This Time We Cat! Tanya Danielle vs. Devin DeRay by kit

Adult video models Tanya Danielle and Devin DeRay were engaged in a heated dispute over who was better than who, and for the last seven nights they had been fuck fighting each other to no avail.

"Hey, slut," said Devin over the phone the next afternoon, "you ready to put that weak, blond pussy up against mine tonight?"

"You're pussy hasn't shown my pussy anything, slut," snapped Tanya, remembering their six hour fuck fight the night before that ended in a draw.

"Oh I think it has, slut," spat Devin, thinking about how hard they'd been fucking this week.

"I think we need to find another way of settling this. I think we need to get into a down and dirty nasty catfight with each other. I think that's the only we we're gonna find out who's better," suggested Tanya.

"That's fine with me," purred Devin, having thought the same thing.

It was agreed that they'd catfight it out over at Tanya's that night, and that a winner could only be determined if the loser verbally submitted. They agreed that one must submit verbally and acknowledge the other as her superior.

Their trouble had started a week ago when they had a lesbian scene together in a film. Things just didn't go right as they both wanted to be the dominate one. But being the professionals that they were, they struggled thru the set and agreed to meet later and settle matters privately.

But settling matters had become more difficult than they had thought as each had a body built for fucking, and they were both absolutely fanstatic in the bed. Their first night had been a draw. Tanya won the next night, but Devin insisted on a rematch, and she won the next night. She also won the following night, and it was then Tanya's turn to demand a rematch, and the blonde won. With two wins apiece and a draw, it was becoming clear that they couldn't defeat each other sexually as the following two nights had ended in long draws.

At 9 PM, Devin showed up at Tanya's home, and neither spoke until they had reached the bedroom in which they'd catfight to a clear and definate finish. The site was Tanya's catfight room. She'd fought lots of fellow porn stars and rivals, and the place was prepard for battle. There were no sharp objects or incumbersome furniture. In one section of the room on the floor was a kingsize matters shoved against the corner. Along the other wall was a long, soft, black velvet sofa, and the black carpet over the floor was thick and plush. The walls were painted slut-red, and the red, silk sheet covering the mattress made the place look sinful.

Devin removed her wrap-around skirt, leaving her in a blue, lace bra and matching French panties. Tanya, decked in a leopard print bra and thong stepped up to face her. "Are you sure you're ready to catfight me? Are you sure you're ready to go tooth an' nail and claw it out with me?" she asked, going bra to bra with the raven fox.

With hands on hips and staring very confidently into the blonde's eyes, she said, "Yeah, I don't see what the big deal about that is. If you catfight anything like you fuck, I should be alright."

Tanya raised an eyebrow as they nudged their bras together and firmly started rolling their breasts around. For a few minutes Tanya and Devin stood with their hands cocked on their hips as they shoved their breasts around on each other. Tanya was extremely jealous of Devin's larger breasts as Devin envied Tanya's lovely blond hair.

"You may not know what you're gettin' into, bitch," snarled Tanya, her nipples now tight and full.

"Oh, I think I do, slut," answered Devin, her nipples also swollen and hard.

The two continued to rub bras for a few more seconds.

Tanya glared into Devin's eyes. "Are you sure you're ready to scratch and claw and settle this once and for all?"

Devin smirked and answered her by running her arms around her back.

"I'm gonna crush your fuckin' ribs," snarled Tanya, wrapping up with the raven hardbody. But it was the blonde making the first moan as Devin was the one doing the crushing. Her massive boobs overpowered the blonde's big chest, forcing her leapord-print bra to slide down and expose her enormous pink areolas.

"Uuuuummm," moaned Tanya as her tits spilled out. The two porn divas then filled their hands with the other's long tresses and pulled. They both winced as their heads stretched back and their boobs crushed together.

"I'm gonna tear all this blond shit out," promised Devin, finally getting to sink her jealous hands in Tanya's hair but Tanya just winced as they both leaned over and pulled very, very hard. For several minutes Tanya and Devin pulled hair with each other. Chest-to-chest they'd stand and pull or lean over and tug. Their legs would sometimes entertwine around the knees to keep from going to the floor as they tugged each other over and twisted.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" yelped Tanya, her back arching and her knees bending.

