Dallas Brawl: Victoria Principal, Priscilla Presley, Linda Gray by TNT

"Uhhhhh!" Victoria Principal groaned as the lovely brunette’s fist slammed into her stomach again, her assailent smiling with mischievous, angry anticipation.

"Yeah! Get her Linda," Priscilla Presley said as she watched Linda Gray wind her fingers in Victoria's luscious hair and jerk her head back.

"AIEEEEE!" Victoria screamed as Priscilla tore open her blouse, grabbed one huge bra-encased breast and squeezed hard.

Eager hands grabbed the back of her tattered blouse and ripped it to shreds as they tore it from of her trembling, luscious body. It just wasn’t one of Victoria's better days! Linda and Priscilla had finally gotten fed up with her pompous attitude and decided to teach her a lesson. The three had arrived at the "Dallas" ranch set early, before any of the staff. Too bad! It would be their loss, because the staff would miss one of the great two on one catfights in the history of CBS TV; one rivaling those on the sets of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “Rhoda”, “I Love Lucy” and more recently, “CSI, Miami!” In this case, it was a case of ‘Lets Teach the Queen Bee-Itch a Good, Hard Lesson She Won’t Forget!’

"That's good, strip her naked," Priscilla chirped as Linda gave a final tug, tossed the remnants of Victoria's blouse aside and then grabbed the back of her overstuffed black lace bra, fumbling with the clasp with one hand as the other squeezed that captive breast, twisting it up and out of the cup; capturing the thick, erect nipple in her fingers and pinching. Both Linda and Priscilla felt a familiar shiver of excitement coarse through their taut bodies at the sound of Victoria's screams.

"Uhhhhh!" Linda groaned as Victoria's flying elbow smashed back into her left breast; a direct nipple hit! As Priscilla stepped forward to help her co-conspirator, Victoria snapped a vicious kick out, her shoe crashing into Priscilla's shin and brining a satisfying yelp of pain. Victoria raised her arm back over her shoulder, wrapped it around Linda's neck, grabbed a fistful of hair and jerked her off balance, then flipped her over her shoulder. Linda slammed to the floor on her back with a loud grunt.

Victoria was free and she was angry!! In a flash, the busty brunette fired a punch to Priscilla's chin that snapped her head backward. As she reeled back, Victoria grabbed the front of Priscilla’s sheer, frilly blouse with both hands and pulled it open. Her eyes flashing as the beheld the firm young breasts, Victoria drew back her right fist and drilled a hard punch down into Priscilla’s left breast.

"OHHH! My boob," the brunette groaned. “You bi….URRRK!” Priscilla gurgled as Victoria's long strong fingers grabbed her throat.

"You're history, you conniving little slut," Victoria snarled.

She stabbed both thumbs into her rivals sensuous throat as she squeezed, forcing the gasping beauty to bend back under her.


Suddenly, Victoria grunted as the right side of her lower back exploded in pain, then another sharp pain shot up in the back of her neck as Linda's angry sledgehammer punches left her in agony. Victoria was forced to release her grip on Priscilla, leaving her coughing and gasping for precious air as she turned to deal with a new threat to her dominance.

"I'm gonna pound you senseless, you smug cunt," Linda growled as she swung Victoria around by the hair and slammed her forearm across her costars ample chest. The impact jettisoned Victoria’s still clad breast from its sheer encasement.

"No! Not the bra!" Victoria wailed as Linda clutched her now useless bra below her bouncing boobs and pulled her forward.

Victoria’s wild swing with her right hand fist was aimed between Linda’s eyes, but it struck only empty air and Linda's successful duck-‘n’-dodge was almost immediately followed by a scream from Victoria as her bra went sailing across the room. Seeing Linda's smug, cocky expression, Victoria decided discretion was more important than her pride and she turned to run. Her retreat lasted all of about three strides before…


Priscilla's foot shot out, tripping Victoria who stumbled and staggered another several feet before she crashed onto a coffee table. As she fell screaming, both Priscilla and Linda leapt on her like two predators on a most lovely of lovely prey. Victoria screamed and shrieked, flailed her arms and kicked her lusciously long, sensuous legs as the two women pulled her down between them. Her frantic struggle brought both rivals down with her in a sensuous, erotic pile of writhing, luscious pantyhose-clad legs, flailing arms and closely clutched hot female flesh.




