing up hard, getting to a semi vertical base despite still being trapped in Elisha's Head Lock. With her feet planted, Eliza could get more force behind her punches driving undefended blows right into Elisha's belly. After her last shot connected, Eliza was finally able to slip free and then get behind her opponent. Getting the proper grip on her blonde rival Eliza tossed up and back, intending to drop Elisha on her head and neck with a Back Drop Suplex.

But Elisha was savvy enough to see the Suplex coming and she reacted accordingly, flipping free of the throw at the possible second and landing neatly behind the surprised brunette. Reaching her hands up, she grabbed a hold of Eliza's head and snagged her victim in a tight Side Headlock.

Taking the time to goad her, Elisha said, "Nice try Eliza, but I know the counters to your counters. I'd like to see you stop this."

Before Dushku could formulate a response, Elisha sprinted forward toward the edge of the ring. With only a little space separating them from the ring ropes, Elisha leapt into the air, landing with her feet on the top rope, in the same motion she pushed off and back using the ropes for extra force. In one quick motion, she's twisted back towards the center of the ring and fallen to her butt, driving Eliza's face into the mat with a hideously augmented Bulldog. Believing the move had done enough damage to finish Dushku off, Cuthbert bullied her girl onto her back and went for the cover. She was a bit surprised when Eliza managed to get a shoulder off the canvas right after 'TWO'.

Getting to her feet, Elisha pulled Eliza off the canvas and stood behind her. Locking the brunette in a simple Half Nelson, the blonde again baited her, "It's nice that you don't stay down easy Lizzie, it shows you've got spine. Now I get to break it."

Her promise made, Cuthbert cinches the Half Nelson tighter and bridges up and back, taking Eliza with her. The crowd cheers in anticipation of a Half Nelson Suplex, one of the most impressive (and dangerous) moves in wrestling. But Cuthbert has something much more sadistic in mind. As she reaches the apex of her bridge, she twists her torso and drops to one knee. Still holding Dushku trapped in the Half Nelson, she drives the brunette down across her outstretched knee with sickening force. The innovative cruelty of the Half Nelson Backbreaker brings the crowd to their feet as Elisha goes for another cover, hooking Eliza's leg this time. But still the brunette was able to get a shoulder free. Hands on her hips, Elisha couldn't believe that Eliza was still in this fight. Deciding something a bit more drastic was an order, Elisha strode over to the top rope and hopped up in one quick motion. Keeping her eyes locked on the slowly recovering Eliza, Elisha bided her time, waiting to fly through the air and take Eliza's head off. Seconds later, Eliza turned to face the blonde and the blonde prepared to dive on her. But before Elisha could leave the turnbuckles, Eliza shot forward and lashed a leg out, kicking Cuthbert's feet out from under her. The blonde cried out and fell straight down, crotching herself on the top buckle. Elisha cried out again and could do nothing but wait helplessly as Eliza climbed the buckles. Getting her feet on the top buckle, Eliza's crotch was in close proximity to Elisha's face.

Sneering down at the stunned blonde, Eliza spat, "You like jamming your twat in my face? Lemme return the favor!"

Eliza executed a short hop while simultaneously clamping her thighs shut around the blonde's head. As gravity began to weigh on her, Eliza fell back and pulled as hard as she could, the tope rope Hurricanrana tossing Elisha off the turnbuckles to send her crashing to the mat. Listening with sick satisfaction at the wet splat Elisha made when she hit the canvas, Eliza rushed over to where her foe had landed and pounced on her, applying a Reverse Face sit as the ref went to make the count. And despite the notable disadvantage of having Eliza's ass in her face, Elisha was able to break free of the pin just moments after the 'TWO' had sounded. Angry but not frustrated, Eliza pulled Elisha to her feet and stepped back a bit. Steadying herself, the brunette began snapping a series of wicked martial arts kicks off any target she could find.

Cuthbert's belly, chest and face took the majority of the blows, but Eliza attacked without bias, nailing any part of the blonde's anatomy that looked like it would cause the most pain. After an especially hard shot to the breasts staggered Elisha back several paces, Eliza readied for the knockout shot, blasting her foot right into the blonde's chin with a murderous Super Kick. Elisha crumbled to the mat and Eliza went for the cover, rudely squeezing the blonde's tits as she did so. When Elisha kicked out after TWO, Eliza cursed loudly and fixed an angry glare at the ref. Shaking her head, she turned her ire back on Elisha.

