Claire Danes v. Michelle Williams (From CWC Mach II) by Hawkeye 20-Jun-00 (from the CWC cyberfighting board)

Music shatters through the low buzzing of the crowd, low at first then wafting over the masses like a summer breeze. The beautiful strings and brass of Beethoeven and his Ode to Joy flood the arena, as Michelle breaks through the curtains and heads for the ring.

She saunters to the ring in a tight white corset, her shoulder-length blonde hair framing her angelic features. Underneath, she has white silk panties that are seductively snapped to garters leading down to white silk stockings that cover her sleek, muscular legs down to the toetips; a pair of white, lace fingerless gloves rounding out the ensemble.

The young blonde slides under the bottom rope and bounces in her corner, her breasts rolling gently in their precarious confinement, butterflies gathering, as they always did when facing someone for the first time, not knowing their strengths and weaknesses. However, if Claire was half as good at wrestling as she was acting, Michelle knew her task would be a trying one.

The arena lights dim, and the sound system comes to life, Garbage's "Only Happy When It Rains" blaring throughout the building. After a moment's dramatic pause, the curtain parts and Claire Danes steps forth. Her more modest figure is flattered by a sleek, dark green one piece, a tirangle shaped hole cut in the pattern to reveal a trim stomach. Her shapely legs and feet were left bare.

Though standing on the entrance ramp, she glares down toward the ring, her green eyes gleaming with almost a cruel mischief. She wasn't sure why Michelle wanted her so badly in that ring, but she'd seen Eliza's defeat, and she knew what Michelle was capable of if she gained control. However, she could almost see the butterflies within her opponent's stomach. And if there was anything she could do to increase Michelle's nervousness, it served to her advantage. And if Michelle wanted to make this person, Claire was more than ready to comply.

Slowly, cockily, Claire sashayes down to the ring. Climbing onto the apron, she bends low at the waist, sliding between the second and third ropes and ever so slowly pulls herself into the ring, teasing the fans at ringside. Michelle may have had the more provocative outfit, but Claire was not going to allow herself to be upstaged before the match had even begun.

Claire approaches the corner directly opposite Michelle Williams, not once taking her gaze away from her opponent. Not once allowing Michelle to see anything other than confidence and self-assuredness. Deep down, she knew this match would be tough. But she also knew she could handle both the match, and Michelle.

Confident from her win over Eliza, Michelle closes the distance between herself and the strawberry blonde, the blonde feigning an attack to no affect from Claire, who simply stands poised, ready to counter any move Michelle had in mind. Definitely not intimidated by her surroundings thought Michelle, this looked to be a long night's work, but that in itself could have its own satisfaction.

Michelle approaches with both hands extended looking for a tie-up and jump-start her offense from that position. The two beauties grasp hands, but only for an instant as Claire releases her left, using both to grab Michelle's right arm and

send her tumbling to the mat with an armdrag, Michelle finally skidding to a stop, turning quickly to prevent any follow-up. Seeing none, she shakes her head with a sly grin; quick, too. She slowly rises to her feet and closes again this time attempting a side kick, but Claire catches the leg easily and drags Michelle around, the blonde hopping on one foot to keep up. Tired of toying with Michelle, Claire spins her like a top, catching her along the side and dropping her

hard on the back of her neck with a suplex, Michelle's breasts threatening to escape their close confines as she squeaks out a plaintive 'ooo'. Claire instinctively goes for a pin, Michelle kicking out at two, rolling away, her hands drawn up like claws ready to strike as she takes a knee in the corner, but again Claire does not come.

Now more pissed than impressed, Michelle glowers at Claire. She was playing with her and that did not sit well. Michelle looks intensely for an opening, but sees none, her impatience growing again until she rushes Claire, the lithe lovely sidestepping the charge and jumping on Michelle from behind. She snakes her legs around the teen's midsection, while slapping her arms around the blonde's head, one on top, another around the jaw line in a classic sleeper.

