Darkfall #13, The Final Battle between Darkness and Light by The Walkin’ Dude

It had come down to this....five members of 'The Darkness':: Katie Holmes, Kristin Kreuk, Jessica Alba, Erica Durance and Jessica Biel...

...facing Fannin’s five All-Stars: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Neve Campbell, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Allison Mack and Ashley Scott.

At stake was control of Fannin's wrestling empire - and the very existence of the rebel group known as ‘The Darkness’! The two teams sat in separate dressing rooms awaiting the start of the match - neither aware what was going on with the other, but sharing the quiet tension that comes before a crucial match. Oddly, the two leaders Katie Holmes and Sarah Michelle Gellar had the same idea, to address and inspire their troops.
In the dim light of the Darkness locker room, Katie suddenly walked to the front of her group, the burst of movement catching the others attention. Katie's eyes were blazing with excitement and it was reflected in her voice. It betrayed no fear, no doubt, only eagerness and anticipation.

Speaking in a voice that was cold and cruel, she addressed her followers, "Sisters of the Darkness, Our Time Is Now! In a few short minutes we will begin the battle to achieve our ultimate goal, we will do what others have only dreamed of doing--we will take control of our destiny in this organization and run this promotion as our own!"

Katie studied the faces before her, Kristin's green eyes glittered; Erica was rubbing her hands together. Jessica Alba was smirking, but Jessica Biel was looking...bored?

"Something wrong, Biel? Is this too dull for you?" Katie asked sharply.

Biel shrugged, "I just want to get out there and start busting heads. I don't need any rah-rah to get me going."

Katie walked over and leaned in disturbingly close to Biel's face, "I think you need to be reminded what the Darkness is all about."

Jessica Biel involuntarily shuddered as Katie's eyes bored into her. She tried to placate the leader of the Darkness, "I understand what you mean, Katie."

"I don't think you do. You're a great wrestler, Jessica--you proved that destroying Loken--but you were never a real headliner under Fannin - the fans didn't really respect you - DID THEY?"

Jessica Biel nodded, "It's true. Fannin ignored me most of the time. The fans--most of them anyway--were always happy to see me lose. Even when I won they usually booed."

"Ah, you see, you DO remember what it was like. That pleases me. I want ALL of you to remember what it was like before the Darkness--we were treated like DIRT! Do you want to go back to being DIRT? --Because that is what will happen if we lose! The Darkness will be gone forever and we will be in bondage to that stupid slob Fannin! Do you want that'?

"NO!" The four women hissed in defiance, their voices very much the sound of a cobra ready to strike.

"Do you want to rule this league?"

"YES!!!" They responded in the same sibilant growl.

Her quiet calm suddenly got much louder, reaching a maniacal crescendo, "THEN LET’S GO OUT THERE AND DESTROY THEM!“ Katie bellowed.

"YESSSS!!!!" screamed the Darkness.....
The All-Stars locker room was too far away from the Darkness to be aware of the commotion but they too had been in a tense, thoughtful period of silence, when Sarah Michelle Gellar walked quietly to the front of the room.

"Well, ladies---and, you, too, Ashley," Sarah said with a smile that brought a welcome chuckle to the group, "here we are. It's the Big One--our chance to strike back at the insurgents who have tried to destroy us. We proved the Darkness can be beaten--we did it at the tag team match--but the stakes are higher now and we can expect they will use every dirty trick in the book to win."

"And I can tell you, it's a mighty thick book," Ashley Scott warned. It was meant as a joke, but Allison and Love looked at the ex-member of the Darkness with suspicion. Ashley didn't blink an eye, "Well, feel the love in this place. Look, I'm here because those freaks nearly crippled me--for not wanting to cripple you, Gellar or Jennifer Garner for that matter. I don't expect to be the new best friend of any of you, but I am motivated to defeat Holmes and you all know I have the skills to help you do it."

Sarah looked over the faces of the other three girls, "If any of you doesn't want Ashley here, then say so now. I don't know what we'll do, but--"

Neve Campbell spoke up, "What we'd do is lose. I may not be thrilled to have Scott here. If any of us has a reason to not trust her it‘s me. But I know first hand just what she brings to a fight and I also know, that if she's not with us, the odds against us would be too great. She stays and that's that."

Allison Mack and Jennifer Love Hewitt nodded. Allison couldn't resist a crack of her own, "What no group hug?"

The quiet laughter again reduced the tension in the room. Sarah felt relieved, but she wanted her team to be focused. So she picked up her address, "Ashley was right, we can expect the Darkness to unleash everything they've got--legal or illegal. But, you know something, they've already lost their biggest weapon."

The others looked at Sarah in some puzzlement. She smiled, "The Darkness' greatest weapon has always been fear, but they lost that when we kicked their sorry butts at the tag team match. The lights thing may be cool, but they’re not supernatural, we know they can be beaten. We've beaten them. Now we are fighting for our futures--and I mean that sincerely--because I don't think we'll have much of a future in a league run by Katie Holmes."

"That's the truth!" Ashley told them. "Katie's vision is for wrestlers who don't kowtow to the Darkness to be ground down until they too crippled or demoralized to stay. Believe me, that psycho Holmes means that to happen to each and every one of us."

"Well, it's not going to!" growled Jen.

"We're going to light up the Darkness and show the world what gutless bullies they really are!" added Allison.

"I’m not afraid of any of them, in fact, I think it's going to be my pleasure to re-introduce the five of them to fear. I’m gonna tie ‘em in knots.“ Neve whispered.

"Goodbye, sluts," Ashley Scott said with a grim smile, "Time for you to be OUR prey.”

Sarah enjoyed the look of utter confidence on her allies’ faces. She knew the battle would be tough but they HAD to win. The alternative was too horrible to contemplate. Taking a deep breath, Sarah roared, “LETS LIGHT UP THEIR WORLD!” The others nodded in agreement and the five harbingers of Light slapped hands and exchanged quiet encouragement for several seconds before a knock on the door interrupted them. “It‘s time…" Sarah said. Knowing their time was nigh, the all-stars cheered and headed out the door to face the waiting Darkness…
This was it. After nearly seven months of warring with the rogue faction known as the Darkness, Richard Fannin had put everything on the line, putting the future of his little promotion in jeopardy if only to find some relief from the tortures that Katie and her four followers were heaping on him and the rest of the roster. Tonight the Darkness would either be defeated or rise triumphant in the same place they had first unveiled themselves, Fannin’s Dark Tower club in the small California town of Woodsboro. As soon as the venue for the match had been announced the Dark Tower had been jammed with calls and requests from people wanting to view the battle. Fannin and his staff had accommodated as many fans as they could but many had to be turned away for fear that the Fire Marshal might try to shut them down before they even got started.

For those of you who may be joining our story a little late, the match this evening had very simple rules. It was to be a classic Survivor Series style Five on Five elimination tag match. When a member of one team was pinned or forced to submit, she had to head to the back leaving her partners to pick up the slack in her absence. And earlier in the evening, Fannin had come down to the ring and added one last stipulation to the match. It was fairly small, but would turn out to have very large implications in the end of the match. In a nutshell, the promoter announced that when one team of five was down to its last member, all remaining members of the other team would be allowed in the ring to have at her. At best this meant a 2 on 1 situation for the sole survivor and it worst it could mean a heinous 5 on 1 mugging. But enough back story, the war has been brewing for quite some time and your narrator wouldn’t keep you waiting any longer than necessary. Let’s go to ringside shall we?

Quieting the capacity crowd, the Announcer brings the mic to his lips and begins to speak, “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our main event! Introducing first…” He was cut off as the lights went out and Paint it Black hit the speakers for potentially the last time. For the first time in the faction’s history, the Darkness appeared at the top of the ramp and strode down to the ring as the lights slowly flickered back into existence around them. Regaining his composure, the Announcer continued, “they are, Kristin Kreuk, Jessica Alba, Erica Durance, Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes. Ladies and Gentlemen, they are…. THE DARKNESS!”

There was a curious mix of boos and cheers for the five insurgents as the all slipped into the ring and sneered out at the multitude. All clad in identical black vinyl two-piece bikinis and boots, the only distinguishing element was the battered motorcycle jacket Katie always wore to the ring. Speaking quietly to her troops, Katie guided the Dark girls over to their corner to await the arrival of their opposition.”

Drawing a breath, the Announcer started again, “And their opponents….” Man in the Box roared to life and the crowd roared with the music as Fannin’s recruits came into view. With Sarah in the lead, the five paused for only a second before continuing their march to the ring. The Announcer picked up where he left off, “They are, Allison Mack, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ashley Scott, Neve Campbell and the Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar!”

