Reese Witherspoon vs Elisha Cuthbert by Oberon

Reese Witherspoon and Elisha Cuthbert waited on either side of the mud pit, sizing each other up for a few moments before they began. The slight breeze blowing through the trees around them cooled their half naked bodies, which were clad in revealing, tight-fitting bikinis. They were mentally readying themselves for the grueling fight they agreed on before arriving in this secluded spot which was to involve massive Herculean compressions with arms and legs, and a few breast smothers. Both women appeared almost identical to each other; Elisha looked slightly but visibly more muscular, but she had heard stories of the determination and mental toughness Reese brought to fights with her. Looking over Reese’s curvaceous, soft-looking body once more, Elisha was eager to test Reese’s abilities for herself.

With little preliminaries, they exchanged a glance signifying they were both ready and stepped into the mud to fight. Testing the waters, Elisha reached out as if to shake Reese’s hand, but tripped her opponent when Reese extended her arm in response, causing her to fall face and chest first in the mud, Pushing herself to her hands and knees as Elisha moved to follow up on the sneak attack, Reese took hold of her bikini top and extended her leg, sending her skidding and sliding into the moist earth above her head. Glaring, Elisha regained her senses and charged at Reese, wrapping her arms around her waist. Reese responded likewise, and within moments their bodies were coated in the damp slime as they rolled around, exchanging various variations of bearhugs and smothers until they regained their feet.

They charged each other again, meeting in the center of the mud pit with a loud slap of flesh on flesh as they extended their arms, and coiled them around each other’s bodies in a test of strength and endurance so enthusiastic it was almost savage. They remained locked in a mutual embrace for what seemed like hours, as muscles flexed, bearhugs clamped, bellies ground, navels kissed, thighs brushed together and breath came in short, harsh bursts of oxygen as they struggled to overpower one another, squirming and breathing heavily.

Reese gasped as Elisha gave her a brutal squeeze, her arms pressing into her sides and back as her breasts, covered in the top half of her white bikini, pressed Reese’s breasts through the top of her pink sequined bikini and their bellies came so closely together the two of them resembled Siamese twins joined at the stomach. Reese lowered her head, resting it on Elisha’s shoulder as she returned the favor, lifting her taller opponent an inch or two off the ground. Elisha groaned as Reese held her high in the air, shaking her like a ragdoll before letting her back down.

The double bearhug she and Reese were locked in was taking its toll on Elisha, but she stubbornly refused to give in to the older blonde just yet. Lowering her shoulders, she wrenched a groan from Reese as she worked her bearhug, grinding her fists into the small of Reese’s back as her breasts and stomach roughly abraded her foe’s.

“You’ll... uhhhhh!... have to do better than that....” Reese moaned as Elisha’s bearhug crushed her curvaceous midriff.

“I... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!... intend to...” Elisha groaned back, squirming in pain as Reese’s grasp tightened on her thin frame.

The warring blondes continued their dual bearhug until they both realized this part of the contest had reached a kind of stalemate. They sprang apart as if at an unspoken signal, then Elisha roared in rage and frustration, jumping Reese. She slammed her legs around her foe’s waist while Reese was still standing, wrapping an arm around the back of her neck. Grunting as she felt the crushing resume itself, Reese instinctively wrapped yet another bearhug around Elisha’s torso. With a guttural sound escaping her lips, Elisha sharply shifted her weight, causing Reese to crash to the ground. Uncoiling her arms from Elisha’s waist as Elisha did the same with her neck, Reese twisted to the left, only to find herself caught in a devastatingly tight bodyscissors, applied from Elisha at her right.

“Give it up,” Elisha moaned softly, grunting from the exertion of scissoring Reese. “You’re too soft... you can’t outlast me...”

“We’ll... ugh!... see about that,” Reese growled through clenched teeth as Elisha squeezed down hard.

