Elisha Cuthbert vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by The Walkin' Dude

For mid-September it was a surprisingly cool evening in the little town of Hobbs End, Vermont. At roughly nine in the evening the sky was making the final turn from the deep purple of twilight to the starlit blackness of night. Throughout the isolated hamlet, folks had cleared away the dinner dishes and began going about their evening routine. For a large number of these citizens, their regular evening activities consisted of a stop at the local watering hole, a surprisingly upscale place called Pickman's Studio. Besides being home to one of the best microbreweries in the northeast and making the spiciest Buffalo Wings around, Pickman's played host to Women's Wrestling every now and then. And tonight was one of those select occasions when the residents of the town were privy to witness some of the most intense female combat around.

The beer was flowing and the wings were being devoured at an alarming rate all through the evening as the locals worked themselves into a frenzy of anticipation for the nights main event. The quintessential "Good Girl" Jennifer Love Hewitt would be taking on Elisha Cuthbert, the blonde bombshell who had, until recently been regarded as a good girl herself. That image had been shattered about two months ago after a match with Kristen Kreuk when Elisha had lit her defeated opponent up with a leather strap and then used a pair of barber shears to lop off Kristen's long braid. The sadistic ending to that match had forced Kreuk into hiding and she hadn't been seen in a wrestling ring (or anywhere else for that matter) since that humiliating evening in July. But enough with the history lesson, what's done is done and the Announcer has just stepped into the squared circle to begin the festivities for tonight's ultimate match up.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for our main event. Introducing first, she stands at five feet four inches, she is.....Elisha Cuthbert!" As Headstrong roars through the speakers, Elisha strides through the curtain and makes her way toward the ring. The pale blonde beauty is decked out in her typical ring attire; a gleaming white two piece bikini that went beautifully with her gold locks. The ensemble was completed by deep red boots and knee and elbow pads. Moving quickly down the aisle, the blonde approached the ring and deftly rolled under the bottom rope. Bouncing to her feet, she offered the audience a sly smile before heading to her corner and awaiting the arrival of her opponent.

The announcer resuming his duties, said, "And her opponent, she stands at five feet, three inches tall. Ladies and gentlemen I give you....Jennifer Love Hewitt!"

The almost nauseatingly catchy first strains of Maroon 5's “This Love” comes through the speakers as the brunette presents herself to the regulars at Pickman's Studio. Despite her somewhat questionable win loss ratio, Jen always looked like a champion and tonight was no different. This night the gorgeous brunette was clad in a two piece bikini the color of freshly hewn emeralds. Her pads and ring boots were of the same color, and the deep green went wonderfully with her pale complexion and long dark hair. Love made her way confidently down toward the ring, slapping hands and gratefully acknowledging the compliments of the fans that had begun to take her more seriously after her winning streak this summer. (Jennifer had been, in fact, the last woman to beat Katie Holmes before she went psycho and destroyed Tara Reid - and a whole host of others! But that’s a story for another time!) Reaching the ring, Jen slid under the bottom ropes and headed toward her corner, her dark eyes never leaving Elisha's cold blue ones.

The bell sounded and both ladies moved toward the center of the ring. The distance between the blonde and the brunette closed quickly, but just as it appeared they were ready to grapple, the two rivals merely locked eyes, each with a stony expression on her face. Then Elisha smiled and, expecting any expression but that, Love was startled into breaking her silence.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

Elisha's reply was fairly nonchalant, "I'm just thinking....the last brunette I was in the ring with hasn't shown her face in almost two months. I wonder if I can send your saggy tits into hiding too?"

Love stared into the smirking blonde's icy blue eyes and fired back a shot of her own, "If I recall, Kristen had your disease-ridden ass beat until you spit a load of beer into her eyes. But it's not that I'm surprised. A slut like you is used to spitting out mouthfuls of fluid. And as far as my tits go..." she leaned hard into Elisha as she spoke, pressing her impressive chest tightly against her opponent's. "Let's see how saggy you think they are as they smother you into Dreamland."

Elisha just smirked some more and leaned her own abundant assets into Jennifer's, "If it's a Tit fight you want, come and get it. And after I've smashed those pathetic sacks flat, I'll make sure you wake up with my Tit sweat drying on your face."

As soon as she finished, Elisha shot both hands up and brutally pinched Jen's nipples through her thin top. Love squealed in pain before shoving Elisha off her, sending the blonde backpedaling across the ring. Enraged at the insulting attack, Jennifer charged at Elisha. When she was within grappling distance, Jennifer surged forward, going for the lock-up. But the quick blonde anticipated the move and easily sidestepped Jennifer's energetic but somewhat clumsy lunge. With Love grasping at air, Elisha spun her around and latched onto her rival's arm. Instantly she dropped to her knees and flung the startled brunette over her hip and halfway across the ring with a picture perfect Arm Drag. Love hit the mat hard but she rolled with the impact and got to her feet fast, charging right back at the opposition.

