Kristin Kreuk vs. Elisha Cuthbert (Rematch) by The Walkin’ Dude

It was early in August when women’s wrestling returned to the Yellow Sign Tavern in Arkham Massachusetts. It had been a long boring summer for the denizens of the old building and everyone had eagerly anticipated the return of the gorgeous grapplers. Throughout the evening, the rambunctious crowd had treated every match like a main event, but as the night wore on, the buzz in the crowd grew more and more, everyone in attendance waiting for the culmination of this evenings festivities. The main event was a rematch from earlier in the summer when Elisha and Kristen, two consummate fan favorites shocked everyone by attempting to destroy each other. That war ended with Kristen victorious, but Elisha hadn’t taken the loss well and a pull-apart brawl ensued that required a horde of referees to separate them.

Since then, each had nothing but insults for the other, every verbal barb getting more viciously personal. Their tactics in the ring had changed too. Before their initial encounter, Kristen and Elisha had utilized generally rule abiding styles, but since then each had become more calculated and cruel. Several industry annalists believed the ladies were perfecting these more sadistic styles in an attempt to prepare for another battle with their nemesis. Well, that second encounter was taking place tonight at the Yellow Sign and the crowd howled with anticipation as the Ring Announcer stepped into the spotlight.
“Ladies and gentleman, it is time for our main event. Now before I bring out the participants in tonight’s contest, I need to relay a message I just received from our illustrious promoter. Due to the past history between these two competitors, tonight’s match has just been made a No Disqualification match.”

The audience cheered at this proclamation, everyone eagerly imagining the kind of torture the blonde and the brunette could dish out with no irritating rules holding them back. When the crowd died down, the Announcer resumed his duties. “Introducing first, at five feet four inches tall…. Elisha Cuthbert!”

‘Headstrong’ blasts through the speakers and Elisha makes her way to the ring. The limber blonde is wearing her traditional white two piece bikini topped with her red pads and shoes. One important difference though, the blonde’s typical smile has been replaced with a cold stare, her eyes focused on the ring and nothing else. Something else worth noting, Elisha was carrying a small black bag, the contents of which remained a mystery to all but her. She slid into the ring and went straight to her corner, dropping the bag and turning back toward the entryway, awaiting the arrival of her foe.

As Elisha waited in her corner, the Announcer brought out her opponent, “And her opponent, also standing five feet four inches, she is…. Kristen Kreuk!”

‘Beautiful Disaster’ heralds Kristen’s arrival as the brunette stalks through the curtain. Like Elisha before her, the brunette’s usual smile has been replaced with an emotionless stare, her face betraying no readable emotion. One thing that hasn’t changed is her outfit, Kristen is wearing her requisite two piece red bikini with white pads and boots and her long black hair is tied back in a tight braid She approached the edge of the ring and rolled slowly inside. In the squared circle, Kristen gracefully stands to her full height, and walks to her corner. She stands across the ring from Elisha absolutely motionless, her bright green eyes burning a hole in the opposition. Elisha returns Kristen’s glare equally, her gray blue eyes seething with a barely concealed hatred for the woman who introduced her to the bitter taste of defeat.

The bell rang to start the match and two young women moved quickly out of their corners. They purposefully stalked one another to the center of the ring, stopping only when they were nose to nose. The two rivals said nothing, just stared each other down, daring her foe to break the tense silence.

Finally, Elisha spoke, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this Kristen. I’m going to whip your ass from one side of this ring to the other and after I’ve beaten you, I’m gonna…. Well, you’ll see. I’d hate to spoil the surprise.”

Kristen wasn’t impressed with the blonde’s threat and she responded in kind, “All I hear from you is talk Elisha. You couldn’t beat me last time and you know you can’t beat me now. I’m faster, stronger and just plain better than you.”

“Then prove it!” Elisha said quietly.

Taking a step back she raised both hands and waited, knowing Kristen would not turn down the challenge of a Test of Strength. The brunette lifted her right hand and locked fingers with her nemesis. With one half of the test in place, Kristen raised her left arm, meaning to secure her grip. But before she could lock her hand, Elisha brought her foot up and then down, smashing it into Kristen’s toes. She yelped in pain as she forgot about everything but her foot for a few seconds. But, that few seconds was all Elisha needed. Moving with the speed of someone who had been planning for a long time, she ducked low and wrapped her arms around Kristen’s legs, right above her knees.

