SHe DAISY vs. The Dixie Chicks by Ginny

The competition for the 2000 CMA 'Worst Kept Secret' award was a toss-up between two rumors that had been sweeping the country music community for months. One was about a 'catty confrontation' between Shania Twain and Jewel but by far the favorite was about the ill will between two of country music's hot girl groups; the reigning queens of country, "The Dixie Chicks" and the upstart favorites for Best New Group, "SHe DAISY".

Despite the best efforts of the publicity people for both singing groups and the record companies to keep it out of the news, the story gained worldwide exposure on the WEB when Natalie, the cute little blonde lead singer for the Dixie Chicks, in an interview dissed SHe DAISY as, "a bunch of teeny-bopper, bubble gum snapping, wannabe pop singers." Immediately, Kelsi, SHe DAISY's resident 'mouth of the South' fired back in two interviews to fan mags, saying, "The Dixie Chickens are more about sex than singing." The acrimony continued, raising the temperature under the pot until it boiled over.

Concerned lest their money-makers get into a public brawl they couldn't control with spin, or even worse that a fan might get hurt and sue; music execs moved quickly to defuse the situation. They offered to host a 'friendly match' so the girls could work out their alleged grievances. Their fans had not just taken sides based on the rumors, but had gotten into several brawls at concerts this past winter and a few had been hospitalized. The music executives arranged with TNN (The Nashville Network - a cable TV outlet) to tape the event for broadcast - if everything went well. After negotiations, they agreed on the rules:

1-No rules, no holds barred in a wrestling ring borrowed from 'Extreme Wrestling' for the night.

2-Fighters eliminated only by a KO or by being thrown out of the ring over the top rope.

3-Names would be put in a hat and drawn at random to establish the order they enter.

4-One woman from each team would meet in the ring to start the fight.

5-After 5 minutes (sooner if one was eliminated) the next 2 names would be pulled and they'd join in.

6-Once eliminated, a girl could NOT return, leaving the possibility of a 2:1 or even 3:1.

7-Match ends ONLY after ALL THREE members of one group are eliminated.

The Dixie Chicks eagerly agreed to the rules and starting giving interviews, making remarks like the following:

Martie: "If those youngsters wanna play in the big leagues, they better be learn to get along with the big girls."

Emily: "We' got some experience with this kind of situation. Those young gals got no idea what they're in for."

Natalie: "I want that bitch Kelsi. The slut's gotta big mouth on her and I'm gonna bitch-slap her 'til she cries for mercy!"

For their part, SHe DAISY seemed taken aback by the furor that had been caused by a couple of casual off-hand remarks made to the press about their competition with, "those insecure Dixie Chicks." After few days of chiding about their non-acceptance of the match by TV talk show pundits, CMT VJ's and radio disk jockey's, SHe DAISY's manager called a press conference and read a statement.

"The girls have reluctantly agreed to this fight in the hopes it will put an end to this controversy. They want all their fans to know they have nothing but the utmost respect for the Chicks and their body of work. We're entering into the match knowing that after its over the girls will all kiss, hug and make up. There's plenty of money out there for everyone. The girls will not take questions from the press and will have no further statements until after the fight. Thank you."

The time between the signing of contracts and the fight was consumed with bickering and negotiating over every possible aspect of the match. Costumes, or lack thereof, who got introduced before whom, which performers would appear in the 'pre-fight extravaganza, and a myriad of other mundane subjects. Cable TV and Internet publicity reached a crescendo the night of the big fight, by which time everyone was tired of reading and hearing about the fight and anxious to see it finally happen.

The arrival of the participants and the celebrity audience on the obligatory red carpet was covered better than the Country Music Association's annual awards show. Every male and female singer, songwriter and performer showed up dressed in their gaudiest outfits. Shania, for example, wore a gauzy see-thru chiffon dress that made Jennifer Lopez look overdressed and Jewel showed up in a waist high-slit, belly button low-cut, form hugging gown that showed muscular thighs and a powerful upper torso. Clearly, a sign that whenever Shania wanted her in the ring she was more than able to accommodate her.