Again, Elisha was ready for her, snatching her arm a second time and tossing her to the opposite corner with a second Arm Drag. Jen was a little slower getting up off the second attack and Elisha used the hesitation to her advantage, sprinting across the ring before leaving her feet, aiming both booted heels at Jen's temple with a Dropkick. But this time it was Jennifer who was ready. As Elisha hurtled toward her Jennifer swatted both hands out, knocking Elisha aside and sending the pale blonde hard to the mat. Elisha took the brunt of the impact on her stomach and she gasped for air for a few seconds before popping to her feet.

Elisha turned toward her foe with a snarl contorting her pretty face, "Come on Love, let's see what you've go... urrrrghhhhh!"

The taunt had just left her lips when Jennifer drove a hard Clothesline right across her mouth. Elisha went down again, this time clutching her head and fighting the fireworks blooming behind her eyes. She was so distracted by the pain in her head that she was caught completely unaware when Jennifer drove the point of her elbow hard into the soft pit of her stomach. As Elisha grunted in pain, Jen stood up and pulled the blonde slowly to her feet.

Planting her hands on her hips, Love stared at the dazed Elisha, taunting her with a cold sneer on her lips, "You think just because you cut off some skank's hair everyone else will be afraid of you? Lemme tell you something, no one's afraid of you, ya peroxide drenched, no-class bitch!"

She finished her statement with a hard slap that rocked the blonde back on her heels. As Elisha reeled from the blow, Jen grabbed her foe's wrist and whipped her hard into the ropes. Love watched Elisha bounce off the ropes and rush back towards her. When the gap was almost gone, Jennifer ducked low and prepared to toss Elisha high over her head with a Back Body Drop. But microseconds before the point of no return, Elisha hit the brakes and fired a foot into Jen's lowered head. The brunette cried out and staggered back, holding her bruised forehead.

"Time to teach you some manners bitch!" Elisha fumed as she locked up with Love.

Not allowing her any time to recover, Elisha cinched in a tight Front Face Lock and grabbed a handful of Love's emerald tights with her free hand. Popping her hips she took the brunette up and over with a beautiful Snap Suplex. As soon as Jen's shoulders hit the mat, Elisha went for the cover, draping her full body weight on Love's ample chest. The referee had just slapped the mat once when Jennifer shoved a shoulder free.

Not deterred by her rival's escape, Elisha hauled Love to her feet and smirked at the dazed girl, "Who were you calling a no class bitch? A talentless cunt like you has got a lotta nerve calling me anything. You need to learn a little humility Love, and I'm just the person to teach you!"

Speaking no more, she reached between Jen's legs and hoisted her off the mat. Holding the brunette helpless, Elisha maneuvered Jen into position for what looked to be the Tombstone Pile-Driver. But when Jen's face was directly in front of Elisha's crotch, the blonde simply held her in place. Grinning slyly, she ground her hips forward, forcing her thinly veiled groin into Jen's face. The inverted brunette gasped at the demeaning treatment and she tried to turn her face away, but Elisha just kept the grind going, rubbing her snatch up and down the side of Love's face. The audience went nuts as Elisha continued her dominating treatment of the brunette; cheering aloud when Elisha released one hand and gave Jennifer a scathing wedgie while she was still hung up helpless. Elisha twined the slightly slick material between her fingers and sawed the garment back and forth, causing Jen's ass to jiggle uncontrollably. Then giving Love's exposed cheeks a condescending pat, Elisha rose up on the balls of her feet before dropping to one knee and slamming Jen's shoulder into her bent limb. The brunette shrieked in pain before falling awkwardly to the mat, massaging the injured muscle.

Elisha grabbed a handful of long dark locks and leisurely hauled the dazed Love to her feet. Gripping Jen with a vice like claw, the blonde whipped her foe viciously toward the corner. Jennifer hit the corner viciously, her back exploding in pain. But she had barely had time to cry out before Elisha hit her like a freight train, pan-caking her against the buckles with a Body Splash. The brunette wanted nothing more than to fall out of the corner and nurse her wounds however Elisha would have none of that. Keeping Love secured in the corner, Elisha mounted the bottom rope, bringing her chest level with Jen's sweating face. Smiling sweetly, the blonde grabbed dual handfuls of hair and pulled the brunette's struggling face deep into her cleavage. Her smile grew even wider as Love began frantically trying to draw a breath. Elisha weathered her foe's escape attempts and just kept grinding Jen’s cute face into her tits, relishing the slick slapping sound they made against Jen's features.

Still holding her position, Elisha looked down at her foe and taunted her, "Not so proud now are you Love? You better get used to this (she gave another energetic grind of her chest) because this little session is only a preview! What I do to you after this match will make what I did to Kristen look like kid's stuff."

With that she released her grip and stepped down from the ropes. In the same motion she threw Jen out of the corner, letting her fall gracelessly to the canvas. Elisha performed these actions with all the care of someone taking out an especially disgusting bag of garbage. Watching Love's progress with a disinterested stare, Elisha turned her back on the brunette for just a moment, hopping to the top turnbuckle in one catlike motion.

