"Darkfall #2": Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Erica Durance by The Walkin Dude

This continues after Keira Knightley-Kristen Kreuk (link). If you haven't, read that to help set the scene for this one.

It was the third week of January and the residents of the tiny Nebraska town of Gatlin were all but buried under a heavy blanket of snow. This winter had been especially brutal on the citizens of the isolated burg and as a result of the constantly falling snow there was even less to do than normal. But that weekend the residents of Gatlin caught a break. The snow had abated for the better part of two days and the plows had been able to get out and sweep the roads clean. And when the roads were clean, everyone who could headed to a place called The Silver Key, the best sand only pub in town. And while the activities that take place in this venerable establishment are interesting enough in and of themselves, conversations about corn and weather make for fairly boring reading and thus there's another reason for our visiting the place.

Indeed, tonight The Silver Key was host to Women's Wrestling and the patrons of the key were grateful for a distraction enticing enough to keep the cold away (at least for a while). And for those of you who may be wondering what in the world would possess Richard Fannin to haul his promotion out to the middle of Nebraska in January for a small to middling size crowd, well the answer is simple. The Silver Key was owned by a friend from the promoter's days at Miskatonic University. Jonathon Crane and Rich went way back and the promoter was more than happy to bring the talents in his employ to the confines of the Silver Key. And hopefully that has sated your need for a proper back story. I'll hand over narration duties to our trusty Ring Announcer.

Standing in the middle of the ring, the Announcer begins his tried and true pattern of delivery, "Ladies and gentleman, it is time for our Main Event! Introducing first…one of our most popular new talents; and it bears mentioning that she's still undefeated! At 5' 6" ladies and gentleman, I give you.... Erica Durance!" 'Let Me Out' roars to life and the lithe brunette breezes through the curtain. Striding confidently to the ring, Erica is a sight to behold, clad for her battle in a revealing 2 piece cream colored bikini. Her pads and boots are the same mild color and it contrasts wonderfully with her light tan and chestnut brown hair. Reaching the edge of the ring , Erica pauses for only a second before leaping onto the apron in one smooth catlike motion. Entering the ring, she gives the roaring fans one more confidant pose before settling into her corner to await the arrival of her opponent.

Waiting for a small lull in the crowd's mutterings, the Announcer resumes, "And her opponent, she stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall. Ladies and Gentleman she is Jennifer... Love... Hewitt!" 'This Love' pulses to life and Jennifer introduces herself to the patrons of the Silver Key. For her battle with Erica, Love has chosen her typical ring attire of two-piece emerald green bikini with matching boots and pads. Her dark brown hair hangs loose one her shoulders and as always the diminutive powerhouse is all smiles and cheers on her way to the ring. Reaching the ring, Jen never breaks her smooth stride, sliding under the bottom rope and then popping to her feet all in the span of an eye blink. Giving her fans a final wave, Jennifer heads top her corner and silently waits for the Announcer and the referee to change places. Moments later, her wish is granted and the bell is wrung. The audience is on their feet waiting to see how this match between two remarkably talented fan favorites will play out. As it turns out, they don't have long to wait.


Before the loud clang of the bell could fade from the confines of the pub, both brunettes were out of their corners and heading toward the center of the ring. The distance between them now nearly negligible, both Jennifer and Erica stopped and looked the other up and down, surveying her opponent for weaknesses. Apparently finding nothing easily exploitable, both women began to circle each other, their movements slow and calculated, the space separating their outstretched fingers shrinking with every revolution. When the first move came it was Jen who acted, suddenly lunging forward and wrapping one lean arm around Erica's head, pulling the bigger brunette roughly down.

Jen locked on her Headlock and squeezed tight, grinding Erica's temple against the point of her hip. Erica wasn't going to be stymied that easily however and it didn't take long for the taller brunette to retaliate. Moving quickly, she placed one hand on the arm cinched under her chin and the other on the small of Jen's back. Using only a little of her considerable strength, Erica shoved hard and broke free of the hold, sending Jennifer stumbling back a few steps. Not wanting to give her foe a chance to recover, Erica closed the distance between them and wrapped Jennifer up in a Headlock of her own.

Using her size to her advantage, Erica bore down on the hold and went to one knee, forcing Jennifer to bend with her to alleviate some of the pressure. But much like Erica, Jennifer was not one to let herself be easily overpowered. Getting her wits about her, she gripped Erica's squeezing arm tight and pulled up, bringing her and her captor to their feet. Before Erica could squeeze down on the hold again, Jennifer repeated Erica's earlier tactic, shoving the bigger brunette off of her, sending her stumbling toward the ropes. Erica was a bit surprised that the diminutive Love had been to shake herself free so easily but the talented rookie rolled with her foe's counter, using the push Jen had given her to bounce off the ropes just a little harder than normal. Speeding back toward the center of the ring, Erica lowered her head and thrust her shoulder forward, dead set on knocking Love off her feet with a Shoulder Block. Seconds later there was a meaty THUD and a shiver ran through Erica's body. Looking up, she saw Jen still standing, a little grin on her face. Erica tried not to let her surprise show through, but Jennifer was more perceptive than people gave her credit for and she knew when people had underestimated her.

Her smile got wider at Erica's shock and she said, "You're gonna have to try harder than that if you want to knock me down Erica."

Erica quelled the small burst of anger that had risen unbidden when Jen teased her and, her blue eyes narrowing, Erica hissed, "Maybe I don't want to knock you down Love. I think it might be more fun to FORCE you down." With that she raised both arms over her head and waited for Jennifer to accept her challenge to a Test of Strength.

Jennifer raised her hands to meet those of the taller brunette and as the two laced fingers she replied gravely, "This isn't going to be a cakewalk Erica, I'm stronger than I look."

As she began to apply pressure to the test, a hostile, out of character reply rose from nowhere and it was out of Erica's mouth before she could stop herself, "That's funny! According to the locker room gossip, it's remarkably easy to get you on your knees!" She looked both surprised and startled the moment she said it, but she didn't look sorry either.

