Claire Danes vs. Melissa Joan Hart (2) by bbb4 14-Jul-99

The match was supposed to be a celebrity wrestling match, a few fake punches, some rolling around on the mat and some dollars into the pockets of the star's favorite charities. A pool of celebrities was available, and one name was drawn out of the hat. Bidding determined the first celebrities manager. The crowd also got to bid on who would be her opponent and her manager. Holly Marie Combs had withdrawn from the matches due to a pulled muscle, but Melissa Joan Hart gladly accepted an invitation to take her place.

After a rather boring roll on the canvas by Victoria Adams and Melanie Chisholm, the bidding dropped off. The crowd wanted some action. Jamie Lee Curtis and Dana Delany gave a good performance, both girls grunting and sweating before Dana pulled the upset and bearhugged Jamie into submission. That got the crowd moving and the coin flowing. Alexandra Paul and Pam Anderson followed with another one sided, but still exciting match. Another energetic match between lithe Sandra Bullock and bigger Tori Spelling ended in a draw, but the two sweaty young ladies rolling around and grunting on the canvas got the crowd really rolling.

Claire Danes was the next draw from the hat, and the first bid had her matched her up with Yasmine Bleeth of Baywatch. Before too long, a second bidder put Elle Macpherson in the ring. Just as the bidding was to end at $125,000, Elle stood up, peeling off her warm-ups. A light voice rose up from the back.

"Melissa Joan Hart. $200,000."

The crowd gasped in amazement, and turned to find Holly Marie Combs holding up her numbered bidding card.

"$200,000 and I'll manage her," she repeated.

There was a murmur, but no one could put up that kind of money. Melissa slowly walked to the corner of the ring, and climbed in, looking back as Holly Marie took up the familiar managers position.

"$200,000? Where did you get $200,000!"

"We have friends. Who do you think bought that mansion we've been working out in?" Holly answered, straight faced. "Go on, the ref. is calling you."

When Melissa turned, she saw Claire, smiling a wicked little grin that she knew the ringside spectators couldn't see. As Melissa stood and walked into the center of the ring, the crowd clapped appreciatively, but didn't really side with one girl or the other. Claire was wearing a plaid thong and bikini top, showing off her exquisite peach fuzz ass cheeks, and hiding her less than impressive chest. Her wrists were taped and she was wearing a soft soled pair of wrestling shoes. Melissa wore her cutoff Wonder Girl crop top with a sheer bra below. A thong also allowed the crowd to get a view of her wider, more defined butt cheeks, and her top did little to hide her excitement. Melissa wore the more common tennis shoes and low socks.

As the two met at center ring, Claire staring at the older Melissa menacingly, but with a beautiful smile to hide the hate in her eyes.

"This is gonna be a clean fight," the referee started.

"We're all friends here and this is just a little roll on the canvas for charity. All you have to do toss each other around a few times for five minutes. When the bell rings the match is over."

The two girls nodded, and Claire held out her hand to shake with Melissa. The two parted ways and returned to their corners, but Claire was shaking her hand and wincing as if Melissa had gotten a little carried away on the squeezing part.

The bell rung and they locked up immediately, Claire using her surprising speed to snap Melissa into a side head lock. Hart tried to power out, twisting and turning on Claire's wrist but was unable to break the iron grip, showing that maybe there was more to the lithe red head than met the eye. Claire paraded her opponent around the ring, grinding the headlock and growling for the crowd, which was seated on one side of the ring only. Each twisting grind of the head lock rubs the rough tape across Melissa's forehead, eyes and ears. Claire again surprised Melissa with hiptoss, keeping the headlock all the way to the mat and ending up on top of the blonde.

Melissa was surprised to hear a loud thud next to her ear.


Used to submission matches, Hart quickly realized the ref. was counting her out.


Melissa threw her legs sideways and pressed them against the mat, bridging out of the pin. This time, the surprise belonged to Claire, who saw the referee's hand start it's downward swing toward three, but stop a hair from the mat.

Danes kept the head lock and ground it once more, clowning and growling for the crowd, while Melissa's head was really subjected to some crushing power and the burning tape rub.

Claire rolled Hart over into a pin again, this time really laying into the headlock, which had begun to make Melissa light headed.


Hart jerked her legs again, but is unable to power out.


Hidden from the ref., Hart's found the back of Claire's thong and yanked for all she was worth. Melissa felt the cloth strip slide easily up between Claire's legs, until it met solid resistance. Claire let out a pained yelp and released the headlock, one hand going to the back of her thong, which Hart was still pulling. Melissa released the thong and rolled to the side, her world spinning slightly and her ears ringing. Blonde hair is matted to the sides of her head as she rubbed her sore temples and tried to shake out the cobwebs.