Turning to face Jennifer, Elisha saw that the brunette had just now regained her footing and was trying to shake of the last of the blonde's assault. Looking to get Jen's attention, she shouted, "Hey slut!"

Love looked up with fire in her eyes, but she was still too disoriented to stop Elisha's attack. For as soon as she saw the white's of Jen’s eyes, Elisha leapt off the top rope, sailing toward her foe at top speed. Before she could crash into Jennifer, Elisha scissored her legs open and then just as quickly snapped them shut again, trapping Jen's head between her thighs. In the same breath, she rolled all her weight back and using nothing but sheer leg strength, took Love off her feet and threw her three quarters of the way across the ring. Jen hit the mat with an ungainly thud and arched her back, completely unprepared for the effects of Elisha's Hurricanrana. On the other side of the squared circle, Elisha had regained her feet and dove across the ring to where Jen lay. Looking to end the match here and now, she draped all her weight across the brunette's torso, and hooked both legs tightly. The referee had just reached 2 when Jen pushed a shoulder free.

"Dammit!" Elisha thought. "I thought for sure she was done. Oh well, there nothing that says I can't torture this whore a little more before I finish her off." Believing it would only take one more big move to put the brunette down for good, Elisha again went to the top rope and crouched, waiting to pounce on the hapless Love as soon as she was on her feet.

Jennifer meanwhile, was simply trying to contemplate how everything had gone so terribly wrong. For the last few minutes the blonde has been undeniably dominating her and Jen wasn't going to let that continue. As she got her legs under her, she thought, "I fought all summer to earn everyone's respect in the ring. I didn't win all those matches just to have my momentum stolen by this sadistic bitch. I'm not ever going to be a loser again!" "Well get up and prove it," a small dark voice inside her head answered back. "I WILL!" she muttered through clenched teeth.

She turned toward the corner where Elisha was perched and for the second time in as many minutes, the blonde soared through the air; this time looking to flatten her foe with a Flying Cross Body Block. Her execution of the move was flawless, but she failed to take her foe's determination into account. For when Elisha collided with Jennifer, the brunette shot her arms up, trapping Elisha several feet of the ground, in perfect position for any of the myriad slams in Jen's arsenal And slam her was just what Jen did. Without missing a beat, she spun around and fell to the mat with all her bodyweight pressed against the blonde. The makeshift Power Slam crushed the limber Elisha between her foe and the unyielding canvas. A lone spasm passes through Elisha and then all she can do as gasp, trying to get some air back into her abused lungs. Revitalized by her inventive counter, Jennifer got to her feet and hauled Elisha up moments after. Looking to pay her foe back for the humiliating treatment earlier, Jen stood behind Elisha and reached a claw up into her golden mane.

Tightening her grip, she pulled back, wrenching Elisha's neck painfully backward while simultaneously whispering in her ear, "You know Elisha, your tits held up remarkably well against my face. But lets see how well they stand up against solid steel."

Elisha finished her statement with an inarticulate cry of rage and whipped her rival chest first as hard as she could into the corner. Still dazed from the slam, Elisha was powerless to stop her forward momentum and the blonde ran full force into the thinly padded steel. She cried out in agony, the corner feeling like a massive hammer smashing against her tits. Winded, she staggered back toward the center of the ring and right into Jennifer's waiting hands. As Elisha stumbled toward her, Jen did something odd. She turned her back to the blonde. When Elisha was nearly standing back to back with her, Love sprang into action. Crouching slightly, she reached her arms back and up, bringing them up under Elisha's arms before clasping her hands tightly together and locking them behind her head.

With the first stage of her plan in place, Jen looked to finish it off. Straightening up, she leaned forward and pulled Elisha up off the canvas, stretching her tightly across Love's back. Holding the blonde immobile and helpless, Jen paraded the blonde around the ring, the slight bounce in her step sending waves of agony through Elisha's tautly held back and shoulders. As Elisha moaned and the crowd buzzed, the brunette did her foe the courtesy of naming her innovative hold.

"You like this move Elisha? As complicated as it looks, its nothing more than a kind of Reverse Full Nelson. But whereas the original Nelson puts pressure on just your neck, this version tears the hell out of your shoulders and back. All I have to do is bounce a little.... Observe!"

Jennifer began rocking up and down, taking Elisha along for the ride. The blonde fought for purchase, trying to get her feet back on the mat, but Jen made sure to keep her a good four inches off the canvas. She felt like her shoulders were separating as Jen continued to rock and along with the pain, Elisha had to endure the embarrassment of being paraded all around the ring while the audience reveled in her helplessness. Elisha had just renewed her escape efforts when Jennifer gave the hold an especially hard twist.

Elisha threw her head back and shrieked as Love admonished her, "Now 'Lisha if you wanted out so bad why didn't you say so? To let you out all I have to do is something like THIS!"