"Get her!"

"Not the blouse!"

"Leggo of my hair!"

"My boobs! STOP IT! Ouch, leggo a my boobs!"

"Careful, don’d scratch her face - slap her!"

"AIEEEE! STOP…stop pinching my....AIEEEEE....nipple!"


"NOOOOO, not there, no….please."


"My legs! STOP, you're breaking my legs."

"Nooooooo, nooooooo, noooooooo….not my pussEEEEE!!!!"

Linda and Priscilla felt Victoria's agonizingly painful wrath as her fingers shredded their blouses, tore their bras off and laddered their pantyhose. All their skirts rode high and six tender breasts were mauled and six rock hard nipples were pinched, twisted and pulled as they fought like crazy. Although it was two against one for the most part, both Linda and Priscilla took advantage of the erotic confusion to attack each others luscious body as well as Victoria's! Neither liked the other, but they both disliked Victoria more and so it wasn't long before Priscilla lost her skirt as had Victoria. But inevitably, the odds against her began to tell and as Victoria slowly weakened, her assailents gained the upper hand - just as they’d schemed and plotted!

"NOOOOO, stop that….please! Wha...what are you DOing to me?" the now topless and out-of-breath Victoria gasped.

She had been stripped down to only her very tattered and shredded pantyhose; her lush body now covered in ugly welts and criss-crossed with mean-spirited scratches. Both of her formerly flawless breasts glowed with a tender pink flush from being clutched and grabbed, pawed and punched. On her left breast was a ring of dark red bite marks where Priscilla's' pearly whites had clamped down during her futile struggle to break the grip of Linda's long legs on hers in an erotic grapevine.

"Why Victoria honey,” Priscilla purred. “We just want you to show us some of that sweet, syrupy Southern hospitality," Priscilla giggled as she cupped Victoria’s large luscious breasts, squeezing the base and forcing them to bulge them up like a couple of cherry topped strawberry sno-cones as she bent down and teased each nipple in turn with her rapidly flicking tongue.

Victoria groaned, her face turning bright red with embarrassed and humiliation as she tried hard to fight the feelings of pleasure rising in her loins from Priscilla's surprisingly skilled fingers as they firmly squeezed her left breast slow and steady, the luscious compressed mound responding delightfully to the unwelcome, but decidedly arousing stimulation! Victoria’s erect nipple grew harder with each hungry lap of Priscilla's hungry tongue and each soft suck by her eager lips.

Linda, not willing to stand by and watch the erotic spectacle, reached up and tugged on the lovely brunettes pantyhose, slowly working the waistband down over her hips, tearing the already weakened material when Victoria stubbornly refused to lift her hips to aid her in this final ‘unveiling.’ Priscilla watching Linda’s progress and giggled, then returned to her own ‘chores’.

"NOOOOO…..you couldn't….you wouldn’t dare….OHHH….please... noooooo!" Victoria's plaintive protests were gleefully ignored by her two captors as Priscilla, all smiles, spread her legs wide and lowered herself triumphantly on her whimpering captives beautiful face.

"Now Vicky, you be a gooooood Southern Girl and pleaseeee, pleasseeee me, oh yeah! And while you’re at it, change that haughty, smart-ass attitude. Got it?" After a brief pause Priscilla gasped, looked down at Victoria and grinned, "Ohhh MY! I surely thank, thank you dooooo....Ohhhhhh...uhmmmmmm, yes! Now you’ve got the idea," the gorgeous brunette gasped with pleasure.

"Umphhh! Uhhhhh..." Victoria's grunts and muffled protests just excited Priscilla all that much more.

Linda sat on Victoria’s waist behind Priscilla, reached around and began to knead Victoria's breasts as she craned her neck to peer over Priscilla's shoulder, watching Victoria's red face and her wide eyes peering up from between Priscilla’s thighs.

"Hurry it up,” Linda whimpered. “The crew’ll be here soon and I haven't had breakfast yet! I'd like something sweet with plenty of juice," she cooed as she pinched both of Victoria's swollen, succulent nipples. "Oh yeah, and side order of plump, ripe melons!"