"OK, Slutbert you wanna keep kicking out, that's fine. I wanna rip you apart and that's fine too."

She went to Elisha's feet and grabbed her right ankle in both hands. Tucking the captive ankle under her armpit, Eliza turned Elisha onto her stomach and sat down on the blonde's back, torturing Elisha's leg and back with the Single Leg Crab. Cinching her grip even tighter, Eliza leaned back and jerked from side to side, doing her best to shred Elisha's knee. Elisha was in agony from the hold, but she couldn't bring herself to submit to the pain. Dragging herself toward the ropes, she was within inches of freedom when Eliza released the pressure on the hold, only to drag her back towards the center of the ring.

Sitting back down on the blonde's back, Eliza purred, "Not gonna be that easy Elisha. You belong to me now."

Slamming her hands furiously against the mat, Elisha roared back, "FUCk OFF ELIZA! YOU DON'T OWN SHIT AND YOU SURE AS HELL CAN'T BREAK ME!"

The barb seemed to strike a nerve because after a final wrench on the hold, Eliza released her grip, only to pull Elisha to her feet. Standing before the limping blonde, Eliza hissed in her face. "I can't break you? I think your leg would beg to differ." As Elisha tried to form a response, Eliza grabbed hold of the injured limb, bending it awkwardly at the knee. In one smooth jerk, Eliza pulled Elisha off the mat only to drop to one knee, driving Elisha's already injured knee into her posted joint. Lightning raced up he blonde's leg and she screeched in pain as Eliza tossed her rudely to the mat.

Grabbing Elisha's ankle, again, Eliza purred coldly, "STILL think I can't break you bitch?"

She was about to lock Elisha in a second Single Leg Crab when the blonde pulled her healthy leg back and then drove it full force between Eliza's thighs. The brunette's grip fell away and she sank slowly to her knees in front of the recovering Elisha. On her knees in front of the crippled brunette, Elisha bulled Eliza onto her back, straddling her foe at the waist.

Sitting heavily on Eliza's chest, Elisha cracked her knuckles ominously while addressing the brunette, "You're the only one that's going to break Eliza. And I'm going to do it very slowly, to make sure you never forget how much better than you I am."

Eliza was still too hurt from Elisha's low blow to respond, but she wasn't too hurt to cry out when Cuthbert started hammering her defenseless face with an evil series of lefts and rights. After an especially hard shot busted Eliza's lip open, Elisha muscled the brunette onto her stomach while still maintaining her straddle. Laying down on Eliza's back, Elisha snaked both arms under the brunette's chin before bearing down with all her weight, trying to put Eliza to sleep with the Rear Naked Choke.

Enjoying the sensation of Eliza wriggling underneath her, Elisha put her lips to the brunette's ear and cooed, "Don't give up Eliza, it'll be better for you if you're not awake when your nose gets jammed in my ass."

The blonde's voice broke through the fog of pain in Eliza's head and it only served to motivate her to escape. Resorting to the most basic methods of escape available, she got her mouth open before sinking her teeth into the crook of Elisha's elbow. Cuthbert howled in pain and gave the hold a final squeeze before pulling away to free herself from Eliza's maw. Shaking off the pain in her elbow, Elisha yanked Eliza to her feet and buried two talons in her dark hair before throwing her unceremoniously into the corner.

Pressing in close to her victim, Elisha got right in Eliza's face and roared, "YOU BIT OFF MORE THAN YOU COULD CHEW WITH ME ELIZA! I'LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER FORGET THAT!"

Before Dushku could respond, Elisha darted her head forward and sank her teeth into Eliza's forehead, gnawing and gnashing her teeth against the brunette's face. As Eliza wailed under the dental based assault, Elisha changed tactics, pulling away from the brunette only to tear into her with another series of punches. Punch after punch rocked Eliza back on her heels, but still Elisha wasn't satisfied, pulling away from her disoriented victim before extending her leg and pressing the sole of her boot directly against the brunette's throat.

Eliza flailed wildly as Elisha cut off her air but she was helpless in the blonde's grip. Eventually Elisha let Eliza fall from the corner and she did just that, landing in an undignified heap at Cuthbert's feet. Her self esteem wasn't helped any when Elisha put her boot on the side of her face and ground it back and forth, abrading Eliza's features even more. Pulling the brunette to her feet, Elisha went face to face with her.