Love crouched very low, allowing her captive's feet to brush the mat for just a second, then pistoned upward leaving the canvas with Elisha still draped on her back. As she descended, Jen dropped to her knees and landed reasonably well on the canvas. The same could not be said of Elisha however. The shock from the impact drove a massive wave of pain through her back and shoulders as she was bent even further before Jen finally unclasped her hands and let the blonde fall face first to the mat.

With Elisha reeling from the effects of Jennifer's unorthodox slam, the brunette wasted no time in going for a cover. She cinched up Elisha’s leg and bore down hard, but the resilient blonde was able to kick out just after the “two” count. Scowling inwardly, Love changed her plan of attack. Pulling Elisha to a sitting position, Jen sat down behind her and locked on a strong Body Scissors. Elisha started squirming even before the brunette had locked her ankles. Elisha’s midsection wasn't in the greatest of shape at this point and having to deal with Jen's thighs crushing her didn't improve things any. Love squeezed the scissors as tightly as she could, alternately clenching and unclenching her thighs forcing even more breath from the blonde.

As her rival fought the powerful hold, Jen leaned forward to hiss in Elisha’s ear. "Betcha didn't know my scissors were so strong 'Lisha. Don't worry though, I won't finish you with them. I just want to take enough out of you so ya can't fight back when I engulf your sobbing face in my tits."

The threat of suffering a smother from the diminutive brunette incensed Elisha so much that it actually cleared the pain from her mind for a few seconds. Using her momentary clarity for all it's worth, she brought up both hands and formed them into spade like claws. Without so much as a thought she drove them down deep into the pale thighs holding her, scratching and pinching at the capturing limbs.


To her credit, Jennifer was able to maintain the hold much longer than anyone thought possible. But the intense pain coupled with the fact that she was starting to see blood on Elisha's meddling fingers forced her to break her grip. Hoping to disorient her rival, Jen planted one foot in Elisha's butt and pushed hard, sending her rolling across the mat. A few moments later both women regained their feet but not before each had taken a quick inventory of the damage they had sustained thus far. Elisha's entire middle was sore thanks to Love's Scissors and the brutal Reverse Full Nelson, while Love's head was giving her some problems, not to mention the bleeding furrows Elisha had carved along the outside of her thighs. The combatants approached each other with a new air of caution and respect. It seemed that each had underestimated the abilities of the other.

Breaking the lull, Jen lunged forward, pointing her shoulder at Elisha's sternum. But Elisha’s incredible ring savvy made an appearance and she countered the Shoulder Block by dropping low and tripping up the brunette with a Drop Toe Hold. Jen landed roughly on her hands and knees, her own ring experience the only thing that kept her from crashing face first to the mat. Seizing the small opportunity, Elisha quickly got to her feet and positioned herself by Jen's penitent form. Before Love could counter, Elisha grabbed a handful of dark hair and pulled forward, trapping her opponent's head between her knees and squeezing hard.

With the brunette struggling against the makeshift Head Scissors, Elisha took a moment to taunt her hapless victim. "So you think you're pretty clever, not having your head bounce off the mat when I trip you up huh? Well that's all about to change, you washed up slut. Enjoy your close-up view of the ring canvas OK?"

Then Elisha dropped to her knees, a move that had the effect of slamming Love's trapped face against the mat. The green clad beauty moaned as stars blurred her vision and she was unresponsive when Elisha rudely yanked her off the mat. Standing behind Jennifer, Elisha looked to return a favor from earlier in the match. Grinning coldly she brought her arms up and under Love's trapping the brunette in a traditional (but no less painful) Full Nelson. Elisha put all her strength into the hold and Jennifer was forced to bear the consequences, her face pushed down into the top of her own cleavage.

After an especially hard jerk drew a pained cry from the brunette, Elisha did a little whispering of her own, "Do you like my version of the Full Nelson Lovie? It may not be as flashy as yours bet it puts cunts like you in their place."

Despite the pain of her predicament, Jen mustered enough energy to gasp, "Fuck you; we're not even close to done yet!"

"And on that point we're in agreement..." Elisha responded snidely.

Saving her breath for her next attack, Elisha bent slightly at the knees before pushing off the canvas hard, taking Love up and over while she was still trapped in the Full Nelson. The captive brunette took all the impact from the Full Nelson Suplex on her head and shoulders and her vision exploded in a series of colorful pinwheels and streamers. She tried to slump to the side and then realized that Elisha was still holding her bridged in the Nelson. On the heels of that thought came the terrifying realization that her shoulders were down. Digging deep, the brunette surged to the side with all her remaining strength. Her jerk finally broke Elisha's bridge and it was great timing too. A half second later and the match would've been over.

Still too woozy from the Suplex to put up much resistance, Jen was easy picking for Elisha as the blonde hauled her to her feet. Elisha went behind Jennifer again, this time with a different intent. Acting fast, Elisha reached around Jen's front grabbing the brunette's dangling left wrist in her right arm. Then she pulled back, drawing the captured limb across Love's windpipe. To finish the hold she placed her left hand along the back of Jennifer's skull and pushed down hard, using the brunette's own arm to choke her out. Elisha savored Jen's feeble struggles as she tried to fight off the debilitating effects of the hold.

