Elisha Cuthbert vs. Natalie Portman - In The Octagon by tiger

As she enters the Octagon, the dark-haired Natalie sizes up her competition. Elisha is wearing a blue-bikini, revealing her shapely belly and -exceptionally smooth legs. Elisha is a couple of years younger than Natalie, but seems to be in a little better shape than the brunette in terms of strength, although, both are obviously no couch potatoes. Maybe it's just because of Natalie's blue one-piece that she isn't given the benefit of the doubt relative to "who has the better body".

"Are all of you ready for some fighting?", yells the announcer as the combatants continue their warm up stretching.

The fans respond with a "HELL YEAH!"
"Great, but before we begin this fight, I would like you to welcome another actress to our Octagon line-up. Ms. Amanda Bynes!" the announcer continues. Amanda, sitting with the play by play announcers, appears reluctant but then stands up and waves to the audience. "Ms. Bynes will be making her first appearance in the Octagon sometime in June to fight another young actress whose name won’t be revealed until she turns 18," bellows the announcer as many of the young teenagers in the audience stare hungrily at Amanda and wonder who that ‘mystery opponent’ could possibly be.

Meanwhile, Natalie is getting tired of the BS about Amanda and thinks the young Ms. Bynes is trying to steal the show. So she turns to the announcer and growls, "Hey, Let's get this going, OK?"

The announcer, feeling a little embarrassed, stammers, "Now, back to the Main Event tonight".

He announces the girls, gives their hometown, height, weight, etc., before finally calling for the bell.

"Oh, my Amanda. This will be a hell of a fight," says Rick, the play by play announcer.

"Yes, it should be interesting," Amanda mumbles, re-adjusting her skirt which had worked its way up to her hips as she squirmed nervously in her seat.

The bell rings and the girls come out, careful, but both looking confident. After a few seconds of sizing each other up, they lock up and surprisingly, it’s the smaller girl who gains the advantage as Natalie begins pushing Elisha back, driving her shoulder into Elisha’s chest, flattening the blonde's fuller breasts. Elisha latches onto a handful of Natalie's dark hair with one hand while the other hand sweeps down to grab hold of her shoulder strap - pulling it down over her shoulder. Natalie ignores her loose top and continues her momentum, driving Elisha back into the cage wall.

"Thought you were stronger then me, huh blondie?" spits Natalie with a nasty smile. “WRONG!”

The bigger blonde responds with a grunt as the cold cage scratches into the tanned flesh on her lower back. Holding Elisha pinned against the cage, Natalie drives a punishing knee up into the blonde's soft belly. The younger girl lets out a loud moan as her fingers lose their grip on the brunette's hair. Elisha doubles over wincing with both hands clasped over her stomach. Natalie quickly jerks her back upright by her blonde locks and slams another knee to the blonde's body which strikes lower than the first - squarely on Elisha's pubic mound!

"OOOHHHH!!" gasps the blonde as she falls to her knees, pawing at her aching groin.

Natalie screams, "Fight back, bitch!"

Elisha is slumped forward on her knees, hands between her legs, rocking slowly as she tries to clear her thoughts and back into this fight!

"Well, looks like Natalie is getting a little nasty," cries Rick into the mic.

"Yes, but that was a dirty blow," Amanda responds, unconsciously crossing her legs as her skirt rides up again.

Natalie leans back and hammers a forearm across the back of Elisha's head, sending the blonde crashing to the mat face - and tits - first. Elisha moans and groans as Natalie drops a knee into her lower back, then cruelly winds one hand into the blonde's hair, twisting her head sharply while her other hand captures in the younger blonde's right leg, completing Natalie’s version of a backbreaker. Elisha lets out a loud yelp of pain as Natalie bends her backward trying her best to break the blonde's back.

"That's gotta be painful," sighs Amanda, turning toward Rick for his reply - or perhaps unable to watch Elisha’s agony..

"That's the backbreaker, Baby!" howls Rick, his eyes focused between Elisha's spread legs as the blonde beauty is showing a little more of her ‘goodies’ than what she would like.

After holding Elisha in the painful hold several seconds, Natalie releases the terribly hurting blonde, stopping for a moment to brush her hair back out of her face. Then she bends over and hair-hauls the groggy Elisha - who stumbles and nearly falls - up to her feet. But Elisha’s legs firm up and she snatches Natalie between the legs with her right hand, the crotch claw badly rattling the smaller girl.

"Squeeze that bush ‘Lish!" hollers an young man in the audience eliciting a few laughs and getting a grin from Amanda.

Natalie screams in objection as she rocks forward to her knee, clawing Elisha's wrist.

"Payback is hell!" hollers Rick.

"OH, you dirty bitch!" moans Natalie as she finally wrenches the blonde's hand from her pussy.

