Elisha Cuthbert vs. Ashley Judd by Hawkeye

She wasn't even supposed to be here - not yet. Her agent had said Alicia Witt. Given her the background...and a rookie; the right size, it all added up. Then a couple of phone calls by the wrong people and 'wham-bam, thank you, Elisha!' The nubile, bronzed blonde tied her white cotton drawstring in a double bow at the front of what passed for the waistline of her velvety and virginally white sweatpants, though the actual longitude put it several degrees lower. Each leg was cut mid-calf which gave the boys in the audience a glimpse of leg. Anyway, she'd given them plenty of tawny acreage topside with only a white string bikini top for cover.

First time and you're worried about wardrobe?

Elisha threw those considerations away with a shake of her head, long golden mane dropping over one eye then brushed behind her ear, and turned her pensive gaze to a more deserving subject; her opponent. She knew little about Ashley, at least in this environment. In the industry, she was A-list, no doubt. Well, maybe A- at this point. She had the reputation as a ball-buster; Elisha pondered long and hard on the possible translation but Johnnie said not to worry. He always pushed for high profile, but wasn't that what an agent was supposed to do? '24'! She couldn't deny he'd helped crack the door for her to push through. He'd simply done it again with this replacement gig. It was several steps from Alicia to Ashley; "a real coup," he'd called it.

Nobody's happy when people get hurt, Johnnie had told her struggling to suppress a smile. But Faith Hill's ACL injury wasn't healing as she and the promoters hoped. Time was short and Shania had played too good a number on the blonde's joint. So for Elisha, opportunity was knocking! Elisha pushed through the door into the main suite. Opportunity was HERE indeed; including a number of stars and starlets who also populated the penthouse with their eye-candy beaus. Jaime Pressley was there as was Cat Bell; big, 'first-name only' stars like Jewel and Salma all the way down to the Claire Forlani's and Danielle Fishel's of the world!

Elisha's eyes dropped for a moment in worry. Would their glances be ones of disappointment that the country-fried battle between Judd and Hill had been lost. Raising her piercing blue-gray pools, she saw nothing to indicate it. Instead, their eyes studied her for a moment and Elisha felt her skin tingle as they did, exhilarating! She felt like she was in a very special girl's club.

Elisha smiled at Cat Bell and it was returned; but with a hungry, leering grin. WOW! They were excited, too, Elisha told herself. Must be the whole rookie-veteran thing. Is a neat story! Johnnie, you done good!

One of the tuxedoed hosts pushed his way to the front of those assembled, "There's our Golden Girl."

Elisha blushed, kicking at the carpet with bare feet.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you don't know how lucky we are to have Miss Cuthbert here for her first match. You can say you were here when history was made." Pressley rolled her eyes at the introduction and Elisha couldn't blame her. It was a bit overwhelming being anointed by...by whoever this guy was. Someone in authority. They weren't throwing him out or shutting him up. "She's going to be one of the best and it won't take 24 for you to see that."

Oh brother, this guy. Thank God. Apparently, he was done and Ashley hadn't..."Damn."

As her unknown patron stepped aside, he was replaced by the visage of the comely Kentuckian; Ashley Judd herself striding toward her with a slight smile and an extended hand. Elisha snatched it greedily, lest it be taken back.

"I didn't..."

Ashley held up a hand, "Don't turn the good stuff down, kiddo. Take it when you can get it."

Or did she say 'while'? There was no asking. The brunette beauty was already off to a corner of the hastily constructed 'ring', a dozen smiles from the audience moving with her. But these weren't the kind of smiles she'd received, Elisha thought, obsessed with her people-watching. These were curled in the corner and met with what looked like a wink from one of Ashley's soft, engaging, milk-chocolate, brown eyes.

Stupid girl. NOW you're getting nervous. They just know each other. Get ready. Worry about yourself! Despite her self-directed mandate, Elisha continued to take in her opposition. The brunette's hair danced just short of her shoulders; her features soft, full lips and cheek...and that body. Yeesh! At 36, Ashley was almost fifteen years older, but her arms, torso, butt, legs....all still sculpted - and just maybe - harder than her own! She'd chosen as her attire for the night; a tight, delicate, two-piece set of lingerie in subdued pink. The elegant top hugged her chest and belly, bagged creases cascading as Ashley plucked it up a bit to show off the lower portion of her abs, rightfully proud. Thin straps over the shoulder just barely held the garment in place, the material becoming lacy in an inch strip across her bust around to her shoulderblades. Below, the same tight, but elegant covering with lace bands at the waist and very high on each thigh, the negligee designed in boy-cut trunks fashion; legs covered an inch past her crotch, lace proceeding perhaps an inch more.