“Yeah..... we... WILL see...” Elisha retorted, kicking the scissors tighter around Reese’s midsection, causing Reese’s body to jackknife from the sudden compression of Elisha’s legs. Reese’s teeth clenched harder to prevent the scream from escaping as she fell back to the ground; she began clawing and raking at Elisha’s legs, trying to loosen them. Her efforts to escape just encouraged Elisha to squeeze tighter; she was enjoying watching the Just Like Heaven actress squirm in her grasp. Though determined to out-crush the A-lister, she secretly hoped Reese would keep resisting. Again her legs kicked around Reese’s waist, forcing another groan as Reese’s body jackknifed once more.

Realizing she was in a sitting position now, Reese thought quickly, for Elisha’s thighs were steadily forcing the air from her body. Lifting an arm, she drove the elbow as hard as she could into the middle of Elisha’s thigh, forcing the scissors to loosen a little. Reese elbowed Elisha’s thigh in a quick succession of three blows, squirming out from between her opponent’s legs as the scissors loosened completely and then fell away. Quickly, Reese swung her own legs around, slamming them around Elisha’s neck. Crossing her ankles tightly, she strangled Elisha with her deceptively plush-looking thighs as Elisha gagged and choked from the abrupt loss of air.

“Now we’ll see if my legs can’t outlast yours...” Reese growled, tightening the neckscissors.

Elisha tried kicking out, but Reese had the neckscissors locked on tight. Next she tried dragging her nails across the thigh pressing into her windpipe, but Reese grabbed her wrist and stretched her arm outward, securing it while the scissors increased in intensity. Finally she sank her teeth into the back of Reese’s thigh, her jaws clamping as hard as Reese’s legs were clamped on her neck. Managing to pull free as Reese’s legs opened enough to present a way out, she had time for a brief breather. Then, however, the bitten blonde deftly repositioned herself atop her, establishing an even tighter reverse neckscissors.

Her strength fading, Elisha slammed her legs on Reese’s neck, trapping her rival in the same submission. Locking her ankles, she twisted to the side, dragging Reese with her. Shortly the blondes were rolling end over end, their legs working overtime to maintain the dual scissors. Choking and sputtering and uttering vile words, they flexed their thighs and strained to strangle each other until they almost expended themselves beyond fighting and rolled apart, breathing heavily.

Reese’s top somehow loosened during the exchange; ripping it away, she jumped Elisha who had regained her bearings and was coming at her again. Lowering her shoulders, she rammed her head into Elisha’s chest, knocking her backward. Immediately she slid her legs forward, slamming them around Elisha’s midriff as she pushed her breasts into her face. An instant later Reese howled as Elisha’s teeth sank into her soft breast; the sound was cut off as Elisha’s arms wrapped an excruciating hold around her upper torso. Screaming again, Reese slashed her nails across Elisha’s eyes, then slammed her palms on her ears. Dazed, grunting as Reese squeezed her, Elisha reestablished the bearhug.

After they struggled indefinitely, Reese changed tactics, releasing the scissors and pushing Elisha to the ground. Lowering her breasts, she molded them over Elisha’s nose and mouth. Desperate, Elisha released the bearhug and scissored Reese again, squeezing her as if she meant to cut her in half, toes pointing at the sky. Reese grunted and winced from the pain, but refused to relinquish the breast smother.

Hanging on to consciousness for all she was worth, Elisha squeezed on as Reese smothered her, removing her own bikini top before her foe knew what was happening. Giving Reese one last mammoth compression, she used her legs to flip Reese underneath her, lowering her own breasts onto Reese’s nose and mouth as she straddled her, exclaiming, “Surprise, whore! Let’s see if you can stay awake!”