Michelle instantly realizes what Claire has in mind and spins wildly to buck her off, but the grip is tight and she remains on board. Recalling how Eliza had turned just such momentum in their match, Michelle backs to the corner ramming it in reverse, the lean, strawberry blonde taking both the force of the turnbuckle on her back and Michelle on her perky chest and tight belly in front. After each blow, the grip loosens, Michelle's hazel eyes becoming brighter, as the blood flows more freely through her carotid. One more...uhhh. Michelle and Claire both make the noise together, their bodies striking as one, but separating after this final impact.

Michelle turns on a dime, cracking Claire with an elbow that spins her 90 degrees. Michelle then clasps her arms around and under Claire's thin, sleek thighs. The blonde gyrates with Claire in tow before planting her with a sidewalk slam, the air audibly expelled from the classic beauty, as she lies stunned, Michelle already to her feet playing to the crowd. She turns back to Claire, a cunning smirk on her face; this was the way the match was meant to go.

Claire stared up at the arena ceiling a moment, trying to collect her thoughts in her mind. She hadn't expected the tide to turn that quickly. She should have, and cursed herself mentally. This girl had more than held her own against Dushku, who possessed more than an adequate killer instinct. She'd managed to switch the momentum in that match several times. Claire may be good, but she knew she wasn't invincible. Now Michelle did, too.

Michelle walked over to her downed opponent with a newfound confidence, dragging the strawberry blonde to her feet by the hair. Sending Claire into the ropes, Michelle leapt into the air, wrapping her legs around Claire's neck and snapping her over in a perfectly executed Frankensteiner. Claire slid a few feet across the mat before coming to a halt. But Michelle wasn't about to give up the advantage.

Quickly, she made her way to Claire's sprawled form and lifter her to her feet again. This time, however, Claire responded by raking her fingernails across Michelle's eyes. Michelle yelped in pain, backing away from Claire a few

steps, covering her eyes. Now with a smirk of her own, Claire sent a kick directly into Michelle's midsection, doubling the buxom blonde over. Wasting no time, Claire hooked Michelle's head under her arm and fell backwards, dropping her with a DDT.

Claire sat up, looking at the youngster to her side. She was unmoving, stunned. Claire knew this match was far from over, Getting to her feet, Claire rolls Michelle over and takes Michelle's left leg, lifting it into the air. Smiling down at her dazed opponent, she kicked the back of Michelle's knee, causing her to groan in pain. Feeling it wise to continue along those lines, Claire then slammed Michelle's leg back to the mat before jumping up and dropping a knee directly across Michelle's knee. The younger blonde began to roll away, clutching at her knee, but Claire refused to let up. Again, Claire zeroes in on the leg, spinning around it, cinching in a step over toe hold. She looks into Michelle's face, their eyes locking for a moment. Claire's eyes turn cold.

"Make a wish."

With the toe hold still locked in, Claire fell backward. Michelle screamed as her knee was wrenched from the fall. Again climbed to her feet and looked down at her foe. Michelle was in trouble. Claire had decided to work on her knee, take away her vertical base. It was hard to fight at all if you couldn't stand, much less use her quickness or strength. She had to think fast, or this match could be over very quickly.

The pain from her throbbing knee was sending her nervous system exploding; thoughts nothing but blurry malformed images, but one came washing through, escape. Michelle claws at the mat trying to reach the outside and - perhaps - momentary safety, but Claire pulls her back to the middle of the ring, wrenching the joint further, Michelle screaming in torment.

"No, no, no, little sister, big sister is about to teach you the ways of the world," says Claire joyfully.

Claire drops an elbow on Michelle's temple, the blonde's silken-clad legs jerking up spasmodically, then dropping to stillness. Feeling Michelle is adequately grounded, Claire climbs a nearby turnbuckle with the grace of a feline, Michelle trying to push herself out of the way, but the wounded knee makes her attempt too little, too late, and Claire lands an acrobatic frog splash across Michelle's open midsection. The young blonde coughs violently and flops like a fish out of water, her corset barely hanging on to its cargo. Claire stands nearby, admiring her handiwork.