As each woman arrived, they were swarmed by reporters eager to get their 'take' on the up-coming bout and a prediction of the outcome. The overwhelming majority picked the Dixie Chicks and most cited their 'maturity' or 'experience' as the factors that would tip the match in their favor. The few picking SHe DAISY pointed to their size advantage of 2" per woman and their youth and enthusiasm as the biggest things in their favor. The Chicks were in their mid-late thirties while SHe DAISY averaged nearly ten years younger and were new to the cut-throat world of music. By the start of the match, the Chicks were a solid 5:1 favorite in the Vegas book.

The girls came out to the ring for pre-fight photos and introductions. The audience whooped and hollered as they got a good look at what the girls were wearing. SHe DAISY were attired in identical soft yellow, lace bra/panties that concealed none of their considerable charms in the glare of bright lights and flashbulbs. The Dixie Chicks wore similar outfits, but pale green. Ringsiders had no trouble figuring out which women had bothered to bikini wax, or even needed to, once they saw them in the harsh light. A couple of security guards were there for show, but had to be pressed into duty when Kelsi and Natalie nearly got into it during the introduction. After the names were drawn, the crowd buzzed with excitement as the women went back to the waiting areas.

For SHe DAISY the order was Kassidy (5'7"), followed by Kelsi (5'5") with big Kristyn (5'8") last.

For the Chicks, Emily (5'6") would begin, backed up by Martie (5'6") and little Natalie (5'3") would be in last.

The draw clearly favored DAISY and before the bell rang, the odds had already dropped to 2-3:1 as Asian bettors poured huge sums in supporting the sinewy young SHe DAISY team.

Once the ring was cleared of celebrities, the bell rang and the blondes Kassidy and Emily ran down their respective aisles and leapt into the ring. Neither showed the slightest hesitancy as they went right at one another, kicking, clawing and cursing like a couple of redneck whores on a Saturday night. Emily showed her experience when she tripped the overeager Kassidy and sent her spilling to the canvas on her stomach. Before Kassidy could recover, Emily dropped on her back, driving her knee into the small of the slender blonde's back and getting as her reward the first audible yelp of the night. Her fans applauded wildly as she pulled the aching Kassidy to her feet and threw her into the corner!

The wilting DAISY held onto the top ropes to keep herself upright but Emily ran across the ring and threw herself at Kassidy. The tightly packed blonde slammed into Kassidy's chest and the explosion of air from her lungs was audible in the fifth row. Emily stepped back, turned and smiled to the cameras as Kassidy slumped to her knees in the corner, her head down as she gasped for air. Just as Emily turned her attention back to Kassidy, however, the kneeling blonde brought her fist up from the floor and buried it up to her wrist in Emily's unprepared belly. Emily's eyes were big as saucers as she doubled over forward, grabbed her tummy and then staggered back a few steps. She stopped and sat down hard so hard on her tight butt that her breasts bounced in the lightweight bra. Emily had this funny expression on her face as Kassidy slowly got to her feet and approached her.

Emily started to get to her feet, but Kassidy kicked out her right foot right under Emily's left breast. The Chick cried out and collapsed to the mat clutching her chest as Kassidy jumped in the air and descended with her bent knee right in the pit of Emily's stomach. Emily's body jerked up at both ends, then she flopped back to the mat with Kassidy's knee buried in her stomach with her entire weight pressing down on it.

Emily reached up and clawed at Kassidy, trying to get her to remove her knee, but in her position Emily couldn't reach Kassidy's face and had to content herself with trying to claw her rival's breasts - something Kassidy used her hands to fend off except for one brief moment when Emily caught her fingers in Kassidy's right bra cup and pulled hard enough to break the shoulder strap and pull the cup down. A big cheer went up from the crowd who were luck enough to have seats with a view of the perky breast, but it just made Kassidy mad.

Kassidy got to her feet and used a handful of Emily's hair to haul her up on weak and wobbly legs. Emily couldn't stand up straight and was doubled over holding her tortured tummy. Kassidy switched her grip to Emily's wrist, then started to swing her around in a huge circle, faster and faster until it looked like Emily could no longer stand. Then she let go and Emily was sent flying to the ropes. Emily's slender body rebounded off the ropes and she was sent flying back across the ring toward Kassidy with her arms windmilling as she struggled desperately to keep her balance.