The ‘good girls’ hit the ring simultaneously, sliding under the ropes and popping to their feet to face ‘The Darkness.’ Each was wearing her typical battle attire, Allison in lavender, Jen in green, Ashley and Neve in flat black and Sarah with her trademark blood red leather one-piece outfit. Eyeing Katie and her minions warily, Sarah guided her friends to the corner before sending out Allison to start the match. On the Darkness side, Katie sent out Kristin and waited for the bell to ring. Soon it did. And then ‘the end’ began... as striding toward the center of the ring, Allison waited for Kristin to join her. The Darkness girl wasted no time in obliging her.

Standing face to face with her old friend, Allison said quietly, “You and your friends made this bed, Kristin. Now you’ve got to lie in it.”

Kristin only grinned, “It’s not a bed Allison; it’s a grave. And it’s you and those other four sluts are getting buried. You just get to be first.”

She lunged forward and locked up with the blonde, a classic collar and elbow tie-up. Allison was caught off guard only momentarily and before Kristin could mount an attack, the blonde brought her phenomenal strength into play, easily marching the slender brunette over to a neutral corner of the ring and shoving her back painfully against the turnbuckles. As the ref moved in to enforce the break, Allison leaned into Kristin one more time, crushing her body against the brunette’s. Then the ref was between them and as Allison stepped away, Kristin lashed her hand out, cracking the blonde across the face. Allison uttered a little cry but the slap really only served to motivate her and the blonde shoved the ref aside before forcing Kristin back into the corner.

Using her left hand to hold the brunette in place, Allison hissed, “You like cheap shots bitch? Maybe you’ll like these!”

Then she smashed her right hand into Kristin’s chest several times, lacing into the brunette’s cleavage with a withering barrage of knife-edge chops. Kristin absorbed the blows with a grimace, but the green eyed Hellcat wasn’t one to just sit and get hit thusly she exploded out of the corner, raining a storm of punches across Allison’s chest and jaw. The compact blonde was rocked back a few steps by the power of these blows, but she regained her senses just as quickly and she returned them in kind. For several seconds the old sparring partners were engaged in nothing more than a barroom brawl, slugging mindlessly at any available target on their foe’s body. But after several dozen haymakers had been tossed, Allison seemed to regain her composure and she changed tactics, burying both hands in Kristin’s dark mane.

Before the Darkness lieutenant knew what was going on, Allison had tossed her halfway across the ring, letting her land hard on the canvas with an undignified splat. Cursing the pain in her scalp, Kris was on her feet in a flash and off them again just as quickly when Allison drilled a stiff Clothesline across her jaw. Reeling on the canvas from the blow, the brunette almost didn’t react in time when Allison leapt for the splash but Kristin was still fresh enough to get both knees up, listening with some satisfaction as Allison impaled herself on them. Pushing Allison’s bulk off her, Kristin went on the attack, dropping one toned thigh across the blonde’s face with a Led Drop and following that up with several vicious stomps to the blonde’s undefended belly and breasts. Smiling cruelly as Allison grunted with each impact of her boot, Kristin ceased the stomps and brought her opponent up and trapped her in a Front Face Lock.

With the same infuriating smile on her face, she hooked a handful of the blonde’s lavender tights and made sure she was facing toward Sarah’s corner. Mouthing a little curse at the opposition, Kristin proceeded to take Allison up and over very fast and very hard with a perfect Snap Suplex. But Kris didn’t let Allison go just yet. With a smooth twist of her hips, she pulled both of them to her feet and hit another Snap Suplex and then a third to complete the trifecta. After the last one connected, she floated over into a cover and hooked the leg. Sarah and her friends shouted for the blonde to kick free and she didn’t disappoint, getting her shoulder up right at “TWO!”

Sighing with exaggerated annoyance, Kristin pulled Allison to her feet and let her stagger around for a second before leaving her own feet and driving both of them into the blonde’s chin with a beautiful Standing Dropkick. Allison went down hard, but Kristin wasn’t satisfied with one, so she picked the blonde up and leapt again. But this time when the boots rushed at her face, Allison stepped back and lashed her hands out, swatting the limbs aside and dropping Kristin harmlessly to the mat. The brunette hit the canvas with an awkward thud, but she was up almost instantly, read for more conflict. Circling the blonde in a low crouch, she spat, “ You’re going to regret crossing us Allison. I’ll make sure of it.”

Allison mimicked her foe’s stance and tone. “Bring it on you mouthy bitch.” Kris didn’t like the defiance and she shot forward, her talons lashing towards Allison’s face. But the blonde was well aware of the incoming attack and she dipped aside before lunging forward herself, burying a knee deep in the brunette’s gut. Kristin doubled over and Allison moved quickly to put the hurt on her. Slipping one hand over the brunette’s shoulder and another between her thighs, Allison exploded upward taking Kristin off her feet, spinning her in a tight half-circle before driving her into the canvas with a Power Slam. Feeling the air rush out of the brunette’s lungs, Allison hooked a leg and went for the cover, but Kris kicked out just after 2. Nodding at the encouragement from the audience and her partners, Allison pulled Kristin to her feet and scooped her up again, this time in preparation for a more traditional Body Slam. But before she could complete the move, Kristin slipped free and slid down her back.

Just as quickly, the cleaver brunette tore her claws across Allison’s face, blinding her. Crying out, the blonde staggered awkwardly forward only to snatched up by Kristin and trapped in a tight Side Headlock. Looking with satisfaction towards the Darkness corner, Kristin sped forward with her victim in tow before leaping gracefully off her feet, only to drive Allison face first into the canvas with a brutal Running Bulldog. Hearing Katie and the others roar at her to finish the blonde, Kris flipped her over and went for the cover. Looking down at the wounded blonde she hissed, “Here’s casualty number 1.” but this statement was a bit premature, because Allison popped a shoulder free right before she could be counted down. Hissing in disgust, Kristin pulled her victim to her feet and attempted an Irish Whip into the ropes, but this time it was Allison’s turn to think fast and the blonde did just that, reversing the momentum and pulling Kristin into her.

With the brunette staggering forward, Allison surged towards her and damn near turned Kreuk inside out with a Clothesline from out of nowhere. Dropping to her hands and knees, the blonde knew making a tag was the best decision so she crawled slowly towards her corner and extended a hand, not caring who too her place. Seconds later, Jennifer Love Hewitt accepted the offering and was climbing through the ropes, ready to do battle with Jessica Alba, whom Kristin had tagged in while Allison was making good on her escape. Meeting the Dark Angel head on, Love licked her lips and beckoned for the blonde to bring the fight to her. Alba grinned ferociously and did just that, snapping a quick series of Martial Arts kicks towards Jennifer’s face and chest. The smaller brunette was more than aware of her foe’s strategy and she reacted accordingly, getting her guard up and blocking most of the blows with minimal damage to herself. In one of the tiny gaps between kicks, Jen cut the distance between her and her rival, driving a wicked right hand into her jaw.

Jess grunted and saw stars, a condition that was not helped when Love tagged her jaw with a few more punches. Pressing her advantage, Love whipped the Angel into the ropes and waited for her to return before ducking low and sending her sailing overhead with a Back Body Drop. Roaring with pleasure as the Angel spasmed on the mat, Jen waited for the blonde to get up before burying a boot in her gut. Doubling Alba over, she pushed forward, trapping the blonde in a Standing Headscissors.

Wrapping her arms around Jessica’s waist, she taunted, “Let’s see how gracefully this Angel can land.”

She hauled Jessica up for a Powerbomb, but before she could drive her back down, the Dark Angel locked her thighs around Jen’s head and twisted back, taking the brunette over with a makeshift Hurricanrana. Holding her foe pinned on the canvas, Jessica bore down with all her weight but only managed a 1 count before Jen shoved her off. Snarling at the brunette, Jess returned a favor from earlier, staggering her rival with a series of brutally stiff punches to the face.

Mocking her prey while she was reeling, Jessica spat, “I can’t believe they sent YOU in against ME. I’m insulted.”

Before Love could respond, Jessica leapt up and drove a hard knee into her forehead that turned the brunette’s knees to water. Sagging forward, she fell into the perfect position for Jess’ Front Face Lock. Giving her captive a mean spirited wedgie with her free hand, Jess fell backwards, using all her weight to drive Jen’s head into the canvas with her DDT. Sneering at Sarah and her friends, Jessica pushed Jen onto her back and hooked both of the brunette’s legs under her arms. Then she turned her prey over and sat down, locking on a painful Boston Crab. Unfortunately for her it was a little too early in the fight to be trying such a maneuver and Love proved as such by planting her hands on the canvas managed to flip Jess off her by sheer leg strength alone.

