Claire Danes vs. Rose McGowen by Mika (CLAW-Celebrity Ladies All Out Wrestling

This was to be a different type of match. This match was to take place in a bedroom that was set up in the CLAW arena. Claire did not know it, but Rose had set up a hidden camera and microphone in the bed room to be broadcast over the large screen monitor over the center of the arena. The room was set up like an average bedroom with a queen size bed, mirror and a dresser.

Rose McGowen entered into the bedroom first wearing a red and black robe which she quickly took off as she crawled erotically onto the bed in just her tiny black thong bikini. Rose was looking very forward to this match as she rubbed her large tits in enjoyment as she fantasized on what she would do with or to the pretty blonde Claire. Rose crawled up onto her knees on top of the large bed and stuck her hand down her bikini and rubbed herself.

The door opened and in walked Claire with a look of innocence which really aroused Rose. Claire came in with a white tank top and jean cutoffs and was barefoot. Claire had a visible look of nervousness on her face. She knew that she was out of her territory not being in the ring, she knew that Rose had an advantage, and one look over at Rose gave her a little more fear. Rose was looking very cocky and confident as she continued to rub her breasts.

"Let's get it on Claire" said Rose while in ecstasy.

Claire and Rose locked up in the center of the room. Claire due to her size out powered Rose as Claire threw Rose onto the bed. Rose got up and charged Claire, but Claire hip-tossed her back onto the bed rolling the sexy brunette off of the other side of the bed. Claire and Rose went to the opposite corners of the room and glared at each other. Claire and Rose charged each other, their bodies slapping into each other with a loud smack.

The temperature gage was set high in the room and the room would soon feel like a sauna.

Claire had Rose set in a headlock, Claire's goal was to wear Rose down with technical holds. Rose grabbed on to Claire's thigh while Claire continued on the pressure, Rose slapped at her leg, but the taller blonde did not let go. Rose reached around from behind and felt her way between Claire's legs and set her fist up in a low blow immediately releasing Claire's grip. Claire dropped to her knees holding her womanhood as Rose came up and began caressing Claire's head and running her fingers through Claire's hair. Claire quickly punched Rose in the stomach bending her over.

Claire nailed Rose with a swinging neckbreaker, but it was onto the bed not having much effect on Rose other than a momentary disorientation. Claire pulled Rose off of the bed and put her into a Boston crab while on the floor.

Claire began applying a lot of pressure while Rose screamed. Claire hoped to make Rose submit, because Claire was very uncomfortable in this type of atmosphere, but Rose would not give to this blonde, this easy in this setting. Claire began leaning back more and more to apply more pressure on Rose's back, but that was a mistake on Claire's part. Rose saw her only opportunity to break out of this painful Boston crab before she would be forced to submit or pass out from the pain. Rose reached around and up Claire's tanktop when Rose suddenly smiled realizing Claire was not wearing any bra. Rose grabbed some tit flesh and applied a breast claw on Claire.

Claire screamed in shock and immediately dropped Rose's legs, but she couldn't get away from Rose's breast claw. Claire punched Rose away and ran to the other side of the room holding her sore breast. Claire was now very angry at that tactic and she charged Rose, but Rose ducked and sent a fist into Claire's crotch doubling her over onto the bed.

Claire rolled onto her back on the bed holding her aching pussy. Rose saw Claire in a vulnerable position and climbed onto the bed and belly splashed Claire onto the bed. Rose was not about to get up.

Instead Rose began grinding her belly onto Claire's. Both women's bodies were sweating profusely as their flesh met in wet loud smacks. Claire begins moaning.

"What's the matter Juliet?" says Rose in a real sexy voice "Can't handle a real woman?"

Rose begins licking and kissing Claire's neck very softly as Claire's moans of pain begin to turn into moans of pleasure, or so it sounds. Rose sits up and pulls Claire's tank top up and covers her face and begins rubbing Claire's tits that were hard.

Rose smiles and says to Claire "Wow, this must be your first erotic match... You look like you are ready to burst already."

Claire continues to moan while Rose rubs the nipples harder and harder.

Rose begins grinding her crotch against Claire's as their bare tits rub up against each other's. Rose is momentarily lost in her ecstasy as Claire quickly rolls Rose onto her back and Claire gets on top and locks Rose into a laying down headlock. Rose grabs onto Claire's hair and yanks really hard pulling some blonde locks out. Claire screams and punches Rose in the face bloodying her nose.