Devin let go, and the two stepped back. "Had enough, bitch?" she asked, smirking as Tanya rubbed her head.

Tanya shook out her hair, saying, "This isn't over, bitch!" Devin stepped forward and reached for Tanya's bra. The blonde jumped back a step but then went for Devin's bra also. The two called each other a few names as they yanked and jerked until they had torn each other topless. "Oouuch!" barked Tanya when Devin slapped her across the tits. She stepped in and unleashed her own SLAP at Devin's breasts, but the raven beauty stepped back and as her hand whistled harmlessly past her breasts, she lashed out with another SMACK that knocked the blonde's tits into each other.

"OWW!" moaned Tanya, backing up and rubbing.

"What's the matter, cunt? Can't take it?" asked Devin, taunting her.

Tanya glared at her. So far things hadn't been going her way. "Oh, I can take it, bitch," Tanya said, reaching for Devin's breast. "Can you?" Devin winced as the blonde latched on to her tits. Devin grabbed back, and together they squeezed. "Uuummm...shit," swore Tanya as her tits were shoved together. Devin gritted her teeth, but had to swear when Tanya pinched her nipple. The two busty babes continued with their squeezing as they staggered around in a circle moaning and groaning. "Ow! Fuuuck!" yelped the blonde, knocking Devin's hands off her tits and backing up. For a few seconds Tanya and Devin stared at each other as they both rubbed the feeling back into their tits. "Oh, I hate you," snarled Tanya, ready to resume.

"You're the one that wanted to get down an' dirty, bitch," reminded Devin, reaching out for the blonde's approaching chest. They both went for each other's rotund areolas. Devin's dark brown areolas were slightly larger than Tanya's pretty pink ones. But both girls had nice, round areolas with hard little nipples, good for sucking, and excellent for pinching.

"I'm gonna twist these brown fucks off," Tanya threatened, twisting Devin's wonderful areolas.

"You'll lose your pink fucks first, slut," promised Devin, pinching the blonde's beautiful areolas. Leaning into each other now, Tanya and Devin took each other to her toes as they pinched the shit out of one another. Around and around they twisted areolas as they threw back their heads and tried to keep from howling.

" b-i-t-c-h," groaned Tanya, her nipples turning blue.

Devin's nipples were on fire. "Fuck you!"

Buckling into each other, Tanya and Devin put their thumbnails into the other.

"Ooowww!" wailed Devin, almost going to her knees as she pushed the blonde away.

This time there was no pause in the action. Tanya was mad and eager to put the bitch down. Stepping forward, she slapped Devin across the check and knocked her to a knee.

"You cheap fuck," growled Tanya, grabbing the top of Devin's hair. "You're gonna pay."

Devin winced as she was yanked up and into another slap across her other cheek that put her back to a knee.

"Bitch!" shouted Tanya. "Stand up an' fight!" Yanking Devin up by the hair again, she turned behind her and grabbed her blue, lace panties, then hiked it up the crack of her ass. Devin wailed out as her long, brown crack filled with lace and her hair was jerked on. Tanya cussed as she shoved Devin chest-first against the wall and kneed her in the ass.

"Uuugghh!" grunted the dark beauty as her buttocks jiggled with the blow.

Putting her kneecap into the small of Devin's back, Tanya twisted her hands into the long, black hair and pulled Devin into a bow.

"Oooowww!" howled Devin, arched and trying to get herself off the wall.

"Give it up, bitch," demanded Tanya. "I'll tear it all out!"

"Ooww! Lee' ggoo!" she shouted, pushing herself off the wall and slinging an elbow into the blonde's ribs.

Tanya grunted and let go. The blonde moved back as Devin turned around with her fists clinched and eager for revenge. Tanya saw the fist, but didn't react fast enough as Devin slugged her across the jaw. Tanya reeled sideways, but caught herself in time to block Devin's next punch and counter with one of her own across the jaw. Devin stepped back, and then forward as she and Tanya started fist fighting.