Elisha responds by swinging her leg back and delivering a hard kick to Natalie's ribs, sending the brunette crumbling to the mat. Now that she has gained the advantage for the first time, Elisha hair-hauls Natalie to her feet but as Elisha reaches back to punch, Natalie lashes out with a whipping, cuffing slap that sets the blonde's firm left tit jiggling like a bowl of Jell-O! Elisha spins away, her left hand cradling her stinging breast as she turn her back to Natalie.

"Don't turn your back on ME!" Natalie screams, punching her right fist into Elisha's injured lower back.

"OOHH!" groans the blonde, her body arching sharply backward; both hands grabbing for her lower back.

Natalie pours on the pressure, running the bigger girl's pretty face into the side of cage, using her hair to power her forward. Elisha tries to lessen the impact by raising her arms in front of her face, but when she hits the wall, Natalie scrubs her face back and forth on the wire mesh. As Elisha slumps to a sitting position, scratches can be seen on her chin and her upper lip seems to be busted open. The struggling blonde reaches up and tries to pull herself up using the cage, but again Natalie targets that cute little mound between her Elisha’s sexy, smooth thighs and drives her foot up into her crotch as she tries to stand!

Elisha's face goes pale and she mroans, "Damn it, you fucking bitch!”

Natalie just smiles as the dazed blonde topples over and lands face first on the mat, her hips in the air, both hands under her clutching her battered. Dazed by all the punishment she’s endured, Elisha struggles to her knees and tries to crawl away from her tormentor, but Natalie follows, grabs her by the hair and pulls Elisha to her feet, screaming at Natalie to release the hair! As soon as the blonde gets upright, however, she reaches out and grabs onto both of Natalie's boobs!

"She's got the puppies!" hollers Rick as she claps him excitedly on the back.

"Yes, maybe she can turn it around now," Amanda adds, perhaps with a bit of wishful thinking.

The stronger blonde squeezes with fury, but Natalie counters with another knee to Elisha's aching pussy. The younger girl's sweat coated body shivers from the blow and she releases Natalie's breasts to rub her throbbing pussy while the brunette holds her aching breasts.

Again, Natalie reaches out to grab Elisha’s blonde locks but this time Elisha sidesteps the older girl, draws back her right fist and sends a tremendous punch into Natalie's left boob, pancaking it! Natalie's eyes widen as she lets out a loud gasp as she takes a step back, protecting her tit with both hands. As she tries to turn away, Elisha grabs her shoulder and pulls her back around to face her.

But as Natalie turns, she unleashes a stinging karate kick to the blonde's upper thigh, reddening that smooth area. With Elisha hobbled, Natalie steps in and backhands the bigger blonde in her unprotected face, sending blood from Elisha's cut lip spraying across the mat. Elisha is driven back up against the cage which she grabs with one hand trying to hold herself up as she crosses the other hand over her breasts in a defensive pose.

Natalie dips low and brings her fist up from her knees, ripping the blonde’s body with a hard punch very low to her belly. Elisha's knees buckle as she pitches forward, gurgling and gasping in pain The brunette grabs Elisha's leg and lifts it waist high, then starts pulling, forcing Elisha to hop on her other foot as she pulls her out to the center of the ring. The blonde lands a couple of weak forearms across the back of Natalie's neck before she gets dumped to the mat, landing on her ass with Natalie still holding her leg in the air.

"ARRRGGGH!" screams Elisha when Natalie acts like she is going for a leglock, but instead stomps on her already tender pussy!

Then Natalie releases the blonde's leg and steps around behind the damaged blonde where she grabs both of Elisha’s wrists, crossing her arms over her chest, then begins to pull them backward, forcing Elisha's own arms to crush her breasts! Elisha grits her teeth and lets out a loud grunt, her aching body nearing the point of collapse.

For over a minute, the blonde struggles futilely to escape while Natalie repeatedly yells, "Give up, you bitch!"

"NO!" groans Elisha as Natalie plants her knee in the blondes back and tightens her hold. Elisha is nearly exhausted and begins to fade ou as her own arms grind down her stiff nipples, crushing her most vulnerable area.

“Elisha’s in big trouble,” Amanda mutters to Rick.

"I'll flatten those big tits permanently!" threatens Natalie as she feels Elisha's body shudder.

Finally, as tears well in her pretty eyes, Elisha gasps and then moans, "Alright..I give. Let me go…"

Natalie curses, then releases the hold and kicks Elisha over onto her belly where she curls up in a fetal position, her hands cupping her wounded breasts. Natalie looks over at Amanda, pointing to herself and screams, "You want some of this, little girl?" Then she kicks Elisha in her esposed and unprotected cunt yet again, this time it knocks the sobbing blonde unconscious!!

Amanda has a nervous smile on her face as she tells Rick, "I wouldn't mind teaching that bitch some manners…but after my match in June!"

"Well, I'm sure folks will be wanting that also," he replies. "Can you give us an idea who your opponent in June is?"

"Ah, let's just say, it's one of two girls; and I can't tell them apart, OK? Let’s leave it at that," Amanda chuckles.