Holding Dushku steady, Elisha sneered, "You were always a bitch Eliza. And this is how you put a bitch in her place."

Hauling back her hand, Elisha absolutely blasted the brunette across the face with a vicious forehand slap that sent Eliza to her knees. The blow seemed to clear the brunettes head and suddenly she was on her feet and roaring her fury, belting Elisha with short, stinging haymakers to the face. She seemed to be on the verge of taking the blonde off her feet, when Elisha ducked one of the blows and slipped behind her. Even before Eliza had finished her swing, Elisha had bent the brunette painfully backwards, trapping her chin in the crook of the blonde's armpit.

Holding the brunette prone, Elisha snickered, "That was pretty pathetic for a last gasp Lizzie."

Elisha dropped back to the canvas, driving the back of Eliza's skull into the mat with an Inverted DDT. Eliza flopped when she hit the mat and then lay still, indicating to the blonde that she as done for. Pressing a hand into Eliza's face, Elisha went for a nonchalant cover and received a close 2 count for her troubles. Cursing loudly, she hauled the wounded brunette to her feet and stood behind her. Trapping both of Eliza's arms behind her, she bridges back, slamming the brunette's head and shoulders into the mat with a Tiger Suplex. Maintaining her bridge, Elisha poured all her energy into keeping Eliza down, but Dushku wasn't done yet, getting free right before the "THREE" was counted.

Biting back her fury, Elisha pulled Eliza to her knees and drug her toward the ropes. Reaching her destination, Elisha placed Eliza throat first on the middle rope and then jammed her knee between the brunette's shoulder blades. Grabbing the top rope for leverage, Elisha tried her damnedest to choke all the air out of Eliza. Fortunately for the brunette, choking in the ropes isn't the most legal of wrestling maneuvers and the ref pulled the blonde off her prey right after his count reached 4. Fixing the zebra with a withering glare, Elisha pulled Eliza to her feet and wrapped the brunette up in another Front Face Lock.

Holding her captive prone, Elisha hissed, "The way this is going you're not going to have a face left to sit on Lizzie."

She fell straight back, intending to drive Eliza's face into the mat with a DDT but Dushku had other plans; grabbing hold of the top rope just as Elisha started her descent. When Eliza should have left her feet, she stayed standing while Elisha was slammed painfully into the mat. The blonde winced and grabbed her head as she tried to shake off the result of the impact. Looking wearily down at her rival, Eliza knew she needed some more time to recover, but she also knew she had to hurt Elisha NOW.

Acting on instinct, she dropped to one knee, driving her bent knee right into Elisha's mound. The blonde's attention immediately shifted to her wounded center and she clasped her thighs shut, trying to protect herself from further damage. Getting her wits back about her, Eliza bent down and pulled Elisha to her feet. Marching her foe towards the center of the ring, Eliza held the blonde at arms length before burying a knee in her gut. Elisha doubles over gasping as Eliza grips her in a tight Front Face-Lock. Grabbing a handful of tights she lifts up and falls back driving the blonde's forehead hard into the mat with a wickedly elevated Implant DDT. Elisha shuddered and rolled onto her back as Eliza went for a nonchalant cover of her own, straddling the blonde's waist and simply waiting for the count. Well she got 2/3's of the count, but the last 1/3 was denied her as Elisha managed to get a shoulder free. Nodding almost imperceptibly, Eliza pulled Elisha up and hurled her into the corner.

Stalking over to the blonde, Eliza sized her up, while whispering vindictively, "My face is doing just fine E. When you wake up after the match, you can see how great it looks while I'm busy riding your face."

Elisha only groaned in response, so Eliza gave her another reason to groan. Planting her feet, the dark-haired beauty blasted three consecutive Roundhouse Kicks against Elisha's jaw, the last blow finally dropping the blonde to her butt. Looking down at the slumped blonde, a cruel smile crossed the brunette's face. Backing up several steps, she looked out at the audience and asked " Wanna see something cool?" The crowd replied that they did. Taking their reply to heart, Eliza charged forward and leapt toward her opponent. Spreading her thighs, Eliza completed the Bronco Buster by ramming crotch first into her rival's face, bouncing violently up and down as the crowd went wild. But as demeaning as the move was, it as hardly something the audience hadn't seen before. At least that was true until, Eliza locked her ankles and squeezed mightily, trapping Elisha's face against her groin in a makeshift Headscissors.