"You call me for another match when you grow up a little bit," Claire says, landing a kick to Michelle's already sore ribs, the Dawson's Creek star rolling to the side of the mat, clutching her side and whimpering. Claire lands another,

sending the petite actress rocketing under the ropes and out to the ring floor with an unceremonious thud. Claire strides around the ring triumphantly, Michelle struggling to her feet, limping in a pronounced fashion. She lays her elbows on the mat, her head bowed in exhaustion. Claire approaches, surely one figure-4 and a few seconds away from herfirst win.

The strawberry blonde reaches over the ropes to grab a handful of golden locks and bring Michelle in the hard way, but Michelle dives for Claire's right leg in anticipation and pulls it out from under her, sending Claire flopping to the mat. Michelle pulls with all her might, dragging Claire's frantically wriggling form toward the ringpost, maneuvering her legs in a 'V' around the reinforced steel.

Michelle now has a hold of both legs and is staring into Claire's bulging, but beautiful emerald eyes. She addresses her rival, as Claire waves her hands wildly in fear.

"What was it you said 'make a wish', well unlike the lyrics of the song, lil' sister IS gonna do what her big sister done." And with that, Michelle introduces Claire's crotch to some of Pittsburgh's finest, the winsome movie star groaning deeply from the direct assault on her womanhood, pain etched across every inch of her impeccable countenance. But Michelle was from done. Grabbing Claire's right leg, she throws it brusquely against the post, Claire screaming in

anguish, then the left receives similar treatment before it seems Michelle is finally satiated.

"At least, I've got one good leg," Michelle spits at Claire, as she rolls gingerly back in the ring, ready to continue her assault, now on more than equal footing.

Claire dragged herself back into the nearest corner, eyes half open, her knees in tremendous pain. Damn, this little brat was resilient! But she was in no shape to retaliate, and she knew it.

Unfortunately for Claire, Michelle knew it as well, and the blonde starlet followed her into the corner, still limping from the strawberry blonde's earlier assault. Using her good leg as her plant leg, she pressed her other foot into Claire's throat, both driving her head into the bottom turnbuckle and cutting off her air supply. With a wicked grin, Michelle eased the pressure off Claire's throat and lightly, teasingly slid her silk encased foot up Claire's neck and over her mouth and nose, pausing just a moment before reapplying the pressure. Claire's arms and legs jerked helplessly as she was suffocating under Michelle's exquisite instrument of destruction.

As Claire's struggles lessened, Michelle pulled her foot away from Claire's lovely face, and crouched before her nearly vanquished foe. She took a moment to admire the devastation: Claire's eyes closed, her chest heaving as she tried to reclaim some air in spite of her slender grip on consciousness. Gently gripping Claire's face by the chin and turning her head to face her, Michelle again smiled wickedly.

"Don't check out yet, Big Sis. The fun's just beginning."

Michelle took a minute to pull Claire up just slightly in the corner, tucking each arm over and around one of the ropes. She then backed all the way into the opposite corner, before charging back towards the helpless Danes. Her left knee

twinged with each step, but her mind was elsewhere now as she leaped into the air and grabbed hold of the top ropes as her lower body crashed into Claire's face and sternum. Using her grip on the top ropes, she continued to pump

herself against Claire, much to the delight of the majority of the fans at ringside, many of whom admired not only the spectacle below, but the one above as the busty blonde's corset strained against the movements of her breasts.

Allowing herself to fall away, Michelle watched as Claire again slumped in the corner. For all the world, Claire looked defeated, despite somehow managing to keep a grip on her consciousness. Deciding her previous attack on Claire was just so enjoyable the first time, it couldn't hurt to try it again. Dragging the sleeker beauty to her feet, Michelle whipped

Claire across the ring towards the opposite corner. Claire's back slammed hard into the far turnbuckle, and she again slumped to the mat. Taking just a second to acknowledge the fans, Michelle again took off running towards her fallen victim. Again, she threw herself into the air.