With Jessica’s face right behind her butt, Jen couldn’t resist and she scooted backwards and sat down, pressing her ass into Jessica’s face. Alba went mad as Jen tried to smother her and the blonde quickly got both hands on Love’s butt, tossing the small brunette off of her. Both were quick in getting to their feet, but when Jen lunged at her rival, Jessica was ready and met her with a sick Super Kick that cracked off the brunette’s jaw and sent her to the mat in a heap. Snarling furiously at Jen’s earlier tactic, Jess hauled her to her feet and got right in her face.

“You’re going to PAY for that you dumb slut!” she spat, stepping back and preparing to decapitate Love with another Super Kick.

But this time Love was able to react and she ducked under the blow as it sailed toward her. Taking advantage of the blonde’s confusion, Jen spun the Angel around and buried a boot in her gut. Stepping forward, she trapped the blonde’s head in her armpit and wrapped her arms under Jessica’s arms. Then she clasped both of her hands on the small of Alba’s back. Without a second though, Jennifer left her feet and fell toward the canvas, driving her rival’s unprotected head into the canvas with a skull crushing Double Arm DDT. Hoping the surprise maneuver had finished Jessica off, Jen muscled her onto her back and Went for the cover, but unfortunately the Angel was able to get her shoulder up before the “THREE!’ Angry but not frustrated, Jen knew if she hit another big move she could take Alba out of the equation. Thusly, she went for the biggest move in her arsenal. Pulling Jess to her feet, the brunette pulled Jessica onto her shoulders in a Fireman’s Carry, the set up for her Heartbreaker finishing move.

She was just about to drop the hammer on Jessica when the blonde managed to wriggle free and slide down her back. Before Jen could turn around, Jess shoved her with all her might towards the ropes. This wouldn’t have been a problem in most matches but when the Darkness is waiting for you it could prove to be most painful and that was the case here as Jen fond herself face to face with the other 4 insurgents. Still gasping, she was easy prey as Erica grabbed her by the hand and leapt backwards, driving her throat across the top rope. Gagging and retching, Jennifer stumbled blindly backwards, only to fall into the hands of the waiting Angel. Bending the crippled brunette painfully backward, she secured Jen in a Dragon Sleeper but as soon as she had her grip secured, she flipped in a tight little half circle, while simultaneously falling to the mat, driving Love’s face and chest into the canvas with ungodly force. Jen hit the mat and lay still, a victim of Jessica’s latest finisher, Paradise Lost. Wasting no time, Jess went for the cover and 3 seconds later, the match was officially 5 against 4.

Jess was barely up off the beaten brunette when Sarah Michelle Gellar hit her like a freight train, dropping the bigger blonde to her hands and knees with a vicious barrage of Martial Arts Strikes.

After an especially hard shot to the face dropped the Angel to the mat, Sarah went for a much simpler attack, stomping the holy hell out of her old nemesis while screaming, “YOU CHEATING BITCH! HOW DO YOU LIKE BEING HIT FROM BEHIND, HUH? ANSWER ME!”

Receiving only a groan in response, Sarah pulled the dazed blonde to her feet and gave Jessica another dose of her own medicine, nearly taking the Angel’s head off with a Super Kick that caught her square on the chin. Her face twisted in a furious grimace, Sarah pulled Jessica to her feet and got behind her. Securing a Waist Lock on the disoriented blonde, Sarah bridged up and back, driving Jessica’s head and shoulders into the canvas with a German Suplex. Looking to even the odds, Sarah bridged up and went for the cover, but Jess was still able to get a shoulder free before the end.

Still furious over the cheap way the Darkness had eliminated Jen, Sarah pulled Jess to her feet and sneered in her face, “You’re done Angel. I’m gonna break you in half and then do the same to the rest of your pathetic friends.”

Not waiting for a reply, Sarah shoved Jessica into another Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Alba’s middle Hauling her foe up, she was about to start the revolutions for the Spiral Bomb when the trapped blonde raked a hand across her eyes, breaking her grip. Jess landed a bit awkwardly in front of the blinded Slayer but that didn’t stop her from burying a boot in between the smaller blonde’s thighs.

Grinning with sick satisfaction as Sarah fell to her knees, Jess decided it would be easier to let someone else finish off the blonde and she staggered back to her corner, letting Erica Durance have the tag. Gliding through the ropes, Erica stalked the blonde, as she got to her feet, still wobbly from the Angel’s cheap shot. Waiting for Sarah to turn and face her, Erica crouched low and shot forward, ramming a hard Shoulder Block into Sarah’s chest. Her face cold and determined, Erica picked up the smaller blonde and scooped her onto her shoulder before positioning her for what most thought would be a Tombstone Pile Driver, instead she rose up on her toes and the dropped to one knee, drilling the posted joint into Sarah’s right shoulder with a textbook Shoulder Breaker. Erica grinned slightly as a wave of pain passed through the downed Slayer, but the big brunette wasn’t done causing her opponent pain, not by a long shot. Picking the smaller woman off the canvas, Erica scooped her up and held her perpendicular across her chest.

Sauntering slowly around the ring, Erica addressed her captive, “I always hoped that when I got in the ring with you there would be an epic battle. I’m kinda disappointed with your showing thus far but if I break you without breaking a sweat, it’ll prove to the world just how good I really am.”

Then she rose on her toes and waited for a second before going to one knee again, this time smashing Sarah’s ribs against the unforgiving bone. Not done with her torture, Erica rose up and delivered a second Backbreaker and then a third before rudely throwing Sarah to the mat and going for a cover. She hooked both legs, but Erica’s cover was a bit nonchalant and that wasn’t the way to pin the Slayer, who kicked out at “TWO!”

Slapping the mat in anger, Erica pulled Sarah to her feet and was about to light the blonde up with some Haymakers when the small blonde roared into action, lacing a sizzling series of Knife Edge Chops into Durance’s ample cleavage. Her attack driving the brunette back against the ropes, Sarah grabbed her prey’s wrist and went for an Irish Whip, but Erica regained her senses at the last minute and reverses the force, jerking the blonde into her waiting arms. Erica easily hoisted the small blonde onto her shoulder and held her there. Looking to unleash one of her finishers, Erica shifted her grip, wrapping her left arm across Sarah’s back, right above her dangling arms. The she used her right arm to cup the back of the blonde’s neck positioning her so that her head was just about even with Erica’s hip. She had Sarah hooked up for the oddly named Emerald Fusion, a move she had recently personalized, dubbing her version, “The Test of En-Durance.”

She was just about to drive Sarah skull first into the mat when the Slayer burst into life, breaking free of Erica’s grip and sliding down her back. In the split second before Erica could turn around, Sarah bent her foe backwards, trapping her in the same Dragon Sleeper position that had finished off Jen. But Sarah’s move was a bit simpler and she dropped all her weight backwards, crushing the back of Erica’s skull against the canvas with an Inverted DDT. Sarah lay on the mat breathing heavily and she knew it was time to take beat a strategic retreat. Gathering her energies, she rolled toward her corner and waited for the tag, getting it from Allison who was eager to avenge the defeat of her friend Jen. Stalking into the ring, she was met by the returning Jessica Alba was also more than ready to get back into the fight.

Jessica dropped into a crouch and taunted, “Stupid little slut, don’t you know that...ARRGGHHH!”

If she was expecting Allison to stop and listen to her barb, the Angel was sorely mistaken because Allison shot forward and leveled her with a brutal Clothesline. Caught off guard, Jessica was still quick to her feet only to get greeted by a second Clothesline, this one harder than the last. This time she was a bit slower in recovering and Allison helped her out, pulling the Angel to her knees.

Stepping back a few paces, Allison took a moment to deliver a barb of her own, “Don’t you know that it’s not polite to talk through a mouthful of broken teeth?”

Simultaneous with the end of her question, she shot forward and rammed a running Knee Lift right into Jessica’s chin. The Angel groaned and went rolling, almost done in by the force of the blow. Allison knew Jess was reeling but she wanted to be sure the other blonde was weak enough to be finished off, pulling her rival to her feet, Allison tossed her into the corner and charged after her, smashing the Dark Angel painfully in the corner with a Body Splash.

