Elisha Cuthbert vs. Kristen Kreuk (III) by The Walkin' Dude

The air was cool, the sky was a leaden gray, and the only sound in the woods outside Hobbs End Vermont was the quiet rumble coming from the nondescript rental car Kristen was driving. As she piloted the car down the narrow, rutted track, her thoughts gravitated toward the battle ahead, "This is it! After today, I'm done with Elisha whether she likes it or not! I don't care if I have to break every bone in her body - and mine - I'm going to be the one that walks away." Suddenly, the path made a sharp curve to the right and the woods abruptly ended. Startled from her reverie, Kristen pulled into the empty field and steered the car to the far right where the trees thickened once again. Killing the engine, she took a deep breath, then swung her legs out of the car, shivering as she stood up just as the wind kicked in again. Pulling her cashmere sweater a bit closer around her, then brushing a lock of hair out of her eyes, she surveyed the remote location where she and Elisha would settle their grudge. She thought, "I'll give Fannin one thing; this IS isolated. No one’s gonna interrupt us out here….good!"

The Fannin in question was Richard Fannin, promoter of the league she and Elisha (and a slew of other celebrities) competed in. In addition to promoter, Fannin owned several clubs the league regularly visited, including Pickman's Studio, the usual tour stop in Hobbs End. Thinking back on the whole affair, Kristen was a bit surprised at Fannin's involvement in the feud; he was normally the “behind the scenes” type and in fact, Kristen had never met him face to face. If hard pressed, she couldn't even describe what he looked like since her only contacts with him had been over the phone. Other than a fairly nondescript voice, she knew nothing else about him. Well strike that; she knew he’d orchestrated this fight, promising the two women a perfect place to settle their feud once and for all. After ascertaining that both were willing to fight outside the wrestling ring, he sent them directions, a time and a key to the gate that barred the entrance to the small path leading to the field where she now stood.

In her one telephone conversation with the man, Kristen had asked, "Why do you care WHERE we fight? Wouldn't you stand to make a fortune if we had this match at some huge venue?"

The voice on the other end paused for a moment, then responded, “Perhaps, but sometimes it's about more than money. Sometimes it's just about the end; I think this is one of those times!" After another pause, he added, “Besides, this way you don't have to worry about outside interference. Winning.....or losing.... will be squarely on your shoulders. Make sense?"

The brunette admitted it did and listened to the promoter's final instructions before hanging up. So, here she was, a few days later, at the edge of an empty field in the middle of Vermont in October. “....only an hour or so before dusk!" she muttered. Then to her absent rival, “Where the hell are you Elisha? I swear to God, if you duck out on this, I'll track you down and put you in traction!"

An icy grin that matched the weather creased her face when she heard the sound of an approaching car disturb the stillness. Snapping out of her reverie, Kristen straightened her back and watched, green eyes focused on the opening thru the trees. Seconds later, her patience was rewarded when another car came into view and parked behind her own. The engine cut off and Elisha emerged. Even from 20 or 30 yards away, the tension between the two women was thick. Striding slowly toward Kristen, Elisha had her hands shoved deep into the heavy denim jacket she was wearing.

She stopped stopped several feet in front of the brunette and spoke to her nemesis, "Hello again Kristen. I see you're the first one here. I hope you're prepared to be the last to leave."

Warmed considerably by the blondes arrival, Kristen stepped forward to cut the distance. Standing mere inches from Elisha, steam puffed from her lips as she enunciated, “I'll be the ONLY one leaving. You're not going to be able to walk out of here; that's a promise!" Kristen snarled the last word and stepped closer, fixing her bright emerald eyes on Elisha's arctic blues.

Not flustered in the slightest by Kristen's threat, Elisha leaned into Kristen, bringing her nose to rest lightly on the tip of Kristen's and said, "Your threats have a lot in common with your promise; both are easily broken!" She took a step back and her eyes brightened as, grinning, she gloated cheerily, "But wait, Kristen! Before we fight I've got something I want to return." Reaching into the pocket of her jacket, Elisha pulled out a long, dark object and tossed it at the brunette's feet. Kristen stepped back quickly, thinking for an instant Elisha had ‘pulled a snake on her.’ But milliseconds later, her pretty face contorted in silent rage as she realized that Elisha had just returned the hair she'd lopped off back in July!

Raising her face to glare at the blonde, Kristen glared as Elisha softly smirked, "You said you'd come for what's yours, so I figured this would save you the trip."

Kristen took a second step back and answered softly, "I can take everything you can give, then give it back in spades!" She realized she needed a way to regain the psychological advantage, so looking around at the close-pressing woods, she realized what she needed to do yet was reluctant. It could give her the advantage, or cost her the fight before it evenbegan. In the end she decided to try! Deep in her heart she knew Elisha wouldn’t be able to resist the challenge. Stepping back further, she said, "I'll be ready to kick your ass in just a minute. Let me get ready."

She raised her arms up and in one graceful motion she pulled the sweater up over her head. In the same movement, she balled up the garment and tossed it onto the ground. The lithe brunette was now clad in nothing but her black jeans and a thin maroon tank-top. These (along with her weather beaten sneakers) would be considered almost blasphemously conservative attire for a battle in the ring, but it was next to nothing in the pre-darkness in the mid-fall Northeast. A cold gust hit her as she stood eyeing Elisha, but the brunette didn't flinch. To show weakness now would be ending the match before it began.

Looking to ratchet up her advantage a little more, Kristen said nastily, "Come on Elisha, you're not afraid of a little cold are ya? Or maybe it's not the cold that scares you. Maybe it's the thought of me shredding every bare inch of your skin. That's it isn't it?"

To her credit, Elisha's face didn't betray surprise when Kristen shed her sweater. Keeping her eyes level with Kristen's, the blonde reached up and slowly unzipped her jacket, shrugged her shoulders and let it fall to the ground, leaving her clad much like the blonde; in blue jeans, sneakers and a thin white sleeveless top. Eyes burning with malice, Elisha cracked her knuckles and advanced on the brunette, ready to punch Kristen's smarmy face in.

Elisha said, "Don't worry about me Kristen. I'm gonna have your screams to keep me warm."

Kristen's grin was equally ferocious as she advanced, hands up and balled into fists. The two rivals were just about to launch their first attack when something most unexpected (and unwelcome) occurred. Another car appeared in the gap in the woods at the entrance to the field. Both women stopped and turned toward the intruder. Each immediately assumed the worst of the other and glared at her rival.

"What the fuck’s your game Kristen?" spat Elisha

"I'M not the one who needs back-up you skank. What's wrong? Know you can't beat me by yourself?" Kristen retorted.

"I sure as HELL don't need help kicking you ass."

"Then who the hell is THAT? Who drives a car like that way the hell back here?"