Ashley kicked off a set of black heels that brought her to a more or less equal 5'6" - 5'7" with tawny Canadian Elisha, a native of the Great White North in the form of a California dream girl.

In a surprising rush to begin the action, Ashley raced at the young blonde, lunging for her midsection. Elisha flashed a limp leg left and escaped to the right, tripping Ashley to the carpet as she went hurtling by. Then quickly, Elisha was on Ashley, snatching one of her legs as the Southern beauty started to get up. Ashley hopped around on one foot as Elisha held the other waist-high, then raised it higher and tucked Ashley’s foot under her left arm.

"I'm gonna kill you, you little two-dollar stand-in," Ashley wailed, bouncing as Elisha forced her to hop backward in a circle.

Elisha forced a nervous smile, thinking to herself, ‘That didn't take long. Old women are so insecure around me! But wow, Ashley Judd...and this fast...maybe I AM special!”

Elisha spun to the carpet, twisting Ashley's leg as she went down. Ashley was whip-lashed around her body and landed hard on one shoulder before rolling onto her back. Elisha, on her knees between Ashley's legs with her back to the brunette, leaned on the brunette's right knee joint as she bent her leg around her waist.

"Eeeee..." barely a squeak from the hardened vet, but still Elisha relished it! She thought she'd simply throw her tube of lipstick in the ring and I'd faint dead away, Elisha thought as she wrenched the leg again. "EEEEEE!" this time Ashley’s cry was a lot louder.

Elisha dropped Ashley’s leg and rolled over, getting to her feet while Ashley still lay on the rug flexing her abused knee joint. No verbal volley from Ashley this time, just a glare that could have melted steel…or a rookie's resolve? She'd have to do better. Elisha waved for Ashley to get up, giving her a perky grin. Ashley complying at a deliberate pace, mumbling under her breath. But before they started to dance a semi-circle around each other, Elisha shot in; caught both legs and locked her arms behind Ashley's knees. As Ashley pounded on her back, Elisha managed to lift Ashley off her feet and drop her on her back with a resounding THUMP! The brunette’s shoulderblades both hit the floor simultaneously and Elisha could feel Ashley's breath explode from her.

“OOOMPH!” The brunette's body flattened on the rug as Elisha pushed up and off her and looked into her face. Shock, instead of anger; the veteran reduced to a hyperventilating heap of trembling woman in a few seconds. The blonde grapevined her sleek, golden legs around Ashley's, mounting her pelvis-to-pelvis in a pin attempt as she captured Ashley's wrists in her grip while the brunette was still gasping for air.

Elisha’s assault had clearly caught the attention of the astonished Ashley whose eyes blinking in disbelief as she strained to push the blondes body up an inch or two with a bridge, but then fell back down on her back under the weight of the blonde's body, having gained nothing for her effort.

"What are you gonna do now, bitch? Nobody's counting to three." Ashley stopped to pant a few breaths under Elisha's watchful gaze. "You have to beat me down before I do it to you. And I will do it."

Elisha's eyes narrowed. The old girl had balls, trash talking when she was already on the edge of the bin.

"I might not have been here before, but I understand a little more than you think."

Elisha shot a short left into Ashley's ribcage that brought a pained wheeze. Then she pressed down hard against Ashley, breast-to-breast, tummy on tummy, pubic mound against pubic mound. Elisha could feel Ashley’s tightness, her suppleness; there was a lot of strength remaining! Past her prime, maybe; but not past a fight. Elisha understood, and pressed her advantage. She played Ashley's body like an accomplished artiste; bold brushstrokes of a firm, but malleable leg this way, the turn of a sleek, but weakened arm that way. In seconds, the thirty-something's open waist was swallowed by a pair of slender smooth, golden-honey thighs. Clamping down like a gator, Elisha crushed Ashley's midriff for a three count before she slid the brunette deeper into the maw of her legs to crunch and grind her belly and ribs with even more force.