Smiling malevolently as she peeled herself off the blonde, Allison whipped her towards the other corner and charged after her, going for a second Splash. Tragically it was not to be as Jessica moved aside at the last second, leaving Allison to ram chest first into the turnbuckle. Groaning and wounded, Allison staggered backwards into Jessica who wasted to time in bending the blonde backwards to set up her other finisher, the Elevated Reverse DDT she called the Future Shock.

Positioning herself so that Sarah and her followers had the prefect view of what was to come, Jess blew her opponents a condescending kiss before grabbing a handful of Allison’s tights and hauling her off the canvas. But just when it looked like Allison would be the Angel’s second victim, the blonde managed to float over and out of Jessica’s grip, landing on wobbly legs behind the other blonde. Taking a play out of the Darkness handbook, Allison shoved as hard as she could, sending Jess stumbling toward Sarah’s corner. The Angel put the brakes on just in time to look up into the savagely grinning face of Sarah Michelle Gellar.

“Goodbye baby!” the Slayer hissed as she cracked her fist off Jessica’s face. The Angel cried out and was spun around by the force of the blow only to walk into the grasp of the waiting Allison Mack.

Springing her trap, Allison lunged forward, wrapping an arm across the Jessica’s chest and positioning another on her back. In the same instant she spun her hips, jumped and then fell to her knees, driving Alba full length into the canvas with her Twisting Sidewalk Slam finisher, The Deadline. Feeling Jess go limp underneath her, Allison hooked both legs and leaned back with all her weight. A “THREE” count later and the odds were even again!

Allison had just got to her feet and was going for a tag when Katie grabbed her from behind and spun her around. Without a word, she buried a boot in Allison’s gut to double her over. Stepping forward she cupped a hand under Allison’s chin and then spun in a wicked little arc as she fell to the canvas, nailing her prey with a prefect Neckbreaker. Not even close to done with her plaything, Katie picked Allison up and tossed her into a neutral corner.

Standing close to the winded blonde, Katie whispered in Allison’s ear, “Kristin and Erica wanted you in the Darkness and so did I. But you turned us down. Now I’m going to let all three of us have a shot at ya before we put you out of your misery.”

Katie stepped back and lifted one long leg, placing the heel of her boot directly against Allison’s windpipe. Grabbing the top rope for support, the willowy brunette poured all her strength into the choke, trying to separate Allison’s head from her shoulders. In a bit of good luck for the blonde, Katie was still only allowed to hold the choke for five seconds and after that the ref was pulling the Darkness leader off of her, allowing the strangled blonde breathe again. But just because she could breathe didn’t make her safe as Katie proved by shoving the ref out of the way and snagging Allison in a Front Face Lock.

Marching her victim towards mid ring, Katie grabbed a handful of tights before lifting up and dropping down full force, spiking the top of Allison’s head into the mat with a vicious DDT. On Sarah’s side of the ring, the Slayer cringed at the impact, knowing it hurt because it was the same move Katie had finished her off in their first encounter.

The Slayer’s mood didn’t improve any when Katie stalked over to their corner and spat, “One down Sarah. And this little bitch is about to go down too. That only leaves you, the traitor and Fannin’s bitch between us and owning this place.”

Sarah could tell that Ashley and Neve were seething but the two brunettes stayed silent, letting Sarah speak for them.

“We’re more than enough to finish you and your lackeys, Holmes,” Sarah responded bitterly.

“I don’t think you are!“ Katie grinned evilly.

“We’ll see about tha….. HEY REF ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND!” Sarah suddenly screamed as she realized what was going on right in front of her.

While Katie had been jawing with the faces, Erica and Kristin had slipped into the ring and pulled Allison to her feet. Erica lifted Allison off her feet held her tightly around the hips while at the same time Kristin got behind both of them and grabbed Allison in a Front Face Lock, pulling her tight over Erica’s shoulder. The two brunette’s held this position for a second before suddenly falling back driving Allison‘s face into the mat with a wickedly Elevated DDT. Sarah only noticed right as the move was connecting and her yell to the ref was a second too late as Erica and Kristin had already rolled to the outside, leaving no trace of their nefarious handiwork. Laughing silently at the three girls fuming in the corner, Katie strode over to Allison and pulled her to her feet.

Without a word, she lifted the blonde up onto her shoulder, in position for the brutally modified Backbreaker that was the Holmes Wrecker. Tightening her grip, Katie leapt and then tucked her legs under her, nearly bending Allison in half when she landed. The abused blonde groaned once as Katie tossed her to the mat, and she didn’t move when Katie stood over her and planted a boot on her face, a supremely arrogant cover. 3 seconds passed and Sarah was down another follower. Furious that Katie’s underhanded tactics had gone undiscovered, Sarah was about to go in when Neve grabbed her shoulder. Locking eyes with her old partner, Sarah only nodded and let Neve pass through the ropes. Seconds later, the Scream Queen was face to face with the leader of the evil cabal.

Neve said quietly, “Fannin’s bitch? Is that what you called me?”

Katie smiled cruelly and responded, “According to Kristin, you’re all that and much more; ‘the whore for the whole office’ I think she said.”

Keeping her fury in check, Neve answered, “I’ll deal with Kristin soon enough. Right now it’s time to se if you ever actually got any better or if you’re still the same sugar coated cream puff you were when I found you moping in the locker room all those months ago.”

All the old fury and hate welled up in Katie in an instant and the slender brunette roared her fury before slapping Neve across the face with a brutal forehand shot. Neve grunted in pain, but she had her own fury to motivate her and she returned the favor, rocking Katie back on her heels with a slap of her own. After that all semblance of a wrestling match vanished for a few seconds as the brunettes tore mindlessly into each other with the vilest punches one could imagine. After a bit more of this, Katie staggered the Scream Queen and went for a Clothesline, but Neve ducked the blow and slipped behind her taller opponent.

Cinching Katie in a simple Half Nelson, Neve showed off some of the throws that had made her famous, taking Katie up and over with the decidedly dangerous looking Half Nelson Suplex. Katie took the full force of the Suplex on her head and neck and the tall brunette was reduced to helpless moaning for a few seconds before Neve pulled her to her feet again.

Pulling Katie to the center of the ring, she trapped her in a Front Face Lock before slinging the brunette’s arm across her shoulders as she bent and hooked Katie’s left leg with her right arm. Making sure there was no way for Holmes to reach the ropes, Neve lifted up and then fell back, pinning Katie to the mat with a Fisherman’s Suplex. Neve held the bridge when she landed and was able to get a two count, but Katie denied her the ‘THREE!”

Her face grim and determined, Neve had just pulled Katie to her feet when the Darkness leader raked her talons across Neve’s face. Blinded, the brunette cried out and tried to get away but Katie would have none of that and whipped her foe towards the Darkness side of the ring. As Neve bounced off the ropes, Jessica Biel drove her knee up, ramming it into the small of the brunette’s back. Neve cried out and staggered forward, directly into the boot of Katie Holmes.

Gripping the wheezing girl around the waist, Katie lifted her into the air and positioned her for another Holmes Wrecker. Not waiting a second, she leapt into the air and came down hard, bending Neve painfully over her shoulder. Throwing the crippled brunette to the canvas. Katie went for the cover and was shocked when Campbell managed kick out before the THREE. Roaring her rage at the referee, Katie pulled Neve up and was about to set for a third Holmes Wrecker when Neve dropped to one knee and drove a fist between Katie’s thighs. The slender brunette cried out in agony and fell to her knees in front of the slowly rising Neve.

Looking at Katie with hate in her eyes, Neve pulled the kneeling girl forward, trapping her in a Standing Headscissors. Wrapping her arms around Katie’s waist and inverted her, holding her in the Pile Driver position. Seconds later she sat out, driving Katie skull first into the mat with her finisher, a Sit-out Pile-Driver she’d started calling the Silent Scream sometime over her vacation. Believing her surprise attack had done Katie in; Neve fell on her prey and hooked a leg, hoping for the best. Sadly it was not to be as Katie got her shoulder up moments before the three. Knowing she had to tag out, Neve rose up off Holmes and stumbled toward her corner.

Seeing Ashley’s extended hand, Neve tagged the Huntress in and said, “Go get ‘em.”

