Claire Danes vs. Sarah Michelle Gellar by HAWKEYEJ (Delphi Celebrity Catfights Message Bd. Feb-4-99)

A remake motion picture version of the old TV series "The Mod Squad" had been in the works for several months and casting for the key female lead had been pared down to a scant few. Competition among the top actresses was fierce, but when the field had been narrowed to two a bigger contrast could not have been found.

Accomplished screen actress Claire Danes and television action star Sarah Michelle Gellar were going head-to-head for the role. The producers wanted the marquee film name in Danes. The director wanted the realism that Gellar might provide. A compromise could not be reached and so it was decided to square them off in a battle for the role.

Sarah Michelle Gellar entered the ring in a skin tight black tank top cropped to leave the midriff bare and tight black satin shorts. She had the confident bearing of a the heavy favorite she was considered to be. Claire Danes followed her in pensively. She was clad in a white sports bra and a short white lace skirt.

Just as Claire made her way through the ropes, Sarah wheeled around with a roundhouse right that connected full force on Claire's chin. Claire fell back against the ropes and dropped to one knee, her lower lip stained a more deep red from a slight cut. Before she could regain her full composure, Sarah was upon her. Gellar measured a knee to the side of Danes' head and it found the high cheek bones of its target. The match looked to be over before it had started.

Claire was now laying face down on the mat. Sarah approached nonchalantly from behind. As she reached the prone figure, she brought back her right leg as if it was the pendulum on a great clock and followed through with a tremendous boot between her legs. Claire let loose with a high-pitched scream and grabbed her crotch. As the pain of the kick spread throughout her body, Claire rolled onto her side and closed up into a fetal position unable to control the tears welling in the corner of her eyes. Sarah was supremely confident now. She got down on her knees and straddled Claire, unrolling her out of the ball that Claire's body had clenched itself into. Sarah grabbed Claire's wrists and pinned them to the mat. Claire seemed unable to resist as the waves of pain from her groin continued to incapacitate her.

Sarah was unsatisfied with the ease of the victory. She grabbed Claire's face and brought it up toward her own.

"You should stick to Shakespeare. It's where you belong, little girl," she said softly almost sweetly. "And leave roles like this to those of us who are qualified." Sarah continued, "And so you don't forget I'm not going to just pin you."

Sarah proceeded to place her two thumbs under the straps holding her top and pulled them over her shoulders releasing her shapely, tanned breasts.

"Nighty-night", she warmly whispered into Claire's ear and gently placed her tits around the nose and mouth of Claire.

Claire's widened eyes betrayed her feelings. Fear had now replaced pain in the forefront of Claire's spinning thoughts and spasmodically she lifted her right knee up catching Sarah in the pubic mound. Sarah lurched forward unsure of what had happened, but knowing that she had never felt pain like this.

But Claire had not saved herself yet. She was still underneath Sarah with her face now adjacent to Sarah's beltline. She rolled to the right to bring Sarah alongside of her and let loose with a quick right uppercut that managed to find its way through Sarah's arms, as she was now grabbing at her tender crotch, and caved in Sarah's solid abs to the point where Claire could feel Sarah's bottom rib tight against her fist. Sarah coughed loudly and spittle dripped from her lips. She began sucking in air as quickly as she could. Claire was still in no condition to mount a full attack. She kicked Sarah towards one side of the ring and as she did, Claire rolled towards the other, so as to gain some time to recover. She prayed that she would be the first to do so.

Claire Danes laid on the mat several feet away from Sarah Michelle Gellar rubbing her tender pussy, all the while keeping an eye on Sarah who was still rolling in agony from the combination of a knee to the groin and uppercut to the belly that Claire had dished out moments earlier. Claire's milky white skin was now not only flushed from the abuse Sarah had just inflicted, but from excitement as well. She staggered to her feet and made her way to her rival. Claire leaped high into the air and came down with her right knee pointed squarely between Sarah's shoulder blades. Sarah howled in anguish, as waves of pain were now seemingly flowing from every area of her body. Claire sat down next to Sarah and pulled her quivering body up into her lap.

"My dear," Claire spat out between heavy breaths, "you're simply not ready for the big time."

And with that Claire snaked her right arm around Sarah's neck, leaned back and began to squeeze the life out of the nubile beauty. Claire could feel the frantic wriggling of Sarah's body diminish. This was an opportunity to add a little insult to injury. After nearly a minute, Claire released her chokehold and jerked Sarah's neck around far enough so she could see Sarah's eyes. The tears of agony had been replaced by a glassy visage brought on by oxygen deprivation.

"Now, this just won't do," Claire said as she shook her head with an innocent-looking smile that was really anything but. "I want you to be here with me for your final scene."

Claire laid Sarah on the mat and kneeled along side. She violently grabbed Sarah's bronzed globes and tore into them with abandon. Claire kneaded and twisted with all the force she could muster bringing Sarah out of her shellshocked state with a terrible scream.

"So these were going to be your weapons, well now they're going to be mine," Claire said.

Claire pinched each nipple between her thumb and forefinger and spun them like she was winding up a toy.

Sarah shrieked in torment and pleaded with Claire. "You win, just please stop. Pleeeease," Sarah was sobbing.

"I don't think so," Claire interrupted, "I don't think you said that with enough feeling."

Claire got up and gave a disdainful stomp to Sarah's left tit causing the "slayer" to arch her back in agony.

Claire now straddled Sarah with her back to Sarah's head. Sarah took the opportunity to grab at some of Claire's strawberry blonde locks, but Claire raised up on her knees and came down full force with her tight, ivory ass into Sarah's vulnerable breadbasket. This effectively cut very short any offensive Sarah had in mind. Claire now clenched her fists together and came down upon Sarah's cunt with a devastating axhandle blow that had the crowd averting their eyes. Sarah, no longer with enough energy to scream, groaned and shook in a convulsive manner.

Claire now grabbed Sarah's black satin shorts and wedged them deeply between her sleek golden legs and began tugging back and forth. When Claire finally stopped and stripped Sarah of her shorts, her pubic hair could not cover the crimson the skin had become from the friction of the abuse.

"Well little lady, I'm going to send you back to the small screen in style," Claire said, as she moved around to grab Sarah's ankles and spread her legs wide apart. "Maybe, next time you'll know your place," Claire barked as she ground her heel into the tender flesh below her. "I have a feeling you will."

Claire then folded Sarah's legs back till the tips of her toes were touching the ground and her flushed genitals were pointed skyward. Sarah had given up pleading with Claire and now her sobbing and begging was directed at the crowd.

"Please stop her . . . stop her . . .," her voice trailed off, but it was now far too late.

Claire came down with a monstrous elbow that found its delicate target. Sarah's entire body tensed for just a moment, then fell limp. Claire climbed out of the ring and walked over to the director.

She motioned at the lifeless form of Sarah and said with a smile, "Realistic enough for you?"

The director smiled back. "Have your people call mine to make the financial arrangements. We start shooting at the end of the month."