Elisha Cuthbert vs. January Jones by Interac

Fresh off the success of her success in ‘American Wedding’, January Jones was on the set of her next movie when she looked at the casting list and saw Elisha Cuthbert's name. It brought back painful memories of trying out (and losing) the part of Kim Bauer in the TV series ‘24’ to Elisha. The movie only called for she and Elisha to share one day on the set, and January knew Elisha had tried out for the ‘American Wedding’ part that, in the end, had gone to January. The day Elisha showed up and saw who she was working with, she remembered seeing January at the ‘24’ auditions and it flashed back to her about the back-stopping that went on throughout that process. Getting on such an amazing show was reward in itself Elisha told herself, yet the same could be said for getting a part in the hugely successful ‘American Pie’ franchise.

There were other women with whom Elisha had run-ins with over the past two years, but this was the first time she had to work with one! Elisha had heard stories from Vince Vaughn about the catfights he’d seen actresses have in Hollywood and although Elisha had yet to get into one, from all accounts neither had January! The smile across Elisha’s face showed how vividly she remembered Vince telling her how every actress in Hollywood hated her; then stopping and seeing someone, he’d tell her to go slap her. The actress laughed and said Vince likes to start shit and advised Elisha, “You fight someone who you don't like; not someone Vince doesn't like." That Leah Remini wasn’t stupid, Elisha realized. After the two women did their scene together it was quickly over and the Director called cut.

"Well that wasn't so bad," Elisha grinned.

"No, I'm surprised it only took one take," January agreed.

"Well," Elisha shrugged. "It's what I'm used to; that's what Keifer's been teaching me."

January grimaced, "You just had to throw that in my face didn't you, you bitch!"

"It was an accident," Elisha said with a trace of a wry smile. "A slip of the tongue. In '24' we'll probably never see each other again."

Elisha smiled because mentioning Keifer Sutherland clearly wasn't accidental!

January huffed, "Well, that's good; because the Press Junket for ‘American Wedding’ will be starting soon, and it…oops, I forgot; you were turned down for that…weren't you dearie!"

She smiled at the fuming Elisha, then continued, "Well I'm sure there are plenty more high school nymphs for you to play. I have to hand it to you, you certainly do them so well, almost like you were born to play the part. Or maybe you can get kidnapped to go along with it."

Elisha was quick to answer, "And maybe you can play more Lesbian Porn Stars that barely get any screen time unless it’s kissing another woman wearing sluttish clothes that wardrobe never even needs to fit you for because you own it all!"

The two women just stared at each for a moment when another cast member said bye, both acted differently for that second saying bye back. Then at the same time they blurted out, “What are you...?"

Both women smiled "You know the cast has gone. I have a trailer right over there," January said, pushing Elisha’s shoulder so she could see the large, well-appointed dressing room/trailer the studio provided for her. .

"That's a good idea, let's continue talking there," Elisha snapped angrily.

January smiled and she and Elisha walked side-by-side. Elisha stopped, opened the door and January walked in. Elisha followed her. One area was a sleeping chamber with a wall bed; the other held a couch and television. Elisha locked the door and stood in front of January.

"You got something to say to me, say it now to my face."

"Turn around then so I can talk to the reason you got the part of Kim Bauer. Bending over and taking it up the as..."

Elisha slapped January hard in the face; January put her hands up and caught herself on a kitchen table, which was just before the wall bed as well as a full kitchen.

"You're one to talk! You gave every person you could a blow-job to make sure you got ‘American Wedding’ and you know it."

"Did you just slap me?" January stepped into her own slap but Elisha blocked it with her left and came back across with a backhand slap of January who slammed into the wall. Grabbing her by the hair and puling her away from the wall, Elisha hit another slap that had January backtracking.

"Yes I did and two more! How about another?" Jumping into the third slap, Elisha hit January so hard she went face-first onto the bed where she lay with her ass jutting up in the air. Elisha ran over and kicked her in the ass, sending January face first over the bed onto the floor. Elisha stood over her and shook her finger in her face, screaming threats. Elisha was taken aback when January turned quickly and booted her in the stomach. Elisha doubled over gasping for air.

Reaching up, January grabbed Elisha’s hair and pulled her down on the bed. Moving to sit on Elisha's stomach, January pushed her ass up until her knees pinned Elisha's arms down and her thighs pushed Elisha's breasts painfully upward; then she slapped Elisha forehand and then came with the backhand.

"Look at me Elisha!" She did, staring up into January's face "Did you slap me three times?"

"Yeah I did," Elisha growled. "And when I get outta this...."

Before Elisha finished, January slapped her with her left and came back with her right hand, then again with another backhand!

"You'll do NOTHING; you hear me!" She grabbed Elisha's face and dug her nails a little into her cheeks while Elisha frantically tried to push her off. "Don't want you're face ruined? TOO BAD!"