Ashley only nodded as she vaulted over the top tope just in time to see Katie tag in Erica Durance. The two powerful brunette’s surged toward one another and Ashley threw the first strike, a beautiful Crescent Kick that Erica managed to avoid at the last second. Seeing the tiniest opening in the Huntress’ defenses, Erica booted her foe in the gut and trapped the stunned girl in a Front Face Lock. Gripping a handful of tights, Erica hauled Ashley up and over, keeping the Huntress inverted over her head for a few seconds before falling back to complete the Vertical Suplex. Erica was on her feet the moment the Suplex connected and she added to Ashley’s discomfort by leaping into the air and coming down butt first on the other brunette’s chest.

Enjoying the ease with which she was handling the Huntress, Erica pulled her to her feet and taunted, “This is all you’ve got? I thought you were supposed to be tough. How’d you even get invited to join us in the first place?”

She didn’t let Ashley respond; instead she bounced off the ropes and attempted to bowl the brunette over with another Shoulder Block. At the last second, Ashley stepped aside, leaving Erica to hit thin air. As Erica turned to face her, Ashley got into the fight, tagging her foe’s anatomy with a stinging series of kicks to any area that looked like it might hurt. After nearly a dozen of these blows, Ashley stepped back and fired forward, looking for a Superkick of her own but Erica caught her incoming foot at the last second and held her leg up, forcing her to hop on one foot.

Smirking, Erica hissed, “Predictable” before whipping the Huntress around hard to the right.

But what happened next wasn’t nearly so predictable. For when Erica spun her around, Ashley used the thrust to her advantage by leaving her feet entirely and nailing a beautiful Spinning Heel Kick right to the side of Erica’s face. The blow caught Durance completely off guard and she was spun around awkwardly before landing hard on her face.

Getting to her feet, Ashley put hands on her hips and smirked, “Not so predictable, huh!”

Then she bent and pulled Erica to her feet. She was face to face with the other brunette when Erica’s eyes cleared and she shot her hands up, jamming a thumb in Ashley’s eye. Wounded, the Huntress swung out blindly but Erica avoided the blows and then drilled her with a punch to the gut. Letting the Huntress sag, Erica hooked the girl up and lifted her high, holding her aloft for a Powerbomb. Holding the other brunette helpless for a second longer than she had to, Erica slammed her down with all her strength, folding Ashley up like a matchbook. Hoping Ashley was done, Erica went for the cover but the resilient Huntress kicked out after TWO.

Deviating from her typical game plan, Erica pulled the Huntress toward the middle of the ring before she ascended to the top rope in a neutral corner. Sneering silently at the fans, Erica leapt off the top, hurling herself towards Ashley in a Top Rope Splash. Only problem was, Ashley wasn’t there! The Huntress rolled clear at the last possible second and Erica hit the mat full speed, all the air crushed from her lungs. As the other brunette lay on the mat gasping, Ashley looked over her shoulder to Sarah and Neve and nodded. Getting her signal, the Slayer and the Scream Queen nodded back, waiting for Ashley to go to work. Getting her feet under her, Ashley walked over to the Darkness corner and engaged in a little taunting of her own.

Smirking at the two girls on the apron, she chided, “Look, it’s Katie, Katie’s bitch and the girl not even good enough to be tagged in yet,” Getting closer to Jessica Biel she sneered, “Doesn’t that just do wonders for your confidence Jessie?”

The powerful blonde fumed at Ashley’s implication but she retained enough composure to taunt, “Just wait bitch! When I get in there with you, you’ll wish you’d never come back.”

“Ooohhh scary,” chided Ashley. “You twats would do well to remember that I was one of you once. Ad if there’s one thing I remember, it’s that turnabout is fair play.”

The eyes of the three Darkness members got wide as they realized what Ashley was implying. Looking beyond her and the oblivious referee, they had just enough time to see Sarah leap of the top rope with Erica’s ankles in hand, the Slayer helping to add that much more force to the Scream Queen’s already devastating Sit-Out Piledriver. The brutal double team move connecting, Ashley stepped back from the furious Darkness and wandered over to Erica’s beaten form. Pulling the semi-conscious brunette to her feet, Ashley stepped forward and trapped Erica in a Front Face Lock with her left arm while simultaneously hooking Durance’s left leg with her right arm. Then the Huntress lifted her prey directly over her head and held her there for just a second before sitting out and smashing the top of her former teammates head into the mat with the Fallen Angel, arguably the most dangerous and visually impressive move in the promotion. Erica was totally limp in her grip and Ashley simply kept the leg hooked as the ref made the academic three count.

Now it was even again, a six-woman tag match with the fate of the promotion hanging in the balance. Looking over at her leader, Ashley moved to make the tag and Sarah hit the ring just as Jessica Biel entered for the first time. Seething at being denied the Huntress, Jessica took her anger out on the Slayer instead getting in the smaller blonde’s face while looking down at her.

Snarling quietly Biel said, “I’m gonna shut them up once and for all. If I have to end your career to do it, then so be it.”

Sarah responded with a taunt of her own, “You’re even more pathetic than Katie, Jessica. At least she has the will to lead. You’re just a sycophantic follower.”

That slight finally undid the last of Jessica’s resolve and she hissed a feral cry before belting Sarah across the cheek with a scorching slap. Sarah took the blow as best she could and responded in kind, snapping Jessica’s head to the side with a slap of her own. Seeing Jess stagger, Sarah tensed and shot a foot forward, meaning to cave in the blonde’s chest with a Thrust Kick. But Jess caught the foot coming in and without a seconds hesitation she pulled Sarah forward on one foot before knocking the Slayer off her feet, almost 270 degrees with a heinous Clothesline. Jessica’s eyes glowed with a feverish light as she pulled the smaller blonde to her feet. Getting in front of Sarah, she wrapped her arms around the blonde’s slim waist and lifted up high before dropping to one knee, impaling the Slayer’s groin with the Inverted Atomic Drop. Sarah moaned and tried to fall to the mat, but Jessica pulled her up straight again before moving to the crippled blonde’s side.

Springing into action, Jessica bent at the waist and looped one hand between her foe’s legs while the other found its way around her captives chin. Gritting her teeth, Biel lifted Gellar off the mat, draped parallel across her shoulders, the Torture Rack cinched in perfectly. Bouncing hard on her feet, Jessica sauntered around the ring with Sarah on her shoulders, hurling insults at the fans and Ashley and Neve as Sarah wailed in her clutches. But as often happens when someone is confidant of victory, they get overconfident and that’s what happened to Jess. Preening with Sarah wailing on her back, the blonde got a little too close to the ropes and Sarah grabbed hold of them, snatching at them the way a drowning person grabs a lifeline. After a few seconds she was able to tear herself off Biel’s shoulders, landing roughly on her feet. She was trying to make the tag, when Jessica grabbed her from behind and spun her around.

Wrapping a vice like grip around Sarah’s throat, Biel pulled her smaller captive in and hissed, “That was clever Slayer, but stupid as well. You could’ve just tapped out, now I get to do this…”

She pumped her free hand in Sarah’s crotch and hoisted the Slayer high over her head, a beautiful and deadly Military Press Slam. Walking to the center of the ring, Jess turned in a circle, displaying her foe for all to see before actually doing s few reps with the Slayer. She completed her throw by shoving Sarah rudely up and away from her, leaving the smaller blonde to crash face and chest first into the mat several feet below. Believing the Slayer to be beyond help, Jessica went for the cover, only to howl in anger when Sarah got a shoulder up. Furious at the blonde’s tenacity, Jess pulled the smaller girl to her feet and secured a two-handed grip on the blonde’s throat.

Pulling her close, she hissed, “It’s an honor to be the one that breaks you,” before hauling Sarah into the air, meaning to drive her through the mat with her Biel Bomb.

But Sarah wasn’t ready to go down just yet and before Jess could drill her, the Slayer drove a chop into Jessica’s neck. The big blonde grunted and released her grip, allowing Sarah to fall clear and as the Slayer made the short trip back to the canvas, she looped her arm around Biel’s neck and twisted her whole frame violently. The effect was to pull Jessica off her feet and drive her face first into the mat with an ingenious application of the Tornado DDT. Lying on her back, Sarah managed to summon enough energy to roll towards her corner and make the blind tag to Ashley, who wasted no time in getting into the ring. Streaking over to the recovering Jessica, Ashley hurled the blonde into a neutral corner and blasted her with a withering fusillade of punches, kicks, chops and elbow strikes. After nearly thirty seconds of this abuse, the ref tried to pull Ashley away, but she flung him aside, not through getting her revenge on the girl that had replaced her.