The stranger's car was indeed something else; wide enough to take up the entire width of the path and when seen from the side, looked to be nearly 20 feet long. Primarily red with a white top and trim, it was from another age with a grill like a snarling mouth and fins that looked like they could gouge a giant's eyes out. Neither Kristen or Elisha were all that knowledgeable when it came to classic cars, but if they were, they might have identified the car for what it was, a 1958 Plymouth Fury. They momentarily directed their anger toward the mystery guest and watched silently as the Fury parked a slight distance from the other two cars. After a few moments, the door popped open and a tall, slightly shaggy looking young man got out. He was dressed simply but warmly; jeans, T-shirt and jacket, all in faded black. His face was unremarkable, kind of round, with dark hair and eyes hidden by a battered pair of glasses. In fact, the only thing that kept his face from being forgotten immediately after seeing it was his sideburns which would've looked more at home in some tacky disco parlor in the 70's than on anyone nowadays. The two ladies waited tensely as he walked toward them, seemingly oblivious to the fact that both hellcats were staring daggers at him.

Stopping several feet away, he looked at Kristen and Elisha and said, "Hi ladies. Nice to finally meet you in person."

Looking warily at Elisha, then at the newcomer, Kristen said, "Who the hell are you and how’d you get back here?"

Before he could respond, Elisha spoke coldly, “Fannin promised us isolation. And we mean to have it!"

He smiled slightly at the malice in their statements and responded "Indeed I did. And so you shall. Richard Fannin, ladies; at your service!" Seeing their incredulous expressions, he continued, "Yeah, yeah, I know, nothing like you expected right? Well, sorry to disappoint, but whatcha gonna do?” he shrugged.

Not convinced, Kristen snarled, "Prove it!"

Fixing his gaze on the brunette, Fannin said, “Sometimes it's not about money; it's about the end. Satisfied?"

Knowing she’dn't discussed the conversation with Fannin with anyone else, Kristen took a step back and replied slowly, "For now. But why are you here?"

"And when are you leaving?" Elisha asked pointedly.

A slightly sarcastic grin appeared on Fannin's face as, looking at the blonde, he said "I'm not leaving until this fight is over and done with."

Angry, Elisha said "You promised us no witnesses and no interference. How do I know you and this bitch aren't planning something as we speak?"

He responded, “I'm not going to interfere because I don't give a rat's ass who wins. Never have, never will! The winner matters not a whit to me. What DOES matter is that I put you in this field and I can't trust either of you to not cripple the other. So for the sole purpose of making sure you don't KILL each other - and easing my own conscience - I'm here to watch and that’s all. I'll do nothing ‘til the fight is over and THEN all I plan on doing is transporting the loser out of here to the nearest hospital." He paused, then added, "and the winner too, if necessary."

This appeared to satisfy Elisha and she nodded but said nothing. Kristen, nowever, raised her voice once more, "If you so much as lift a finger before either of us is done, I'll claw your eyes out!"

"I don't like to tempt fate Ms. Kreuk; It's not in my nature. Now if you're done threatening ME, I'd prefer you go back to threatening each other, it’s far more entertaining," Richard said with another small smile as he stepped back, giving the women plenty of space to fight.

Kristen's gaze had just left the promoter and turned back toward Elisha when the blonde ripped a hard slap across her mouth. She gasped as she staggered back. Fannin was forgotten as all her hatred for Elisha flooded back. Rubbing her stinging face (the cold really wasn't helping) Kristen stared at Elisha and spat, "Just what I'd expect. A cheap shot from a cheap bitch."

Elisha's smile was pure venom. Bringing her hands up in fists, she started circling the brunette, looking for an opening. "Big words cunt! Why don't you shut your fucking mouth and try to DO something about it?"

Kristen raised her own fists and began to circle. "No more talking then; one way or another, this ends tonight!"

Fannin watched silently as blonde and brunette circled. In the seconds before the first official punch flew, a thought came to him. In their feud, each had won a battle but now, in the next hour or so, one would win the war for, in this field in the woods outside Hobbs End, Elisha and Kristen were going to war!

When the first blows came, they came in a flurry. Drawing within striking distance, both blonde and the brunette unleashed their fists, aiming to smash anything delicate or pretty on their rival's face. Elisha connected first with a hard right to Kristen's cheek that snapped the brunettes head back. Keeping up the pressure, she fired a second right, then a left; each impacting solidly on Kristen's face. She changed tactics and flashed an uppercut at Kristen's chin, meaning to take the brunette off her feet, but Kristen nimbly side-stepped and Elisha stumbled forward awkwardly off balance as her fist connected with naught but empty air.

For a brief moment the blonde was exposed and Kristen nailed a looping haymaker to her jaw that staggered Elisha back a few steps. Before she got her hands up, Kristen darted forward and landed her own left-right combination; the brunette taking sick pleasure feeling Elisha's lips mashed by her cold knuckles. The power of the punches dropped the blonde back a few more steps and Kristen moved apace, never letting Elisha out of range. A third hard jab to the chin finally drove the blonde to one knee, hissing in pain and trying to get her bearings.

Remembering how Elisha had begun the match, Kristen reached down and grabbed a handful of golden hair, pulling her rival's head up so that she was forced to look up into the brunette's eyes. Speaking imperiously, Kristen said, "This is right where you belong; on your knees in the dirt like the whore you are!"

Elisha started to respond, but Kristen brought her hand up, then sent it whistling down. CRACK! The slap cracked like a pistol shot in the autumn stillness. The blonde fell back from the blow, but Kristen maintained her handful of Elisha's hair, pulling her back to her knees so she could unleash another slap. But as her hand went up a second time, Elisha buried a fist in her gut. The air exploded from her lungs as Kristen doubled over fighting for breath. She was unaware of Elisha as she got to her feet but became fully aware when the furious blonde grabbed two handfuls of her dark hair and yanked! Before Kristen could get her hands up to fight the claws in her hair, Elisha pistoned her knee up into her forehead. Kristen grunted with the impact and before her knee was all the way down, Elisha was already bringing it back up again, driving the bony kneecap full force into Kristen’s head. Each blow set off an explosion of light behind the brunette's eyes but she was powerless to stop her foe from assaulting her; the hits were coming too fast.

Finally there was a slight pause between impacts and Kristen redoubled her efforts to escape, but that's when Elisha fired a final knee up, this one catching Kristen flush in the mouth! Elisha released her grip and the brunette toppled over gracelessly on her back in the grass, her chest heaving and her lips busted open by the force of Elisha's attack. She’d just begun to clear the fog from her brain when she felt a weight pressing down hard between her beasts. Her eyes gradually focusing she looked up, Kristen saw that Elisha had a foot on her chest and was looking down at her with a look of seething anger.

Returning a barb from earlier, Elisha spat, “And THIS is where YOU belong….flat on your back, spread-eagled and moaning….you fucking BITCH!"