Elisha’s eyes squinted, her jaw clenching, sweat beading on her brow as she squeezed. The Kentucky Wildcat was slowly being turned in a Pussycat as Elisha poured on the pressure. Ashley began slapping weakly on the floor, her slaps turning to furrows in the carpeting as her pink nails raked the fibers. The cuticles of her left hand finally found an inviting spot on Elisha's thigh and Ashley dug into the smooth flesh with a fervor that only grew in intensity when she reached the soft supple skin of the blonde's booty.

"YIIIEE….eeeee….EEEEE!" Elisha squealed as Ashley grew wild, clawing her pristine canvas.

The first sign of adversity to her nubile body shocked Elisha into making what was perhaps a too early release of the canny vet. Ashley rolled away from Elisha, pushing up to her knees with one arm while rubbing her aching belly with the other. She stewed as she composed herself while Elisha busying rubbed the welts on her derriere. Ashley was boiling mad; the fight had been turned into a debutante's ball for the blonde floozy; a coming-out party and, so far, Ashley had been the perfect foil. She was determined this match would NOT be a glimpse of her twilight. With a sigh, Ashley inched toward Elisha, left leg in front of right, on the balls of her feet with her left arm outstretched; fingers spread and her right hand cocked at her jaw.

"You've had your fun, little girl," Ashley hissed. "Now, we’re gonna get serious!"

Reaching quickly, the Ashley grabbed the blonde's right arm and buggy-whipped it up and down. Elisha grabbed her shoulder as if the limb might be shaken loose, but before Ashley could send another lash rolling up Elisha's captured arm, Elisha 'London Bridged', spinning and ducking under their joined arms as if doing some swing dance doh-see-doh. Ripping her hand free of the brunette’s grasp, Elisha spun Ashley 90 degrees so her back was to the blonde and helped herself to a full nelson, snaking her arms under Ashley's and clasping her hands at the back of her neck. Slowly, Elisha forced Ashley's head forward, her dark chocolate locks falling forward to expose the nape of her neck as Ashley spewed profanities in torrents.

Ashley reached back with both hands, but Elisha’s grip was locked tight. All she accomplished was to do a version of the 'chicken dance' which left half the crowd chuckling at her comedic effort while the others were already contemplating a changing of the guard. Only moreso! Elisha’s full nelson slowly morphed into a sleeper as her right arm moved from the side of Ashley's neck to the back and her left arm from side to front.

Ashley, who had simply slumped forward in Elisha's original hold; almost resting, suddenly came to life at the realization of the the blonde's adjusted embrace followed by slightly blurring vision as colored pinpricks of light danced before her. God. NO! Panicking, Ashley's arms flailed, her neck twisting - as far as Elisha’s hold would permit. Her feet kicked back, but hit nothing as Elisha remained glued to her back, her hot panting breath on her shoulder.

"You keep thinking I'm going away...but I'm not," Elisha whispered. "Can you tell I'm serious yet?"

Ashley could tell very little for the brunette had dropped into survival mode, thrashing in any and all directions however she could, but the kid had an answer to every move. The brunette's sculpted legs quaked as Elisha pressed down, tightening her grip, her leverage growing. Peaches-n-cream was more than just the delicate coloring of Ashley's skin; it was slowly becoming a metaphor for the consistency of her musculature.

Slowly, Ashley dropped to one knee, her arms swaying at her sides like reeds in the wind. Slow to follow Ashley’s descent, Elisha let Ashley hang limp in her arms for a few seconds, smiling as she looked over Ashley’s head at the faces of the audience. Then, calling on unseen reserves, Ashley used the slack she’d created and a strong base to unbalance Elisha and flip her over her head! The blonde landed hard on her tailbone after letting out a startled cry. “WHOOOOooooooo…..WHUMP!”

Elisha sat up, her legs stretched out in front of her, more surprised and shocked than hurt. Apparently, that's what those years of experience were good for; making something out of nothing! Her studied philosophical bearing regarding Ashley's escape came to a sudden halt when she felt a thunderclap punch to her kidney.

"UHHH!" Something shoved her head forward, pressing it down nearly into her crotch. THWUMP! THUMP!! THUMP!!!

Another rock-hard fist smashed into her lower back, then another and another. The blonde arched in pain, her hand reaching back in a reflex action to protect her aching back. But now it was the 'Golden Girl' making a useless bid at defense, mewling as Ashley’s knuckles pounded her sinewy, golden muscle into so much throbbing pancake batter.