Jennifer on the other hand flushed a bright red at the slight and pressing harder, she leaned into Erica and answered, "You better be careful how you choose your words or I'll make sure you end this match flat on your BACK!"

At that moment the time for words had passed (if only for a brief period) and both women were silent, intent on imposing their physical will on the other. For long moments nothing happened as both women poured all their strength into the test, legs planted firmly on the canvas, arms stretched out at their sides, their chests only inches apart as they leaned their heads on the other's shoulder. Each wore an expression of cold resolve as they attempted to gain some kind of advantage in this contest, but for all their apparent strength, neither brunette could budge the other. Just when it appeared their grappling would end in a stalemate Jennifer pulled back and then shoved forward, ramming her chest into Erica's. The move surprised the brunette and she was knocked back a step. Before she could adequately recover her balance, Jen repeated the body ramming maneuver, smashing herself chest first into her larger foe 2 more times. The third smash dropped Erica to one knee and the blue eyed beauty was forced to look up at her taller foe, who was staring down at her with a harsh smirk on her face.

Seeing the frustration on Erica's face, Jennifer taunted, "What's the matter rookie? Did wimpy little Jennifer Love Hewitt knock you down?"

Lip curling into an angry sneer, Erica fired back, "I just wasn't expecting a cheap shot til you got desperate." Saving her breath, the kneeling brunette centered herself and pushed up off her knees, not letting up on the pressure until she was face to face with the smaller brunette. Her nose brushing against her rival's Erica hissed, "I guess you just got desperate a lot sooner than I thought you would."

Erica rammed her own impressive assets into Jen's, sending the smaller girl back a step. Love appeared to be readying herself for another lunge when Erica fired her knee up and buried it in the other brunette's belly. The air rushed from Jen's lungs in a sharp little burst and she broke the Test of Strength to attend her assaulted midsection. Unfortunately for Love, dropping her guard while Erica was standing in front of her wasn't the brightest of things to do and as Erica took full advantage, knocking Jennifer to the mat with a hard Clothesline across her bulging bikini top. Jen gasped and rolled when she hit the mat, but she didn't stay down and popped to her feet, whirling to face Erica who was more than willing to greet her with a second Clothesline - again across her breasts.

Jennifer went down again, this time moaning and cradling her racked-up rack, but she was quick to regain her feet as Erica stood waiting, then leveling Love with a Running Clothesline across the throat. This time when Jen hit the mat she stayed down, making her the perfect prey for the hungry rookie. Seeing Jen laying breathless on the mat, Erica ran the ropes and sped back towards her foe before leaving her feet and splashing down hard across Jen's heaving chest, Erica's bounty flattening Love's and, feeling the air rush out of Jen's lungs, Erica hurriedly hooked a leg and went for the cover.

As the ref began to count, Erica stared down into Jen's gasping face and said softly, "I hope this isn't all you've got Jen. I wanted to actually break a sweat fighting you."

Jen didn't hear her foe's taunt but she heard the ref.'s count and she had the wherewithal to kick out right after he hit "two". Getting to her feet, the small brunette was still dazed and thus offered no resistance when Erica gripped her wrist and sent her into the ropes. The fog had just about cleared from Love's head when she suddenly had a new problem to deal with as Erica was right in front of her bent at the waist, intent on tossing Jen into the lights with a Back Body Drop. Jennifer tried to put on the brakes but she was still too disoriented and seconds later she found herself sailing over Erica's shoulder several feet in the air - crashing down with a loud sweaty SMACK on the unyielding mat. Jen groaned and she arched her back upon impact and tried to roll away but Erica would have none of that!

Erica wasted no time grabbing a damp handful of Jen's dark locks and, pulling her to her feet, she continued her assault by slipping around behind Love to wrap both arms around the wounded girl's waist and hoist her up. Jennifer was lifted easily off the canvas and held there for a moment while Erica let the audience enjoy their view of her hapless rival's butt. Ending the reprieve, Erica brought Jennifer crashing back down, slamming the other brunette's tailbone into her knee; a painful Atomic Drop! Lightning raced up Jen's spine and she uttered a pained shriek before falling to her knees. Before she could even begin to contemplate recovering, Erica gripped her wrist again and pulled her to her feet. Still holding Jen's wrist tightly, Erica stepped back and pulled her other arm out behind.

Speaking more to herself than to Love, she huffed, "Jeeze how'd you ever beat anybody? I'd have gotten more experience beating up a training dummy this evening."

Erica pulled Jen toward her and surged forward, looking to decapitate her with a Short Arm Clothesline. But Jen was a much faster learner than a training dummy. Seconds before Erica could level her, the brunette ducked under her opponent's arm and spun around, now behind the momentarily confused Erica. Before her rival could recover, Jen sprinted forward and landed a Clothesline of her own across the back of Erica's neck, sending the taller brunette down in a heap. With Erica incapacitated, Jennifer looked for another piece of offense and ran the ropes before delivering a Splash of her own, landing hard across Erica's back.

Kneeling next to the wheezing Erica, Jen put her hands on her hips and said, "You think I'm here to be your tackling dummy? I think you need that cocky attitude slammed, crushed and BENT out of you." She punctuated the taunt with a light, sharp SLAP to the back of Erica's head. Standing up, she pulled Erica to her feet and stood behind her foe. Turning around, she stood back to back with Erica and went to work. Steadying herself, she reached back and up, lacing her right arm up and under Erica's left armpit while simultaneously lacing her left arm up and under Erica's right armpit. With Erica's arms trapped, Jen pulled up even tighter and clasped her hands together, holding them tightly between the base of her and her opponent's neck Her hold almost complete, Jen looked to finish it off.

Straightening up, she leaned forward and pulled Erica up off the canvas, stretching her tightly across Love's back. Holding the taller brunette immobile and helpless, Jen walked her around the ring, the bounce in her step sending pulses of anguish through Erica's tautly stretched back and shoulders. As Erica fought for release and the audience roared, the suddenly dominant Love returned her foe's taunts, "You ever have training dummy tie you up and parade you around the ring Erica?" Jennifer chuckled, "I wouldn't think so, but then again you're not a very good wrestler so maybe a talented dummy COULD'VE done this to you!"