Furious at the slight, Kristen forced Elisha's foot off her and pushed her way to a sitting position . She’d just started pushing her way to a vertical base when Elisha grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and began slapping her hard across the face with the other. Kristen's head was snapped violently from side to side by the volley of blows, the pain of each slap increased tenfold by the oppressive cold of twilight. After several slaps, Elisha switched to short, sharp, rabbit punches targeting every surface her fist could reach. Between each second or third punch, she'd leave her fist pressed on Kristen's face and grind it on her nose or cheek, relishing Kristen's pained moans. While Kristen knelt moaning, Elisha decided she needed to see her nemesis' terror-filed eyes before she finished her off, so with a little grunt, she hauled Kristen up by her midnight locks and stood face to face with her wobbly rival.

Drawing an errant strand of hair from Kristen's face, Elisha leaned in and whispered, "I think you're already close to being finished Kristen. But if you think that when you're finished, I'LL be finished, well you're sorely mistaken.”

The brunette's only reply was a weak moan through busted lips. Elisha smiled as she drew back her right fist to cave Kristen's face in right then and there. The punch had just begun its voyage when Kristen lunged forward and spit in Elisha's eyes! The blonde shrieked and staggered back in a rage that Kristen had the temerity to spit on her for a third time! Unfortunately, Elisha was so consumed with clearing her vision she didn't see Kristen draw back her own fist. It wasn’t until it was buried deep in her belly that she realized what was going on. The punch doubled her over and the blonde could do nothing but wheeze, fume in indignation and fight the urge to vomit as Kristen went back on the offense! With Elisha stunned, Kristen snatched a handful of blonde hair and jerked side to side, tugging the blonde to keep her off balance - and drawing pained yelps in the process!

Unable to resist any opportunity to taunt her, Kristen said, "So you want to try and smash my face Elisha? Well it wouldn't be right if I didn't return the favor now would it?"

With a feral snarl she brought her knee up as hard as she could smashing it hard into the blonde's chin. Elisha's teeth clacked together and she bit her tongue as the power of the knee lift forced her to a standing position. She’d been standing straight for only a microsecond when Kristen lowered her shoulder and sprinted forward, impaling Elisha's barely protected midriff with a vicious spear. Air once again whooshed from the blonde's lungs as the spear briefly bent her into a C shape. She’d the most bizarre sensation of flying for the briefest of moments before she slammed hard into the ground, head shoulders and back taking all the impact. As she struggled for breath, she realized a heavy weight was resting on her chest. Eyes clearing she looked up to see Kristen straddling her, the brunette's jean clad ass pressing down heavily on the blonde's rising chest. Elisha's face twisted into a grimace of hate as she bucked wildly, trying to unseat the brunette. But Kristen was tenacious and she held her position well, even scooting up further so that the fork of her crotch was mere inches from the struggling blonde's chin.

Winded form having all of Kristen's weight on her lungs, Elisha snarled, "GET...OFF...ME!"

Kristen responded to the order by bouncing up and down on Elisha's chest, her ass mashing the blonde's tits painfully. After repeating that maneuver a few times Kristen grabbed a handful of Elisha's hair and pulled back hard, ramming the back of the blonde's head into the dirt and forcing her to look up at her tormentor. Bringing up her other hand, Kristen laid it palm down right near Elisha's hairline.

Fixing her captive with a poisonous glare, Kristen said rather conversationally, "I'll let you go after two things have happened. The first is you submit and admit I'm your better; that shouldn't take too much longer. The second thing that has to happen is still a LONG way off. You know what it is Elisha?"

Not impressed by her arch nemesis's taunts Elisha spat, "Piss off Kristen."

"As always, you're like soooooo wrong!" the brunette sneered. "The second thing that has to happen is simply this: I have to get tired of hurting you. And if there's one thing this whole experience has taught me, it's that I NEVER get tired of hurting you."

Elisha was about to voice a reply when Kristen went to work doing what she loved. Curling her fingers, she pressed down as hard as she could and pulled her claw down Elisha's pale face leaving painful looking red welts in their wake. Elisha gritted her teeth against the pain, not wanting to let Kristen know how much the clawing hurt, but when the brunette reached the base of her neck only to go back up to her hairline and start the process over again, she gave voice to a helpless, pained scream. Kristen took the scream as motivation and only pressed down harder, intent on carving up her rival's face like a Thanksgiving turkey. She’d just finished up the fourth agonizing pass on Elisha's features when the blonde bucked her hips hard and managed to dislodge the brunette. Kristen uttered a surprised little cry and fell into the dirt beside her foe.

As she scrambled for purchase, Elisha sprang to life and rolled over on top of her. The blonde and the brunette struggled against each other for a short time rolling over and over in the grass and dirt of the isolated field. One would gain the top position momentarily and then would lose it as the other would buck them off and the cycle would repeat itself. After about a minute of this, Elisha was finally able to pin Kristen's wrists to the ground and slide up the brunette's struggling frame, bringing her jeans encased rear roughly to bear against Kristen's chest.

Savoring the reversal of position, Elisha fixed Kristen with a withering glare, "You thought I was almost DONE? Little girl I haven't even begun yet. I'll fight you until there's nothing left and then I'll fight you some more. And just so we're clear I want you to understand one thing: YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN THIS FIGHT. I don't care what I have to do, but you're not walking away from this field. You're getting hauled out of here in the back of Fannin's freaky old car, blood, spit, snot, piss and tears pouring out of you in equal amounts. And when you're at the hospital and they ask you what happened, I hope you're awake just long enough to whisper my name before you pass out!" She finished with a rough bounce on Kristen's chest.

Looking up at the sneering blonde, Kristen said, “Sounds to me like nothing but hot air from a used up blow hard bitch. But feel free to keep talking, it's keeping me warm."

Kristen was about to speak again when Elisha smashed a fist into her upturned face. The impact of the shot pushed her head back into the ground and she could do nothing to protect herself from the rain of fists Elisha began pouring down. No feature on the brunette's face was safe and soon she was sporting several unpleasant looking welts that would blossom into ugly bruises even before the fight was over. As Kristen moaned beneath her, Elisha maneuvered her hands around both sides of the brunette's head and secured a tight grip. Pulling Kristen's head up gently, Elisha held it for just a moment before slamming it down full force into the ground. The distance wasn't that far, but anyone who's had it happen will tell you that hitting your head on the hard cold ground isn’t fun and it it was definitely NOT fun for the brunette because Elisha wasn't nearly satisfied with one slam. She picked up Kristen's head and slammed it back down over and over; seemingly intent on smashing her rival's skull open on the cold, hard soil of the field.