Gripping a handful of blonde hair, Ashley tossed Jessica out of the corner and let her stagger around drunkenly while the Huntress climbed to the top rope. Crouching on the top like a waiting bird of prey, Ashley leapt when Jessica turned to face her, drilling a kick into the big blonde’s jaw that sent her rolling three quarters of the way across the ring. Moving quickly, Ashley went for the cover, but Jess was able to power out after TWO. A bit frustrated, Ashley got off her prey and spied the two remaining Darkness members watching her coldly.

Getting to her feet, she sneered at Kristin and Katie, taunting, “This is about to become 3 on 2.”

“Yes it is!” Kristin smirked and Ashley’s eyes widened as she cursed her sloppy mistake, whirling to find Jessica but a second too late for Biel was already bringing her boot up! It thudded against the Huntresses groin with terrible impact. Her face going pale, Ashley slumped forward and Jess grabbed her around the throat.

Pulling the wounded girl in, she hissed, “Turnabout IS fair play you cunt.”

She hauled Ashley into the air, holding her aloft for only a second before sitting out, driving the full length of the Huntress’ back into the mat. Savoring the minute spasm that passed through Ashley after the impact, Jess hooked both legs and waited. THREE seconds later and we have ourselves a good old-fashioned 3 on 2 handicap match. Watching the two remaining members of the other team, Jessica got up with a smirk and went over to her corner, tagging in Katie Holmes while, at the same time, Neve and Sarah exchanged glances. The brunette slipped through the ropes, eager for a second go-round with the leader of the Darkness. Meeting in the center of the ring, Katie and Neve went nose to nose again, but this time it was Katie that got in the first word.

Raising both hands over her head, she said, “Let’s try something different this time. Care to end up kneeling before me?”

Her eyes never leaving Katie’s Neve raised her hands up and laid them on Katie’s before lacing fingers with the taller brunette.

Putting the first pulse into the Test of Strength, Neve hissed, “I kneel to NO ONE. Especially vicious megalomaniacs.”

“Yes… you will!” Katie whispered pushing down hard on Neve’s wrists. For long seconds the contest appeared even but then Katie took the advantage, rising up on her toes and pressing down even harder on Neve. Slowly but steadily, the Scream Queen began to sink to first one knee and then the other, forced to keel like a penitent before her goddess. Ignoring the hate in Katie’s eyes and the burning in her wrists, Neve centered her energies and pushed up hard. Surprising Holmes, she got a leg under her and then another, pushing back to her vertical base.

Getting into Katie’s face again, Neve said coldly, “It’s high time you were forced to kneel Katie. And I’m more than happy to be the one who forces it on you.”

Before Holmes could respond, Neve pushed down full force, twisting Katie’s wrists in the process. The willowy brunette grimaced and fought against the pressure, but Neve would not relent and soon Katie was the one kneeling before her tormentor. Using the pain as motivation, Katie pulled her head back and shot it forward, burying it in Neve’s belly. The Scream Queen gasped and her grip was loosened, allowing Katie to get to her feet. With Neve still sucking wind, Katie drove another boot into the brunette’s belly to break her grip. Not letting Neve escape, Katie scooped her up in one smooth motion and tossed her down just as quickly, flattening her against the canvas with a Body Slam. Pouncing on the wounded brunette, Katie hauled Neve to her feet and slapped her across the face.

“You won’t just kneel Neve. You’ll beg for mercy.” Katie threatened as she drove a stiff knee into the other brunette’s torso.

Neve grunted and tried to pull away, but Katie would have none of it, rudely jerking the Scream Queen to her full height. Backing up a step, Katie shot forward and brought her boot arcing upward sending it slamming into Neve’s jaw. Her legs failed her then and she went down with a groan, clutching at her injured face. Stalking over to her opponent, Katie stomped away at Neve’s chest and head, smiling brutally as she used the Scream Queen like a doormat. Tiring of the stomps, Katie pulled Neve to her knees and trapped the shorter brunette in a Standing Headscissors.

Wrapping her arms around Neve’s waist, Katie was about to invert her when Campbell came to life. Ducking low she hooked the brunette’s ankle and before she could even shout a protest, Neve had yanked Katie’s legs out from under, leaving her dazed on the mat. With one ankle still in hand, Neve tucked it under her armpit and fell to the canvas. Before the Darkness leader could blink, the brunette had scissored both legs around Katie’s right leg and cinched tight. Pulling back hard, Neve squeezes her Scissors tight, the surprise Leg Bar putting hideous pressure on Holmes’ trapped limb. Katie had been dazed until the first jolt of pain roared through her leg and she roared in pain as she scrambled her way to the ropes, making it in relatively short order, thus only having to endure Campbell’s insidious hold for a few more seconds.

When Neve released the hold, Katie cradled her knee for a second before getting to her feet. Regarding the Scream Queen with burning eyes, she whispered, “You’ll pay for that.”

Neve beckoned for her to bring it and Katie obliged her, exploding toward the brunette with talons extended. But Neve was more than ready for the attack, lunging forward to return the knee lift Katie had delivered earlier. Feeling the air leave her target, Neve wrapped one arm around her rival’s waist and threaded the other between Katie’s legs, that hand gripping her just under her butt. With one violently smooth pop of her hips, she tossed Katie up and over her, the willowy brunette landing high and tight on her head and shoulders. Neve popped to her feet and watched Katie crawling toward the Darkness corner.

Eyeing the two insurgents coldly, Neve pointed at Kristin and mouthed, “Come and get me.”

Kristin looked like she was about tag in, but Jessica beat her to it, making a blind tag on Katie’s back before slipping through the ropes.

Approaching Neve, Jessica sneered, “I already broke the Huntress, it’s going to be fun breaking you.”

Switching her focus to Biel, Neve spat, “I’m not in the habit of letting third string lackeys kick my ass, but feel free to try.”

Jessica was incensed by the slight and she forgot all about grappling with the Scream Queen, settling for more mindless brawling instead. Blonde and brunette exchanged blows in this fashion for the better part of a minute before Neve tagged Jess with an Uppercut that staggered the Darkness muscle back. Surging forward, Neve threaded her hands around Jessica’s hips and butt, going for another T-Bone Suplex, but Biel engineered an escape, ramming her elbow hard into Neve’s temple. Dazed, the Scream Queen released her grip, only to find herself gripped around the throat by Biel, in position for a traditional Choke Slam. With her vision still hazy, Neve’s situation only got worse when Biel hauled her off her feet and slammed her back down, driving her full length into the canvas. Groaning, Neve tried to curl into the fetal position but Jess wanted to end things and she attempted to do so, going for the cover. 2.5 seconds later, Sarah and the crowd gasped a sigh of relief when Neve kicked out.

Furious, Biel pulled Neve to her feet and stood beside her. In a flash she’s cinched the Scream Queen in a Full Nelson and reared back, going for the Full Nelson Facebuster she called the Seventh Sin. She was just about to drive Neve’s face into the mat when Campbell stomped on her foot, loosening her grip. Pulling an arm free, Neve rammed her elbow into Jess’ jaw finally pulling free of the blondes grasp.

Flipping behind the stunned blonde, Neve trapped Jessica in a Full Nelson of her own and in the same breath she bridged up and back, ramming the back of Jessica’s neck and head into the mat with a Dragon Suplex. Bridging up, Neve tried to hold Jess down, but the resilient blonde was able to kick out before 3. Frustrated, Neve pulled Jess to her feet and attempted to whip her into the ropes, but Jess reversed and sent Neve speeding toward the cables. Her back had just hit the rope when Kristin drilled a forearm into her back, staggering her. Neve cried out and was about to turn around to face the hellcat when Jessica laced her hands around Neve’s throat and pulled her in close.

Sneering at the gasping brunette, Jessica said, “Go ahead. Try to scream.” as she lifted Neve high off her feet for another Biel Bomb.

But in the instant before her lethal descent would have begun, Neve bent her head down and spit in Jessica’s eyes, blinding her. The blonde cried out and dropped Neve, trying to clear her vision. The diversion was all Neve needed! Pulling her foot back, she absolutely smashed a boot into Jessica’s gut and when the blonde doubled over, Neve was there to meet her with a Standing Headscissors as she wrapped her arms around Jessica’s waist and inverted her. Holding the blonde upside down, Neve maneuvered so that Katie and Kristin would be able to watch what happened. Locking eyes with Kristin, Neve sat out, spiking Jessica’s skull into the canvas with the Silent Scream. Seeing Jess spread-eagled on the mat, Neve engaged in a little psychological warfare of her own. Getting to her foot, she put one boot on Jessica’s face and stared a hole in Kristin as the ref counted Jessica out.

