Claire Danes vs. Melissa Joan Hart by Hawkeye3 (11-Jul-99)

Claire Danes felt she was stepping into the ring and into a no-win situation, but as always her business-like, professional demeanor hid her trepidation. She was the toast of Hollywood, one of the anointed to lead the theatrical arts into the 21st century. Her movies had never done blockbuster business, but she had nearly always escaped with sterling reviews from critics and movie buffs alike. Tonight, she, the Ivy League wunderkind, would face someone from the McDonald's school of acting, a graduate of Nickelodeon. As she watched the nubile blond scramble through the ropes and start to bounce nervously in place, her heart began to race. She noticed the hunger in the crisp, clear blue eyes of her opponent. A hunger she knew in her heart, she had yet to build.

Melissa Joan Hart cast a steely stare at Claire. She was indeed a sight to behold. Hardly the vision of someone paid to entertain 14-year olds. Clad only in a black lace bra and black silk panties, her medium-length, honey-blond locks swayed back and forth as she performed a variety of stretching exercises, glancing around every couple of seconds to keep a bead on Claire's whereabouts. As she proceeded with her toe touches, Melissa's pert breasts, greatly accentuated by her outfit, were on display to those assembled on one side of the ring, her taut ass exhibited to the other, neither was disappointed. As Melissa stretched, Claire bluffed a couple of exaggerated steps toward her and Melissa abruptly jumped back and cocked her right fist. Claire flashed a little smirk and eased back to her corner, but the nagging doubts still remained.

As the bell rang, Claire turned to face her opponent looking anything but the picture of a native New Yorker. Sporting a diaphanous, flower-printed sundress, the lean, emerald-eyed beauty appeared more apt to be found in a country meadow than Manhattan, or for that matter in a wrestling ring with a determined foe, who had found no concern in briskly advancing and effectively cutting off the ring to either side.
Claire anticipated that Melissa would be covering to each side, so she decided to bum rush her head on. However, the "teenage witch" simply took a sidestep to the left and swung her right arm around catching Claire under her finely sculpted chin with a short clothesline that left Claire staring up at her toes in something of a daze. Melissa was quick to seize upon the opportunity. She grabbed a handful of the just-off-the-shoulder, strawberry blond locks and pulled Claire to her feet eliciting a conspicuous grimace.

Again Melissa cocked her right arm back, but this time followed through with a tightly balled fist that caught Claire stiffly on the jaw driving her back down to one knee. Though in severe pain from the blow, Claire still had her wits about her and from that position brought her right arm up between Melissa's lithe legs. Melissa used the split-second before impact to jump up and take away some of the force behind the blow, but she caught enough of it to be left standing, knees locked together with her feet spread wide apart, frozen in pain.

Claire rose shakily to her feet and took a wild cut that Melissa, even in the desperate straits she was in, was able to avoid. As Claire went lunging by, Melissa tagged the silver screen siren with a light left jab that pissed Claire off more than anything. Again, Claire took a savage cut this time with the left that Melissa was able to duck. This time the blond beauty had recovered enough to take advantage. This time she buried her head and lunged at Claire taking her off the ground with a fierce tackle that forced the air right out of the erstwhile Juliet. Melissa followed through like a professional carrying the slender Claire back with her and slamming her back hard into the corner ringpost. Not done, Melissa forced her body hard against the wiry strawberry blond attempting to crush her with a standing full body press.

The two were nearly the same height, so there they stood nose to nose, chest to chest, Melissa still applying the pressure and Claire obviously looking the worse for the exercise. Claire's arms dropped to her side, the strain was obviously becoming too much, or so Melissa had thought. Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain from below. Claire had once again used the close quarters of a situation to save herself. She had clamped on a claw hold over Melissa's satin undies and was now digging her talons through the dainty undergarment to the tender flesh underneath. Melissa howled in pain and backpedaled, but as she looked down, there were Claire's twisting fingers coming right along with her on her retreat.

"Aaaah," she screamed, "Get off me, bitch! "

Finally, Melissa was able to land a slap to the face that diverted Claire's attention and she was able to disengage herself from the vice-like hold. Claire now thought to herself that perhaps she had overestimated this Hart girl. She had ability, but was she willing to do whatever it took to get to the top. Claire was beginning to have her doubts.

Melissa had fallen to her knees in the middle of the ring, gently caressing her pussy to the detachment of all else. Claire circled around and closed from behind grabbing Melissa's arms, pulling her hands away from their pain relieving duties. She stretched the arms back behind the torso and placed her knee in the small of the adorable sitcom star's back. Melissa screamed as her spine was being stretched out of all alignment.

"You do something, anything, you've got to mean it," Claire shouted in Melissa's ear, now fully over her early match jitters. "Now, I understand why I'm at the top and you're well, on a sitcom," Claire said, hardly trying to cover her disdain. "That and you couldn't act your way out of a wet paper bag."