"EHHHHeeeh, sti..." Elisha caught herself in time to hold the word at bay.

Tiring of target practice, Ashley let the blonde fall backward and Elisha dropped prostrate, eyes to the ceiling, both hands holding the base of her back, kneading the bruised tissue.

"Now, you know I'M serious," Ashley hissed as she rolled Elisha up to a sitting position, then scooped her arms under Elisha’s from behind and lifted her to her knees.

Capturing Elisha's arms by the wrists, Ashley pulled them straight out behind the wriggling blonde not unlike handlebars on her favorite chopper. Then, with a special emphasis that belied what the crowd had long known - and what Elisha was still learning - the experienced Ashley drove her knee into the middle of Elisha's back. The blonde yelped, her breasts thrusting forward as her shoulders were pulled back and spine curved under the insistent pressure of Mistress Ashley's stern demand.

"You ARE gonna learn what this world is all about,” Ashley grunted. “And it ain't all sunshine and lemon drops,” she added as she drove her knee into the ridge of the blonde's backbone again; the modified surfboard hold bending Elisha's back to near the point of collapse. "It's about you taking all the pain I can give you….until, you can't take anymore." Ashley pulled Elisha's slender arms back further, threatening dislocation on either, or both, sides.

"Pleeease…." Elisha interrupted with a strained whimper.

"Yes?" Ashley deadpanned, her wooden expression turning into a heartless smirk before separating into a wide grin any shark would admire.

"I w...w...ant..." Elisha struggled to get the words out.

"Yes?" Ashley prompted with another tug on the blondes trapped arms.

"I want to teeeeel you...I...I'm not DONE YET!" Elisha gasped.

Ashley threw her head back in frustration, releasing her hold and planting a foot on the blondes back, then pushing her face down on the carpet where she lay spread-eagled. A few claps from the crowd brought a stern flash from Ashley's deep, dark eyes and the brief smattering died quickly.

"Seems you got some fans,” she sneered. “Well, some other little bitch puppies came to cheer you on. I guess you’re born three or four in a litter. Well, hon, your litter gets to see you put down." She lifted the achy blonde to her feet by a handful of hair, her other arm around her shoulder to steady Elisha who had to stand hunched over and groaning. "You look like you could use a seat," Ashley noted, steering Elisha forcefully backward to the black leather couch that made up one side of the ‘ring.’ "So many things we could do to you here," Ashley said, taking a postion next to Elisha, standing between her and the comfy calf-skin cushions. "I'm gonna wear a hole right through that leather and you're gonna help...HELP!"

Ashley's fun ended mid-threat as the blonde once again flashed her athleticism, much to the cagey vet's dismay, dropping and plucking the brunette's feet up off the mottled Berber in a textbook fireman's carry that turned into a sensual version of beanbag toss as Ashley was heaved over the sofa into the crowd. Ashley landed in the lap of beautiful Cat Bell and both women went to the floor in a heap as Cat’s chair collapsed under the impact. Cat shoved the dazed brunette off of her brusquely, the JAG star clearing a space for the battle to continue with a few well-placed shoves of chairs - and the people sitting in them!

"Let'em go people, everyone keep out of their way."

Leaping over the sofa, Elisha joined the beleaguered brunette out of bounds, snatching a handful of hair and pulling Ashley out of the front row grimacing. But Ashley also came up with an uppercut forearm right between Elisha's parted thighs, the elbow plowing the blonde's beanfield with maximum impact! Elisha's lips pursed under her small, ever-so-slightly upturned nose, as her angelic features distorted from the raging torrent of anguish radiating out from her tender nether regions. THIS WAS PAIN! Pain people warned her about but had to be felt to be understood. Her mouth gaping in a silent cry, Elisha slowly dropped to her knees next to Ashley, her hands pawing at the white cotton of the sweats covering her brutalized pussy; tears welling in her steely blue eyes. But this wasn't enough, not nearly. Elisha loosened the drawstring and her digits wiggled down inside, tickling through light underbrush to ease the pain in her soft, tenderized folds of meaty tissue. Her self-massage was more than slightly embarrassing; she'd never...well, fondled herself before in front of so many big names…but damned if it wasn't worth it.