Displaying very little effort, Elisha powered Kristen off the mat lifting her high before bringing the brunette right back down, smashing a knee between her thighs with a textbook Inverted Atomic Drop. The move sent a bolt of agony through the long haired beauty, but to her credit she did not fall down, remaining on her feet, doubled over in front of the stone faced Elisha. Unfortunately for Kristen, it might have been better strategy if she had fallen over because Elisha took full advantage of her helpless opponent by executing an amazing vertical leap and planting both boot covered feet in the point of Kristin's jaw with a Standing Dropkick. Kristen’s head snapped back with the impact and she fell to the mat, seeing stars. Elisha gave her no time to gather herself though, as the blonde grabbed Kristen by her long braid and hauled her to her feet. Kristen’s knees were wobbly as Elisha held her by the hair and hissed in her face.

“This is only the beginning you bitch! I’m going to torture you until you can’t take anymore. Then when you scream your submission, the REAL fun begins.”

Speaking no more, the lithe blonde pulled back her free hand and shot it forwards. The slap cracked across Kristen’s cheek with a sound like ice cracking and she was driven to her knees by the blow.
As she blinked away the tears forming at the corners of her eyes, she thought, “It’s better than last time she slapped me. That time she knocked me on my ass.”

Her inner monologue was cut off as Elisha brought her up again and pulled back for another titanic smack. Realizing she had to get into this match now, Kristen brought an arm up and blocked Elisha’s attack with only inches to spare. Capitalizing on Elisha’s moment of confusion, Kristen pulls back her arm and fires a slap of her own. Her palm caught the blonde unprepared and this time it was Elisha who fell to the mat, landing hard on her ass. The blonde rubbed her stinging cheek and glared up at Kristen who was standing over her, fire burning in her emerald eyes.

“Get up Elisha. There’s a lot more where that came from!”

A snarl twisted Elisha’s normally pretty face as she scrambled to her feet. She had just regained a semblance of balance when Kristen drove into her, wrapped her arms around Elisha’s waist and driving her back to the canvas. She let out a pained “OOOFFFHHH” as Kristen landed on top of her. Wasting no time, Kristen crawled up Elisha’s body until she came to rest with her ass perched on Elisha’s breasts. Making sure she could work with no interference, the brunette grabbed Elisha’s wrists and powered them down, shifting her weight to pin her rival’s arms with her knees.

Once that was accomplished, Kristen ran both hands lightly on Elisha’s struggling face as she said softly, “I have to thank you Elisha. Before I fought you the first time, I was only interested in beating opponents; now, thanks to you, I’ve discovered hurting them can be just as much fun!”

“Get off me!” Elisha fumed.

Kristen didn’t answer with words, instead she gripped Elisha’s blonde mane with both hands and began bashing it into the mat repeatedly. The pale blonde saw stars as Kristen rammed her head into the mat relentlessly, not stopping until Elisha’s eyes were glassy and unfocused. Convinced her foe was sufficiently weakened, Kristen released the grip on Elisha’s hair only to dig both claws into the blondes face and begin raking it viciously. Elisha squirmed, writhed and groaned trying to escape the clawing, but it was in vain as Kristen just dug in deeper, paying special attention to her nemesis’s cheeks and throat.

When Elisha’s face bore the tell-tale marks of her talons, Kristen stood up off Elisha and lifted her to her feet. Still maintaining a strong grip on her foe’s hair, Kristen Snap-mared Elisha back to the canvas, enjoying the slightly damp thud Elisha made on slamming into the mat. Kristen pulled Elisha to her feet again, only to repeat the Hair Mare several more times each one disorienting the blonde a bit more. Finally, after the fifth or so snapmare, Kristen knelt behind the slouched woman and planted a knee between her shoulder blades. Releasing Elisha’s hair, the brunette slipped both hands under Elisha’s chin and pulled back hard, applying a very basic (and very painful) Rear Chin Lock.

Elisha grimaced as Kristen poured on the pressure, sweat freely flowing down her forehead now. She gasped aloud seconds later when Kristin modified the painful hold, curving her fingers into claws and again digging into Elisha’s face all the while pulling her back painfully against Kristen’s planted knee. Over the pain being caused by Kristen’s assault, Elisha was desperately calculating an escape.

“If I don’t get out of this,” she thought. “She’s going to claw my face off and I’ll be damned if I let this bitch beat me twice.”

Gritting her teeth, Elisha brought her hands up and tried to pry Kristen’s torturing fingers away. As this was happening, she planted her feet and shoved off the mat, regaining a standing position. But Kristen had stood up right along with her, the brunette still violently tearing at Elisha’s face. Twisting around a bit, Elisha fired her elbow back, burying it in Kristen’s gut. The brunette gasped and her grip loosened but it did not fall away. Elisha pulled back one more time and fired again, this elbow sinking in even further. The second time was the charm and Kristen’s hands finally fell away, the brunette tending to her injured stomach. Elisha spent her brief recovery time grimacing as she took stock of the damage Kristen had wrought on her face. The blonde scowled and spun around, intent on scarring the brunette’s pretty face with some clawing of her own. But as Elisha was whirling around to face her opponent, she was greeted by both of Kristen’s boots smashing into her chest. Elisha got reacquainted with the mat as Kristen recovered from her own Dropkick.