Unfortunately, Claire's harsh impact with the turnbuckle had served to rouse her from her near unconscious state soon enough to realize what her younger opponent was up to. Having waited until Michelle had committed to her jump, Claire rolled out of the corner, leaving nothing to between the steel ringpost and Michelle's groin.

The scream was piercing as Michelle fell backwards. In spite of her sheer agony, Michelle was suddenly aware that she had not hit the mat. Her legs, having gone between the ropes during her jump, where now entangled within them, and Michelle found herself suspended upside down.

Her predicament provided her with an image that was equal parts frightening and surreal. The canvas had become the ceiling, the crowd around ringside composing the floor. There was darkness below the head of her opponent as she slowly advancing on her adversary.

"Where can you run now, Lil Sis?" Claire Danes asked, staring down at her trapped opponent, trying to decide on her next move. Michelle had made a tremendous mistake abandoning her attack on Claire's knees. And now she was going to pay for it.

Claire closes in on the ensnared Michelle, the blonde struggling to no avail to free her legs, the pain emanating from her groin - unreal. Michelle sees the legs of Claire hobbling toward her, but in her upside-down world can locate nothing else. But Claire makes it easy on her victim, crouching low to fill Michelle's view, displaying her hand in the form of a claw and letting Michelle imagine the worst. The teenager - obviously doing just that - redoubles her efforts to escape, but too late, as Claire sinks her delicate fingers ever so indelicately into the white silk covering Michelle's groin, grinding and squeezing, as if kneading dough. Michelle screams in agony, as the blunt, throbbing pain from hitting the post becomes one of sharp stabs and scrapes, Claire giggling as she continues her unique massage.

Claire picks one of Michelle's garters between her fingers, pulling it back several inches before releasing the strap, leaving a little red welt on Michelle's milky inner thigh, but the little pin prick of pain did not measure to the waves from her crotch. It was more for Claire's benefit than anything, showing Michelle up for her choice in costume. But in another way, Michelle's choice was helping her. Her silk stockings, which began mid-thigh and trailed down finally encasing her tiny toes, were becoming slick with perspiration, giving her some movement, but not enough, as yet to free herself.

Claire casually lined up a knife-edge chop between Michelle's gorgeous gams, coming down once, twice, thrice, just barely touching the silk, each time Michelle grimacing in anticipation, only to have the gentlest touch on her undies. In this case, the fourth time was the charm, as Claire releases a karate blow that with its force, appears to be an attempt to split the buxom blonde up the middle, the rugged slap causing many in the crowd to reflexively "Wooo'. Michelle lets loose with a high-pitched cry, her hands desperately grasping at her womanhood.

"Awww, is Lil' Sis having that time of the month problems," Claire says, a devilish smile blossoming across her face.

Through the intense ache, Michelle can feel herself finally slipping free, but she waits until Claire closes in for another round of torture.

"OK, Miss Blondie, now this is where you say 'I give' or I keep mauling you until you pass out," Claire says, in a deadly serious tone. "It's totally up to you, I could go either way, and heck, maybe I will."

Claire laughs cruelly, but the humor is short-lived, as Michelle slips her toes from under the ropes and flips over, her feet striking the strawberry blonde in the chin, knocking her to the mat, while Michelle rolls into a ball, delicately pawing at her private parts. She tries to make it to her feet, but is stopped cold by the raging pain from between her legs. Desperately, she crawls toward the stunned Claire, but already her rival is on her knees, shaking her cobwebs loose. Michelle reaches for one of Claire legs, but the movie starlet jumps to her feet and away, escaping her grasp.

Claire now circles Michelle, who has managed to make her way to a seated position in the middle of the ring, her hands still clinging tightly in defense of her nether region. She had escaped her predicament in the corner, but to what end. As Claire circles, Michelle's tight derriere skids along the mat, rotating to keep Claire in front of her, the blonde's breasts heaving as she breaths in deeply, her hair dripping into the cleft of her bosom, a line of sweat moistening the corset from breasts to navel, where the beads reappear before disappearing once again into her panties.