"Oh, poor baby. That must really hurt. Here, lemme help you out," a suddenly solicitious Ashley purred.

But instead of a ‘helping hand’ what Ashley gave Elisha was a flashing kick to the thigh that rocked the unsteady blonde, followed by another to the tawny curve of her solar plexus that knocked Elisha over on her back like a bowling pin. Then the renowned actress, a million-dollar talent, swarmed over Elisha like a jackal, peeling away the cotton sweats that protected her soft, nubile, curvaceous body. The untied waistband resulting from Elisha's digital wandering made Ashley’s task all that much easier! Ashley picked Elisah out of her garment in an instant, leaving her in nothing but a white string top and matching thong that left little to the imagination - and also made very clear why so many had such high hopes for her!

Ashley flung aside several chairs, demanding more room to maneuver from those who had moved a little too close; one, Rachael Leigh Cook getting the back of Ashley's hand for her trouble. Then Ashley turned to Elisha and yanked her up by one arm, grabbing her face and pinching her cheeks with thumb and forefinger to force her mouth into a pouting pucker.

"You're a pretty little thing," Ashley sighed as her eyes trailed down the nubile 22-year-old’s body. “You’re all dressed up and ready for one of two things; the beach or an ass whippin! You know sweet cheeks, I eat you wannabes like you for breakfast."

With that, Ashley whipped Elisha across the room toward the long table that held the catered dishes for the night's party. Elisha’s bare skin made a teeth-aching SKWEEEEELLL as she skidded to a stop at the foot of the table. On the table, cooling leftovers were all that remained, Ashley noticed, as she approached. How appropriate!

But Dani Fishel was standing in her way. BOOM! UNNNNNHHHHH! Fishel wasn't in the way any longer!.

A foot to Elisha's scantily covered chest caught the blonde flush as she tried to struggle to her feet and down she went again, sprawled with both arms wrapped tightly around this newly abused part of her d’lish anatomy. Everywhere; Ashley was everywhere! Using Elisha’s naval as her bulls-eye, Ashley’s heel struck deep, winding the young blonde. Then another kick, this one delivered on the cleft of Elisha’s chin, her head snapping to the side, her long flaxen hair exploding in a wild golden cloud surrounding her red face. These were full-blown pot-shots, each bringing an OOH or an AAH from the crowd as the gasping, reeling blonde choked back tears of desperation; her eyes straining to focus through a dizzing haze as she sturggled to regain her wits and recover her composure.

Elisha knew she must respond like the star they thought she could be - hell, like she IS. Grandma was nuth...UUUHHH! Elisha felt herself rising to her feet as Ashley helped herself to another fistful of her golden highlights. Ashley swept the blonde along in front of her, grabbing her around the waist to hold her upright as she took a step away from what little remained of the feast laid out behind them on immaculate white tablecloths. Eyeing the table, Ashley took another step back. Finally satisfied, she turned, took her arm from around Elisha's waist and moved it to a dangling elbow. She lifted Elisha's lifeless arm and waved it at the crowd standing around watching them.

"Buh-bye, everybody. Elisha's career has to go now!"

With one hand clutching the front of Elisha's g-string and the other holding her arm, the brunette plunged backward, taking Elisha with her; the blonde's legs pedaling in mid-air as she was dropped in a reverse backdrop all the more impressive since Ashley's calculations proved spot on…and the base of Elisha's skull cracked the edge of the table. The impact was so loud that many guests turned away or shut their eyes. When their gaze returned to take in the aftermath, Ashley had one elbow propped across the blonde's cleavage and Elisha's head was feebly rolling side to side shaking 'no' to some - as yet - unasked question. Amazingly, Elisha was still awake and more amazing still, the dynamic duo had somehow avoided being coated with the various items of high-class cuisine that tumbled off the table onto the floor as a result of Elisha’s collision.

"Tough little cookie to crack," Ashley mockingly complimented as she ended her dominating pose over the dazed ingenue.

Ashley pulled the little interloper to her feet, holding the blonde steady with one hand hooked in the back of her g-string and a clutch of blonde hair in the other. Ashley patiently waited for Elisha's eyes to focus, slapping her cheek every so often to help. When she was satisfied Elisha knew what was happening to her, Ashley carried on.