Watching Elisha start to rise, Kristen stalked the blonde, waiting for just the right moment. The time came when Elisha regained her footing and turned to face Kristin. The second she saw Elisha’s face, Kristen pounced, planting one foot and firing the other at Elisha, a knock out Superkick. But what could have been a match ending strike came up empty as Elisha ducked at the last possible second. Kristen’s foot landed awkwardly and she was off balance for a moment, trying to recover from her missed kick. Elisha used that moment to her full advantage. Grabbing Kristin by her long braid, Elisha whipped her around to face her before burying a fist deep in Kristen’s abdomen. The brunette doubled over as the air left her lungs and she was helpless when Elisha pulled back and drove an uppercut into the point of her chin. Kristen fell to the mat hard, moaning and trying to crawl away from the revitalized Elisha. Standing over her downed foe, Elisha’s face bore a look of cold confidence.

“You’re not going anywhere bitch. Not ‘til I say so!”

Done talking, she bent down and again used Kristen’s long braid to bring the girl up. Holding her weakened captive with one hand, Elisha used her free hand to grab her knee pad and pull it down a short distance, baring her knee. With the padding thus removed, she gripped Kristen’s hair with both hands and forced her head down before driving her bare knee up into the brunette’s forehead. Elisha relished the feel of her bony knee cracking against her rival’s forehead and she enjoyed Kristen’s load moans even more. The crowd counted along as Elisha was relentless, driving her knee up over and over again, not stopping until Kristin's legs gave way and the brunette slumped forward, being held up only by Elisha’s death grip on her hair.

Not through with Kristen by a long shot, Elisha yanked her to her feet hard, the brunette standing on stilt like legs. With all her considerable strength, Elisha whipped Kristen into the ropes. Seeing the brunette head drunkenly towards one side off the ring, Elisha sprinted towards the other and bounced off the ropes, picking up speed as she ran back towards her foe. When only a few feet separated the two Elisha leapt off her feet and slammed her bare knee into Kristen’s incoming face. There was a sound like a watermelon being struck with a sledgehammer and Kristen’s head was whip-lashed back as she was knocked down with authority. Elisha licked her lips and grinned as she went for the first cover of the match.

Although Kristen kicked out after a 1 count, Elisha wasn’t angry at all. Her destruction of the woman who had humiliated her two months ago was just beginning. Kneeling perpendicular to her opponent’s head, Elisha placed her forearm across the bridge of Kristen’s nose and bore down with all her might, grinding the bony ridge of her forearm across Kristen’s sensitive features. Kristin cried out and tried to escape the vicious grind, but Elisha held her in place, relishing every little movement of her arm that caused the brunette to cry out her agony.

Eventually, Kristen was able to muster the strength to force Elisha from her face and the brunette did so, pushing the blonde away and getting to a sitting position. She was trying to rise when Elisha dug a hooked claw into Kristen’s face and raked her eyes. Blinded, it was a simple task to whip the brunette into the ropes a second time. Elisha again hurtled the opposite way, looking to take Kristen’s head off her shoulders with another high knee.

But as Elisha left her feet, intent on caving in Kristen’s head, the brunette moved with an often displayed grace, diving out of the way and letting Elisha sail harmlessly by. In truth though, it wasn’t harmless. As Elisha streaked by her, Kristen had the presence of mind to grab a couple handfuls of blonde hair and yank down hard. The move caught Elisha by surprise and the blonde was slammed into the mat, the back of her head and shoulders absorbing a lot of the fall. Elisha’s hands flew to her neck as she tried to soothe away some of the pain. Kristen gave her little opportunity however. The brunette pulled her to her feet only to immediately slam Elisha back down, again using her blonde locks for leverage. With Elisha immobilized on the mat, Kristen took a moment to wipe the sweat from her brow before going back on the offensive.