Jennifer ended her mockery by rocking up and down, taking Erica along for the ride. The captive brunette struggled to free herself but Jen made sure to keep her a few inches off the canvas. Erica felt like her shoulders were on the verge of separating as Jen continued to rock and all the while she had to endure the embarrassment of being carted around the ring for the howling locals, her impressive chest on prominent display for anyone who cared to see it. Erica had just renewed her escape efforts when Jennifer gave the hold an especially hard twist. Erica threw her head back and shrieked as Love taunted, "What's wrong Erica, can't get free? Do you wanna tap out to little ol' me?"

Through clenched teeth, Erica hissed at her tormentor, "Screw you Jennifer! When I get out of this, I'm gonna bend you in ways you can't even begin to imagine!"

Jen gave the hold another painful wrench and taunted back, "If you wanted to get your fat ass twisted in another hold why didn't you say so? All I have to do is let this one go!"

Jen crouched low, allowing her captive's feet to brush the mat for just a second, then she pistoned upward leaving the canvas with Erica still draped on her back. As she descended, Jen dropped to her knees and landed reasonably well on the canvas. The same could not be said of Erica though. The shock from the impact drove a massive wave of pain through her back and shoulders as she was bent back even further before Jen finally unclasped her hands and let the wounded brunette fall limply to the canvas. Jennifer stood nonchalantly over the gasping Erica and drank in the applause of the audience. Love's Reverse Full Nelson always seemed to get the crowd on her side.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, she hooked a hand into the band of Erica's cream colored bottoms and pulled the bigger girl to her feet. Standing in front of Erica, Jen threaded a hand through Erica's thighs and slung the other over her opponent's shoulder before lifting her into the air. Holding her victim perpendicular in front of her, Jen carried Erica around the ring, again displaying her considerable strength for the mob's approval. Tiring of merely holding her opposition. Love lifted Erica up a bit before slamming her down across her bent knee. The Backbreaker was perfect and Jennifer worked the hold with gusto, pressing down with one hand on Erica's jaw and the other on her thigh. Erica struggled and squirmed as the small of her back was bent in a bad way, but Jen just kept pouring on the pressure and the rookie's escape attempts were soon reduced to nothing more than helpless flailings. Searching for a way out, Erica settled across an answer that was a bit dirtier than she liked to play. Knowing that now was not the time to debate ring ethics, she brought up one hand and sank her talons into the soft flesh of Jen's right breast. The smaller brunette shrieked at this unexpected intrusion but she did not relinquish her hold.

Instead, Jen applied more pressure to the Backbreaker as she growled, "Now who's desperate? Let go of my tit you bitch!"

Panting and grunting, Erica squeezed her claw tighter and growled back, "Just as soon as you let me go, Love." She pinched even harder, drawing a squeal from Jen.

Fighting the growing pain in her chest, Jen managed to hiss, "Submit and I'll let you go; you cheap-shoting slut!"

Knowing that her single claw wouldn't cause Jennifer enough pain to force a release, Erica did something else she'd never done in a match. Grabbing hold of the slick green material of Jennifer's top, Erica pulled it down and to the side. Jen's right breast came free of its housing and was exposed for one half of a very appreciative audience. Gasping, the small brunette pushed Erica off her knee and immediately went about the business of covering herself up. Soon done, she flushed a bright crimson and stalked over to the kneeling Erica who was still trying to get the kink out of her back.

With a dark, angry look on her face, Jen grabbed a double handful of Erica's hair and pulled her up and, staring into her pain-crinkled eyes, Jennifer hissed, "You're going to regret that!"

Before Erica could respond, Jen fired a knee lift into her stomach. Erica gasped and tried to fall but Jen wouldn't let her. She had a tight grip on Erica's light brown mane and held her up while she continued to rain knees up into her midsection. Finally after several more Knee Lifts, Jen scooped Erica up and held her prone for several moments before slamming her with all the force she could muster. Erica hit the mat with a loud wet THUD and after rolling a short distance, she simply lay on her side moaning as Jennifer stood over her, enjoying her complete dominance of the match. Standing at Erica's head, Jennifer bent down and pulled her victim to a seated position. Quick as a snake, Jennifer placed one hand on the crown of Erica's skull and the other under her chin. Not bothering with a barb, Jennifer simply began to wrench her hands hard to the right, twisting Erica's neck at a painful angle. The downed brunette came to her senses when the pain blazed into her neck and she brought her talons up fast, clawing wildly at Jen's torturing hands but Love only twisted her hold tighter.

"Oh no you don't!" Jen hissed hatefully as she poured everything she had into twisting Erica's head off her shoulders.

For long moments, the blue eyed girl writhing on the mat, seemingly close to tapping out, but Erica wasn't ready to call it a night just yet. Knowing full well that her submission was inevitable if she couldn't escape Love's hold, Erica steadied herself and placed her hands against the mat. Using every bit of concentration to block out the pain She slowly began to get her feet under her before pushing off the mat. As she began to rise, she was able to turn into the pressure and alleviate some of the agony on her neck. Realizing that her hands had a free shot at Love's midsection, Erica took it! Pulling a fist back, she hammered it home into Jen's navel and enjoyed the surprised grunt of pain it elicited from her tormentor. She was just about to pull back for a second shot when Jen released her hold and pulled Erica straight up. Standing behind the dizzied brunette, Jennifer snaked her arms around Erica's trapping her in a Full Nelson. Love pressed down on Erica's neck forcing the brunette's chin down almost into the top of her own cleavage. Jennifer jerked the hold from side to side forcing Erica to struggle to keep her balance as Jen tortured her.