A left to Tanya's jaw. A right to Devin's chin. Another left to Tanya's jaw, and a left to Devin's jaw. A miss by Devin, but an uppercut by Tanya that rocked Devin to the core and sent her right down on her backside. Tanya stumbled back, shaking out her cobwebs as Devin lay motionless on the floor. Tanya knew she'd knocked her out, and any other time the fight would be over. But since they'd agreed to a verbal submission, she'd have to make Devin say 'uncle'.

Three or four minutes passed before Devin was able to stir and remember where she was and what was going on. Tanya had used the time to rest and collect herself as she felt Devin probably wouldn't just give up.

"You ready to give, bitch?" she asked anyway as Devin came too better.

Devin wasn't about to give it up. This wasn't her first time around the block and it probably wouldn't be her last. She knew she was in the catfight of her life, but she also wasn't going to give in that easily when she still had some revenge to dish out.

"You're tough...I'll give you that," she said, slowly getting up. "But I conceed nothin' yet."

"You will, bitch," said Tanya. "I promise you that."

"You just got lucky, slut," said Devin. "It won't happen again...and I promise you that."

Tanya gave Devin the chance to catch her breath and clear her head good. She wanted to win, but she also wanted the satisfaction of whipping Devin fair and square and beating her down. "Anytime you're ready, slut."

"Okay, bitch," said Devin, back to speed. "Let's go." Extending out her hands, Devin challenged Tanya to a test of strength, in which Tanya accepted. Lacing up their long fingers with each other, Tanya and Devin put their nails into the back of the other's hand and snarled at one another.

"I think you should know that all week I've been wantin' to have a catfight with you," said Devin as they shoved into each other.

"Well I'm glad. I think we're gonna find out this way who's better," said Tanya as their tits mashed together. Although their boobs were still a little tender, both welcomed the chance to let their tits catfight together as their arms dropped to their sides but their hands and fingers still wrang on each other.

"My tits are bigger, bitch,'' taunted Devin, looking down at them.

"Well my nipples are harder, bitch," stated Tanya, watching their tits get into it.

For several minutes, Tanya and Devin let their tits tangle as they traded fingernails to the backside of each other's hands. Up and down their giant tits rubbed and rolled as their nipples sometimes met and inverted each other. Back and forth went the firm white melons of Tanya's against the hard, brown jugs of Devin's. Tanya's stiff pink nipples and Devin's tart, brown nipples slashed and cut across one another as their tits pressed fully and completely and oozed out their sides.

"Uuuummm," moaned Tanya in her throat as Devin's nipples turned her's into her areolas. The raven hardbody also turned over blonde's wrists, forcing her to wince and drop to a knee.

"All the way back, bitch," demanded Devin from above, and nearly breaking the blonde's wrists. Tanya had no choice but to lay down on her back and let the brown-skinned fox straddle her.

"You look best on your ass under me, slut," teased Devin, leaning over and dropping her tits on Tanya's tits.

"Uuummm," moaned Tanya as her tits came under attack from Devin's tits.

For nearly ten minutes Devin went nipple-to-nipple with the blonde, showing her who's tits were actually the best and taunting her all along.

"' off me, you pig," moaned Tanya, her tits forced over her ribs.

"Are you submittin', slut?" asked Devin, knowing she wasn't though.

Tanya shook her head. "Hell no. Just le' me up and let's catfight."

Devin liked the sound of that. "Okay, but only if we pull hair, bitch."

"Fine, whatever...just le' me up, bitch," agreed the blonde beauty.

Having used her tits to soundly whip Tanya's tits, Devin was ready to tear out some of her hair. Tanya was just glad to get up, and pulling hair with Devin suited her just fine. Devin got up and stepped back, but once the blonde was to her feet, Devin lunged in and they both grabbed duel fists of hair and started shouting.





Unlike their previous hair fight, this hair fight was much wilder as they braced their knees and shook each other's brains out.

"Oooww!" cried Devin, now slinging Tanya in a circle.

"Oouuch!" Tanya screamed, jerking Devin around with her.

"Oooww!" Devin cried again, and adding a slap along with the hair pulling.


It was a nice, clean crack across Tanya's cheek. The blonde stumbled towards the mattress on the floor and pulled the ravin beauty down with her. Together they bounced and then tried to roll on top of each other.

"Bitch!" shouted Tanya, rolling on top.