Claire too rolled over, facing away from the crowd, and gently tugged the thong out from her womanhood and adjusted it so that it covered her small swatch of red pubic hair. Melissa showed her mean side when she pounced Danes from behind with a choking sleeper. The referee saw the underhanded choke and forced Melissa to release the hold, but Danes slumped to the mat holding her throat, coughing and spitting. Melissa released the hold, protesting her innocence, but just as quickly returned to the business at hand.

Melissa jumped on the opportunity her sly choke hold had presented, hooking the red head's thigh and cradling her for a pin. The Ref. got a one count but Claire broke the leg hook with surprising ease. Hart was frustrated by the ease with which the supposed weakling snapped her pinning grip, and slammed both hands against the canvas in anger. The crowd begun to realize that there is a little to this rivalry and actually quieted down, watching the two. Again facing away from the crowd, Claire is hooked in what appears to be an identical cradling pin hold, but in reality Melissa's sly fingers did a little walking down Bush Street.

Hooking the thigh from the outside in, Melissa's fingers "accidentally" slipped into the leg hole of Claire's thong. Hart's fingers rolled over the tangled mess of sweaty pubic hair and down toward her mound. Feeling the high bone of her pubic area and then the velvety, damp, soft skin of Claire's womanhood, Melissa pressed her groping fingers on until they dropped between Claire's legs. Next, feeling a new, warmer and damper area, Melissa's deft fingers jabbed inward, fingering the redhead as she rolled her up. Hidden from the crowd and the referee, the crotch grabbing cradle earned a quick three count, as Claire was paralyzed by pain and humiliation.

Hearing the third slap on the mat, Melissa jumped to her feet, and walked to the ringside area, accepting accolades from the many actors, and agents present. She quickly whisked off to the locker room, before an interview could take place.

Claire remains folded up on the mat for a few minutes, but knows she couldn't stay for ever without bringing up more questions.

The ref. bent to her side asking, "Are you OK?"

Under her breath, Claire furiously asked him, "Didn't you see her pull my..... and she put her fingers in my.... Ohhhh, never mind."

She rose and quickly stormed off toward the locker rooms.

Stopping in front of Holly, she muttered, "I'll deal with you later."

Bursting into the door, she screamed, "What was that, you dirty little bitch! Come on out! I'll find you!"

Two heads poked out of adjacent showers as the water was hurriedly shut off, Sandra Bullock, and Alexandra Paul. Melissa sauntered out of the nearest shower, already done showering and washing herself down for the moment, but still soaking wet and topless. Her soaked red briefs were completely see through. She idly dried her damp hair with a small towel.

"Are you talking to me, LOOOOOOser?" answered the blonde.

Sandra and Alexandra watch intently, knowing that trouble is brewing in the locker room that they may have to break up. Both reached for their towels and started making their way out of the shower stalls.

Melissa taunted her again, "Did all those awards help you out in the ring? You looked mighty good out there till I pinned you."

"You cheated! You pulled my thong and..... And... fingered me!"

Looking toward the other two ladies, she said, "She pinned me by grabbing my crotch!!"

Alexandra and Sandra also came out the shower at this point with questioning looks on their faces. When Melissa failed to deny the charge, they exchanged shocked glances. Claire took a step forward as though to attack Melissa in the shower area, but a second too late she wondered, "Where's Holly Marie?"

Claire's groin exploded in pain a third time as Holly Marie cunt punted her from behind. As Claire sank to her knees, Holly clamped down on her with a sleeper from behind. Alexandra and Sandra both made moves toward Holly and Claire, but Melissa decked Sandra with hip check, sending her crashing head first into the steel lockers and then into the tile floor. Melissa pulled the towel from her neck and began strangling the Speed star viciously, wrapping the towel around Sandra's thin neck. Alexandra grabbed Holly Marie by the hair from behind, pulling her back, but she too dropped to the tile after being bushwhacked from behind.

Tori Spelling stepped out of the shadows only long enough to toss Alexandra to her side and straddle her. Her still dripping wet bare breasts were poised over Alexandra's face when her eyes fluttered open.


With this comment, the smothering began.

Each of Tori's huge, pointed nipples found a place over Alexandra's, eyes, nose and mouth. Spelling really began to grind the hold, laying her entire soaked body against Alexandra's wet, nude form.

"Ummmm...hmmmm," cooed Tori as she rubbed her marvels against Paul's face, asphyxiating her.