Smiling broadly as she snuggled Elisha's protesting face against her womanhood, Eliza said happily, "This is fun. I had almost forgotten how fun it was to ride an overrated slut's face."

She continued her grind as long as the rules would allow which in this case was about five seconds. Breaking her hold right as the ref was about to end his count, Eliza thrust her hips against Elisha's face one more time before she peeled herself off Elisha. Granting the blonde no reprieve, Eliza yanked her up by the hair and pulled her toward the middle of the ring. Locking the blonde up in a Front Face Lock, Eliza grabbed another handful of tights before pulling Elisha off her feet and into the air. But what appeared to be a simple Vertical Suplex was anything but, because as Elisha was almost inverted over the brunette's head, Eliza sat out, tossed Elisha downward, letting her fall face and chest first into the canvas. The Sit Out Gourd Buster drove all the wind from Elisha's lungs and the blonde was limp as Eliza went for a cover, one much tighter than the last. But seemingly just to spite her rival, Elisha got a shoulder up before the final slap of the mat. Shaking her head in disbelief, Eliza pulled Elisha to her feet and buried a boot in her gut.

With the blonde prostrate before her, Eliza whispered, "In times of crisis, one should always resort to what works best."

In the same instant she left her feet, leaping straight up before extending her leg over Elisha's bent head. When she came down, she'd drive Elisha face first into the canvas, thus completing her finisher, the peculiarly named Crisis of Faith. Tragically, the move would never connect as Elisha pulled back at the last second. Leaving Eliza to slam tailbone first into unforgiving canvas. As she winced at the pain in her butt, Eliza was hauled off her feet by the blonde and tossed unceremoniously onto Elisha's shoulders in a Fireman's Carry.

Before she could even comprehend what was going on, Elisha hurled the brunette off her shoulders, sending her to the canvas in what appeared to be a Death Valley Driver. But instead of merely falling with Eliza, Elisha dropped to one knee, driving it into the back of the brunette's head as she sped toward the canvas. Her deviously clever Neckbreaker completed, Elisha went for a hasty cover only to be disappointed when Eliza broke out at the last possible second.

Shaking off her aches and pains, Elisha bullied Eliza into a Standing Headscissors then reaching over and spanking the brunette derisively on the butt, Elisha spat, "I'm gonna break your neck for that stunt in the corner Lizzie. No one embarrasses me and just walks away."

Wrapping her arms around Eliza's waist and inverted her, holding her for the Pile Driver. Holding the brunette prone, Elisha shifted her grip so that one arm was still wrapped around Eliza's middle, while the other was threaded between the brunette's legs. Hands clasped tightly, Elisha jumped into the air and waited for the impact, spiking Eliza's head against the mat with the Cradle Pile Driver. Cuthbert pushed the brunette away and appeared to be going for the cover when she thought better of it. Standing over the maimed Eliza she said, "Not just yet. I want to make sue you stay down when I go for the next cover."

Then she strode to the corner and went up top. Signaling for the crowd, she hesitated just a second before flipping off the top rope, meaning to smash Eliza's head with the Somersault Leg Drop she'd dubbed Three Seconds From The End. But today the end was a little bit further away because Eliza rolled clear at the last second, leaving Elisha to slam butt first into painfully empty mat. Clutching her tailbone and sobbing at the pain, Elisha was easy pickings as Eliza hauled her to her feet seconds later.

Standing tall in front of the woozy blonde, Eliza jeered, "Looks like you crashed and burned Elisha. Now you pay the price."

Instantly, Eliza was in the air with a gorgeous vertical leap. At the apex, she scissored her thighs shut around Elisha's head and twisted back, flipping the blonde over with another Hurricanrana. Holding her perch upon landing, Eliza hooked both of Elisha's flailing legs, turning it into a tight Matchbook Pin. Grinding down on Elisha's damp features, Eliza counted along with the ref, only to be interrupted when Cuthbert somehow managed to get free. Reaching the end of her reserves, Eliza pulled Elisha up and was about to berate her again when the ever tenacious blonde drilled some punches into her face, sending her backpedaling awkwardly.