"Cunt!" cried Devin, yanking her off by the hair.

Devin rolled on top, but Tanya jerked her off by the hair and they rolled back and forth pulling hair and trying to get their legs scissored around the other's waist. They both had firm, toned legs, and they each knew the effect of a good leg scissor.

"Oooooowwww!!" screamed Tanya, pulled and bucked off as Devin tore out a wad of her hair from the back.

Having Tanya's loose hair in her hand was like a trophy, and it encouraged her to go for more.

"I'm gonna pluck you bald, bitch," said Devin, rolling on top of the blonde as they both tore at each other's hair.

But rolling on top of Tanya turned out to be a big mistake as this time the blonde brickhouse managed to snare the raven hardbody between her luscious legs.

"Oooh, ggaawd," grunted Devin as she immediately felt the effects of Tanya's muscular thighs clamp around her little waist.

"That's right, bitch," snarled Tanya, pulling Devin's hair and flexing with her legs. "Now I'll crush your guts out."

Devin fell over sideways and quickly went to work slapping and scratching at Tanya's thighs. The blonde gritted her teeth and made Devin pay as she buried a set of fingernails into her right tit and pulled on the top of her hair.

"Uuuunngggg! Uuuuunnnngggg!" grunted and groaned the chocolate bunny as her ribs were now cracking and her tittie getting twisted.

"Give it up, bitch," huffed Tanya, trying to hold on and snap Devin in two.

"Uuuuggghhh! Never!" wailed Devin, ripping ten nails thru Tanya's thigh.

Tanya screamed and had to let go. Devin rolled out and onto her back, but Tanya didn't stop as she now mounted her waist and took her by the nipples.

Devin cried out but went for Tanya's tits too as both grabbed all the tit they could and squeezed. Twisting and turning and digging, Tanya and Devin were indeed locked in the catfight of their lives. Tanya's slut-red nails and Devin's clear coated nails gathered in tit flesh as they both tried to scratch off the other's beautiful big breasts.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" cried Tanya.

"Sssshhhhit!" Devin screamed.

Grabbing each other by the nipples, Tanya stretched out Devin's tits as Devin pulled downward Tanya's tits. Five. Ten. Fifteen. Twenty. Thirty. Fourty. Fourty-five seconds they held breathless and without screaming as they pinched like hell on each other.

"Oooooowwww! Leeee' gggggooo!" Tanya the first to wail. Devin let go, and Tanya fell away from her. They both rolled over and away from each other, holding their pulsating tits and softly weeping. For almost ten minutes the two busty divas wept and nursed their tits back into shape.

" bitch," spoke Tanya first as she sat up on the mattress. "Look what you did to my tits."

"Me? Look what you did to me, bitch," fired Devin, sitting up and cuddling her massive mammories. Both sets of tits were splotched with red welts and long lines. Their areolas were bruised and swollen and oblong and their nipples were puffed and saggy.

"Bitch," said Tanya. "You're gonna pay for this, and pay hard."

"Bitch," responded Devin, rolling off the mattress and to her feet. "I'm not scared of you. Get up and let's end it."

"Ha! You wanna fist fight me?" asked Tanya, more than willing to trade blows.

"Well c'm on, then. Let's go, cunt," said Devin, clinching her fists. Tanya put up her fists and they came together swinging. Devin was a pretty good fist fighter, but Tanya was better, and she quickly clipped her across the chin with a sharp hook. Devin's hair flew around her face and she kicked out her foot in defense.

"Oooww!" wailed Devin when her toes hit Tanya's shin.

Then Tanya busted Devin across the mouth and sent her reeling back across the room.

"You stupid cunt," said Tanya, going on the attack. "You can't fight me!"

Devin righted herself just in time. Ducking Tanya's swing, Devin rose up and snapped out a jab that bloodied the blonde's nose. Tanya's head popped back, but she dropped Devin like a bad habit as she tagged her across the jaw and sent her to the floor.

" nose," squealed Tanya, covering it with her hands as Devin lay still on the floor, her lips puffed and glossy. Tanya had knocked Devin out again, but not without a price as her nose was bleeding pretty heavily. Tanya now went to the bathroom as Devin lay on the floor in a fog. It took the porn divas twenty minutes to collect their breaths and gather their senses, in which time neither was willing to submit or concede anything.