Shocked, but undaunted, Reese grapevined Elisha’s legs from under her, immobilizing her rival as Elisha’s boobs pressed into her face. Elisha cried out as Reese suddenly flipped again, rolling on top of her, but wrapped her arms around Reese’s head at the last instant, keeping her face firmly wedged between her heaving breasts as she coiled a scissors on Reese again, rocking her body up and down, up and down, as she pressed her breasts harder into Reese’s face and Reese squirmed against the smother. Eventually feeling herself fading, Reese sank her teeth into Elisha’s nipple, chewing just hard enough to cause Elisha to loosen her arms as she let loose with an earsplitting shriek!

Acting quickly, Reese pulled Elisha to her knees, then sat on her thighs and extended her legs, wrapping them around Elisha’s waist. Kicking the bodyscissors tight, she wrapped an arm around the back of Elisha’s neck before she could try a retaliation, compressing her throat and her body with equal fervor. Elisha bucked and writhed to extricate herself from Reese’s clutches, her open palms slapping Reese’s back in protest, but Reese confirmed everything Elisha had heard by squeezing her legs and arm tighter around their targets.

Elisha struggled furiously to escape the crushing limbs that forced the breath from her body, but Reese refused to release her, revealing a physical and mental strength that Elisha may never have guessed by looking at her. “Settle down, slut,” Reese snarled as Elisha took to wildly squirming and kicking her legs to escape, “or I’ll squeeze harder!” To demonstrate her point, Reese extended her legs, compressing a tighter scissors into her. Coughing and choking from the constriction, Elisha clawed and bit at Reese’s thigh until she pulled herself away.

“You bitch,” Elisha snarled, glaring at Reese, “you almost took my head off! I’ll crush your head so bad, you’ll scream for mercy!”

With that, she sprang at Reese, knocking her down and sitting on her upper chest. Slamming her legs around her head, Elisha crossed her ankles before Reese could react and applying a devastating headscissors. Groaning gutturally, Reese hammered Elisha’s constricting thighs in an effort to break the hold. Elisha’s grunts as she fought to maintain the submission and pour more pressure onto Reese’s head became a laugh as Reese groaned out loud, her mouth hanging open. Scooping up a handful of mud, she smeared it between her lips.

Spitting the damp mud out onto Elisha’s thighs and glaring at her, Reese growled, “How dare you?!”

“Eat dirt, whore!” Elisha growled back as she scooped another handful. “It does wonders for your complexion!”

Enraged, Reese hammered Elisha’s legs with greater force as Elisha smeared more mud in her face, lifting her leg to knee Elisha in the back in repeated attempts to knock her from her perch as she defiantly spat it out. Elisha was picking up another handful of mud when Reese’s legs suddenly shot upward and coiled around her upper chest from behind, dragging her down, as she reached out and grabbed a firm hold of Elisha’s lower gut, just above her groin. Digging her fingers in, she applied pressure as she worked her way from the scissors. Elisha’s bikini bottoms were loosened in the struggle; she pulled them the rest of the way off as she stood up, casting another glare on Reese.

“Let’s finish this woman to woman, bitch,” Elisha challenged her to remove the lower half of her bikini. “Get naked!”

“If you insist,” Reese countered, standing up and accommodating her rival’s challenge. “I might make you eat this after I—ohhh!”

Reese’s words were broken off as Elisha jumped her, plowing her headlong into the mud. Reese was startled by the sudden attack, but not too surprised that she couldn’t slam a bodyscissors on her as she fell. Locking her legs closed, she squeezed Elisha to suppress her fervent writhing, repeatedly twisting her body from left to right. Crying out in pain, Elisha struggled to inch upward along Reese’s chest, moving to bury her face between her mud-drenched breasts. Reese ducked her head out of the way at the last instant, groaning as she poured more pressure into the scissors, and redoubling her efforts to twist Elisha’s body. Elisha used the inertia to wriggle out of the leg vice, then she moved in to apply a bodyscissors of her own. Darting agilely aside, Reese lunged and caught Elisha in a bearhug.