After an especially hard bounce of her head, Kristen's mind cleared monetarily and she realized the dire situation she was in. If she couldn't get free of this hold in the next few seconds, Elisha would simply beat her unconscious and then the fight would be hers. Using that thought as motivation, she whipped her hands up and buried them in Elisha's blonde mane while simultaneously bucking hard to one side. The surprise movement from the brunette threw Elisha off her game and it allowed Kristen all the opportunity she needed to get free. Both ladies were on their knees facing each other and without a single word, threw themselves forward, coming together in a silently raging heap of claws, teeth and limbs. Like before, they rolled and grappled for dominance, each looking for the position that would spell the end for their rival. And like before, Elisha ended up getting the better of Kristen, much to the brunette's chagrin. Elisha had positioned herself on her side, laying right behind Kristen who was also on her side. As Kristen flailed wildly, Elisha penetrated her defense and looped an arm around Kristen's throat, cinching her hold tight as she rolled over onto her back and pulled Kristen over on top of her.

Before the brunette could muster a counter, Elisha snaked her legs around her foe's trim waist and locked her ankles. Both holds in place, she squeezed Kristen's throat with the choke and her waist with the scissors. Kristen gasped for air and struggled against the dual holds, but Elisha's grip was steadfast and the brunette was limited to a helpless flailing of her arms and legs. As she constricted her grip on Kristen's waist and throat, Elisha leaned in to taunt her victim. "Come on Kristen, fight! Fight with everything you've got until you're nice and tired so that the real fun can begin. I'm not letting this hold go until you beg me for mercy."

Words slurred by the elbow under her windpipe, Kristen managed to gag a reply, "I'll never beg you for anything...."

Elisha laughed softly and whispered, "We'll see!!"

Using her free hand, she slid it down to Kristen's waist and pulled the brunette's tank-top up about halfway, exposing the smooth plank of her stomach to the cold air. Enjoying the shiver this move created in her opponent, Elisha spread her hand along the bare expanse of skin and held it that way for just a moment before forming it into a claw and digging deep into Kristen's stomach. The brunette redoubled her efforts when Elisha applied the Stomach Claw but the brunette had already been worn down by the effects of the choke and Body Scissors. As the pain from the triad of holds rushed through her body, Kristen felt herself getting lightheaded and knew that defeat was just around the corner if she couldn't make an escape.

Forgetting everything she knew about technical wrestling, she elected the most basic means of escape open to her. Shifting her head down a bit, she opened her mouth and then chomped down, sinking her teeth into the soft flesh of Elisha's elbow joint and chewing for all she was worth. The pain of the bite raced up the blonde's arm like an electrical shock and for a moment she was paralyzed with pain. Then her senses returned and she pushed Kristen away, eager to be rid of the crippling pain in her joint. Getting to her knees, the blonde cradled her chewed arm and looked at the slowly recovering Kristen, fixing the disheveled brunette with a look of unadulterated loathing. And Kristen, despite the toll the holds had taken on her, returned the blonde's glare with equal ferocity.

Wincing, Elisha hissed, "Getting desperate Kristen? Or do you always resort to biting? I thought biting was only for sluts and whores.... Oh well I guess that explains it."

Kristen was unaffected by Elisha's barb, "Haven't you figured out I'll do whatever it takes to beat you Elisha? If that means I have to bite, pinch, scratch or rip every bit of you into unrecognizable pieces, then, God help me that's what I'll do. You're going to scream long and loud before I'm finally done with you. Now stop stalling and take your best shot!"

"With pleasure!" Elisha snarled as she lunged forward.

The blonde came hard and fast, claws outstretched and aimed at Kristen's face. Moments before Elisha could sink her talons into Kristen, the brunette lashed a fist out and smashed it across Elisha's jaw. The shot stopped Elisha cold and sent her sprawling on her back, legs pinned awkwardly beneath her. Before she could even draw a breath, Kristen hand pounced on her, forcing her wrists over her head. The blonde fought wildly to escape Kristen's pin, but the brunette held her tight, keeping her snarling, spitting foe firmly on her back. As Elisha tried to bridge free of her predicament, Kristen brought one knee up and then drove it down hard into the stretched curve of Elisha's abdomen. The air left the blonde in one colossal rush as she seemed to deflate in Kristen's clutches.

So furious she couldn’t form a coherent insult, Kristen settled for an inarticulate hiss of rage instead, then brought her knee up and then down once more. What little breath Elisha had drawn was expelled in another visible puff, leaving the trapped blonde gasping for air. Not content with Elisha's pain, Kristen repeated her knee ramming maneuver over and over paying special attention to grind her knee against the blonde's ribcage.

After a minute or so of this brutal treatment, Kristen finally stops to take a breath and addresses her groaning victim, "How's that feel Elisha? Having trouble drawing a breath yet?"

The blonde was wounded but not so much that she couldn't return Kristen's verbal barbs. Gasping she replied, “I'm still breathing just fine. But I won't be able to say the same of you when I get out of here and grind your face into the dirt!"

Motivated by her foe's retort, Kristen fired back, “The only thing getting ground into the dirt tonight is YOU 'Lisha!”

Without another word, Kristen spun around and in one smooth motion was still sitting on Elisha's chest, but now facing her legs. Not giving her opponent the opportunity to respond, the brunette leaned forward and grabbed a double fistful of the blonde's white top. With a deep breath she pulled hard in both directions, splitting the garment right up the middle. Elisha shrieked an indignant little cry as her top was rent and she was left even more exposed to the cold, facing her nemesis now clad only in her dirty jeans and a white bra.

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!" Elisha ranted as Kristen tossed the halves of the top aside. "I'm gonna pay you back for this like you wouldn't.... Uuuungggrrrh!"

Her tirade was cut off as Kristen began raining another litany of punches down on Elisha's tenderized midsection. After another hard punch sent a deep shiver through Elisha's frame, Kristen paused and took a deep breath. Running a hand through her hair, the brunette looked over her shoulder and down at Elisha's face.

Meeting the blonde's hateful gaze, Kristen said quietly, "I told you I'd do whatever it takes Elisha. If you don't get that through your head, I'll finish you off with no problems."

Finished with her threat, she turned around and pulled her fist up again, ready to bury it in the blonde's now bare navel. But before she could unload with yet another punch, Elisha placed both hands palm down and the thin grass and pushed up with all her might. Her thrust combined with Kristen's own momentum was enough to throw the brunette off her perch and send her face first into the dirt. Glad to be free of the painful abuse, Elisha curled into a ball and simply held her injured stomach. She knew this was not the way to go about defeating Kristen, but for right now it was all she could manage. The brunette on the other hand was pushing herself up out of the dirt and slowly climbing to her feet. Regaining her vertical base, she whirled around on her heel and found Elisha laying on her side, hands clutching at her midsection.