"Well, bitch?" asked Tanya, her hands on her hips.

"Well what, bitch?" asked Devin, hand on hips also.

"Are you ready to finish it?" asked Tanya, stepping forward.

"I'm ready, slut," answered Devin, stepping to meet her.

Getting face-to-face, Tanya and Devin put their tits together and looked into the other's eyes. So far it had been quite a catfight, and there was no reason to think it wouldn't remain that way.

For about a minute, neither spoke as they let their looks and snarles do all the talking, and even though their tits and nipples were sore and aching, it didn't stop them from slowly rubbing them together.

"Fuckin' bitch," whispered Tanya, staring deep into Devin's eyes.

"Miserable slut," Devin whispered back as their nipples started to grow hard and perky.

Pressing their tits harder together, Tanya and Devin ran their arms around each other and drew in tight.

"Uuummm," moaned Devin as Tanya's muscles squeezed against her ribs. The two lay their head on the other's shoulder and started to squeeze even harder. Their muscles flexed and their boobs mushroomed under their chins. Their four nipples were now catfighting deep within the hidden flesh of their swollen areolas. "Uummph," groaned Devin as both her nipples were bent back.

Tanya flexed, and she trapped Devin's left breast in her own deep cleavage. Devin moaned again as her captured tit was smothered and her right tit forced out over her ribs. The blonde flexed her chest, making her tits squeeze the pinned tit and bringing another groan from her rival's throat.

"Ouch," winced Tanya as Devin pulled back on a handful of her hair. "Bitch," she whispered, grabbing a fist of Devin's long, raven tresses and tugging.

"Oow," Devin moaned as her head stretched back. "Oh, you bitch," she moaned, adding a second hand in Tanya's hair.

"Uum," muttered the blonde, both of her hands now in the back of Devin's hair.

The two busty beauties now stretched and pulled very hard on the back of each other's hair. They closed their eyes and gritted their teeth as their knees started to bend and buckle from the intense pulling.

"Ow, ow, ow!" winced Devin sharply. "Le' go, le' go."

"Not until you give," huffed Tanya.

Devin then grabbed the waistband of Tanya's thong.

"Uuuuummmm!" barked the blonde as her ass was parted.

Tanya then took Devin to her toes as she gave her a wedgie also.

"Ooooohhh!" wailed the raven hard body as her cheeks were split.

For a few more seconds, both kept pulling on a hand of hair and thong alike.

"Okay, okay," grunted Devin, letting go.

Tanya let go, but gave Devin a quick, stinging slap across the face.

"Ouch! Bitch," said Devin, stepping back and holding her cheek.

"Well, bitch?" asked Tanya. "Do you give up now?"

"Fuck you, bitch," said Devin. "How dare you slap me on a break."

"I asked you a question, slut," said Tanya.

"Hell no," spat Devin. "I'll never give up to you, you blond slut."

"Oh really, slut?" asked Tanya, cocking her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, really, bitch," said Devin, hands on her hips also.

Tanya moved forward as did Devin.

"Ya know, I'm gettin' pretty sick of all your shit, slut," said Tanya, as they were chest-to-chest again.

"Yeah, well I'm sick of your shit too, you cunt," said Devin, crossing her nipples with the blonde's nipples.

Tanya grabbed the front waistband of Devin lace panties. "Take these off, bitch, and let's really get down to endin' it."

"That's fine with me, bitch," agreed Devin, running her hand to the blonde's thong. "And why don't we end it on the bed?"

Tanya nodded, and they both stepped back and peeled down nude.

"Let's end it, bitch," said Tanya, on her knees with Devin and going for her hair.

Both girls filled their hands with hair and quickly threw each other to the mattress. Their legs locked and unlocked multiple times as they tore at each other's hair and rolled tit-to-tit.

"Uuunngg...bitch," groaned Tanya on her back as Devin straddled over her.

"Slut!" shouted Devin, giving Tanya's cheek a taste of her palm.


Devin then sank her fingernails into Tanya's tits and twisted. The blonde howled in agoney but pulled and bucked Devin off by the hair. As Tanya now tried to roll and mount Devin, the raven hardbody yanked on fist of her blond hair and tore it out.