Their breasts mashed and their bellies ground as Reese and Elisha continued their dance of crushing and being crushed. Reese roared in her desire to crush Elisha into submission; the sound of this mingled with Elisha’s roars of agony as she squirmed, bucked and squirmed again. In her efforts to extricate herself from Reese’s clutches, Elisha felt her crotch grinding into her opponent’s, their earth-drenched hairs blending and tangling. Struck with an idea, Elisha began to slam her crotch into Reese’s, prompting Reese to grunt each time they collided. Combined with a series of blows to Reese’s arms as the bearhug persisted, this was eventually rewarded and Elisha was free.

Tackling Reese, Elisha pressed her into the mud, sliding her legs around Reese’s thighs as she slid forward and covered Reese’s face with her breasts. Gasping from underneath the smothering boobs, Reese flexed her legs to squeeze Elisha’s thighs while she wrapped her arms around Elisha’s upper torso. Elisha responded to this by spreading Reese’s constricting legs wider in the grapevine leglock, thrusting her lower body forward, and slamming her crotch into Reese’s as her breasts ground their way further into Reese’s nose and mouth. Sucking in the mud and sweat of Elisha’s breasts, Reese answered Elisha’s crotch thrust by arching her back and thrusting her crotch upward, slipping one leg free.

This gave Reese the chance she needed to escape. As Elisha was forced to shift her weight to reestablish the hold, Reese kicked her other leg free and slammed both limbs around her tormentor’s body, pressing her thighs into Elisha’s rib cage and constricting them as tight as she could. Undulating her upper torso to establish some breathing room, Reese flipped Elisha off her perch, freeing her head from the smothering breasts, repositioned so Elisha was facedown in the damp mud and clamped another bodyscissors, arching her back to apply brutal pressure as she grabbed the back of Elisha’s hair, grinding her face into the earth and squeezing her legs when Elisha attempted to escape.

“How does the mud taste to you, bitch?” Reese admonished her. “Here, have some more!” she continued as she squeezed harder still.

Elisha fought to keep from passing out, writhing and flailing her legs as Reese clamped the leglock with awesome pressure. As Reese shifted position to pin Elisha underneath her, Elisha tried nailing her with a scissors from behind, but Reese leaned forward to avoid the kicking limbs and pressed her boobs into Elisha’s face, bunching them up and blocking her oral passage, sliding her lower body downward and clamping a grapevine on Elisha’s legs, immobilizing them. Elisha’s fervent squirming was ineffective as Reese flexed the grapevine, working Elisha’s thigh muscles. As Reese focused her energy into restraining her, Elisha suddenly slipped one arm free. Wrapping it around Reese’s head, Elisha held her in place, holding on for dear life and squeezing Reese’s legs in the grapevine, until she finally slipped away from her adversary.

Dodging an attempt on Reese’s part to wrap her in a bodyscissors, Elisha surged forward, ensnaring Reese instead in a vicious bearhug. As she regained her feet, she dragged Reese up with her, steeling herself as she compressed the submission, grunting as Reese’s fists rammed into her upper arms. Lifting her from the ground, Elisha shook her violently back and forth, holding on as Reese stubbornly set her jaw in her efforts to keep from crying out in pain. Elisha crushed and crushed until a scream was finally wrenched from her quivering lips.

“That’s right, skank,” Elisha rumbled as Reese sharply cried out again. “Feels good to get squeeeeeeeezed, doesn’t it?!” Bodyslamming Reese into the mud before she could retort, Elisha jumped alongside her, applying a bodyscissors that forced a long, low groan from Reese’s lungs. Forcing herself off her back as the space between Elisha’s limbs grew narrower, Reese rained fierce punches into Elisha’s thighs, punctuating these by throwing a few at her stomach and breasts. Crying out at a tighter squeeze, she began trying to force her opponent’s legs apart, forcing her fingers between Elisha’s inner thigh and her heaving belly. Elisha responded with yet another tight squeeze, and Reese threw her head back gasping.