Never one to let a good opportunity for taunting pass her by, Elisha mocked the helpless Love, "Know what this hold is bitch? They call it the Cobra Clutch and it's put more people to sleep than a tape full of your matches. Although I've been told that the hold is nowhere near as painful as watching your matches. Whaddya got to say about that?" But Jennifer's only reply was an inarticulate gurgle of rage. "I figured a slut like you would say that. It just goes to show that a no talent bitch like yourself should stay away from people like ME….ARRRRRGHHHH!"

Elisha’s belittling comment was never finished because her world had exploded in white hot agony. The source of that agony was only made clear when she broke the Cobra Clutch and tried to pull away from the seemingly defeated brunette. The audience cheered when they saw what Love had done. While suffering in Elisha's hold (and suffering the blonde's mouth) Jen had slowly worked her free hand up Elisha's thigh until it was resting just out of reach of her crotch. When the blonde was distracted, Jennifer had struck, clawing at the thin material covering Elisha's womanhood with a fervor that bordered on the demonic. When Elisha had shrieked and broken her hold, Jen had maintained her grip between Elisha’s thighs forcing the blonde to writhe helplessly before her. The blonde pried desperately at Jen's hands but Love wouldn't let go.

Jen only squeezed tighter as Elisha fought back tears and screamed raggedly, "LET…..LET ME GO!"

Jen relaxed her grip for a second before crushing even tighter and pulling Elisha in close, reeling her in by her wounded snatch as she glared into Elisha's pain-wracked face and spoke for the first time in a while, "I'll gladly let you go. Feels like I'm holding a fish that was left to rot in the sun. You fucking disgust me."

She released her grip and brought the clawing hand up, rudely rubbing it in Elisha's face before absolutely blasting her across the face with an open palmed slap. The blonde hit the mat in a daze, but amazingly enough, rage and not pain dominated her thoughts. Using every bit of mental conditioning she had, she pushed aside the pain between her legs and forced her way to her feet. All the fires of hell burned behind Elisha's blue eyes as she faced off with the equally furious Jennifer.

"I'll KILL you for that," Elisha snarled before lunging forward.

Too deep in her own rage to feel fear at Elisha's venom, Jennifer surged forward as well, locking up with her foe in the middle of the ring. After a brief bout of pushing and shoving, Elisha gripped Jen's wrist and whipped her toward the ropes. But Jen put the bakes on and reversed the momentum, sending Elisha toward the ropes instead. The blonde had just bounced off the ropes when Jen intercepted her. Ducking low, the brunette placed both hands against Elisha's damp middle and shoved straight up as hard as she could. The blonde was launched several feet into the air, her lovely form parallel to the mat at the height of her involuntary flight. When Elisha began her inevitable descent to Earth, Jennifer stepped forward and fell to one knee directly under her. Elisha knew what was about to happen, but she was powerless to stop it!

Her fully outstretched middle landed dead center on Jen's bent knee and the air left her lungs with the sound of a tire exploding. The blonde could do nothing but gasp silently when Jen pulled her up by her hair. Capitalizing on Elisha's lack of breath, Jennifer looked to finish the blonde off. Pulling Elisha close, she wrapped both arms around Elisha’s lower back and locked them. With a small grunt of exertion, she pulled Elisha off the mat and began to squeeze, intent on breaking her rival in half with the Bear Hug. Elisha couldn't even cry out as she was crushed in the excruciating hold. She tried to fire slaps against the side of Jennifer's face but the brunette turned her face to the side and pressed it against Elisha's heaving chest. Sweat was pouring off both gladiators as the hold began to take it's toll on the blonde, her head slumping forward onto her tormentor's damp shoulder.

Realizing Elisha was almost done for, Jen gave another titanic squeeze of the hold and demanded submission, "Give it up Elisha. Otherwise I'll snap your ribs like matchsticks."

Through the pain addled fog in her brain, Elisha mumbled softly "Eat me....."

"I don't think so!" Jen said, adjusting her grip so that the two ladies were standing chest to chest. "Lets see how your tits fare now Elisha," Jen sneered. Another colossal wrench of the hold, demonstrated that the blonde's assets weren't faring very well at all. In fact they were being all but flattened against her chest by the supple weight of her opponents breasts. Love really ground her chest into Elisha's, loving the sensation of her tits destroying those of her nemesis. "I'll make you beg for mercy before we're done! I'm going to love watching your terror filled eyes slowly close as my tits choke you out.”

Elisha's response was a weak clawing of Jennifer's face but the brunette brushed aside the blow and decided one more move was necessary before Elisha could be finished. Adjusting her grip just slightly, the brunette twisted her hips to one side before swinging back in the other direction and falling forward to the mat, Elisha still in her arms. The Bear Hug Slam drove the last little bit of oxygen from the blonde's lungs and she gasped like a fish out of water as Jennifer covered her for the win.