As Emily neared Kassidy she reached up, her hands grasping for Kassidy's throat but Kassidy had her feet set and as Emily reached her, the DAISY blonde ducked and planted her shoulder in Emily's stomach, then stood up and used her hands on Emily's hips to push the on-rushing blonde Chick up and over her head...over the top rope and soaring through the air to the thinly padded floor of the arena below. The crowd gasped at the sight of the slender woman's body sailing through the air and it fell silent as it crumpled to the cold floor and lay without moving.

Kassidy turned around and leaned on the top ropes, her perky bosom heaving with the excitement and exertion of the match as paramedics rushed to Emily's side. After a few moments, she was sitting up and telling them she was OK and the crowd breathed a sigh of relief and broke into spontaneous applause for the efforts of both women. As Emily was led away, the next two girls were released to join Kassidy in the ring.

Brunette Kelsi for SHe DAISY and blonde Martie for the Chicks ran toward the ring. Kelsi wearing a broad grin and Martie looking concerned at the prospect of facing two of SHe DAISY at the same time. As soon as she reached the ring, Martie tore into Kassidy, hoping to eliminate the tired blonde quickly and then deal with the smaller Kelsi. Martie caught Kassidy in the corner leaning on the ropes trying to catch her breath while hoping to let Kelsi battle with Martie for a while. Martie punched Kassidy in the kidney's which buckled her knees. Martie tried to pick Kassidy up to dump her over the top rope but Kassidy hooked the middle rope with her leg and held on until Kelsi reached the ring and attacked Martie from behind.

Kelsi grabbed Martie by the hair and jerked her head backward, pulling her away from Kassidy so her teammate could get her feet back on the mat. Holding Martie bent backward, Kelsi pounded her fist on the side of the blonde's stomach over and over, slowly driving her to her knees under the flurry of punches. Kassidy had recovered and helped Kelsi drag Martie to her feet. As soon as they had Martie upright, they ducked under her arms and double-suplexed her to the mat. Martie landed with a big crash and writhed in pain as Kelsi and Kassidy exchanged a high-five before they walked over to finish her off.

Kelsi and Kassidy each grabbed one of Martie's wrists and pulled her up, twisted her arms and threw her backward to the ropes the same as Kassidy had done to Emily moments before. As Martie bounded off the ropes, Kelsi and Kassidy positioned themselves to launch her out of the ring the same way. Instead, however, Martie somehow managed to grab both of them by the hair as they bend down and slammed both women's faces down to the mat. Kelsi rolled over clutching her bleeding nose but Kassidy lay facedown on the mat without moving.

Staggering to her feet dazed and hurting, Martie held Kassidy's arm and struggled to get her up on her shoulders, then wobbled toward the ropes intending to toss her out of the ring. Just as Martie reached the ropes and prepared to toss her out. Just then, Kelsi came across the ring and launched herself in a perfect dropkick that hit between Martie's shoulders. The impact knocked both Kassidy and Martie over the top rope. As she fell, Kassidy grabbed the top rope and held on for dear life as Martie went to the floor. Kelsi reached over and helped Kassidy back into the ring, allowing her to continue the match.

Again, they took a short break to be sure Martie hadn't been injured by the fall. Her wrist was sprained, but so far there had been no serious injuries to anyone. The sponsors and executives breathed a relieved sigh as the last two girls were called out to finish the match.

Little 5'3" Natalie was the smallest of the Dixie Chicks, but generally thought to be the toughest, at least she talked a good fight. Now, she would have to fight the fight of her life. She was clearly the cutest (according to her fans) and made no secret of her desire to beat up her counterpart Kelsi since real hard feelings had developed between them. The last, and biggest, DAISY, 5'8" Kristyn came out on the opposite side. The three members of SHe DAISY gathered in the ring while Natalie paced back and forth outside the ring without entering. As usual, her mouth was running a mile a minute, taunting Kelsi and the rest of SHe DAISY about, needing three of them to fight one 'lil Dixie Chick. Kelsi shrugged and said something to the DAISY's. They nodded and both of them slid out under the bottom ropes leaving the ring to Kelsi and Natalie.

"Come on in Nattie, whadda ya waitin' for? You 'fraid of me?" Kelsi said as she thrust out her perky bosom and stuck out her tongue at her blonde rival.