"Now pay attention,” Ashley said, shaking a finger in Elisha’s face. “Because this is gonna happen a lot, if your career lasts." Ashley brushed a few strands of stray hair from Elisha's eyes, and smiled as she saw the fear in her pools of blue growing. "But I'm gonna take you home my own special, personal way," she said, slipping into a Kentucky drawl as natural and as easy as a horseback ride at dawn. "I guess I call it Southern style, but I'll let you figure out why fur yurself."

Bending her knees, Ashley picked Elisha up in a front bearhug, locking her hands in the small of the blondes back and squeezing until a soft, low, groan was forced up from the blonde's golden belly through her pursed soft-pink lips. The rib-crushing embrace was always delectable but this one was especially fun as Ashley could feeling the blonde's fight, and her will, being wrung out slowly, sensually. Ashley was teetering on the verge of breaking her promise, but in the end she held firm to her values. She’d promised Elisha a crotch-busting and so a crotch-busting it would be! Shifting Elisha up in her bearhug wasn’t difficult at this stage; her hands draped loose on Ashley’s shoulders, Elisha kept mumbling about, ‘not letting it happen’, but then they always said that! With a couple of shifts of positon and several shimmies, Ashley's encircling arms slid down under the newcomer's tight, little butt cheeks. Elisha's head was now above Ashley’s, lolling aimlessly.

"First lesson,” Ashley prounced gravely. “It can all end in an instant."

Ashley's hands clenched tight to Elisha’s soft glutes, then she suddenly dropped to one knee and pulled the angelic blonde beauty’s hips downward, gravity hurtling her barely covered kitty onto a rather nasty collision with Ashley's kneecap! Elisha grunted, no other sound was possible, as her face contorted from the shock wave rolling up her spine and the pain radiating outward from her flattened pussy lips. Her eyes squeezed shut tight, her teeth ground together; but the only sound she made after several long seconds of silent agony as the blonde's body finally remembering to breathe, was a loud gulp and the sudden intake of a pained breath while her torso slowly listed to one side of her flesh-and-bone hobbyhorse.

Ashley propped her back upright, staring into her eyes; needing to see through the lidded windows into her psyche to determine whether the blonde was done or if she needed another ‘dose’ of reality. As Elisha's eyes slowly opened, tears trickled down her ruddy, flushed cheeks. As Ashley studied the blonde, her acquiescence was palpable; so much so that Ashley almost immediately felt herself growing moist. There was nothing in the world like that look on a pretty girl’s face; or the power of causing it - the pure, unadulterated pleasure of complete and total mastery of another woman. And Ashley had it! Even if Elisha hadn't - indeed couldn’t - verbalize it yet; Ashley and Elisha both knew she had it!!

The brunette put her hands on Elisha’s trembling hips and pushed back, letting her pain-wracked body slide off her knee. Elisha hit the floor on her round bottom and toppled over on her shoulder among napkins and silverware; her quivering hands delving between her spasming legs, her fingers rimming slowly in small circles beneath her sweaty g-string. The little whimpers Elisha did manage were hardly audible; certainly not to an audience captivated by the sight of beautiful mess Ashley had left of the upstart. Of course, they'd all known this would be the ultimate conclusion all along. Now kneeling by the curled up blonde, Ashley took Elisha’s ankles in her hands and pulled her legs out, straightening her on her back and dragging her close; wrapping her limp legs around her hips and glaring down at the flushed, panting young woman.

"Second lesson,” Ashley announced gravely. “Just when you think it's over…it's not!"

Ashley spread the Canadian's tanned gams wide, pushing her knees outward against the insides of both of Elisha’s thighs, spreading her wider and wider; making an exaggerated wide 'V' with Elisha's legs that were - obviously - limber to a fault.

"P...p...pl...lease!" Elisha gasped, waving one hand at Ashley in supplication while the other covered the gaping pubic area which was now visible on either side of the altogether too small g-string.

"Please what?” Ashley growled. “You didn't learn lesson two, did you?" She rolled her eyes to the crowd for a moment, most of them already salivating in expectation. "Amateurs," she noted with a shrug and a nod toward Elisha. Turning back to Elisha, she dove forward, her forehead slamming into Elisha's scantily clad pussy with a powerful impact. The intensity of the strike was enough that Ashley's head actually bounced off the blonde's pubic bone before coming back down to rest on the sweat-soaked little white triangle of cloth. Elisha's upper body jackknifed upward as Ashley's forehead hit with all the power of a sledge on her sweetmeat and she gave a loud groan.