But although Elisha’s oxygen was gone, just enough of her fighting spirit remained and as the ref counted, she thought, "I will not lose to this bitch. I will not lose to this bitch. I will not lose to...."

This played in her head over and over and as the ref's hand came down for the three count, the blonde weakly managed to roll one shoulder off the canvas. The crowd roared at her durability and urged Elisha to get up. Yet a great many others urged Jen to pick the blonde up and finish her for good.

"Shit!" Jen spat quietly, furious that Elisha was able to kick out after such an extensive period in the Bear Hug.

Kneeling beside the weakened blonde, Jen slowly got to her feet dragging Elisha along with her. Drawing a deep breath, Love hoists Elisha up onto her shoulder and proceeds to trudge toward the corner, carrying the deflated blonde like a sack of potatoes. Reaching the corner, Jennifer shoved Elisha into the corner, then laced her opponent's feet under the top rope, tying Elisha to the Tree of Woe. Elisha vaguely realized what was happening to her, but she was too exhausted to fight back. The best she could manage was a weak struggle that did nothing to better her position. With Elisha prone in the corner, Jen grabbed a rope on each side of Elisha before driving her shoulder into Elisha's slick belly. Air whooshed from Elisha’s lungs in a hard burst as Jen drove her shoulder forward repeatedly, just hammering Elisha's belly into oblivion.

After several repeated blows Jen released the ropes and stepped back to the center of the ring. The brunette's whole frame tensed for just a moment, then she rocketed forward, lowering her shoulder as she lined it up with the blonde's navel. Seeing Love charge, Elisha knew that a hit that hard while she was in this position would put an end to her. Ignoring everything but that single thought, she reached her arms up and gripped the top ropes and pulled herself up as high as she could so she was sitting on the top turnbuckle. She’d just completed her move when Jen slammed shoulder first into the steel post. There was a heavy thud as muscle and bone connected with solid steel. Jennifer shrieked aloud and slowly extricated herself from the corner, weaving drunkenly back toward the center of the ring. Realizing that her opponent was better than helpless, Elisha awkwardly freed her feet and turned toward her reeling foe.

Taking careful aim, Elisha paused just long enough to mutter, "Now, let's finish you off bitch."

She launched herself with a beautiful Missile Dropkick, her booted feet blasting into Jennifer's injured shoulder. The brunette went down like a felled tree and Elisha scrambled over the downed girl, going for a match ending cover. The raucous audience counted along with the referee, but their count was cut short when Love kicked out milliseconds before the ‘three.’ Elisha was incredulous when Jen broke free from the pinning predicament. Deciding that a slightly more brutal approach was necessary, the blonde straddled Jennifer's waist and slapped the brunette across the face several times.

Between ragged breaths, Elisha said, "I must say Love, you're one tough bitch. You're a long way from candyass, but tonight is my time and I'll do whatever it takes to win."

Jen's dazed eyes slowly focused on Elisha's face and the brunette mumbled her nearly incoherent reply, "You haven't won yet...."

"So true!" Elisha hissed right as she dug one claw into Jen's crotch and another into her rival's slick chest.

Elisha tore sadistically with both claws and Jennifer could do nothing but moan helplessly as Elisha assaulted her. Elisha’s face was a mask of stoic determination as she pinched and twisted at Love's most sensitive areas, the brunette's groans music to her ears. She was just about to demand submission from her foe when Jen brought her hands up and latched them onto Elisha's breasts, squeezing with a fury only a truly desperate woman can muster. The blonde's cries mingled those of her opponent's as each lady tried to bear the pain of the crippling Breast Claws. Jennifer was able to push herself off the canvas, shoving Elisha off her in the process. The two combatants got to their feet with an agonizing slowness, neither willing to relent her grip on their rival's tits. Growing desperate to escape Elisha's cruel hold, Jen shifted her grip ever so slightly and then pinched her thumbs and forefingers together with all her might, crushing Elisha's nipples between her clamped fingers. The blonde threw her head back and screamed piercingly at this new pain. Realizing that this was a battle she was losing, Elisha released her grip and slapped two giant slaps across Jennifer's face, breaking the brunette's grip.

Free of the painful claw, Elisha advanced screaming, "TOUCH MY TITS AGAIN AND I'LL KILL YOU, YA FUCKING CUNT!"

With Jennifer disoriented, Elisha locked up with her and cinched in a tight Front Face Lock. While also grabbing a handful of her rival's tights. Her grip secure, Elisha popped her hips, intent on taking Jen over with another Snap Suplex. But Jennifer had other ideas. The winded brunette hooked a leg between one of Elisha's legs and held tight blocking the Suplex. After she blocked another lift attempt from the blonde, Jen returned the favor, putting all her strength into hoisting Elisha off the canvas. The surprised blonde was lifted off the canvas and held aloft over Love's head.

Holding Elisha in her precarious position, Jen yelled, "DON'T YOU DARE THREATEN ME BITCH! I'LL DO WHATEVER I FUCKING WANT TO YOU!"