But Elisha was able to push January off and, rolling over, she dove on January's back. Grabbing her by the hair, she pushed January's face into the bed. January stuck her ass up, lifting Elisha up with it. But Elisha wouldn’t lose her position and started slapping and punching January's neck until January pushed off and both women went tumbling off the bed.

Elisha faced January before she was completely up and lashed out with her foot kicking January in the stomach.. She grabbed her stomach as she fell down on her side. Elisha got to her feet and reached down, picking January up by the hair. Once she had her halfway up, Elisha started pulling January's shirt off.

"I want to see what's the big deal about you anyway," she sneered. "I doubt you're body’s as good as...."

Before Elisha could finish her sentence, January pushed away and Elisha went sprawling on her back over the small kitchen table. January immediately dove on her and shoved both hands up under Elisha's shirt and grabbed onto her breasts. Elisha got back to her senses and she grabbed January' shirt, lifting it as both women got their arms out straight and both shirts split down the seams and fluttered to the floor. Elisha pushed January off and rolled off the table.

January slid off the table and the women stood staring at each other wearing only blue jeans and bras; their chests heaving from the fight so far. Each gazed at the other's bounty, then they nodded and folded the kitchen table up and put it away. Once it was out of the way, they went face-to-face; Elisha looking up at the slightly taller January as she pushed her back by slamming her palms into January's boobs.

"You're not that impressive, just another bitch!" Elisha sneered, but January came back and slammed her hands into Elisha's breasts, crushing them flat as she shoved her backward.

"Those pathetic sacks are about as pathetic as you are," January replied.

Elisha came back and pushed her again, "Screw you."

"You slut!" January screamed as she pushed Eliahs back. The two women pushed each other three more times before they finally grabbed the other's breasts and begin to infllict simultaneous breast claws on the other.

"This is a mis…take, bitch….I'm gonna…..rip these….off you." Elisha said, gasping in pain..

"Not if I…rip yours… off first," January said through clenched teeth.

Each shut up and started squeezing and twisting the other's breasts as they moved in and tightened their grip. Tears started rolling down both women's cheeks as they fell to their knees; still, neither was giving in. At the same moment both women put their head back and tried for a head butt. They connected simultaneously and both lost their grip on the other's breasts as they fell down to their side with their heads spinning. Elisha crawled toward the living area were there was a love seat and TV set, while January sat up against the wall holding her head. Both women’s bras were ripped to shreds!

Elisha finally made it to the love seat and got her head up on one of the cushions, then lay the side of her head on one hand holding her face while with the other hands, she reached back and unfastened her bra. January did the same, then started slowly making her way toward Elisha who watched January coming toward her through tearing eyes.

"You better leave now,” Elisha said getting to her knees. “I beat you!" She started moving toward January but as she got to the edge of the carpet, January leaped into a slap that put Elisha down on her back.

"Yeah you certainly look like a winner!" January laughed as she jumped on Elisha.

January landed with her face on Elisha's breast and as she opened her mouth to take a bite, Elisha though threw her off onto a leather couch. January landed with her body spread out on the couch and she pushed herself off and turned only to be slapped by Elisha. The slap knocked January back down, leaving her draped over the armrest, hanging half off of it. Elisha jumpedon the sofa and yanked January up by the hair, but January turned into her and threw her body up. Both women landed back on the sofa where they yanked the other's hair and sent futile knees into the other’s body until they rolled off the sofa. They stood up, reeling around, as Elisha slapped January in the face and then was slapped back.

"You're a real bitch, you know that?" Elisha said as she lunged for January's hair.

January caught Elisha's wrists and threw her back down on the couch flat on her back, then she jumped on her stomach and wedged her legs under Elisha's calves as she pinned the blonde to the couch, looking down at her.

"I might be a bitch but I'm a stronger bitch. Admit you lost and I'll get off your chubby belly and leave knowing I'm better than you and have twice the body." Elisha said nothing, just stared up at January who started slamming her up and down on the couch, demanding, "Say it and I’ll take it easy on you."

"I'll never say it,” Elisha gasped. “Do your worst!"

January's eyes were opened as she finally realized there was no way Elisha was going to quit. So in a quick motion, January jumped up and planted her knees down on Elisha's shoulders as she turned around facing Elisha’s feet. Elisha got an eye full of January's ass as she ground it onto her in a perfect face sit. January stayed in that position as Elisha bucked and squrmed for several minutes. January even reached down and mauled Elisha’s boobs just to make her struggle harder and use up her oxygen that much faster. Once Elisha stopped thrashing and trying to push her off, January got up and stripped off the rest of Elisha's clothes. Then she carried the semi-conscious blonde outside and dumped her naked body on the ground in front of the other cast members who had surrounded the trailer waiting to see the outcome.

Putting her foot between Elisha's breasts, January flexed and said, “Take a picture of this so Elisha can never forget it!"