Pushing down especially hard on her foe's captive neck, Jennifer leaned in to whisper gently in Erica's ear, "You want to try and embarrass me Erica? Go ahead and try. But I've weathered humiliation from the best and you my little rookie friend, are nowhere near the best." With that she pressed down and pulled up simultaneously, pulling Erica scant inches off the ground while she wailed helplessly, a victim of the brutally simple hold. Finally Jen had to put her down again and Erica used it to her advantage, bulling forward as fast as she could, reaching the ropes before Jen could pull her back. As the ref began to admonish Jen into releasing her hold, the dark eyed veteran couldn't resist one more threat. Still holding the Nelson, Jen said softly in Erica's ear, "You liked exposing my tits so much Erica, maybe I'll let you have an up close and personal view of them when this is almost over. Whaddya say rookie?"

She released her hold and stepped backward as she shoved Erica rudely into the ropes. Glad to be free of Jennifer's murderous holds, Erica stayed in the ropes for several seconds, just drawing deep breaths and clearing her head. Finally she felt strong enough to face Love again and she looked up to see Jennifer waiting for her in the center of the ring, a small grin on her face and a taunting smug look burning in her brown eyes. Suddenly furious, Erica stalked forward and went nose to nose with her smaller foe. Leaning hard into her rival, Erica let Jen know that she was in for a fight if she wanted to a chest to chest duel. Jen however was not impressed and she leaned into Erica just as hard. As Erica's clear blue eyes locked with Jen's dark brown eyes, the audience was treated to the sight of their supple chests pushing and straining against the other. This silent stare down continued for the better part of 30 seconds.

Finally, Erica calmed down enough to say, "You think I'm scared of your tits? bitch, I'll rip those things off you if it suits me. And as for up close and personal.... Well I wouldn't mind introducing you to what a REAL breast smother feels like!" She ended her statement by leaning in even closer.

Jennifer was nonplused as she responded, "You talk real big now Erica, but you won't later. I've seen real terror in the eyes of stronger women than you right before I smothered them out. And as for a REAL breast smother?" She paused her and slowly ground her chest back and forth on Erica's, "Little girl, you don't know what real is!"

"Let's find out!" Erica hissed as she gripped Jen's wrist and whipped her towards the ropes. But instead of waiting for Love to rebound to her, Erica threw herself off the opposite ropes and sped toward the rebounding Jennifer. The two brunettes crashed into each other in the center of the ring, their dueling Shoulder Blocks each staggering the other, but neither able to knock her opponent down.

Angry both at herself and at Love, Erica hissed, "Want to try that again bitch? I won't even move this time."

"You'll move when I knock you on your ass!" Jennifer replied as she raced to the ropes again.

Heading back at Erica, the diminutive brunette was about to lower her shoulder when her rival sprang forward and nearly decapitated her with a Standing Clothesline. Jen groaned and lay motionless on the canvas, trying to clear the pain from her head. The fog was just about to lift when Erica grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her rudely up. With Love dizzy before her, Erica bent and hoisted her over her shoulders, hooking the smaller brunette in a classic Fireman's Carry.

Walking slowly around the ring, Erica addressed her stunned captive, "Boy you sure are trusting Jen. I can't believe you walked right into that! Finishing you off is going to be easier than I thought."

When Jen only growled in response, Erica ceased her taunting and began to spin in a circle, picking up speed with every revolution. When it seemed that she could no longer maintain her pace without falling over, Erica did exactly that, leaping up and then falling back, driving the length of Jennifer's back into the mat with a Spinning Samoan Drop. Amidst the wild cheers of the audience, Erica stood dominant over her foe, enjoying the pained, worried look etched on Jen's face. Easing a boot under Jen's side, Erica kicked her opponent onto her stomach and then positioned herself so she was facing Jen's head, one leg on either side of her foe's torso. Grin growing a bit wider, Erica placed both feet on the small of Jennifer's back. Bouncing slightly on Jen's back for effect, Erica bent and grabbed hold of her captive's wrists, one in each hand. Then, with both feet still planted, she pulled up hard, torturing the downed brunette with a Surfboard variant. Erica savored Love's wailing cries as the Surfboard went about wrenching her back and dislocating her shoulders.

After an especially sharp tug, she ground her heels down and taunted her, "What's the matter Love? Don't like having those legendary tits smashed against the mat?" She jerked her arms hard to the left and then to the right, doing her best to drag Love's ample chest across the rough canvas.

Gritting her teeth while her chest and arms were abused, Jennifer shot back, "It's not a very pleasant feeling Erica, but my tits will feel just fine after I'm done grinding them in your face!"

Not taking to Jen's threat very well, Erica gave another hard wrench on her hold before stomping down hard on Jen's back yet again. Dropping Love's wrists, Erica stepped back and sat down on the back of her victim' thighs, her feet resting on either side of Jen's head. Grabbing Jennifer's feet, Erica bent them at the knees, so that Erica's legs were now loosely held in the fork of Jen's knees. Looking to complete her hold, she leaned forward and grabbed a hold of Love's wrists again.

Right before she finished the hold, Erica teased, "Your tits won't be anywhere near my face when this match is over Love. They're going to be so mat-burned you'll be lucky to wear a shirt for the next month!"

Jennifer tried to respond, but was cut off when Erica leaned back as far as she could, putting insidious pressure on the smaller brunette's back. This second Surfboard modification was much more painful than the first and even more humiliating, as Jen was completely tied up and helpless to escape. For now she could only fight the pain as best she could and shake her head violently "no" when the ref asked for her submission. Back on Erica's end, the bigger brunette was really enjoying this hold, alternately relaxing and ratcheting up the pressure to stretch Jennifer past her limits. After a monstrous tug had actually pulled Jennifer's torso up off the mat by a few inches, Erica released the hold and stood confidently over her opponent.

Putting a foot in the small of Jen's back, Erica said, "You're tougher than you look, I would've expected you to start bawling after 5 seconds in the Surfboard. You've put up a good fight Love, but in a few seconds you're gonna wish you'd tapped out when you had the chance."