Immediately, Jennifer fell forward, driving Elisha's extended middle into the canvas with an Inverted Suplex. The blonde hit the mat and gasped, curling into the fetal position as she tried to get her breath back. Love wasn't faring much better, the brunette was just about dead on her feet with exhaustion. The battered girl wiped tears from her eyes and sweat from her brow while she watched Elisha struggle for breath. As Elisha rose to her hands and knees, Love had an idea. Displaying a bit more cruelty than usual, Jennifer waited until Elisha had just drawn a full breath before she sprinted forward and buried a boot in the blonde's gut. The force of the blow sent Elisha rolling, the tortured blonde able to do nothing but clutch at her impaled stomach. Jennifer approached the downed blonde with a small, cold smile on her face.

Bending down to pull Elisha up, Love made sure she heard her say, "You're almost done Elisha. Just one more move and I can shut your mouth for good."

But just as she pulled Elisha up, the blonde sprang to life, viciously raking her nails across Love's face. Blinded, Jen stumbled back a few steps before Elisha left her feet and slammed both feet into Love's mouth with yet another Dropkick.

Revitalized by her desperation attack, Elisha pulled Jen to her feet and hissed at the crippled girl, "Looks like you put your feet in your mouth again Jen.... Actually I put my feet in YOUR mouth, my mistake."

Not waiting for a reply, Elisha hurled her nemesis towards the ropes and lowered her head, planning to toss Jen high over her head when the brunette came a bit closer. Unfortunately she had ducked her head a bit too early and Jennifer had ample time to prepare a counter. Mere inches from her foe, Jen put on the brakes and pulled Elisha close, trapping the blonde's head in her armpit while wrapping her arms under Elisha's arms, then locking both of her hands on the small of Elisha's back. Before the blonde even knew what was going on, Jennifer left her feet and fell toward the canvas, driving Elisha's unprotected head into the canvas with a skull crushing Double Arm DDT. Elisha let out a single quiet groan and rolled over onto her back, in perfect position for Love's pin. The brunette fell slowly across the semi-conscious blonde and didn't even bother to hook the leg, knowing there was no way that Elisha would kick out.

The referee's hand was inches from the three count when Elisha wrenched a shoulder free. Neither the ref, the audience nor Jennifer could believe it! Amidst the roars of the incredulous crowd, Jen smashed a hand against the mat, screaming aloud her rage and frustration at not being able to put Elisha away. Regaining a semblance of composure, she stood up and hauled Elisha up as well. With one hand in the blonde's hair, Jen ran toward the edge of the ring and simply hurtled Elisha over the top rope, sending her crashing to the thinly padded mats below. She hit the mat with an unceremonious thud and lay sprawled out, not doing anything as Jen slid under the bottom rope and pulled Elisha to her knees.

Love was just about to pull her all the way up when Elisha balled up a fist and shot it up between Jen's legs. The brunette uttered a thin cry and began to sink to her knees, but the newly recovered Elisha grabbed her before she could fall, trapping her in another Front Face Lock. Holding Love helpless, Elisha took just a moment to gloat. "Stupid, stupid move Love. And this is what happens when you do something stupid." Simultaneous with her last word, Elisha fell back hard and fast, driving Jen's head into the floor with a wicked DDT. Jen didn't even cry out when she hit, she simply law sprawled on the canvas, breathing heavily and completely at Elisha's mercy. Taking a moment to catch her breath Elisha looked down toward the corner of the ring and saw a few extra steel folding chairs laying against the steel rail. A cold light filled her eyes as she decided it was time to make a another statement.

Waking toward the chair, she whispered to herself, "First Kristen, now you!. After this, everyone's going to remember my name."

Reaching her destination, the blonde grabbed one of the chairs and held in like a weapon, planning on caving in Jen's skull with it. She had just turned back towards the slowly recovering brunette when a loud angry voice accosted her from behind her, "What's the matter Slutbert? Can't you beat anyone without cheating? What kind of pathetic bitch are you?"

Whirling to face the heckler, Elisha said, "Who the fuck do you think you...."

That was when the anonymous fan spat a mouthful of beer in her eyes! Elisha cried out and dropped the chair, staggering back blindly rubbing her eyes which were stinging from the alcohol in the beer. Unfortunately, Elisha stumbled right back into a mightily pissed off Jennifer Love Hewitt who was only vaguely aware of what had just gone down but she was aware enough to know Elisha was distracted and vulnerable! As the blonde staggered toward her, Jen spun her around and lifted the white clad beauty up on her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. The crowd went nuts when they realized what Jen was going to do. Springing her trap, Love spun around twice and then fell hard to the side, driving Elisha's head and shoulders into the barely covered concrete. Jen had just connected with her finisher, a spinning Death Valley Driver she called ‘The Heartbreaker.’

The crowd roared as Jennifer muscled Elisha's dead weight up and under the bottom rope, rolling the barely conscious blonde back into the ring. Jennifer slid in and drugged Elisha into the middle of the ring, positioning the blonde so that she was laying on her stomach. Jen stood with one gorgeous leg on each side of Elisha's waist as she faced the blonde's head.