Standing at Elisha’s head, Kristen bent and grabbed hold of Elisha’s wrists. With wrists in hand, the brunette stepped forward, her boots pinning a large fan of Elisha’s hair to the mat. Satisfied with her grip, Kristen pulled up hard on Elisha’s wrists. The blonde was pulled painfully off the canvas, her back arched and helpless thanks to Kristen standing on her hair. Kristen held her foe up for a few seconds before releasing the pressure and letting Elisha flop back down. Then she repeated the maneuver and again Elisha was pulled moaning and grunting off the mat, her back and neck bending the wrong way. After a few more rounds of this, Kristen tired of the hold and dropped Elisha’s hands, letting the blonde run them through her abused follicles. As Elisha nursed her head, Kristen straddled her nemesis and slowly lowered herself, until her red clad ass was resting heavily on Elisha’s chest. Reaching out, she gently, almost lovingly brushed some damp hair from Elisha’s pale brow. When Elisha’s eyes locked with hers, Kristen smiled. “I’ve learned a few things since the last time we fought, Elisha.” she said benignly. “Let me show you one of them.” Kristen then clamped her hand down hard on Elisha’s face, her palm pressing painfully into Elisha’s nose while her strong fingers dug into the blonde’s temples and forehead. Elisha cried out angrily as Kristen tightened her grip. She would periodically lessen the pressure, giving Elisha some hope, then crushing back down even harder, relishing the helpless squirming of the girl trapped between her thighs. Elisha could barely see Kristen’s sneering face with the bitch’s claw crushing her skull, but she knew she had to fight out of this or the match would be over in very short order. Deciding on the first thing that popped into her mind, Elisha stopped trying to break the claw and instead locked on a claw of her own, locking her hands around Kristen’s undefended tits. Kristin cried out in pain and indignation as Elisha clawed and kneaded her chest. Tightening her grip on Elisha’s face, she spoke through clenched teeth. “Let go of my tits, bitch.”

Elisha’s response sounded just as guttural, “Leggo a my face, cunt!”

“Fuck you!” was Kristen’s reasonable reply.

Breathing hard through the claw, Elisha wasn’t one to go quietly and she shot back “Then your pathetic boobs are going to belong to me!” Saying her piece, she clamped down especially hard on the captive globes, paying cruel attention to tweak her foe’s nipples through the thin material of her top. Grimacing at the pain in her chest, Kristen finally broke her claw on Elisha’s face, only to immediately pry the blonde’s ravaging hands from her tits. Pulling Elisha’s hands free, Kristen fired a hard back hand slap against the prone girl’s cheek, snapping her head to one side. With Elisha dazed, Kristen pulled her to her feet and whipped her toward the ropes. As Elisha came back towards her, Kristen ducked low, meaning to toss the blonde with a Back Body Drop. But Kristen ducked a bit too early and Elisha leaped over the ducking brunette, heading into the ropes again. When Elisha sailed over her, Kristen realized what had happened and turned around, planning on intercepting the blonde on her return trip.

As Elisha approached a second time, Kristen sprang into the air, looking for a leapfrog of her own. But as she jumped, Elisha put on the brakes so that she stopped right in front of the airborne brunette. As Kristen descended, Elisha brought her foot up like a Field Goal kicker, burying her boot covered toes in Kristen’s defenseless groin. Kristin crumpled to the mat, sobbing and holding her injured groin as Elisha circled her, planning her retaliation for the brutal face claw. Deciding a simple course of action is often best, Elisha grabbed Kristen by her long braid and sat her up, the brunette still holding her damaged crotch and thinking of little else. With Kristen sitting in front of her, Elisha takes a few steps back and lunges forward, delivering her second huge kick in only a minute. Her foot catches Kristin right between the breasts and drives her hard into the mat. The long haired girl screams in anguish as she divides her attention between her mangled groin and her caved in chest. Standing dominant over her mewling opposition, Elisha began circling her foe again, stopping every few seconds to fire a well placed stomp into the softest, most vulnerable spots of Kristen’s anatomy. The blonde continued her brutal stomping for more than a minute before deciding there was a better way to finish her rival off.

Again kneeling at her opponent’s head, Elisha opened one hand and placed it over Kristen’s throat. When the groggy brunette looked into Elisha’s gray blue eyes, Elisha smiled and then closed down on Kristen’s throat, choking the life out of her as simply and brutally as she could. Kristen fought wildly against the hold, one hand flying to Elisha’s wrist while the other tried desperately to claw at the blonde’s face. But Elisha’s grip was strong and she turned her face away from Kristen’s claw, satisfied to choke the brunette out right here and now. Kristen’s attempts to escape became weaker and weaker until finally her hands just dropped away and she could do nothing but gurgle against Elisha’s choke. The ref, seeing that Kristen looked to be done knelt to check the brunette. He raised her arm once and it fell limply to her side. He raised it again and again it fell to the mat. He was about to raise it for the third and final time when Elisha released her grip. Kristen immediately drew in a ragged gasping breath and flopped over onto her stomach.

The referee looked questioningly at Elisha, “Not that I care, but why’d you do that? She was out of it.”

Elisha looked at the official and with no hesitation said, “I thought of something else I wanted to do.”