Smiling coldly, Kristen advanced on the wounded blonde, hell-bent on finishing her off. Approaching the blonde's head, Kristen bent down and secured a grip on Elisha's hair. With a small groan, she pulled Elisha to her knees and started to pull the blonde to her feet. That's when Elisha sprang her trap. With Kristen occupied in the task of pulling Elisha to her feet, she’d never seen Elisha grab the handful of dirt she now held in her right hand. That is, she never saw it until Elisha hurled it into her eyes, but by then it was far too late to do anything about it. Suddenly blind, Kristen released her grip on Elisha and stumbled back, clawing and rubbing at her eyes.

Shaking her head wildly from side to side, the brunette screamed a curse at the blonde, "YOU DESPERATE CHEATING bitch! YOU'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO WIN WITHOOOOWWWWW...."

This time it was Kristen's turn to get cut off as Elisha pounded a fist into her chin. The blinded beauty took the blow full force and would have collapsed to her knees if not for the blonde sneaking around behind her and latching on a Side Headlock. Wrenching Kristen's head roughly against the point of her hip, Elisha steadied herself and then took off at a dead run across the field, heading generally in the direction of where Fannin was sitting on the Fury's hood and silently observing the battle. Still several yards from the promoter, Elisha bellowed a primitive cry of rage and leapt into the air, bringing Kristen up and then down, face first into the unforgiving ground. The Running Bulldog was a vicious enough move when applied in the confines of the ring. To deliver it on someone in an outdoor setting was just brutal. Kristen's face hit the ground with an unceremonious thud and she gasped once before laying silently on the ground. As for Elisha, she was kneeling beside Kristen, hands on her thighs and simply breathing deep lungfuls of the cold October air. Kristen's last assault had taken a lot out of her though she never would have admitted it in the presence of her nemesis. Looking disdainfully at Kristen's slowly breathing form, Elisha grabbed a handful of hair and slowly pulled them both to a standing position. Kristen stood before her on legs that looked like they could give way at any moment.

To ensure against her rival collapsing, Elisha held the brunette's hair in a death grip while she sneered into Kristen's dazed face, "You don't have to tell me anything about doing whatever it takes to win Kristen. I'm no stranger to breaking the rules. But in case you need a demonstration, here ya go!"

She brought her knee up and blasted it between the brunette's thighs and Kristen's scream was piercing as she slumped forward. She’d have fallen face down in the dirt if Elisha hadn’t been in her way, but Elisha didn't move and as the brunette toppled forward, Elisha kept a firm grip on Kristen's hair so she could look into her nemesis's pain-wracked face.

Remembering, the indignity that had (at least in her mind) began this feud, Elisha was so consumed with hate that her next words were little more than a vicious whisper, "I've been waiting to do this to you for a long, long time Kristen!"

Before the brunette could do anything, Elisha spat directly into Kristen's face, the glob covering most of the her cheek. At the same time Kristen finally moved aside and let the crippled woman fall limp to the ground where she did nothing but sob quietly as she cradled her injured groin in her trembling hands. Seeing Kristen helpless on the ground gave new life to Elisha and a sadistic little grin spread on her lips as she considered her next move. Bending at the waist, she grabbed Kristen by the wrists and began to drag her chest and face first along the ground, heading closer and closer to where Fannin sat silently observing their war. Looking back over her shoulder, Elisha finally dropped Kristen's wrists when they were within ten feet of the promoter and his monster car. Changing her plan a bit, Elisha moved to Kristen's ankles and proceeded to drag the brunette around so that her legs were facing toward Fannin. Releasing Kristen's feet, the blonde again strode to Kristen's head and placing one foot on either side of the brunette's head, sat down, her ass coming to rest on the base of Kristen's neck.

Cracking her knuckles, Elisha said the first words of the fight that weren't directed at her foe as she looked directly at Fannin and said, "You know Rich, I actually don't mind having you as an audience. You don't hoot, holler or yell obnoxious catch phrases like some; plus you strike me as the kind of warped perv who’d actually LIKE this!"

Returning her attention to Kristen, Elisha reached down and grabbed the brunette's tank-top. Remembering what Kristen had done earlier, the blonde tore the thin top apart, baring Kristen's back to the chill air. Not even close to done, Elisha reached down again and placed both hands palms down right at the spot where Kristen's jeans ended. Shaping her hands into claws, Elisha raked her dual claw all the way up Kristen's back clear to the middle of her shoulder blades. The clawing finally seemed to bring her around as she began to struggle feebly in Elisha grip. But the blonde wasn't quite ready to relinquish her position yet and she repeated the claw, drawing painful red furrows up and down the full length of Kristen's smooth back. As Kristen's escape attempts continued to increase in strength, Elisha decided a change of strategy was an order. Once again changing her position, she scooted around so that she was sitting on Kristen's lower back but now facing her head. Reaching her hands down she grasped under Kristen's chin and jerked up hard, locking in a favorite hold of hers, the Camel Clutch.

Gasping at both the cold wind on her stinging back and the wrenching on her neck, Kristen managed to say, "LET.... ME... GO!"

Elisha enjoyed hearing the note of angry desperation in Kristen's voice and her response seemed to indicate as such, “Was that the first note of panic I heard creeping into your voice Kristen sweetie? Are you finally starting to realize you've bitten off even more than that big mouth of yours can chew? No? Then read my lips. I won't let you go. Not until you scream and beg and plead for mercy. Then and only then will I even consider letting you go."

She punctuated this declaration by pulling up hard on Kristen's chin and bouncing her dirt covered, jean clad ass on the brunette's tautly stretched lower back. Elisha's face wore an expression of sadistic rapture as she wrenched the hold with everything she’d, pulling so hard on Kristen's chin that the brunettes entire upper torso was lifted off the cold ground. Pain clouding her vision, Kristen fought the ever increasing urge to submit by thinking of all the things she could do to Elisha when she escaped this torturous hold. Realizing that what worked once might work again, she bided her time until Elisha momentarily relaxed her grip on Kristen's neck. Using every bit of slack given her, Kristen moved her head up ever so slightly.

When Elisha's grasping hands were in range, the brunette bit down hard, gnawing and chewing at the callous fingers. Elisha howled in pain and fury when her hands were bitten and she did her best to maintain her grip on the hold, but the agony in her hand was just too great. Cursing and spitting, she released the clutch and pulled off of Kristen, finally freeing her fingers from her foe's maw. Holding her injured hand, Elisha looked up through a tangle of blonde hair to see Kristen on her feet, rubbing at the pain in her neck before tossing the shredded remnants of her tank top aside. Once again, they were both evenly dressed as now Kristen wore nothing but a black bra to keep the ever increasing chill away. Suddenly the brunette turned and saw Elisha rising. With hate in her eyes, she lunged forward at a speed Elisha wouldn't have believed possible.

Before the blonde could get her hands up to defend herself, Kristen fired her foot out and brought it thundering up into Elisha's mound. Elisha's shriek was so high pitched as to be almost inaudible, but that didn't make the effects of the cunt punt any less devastating Tears streaming down her cheeks, Elisha fell to her side and lay in the fetal position, wondering how she’d managed to lose control of the battle so quickly and totally. Her foe however was enjoying the simple pleasures of not being in constant physical pain and she couldn't wait to subject Elisha to some of the same torture she herself had just experienced.