Claire seems mesmerized by the sight of Michelle, as she encircles the nubile ingenue. She was a tough little wench, but it was only a matter of time before she left an opening and...there it was. Claire throws her leg at Michelle's chin, sure she doesn't have enough left to respond.

Michelle's arm moves upward in an attempt to block Claire's leg, but the movement is just a fraction too late. Her arm takes some of the blow's force, but it still connects with enough power to send Michelle sprawling to the mat, lying face down.

Claire resumed her circular route around the fallen starlet, waiting for Michelle to make a move. Slowly, the blonde started to fight her way off the mat. As Michelle reached all fours, Claire let loose a wicked laugh and even more wicked kick to the stomach, dropping Michelle back to the mat, coughing and sputtering. Michelle rolled over onto her back, needing to regroup, needing simply to breath. Her blonde hair pooled around her angelic face, and this was not lost on Claire. She approached Michelle, stood straddling Michelle's head facing toward her opponent's feet, taking special care to be sure that each foot was standing on several strands of the poor girl's hair. Reaching down, Claire gripped Michelle's arms by the wrists and yanked her upward.

Michelle screamed as it felt her hair was being ripped from her scalp, while all the while Claire continued to smile down at her foe. Tiring of this game, Claire released Michelle's arms, allowing her to slam back to the mat. But while she may have tired of that particular game, there were still plenty more to play.

"So, you were fantasizing about little ol' me while humiliating Eliza, were you?" Claire said coyly as she began to gyrate her hips seductively, slowly-painfully slow for much of the audience-began to lower her beautiful rear end onto Michelle's terrified face. "Well, that much you won't get to experience." Claire's womanhood was now mere centimeters from Michelle's mouth and nostrils. "But I am feeling gracious enough to grant you something of an intimate encounter with the girl of your dreams." And with that, Claire's journey downward came to an end, and Michelle's desperate need for oxygen began.

As Michelle's arms and legs flailed uselessly, Claire began to rock back and forth on her opponent's face, moaning in pleasure as she did so, the slight friction of Michelle's face against the fabric of her one piece proving quite exhilarating. Almost absently, Claire's hands caressed their way down Michelle's chest, and her fingers intertwined with the lacings of Michelle's corset. It didn't take a rocket scientist to work out Claire's intentions, and soon much of the corset was undone, allowing both Claire and the audience an exquisite view of Michelle's exquisite breasts.

Gripping each nipple gently but firmly, Claire began to twist and tug. Each effort became more forceful than the last, causing Michelle's limbs to spasm with an even greater urgency. Michelle knew that if she didn't act soon, the end was very near. She'd either pass out from the oxygen deprivation or submit from Claire's expert breast torture. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and Michelle was up to the task.

Suddenly Claire was the one screaming. No one had the first idea why until she rolled off her almost finished opponent, desperately massaging her crotch. Michelle had used her only weapons available to her at the time: her teeth, and the effects were devastating.

Both women were now helpless on the mat: Michelle nearly motionless, save the heaving of her now exposed bosom as she tried to reclaim some air into her lungs, Claire rolling on the mat in utter torment. Slowly, Michelle began to pull herself into a sitting position, and then gingerly to her feet. Claire still writhed on the mat, eyes clinched shut, oblivious to her rival's recovery. Michelle took a moment to glare down at her opponent, relishing in the thought that payback would be sweet...

Staring down at Claire in disgust, Michelle spit the slight taste of the slender beauty out of her mouth. Anything, in any way, that was the name of the game when trying to survive, and it was clear this match was becoming just that, a test of survival. Michelle lowers to her knees, straddling Claire closely at mid-thigh, keeping her wriggling to a minimum. Still, Claire pulls a hand away from her tender crotch long enough to paintbrush Michelle across the cheek, her face flushes from the strike, but little else is accomplished, save to make the busty blonde more angry and focused.