Indeed, that was exactly why Elisha had let her go. As Kristen was fading, the blonde remembered an encounter from their first battle, where Kristen had cruelly tweaked her nipple while Elisha was helplessly locked in an Abdominal Stretch. Elisha wanted to return the favor in kind. Making sure Kristin was still out of it, Elisha pulled the weakened brunette to her hands and knees. When Kristen was in position, Elisha straddled her opponent’s back and slipped her hands under Kristen’s chin. Savoring the moment before the wailing began, Elisha pulled back and sat down simultaneously, locking in her painful version of the Camel Clutch. Kristen writhed in the debilitating hold as Elisha wrenched her neck back and bounced up and down, her white clad ass thumping painfully into Kristen’s stretched lower back.

After a pained groan from her rival, Elisha leaned her head down and spoke into Kristen’s ear, “Hey little girl. Remember our first match when you tortured my tits in the Abdominal Stretch? No? Well maybe THIS will jog your memory.”

Elisha released Kristen’s chin and reached down. taking hold of the brunette’s tits again. Elisha clawed the hanging globes relentlessly, enjoying the shouts of encouragement from the audience. She put special focus on Kristen’s nipples, slowly twisting and pinching the pliant flesh between her skillful fingers. Elisha kept this up as Kristen moaned in abject pain and humiliation.

After an especially hard pinch to the brunette’s areolas, Elisha gave her opponent an out, “Do you want to give it up Kristen?”

Mustering the strength to reply, Kristen hissed through clenched teeth “I’ll never submit to a slut like you Elisha.” Smirking at Kristen’s insolence even in her demeaning position, Elisha gave her foes tits a final hard tug before letting them go and standing up. Kristen fell to the mat, one hand covering her battered chest, the other dividing it’s time between her tortured neck and back. But Elisha was still straddling her and the blonde would offer no reprieve. Crouching to gather more speed, Elisha jumped into the air and brought her ass down hard on the small of Kristen’s back. The brunette wailed aloud as Elisha got to her feet and repeated the maneuver, the second impact sending an even bigger jolt through her. But as Elisha jumped up again, looking for a trifecta of Butt Smashes, Kristen rolled onto her back and pulled her knees up. Elisha was helpless to slow her impact and her crotch was impaled on Kristen’s waiting knees. A silent O of agony forms on the blonde’s pale face as she slowly falls to her side, cradling her injured womanhood, much as Kristen had earlier.

As for the brunette, she simply lay on her back, enjoying the feel of not being Elisha’s plaything. Both women took some time in getting to their feet, each using as much of the referee’s count as possible. Still, Kristen was up at around the six mark and Elisha had regained her feet a few seconds later, albeit with her back to the brunette. This proved to be unwise as Kristen took full advantage of the blonde having her back turned. As soon as Elisha was on her feet, the brunette shot forward and fired her foot up, the boot going between Elisha’s legs and catching her square in the crotch. Elisha cried openly when Kristen hit her from behind and the blonde could do nothing but fall to her knees and then slump to her side in the same position she had occupied seconds before. The only difference was, now Kristen was recovered and she as looking to do some serious damage.

Standing over the moaning Elisha, the brunette pulled her foot back and rocketed it forward, striking Elisha in the ribs and doubling her up even more. With absolutely no pity showing in her green eyes, she pulled back again and continued kicking Elisha as hard as she could. Every shot drove more air out of the blonde’s lungs and she was eventually driven over onto her other side, curled into the fetal position and quietly crying, doing her best to protect herself from Kristen’s callous assault. Breathing hard, Kristen straddles Elisha and lowers herself, bringing her ass to rest on Elisha’s heaving stomach. Looking to get her foe’s attention, Kristen bounces lightly on Elisha’s abused middle, drawing a cry of pain from the girl beneath her. Elisha’s gray blue eyes locked with Kristen’s green ones and for a moment nothing passed between the two enemies.

Then Elisha broke the silence, speaking slowly, but very clearly, hissing, “I….hate….you!”

Kristen’s response was just as evil, “The feeling is mutual!”

Moving with calculated deliberation she runs both hands across the thin material of Elisha’s top. A stormy look twists Kristen’s features as she digs into Elisha’s chest, pinching and twisting the blonde’s unguarded bounty. The crowd cheers at Kristen’s brutal clawing, the raucous mob unaware that they are seeing the last vestiges of her “good girl” persona being burned away in her hate for Elisha. Smiling coldly at Elisha’s pain, Kristen pinched Elisha’s nipples through the top as hard as she could before pulling the soft flesh for all it was worth. Elisha screamed in anguish and frustration as her brunette tormentor did everything she could to rip her breasts right off.

Blinking back the tears in her eyes, the blonde summons everything she has to fight back the pain long enough to dish out some of her own. Biting her tongue to keep from crying anymore, Elisha pulled her hands from Kristen’s wrists and lifted them to her rival’s chest, before latching on a Breast Claw of her own. Kristin had been so intent on her own clawing that she was unaware of Elisha’s movement and when the blonde crushed down on her tits she cried out in pain and surprise. But the brunette refused to release her grip, in fact, Elisha’s retaliation just drove her to bear down harder on her foe. Both young women attacked each other’s chests with a determination that bordered on the psychotic.