Using her pain as motivation, Elisha grabbed Eliza's wrists and tossed her into the ropes, waiting for the brunette to draw close enough to do evil things to her. As it turned out, evil things were done, but it was the brunette doing them. Regaining her senses she went downstairs and drilled both boots into Elisha's injured knee with a Low Dropkick. The blow took Elisha off her feet and she landed face first on the mat, crying and holding her injured limb close to her. Getting to her feet, Eliza stood at Elisha's feet and surveyed the scene. Deciding it would be a waste of breath to ask for a surrender, Eliza decided to just take one. Grabbing both of the blonde's ankles, Eliza pulled Elisha's legs off the canvas, crossing the injured right leg across the relatively undamaged left. Wrapping her arms around Elisha's calves, Eliza turned her victim over and sat down hard, destroying Elisha's back and knee with the Texas Cloverleaf.

As she worked the hold, Eliza demanded surrender again, "SUBMIT ELISHA! YOU'RE KNEE IS ABOUT TO SNAP, BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF I LET YOU GO BEFORE YA TAP OUT!"

Inching her ways towards the ropes, Elisha screamed back at her tormentor, "FUCK YOU ELIZA! I DON'T TAP TO NO-TALENT SLUTS LIKE YOU!"

Just as she thought she might have to recant that, Cuthbert reached the ropes and clutched the for dear life, shouting at the ref to make Eliza release the hold. Screaming her rage, Eliza gave the Cloverleaf a final tug before getting off , but then quickly grabbing Elisha's ankles again and pulling her back to mid-ring and stomping down hard on the blonde's belly.

Looking down into Elisha's face, Eliza whispered venomously, "You can't even walk Elisha; looks to me, like YOU'RE the one whose fucked."

Turning her attention toward the ropes, the brunette raced forward, hopping over Elisha's crippled form as she sped forward. With almost no room between her and the edge of the ring, Eliza leapt into the air, coming to rest perfectly balanced on the top rope. In the same breath, she used the rope as a launch pad, back flipping off it and landing chest to chest on the gasping blonde. Or should I say, landed chest to knees, because that's what happened. Elisha had pulled her knees up and let Eliza impale herself on them. All the air left Eliza Dushku's lungs in one blast and she rolled over onto her side, curled into the fetal position as she tried to protect her assaulted middle. Gritting her teeth and sucking wind, the brunette fought to her feet just as Elisha was getting to hers.

Fixing a fevered glare on her nemesis, Eliza shrieked an inarticulate cry before loping forward to meet the blonde. Well she got more than she bargained for as the desperate blonde fired her good foot up, catching Eliza between the thighs. Her anger turning to agony, Eliza doubled over and offered no resistance as Elisha trapped her in a Standing Headscissors. She then stepped forward and wrapped Eliza up in the Pile-Driver position. But instead of just dropping Eliza on her head, she lifted her right leg and stepped forward, placing it in front of Eliza's dangling right arm, then repeated the maneuver, trapping Eliza's left arm behind her left leg.

With Eliza wounded and disoriented, Elisha celebrated her impending victory by saying, "Same ending as before Eliza, 'cept this time you don't get to keep any of your dignity."

Then she jumped and fell face first toward the mat. Eliza was taken along for the ride and her exposed chest and ribs were driven viciously into the mat. The crowd roared their approval as Elisha maintained the hold on impact, rolling onto her butt with Eliza now shoulders down on the mat in a makeshift Sunset Flip. Elisha had nailed the White Out on Eliza for the second time in as many matches and everyone roared as the ref began his final count. But Eliza shocked everyone in attendance (perhaps none more so than Elisha) but kicking free of the pin with only microseconds left to go.

Screaming in fury and disbelief, Elisha immediately went for another pin, but Eliza kicked out of that one too. Incensed beyond coherent thought, Elisha pulled the weak kneed brunette to her feet and trapped her in yet another Front Face Lock. Grabbing a handful of tights, Elisha popped her hips, but when Eliza went over, she floated free of the suplex and landed on her feet behind the blonde, Whirling around to greet the brunette, Elisha was met with a boot to the gut, before being trapped in a Front Face Lock for her troubles. Eliza held on with one hand, keeping Elisha in the Face Lock while her free hand reached down and hooked the blonde's right leg behind the knee. Not even taking a breath to steady herself, Eliza picked Elisha up off the mat and held her aloft with one leg hooked up tight, directly over the brunette's head. Reaching the limits of her strength, Eliza simply fell down, driving Elisha's head into the canvas from several feet up, connecting with the Fisherman's Brainbuster.