Encouraged to capitalize on her advantage, Elisha moved to seize hold of Reese’s ankle so she could begin wrenching at her leg. Reese saw Elisha’s hand reaching for her, and kicked the nearest leg out of the way. As Elisha returned to scissoring her midriff, Reese began struggling to twist her body around so she would be face to face with Elisha, refusing to yield to the relentless compressions around her curvy waist. Sensing that Reese was beginning to reach the limits of her endurance, Elisha steeped up the pressure, eager to overpower her, since she could feel the expenditure of her own energy reaching its limits too. Still, she taunted her foe, trying to psych Reese out.

“You can’t outfight me, and you can’t outsqueeze me,” Elisha prodded her. “Give it up while you’re still able!”

“You’re too cocky,” Reese intoned between gasps, narrowing her eyes at Elisha. “And I still have more than enough squeeze left in me.”

“Not for long—“ Elisha began, pressing on in her taunting, but then Reese returned to twisting her body in Elisha’s grasp. Somehow, she managed to get face to face with her. Even caught in the agonizing submission Elisha held her in, Reese unleashed a severe onslaught of slaps and punches, capping it off with an all-encompassing breast smother that shut out Elisha’s breathing completely, automatically weakening the unrelenting scissors Elisha had been maintaining on her. Reese pressed down as Elisha tried reestablishing the hold.

“Now whose got who?” Reese taunted Elisha as she ground the smother into her. “Feel like letting go now, or should I keep this up?”

Elisha’s verbal reply was muffled between Reese’s heaving boobs, but her real response was to kick her legs around Reese’s belly, trying to renew the leglock. The move wasn’t as effective as before, but enough to wrench a sharp cry of pain from Reese’s lips. Elisha groaned and gasped under Reese’s breast smother, the sound vibrating on Reese’s chest as she held on until her legs trembled from the effort. Almost obligingly, as if saying “have it your way,” Reese pressed the smother into Elisha, demanding to be released from the strength-sapping hold. A second muffled cry came from Elisha as she refused to release the scissors as her legs shook more violently. Finally her legs uncoiled from Reese, and they sprang apart, breathing heavily and getting ready for what they knew would be the final phase of their fight.

They were almost at the end of their endurance, and they were aware what happened in the following moments would decide the outcome of this contest. After a few thwarted efforts to ensnare each other in a bearhug, Reese jumped on Elisha with wild abandon, grapevining her legs while she established another breast smother, this one even more fervent than the last. Pushing her down into the mud, she wasted no time grapevining and squeezing her legs as she held Elisha’s head in place by the hair, grinding her breasts into her opponent’s face. At the trapped woman’s increasingly desperate struggles, Reese spread Elisha’s legs as far as they would go without causing serious injury.

Elisha’s screams were muffled beneath Reese’s smothering boobs, as the taller woman’s panic rose with the realization that Reese could hold her in this position for as long as she wanted, and that the oxygen was slowly being drained from her body as a result. As Reese maintained the smother, grabbing her by the hair and holding her head in place, Elisha slammed her crotch into Reese’s with desperately brutal force, in a valiant effort to get Reese off of her. Grunting as Elisha did this, Reese slammed herself into Elisha in kind, keeping a firm grasp on her hair as she bunched, ground and rolled her tits all over Elisha’s screaming mouth, confident that she would end up winning this after all.