Neither was willing to cry out or break their hold because neither was willing to give her nemesis the satisfaction of seeing her in pain. Elisha had thwarted an earlier attempt at a Test of Strength, but now much later in the match, a more brutal version of the same contest was going on neither participant was willing to relent until her foe begged for mercy. They suffered in silence for several more seconds, until Kristen had an idea and let go of her claw. Elisha, thinking Kristen was trying to beg off, latched her claw even tighter and let loose with a cry of triumph as she had outlasted her nemesis. Her joy was short-lived however because Kristen wasn’t seeking mercy, she was simply changing tactics. As the blonde continued to shred her tits, Kristen balled up her right hand drove it right into Elisha’s temple.

The blonde never saw the shot coming and it took a lot of fight out of her. Her grip on Kristen’s breasts relaxed then fell away completely, as she fell back to the mat, with the brunette still sitting on her stomach. Realizing that her single punch had ended Elisha’s clawing, Kristen looked to heap more punishment on the blonde’s damaged skull. Still straddling Elisha, she scooted forward until she was almost in position for a Front Face-sit. But instead of sitting on Elisha’s face (not that she wouldn’t someday, she told herself.) Kristen rolled to her side, trapping Elisha’s head directly between her thighs. Locking her ankles, the brunette began to squeeze the last bit of resistance out of her hated enemy. Kristen was silent as the Side Headscissors did their work, the strong muscles of her tanned legs cutting off Elisha’s breathing as the blonde struggled valiantly against the hold.

Feeling Elisha getting weaker, Kristen’s newly minted cruel streak made an appearance. Using one hand, she grabbed Elisha’s matted gold mane and pulled it up, forcing the blonde to look in her eyes as her consciousness slipped away. But when she looked into Elisha’s face she was surprised at what she saw. Instead of the panicked fear of a woman nearing the end of a battle, Elisha’s face was filled with a defiant anger. It was the face of a woman who would never give a submission. If Kristen wanted to win, she’d have to choke the blonde out.

Kristin was even more surprised when Elisha started to snarl something around the constricting vice of Kristen’s scissors, “No one…. beats me….twice!”

Kristen was about to sneer a reply when Elisha returned a favor from earlier, slamming her balled up fist into Kristen’s pubic mound. The domineering brunette gasped as the punch thudded hollowly off her womanhood. She found she had to release the scissors and roll away, afraid of subjecting herself to another crippling shot to the snatch. Elisha felt Kristen’s legs loosen and then recede, and the blonde rolled in the opposite direction. Both ladies were on their knees on opposite sides of the ring, Kristen attending to her damaged groin while Elisha fought down the black dots that had been crowding her vision while in the grip of the scissors.

Seeing her rival gasping for air, Kristen gritted her teeth and pushed herself to a standing position. Making sure Elisha didn’t see her coming, she charged at the kneeling blonde and thrust a foot out, planning to cave in the miserable bitch’s head right then and there. But Elisha had felt the telling sounds of her foe’s approach and prepared herself for the onslaught. As Kristen’s foot shot toward her temple, Elisha ducked out of the way and lashed a foot out, tripping the brunette. Running full force, Kristen stumbled and fell, landing badly on the middle rope, her throat bouncing off the taut cable. She could only lean against the bottom rope and gag as Elisha regained her feet. Seeing Kristen prone in the ropes gave Elisha an idea.

Bouncing off the ropes opposite Kristin, she ran back towards her incapacitated foe. Within feet of the brunette, Elisha jumped into the air and drove all her weight down on Kristen’s back, forcing her throat against the cable yet again. Kristen flailed on impact, but Elisha, didn’t let her off the ropes. With one hand on Kristin's neck, Elisha bent down and reached between her foe’s thighs. Finding the grip she liked, Elisha jerked her hand closed, locking a Crotch Claw on her dazed foe. Kristen’s eyes went wide with pain as Elisha subjected her to the painful and humiliating hold. She bucked against it, trying to free herself from both the ropes and the blonde, but Elisha just yanked her to her feet, maintaining the claw and the grip on her braid. Taking a step back, Elisha hissed into Kristen’s ear before beginning the next step of her plan. “Just remember Kristen, it’s not the fall that kills ya, it’s the sudden stop at the end!” With that she hurled Kristen over the top rope, sending the brunette crashing to the floor where she landed badly on her side and shoulder. Elisha surveyed the wreckage for just a moment before sliding out of the ring and joining Kristen on the floor.