Shamed by Kelsi's taunt, Natalie slowly climbed the steps and ducked between the ropes to face Kelsi who grinned confidently. Kelsi's expression quickly changed when Natalie charged across the ring and attacked her with surprising fury. Natalie windmilled punches on Kelsi's head as the brunette let out a squeal and started to run around the ring to escape the maniacal blonde. Kassidy and Kristyn screamed to their teammate, "Stop running and fight," and "Kick her ass Kels!"

Natalie caught Kelsi from behind, grabbed her by the hair and yanked! Kelsi let out a scream as her feet flew into the air as she crashed to the mat flat on her ass. She groaned as Natalie started to kick her in the back, sides, legs - whatever was handy - while the brunette struggled to free her hair from Natalie's grip and elude the flailing feet which, thankfully, were unshod or she'd really have been in trouble.

While Natalie kicked pretty Kelsi's behind around the ring, Kassidy and Kristyn stood at the ring apron, pounding their fists on the mat and yelling at their teammate to fight back. Kelsi finally broke free of Natalie's grasp, losing a handful of her brunette hair in the process, and scrambled away on hands and knees to a corner. Natalie glanced nervously to where Kass and Kris had moved into the corner where Kelsi was standing. She hesitated to go in after Kelsi, worried her friends would interfere before she finished off loud mouth Kelsi.

Natalie paced back and forth in the middle of the ring while Kelsi took advantage of the break to catch her breath and collect herself. The crowd quickly became restless at the lack of action and their catcalls and boos and cries of 'chicken' finally chided Nat to take action. She suddenly turned and ran to the corner, swung her fist and dropped the surprised Kelsi to her knees with an overhand right to the face. Natalie dropped on her butt astride Kelsi's waist and began to pummel her with her fists while Kelsi just lay there covering her face with her hands.

Unable to stand seeing their partner being beaten up, Kassidy and Kristyn both reached under the bottom ropes and grabbed Natalie by the ankles. She screamed as they pulled on her legs and started to drag her up Kelsi's body toward the metal ringpost with her legs spread. Natalie held up her hands to try to protect herself, but it was no use as her pubic mound slammed into the iron upright! As Kelsi squirmed out from beneath the writhing blonde, Kassidy and Kristyn jerked Natalie forward again and, once more, her pussy crunched against the cold, hard metal post. Natalie slumped to her back on the floor with her hands clenched over her face as she fought the pain in her lower body.

After the assist from her teammates, Kelsi took control of the fight. She bent down and grabbed a handful of Natalie's short blonde hair and pulled her across the ring on her back; stopped, turned, dropped to the mat and drove her elbow into Nat's chest between her perky breasts. The bone-on-bone impact shook Natalie from her slumber - her feet flew into the air and she let out a scream of pain! Natalie rolled over holding her chest, pulled her knees up and curled into a protective shell trying to avoid further damage to her chest.

Kelsi got to her feet and, grinning wildly, stomped her heel down on Natalie's ribs. Natalie grunted in pain, her only response so the brunette kicked her in the back a few times until Natalie's body started to unfold and open up, then she dropped again, this time targeting Natalie's rounded tummy with her elbow. The sharp bony appendage sank deep in the soft stomach and Natalie's shoulders and legs jerked upward briefly before she collapsed limply beneath Kelsi.

Kelsi stood up and motioned for Kassidy and Kristyn to re-join her in the ring. The Dixie Chick fans in the arena, stunned into silence for the past several minutes, erupted into a chorus of boos as the two willowy blondes climbed to the ring apron. The public address announcer reminded them of the rules, that only participants thrown over the top ropes were disqualified. Since Kass and Kris had left voluntarily, and under the bottom rope, they were legally allowed to return.

They did, with a vengeance! Kassidy and Kristyn each took one of Natalie's arms and easily lifted the compact body of the blonde onto her feet. Natalie swayed between them, her face ashen and her legs wobbly, but her eyes still flashing defiance as she glared at Kelsi.