Speaking no more, she pulled Jennifer slowly to her feet, one hand buried in the smaller girl's sweaty mane. Looking to make good on her threat, Erica thrust her free hand into Love's crotch before hoisting her high overhead, holding the smaller woman prone in a gorgeous Military Press Slam. Keeping Jennifer helpless, Erica began to walk around the ring, holding her prey aloft, all the while letting the audience take in the sight of the powerful rookie dominating her more experienced opponent. When Jen's weight finally beginning to wear on her, Erica pushed her up one final time and stepped forward, leaving Jennifer to fall several feet straight down, landing stomach and chest first on the mat. Turning around, Erica booted Jen onto her back and placed one foot on Hewitt's heaving rack. Flexing her biceps for the audience, Erica grinned widely as the ref went to make his count. The pretty rookie was mildly aggravated when Jennifer rolled free at "two." Sighing in exaggerated fashion, Erica hauled Jennifer to her feet and drags her toward the center of the ring.

Standing face to face with her winded nemesis, Erica pulls Jen into her and wraps both arms around Love's waist. Before Jen can protest, Erica leans back and hauls her off her feet, torturing the smaller brunette with a Bear Hug. The fire in her ribs immediately becomes an inferno when Erica cinches on the Bear Hug and Jen responds violently, thrashing and twisting from side to side in hopes of escaping her rival's clutches. But to Erica's credit, she weathers the storm and just keeps pouring on the pressure, shaking Jen from side to side like a worn out rag doll. As Jen's struggles begin to grow less and less, Erica pulls her victim in even tighter.

Whispering in Love's face she taunts, "Howdya like being crushed out with one of your own holds? I can't tell if your face is red from embarrassment or pain. Truth be told, it's probably both." She was just about to continue when the trapped girl came alive in her arms, smashing a brutal Head Butt across the bridge of Erica's nose. Tears filled Erica's eyes and she released the hold before stumbling back to tend to her injured face. Free of the Bear Hug, Jennifer dropped to one knee and gasped for air, grateful to not have several broken ribs. She was still kneeling when Erica rushed in and grabbed a handful of hair. Pulling Jen to her feet, Erica screamed in her face, "Why don't you see that I'm better than you? Stay down or … UNNNGHHH!"

Erica's threat was cut off when Love buried a knee deep in her gut, doubling the taller girl over. With Erica momentarily helpless, Jennifer knew she needed to hit a big move that could end the match. With Erica still bent double in front of her, Jen trapped the brunette's head in her armpit while wrapping her arms under Erica's arms before locking both of her hands on the small of Erica's back. Before Erica had a chance to protest, Jennifer left her feet and fell toward the canvas, crushing Erica's unprotected head into the canvas with a skull shattering Double Arm DDT! Erica groaned once and rolled over onto her back, seeing nothing but stars. Seconds later, Love draped herself over Erica's middle and hooked a leg going for the pin. The ref had just reached "two" when Erica popped a shoulder up.

Angry, but also glad to have a breather, Jen pulled Erica to her feet and whipped her hard into the corner. Not even waiting for the ropes to stop shaking from Erica's impact, Jen launched herself at the corner and smashed full length into Erica's prostrate form. The air left Erica's lungs in one huge gasp when Love connected with her Splash and the lighter-haired girl tried to fall free of the corner, but Love held her in place. Stone faced, Jennifer whipped Erica into the opposite corner and delivered a second Splash, driving even more air from Erica's frame. Holding Erica slumped in the corner, Jen leaned in hard, the whole of her chest and abs pressed tightly against her foe's.

Craning her head up to get at Erica's ear she whispered, "Is this all your 'Or else' entails Erica? I thought you might actually be able to walk the walk, but it looks like you're nothing but another big mouth. You know what I do with big mouths Erica? I shut them up…or give them something to choke on!"

Quiet threat concluded, Jen pulled Erica to the center of the ring and whipped out a receipt from moments ago, trapping her foe in a waist crushing Bear Hug. Erica groaned and tried to break free, but Jen was an expert at this hold and she worked it like one, methodically crushing and shaking the breath from Erica. Looking for a really impressive display, Jen called on her reserves and pulled the larger girl off her feet and held her aloft. Feeling Erica squirm helplessly against her, Jen was extremely gratified when her opponent slumped forward, her sweaty cheek coming to rest on Love's equally sweaty shoulder. Giving her hold another little bounce, she asked, "Ready to throw in the towel yet E?"

Erica's half closed eyes came open and she gasped breathlessly, "No...chance.... In hell!" then brought her hands up and pulled at Jen's hair, trying to get the other brunette to relinquish her grip.

But after bring tortured by Erica earlier in the match, Love wasn't about to give up her advantage. Giving the hold a final squeeze, she released the hug and let Erica fall awkwardly to her knees. Pushing her foe's head down, Jennifer stepped forward and clamped her thighs shut around Erica's neck. Bending at the waist, she wrapped both arms around Erica's middle and then hauled her up, bringing the small of Erica's back to rest against the point of her shoulder. Pulling her grip a little tighter, Jen began to walk around the ring, bouncing on her heels to increase the pressure from the Canadian Backbreaker. Erica wailed as her spine was bent at an unforgiving angle, but she was helpless to do more than that as Love kept her in the center of the ring and well away from the ropes. After making several circuits of the ring with Erica on her shoulder, Jen returned to the dead center of the mat and rocked up and down on her heels, drawing a loud, growling shriek from Erica.

Squeezing her grip even tighter, Jen said calmly, "Give up…or else."

Furious at the mockery she heard in Love's voice, Erica spat, "FUCK YOUR 'OR ELSE' ASSHOLE!"