Amidst the hooting and hollering of the capacity crowd, Elisha hauled Kristen to her feet and grabbed two handfuls of dark braid. Her grip unbreakable, Elisha pulled Kristen back and then drove her forward, slamming the brunette’s head into the ring apron. Kristen moaned with the impact but was helpless to do anything about it as Elisha slammed her head into the apron over and over, each impact setting off more fireworks behind her glassy green eyes.

Elisha had just pulled Kristen’s head back for the tenth time when something behind her caught her eye. Turning, she looked upon the folding table where the ring announcer and time keeper sat during the match. Smiling wickedly, the blonde held Kristen in one hand and swept the stuff off the table with the other. Chasing the announcer and time keeper away, Elisha tossed Kristen’s unresisting weight on the table. The crowd roared as Elisha climbed up onto the table and hoisted Kristen into a Standing Headscissors. Beaming, she wrapped her arms around Kristen’s waist, fully intent on inverting the brunette and Pile-Driving her right through the table top but as she tried to lift Kristin, her valiant opponent blocked the move.

Snarling, Elisha tried a second time and again Kristen resisted. The third attempt fared no better and that’s when Kristen pushed up and over, tossing Elisha over her back, sending her crashing to the floor several feet below. The blonde arched her back and gaped in pain as Kristen hopped off the table and hauled her to her feet. Deciding some large scale payback was an order, Kristen gripped Elisha’s wrist and hurled her towards the steel barricade surrounding the ring. Still dazed from her fall off the table, Elisha wasn’t even able to turn around to absorb the impact with her back. She slammed gut first into the barricade and almost ended up in the lap of some shocked fan. As Kristen advanced on her, Elisha slowly looked up. Her dazed eyes focused on something the fan had.

She asked him, “Can I have a sip?”

The started guy looked down and realized Elisha was pointing to his beer. Never one to turn down a request from a lady, the young man obliged and Elisha took a big pull from the plastic cup. The blonde had just handed the cup back when Kristen grabbed her and whirled her around. The brunette pulled a fist back and fired it forward, but that’s when Elisha spewed the mouthful of beer in Kristen’s eyes! The spray blinded her and she staggered back clawing desperately at her face trying to get back into the fight. Elisha grabbed her retreating foe’s hair and started running full steam towards the steel post at the corner. Moments from impact, she shoved Kristin one final time and the blinded woman slammed forehead first into the unmoving steel. Kristen didn’t even moan as she slumped to her knees then to her side, eyes closed, unquestionably unconscious. Elisha realized this and dragged Kristen to her feet, only to toss her back in the ring, because while the match was No Disqualifications, the deciding fall did have to take place within the confines of the ring.

With Kristen in the ring, Elisha turned her back, once more looking for something. Finding it, she grabbed the steel chair and brought it into the ring with her. The crowd was buzzing trying to figure out how the blonde was going to exact her promised revenge. Laying the chair flat on the mat at her feet, Elisha stalked over to Kristen and yanked her to her feet. The dominant blonde pulled Kristen into the center of the ring, so that the unaware girl was standing on the folded chair. With one hand on Kristen’s head, Elisha planted a kick in the brunette’s gut doubling her over, then she stepped forward and wrapped Kristen up in Pile-Driver position; her head hanging helplessly over the steel. But Elisha didn’t use the Pile-Driver! Instead, she lifted a leg and stepped forward placing it in front of one of Kristen’s dangling arms. She repeated the maneuver, trapping Kristen’s other arm behind her other leg, then with Kristen right where she wanted her, Elisha took one more second to gloat.

“Watch this!” she told the screaming crowd.

Her proclamation made, Elisha jumped and fell face first toward the mat. Kristen was taken along for the ride and her exposed chest and ribs were driven hard into the steel chair. The crowd roared their approval as Elisha maintained the hold on impact, rolling onto her butt with Kristen now shoulders down on the mat in a kind of makeshift Sunset Flip. The ref’s count was sharp and fast. Three seconds later, Elisha had evened the score!

The multitude screamed its love for the blonde, several of the spectators aghast that Elisha would use her finishing move (She called it “The White Out”) on an unconscious woman, let alone on a steel chair. But that didn’t stop them from cheering along with everyone else. Elisha smiled broadly for the audience, extremely pleased that she had evened up the score with the brunette bitch. Speaking of whom…. Elisha turned around to see the ref attending to the still unconscious bulk of Kristen. With no hesitation at all, Elisha picked up the steel chair and bashed the ref across the back of the head with it. He went down like a ton of bricks and Elisha smiled again. She’d gladly pay the league fine for hitting an official. What she was about to do was worth it.