Using the cutout in Claire's suit as a bullseye, Michelle interlocks her fingers and lands an ax-handle blow to Claire's trim, taut belly, the blow causing the strawberry blonde to sit up reflexively, her lips formed into a silent 'O'. However, Michelle quickly puts her back down to the canvas with a stiff right cross to the chin, the young blonde grabbing her hand in pain after connecting, Claire looking up at Michelle glassy-eyed, her head finally coming to rest after lightly swaying for a second or two.

Michelle leans over Claire's prone form, now parallel and about a foot above her antagonist, her delectable milky breasts freed to the world and quickly closing on Claire's fearful gaze.

"I can understand why you'd want to see these," Michelle says, cradling her tits from underneath, as she descends upon the dazed Claire, the desperation in her eyes poking through the glaze as the fleshy globes make an initial light touch on her cheekbones. "Let's face it, you'll never have anything close, so out of the goodness of my heart, I'm going to share."

Michelle lowers the rest of the way onto Claire's body, cupping her breasts together, as she buries Claire's face in the malleable flesh, making sure there will be no chance of gaining any airway. Michelle fights Claire's gentle bucking, her legs grapevined around the starlet's lithe body, the gentle suckle of Claire's futile inhalation fiercely stimulating her, nipples extending to Claire's eyelids, their fluttering further feeding Michelle's pleasure.

Claire would be out within moments - Michelle was sure - but she wanted something out of her first and slowly she withdraws from Claire's gorgeous features, her dazzling green eyes, half-lidded, Michelle's salty goodness dripping off her bosom onto Claire's reddened cheeks.

"I could take you out right here, right now, but I want to hear you say it." Claire groggily shifts her head, but there is no response. "I know you can understand me bitch, say that Lil' Sis kicked your ass. SUBMIT!"

Claire shakes her head weakly, a whispered 'no' escaping her lips. Furious, Michelle snatches Claire by the neck and forces her head to nod. She turns to an official ringside, "She submitted, that's it, the loser gave up." But the CWC II official laughs, shaking his head.

Worth a try, Michelle thought, smiling herself at the rather obvious ploy, as she undoes one of the snaps of her garter, slowly, seductively rolling the stocking down over her sleek, ivory skin, dramatically pulling it off her toes and pulling it wide between outstretched arms.

The young blonde sits on the mat next to her victim, reaching over she sits Claire on top of her; the back of her head resting on her chest, Claire's back in her lap, the luscious legs stretched out before her, limp and lifeless. Michelle gives the strawberry blonde a playful pat on the head before placing her readymade weapon loosely around Claire's neck, the silk brushing softly against her neck, the softness soon to be transformed into an effective weapon with but a shift of Michelle's arms.

"Now tell me what I want to hear." Receiving no response, Michelle rocks back bringing Claire with her before planting herself back to the canvas rocking the classic beauty with a monster butt bump, the blonde trying to shake Claire back to full consciousness.

Again she demands, "Tell me what I want to hear."

Claire, recovering her senses, bellows her response "GO TO HELL!"

"You first," Michelle says nonchalantly and pulls the stocking tight, but before she can finish the job, Claire slips her arms up and underneath blocking the constriction, she swings her head up and back, butting Michelle's nose, a trickle of blood instantly dripping from her left nostril. Michelle reflexively grabs her nose, releasing the stocking to Claire's control. Claire spins on Michelle, gluing her to the mat in a full body pin, rage evident in her sparkling emerald pools.

Claire smiled haughtily down at Michelle, almost laughing at her opponent's efforts to wriggle free. "You never learn, do you, Lil Sis? Never ease up when the advantage is yours."

With that, she drove her own forehead back into the bridge of Michelle's nose again, more blood spurting from Michelle as she yelped.

Sitting up, Claire quickly wrapped an end the stocking-the one that had just been around Michelle's shapely leg-around each hand, and then wrapped it around Michelle's neck, pulling tightly. Michelle's lovely eyes bulged, her legs thrashing, her arms swiping at Claire, who refused to allow her any escape. There seemed a certain poetic justice involved here, Claire mused to herself, considering that Michelle's own weapon was helping to bring about her defeat.