Looking out toward the audience, Jen grinned broadly and said, "You guys wanna see something neat?"

The crowd replied that they did so ever responsive to the will of the masses, Jen bent down, grabbed both of Elisha's ankles and pulled her legs up, tucking them under her armpits. Moving gingerly, she bent down a bit farther and grabbed her opponent's wrists, one in each hand. Love took a deep breath and then stood up, pulling Elisha off the canvas by her feet and hands, bending the blonde in a sadistic U shape. The agonizing pain of the move, which some well-schooled fans recognized it as a Rocking Horse Crab, shocked Elisha awake and she screamed loudly as the hold went about destroying her lower back and shoulders.


"Do you submit?" Jen asked.

"NOOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHRRR!" Elisha's defiance was cut short as Jennifer began to rock the trapped blonde back and forth, swinging her several inches off the ground.

Knowing there was no way Elisha could stand the pain much longer, Jen tightened her grip and asked again, "DO YOU SUBMIT?"

Unable to deal with the crippling agony in her back (and still partially blinded from that asshole in the audience) Elisha screamed her defeat, "YES! YES I GIVE UP! JUST LET ME GO!"

Love released the hold immediately as the ref rang the bell. For a moment, the decimated brunette could do nothing but breath hard and soak in the roar of the crowd. Moments later she started parading around the ring, acknowledging the cries of her fans with a grateful grin. Back in the center of the ring, the ref was tending to the downed Elisha.

"Are you OK?" he asked.

"Somebody in the crowd attacked me..." she muttered slowly.

"Wha...." the zebra had started to say when a steel chair crashed down onto the back of his head.

Elisha's eyes widened as she looked up and saw the heckler from earlier, now standing in the middle of the ring holding the chair. The stranger dropped the chair and knelt over Elisha, their face totally obscured by the hood of the jacket they were wearing.

Staring up at her attacker, Elisha spat, "I don't know who you are, but I'm going to fuck you up bad. Nobody does that to me and gets away with it!"

In one quick motion, the stranger reached up and pulled back the hood, revealing her face. Elisha's eyes widened as she found herself staring into the furious emerald eyes of Kristen Kreuk, the woman she'd humiliated nearly two months earlier.

Grabbing Elisha's head in both hands, the brunette hissed, "Told you I'd come to get what's mine Elisha. It was only a matter of picking the right time."

Knowing she was in a bad way, Elisha struggled wildly in Kristen's grip but the brunette held her fast. "Let me go Kristen or I'll...." Elisha threatened.

"YOU'LL DO NOTHING!" Kristen screamed angrily as she began firing a litany of closed fists against Elisha's face and cheeks, each hit feeling very therapeutic to Kristen who’d spent the past two months in hiding.

Her blows quickly drove Elisha into unconsciousness, the blonde going quietly and simply slumping back on the mat. Kristen took a deep breath and let Elisha go, but she did not relinquish her straddle. Reaching into the pocket of her jacket, the brunette pulled out a sharp pair of scissors and slowly opened them. Looking down at Elisha's sleeping face, Kristen slipped the blade into her opponent's tangled golden mane and began to hack away, shearing big, ragged clumps of Elisha's hair until the stubble that remained made her look like a bad punk rocker chick.

When she was done, Kristen dropped the scissors and sat back on Elisha’s chest to admire her handiwork, then sneered, "How’dya like your new haircut Elisha?"

Then Kristen brought out the last bit of her revenge, a simple tube of lipstick. Uncapping the makeup, Kristen twisted up a large amount and began to write a message in large crude letters across Elisha's chest. The message read, “You and Me. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere!”

Smiling, Kristen stood up and turned to leave the ring but instead of a direct route, she found herself staring into the intense brown eyes of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"Hello Jen. Don't mind me, I'm just delivering a message. Oh and don't worry about the assist; you don't owe me anything for it."

Kristen stepped to the side to go around the other brunette, but Love moved with her, then said quietly, "I didn't ask for, want, or need your help. Don't you ever interfere in my matches again or else you'll have more to worry about than just Elisha," she said, jabbing her finger in Kristen’s chest.

Kristen took the threat in stride and said, “Well, after I finish with Cuthbert, if you still want to take me on, just ask. I wouldn't mind giving a candyass like you a wrestling lesson."

That word drove Jen into a silent rage and taking a step forward, she went nose to nose with Kristen, "If there's anything left after Elisha has her way with YOU, you and are I going to go. Then I'll be sure you find out whether or not my ass tastes like candy. Now, get the hell outta MYring."

"Gladly!" Kristen said quietly before slipping under the bottom rope and heading back toward the locker room.

As Love watched Kristen go, a dark frown creased her pretty features. While she was grateful for the win, it looked like she'd have to tangle with Kristen to prove she hadn't needed her assistance to beat Elisha. But that was another fight for another time; right now, she’d simply enjoy the spoils of a hard fought war….which is exactly what she did!