Tori clearly enjoyed her work, smiling and lightly closing her eyes as she let her tits do the work. Alexandra bucked her hard abs, trying to toss Tori off of her, but the combination of Spelling's sneak attack and her expert application of her favorite hold proved to be too much for the buffed little brunette. Tori began taking it a little easier as Paul's struggles tapered off and then ceased all together. Spelling finally backed off, removing her heaving chest from Paul's placid, sleeping face. Tori reached down and twists one of Paul's erect nipples, making sure the brunette had really had it, and wasn't playing possum. Alexandra's face didn't even flinch as Tori pulled down her towel and took a few pubic hairs.

As Claire slowly passed out under Holly's relentless sleeper, Combs looked over to Melissa who was still straddling and choking the life out of Sandra Bullock's nude body.

"Hey, Melis! Lay off the towel. We don't want to leave any marks. If you want to put her down, use your ass like I taught you."

Hart quickly obeys her partner, and realizing that Sandra was almost out, she released the towel. She stood slowly, as Sandra looked up in a light daze, coughing and spitting. Her head rested against the hard cool tile, as she looked up at Melissa, and realized the blonde is striping off her bikini bottoms. Hart peeled the soaked, and skin tight bikini away and tossed it to the side. She then stepped across the groggy Bullock and lowered herself to within a few inches of the brunette's face, dropping her ample behind on Sandra's pert breasts. Sliding forward, Melissa felt Sandra's slick, soft breasts and hard nipples slide against her bare ass before she lifted herself up and dropped her womanhood on Bullock's face.

Bullock protested slightly, but doesn't have the strength to ward off the younger girl. After a few seconds of grinding the face sit, Melissa tensed and arched her back slightly. She sat with her buns still covering Sandra's mouth and her womanhood pleasantly pressing against Sandra nose and face. Melissa let out a light groan and closed her eyes, throwing her head back as she begins to grind the face sit in earnest. The pace quickened and Melissa's groans turned to muffled screams as she increased the pace even further. It is over suddenly, as Melissa shuddered slightly and arrived all over Sandra's face.

Tori and Holly Marie meanwhile have not finished with their respective foes.

"Ohhh, that looked like fun!" exclaims Tori, as she rose nude from Alexandra's limp carcass. "Let's see, first you put your butt here. . ."

As Tori dragged her significant ass over Paul's tiny breasts, her own huge nipples rose in excitement.

"Then you put it here, oooooohhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, yeah....that's it."

Her large ass completely enveloped Alexandra's face as Tori began to grind the face sit. In contrast to Melissa's high energy work, Tori slumped forward, and took twin handfuls of Paul's scalp and rode her like a bucking bronco. Tori's eye's fluttered closed as she began to feel the effects of her grinding face sit. She silently rode out the storm, only her increased rate of breathing through clenched teeth giving away her nearing the finish line.

Finally, after nearly a solid minute of humping and grinding, moaning and clenching on Alexandra's face, Tori let out a whimper that turned into screaming orgasm. Throwing her head back, her wet hair flew everywhere as she climaxed and then brought it down slowly, humping slowly until she climbs off the rosy faced brunette.

"SHHHHHHH! Someone might hear and it's my turn."

Tori gave a languid and completely satisfied smirk and replied, "Ohhh, you've gotta try it."

Holly lifted up the maroon mini skirt she was wearing and quickly stepped out a fluorescent thong, shyly tossing it on the wooden bench before bending over to properly position her victim. Claire groaned and shook her head a bit as Holly dragged her to a more comfortable position, not completely awake, but not completely asleep.

Her eyes came wide open though as she realized that Holly was sitting on her chest. The rough material of her bikini top rubbed Holly's ass lightly as she slowly slid forward. Claire let out a stifled scream as Holly's gaping gash touched her chin and she realized what was to follow.

Holly stopped, looking at the red head, "Don't ever point your finger at me again. If you mess with me or any of my friends again you'll wish you hadn't."

She followed with a surprisingly menacing glare for a usually upbeat and smiling girl.

Danes realized what was coming and tried to bargain her way out but it ended suddenly, "No, I didn't mean it. I just....mmmfmfmfmmmfff."

Claire struggled for a few minutes, but it became clear that Holly wasn't about to let her up. As the flailing resided, Holly too began to work the face sit, pumping her womanhood into Claire's face silently, only letting out an occasional murmur as she turned her head from side to side, flinging her brown hair to and fro. As pace became more and more frenetic, Holly peeled back and let out a roar that shocked the other two women.

As she regained her composure, Holly muttered, "Ooops!" with a hint of embarrassment. "We better get out of here before someone comes looking for these two."

Holly stood and pulled her skirt down a notch and scooped up her thong. She turned to Tori, "Thanks for the assist."

"Tell Shannen she owes me one for a change!"

And with that the two parties dressed and sneaked away leaving the three victims for others to find.