"Not a smart answer!" Love hissed as she enacted her plan. Facing towards the corner, she ran at top speed with Erica still draped over her shoulder. Approaching the steel turnbuckles, the audience let out a collective gasp when Jen didn't even slow down. Erica's inverted form was driven gut first into the thinly padded steel and she groaned pitifully when Jen released her, leaving her hung up in the corner. Love surveyed her carnage amidst the cheers and boos and after only a moment, she grabbed hold of Erica's boot and roughly pulled her victim free, leaving her sprawled on the mat. Still with a grip on Erica's foot, Jen drug her rival to mid ring and covered her, convinced that Erica was done for. She was shocked and angry when the other brunette defied the three count. Choking back some harsh words for the official, Jen pulled Erica to her knees and stood behind her. Leaning forward, she grabbed her captive's wrists while simultaneously planting a knee in her back. Pulling hard, Jennifer worked Erica's back even more, this latest application of the Surfboard doing nothing for Durance's well being. Thrusting her knee between Erica's shoulder blades, Love asked forcefully, " You want this to end Erica? Just tap out."

Shaking her head 'no' Erica hissed, "I don't want this to end until I've squeezed every breath of air from your lungs Love. I'm gonna crush you out, regardless of what you think."

"I think you talk to much!" Jen spat as she pulled back on the hold again.

Sweat was pouring down Erica's face as she suffered in Jen's hold and the rookie knew she needed to get free fast. Blocking out as much of the pain as she could, Erica got one foot under her and then another. Ever so slowly, she was able to get to her feet, even with Jen still pulling her arms behind her. Knowing Love would take her back down if she didn't act fast, Erica put all her strength into a violent twist of her whole body, breaking free of Jen's grip while spinning around to face her attacker. Before Love could muster a counter, Erica booted her in the gut and trapped her in a Front Face Lock. Not even thinking about it, she fell back with all her weight, driving Jennifer's face into the mat with a DDT. Erica's desperation counter took a lot out of Love but it had also consumed a lot of her reserves and instead of being able to capitalize on her advantage, she simply slumped on the mat, trying to regain her strength.

After several seconds both ladies got to their knees and were surprised to the see their opponent right next to them. Uttering little snarls of rage, the two brunettes locked up on their knees, pushing and shoving with everything they had left. Eventually Erica's size advantage came into play and she was able to bull Love onto her back. Not waiting a second, Erica pounced on the downed girl and grappled with her, trying to secure the match ending hold. Jen didn't make it easy though and the two women rolled back and forth across the mat, exchanging the dominant position several times before quickly relinquishing it. Finally Erica was able to get behind Jen and loop and arm around her neck. Pulling tight, Erica locked on the Sleeper and held in tight, adding a Body Scissors to better control her foe Crushing down on Jen's throat and abs, Erica's blue eyes glow with the sureness of victory.

Jerking Jen's head from side to side, Erica snarls, "You're done Jen. Tap now and I promise you'll leave this ring with your dignity intact. But if you make me choke you out..... I'll have some fun with you."

Fearful and angry at the other brunette's threat, Jennifer gasped, "You couldn't choke me out on my worst day. You may be good, but you're still little more than a rank amateur when it comes to submissions."

Angry that Love could still muster such defiance, Erica released her grip and hauled the dazed girl to her feet. Hauling Love up into a second Fireman's Carry, Erica stood still while she tried to reign in her emotions. Finally succeeding, she whispered to Jennifer, "So you think I'm an amateur, huh Love? Have you ever seen an amateur do THIS?" She rose up on the balls of her feet and thrust her shoulders upward while at the same time she lowered her head and pushed Jennifer forward, sending the brunette falling gut first toward the canvas. Before Jennifer hit the mat, Erica dropped to one knee and let Jen just fall into it, the smaller girl impaling herself on the unyielding joint. Jennifer gagged and clutched her stomach, trying to control the dry heaves that were welling up in her gut. Kneeling beside her retching foe, Erica's face took on a hard, merciless look. Remembering Jennifer's all out assault on her in the corner, the rookie looked to pay her foe back. Bringing the groaning Hewitt to her feet, Erica pulled Jen toward the corner and nonchalantly threw her chest first into the buckles. Sidling up behind the smaller brunette, Erica took time to brush a few errant strands of Hair from Jen's face before taunting her, "This is my OR ELSE Love. You can feel free to give up whenever you like but there's nothing guaranteeing I'll let you go."

When Jen didn't respond, Erica began firing hard closed punches into Jen's kidneys and back, relishing the quiet thuds and pained cries they drew from her opponent. Erica kept up her fistic assault until the ref caught wind of what she was doing and moved in to break it up. Even then, the bigger brunette kept punching until the ref had reached 4 on his count. Finally stepping away from her victim, Erica flashed an innocent smile before reaching out with both hands and grabbing hold of Love's hair. Pulling her out of the corner, Erica led her back to mid ring. Standing back to back with her foe, Erica reached behind her and cupped both of her hands under Jen's chin. Pulling tight, she fell to her butt, driving the base of Love's skull into her shoulder with a Falling Neckbreaker. Getting to her feet, Erica looked down and smiled, relishing the sensation of her having taken control of the match at last! Bending down, she brought Jen up and again went behind her, this time locking on a Full Nelson. Ratcheting up the pressure of the hold, Erica jerked Love back and forth, forcing the smaller girl to stumble awkwardly in her grip.

Forcing Jen's face into the top of her own cleavage, Erica pushed down even further and demanded, "Give up now; before I snap your neck!"

Jennifer responded to this threat the way any rational person would; bringing her foot up and stomping down on Erica's toes. The blonde screamed and released her hold, hopping on her good foot. Free of the hold, Jennifer stepped forward, simply wanting to create distance between her and her foe, but Erica didn't allow it. Fighting off the pain in her foot she lunged forward, meaning to grab a handful of hair. But Jen's locks were just out of reach and Erica ended up snagging Love's top instead. Before either woman fully comprehended what was happening, Erica had torn the garment free and was holding it in one hand, staring at it almost quizzically. Love on the other hand was furious and she whirled to face her opponent, one arm thrown protectively over her legendary assets.

As the crowd roared its wild approval, Jen flushed a bright red and screamed, "GIVE THAT BACK!"