"Oooowww!" cried Tanya, falling off to the side as Devin made her way back on top. Laying completely on top of Tanya, Devin's tits flattened out Tanya's tits as she grinded her pussy into the blonde's pussy. "' off," moaned Tanya, pulling on Devin's hair.

The two then rolled back and forth on the mattress a few times with their legs knotted and their tits pressing. Devin slapped Tanya's ass, and then ran her fingernails over it. Tanya winced loudly as they both pulled on a fist of hair and grabbed a handful of hot ass.

"Uuuunnnnn," moaned Tanya as Devin's sharp talons dug into sexy buttocks. Devin gritted her teeth as Tanya clawed at her butt. "Oooooowwww!!" cried Tanya, losing another handful of golden locks.

"You're not gonna be fuckin' hot without that hair, slut," said Devin, rolling on top and straddling Tanya.


Devin was slapped off as now Tanya rolled on top and straddled her.

"Bitch!" shouted the blonde, slapping Devin's face again.

"Oooowww!" cried Devin as Tanya twisted on her areolas.

"You won't be so hot without these fuckin' tits, bitch," Tanya said, stretching out the enormous areolas.

Devin sank her talons in Tanya's full, ripe melons. Tanya cried out, but raked her nails over Devin's tits. Devin now cried out, and they both did it again.

"Ooooowww!" screamed Devin, bucking Tanya to the side.

Quickly rolling up to their knees, Tanya and Devin swore as they grabbed a handful of hair and went for each other's pussy.

"Oooooowww!" cried Tanya as Devin's claws sank in.

"Fuuuuck!" swore Devin as her cunt lips were squeezed.

Keeping each other close by the hair, Tanya and Devin put their nails to work on the other's sex. Both screamed and fell over on the bed, still holding hair and cunt alike.

"Ooooowwww!!" howled Devin as Tanya ran her nails over her hump. But Tanya cried also as Devin pulled on her labia. "Uuuuuunnngggg!!" grunted Devin, feeling a finger go inside of her when Tanya raked her nail on the walls of Devin's cunt. "Oooooooooowwwww!!!" screamed Devin to the heavens.

"Fuuuuuuuuuck!!" swore the blonde as her sex was now invaded. Tanya and Devin quacked on the mattress as both ripped into each other. Up to the knuckle in cunt the busty babes ran their fingernail back and forth along each other's dripping pink walls.

"Oooooooo...leeeeee' gggggoooooo!!" screamed Devin.

"Oooooowwwwww!!" wailed Tanya who went for Devin's clit just as Devin slipped a second finger in her. Both bucked and went white-eyed as Tanya pinched and Devin scratched.

"Ooooooo...give it up!!!" cried Devin, scratching.

"Nnnoooo...yooouuu give!!!" Tanya screamed, pinching.

Then Devin went for Tanya's clit!

"Oooooowwww!!!" kicked the blonde.

"Uuuuuuunnnngggggg!!!" bucked the raven.

Twisting, turning, stretching and pinching, Tanya and Devin bounced on the mattress as they both tortured each other's pink, pointy clit.

"Oooohh! Oooohhh! Ooooohhh!" cried Devin, her clit burning.

"Give bitch! Give! Ooooowwww!!" demanded Tanya as her clit was blazing. Turning her hand into a claw, Tanya sank her fingernails into all the pussy she could and scratched as hard as she could.

"Oooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!" screamed Devin bloody murder as she erupted on the bed. Then Tanya plunged two fingers as far into Devin's pussy as she could and clawed at her deep.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggggg!!!! I GIVE!!!!!! I GIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Devin let go of Tanya's blond ass and quickly jerked Tanya's hand off her beaten pussy. Although in tears herself, Tanya had to stamp her victory over Devin, so she rolled over to straddle the beaten raven-tressed lovely. Flat on her back, and crying, Devin was forced to admit Tanya was the better woman and promise never to catfight her again.

Tanya kept Devin's lacey bra and panties as a trophy, hanging both proudly over the mirror in her bedroom. It had taken her nearly two hours to beat Devin, but by the end, Tanya had proven she was truly the better woman.