Dropping the chair, she hauled Kristen to her feet and dragged her to the edge of the rings. Pausing to shift her grip, Elisha puts Kristen against the ropes and wastes no time entwining Kristin's arms between the upper and middle ropes. Tugging the cables to make sure Kristen can’t escape, Elisha goes to her corner of the ring and grabs the little black bag she brought out with her. Moving back to the center, she stands in front of Kristen and reaches into the bag for the first time. The crowd buzzes in surprise when the victorious blonde pulls out nothing more sadistic than an ordinary water bottle.

Grinning to the groaning crowd, Elisha says “ Come on guys, don’t be disappointed. She’s got to be AWAKE for this!” The crowd bursts into cheers again when Elisha uncaps the bottle and pours the entire contents on Kristen’s face. The brunette comes awake fast, gagging and spitting water. She struggles in the ropes for a second before she realizes what is going on. “Hiya Sleepyhead. In case you weren’t sure, I’ve tied the series 1-1.” Elisha grinned as Kristen grew aware of her defeat.

“Let me go!” Kristen demanded.

“I don’t think so! You spit in my face last time. You just don’t do that. I’ve spent the last two months figuring out how I was going to pay you back. First, you have to be awake. That’s a check. Then you have to be topless.” With lightning speed, Elisha’s hands shot forward and tore Kristen’s top away. The audience and Kristen both cried out, one in joy, one in indignation. Smiling at her foes impotent rage, Elisha said, “Now that’s step two out of the way. Step three is where it gets really clever.” Reaching into her bag again, Elisha watched Kristen’s eyes widen in fear as she pulled out a long black leather belt. Coiling a length of the belt around one hand Elisha said softly “Yep, I really like step three!”

Kristen spoke, one of the last coherent things she’d say in this match, “Don’t even think about it Elisha. If you do this, there’ll be no limit to what I do to you next time.”

Elisha took a step closer, “Silly bitch. You once told me there was no ‘Next Time’ only ‘right fucking now.’ Good words to live by actually.”

Kristen tried one more time. “Listen you cunt, if you do……” CRRAAAACK!

Kristen threw back her head and howled in pain as Elisha smashed the belt right across her bare, sweating chest. Not granting a seconds reprieve, Elisha laced the strap into Kristen’s chest over and over, each shot tearing an agonized wail from the brunette and a joyful cry from the audience. After about a minute of this, Elisha stepped back to admire her handiwork, surveying the fiery crimson welts that crisscrossed Kristen’s chest at every angle. Done with her break, Elisha pulled back the belt and fired an especially hard shot across Kristen’s tits. But to her surprise, the brunette didn’t cry out. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, but she did not cry out.

“What’s the matter Kristen; throat gone hoarse from all that screaming?” Elisha teased.

Kristen raised her sweat drenched face to look into her opponent’s eyes, paused and said quietly to the blonde, “Enjoy this while you can, because I’m going to pay you back in spades. You hear me? Spades….”

Elisha leaned in close to her trapped rival, “Big talk from a whipped little bitch. We both know you won’t show your face for weeks after I….”

Kristen spit in her face again and Elisha stumbled back, wiping her face in absolute shock and anger. Wiping the spit from her cheek, she reached into her little back bag and pulled out the last item - a pair of the longest, sharpest shears available. Kristen realized what Elisha had planned, but didn’t give the blonde the satisfaction of seeing her fear as Elisha pulled Kristen’s long black braid and yanked it back hard. The brunette was forced to look into the face of her blonde conqueror as she explained the last phase of her plan.

“I’m going to take a trophy from you tonight Kristen. One that guarantees you won’t forget who beat you for a long time.”
Kristen locked eyes with Elisha and said just three words, “Hair grows back!”

“But pride on the other hand,” Elisha mused. “Sometimes, that doesn’t grow back. Enjoy your new haircut bitch!”

She pulled Kristen’s head back even further, extending the braid to it’s full length, then opening the shears, Elisha fitted them as high up on the braid as possible before proceeding to saw off about eight inches of black hair. It only took a few seconds and when she was done, Kristen slumped forward while Elisha held the braid high in the air, waving it around like a dead snake. The crowd couldn’t believe what they’d seen; some were cheering; others booing while some sat in stunned silence. But they all agreed on one thing; Elisha had taken their rivalry to a whole new level.

Standing before Kristen a final time, Elisha threatened the beaten girl, “Next time you get in MY face Kristen, I’ll sit on YOURS. And after I’m satisfied, what I do to you next will make today look like nothing.”

Then she spun and walked towards the edge of the ring.

She was halfway through the ropes when Kristen called to her, “Watch your back Elisha. I’ll come to get what’s mine.”

“Come and get it then!” the blonde murmured, waving her trophy aloft a final time before exiting the ring and heading up the ramp; leaving a beaten but by no means broken Kristen to begin plotting her vengeance.

Will there be a THIRD MATCH?