Realizing she had the chance to take a insurmountable lead in the contest, Erica threw the top aside, stared at Jen and spoke four fateful words, "Come and get it!"

Rage clouding her pretty face, Love screamed, "You arrogant bitch!"

Love lunged at Erica with claws bared but that was exactly the response the rookie wanted and she reacted accordingly, slamming a fist into Jen's belly. The topless brunette doubled over gasping for air as Erica readied her next move. Standing beside Jen, Erica bent and looped one hand between her victim's legs; the other cupped under Love's chin. Grunting from fatigue, Erica lifted Jennifer off the mat, holding the small brunette draped across her shoulders in the insidious Torture Rack The crowd and Jennifer both screamed but for very different reasons; the crowd mostly for the spectacular view the Torture Rack gave them of Jen's own Tortured Rack, while Jen's screams were equal parts pain and embarrassment. She hadn't been exposed this way in a very long time and she still recalled vividly that it wasn't fun!!

Parading the struggling Love around the ring, Erica was all smiles. Giving the hold several energetic bounces, she pulled on Jen's chin even harder and said, "Pretty undignified position you're in there Jen. If you give up you could roll yourself onto your stomach to keep anyone else from ogling your tits. Of course I don't know why they would. They're nothing spectacular." She ended this opinion by wrenching the hold just a bit more.

Incensed past the point of coherent response, Jen settled for a primal cry before bringing her talons slashing across Erica's face. Her torturer's smile turned to a grimace of pain and suddenly Jennifer was free of the hold, a few feet behind Erica. The rookie wasn't incapacitated for long and seconds later she whirled to face her bare-chested opponent. Uttering a snarl of her own, Erica charged forward, intent on simply running Love over. But the veteran wasn't going to allow that to happen and at the last possible moment she ducked low and grabbed hold of Erica's legs then, mere microseconds later, she rose to her feet and fell back, slamming Erica face-first onto the mat.

Getting to her feet, Jennifer contemplated going to retrieve her top and then thought better of it. She could get it AFTER she'd paid Erica back. Seeing that the big brunette was still down, Jen ran the ropes and bounced back fast, speeding toward her downed foe. With no space left between them, Jen leapt into the air and came down with a Splash, the full weight of her midsection landing squarely on the back of Erica's head. Erica flopped once and lay still, moaning quietly on the mat as Jennifer stood over her, one gorgeous leg straddling each side of Erica's pain wracked body.

Standing tall over Erica, Jen asked the audience, "Wanna see me break her?"

The audience replied with a loud scream that, yes they very much would enjoy seeing that! Bowing to the will of the mob, Love sprang into action, bending down and grabbing Erica's ankles, pulling her legs up and then tucking them under her armpits. Moving gingerly, she bent further to gather her wrists, one in each hand before she took a deep breath and stood up, lifting Erica off the canvas by her feet and hands; bending the brunette's body into a vicious U of the little known Rocking Horse Crab. Coming to her senses as the pain of the hold coursed through her spine and neck, Erica struggled to free herself but was held fast.

Swinging her captive gently back and forth, Jen smiled triumphantly, "Time to give up Erica; there's no way out of this!"

Screaming out her reply Erica spat, "I don't tap to anyone, let alone a no talent, no class, silicon enhanced bitch like you!"

Furious at Erica's stubborn defiance, Love actually released her hold so she could inflict even more damage! Still standing over Erica's back. The brunette leapt high into the air before coming down, smashing her shapely rear into Erica's back. The downed woman screamed aloud at this new torture, but Jen would not relent, repeating the maneuver several more times. A vicious snarl on her face, Jennifer pulled Erica to her feet and got right in her face.

Slapping her taller foe across the face, Jen hissed, "You're not that good! Just give up!"

Erica responded, not words but action, smashing a Haymaker to Jen's cheek. Love yelped and backpedaled, only to be hit with several more Haymakers from a suddenly revitalized (and enraged) Erica. She had just launched the punch that should have taken Hewitt's head off, but the dazed girl ducked the blow and slipped behind the stumbling Erica. Before she realized what was going on, Erica had been cinched up in another Full Nelson. Instants after that, Love hauled her off her feet fast, her long legs flying out in front of her. Before Erica could get her feet under her again, Jen sat out, driving Erica's ass into the mat from a height of several feet.

As Erica groaned and tried to roll to her side, Jen released the Nelson and pushed Erica onto her back. Then she hooked the leg and leaned into it, really meaning to keep the big brunette down this time. Much to her chagrin, Erica was able to just barely kick out before the 3. Incredulous, but not yet out of ideas, Jen got off her foe and stood a few feet away. Crouching down she put her hands on her knees and waited for Erica to get to her feet. Watching the other brunette slowly get to her feet, Jen whispered, "Get up Erica. Get up so I can break your heart."

Erica finally got to her feet, turning around, weaving drunkenly, only to find the crouching Jennifer waiting. As the rookie blindly stumbled toward her, Jen spun her around and lifted Erica on her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry. The crowd roared when Jen prepared Erica for her 'Heartbreaker' (A Death Valley Driver to you non-JLH fans). But before she could fall and drive Erica's head into the mat, Erica managed to squirm free, sliding down Jennifer's back and landing on her feet behind her. Cursing, Love spun and bent to grab Erica and lift her again, but she was met with a boot to the belly!!

Scooping Jennifer onto her shoulder like a sweating, mewling sack of potatoes, Erica prepared to unleash her secret weapon! Shifting her grip, Erica wrapped her left arm over the bare expanse of Jen's back just above her dangling arms. Erica's right arm cupped the back of Jen's neck, positioning her with her head about even with Erica's hip. Satisfied Jen wasn't going anywhere, Erica rose on one foot, then dropped straight down, pile-driving Jennifer's head and neck to the canvas with sickening force. Erica's version of 'Emerald Fusion' connected beautifully and she didn't even bother to hook Love's limp leg when she made the cover.