Elisha continued flopping like a fish out of water as Reese poured on the pressure, keeping Elisha’s legs spread open, then Reese heard the screams turning into moans of pleasure. It was then that Reese realized that Elisha was bucking and writhing not to escape, but to answer the sexual hunger provoked by the persistent breast smother along with the constant grinding of their bodies and the repeated slamming of their crotches as Elisha fought to get out from under her opponent. On the heels of that Reese realized her own body was moving in time to Elisha’s movements, responding to the stimulation of their mud-coated skin rubbing and abrading together with such force and passion as the fight took a definite turn toward the sexual. Their inhibitions gone, their bodies operated on autopilot, slapping and grinding, and Reese knew the cries of pleasure coming from Elisha’s lips were as aroused as her own. <i>Ryan would probably blow a fuse if he was here to watch this,</i> Reese thought to herself, barely noticing Elisha’s mouth and tongue sucking and licking her tits as their movements increased in speed and intensity... faster and faster... until, simultaneously, they both came in screaming multiple orgasms that shook their bodies to the core, almost shaking them apart completely, they came so hard. They sprang apart, laying there in the mud, fighting to catch their breath.

When they eventually recovered from their climax, they crawled around in the mud, seeking an opening to finish their fight. Lunging at one another at a final unspoken signal, they collided. Reese managed to flip Elisha into the damp mud in a confused jumble of arms and legs, In another moment she was pressing her advantage by sliding behind her and trapping her in a figure four bodyscissors. Elisha’s agonized wails threatened to shatter Reese’s eardrums as Reese squeezed and squeezed, but she just kept constricting the figure four tighter, cutting off her air with a chokehold around the throat. Elisha shrieked and howled in agony, but Reese refused to relinquish the submissions, tightening the leg vice and choke, working Elisha’s throat and diaphragm. Elisha’s desperate efforts to extricate herself from the holds were admirable, but ultimately to no avail. Reese had her.

“Do you say Uncle?” Reese finally asked when she was sure she had squeezed most of the remaining fight from Elisha. “How about Aunt?”

“Nooooooooooooo.....” Elisha growled, choking and groaning as Reese crushed and strangled her, still defiant despite her waning strength.

Deciding she’d like to end it on more even terms, Reese asked sweetly, “I bet you’d like to try and crush me out before I do it to you?”

“You don’t want to make that bet, whore,” Elisha growled at her, but Reese released her all the same.

Standing up and placing her hands on her hips as she waited for Elisha to do likewise, she invited, “Come and get me!”

“All right, bitch,” Elisha roared as she rushed Reese, arms outstretched. “I’m gonna squeeze the life from you!”

They came together in a final summit, colliding with a resounding SLAP, seeming to know this would continue until one of them passed out. In an instant, their limbs were wrapped tightly around each other, and they squeezed, wheezed, gasped, grunted, groaned, cried out and screamed almost deafeningly, pounding their bodies together through the mud that was caked on their bodies with such force there were patches of red surfacing on their chests. They twisted and danced everywhere in their exertions to squeeze each other out, occasionally lifting each other off their feet in their exertions, fiercely bent on making the other pass out before their remaining energy was expended.

The action seesawed back and forth between them, as each woman was channeling the last of their strength into subduing the other. The warring blondes grunted and wheezed louder, their faces turning as red as their chests as they worked each other, preventing most of the air from entering or leaving. At first it appeared that Elisha would pass out from the combined agony and loss of wind, then it appeared that Reese would, then Elisha, then Reese, as their movements grew progressively slower and slower. Soon, it was anybody’s guess who would eventually fall. Finally, Elisha collapsed and slumped against Reese, almost completely drained. A look of satisfaction surfacing on her pretty face, Reese released her and allowed her to fall to the ground, deciding since the fight was almost over she would bend the rules a little and finish her with a facesit. Smiling down at Elisha as she passed out, Reese said, “You didn’t submit, but we both know who won!”

Reese retrieved her bikini top, and picked Elisha’s bikini out from the mud, both as a token of her victory and so she would have something to wear once she showered all of the gunk from her body. Then, scooping her bikini bottoms from the damp earth, Reese stuffed them into Elisha’s unconscious mouth so her opponent would have something to remember their fight by. Bon appetit, Leesh,” Reese smiled sweetly, remembering her interrupted promise to make Elisha eat her bikini bottoms after she won the match, before she departed from the scene.