Claire gets up and as Rose gets up Claire downs Rose with a kick to the face. Rose slowly gets up holding her nose as Claire tosses her over the bed in a quick snap suplex. Clarie climbs onto the bed looking for Rose and prepares to nail her with the "Clairifyer" a top rope (bed in this case) frankensteiner. Rose gets up and Claire leaps and takes Rose down onto the bed with the move. But the move does not knock Rose out because it was done onto a soft bed.

Claire holds Rose in a headscissors submission. Rose's face is buried right in Claire's crotch. Claire tries to apply pressure on the hold, but suddenly her face turns purple and she releases the hold and rolls off of the bed holding her crotch as Rose gets up with a big smile on her face after biting Claire through her cutoffs.

"Oh Claire," says Rose. "You tasted like I turned you on, but I really don't appreciate you punching me and kicking me."

Rose's mood turns to a more angry one.

Rose grabs Claire by the hair and throws her onto the bed. Rose quickly tears off Claire's top leaving Claire topless too. Rose begins scratching away at Claire's tits leaving bright red scratch marks all over them. Claire screams out in pain as Rose scratches away. Claire's eyes have become a world of fear as a very vicious Rose McGowen is released. Rose begins yanking out Claire's hair and then applies two really painful breast claws on Claire's now aching tits. Claire cries out in pain, but she still is too stubborn to submit. Rose drops a knee to Claire's crotch, Claire tries to fold up, but McGowen is on top of her weighing her down not allowing her to get up and comfort her sore pussy.

"I need some better access" says Rose to herself as she pulls off Claire's jeans shorts leaving Claire in a little white cotton pair of panties. Claire tries to hold herself again, but Rose pushes her hands away.

"No, no, no..." says Rose. "Not yet honey... I'll take care of that for you."

Rose puts Claire in a painful crotch claw. Claire screams in pain, but still refuses to submit. WIth her one hand holding Claire in a painful crotch claw, her other hand goes to Claire's bare tummy and gives her a painful stomach claw at the same time. Claire howls in pain. Rose is having fun as she leans over and begins kissing Claire on the lips and biting the blonde on the neck, painful enough so that it hurts but not enough to break any skin. Rose's intention is different in mind, and sure enough it seems to be working. Rose sniffs her hand that was on Claire's crotch and smiles.

"I must really excite you don't I" says Rose "I thought that I would tell you that this is being broadcast to the arena right now." "What?" asks Claire "No it isn't. Who's watching us?"

Rose points behind the plant to the camera and mic that Claire now sees.

"Oh no," says Claire. "Please stop what you are doing... I don't want everyone to see me like this... please Rose..."

"But you seem to be enjoying it..." says Rose "you're really quite wet."

Rose reaches down to Claire's panties and slowly peels them down leaving Claire totally nude.

"Please Rose, don't." says Claire. "Please, no... not my panties."

Rose pulls them off and holds the moist panties up to her face.

"Really Claire..." said Rose, "You're quite excited, you should smell how nice you smell."

Rose holds Claire's panties up to Claire's nose but Claire tries to turn away disgusted.

Rose peels her own bikini bottoms down leaving her nude with Claire as their nude crotches meet each other. Rose slowly begins grinding her crotch against Claire's while caressing her tits. Claire doesn't want to admit it, but she once again is feeling herself get excited, but again she is embarrassed because 10,000 fans are watching this all on the monitor in the arena.

Claire again begins begging Rose to quit humiliating her, but Rose begins bumping and grinding her crotch harder and harder and executing the Rose romp on her. Claire, now forgets about her fear of being humiliated as the "Rose Romp" takes it's power to her and Claire forgets everything. She forgets she is supposed to be wrestling a match or even that she's a wrestler. She is enjoying the ecstasy too much.

"You are all mine now blondie" says Rose. "I'm going to keep riding you all day, all night until you can't take anymore."

Claire just moans in pleasure.

Suddenly her orgasm, several of them, hits like a thunderstorm. Claire's body never went through that kind of shock before and she passes out. Rose continues to bump and grind for five minutes afterward. For good measure, Rose climbs up to Claire's face and sits her wet pussy on Claire's face, then facesits her for ten minutes. The room is a sauna now as people sitting ringside watching on the monitors are starting to miss some of the action because the camera lens gets steamed up.

Rose gets up and is declared the victor. She redresses in her thong bottom and robe and leaves the room. Ringside CLAW attendants come into the room and revive the unconscious Claire and help her out of the room back to her dressing room.