Disgustedly, Claire released Melissa's arms and watched her drop to the mat face first. The media darling then gave a swift kick to the ribs of her opponent rolling Melissa onto her back in the process. Melissa lay nearly motionless but for her heaving chest at work trying to draw some oxygen in as hastily as possible. Claire ran to the ropes and sprang back toward Melissa, her sundress floating with the rapid change of direction, revealing her lean, shapely legs and the tiny, white lace panties that separated them. Claire leapt skyward planning to come down spread-eagled across Melissa's open midriff, but the blond beauty still had enough gas in the tank to raise her knees and give Claire a gut busting surprise. Claire landed squarely across the elevated legs and rolled violently to the side. She crossed her hands in front of her slender waistline all the while coughing and choking. A light trail of spittle escaped over Claire's lower lip as the green-eyed beauty's tongue lolled lazily outside her gaping mouth.

Calling upon a reserve that no one could have expected, Melissa pounced upon Claire's broken form in an instant.

"So I need more intensity, well how about this little Miss Greta Garbo," Melissa snapped and she began to rip at Claire's sundress.

The garment had begun to cling more closely to Claire's nubile form, as her perspiration had turned from dewy beads of moisture to rivulets of sweat cascading over her body. Claire, who had rolled into a ball to protect her weakened abdomen, now used the position to try her best to retain some shreds of her frock with limited success. The lower part of the dress was in shreds revealing quite plainly the frilly undergarment beneath. Only one strap remained serviceable topside leaving the supple flesh of Claire's left tit open to the breeze and to attack, Melissa soon saw to that.

She clawed at the exposed breast with both hands kneading it brutally, as Claire wailed at the top her lungs. Melissa seemed to enjoy the screams, but continued to look for a way to increase their severity. Melissa realized that she was wasting the use of a hand, when she could continue to attack the now rosy-hued mammary with one hand while opening a second front elsewhere. She pivoted 90 degrees and caught a glimpse of Claire's poorly protected crotch. Melissa easily separated Claire from her panties despite her constant bucking attempts to shake the slightly heavier blond off. Claire was able to grab a handful of hair, but Melissa simply turned and clocked Claire with a straight right to the jaw that returned her to a groggy haze.

Melissa now rotated another 90 degrees and sat on Claire's belly button with her back to the dazed thespian. She snaked her lower legs around Claire's taut alabaster thighs and stretched her groin musculature to its maximum leaving the now not-so-private vaginal area available to Melissa's wishes. Melissa playfully stroked her fingers through Claire's pubic hair and along her lips causing a noticeable sign of pleasure to mingle with the pain on Claire's exquisite face. Melissa was having fun bringing Claire a moment of bliss knowing all too well that it would end on the opposite end of the spectrum.

In an instant the instruments of delight became implements of pain, as her hands began to claw at Claire's moistened pubic mound. Claire's light cooing had, in a split-second, mutated to screeching howls and pleads of mercy. She tried to close her legs to the attack, but Melissa had expertly pinned them in place, wide and inviting. Melissa had moved on to pinching and pulling at Claire's tender orifice causing the classic beauty to sob and moan abjectly.

However, just as Claire was nearing a state of shock, Melissa relented. She too was becoming aroused by her patently obvious ability to decide if this girl was going to live in pleasure or pain. She decided that for another few intervening minutes, it would be pleasure. Releasing her grapevine of Claire's legs, Melissa moved from her seated position to one of laying on top of Claire's torso in the opposite direction. She managed to keep Claire's gorgeous gams spread wide with her arms, her hands gripping the inside of Claire's knees.

Gently, she blew a breath into Claire's crotch that lightly shifted her pubic hair causing Claire to shake away the coma that had nearly overtaken her. Melissa dropped her head deeper and blew on the vaginal lips bringing Claire back in a hurry. Something in the deep recesses of Claire's mind clicked and instinctively she knew that this momentary delight would be followed by incredible torment. With the thought of this torture fresh in her mind, Claire's legs transformed from seemingly weak and quivering limbs to the rigid jaws of a vise. Her legs, no longer held in place by Melissa's grapevine, were now only restrained by the TV starlet's much weaker arms.

In a shocking suddenness, Claire forced her legs out of Melissa's now sweat-slicked grip and brought her thighs together around Melissa's temples forcing her to do more than blow on Claire's genitals, but to get their full flavor. Melissa's limbs flew into spasm, but Claire deftly tied down her legs eventually clasping them with her arms and folding them underneath her still reclined body. Melissa's arms futilely went about trying to pry apart Claire's lean, but firm and powerful legs. Like a Venus Flytrap, Claire had snapped shut on her inattentive prey and now the struggle was slowly being sapped from the victim.

Claire's head scissors was not only cutting off the blood flow, but the airflow as well. She could most definitely feel Melissa's frantic efforts to suck in more than Claire's womanhood, but there was nothing else. The strawberry blonde bore down and applied yet more pressure for a minute or two, with a jerk Melissa fell limp onto Claire's body, her arms draped to her side. Claire was far too exhausted to take precautions, she had to hope she had honestly put an end to Melissa once and for all. She released her grip, pushed the lifeless form off and struggled to her feet.

Melissa lay below the victor, almost imperceptibly twitching, but Claire's perceptions were now in a state of high readiness and she quickly descended to her knees, straddling Melissa. Slowly, she edged up over Melissa's adorable, sweet, girl-next-door face and buried her crotch into it.

"You want to take an up close and personal look at a future Oscar winner, here's your chance," Claire said softly between labored breaths.

She began grinding slowly back and forth on the face of her quarry. Claire again began to feel a wave of gratification overcome her, but this time there would be no reversal of fortune or feeling. This time the pleasure would last as long as she wanted it to continue.