Placing grimy hands on equally grimy hips, the brunette looked down at her moaning opponent and said, "So that's it huh? All semblance of rules and decorum tossed out the window? Well that's fine with me. I always thought the rules just got in the way."

Seeing as how Elisha was in no shape to respond, Kristen didn't wait for one before going on the attack. Targeting the blonde's already weakened ribs and torso, Kristen brought her heel up and back before arcing it forward in a short but brutal kick. The hit forced a gasp of air from the sobbing blonde and she rolled limply to her other side hoping against hope that Kristen would stop kicking her. This hope was in vain however as Kristen simply moved with Elisha, firing the short, methodical kicks into Elisha's injured ribs. She repeated this simple but brutal practice for the better part of two minutes before deciding that it would be tremendously disappointing if Elisha lost consciousness and Fannin stopped the fight on account of some lousy kicking. It would be better to humble the blonde with a more dominant move than kicks and stomps. Bending low, she pulled up Elisha's limp frame and stood behind her, so that both women were facing Fannin, who (so far anyway) had lived up to his promise of being nothing more than a casual observer.

Locking her green eyes with Fannin's hazel ones, she said, "Now I could be wrong, but rumor has it you're a guy with great appreciation for technical holds. Well if that's the case, then you'll really like THIS!"

Fannin just smiled, so Kristen went to work. With a few quick shifts of her legs and movements of her arms, she’d locked her blonde nemesis in a textbook Abdominal Stretch. Securing the hold, she poured as much pressure into the hold as she could, savoring Elisha's pained cry as her injured torso was subjected to even more abuse. Giving another wrench on the hold, Kristen looked down into Elisha's face and spoke.

Her earlier tone of taunting malice was gone, replaced with a flat coldness that was somehow worse, "Give up!"

Bent at this awkward angle, Elisha was unable to look into Kristen's eyes when she responded, but her message was perfectly clear nonetheless. "Never!!"

"Then suffer!" Kristen said in the same flat voice, giving another painful twist to Elisha's torso as she spoke.

Bringing her free hand into play, Kristen ran it slowly up Elisha's nearly bare middle, tracing a light pattern with her fingers. When the blonde felt Kristen's fingers on her abdomen, she new she was in trouble and put even more efforts in her attempts to escape. But Kristen held the Abdominal Stretch tight and Elisha could do nothing more than squirm helplessly. Tired of drawing out the anticipation, Kristen pulled her hand from Elisha's middle then brought it whistling forward in an open palm slap. The slap cracked loudly in cold air and Kristen's hand brought an immediate welt to Elisha's pale skin. Elisha gritted her teeth against the pain, but her silence only seemed to bait Kristen and the brunette slapped her again, drawing another welt.

Leaning down Kristen whispered, "Just how long do you think you can last Elisha?"

"Long enough to finish you off!" Elisha whispered back.

Kristen only chuckled softly and then slapped Elisha yet again, this time cracking her across her breasts. After that shot, Kristen finally released the hold and let Elisha fall into the grass and dirt, the blonde landing on her stomach. Burning with a fury that her cold demeanor didn't indicate, Kristen kicked Elisha over onto her back and straddled the blonde at the waist. Breathing hard, she grabbed a handful of hair and pushed roughly to one side, pressing one half of the blonde's face into the dirt. Elisha bucked and squirmed to escape this humiliating treatment, but Kristen held her perch and pushed down even harder, grinding Elisha's face into the soil with great relish.

Her green eyes blazing as she spoke Kristen said, "Haven't you figured it out yet Elisha? You're BEATEN. I was hoping to finish you with something a bit prettier but if this second grade playground shit is the only thing that will make you see reason then so be it!" She finished with another hard push to Elisha's abused face.

As she lay on her back, having part of her face rammed in the dirt, Elisha began to fill with a cold black rage. Knowing there was no way she would lose in such an ignominious fashion, the blonde began groping around for anything to help aid in her escape. After several frantic seconds her hand came across something small and hard. Grasping it, she wasn't quite sure what it was, but hoped it would suffice. Holding it tightly, Elisha uttered a primal shriek and brought her arm arcing up fast. Her fist cracked against Kristen's temple and the brunette's assault ceased as she uttered a surprised grunt and then fell off the blonde, landing in the dirt beside her.

Finally free of Kristen's oppressive weight, Elisha sat up and brushed as much of the dirt from her face as possible. Regaining her senses she looked at what she held in her hands. It turned out to be nothing more than a fairly good sized rock. It didn't bother her at all that there was a slight red smear on the side that she’d bashed Kristen with. Speaking of whom.... Elisha tossed the rock away and shifted her attention to the brunette, who was laying beside her and rubbing at a shallow cut on the side of her head. Seeing her foe wounded gave Elisha a much needed surge of adrenaline and she made the most of it. Rolling over she straddled the brunette and locked her legs around Kristen's, stretching them wide with a Double Leg Grapevine. Before Kristen new what was happening, Elisha had pinned both of her wrists up over her head, pinning her to the ground neatly and thoroughly. When Kristen realized her situation, she tried to twist out of Elisha's grip but the blonde held her firm, stretching the Grapevine to it's utmost.

Kristen voiced a panicky little cry before looking up at Elisha and in a voice that radiated hate said, “LEMME GO!"

Elisha just laughed at Kristen's useless demand and slammed her body down, crushing Kristen between the dirt and Elisha's own lithe frame. With their faces only inches apart, Elisha hissed at her captive nemesis, “Do you think that might actually work? You just say ‘let me go’ and I would? Screw you Kristen! If you want out, you'll have to fight your way out." She raised up and then slammed down again, enjoying the feel of Kristen's labored breathing on her face. Addressing her victim again Elisha taunted, "I always KNEW that you wouldn't stack up to me body to body. And now you know it too. Looks like I can finish you off by just crushing you into the dirt." She punctuated her promise by grinding her torso and crotch especially hard against her captive's quivering frame.

Much to her credit, Kristen responded to Elisha's taunt as best she could, actually grinding upward against Elisha's dominant hold. “Just wait and see whose body gives out first bitch! You'll be extremely lucky if there's anything left of you when I'm done," Kristen said with as much authority as anyone in her position could muster.

Furious that her foe's spirit showed no signs of weakening Elisha rose up again and shifted her grip, grabbing both of Kristen's wrists in one hand. With her free hand, she grabbed a large handful of dirt and forced it into the brunette's face, grinding the soil into Kristen's fine features.

Grabbing another handful, she repeated the maneuver as she screamed at her squirming nemesis, "What's that Kristen? I can't quite understand you cuz your mouth is full of dirt; you filthy bitch!"