Too tired to do anything else, Eliza simply threw an arm over Elisha and hoped for the best. If she had managed to secure a better cover, it might have ended right there, but Elisha hadn't yet reached her limits and she pushed Eliza off her before the "THREE!" Knowing the fight was still on, Eliza got slowly to her feet, tears of frustration actually wetting the corners of her eyes. Holding the blonde bent over, Eliza leapt into the air and this time the Crisis of Faith connected, driving Elisha face first into the mat.

Knowing in her heart that it was over, Eliza draped herself over Elisha and waited for the end. Nut like so many other things, the heart lies sometimes and this was one of those times. When Elisha pushed free, Eliza didn't scream or shout or rant, she did nothing at all. She simply had no idea what she could do to put Elisha away for good. Feeling totally used up, she grabbed a hold of Elisha's hair and pulled her to her feet.

Standing nose to nose with the blonde, Eliza leaned into her and asked, "Why won't you stay down?"

Shaking off the haze in her brain, Elisha gasped back, "Because.... I'm better....than you."

Simultaneous with her last word, she drove her knee up, catching Eliza with another low blow. The brunette tried to crumble forward, but Elisha caught her in an unsteady grip. Doing the firs thing that came to mind, she whipped Eliza into the ropes, and waited for the brunette to return. When Eliza was close, Elisha leaped into the air, attempting to leapfrog over her stumbling rival. However, as soon as Eliza had passed under the blonde, she spun on her heel and waited for Elisha to land. As soon as the blonde's boots hit the canvas, Eliza fired her boot up, catching Cuthbert in the crotch. Elisha screamed quietly as her knees buckled and she fell backwards into Eliza's waiting arms. Dushku reached forward and hooked both of her rival's arms at the elbows, pulling them roughly behind her.

Milliseconds later, Dushku twisted her entire body around, while still holding Elisha's arms. Both ladies were still standing but now Cuthbert was bent double, her arms pulled out in front of her, her head resting above the small of Eliza's back. To exhausted to think of anything clever to say, Eliza simply fell straight down, taking Elisha with her, driving the weakened blonde face first into the mat. The Face Eraser connected beautifully and with the last bit of her strength, Eliza rolled Elisha onto her back and fell on top of her. Three seconds later, Eliza had attained the first stage of her revenge.

For long seconds, Eliza didn't have the power to do anything. She simple lay sprawled on top of the beaten blonde, breathing hard and getting her wits back. After nearly a minute, the brunette got slowly to her feet. Walking slowly around Elisha, Eliza ran both hands through her damp hair and took a deep breath. Staring out and the crowd, her face suddenly broke into the patented smile, the one drove her fans absolutely wild and her detractors absolutely nuts. Moving deliberately, she stood over Elisha, planting one leg on either side of the blonde's head. Putting her hands on her hips, Eliza did a very slow, very subtle grind of her hips before sitting down, bringing the crotch of her bikini to rest against Elisha's face. Grabbing a handful of blonde hair, Eliza pulled Cuthbert's face snugly against her center. Knowing that there was no way that Elisha could hear her, Eliza spoke anyway.

"I know you can't hear me, but I don't care. When you wake up, you'll see this tape and that'll be good enough for me. Know this Elisha. I beat you straight up, fair and square, tonight. Five by five if you will. And what I do to you, I do all by myself. No scissors, handcuffs or other bullshit needed. Just a good old fashioned face grinder. Strap yourself in bitch, because the ride is about to start."

The brunette stopped speaking and started riding, rubbing her hips in slow languid circles back and forth across the unknowing landscape of Elisha's features. After several seconds, Eliza increased her pace, grinding and bucking with increased enthusiasm as she did her best to smash the blonde's lips and nose into her face. After several more seconds Eliza reached her limits and she erupted, flooding her beaten rival's face in a steaming tide. Working through the last vestiges of her climax, Eliza trembled all over before getting shakily to her feet.

Staring down at the blonde, Eliza said, "That was fun, but I want a trophy."

She peeled off the blonde's top and then took her bottom, leaving Elisha nude spread-eagled on the mat.

Holding her trophies high, Eliza spun in a slow circle and gloated, "Let's see her try and take these back."

Then she spun on her heel and headed through the ropes, back up the ramp. In the ring, Elisha was just beginning to recover.... and the blonde was already contemplating how she would take her revenge.