"You bitch! You couldn't beat me without help from your friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Kelsi laughed as she stood back holding the torn remnants of Natalie's bra in her hands. On Natalie's breasts were eight dark red, parallel, scratches left by Kelsi's fingernails as she raked her hands down Natalie's chest when she tore off her sheer bra. As Kassidy and Kristyn twisted Natalie's arms behind her, Kelsi slashed Natalie's breasts with her bra, back and forth, over and over until the skin on both firm breasts was pink from the abuse.

Kelsi stepped close and grabbed Natalie by the chin, jerked her head up so she could look her in the eye and then suddenly bent her knees and brought her fist up around from behind her hip to the pit of Natalie's belly. The blonde went up on her toes from the impact, then dropped to her knees as Kassidy and Kristyn, caught off guard by the sneak punch, couldn't hold her up. They quickly recovered, and wrenched her arms straight back behind her until her wrists touched. Then, at a command from Kelsi, they each put a foot on her shoulders to pin her facedown on the mat with her butt sticking up in the air.

Before Natalie could straighten her legs to lay down on the mat, Kelsi was behind her, kneeling on the back of her calves and reaching around her waist as she pressed her hips against Natalie's raised ass. Natalie squirmed her hips, the only movement possible with the blondes feet pinning her shoulders and Kelsi astride her legs. Kelsi's hands began to move under Natalie out of sight of the fans who were leaning forward, eager to find out what would happen next.

Kelsi hooked the front of Natalie's panties with her thumbs and ran her hands around the girth of the blonde's hips, slowly pulling Natalie's panties down over her butt cheeks.

"NOOooooooooooooooooooo!" Natalie moaned as she kicked her feet and moved her butt up and down against Kelsi's body.

"Ohhhhhhhh, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" cried Kelsi as she bared Natalie's soft, creamy cheeks.

The audience applauded as Kelsi snapped Natalie's panties against the crease formed at the joining of her thighs and butt cheeks. When Kelsi leaned back, the crowd could see the broad expanse of pale, white flesh that had been bared. Kelsi ran her hands over Natalie's cheeks, pinching, scratching and slapping at it for several minutes before Natalie began to sob quietly in shame and humiliation at being publicly fondled and being helpless to put a stop to it.

"Please," Natalie whispered, "that's enough. Please Kelsi, mercy..."

Kelsi moved back and sat on Natalie's ankles, raised her hand and gave the up-turned ass a hard spank, then a second and a third as the crowd counted ONE, TWO, THREE.

"You shot off your mouth in the press and called me a bubble-gum snapper and a wannabe pop singer. Now you beg for mercy? Forget it! You're going to get the beating of your life and if you don't remember to treat your fellow singers with respect in the future, it'll just be the first of many."

Natalie was kept facedown in the middle of the ring by Kassidy and Kristyn while Kelsi worked out her anger and frustration on her soft asscheeks. Kelsi was a slender girl, but her strong, bony fingers made a real impact on Natalie's wiggling and squirming ass. Kelsi slapped and spanked her until Natalie's bottom was crimson, then she started on the backs of her thick thighs, slapping at the pale, jiggley flesh until Natalie was screaming at the top of her lungs for her to stop.

Kassidy and Kristyn finally hauled Natalie to her feet and held her between them for Kelsi who knelt and pulled Natalie's panties down her legs, then slapped the back of her thighs to get her to lift her feet out of them. She stood up and paraded around the ring, waving Natalie's panties over her head like a prize as the fans chanted, "SHE DAISY, SHE DAISY!" over and over. Then, to complete Natalie's shame, Kelsi put Natalie's own panties over her head and pulled them down to cover her face as they led her to the ropes.

Kelsi climbed down from the ring and set up a folding table on the floor, then Kassidy and Kristyn picked Natalie up, held her over their head and body slammed her over the top rope, onto - and through - the table to end the match. The three girls of SHe DAISY stood in the ring holding hands together over their heads as the other members of the Dixie Chicks, Martie and Emily, were allowed to return to the ring to collect their battered, beaten and chastised partner. They covered her nudity with the coat of a fan and hurriedly hustled her out of the arena to the jeers of the fans.

There have been no further reports of Natalie bad-mouthing other singers and, as far as we know, the Dixie Chicks and SHe DAISY haven't appeared together since that evening.

Final vote total: SHe DAISY:182, Dixie Chicks:106