As Kristen struggled against her demeaning treatment, the blonde changed tactics again. Releasing Kristen's wrists and the Grapevine, she flipped Kristen over onto her stomach and slid up her bare back until she was sitting with her ass on Kristen's shoulders. Grabbing two handfuls of hair, she pushed Kristen's whole face into the ground and began jerking it from side to side, dragging her face through the dirt. The brunette gasped and fought for escape but Elisha wasn't of the mind to let her go until she’d thoroughly abused Kristen's face. Finally satisfied, Elisha rose up and pulled Kristen up along with her. Staring into the brunette's filthy face, the only thing Elisha saw clearly was the dazed hate in Kristen's eyes. But Elisha's hatred was something not to be underestimated and she proved it by winding up and absolutely smashing a fist into Kristen's nose.

The brunette's legs turned to jell-o and she fell back, sprawling on the ground clutching at her mangled face. Realizing Kristen was close to done (for real this time) Elisha rolled her shoulders and neck, cracking them to get some of the stiffness out. Bending down, she hauled Kristen to her feet and stared directly into her face as she said, “You really are the greatest opponent I've ever had, but now I'm going to put you down for good."

Preparing to make good on her threat, she pulled her fist back again and brought it rocketing forward. Microseconds before impact, Kristen stepped aside and Elisha's fist sailed harmlessly through empty air. Capitalizing in this brief moment, Kristen fired a punch of her own. The desperation Uppercut caught Elisha on the point of her chin and knocked the blonde off her feet, sending her crashing to the ground where she lay trying to clear her head. Kristen tried to advance on the downed blonde, but her legs gave way and she fell to one knee, able to do nothing more than breath hard and try to get her bearings back. Elisha's face rubbing tactics had taken a lot out of the resilient brunette and she knew that this fight had to end sometime soon as both she and Elisha were nearly running on empty. Several seconds later, blonde and brunette gamely pushed their way to a standing position.

Standing a few feet apart, they surveyed their rival in the deepening twilight. Wiping most of the dirt from her face, Kristen said quietly, "You know it's almost over don't you?"

Elisha said nothing for a second, wiping a thin trickle of blood from the side of her mouth then after looking at the smear on her thumb, turned to Kristen and sighed, "Yeah I know. Been a hell of a ride though hasn't it?"

"For once we’re in agreement!" Kristen said. "Lets find out how it ends, shall we?"

"Yes, we shall!" Elisha whispered as they charged each other once more.

Drawing within striking distance, Elisha launched a Knife edge chop that caught Kristen flush across her chest. With a little hiss of pain, Kristen fired back with her own chop, catching Elisha across her breasts. The blonde winced but did not falter and returned fire. For the next two minutes, the empty field was filled with a sound like small sticks snapping on a cold day as each combatant put everything she’d left into surviving this chop contest. Finally, after a scintillating chop from the blonde, Kristen couldn't muster the energy to fire back, she could only clutch her sizzling breasts. Elisha gathered her strength and fired one more chop at her rival. This last shot finally took the brunette down and she lay in the dirt, sobbing and rubbing her chest. Not letting up her attack, Elisha loped forward and leapt into the air, bringing her leg down across Kristen's throat in a classic Leg Drop. The brunette flopped like a dying fish but offered no resistance as Elisha pulled her to her feet. Deciding that sometimes the simplest solution was the only solution, Elisha wrapped both hands around Kristen's neck and began to squeeze, mentally vowing not to let Kristen go until her eyes rolled back in her head and she went limp in the blonde's grip.

Thinking out loud more than actually speaking, Elisha muttered, "JUST GO TO SLEEP KRISTEN!"

When she felt Elisha's fingers pressing into her windpipe, Kristen shook off her mental haze and thought fast. As her air supply was cut off, she brought up one hand and began pounding short, brutal punches into Elisha's tortured stomach. Though these blows felt like gunshots to the blonde, she weathered them admirably and continued squeezing, knowing she could wait Kristen out. But the brunette had one other trick up her sleeve. As she continued to fire punches into Elisha's gut, she raised her other arm and smashed an open palmed strike against the blonde's unguarded nose. That hit caused the blonde's eyes to tear up and she stumbled back, holding her nose. Seeing Elisha distracted, Kristen knew the time to act was now.

Lunging forward, she looped both arms around Elisha's wounded middle and locked them. With a grunt of effort she pulled the blonde off her feet and gave a massive squeeze, punishing her opponent with a Bear Hug. Seconds after Kristen's arms wrapped around her waist, Elisha threw her head back and screamed in absolute agony. Her ribs just couldn't take much more punishment and here Kristen was doing everything she could to snap her ribs like matchsticks. Indeed that was Kristen's intent as she held Elisha aloft and crushed down intently, pausing every now and then to shake her victim like a rag doll. After an especially hard squeeze, she asked for Elisha's surrender. The blonde was adamant in her refusal.

Furious, Kristen gave the hold another crushing squeeze and screamed, "JUST GIVE IT UP ELISHA! You KNOW your ribs can't take this for any longer!"

Fading in the grip of the Bear Hug, Elisha pulled her head up and said, "I can last just long enough to do THIS!"

Darting her head forward, the blonde bit down on the bridge of Kristen's nose while simultaneously clawing at her face. The brunette shrieked and tried to shake Elisha free, but the blonde held on tenaciously and Kristen had to release the Bear Hug to pry Elisha off her face. When Elisha hit the ground, she put aside the inferno in her ribcage and lunged at the staggering Kristen. Grabbing the brunette's head, Elisha cinched in a Front Face-lock, wrapping both arms as tight as she could around Kristen's head. Normally used as a mere transition in ring matches, the Front Face-lock is actually a devastating choke if applied at the right time. This was one of those times!

Elisha pulled up with all her might, bringing Kristen up on her tiptoes and slowly choking the fight out of her. As Kristen gagged against the Face-lock Elisha pulled arm free and began raking it up and down Kristen's back. The welts she’d carved previously were soon joined by a fresh batch as she tried to hand Kristen more pain than she could take. Finishing up a final pass of raking, Elisha reached down under the top of Kristen's jeans and grabbed a handful of the brunette's panties. With a guttural cry, Elisha pulled up viciously, adding a wedgie to go along with the numbing effects of the Front Face-lock.


Kristen didn't have enough air to be coherent, but she uttered a little gurgle that probably meant, "Screw you."

Out of her mind with rage, Elisha bore down on the hold, not realizing that Kristen was getting ready to make her escape. Moment's later she was made aware of the brunette's plan when her crotch exploded in agony. See, Elisha's choke was a mighty painful hold, but its one flaw was letting Kristen's arms hang free. Using the last of her fading consciousness, the brunette had reached up and managed to fumble the zipper on Elisha's jeans open. With the blonde still distracted, Kristen wormed her hand into position and locked on the Crotch Claw, furiously gouging and pinching at her opponent's womanhood. Tears flowed down both of their faces as they fought to maintain their respective holds. And while getting Elisha to release the hold would be nice, outright escape was not what Kristen had in mind.