Even as the ref was pushing Biel from the ring, Neve was already snarling at Kristin, “Why don’t you face me?”

Kristin exchanged a glance with her mistress and then smiled widely as Katie entered the fray again. Furious at being denied her prey, Neve looked back to Katie and took several steps back to her corner. Raising her hand, she tagged the Slayer in, letting Sarah have a crack at the woman who had been trying to destroy her.

Glad to be back in the thick of things, Sarah squared off with Katie and said quietly, “It’s almost over.”

Katie nodded and responded rather thoughtfully, “Well, what say we speed up the process?”

She lunged at the Slayer who lunged to meet her thrust and the two women met in the center of the ring, crashing together and going down in a hissing, snarling tangle of limbs, each raining blows down on any area they could reach with their fists. After several rolls and position changes, Katie ended up on top and she quickly scrambled to a better perch, sitting heavily on the blonde’s chest. Using one hand to grab a handful of golden hair, Katie used the other and opened up on Sarah’s face, belting and bludgeoning the girl with lunatic fury. Just when it appeared that Katie wouldn’t be happy until she smashed the Slayer to pulp, Katie switched tactics, locking her hands around the blonde’s windpipe and squeezing as tight as she could. Her eyes blazing with a manic light, Katie crushed down tighter and snarled one word at her archival, “CHOKE….”

It appeared that Sarah would be forced to do, as she was told but right as her vision was beginning to go dark, Sarah mustered her energy and managed to sink her teeth into Katie’s hand. Unprepared for resistance, the brunette was startled into releasing her grip, trying to free herself from Sarah’s maw. A hot rage burning behind her eyes, Sarah balled up a fist and cracked it off Katie’s chin, knocking the brunette off her perch. Getting her breath back, Sarah straddled Katie and wrapped her gloved hands around the brunette’s throats. Pressing her thumbs into her tormentor’s windpipe, Sarah returned the favor, doing her best to choke all the fight out of Holmes. Her vision clouding, Katie got her hands up and into Sarah’s face, tearing wildly at the blonde’s flushed features. Her talons blinded Sarah and the Slayer fell away, nursing her injured face.

Several seconds later, both Katie and Sarah were on their feet and ready for battle. Sarah acted first, lunging toward Katie, but the brunette responded with an able counter, driving a wicked cunt punt between Sarah’s thighs. As the blonde started to collapse, Katie hooked her nemesis up and lifted her up onto her shoulder, looking to put Sarah away with the Holmes Wrecker. But as she was tensing her knees to jump, Sarah squirmed free, sliding down behind Katie. Remembering that Turnabout is fair play, Sarah fired a blind kick behind her and struck Katie square in the crotch. Katie moaned and she fell to her knees as Sarah came around in front of her. Trapping the brunette in a Standing Headscissors, Sarah took the time to draw a finger across her throat, signaling the end via Spiral Bomb. She was just wrapping her arms around Katie’s waist when the big brunette shoved upward, sending Sarah up and over with an awkward looking Back Body Drop. Sarah hit the mat and clutched her back while Katie simply sank to her knees, breathing raggedly.

Getting shaky legs under her, Katie passed over the wounded Sarah and tagged in Kristin Kreuk. As her second in command slipped past her, Katie ordered, “Finish her Kristin. Finish her and I’ll let you have Neve all to yourself.”

That was all the motivation Kristin needed and she sped over to the recovering Slayer. Well rested after a long time away from the match, Kristin pulled Sarah to her feet and trapped her in a tight Front Face Lock, Kris grabbed a handful of tights and pulled Sarah up, holding the blonde inverted above her. Waiting for several seconds, Kristin dropped straight down, driving the top of Sarah’s head into the canvas with a wicked looking Brainbuster.

Covering the blonde to go for the cover, the brunette looked down and cooed, “Stay down Sarah and this will all be over.”

But Sarah wasn’t one for taking the easy way out and she got a shoulder up right before the THREE. Scowling, Kris pulled Sarah to her feet and grabbed a dual handful of blonde hair. Tucking her head under the Slayer’s chin, Kristin leapt off her feet and fell to her knees, rocking Sarah’s head with a nasty Jawbreaker. Sarah landed hard on her back and rolled to her side. Looking weakly to her corner, the Slayer tried to crawl to Neve, but Kristin wasn’t going to allow it. Straddling the wounded blonde, Kristin laced her fingers under Sarah’s chin. Working Sarah’s arms over her knees, Kristin sat down hard, bending Sarah to the breaking point with a sadistic Camel Clutch.

As she bounced her hips on the blonde’s tautly stretched back, Kris chided, “What’s the matter Slayer, can’t make the tag? If you want her in here so bad, why don’t you just tap out? Then she could face Katie and me at the same time. Wouldn’t that be fun?” When Sarah only hissed, Kristin brushed some hair from the blonde’s face before leaning down and gnawing brutally at the Slayer’s exposed forehead. The vicious chewing on her face seemed to galvanize the Slayer and after several pained shrieks, she managed to drag herself and her tormentor to the ropes and sanctuary. Glaring at the ref as he demanded she release the hold, Kris grudgingly released the hold and let Sarah get to her feet. Watching the blonde use the ropes to pull herself up, Kristin spat, “You’re tougher than you look aren’t ya? Well that’s fine by me. I’d love to make the Slayer beg for mercy.”

When Sarah regained her footing, Kristin was on her instantly, dragging the unresisting blonde toward the center of the ring. Slapping the Slayer across the face, Kristin tensed and left her feet, intent on decapitating the Slayer with a perfect Dropkick. Fortunately for Sarah, the blonde was able to avoid the blow at the last second. Not bothering with an offensive move, Sarah simply turned around and stumbled toward her corner, trying to tag in Neve. She was inches from the Scream Queen’s outstretched hand when Kristin grabbed her by the hair and pulled her backwards. Slamming a forearm into Sarah’s back, Kristin teased, “You’re not going anywhere. Not until you tap out. And I’ve got just the hold!”

Standing against the blonde’s left side, Kristin forced Sarah over, holding her by the hair to keep her from falling over. In one easy motion, she scissored her right leg around the blonde’s left, making sure her thigh was pressed close to the Slayer’s ribs. In the same motion she reached over the blonde’s bent torso and hooked Sarah’s right arm with her left arm. Finally, she swung her left leg up and slung it over Sarah’s neck, the back of the brunette’s knee resting comfortably against the side of the blonde’s face. With the Octopus locked in, Kristin pulled up with her arm and pushed down with legs, bringing incredible pressure to bear on the Slayer’s ribs and neck. The blonde groaned and tried to fight the hold, but Kristin had been practicing this move and she had it locked in perfectly.

Her green eyes blazing as Sarah wilted in her grasp, Kristin asked, “You remember this Sarah? Purists call it the Octopus, but I’ve got a new name for it. I call it Kruel Intentions. I’m full of those just recently.”

Not getting a response, Kristin simply twisted the hold tighter, waiting for the inevitable submission.

Watching her partner get tortured, Neve knew she had to do one thing before Sarah blacked out; she screamed, “I ALWAYS KNEW YOU WERE NOTHING BUT A FUCKING LACKEY KRISTIN! YOU’RE PATHETIC!”

Surprised to hear Neve’s voice, Kristin looked up angrily, glaring at the Scream Queen. Having her attention, Neve continued her baiting, “Look at you, just mindlessly doing what Katie wants you to. She knows she can’t beat Sarah herself so she sends in her little lap bitch to do it for her. And you know what the worst thing is? You’re doing it gladly. Why don’t you grow a fucking backbone?”

Knowing what she was about to do wasn’t the best course of action, Kristin went ahead anyway. Releasing her grip on the Slayer, Kris tossed the blonde down and stared daggers at Neve.

“What did you say?” she snarled at the Scream Queen.

Twisting the knife, Neve snarled back, “I said you’re Katie’s mindless bitch and if you had any guts at all you’d let Sarah tag out and face me one on one. But you won’t cuz deep down you’re AFRAID OF ME and you know it.”

The contemptuous note in Campbell’s voice finally got the best of Kristin’s emotions and she hurled herself at the waiting brunette, claws extended to rip out the bitch’s lying tongue. But that was just what Neve wanted and as Kristin drew within reach, she lunged forward, grabbing a dual handful of Kristin’s ebony mane. Then she stepped back, falling to the floor while dropping Kristin throat first along the top rope in the process. Gagging and cursing her impulsiveness, Kristin turned around, trying to get to her leader but she went face to face with the Slayer instead. Righteous fury burning in the blonde’s eyes, she doubled Kris over with a boot to the gut and locked her in position for the Spiral Bomb. Without thinking, Sarah pulled the brunette off her feet and held her up for just a second before completing the 3 revolutions and sitting out, driving Kristin nearly through the canvas in the process. Holding the brunette immobile, Sarah listened through pain fogged ears as the ref counted “1...2...3!”