Climbing to her feet, Claire used the stocking to pull a gagging Michelle up with her. Michelle dug her fingernails into Claire's arms, in an attempt to break free, and Claire was at least grimacing in pain. But she wasn't loosening her grip. Not yet. And Claire knew she couldn't keep it up much longer at this rate. She looked ahead of her, and saw the ropes. The most wicked of ideas was beginning to form in her mind. She took just a second to adjust her grip on one end of the stocking before grinning a cruel grin at her asphyxiating foe.

Claire starting running towards the ropes, Michelle in tow. As she neared them, though, Claire took both ends of the stocking in one hand, planted the other on Michelle's back, and used that hand to push her into-and then over-the top rope. With lightening quickness, Claire again gained a two-handed grip on the stocking as Michelle danged from ringside.

Her legs kicked, her feet at least a foot above the concrete floor. Rasping now, face turning blue, hands frantically tugging at the stocking in an attempt to loosen the noose, she couldn't begin to help wondering in a tiny corner of her mind whether more than just this match was about to come to an end.

Suddenly, Michelle felt herself falling. For a split second, she thought it a side effect of the blood and oxygen flow being restricted to her brain. However, that thought was erased by her impact with an unforgiving concrete floor. Michelle lay on her stomach, unmoving.

Claire gazed down at the mass of flesh on the floor at ringside, quite pleased with herself. The youngster had shown some spunk, but Claire had weathered it all. She took a second to wave to the fans before ducking between the ropes, deciding to get a better view of her prey from the ring apron.

Michelle had still yet to move, and Claire was beginning to wonder whether in fact she would start moving anytime soon. The referee began a ten count, but Claire savagely turned on him. "Don't you even think about counted her out! I'm going to decide this match, not you!"

Michelle could hear voices above her, but she was having a great deal of difficulty interpreting what they were saying. Finally, her limbs started to respond to her mental commands, and she begun to get back to her hands and knees...

Just what Claire had been waiting for. With a triumphant yell, she jumped from the ring apron and drove her knee into the back of Michelle's head, sending her crashing face first into the floor. Michelle's limbs spasmed once at her sides before going still.

Getting to her knees beside her victim, Claire rolled Michelle's body over. Her lower lip was now cut open, in addition to the bit of blood still trickling from her nose. Her eyes were closed. She appeared to be completely out...

"Have you learned your lesson yet, Lil Sis?" Claire asked, and paused as if Michelle was actually capable of vocalizing an answer. "No? Well, then, I guess we get to continue. For me, this is what I like to call play time. I call it play, some people call it torture, to me it's the same difference. The important part is, there's not one damn thing you can do about it."

Michelle had still yet to stir. It seemed that Claire was absolutely correct...

Michelle was moving, but was unsure how, her mind filled with odd images of light and sound, everything disconnected. Where was she? WHO was she? How was she moving when the few brain cells that were firing told her that her legs weren't moving. As her mind struggles to regain some semblance of awareness, the pain returns with it, shockwaves from every part of her body, her face a bloody mess.

Claire looks with satisfaction on her handiwork, the strawberry blonde carrying Michelle around the ring so others can enjoy the pathetic heap that was now Michelle, her considerable bosom bobbing freely with every step. With Claire's parade finally over, she throws Michelle under the bottom rope and back into the ring, the blonde exhausted, confused, and beaten.

As Claire casually walks up the ringsteps, Michelle rolls on to her chest and desperately claws at the mat, crawling feebly in a direction, she knew not which, but in fact was directly toward her tormentor.

Claire looks down at Michelle with utter disdain. She drops to the mat getting her face directly in the young blonde's.

"So you wanted to ride the star, did you? Well, this star burns way too bright for the likes of you."

"Stop, please." Michelle whispers, a line of spittle - stained pink - rolling out of the corner of her mouth.