Feeling the grip on her throat loosen just a bit, Kristen released her claw and wrapped both arms around Elisha's middle. Planting her feet for just a second, Kristen lifted up and ran forward, pushing Elisha in front of her. The brunette's goal wasn't obvious to Elisha, but Fannin saw what Kristen was planning right away. But to be fair to the blonde, Fannin figured it out because it was coming right at him. Eyes widening in surprise, the young man scooted off the hood of the Fury moments before Kristen Rammed the small of Elisha' back full force into the Plymouth's grill. The blonde shrieked and let go of her hold as the force of the impact bent her backwards on the hood. Drawing her first full breath in nearly two minutes, Kristen went about the process of finishing Elisha off.

Not saying a word, she climbed up her foe and sat on Elisha's bent top half, pinning her backwards on the wide hood. Still silent, Kristen rained punches down on the blonde's bruised face. Sick of asking for submission, Kristen wouldn't stop until Elisha lost consciousness or she verbally surrendered. Kristen kept up her barrage, assaulting Elisha's face but still the blonde would not give in. Reaching the end of her patience, Kristen paused and drew back her fist as far as it would go looking to put Elisha's lights out once and for all.

Before she could launch her final blow, Elisha bucked hard to the side and tossed Kristen off her, sending the brunette fully onto the Fury's hood. Knowing that this was her last chance at victory, Elisha pounced on the brunette's back and grabbed a handful of dark hair. Far beyond the point of asking for submission, Elisha was satisfied to simply lift Kristen's head up and begin bashing her face first into the old car's hood. There was a hollow thudding sound as Kristen's face bounced off the metal over and over again, but Elisha was relentless, not stopping until every last bit of fight seemed to have left the brunette. Knowing the fight was hers, Elisha pushed Kristen over onto her back and looked down at her dazed face.

Breathing hard, Elisha gasped, "Last... chance... give up... now.... or I won't… be responsible... for what happens… next."

Kristen actually managed to raise her head to voice a reply, “Would you give up..... If our positions were reversed?"

"No!" Elisha said flatly.

"Then what makes you think I would?" Kristen said quietly.

Elisha just sighed and stood up, pulling the brunette with her. Steeping up, she dragged Kristen onto the top of the cab. Bending Kristen over, Elisha locked her thighs around the brunette's head, the classic set up for the Pile-Driver. Turning both of them, she looked down at Fannin who had moved around to the back of the Fury to stay out of the ladies way.

Seeing the promoter, Elisha said, "You heard me ask her to give. This is her own doing." Fannin simply nodded.

Breathing deep, Elisha wrapped her arms around Kristen's bare waist and went to invert her. Unfortunately her ribs weren't up to the task and she wasn't able to get Kristen off the ground. Gritting her teeth, Elisha tried a second attempt, but again her ribs failed her. Closing her eyes, she hesitated for just a moment before trying a third time. And this time the outcome was different, but it wasn't the outcome she wanted. For right before she could haul the brunette upside down, Kristen planted her feet and pushed up as hard as she could.

The unprepared Elisha was tossed up and over Kristen's head, soaring several feet through the air before landing on the Plymouth's trunk with an ungodly WHAM! The whole car shuddered with the impact and Elisha bounced off the back of the car and landed on the dirt below with another resounding THUD at Fannin's feet. The promoter bent to check on the blonde who was on the ragged edge of consciousness, but amazingly enough still trying to get up. Fannin was just about to bring Elisha to her feet when he was roughly shoved aside. Startled, he looked up to see Kristen standing over him.

"Stay out of this. It's almost over. Then you can do whatever you want." Turning her attention to the crippled blonde, Kristen said one word, "Submit!"

Elisha raised her head and said weakly "No!"

Kristen shook her head and pulled Elisha to her feet. Spinning her nemesis around, Kristen used one hand to grab Elisha's hair and another to grab the back of her filthy jeans. Backing up a few paces, Kristen pulled Elisha back, preparing herself for what she was about to do.

Realizing the brunette's intentions, Fannin's eyes widened and he stepped forward, shouting, "KRISTEN DON'T! SHE'S DONE AND YOU KNOW IT!"

But his plea fell on deaf ears and Kristen enacted her plan . Lunging forward, she tossed Elisha chest and stomach first into the Fury's right fin. Elisha uttered a single gasp and then slowly fell to her side doing nothing but clutching her ribs and gasping painful, shallow breaths. Sitting down beside her foe, Kristen extended her legs and wrapped them around Elisha's middle. Before Fannin could protest again, Kristen squeezed as hard as she could, putting unbelievable pressure on the Elisha's ribs. The blonde clawed weakly at Kristen's thighs, but she pushed them away and continued to squeeze putting every ounce of concentration into cutting Elisha in half. Elisha resisted the hold for longer than Fannin would have thought humanly possible, but in the end even the greatest of warriors have their limits.

Accepting the reality of the situation, Elisha tapped Kristen's leg and said quietly, "I give up. You win."

That was more than enough for the brunette and she released her hold rolling onto her back and laying right beside her defeated rival. For several moments, she did nothing but breath and look at the first stars of evening. She should have been ecstatic but oddly enough she felt no joy in Elisha's defeat. Perhaps she would later, but for right now she just hurt too much. While Kristen lay on the ground contemplating her win, Richard was tending to Elisha, trying to ascertain the severity of her injuries. He was moments from pulling her up when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Kristen standing over him.

A frown formed on his face and he just about to object, when the brunette said, “I did this to her. I can pick her up."

Fannin eyed her warily but moved aside. Kristen bent and offered Elisha her hand. The blonde looked at the outstretched hand ever so slowly raised her own, clasping it with Kristen's. With considerable effort, Kristen pulled Elisha to her feet, and the two rivals stood face to face for a final time.

Looking into Elisha's face, Kristen said, "You know, all I ever wanted was to shake your hand."

Elisha took a pained breath and replied, "Better late than never I suppose," and extended her hand.

Kristen shook the blonde's hand and held it, "No offense, but I don't ever want to do something like that again."

"Me either!" replied the blonde. "Now can we get out of this goddam field?"

"Yes we can!" interjected Fannin. "And if you ladies don't mind riding together, I'll take you both back to my place. It's not far and I have a doctor waiting. I'd prefer NOT having to explain your injuries to the authorities at a hospital."

Both tired combatants nodded and got stiffly into the back of the Plymouth. Fannin jumped in the drivers seat and fired up the engine. Turning the heater on, her backed the car out of the field and backed up, heading back down the path through the woods. In the end, it turned out both ladies had lived up to their word. Neither had allowed the other to walk away from the field. But given everything that had occurred, being driven out wasn't such a bad thing.