"UNNNNHHHHH!" Elisha’s breath tousling Ashley's chocolate mane as her head jerked forward and down, then she slumped back down on her back moaning in agony.

Unable to reach her battered bush, Elisha lay exhausted, her back muscles too tired to hold her up as she collapsed back to the littered floor where she lay with her left shoulder in in a tray of canapés. The pain in her crotch was unreal! How could the human body stand that much anguish and not grant her the relief of blessed unconsciousness? She was beginning to realize the artistry of violence that Ashley had clearly mastered. But at the moment, Ashley was a bit under the weather herself, laying with her head on the source of Elisha's anguish. Using her head as a battering ram seemed like a good idea, but now Ashley was blinking, stunned herself by the ferocity of the impact. Fortunately, the salty/sweet aroma of Elisha’s pussy was quickly bringing her around, and a smile soon returned to her lips as the brunette awakened form her momentary stupor. Blinking, Ashley realized where she was and her perfect pearlies opened wide so she could take a little nibble of Elisha's covering. Her dainty chewing couldn't possibly register on the blonde's pain-numb brain cells, not after the vile blows she’d just taken; so Ashley dug in for a hardy snack of blonde.

"Hey, heeey...yaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Elisha wailed at the top of her impressive lungs, her feet beating on the floor in protest.

Ashley had partaken of a full bite, making sure Elisha's legs wouldn’t collapse around her vulnerable head as she began stripping the blonde of her ivory g-string with her teeth. The crowd, at first stunned with amazement, rewarded Ashley’s act with an ovation for doing something they’d seen so rarely and certainly this well qualified. Elisha bawled unabashedly from the pain, humiliation and the audience’s fickleness; they’d all forsaken her - as had her g-string! Ashley transferring the g-string from teeth to her fingers when it was down to Elisha's knees. Ashley tossed the garment aside with a cheery flip; a noticeable tuft of dark blonde short hairs fluttering out of, and floating to the carpet from, the small patch that had been the front of Elisha's tumbling g-string.

"Third less..." Ashley began; then her head was rocked back by a handful of her hair. "What the fu..."

Without knowing who her new assailant was, or indeed having any other clue, Ashley dropped to all fours with the hand still entwined in her hair and sent a mule kick back, hoping to pick up any part of her target, any part! Just from the softness and give, and the way the body seemed to collapse around her foot, Ashley smiled, knowing she’d ‘struck gold’ (otherwise known as “the Mound of Venus” - and she hadn’t even needed a guidebook!

With Elisha an all but an adorably devastated grease mark on the floor, Ashley turned to gaze upon this newcomer who she’d left physically destitute.

"Ah-hah!" Ashley said with a hint of satisfaction in tone.

It was Dani Fishel, a vet well beyond her years who, apparently, had taken offense at being planted by Ashley’s forearm earlier. She seemed to be taking quite a bit less offense at the moment, having curled up in a fetal ball with both hands protecting that place between her thighs were Ashley had penetrated her defenses. And what a tiny little thing it was; still a break that she’d found the bulls-eye because now she could make...certain! Before Ashley could do anything more, however, Jaime Pressley stepped forward and kicked Dani way from the action with the ball of her foot; throwing in a few unprovoked stomps for good measure. Ashley smiled; Elisha wasn't the only blonde gaining a little knowledge.

"As I was saying,” Ashley said, turning back to Elisha. “Third lesson, admittedly a bit similar to the second. ‘If you think it can't get worse, it can - um, correction; it WILL!"

Elisha, given a few moments to recover, was nevertheless still a wreck beyond salvaging. Spread-eagled, she lay whimpering and mumbling, her tears drying, her leg muscles twitching involuntarily and her cunt still pounding out an SOS to her brain. Ashley straddled her waist, lifting her a few inches off the floor, just enough to untie her slightly askew bikini top. Slowly, Ashley removed it from behind her back and swung another tie over her head from behind. Like unveiling an exquisite quilt, she plucked off the front covers, by the string between the cleft of her breasts and let Elisha's bounty sway free as she rocked back and forth; her robust, ample treasures jiggling, her exposed nipples nipples stiff and erect and the quarter-size areolae goosepimpled by the womanhandling of her young body over what must have seemed to it to have been hours.