"Sorry lil' sis, I can't - no, I won't - hear you. You, dear girl, are going bye-bye."

Claire rolls Michelle over on her back, straddling her at the waist, Michelle's arms swatting at Claire ineffectually, a quick knee to the gut putting an end to her hopeless effort.

"Now you're going to learn why they call goddesses like me your betters."

Michelle lay helpless to Claire's whim, the only concept clear in her jumbled thoughts; what more could she do? Michelle was about to find out.

Slowly, reveling in her complete victory, Claire finished unlacing Michelle's corset and swiftly removed the garment from consideration. Michelle's ample breasts stood proud, a stark contrast to the shattered form of the rest of her body. Smirking down at each mound, Claire decided to have some fun. She lowered her face towards Michelle's right breast, at the same time her left leg slid between Michelle's. Gently, she gripped Michelle's nipple with her teeth, expertly massaging the captive tip with her tongue.

In spite of her condition, Michelle found herself suppressing moans of pleasure. Claire certainly knew what she was doing, and waves of delight were beginning to unify the fractured world of Michelle's reality. At least, until she felt Claire teeth pinch sharply into her sensitive flesh. She screamed in utter torment, a torment and a scream that were both intensified when Claire's knee rammed upward into Michelle's unprotected womanhood.

Claire rose to her feet as Michelle rolled over onto her stomach, hands massaging her groin, feet kicking the mat in a futile attempt to ease her pain. Claire crouched behind her vanquished foe, and continued her efforts to render Michelle as nude as possible. She unhooked the younger starlet's one remaining stocking, quickly rolling it down her leg and off her foot. Holding it aloft, she pointed out towards one side of the ring and hurled the stocking into a sea of grasping hands.

All that was left were the panties, and Claire wasted no time in their removal. This time, she turned to the opposite side of the ring, and again flung the garment out towards anyone looking for a souvenir. More than a few people seemed interested.

She turned back to Michelle, who had hardly moved at all. She may be naked, but with her lying face down on the mat, she wasn't giving the audience much of a show. Claire bent down, and pulled Michelle up by her hair, hoisting her to her feet. Claire's grip on her hair was the only thing keeping her upright, and Claire knew it. She took her time, turning Michelle, allowing every portion of the crowd to see the beautiful young starlet and her utter destruction. Finally, content that the world had seen enough, Claire released Michelle's hair, and the blonde dropped to her knees.

"A worthy position for you, Lil Sis," Claire mused, noting the vacant look in her opponent's eyes. Without warning, she then drove her knee into Michelle's battered face, causing a new stream of blood to trickle from her nose as she toppled to the mat.

She straddled Michelle's motionless form, and methodically crawled her way up the starlet's body, before hovering centimeters above Michelle's face. There would be no biting this time. As if the question even needed to be asked, Claire gave her foe an opportunity anyway. "Do you submit, Lil Sis?"

Michelle, her eyes closed, her voice trembling, tried her best to respond through the pain. "Y...yes..."

Claire raised an eyebrow, cocking her head to one side. "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

Michelle tried to raise her voice, and succeeded in a shout that could be heard at least a couple rows back into the crowd. "Yes! I give..."

'Too bad," Claire said with a taunting laugh. "You wanted a submission or a knockout, but how about a submission AND a knockout? Take notes, Lil Sis. THIS is how you ride someone."

And with that, Claire lowered herself the rest of the way onto Michelle's humiliated face. Back and forth Claire rocked, grinding herself harder and harder each time, Michelle now past the point of even token resistance. Claire's soft moans were growing louder, then turning to gasps, and finally screams. Arching her back, forcing herself down on Michelle with all her might, Claire exploded in orgasm, juices seeping through her one piece and onto Michelle's face.

Claire rolled off her defeated adversary, collapsing to the mat in an exhausted heap. She took a moment to look over at Michelle. The blonde bombshell, by this point, was totally oblivious to the world. "Anytime you want another helping, Lil Sis," she whispered, "I'll be ready."