The crowd roared because Fannin’s last minute stipulation had just come into effect - Katie would now have to face both Sarah AND Neve in the ring at the same time. For most women, this blow would have unnerved them, but Katie was beyond nerves. She was the first to hear the call of the Darkness and it was fitting that she was the last to defend it. Stepping through the ropes, she eyed the recovering Slayer and the refreshed Scream Queen with open contempt.

Beckoning them both forward, she challenged, “You wanted to get me alone so bad, well now you’ve got it. Let’s see if Fannin’s two heroines have got what it takes to take me down. Bring everything you’ve got ya numb sluts, because I’ve got nothing left to lose.”

Sarah and Neve exchanged glances and suddenly they were charging forward to tangle with Katie, the Scream Queen and the Slayer combining all their might to finally drive the invading Darkness from the promotion. As stated earlier, facing both Sarah and Neve would have been hopeless for most competitors, but Katie wasn’t most and she stood even with the two warriors, absorbing their blows and firing back her own, slugging and brawling away at any place she could hit. Grasping at straws, Katie was able to rake her claws across Sarah’s face, sending the blonde stumbling back.

With viper-like speed, Katie spun and drilled a boot between Neve’s thighs, doubling her over. Campbell was bent prone and in an instant Katie had her up and in position for a spine shattering Holmes Wrecker. If Sarah had been gone, the move might have connected, but the blonde was still in the fight and before Katie could deliver the move, Sarah charged and ducked low, chopping Katie’s knees out from under her.

The lithe brunette cried out and fell to one knee as Neve tried to get her head together. Advancing on the felled brunette, Sarah was about to lash out when Katie rocked her with yet another low blow. Most of the fight leaving her, Sarah fell forward, only to be locked in position for Katie’s other finisher, the DDT that Sarah knew so well. This time it was Neve’s turn to help the Slayer and she did post haste, leveling Katie with a Clothesline as she was preparing to pulverize Sarah with the DDT. Katie went down all the way this time and lay there groaning as Neve helped Sarah to her feet.

Looking at the grimly determined blonde, Neve said, “It’s time to end this!”

Sarah nodded and replied, “How do you want to do it?”

“Double teams are always good!” Neve answered as she pulled Katie to her feet.

Wrapping the last member of the Darkness up, Neve hoisted her high for a Powerbomb and Sarah latched a wicked grip on the back of Katie’s hair. Locking eyes, the two partners counted to 3 and then slammed downward with all their remaining strength, flattening Katie with a hideously augmented Powerbomb.

Looking at Katie’s wreckage, Neve said, “She’s all yours.”

Sarah only nodded and went for the cover. Everyone thought the fight was over, but Katie shocked them all by kicking out just before “THREE!” Genuinely surprised, Neve and Sarah looked at each other, then at he slowly recovering Katie. Her voice flat and cold, Neve said, “Allow me,”

Pulling Katie’s bulk up, Neve forced the fanatics head between her thighs before inverting her one more time. Not bothering to hold the position at all, Neve sat out, driving Katie’s head into the mat with a second Silent Scream. Wanting to be the one that finally put Katie down, Sarah pulled the unresponsive brunette to her feet and set her up for the Spiral Bomb. Looking out at the frenzied crowd, she drew a finger across her throat and then wrapped up Katie’s waist. Pulling the brunette off the canvas, Sarah turned in three tight circles before sitting out, nearly driving Katie’s entire frame through the mat. Neve counted silently along with the ref and everyone in the club, “ONE... TWO.… THRE…”Katie got a shoulder up.

Sarah couldn’t believe it and neither could Neve. She knew Katie was tough, but the punishment she was absorbing here wasn’t healthy. If she hadn’t known better she’d have said the brunettes will bordered on supernatural. Getting to her knees, Sarah pounded the mat with a fist, “WHAT DO I HAVE TO…?” She suddenly stopped. Getting to her feet, she said to Neve, “Follow my lead.”

Neve nodded and watched as Sarah went to Katie’s legs and grabbed an ankle in each hand and raised them up. Threading a leg through Katie’s Sarah crossed the limbs and then locked them in place with her hands. Twisting her hips, she turned Katie over and leaned back, trapping the brunette in the nigh inescapable Sharpshooter. As Katie began to writhe in Sarah’s grasp, the Slayer looked at Neve and hissed, “Lock her up! Make sure she can’t go anywhere.”

Neve thought for just s a second and then realized how to proceed. Moving to Katie’s head, the Scream Queen lay down perpendicular to Katie’s head and grabbed the girl’s right arm. Stretching it to it’s full length, Neve scissored the arm between her thighs and completed her hold by lacing her hands across Katie’s face and pulling back as hard as she could. The crowd and the ref gaped at what they were seeing, the leader of the Darkness being tortured on 2 fronts with 2 diabolical holds; The Sharpshooter and the Crippler Crossface. Both Neve and Sarah were putting everything they had left into the hold and still Katie would not relent, her one free hand reaching helplessly toward the ropes.

On the mat and in indescribable agony, Katie Holmes saw the ropes but knew she couldn’t reach them. Through the pain it dawned on her that the Darkness had failed, but she believed she was strong enough to deny the Slayer the one thing she truly desired. Focusing what was left of her will, Katie felt herself sinking into the darkness of unconsciousness, but her final thought was one of joy, the brunette thinking, “She couldn’t make me tap…Couldn’t make me tap.”

Then she was lost in the Darkness....

Back in the ring, the ref realized that Katie had stopped moving and checked the brunette’s hand. Lifting it once, he let it fall to the mat. He repeated it again with the same result. When he did it a third time, again Katie’s hand fell limp to the mat and, knowing it was finally over, the ref called for the bell. The roof blew off the place! Sarah and Neve released their holds and as the announcer declared them the victors as the two old partners embraced in front of the cheering mob.

Pulling away from the brunette, Sarah blinked tears from her eyes and said, “Thanks. I owe you big.”

Neve smiled back, “You don’t owe me a thing. This was a fight for all out futures.”

They embraced again and seconds later were joined in the ring by the Jen, Allison and Ashley, the three fallen members of Fannin’s Army having watched the rest of the fight tensely from backstage. There were cheers, congratulations (and relived sighs) all around, everyone glad it was finally over. The five were just getting ready to leave the ring when the crowd cheered again and they all turned to see Richard Fannin moving quickly up the aisle toward the ring. Grinning from ear to ear, Fannin slipped under the bottom rope and got to his feet, immediately congratulating the five women that had single-handedly saved his promotion.

Amidst hugs, handshakes and pats on the back, Rich scanned their faces and said, “You did it. I knew you could. I don’t know how I can repay you but here’s what I can do. The five of you get one favor from me, no questions asked. Be It a raise, title shot, gimmick match, anything you want, you got it. It’s the least I can do for you after you…”

“After they beat me?” came a ragged voice from behind the victorious girls. Eyes widening, they all whirled around to see Katie Holmes on her feet, watching the celebration with sardonic mockery in her eyes. Glaring at Sarah, she hissed, “Congratulations, Sarah; but you still couldn’t beat me by yourself.”

“Doesn’t matter Katie,” Sarah shrugged with a big smile. “You STILL lost.”

Katie seethed but somehow maintained her calm. Looking from one face to the other, her gaze finally settled on Fannin and she said, “The Darkness may be gone, but I’m still here Rich. And I always will be. As much as you hate to admit it you know deep down that there couldn’t ever be light without darkness. And much like the inevitability of dawn, so to will the Darkness return. Until then, enjoy your victory.”

As she spoke her last word, the lights suddenly went out and stayed out for several seconds. When they came back on, Katie had vanished, leaving no trace behind.

Sighing, Fannin managed a smile and said, “I’ll be glad to not have to deal with that any more. Now if I may be so bold, let’s get the hell out of here and go celebrate. Drinks, food, everything’s on me.”

Fannin’s recruits smiled and nodded before they all left the ring as a group. Heading up the ramp, they all saluted and slapped hands with the wildly cheering throng. It had been a tough fight but things had turned out all right in the end. After all, tomorrow’s a brand new day isn’t it?