"My, my,” Ashley said with undisguised admiration. “We ARE quite a dishy, ‘lishy, aren't we?"

Moving to the caterer's table, Ashley retrieved a squeeze bottle of Hershey's syrup and a boat of country gravy, then returned to the slowly writhing blonde. Resuming her straddle harshly, taking the wind out of the blonde with a guttural 'GUUUH'; Ashley set the gravy boat aside momentarily while she squirted chocolate in a criss-cross figure-eight over Elisha's two scoops of vanilla; spreading the syrupy chocolate thickly over her entire tits. Once her guns were coaged with half the bottle, Ashley leaned down and slowly, sensuously sucked a nipple into her mouth and noisily licked it clean; swirling her tongue over the soft, yielding, flesh.

"Delicious!” she announced to the breathless crowd. “But hell, EVERYTHING goes great with chocolate!"

Then Ashley turnend to the other, pink cherry on top scoop of chocolatey vanilla goodness and likewise licked it clean; her tongue moving in great, circling, twisting, flicking swaths that brought what was left of Elisha's senses to a rolling boil as the brunette paid very special attention to her nubby little cherry on top. Having completed desert, Ashley slid down Elisha's legs and perched on her clenched thighs. She picked up the sterling gravy boat, still half-full of the white gravy Wynonna always loved a little too much.

Elisha was still fighting both the pain in her busted cunt, but also the waves of pleasure caused by Ashley’s skillful removal of the chocolate with her tongue bath. Ashley held the gravy boat up to her spinning eyes and Elisha could only imagine what came next.

"Don't. Ashley. Don't. I give. I give!" she sobbed.

"Almost done, sweetheart. Then you'll know never to wrestle again," Ashley purred as she held the boat high over Elisha's red and swollen sex and drizzed the congeling goop all around and even into Elisha's lovehole; taking special delight in firmly kneading the pungent muck well into her pubes - and, of course, taking every opportunity to slip a fingerful across and between her engorged lips.

The blonde blubbered softly as Ashley had her fun, her body shuddering reflexively every time Ashley prodded, stroked and explored her slit with the skill of a Kentucky Goddess….until Ashley's fingers suddenly turned into claws; digging into her pussy, wringing the last bits of pain her annihilated treasure box had to offer as rivers of gooey gravy oozed thru Ashley's clenched fist!

"Crotch-busted and southern-fried," Ashley chuckled.

"No…no more…please!" Elisha pleaded, her eyes starting to roll back in her head. "N...no mo..."

Whether her plea was intended for Ashley or simply as relief from her own consciousness, the blonde slumped and lay motionless, her limp arms at her sides, palms cupped upward and her legs without so much as a single twitch.

"Aw, girl!" Ashley sighed as she released the crotch claw and moved up to straddle her waist again, wiping the mix of gravy and Elisha dripping on the blonde's sculpted hip.

Without any hint of embarrassment, Ashley deftly relieved herself of her garments both top and bottom, tossing the tight pink lingerie at Cat Bell who caught it and angrily slammed it to the floor!

"Final lesson, dearie," Ashley told her hibernating pupil. "Don't mess with Ashley!"

She scooted up and covered Elisha's considerable assets, picking up a bushful of chocolate on her own bristles before she slowly settled gingerly down on what had begun the evening as the freshly scrubbed, angelic features of one Miss Elisha Cuthbert. Now, as Ashley nested her nest on Elisha's delicate visage, the cherubic face was coated in sweat, covered in chocolate, and entombed under the rock-hard ass and juicy cunt of her angry elder. Ashley's gentle swaying grew more heated, the rhythm overtaking her desire to extend the rapture of her ride as she lowered her pelvis during each sweep over Elisha's chin; her suckling mouth; her button nose…back and forth, scrub, scrub, scrub….until...until...EXPLOSION!

Another ingredient was added to the gumbo coating the blonde's smooth, formerly flawless face. After catching her breath, Ashley fell off to one side, spent but happy and certainly satisfied. Vindication was hers! As much as some of these bitches wanted her gone, Ashley proved AGAIN - she was there to stay. She glanced at Elisha still dozing, covered with one thing or another from head to mid-thigh and chuckled.

"Youth!" Ashley scoffed. "It's wasted on the young AND stupid!"