Two and 7/8's seconds later, however, Erica regretted her decision because Love managed to kick out at the last instant. Incredulous, Erica could only shake her head as she hauled Jen back to her feet for a 'Powerbomb' which also happened to be the starting position for her finisher, 'The Durance Driver.'

With Jen's head wedged tight between her thighs, Erica said, "I'm not leaving you anything Love. Not your consciousness, your reputation OR your dignity."

Erica wrapped her arms around Jennifer's waist and proceeded to pull up but then a funny thing happened on the way to the Driver! When Jennifer should have been hoisted into the air, her feet stayed firmly planted on the ground. Erica tried to lift again, but the result was the same!! Bellowing in rage she tried one more time, but this time Love was the one doing the lifting! Gripping Erica behind the knees, Love pushed up with everything she had left and brought Erica into the air. Holding her prey awkwardly, Jen bent her knees slightly, then shoved up hard, muscling Erica into the Fireman's Carry one more time. This time she didn't hesitate as she fell to the side, driving the back of Erica's head and shoulders into the canvas.

The audience roared when the 'Heartbreaker' connected! Jennifer hooked both of Erica's legs, putting as much pressure on the pin as she could and as the ref's hands was coming down for the third and final time….NO! Erica somehow got her shoulder up just enough to break the count! Refusing to accept this turn of events, Jen hooked Erica's leg again and went for a second cover but, again, Erica kicked out!! Beside herself with anger, Jen got up and kicked Erica over onto her back. Bending down, she grabbed the weakly protesting brunette by the wrists and dragged her to center ring. Satisfied there was no way Erica could reach the ropes, Jen straddled her waist, sitting heavily on her stomach, then still panting deeply, Jennifer reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Erica's light brown hair.

Pulling her torso off the mat, their faces mere inches apart, Jennifer began shaking Erica's head from side to side, talking to her, "Wake up Erica, you bitch!" Slowly, Erica's blue eyes opened and, realizing her situation, Erica, tried to break free but she didn't have the strength and the best she could do was some weak squirming. Locking eyes, Jennifer spoke, "Listen very carefully because I'm only going to say this once. Because I'm mostly a decent human being, I'm gonna give you the chance to tap out right now. Otherwise....." She brushed Erica's chin across the top of her breasts. "….THIS is what's in store for you!!"

Erica struggled some more, then replied, "You put your tits in my face and I'll chew them off."

"You bite my tits and I'll snap your neck!" Jennifer replied coldly. "Whaddya say Erica, had enough?"

Erica's eyes were still defiant, "Your tits don't scare me."

"Oh, but they will!" Jennifer whispered as she pulled Erica's resisting face into her cleavage.

Erica's struggles increased as soon as her air was cut off, but Love quickly quelled all opposition by wrapping her arms around the back of Erica's head and pulling her in even deeper. Feeling the first panicky bursts of Erica's breath against her assets, Jennifer began her grind in earnest, pulling Erica's head one way while she pulled her chest in the other. Her breasts slapping and sliding against the quietly protesting landscape of Erica's features, Love made sure there was no way for Erica to draw even the slightest breath. Soon, Erica's struggles ceased and Jennifer leaned forward, laying Erica back down on her back on the canvas and laying atop her limp body. Still not releasing the breast smother, Love grabbed Erica's limp wrists and pinned them above her head as the referee went to make the academic three count. Jennifer pulled back on the smother just enough to let her tits brush lightly back and forth across Erica's sleeping face and seconds later the match was over. ]

Jen sat up and leaned back as she soaked in the victory seated on Erica's body while the Announcer declared her the winner. Before she got off Erica, Jen looked back at her sleeping nemesis and noted with no small amount of satisfaction the thin sheen of breast sweat that covered Erica's blissful face like beads of dew. Standing up, she went over and snatched up her discarded top, slipping the garment on as cameras went off like machine guns. After posing for the crowd, she went back to Erica's sleeping form.

She bent down, grabbing a hold of her foe's cream colored top between the cups and lifted Erica's torso as she whispered, "Like I said. I'm MOSTLY a decent human being." She yanked the fabric from Erica's body, leaving her topless. As the crowd cheered its approval, Jen tucked the top into the hip of her bikini bottoms. Flashing one more grin she eased her way out of the ring and walked back up the ramp heading for her locker room. Then she stopped and turned around, watching the just now beginning to stir Erica; knowing she'd stirred up a hornets nest. Jen smiled in anticipation of the fights to come, her eyes never leaving her slowly recovering adversary.

"Welcome to the Big Time Erica," she sighed. "You're a rookie nomore!"

Then she turned on her heel and disappeared through the curtain.
*** Several Minutes Later***
Still clad in her ring gear and the T-shirt she had borrowed from the referee, an exhausted Erica Durance stumbled down the hallway toward her dressing room. Pausing outside her door, her eyes filled with tears, she choked back a disappointed sob.

"So this is losing." she thought. "I guess it could've been worse."

"How?" muttered a nagging, unwanted voice in the back of her head. "She choked you out with her tits! Her tits! You woke up with her tit sweat on your face! AND to top all that off, she stole your top after you were out of it!" the voice ranted.

Replying to her inner nag, Erica whispered, "To be fair, I took her top first. I mean, it WAS an accident, but I could've given it back. And it didn't help parading her around in the Torture Rack. Besides, she left me with my bottom!" This was too much logic for the angry little voice and it fell petulantly silent.

Erica put her hand on the doorknob. "All I want is to take a shower and for this day to be over." she muttered as she flipped on the light. Much to her surprise, her locker room wasn't empty. Sitting in the middle of the room was an old friend of hers, Kristin Kreuk. The seated brunette smiled at Erica's surprise and said simply, "Hello Erica. Rough night?"

"You can say that again!" she replied as she stepped in and closed the door. "Why are you sitting in the dark?"

Kristin smiled again, "I've developed a new appreciation for darkness; it calms me and helps me think. We've been doing a lot of both the past few days, Erica. Not to mention a lot of watching....and scouting. And after tonight, we want to extend an invitation for you to join us."

More than a little confused by her friend's cryptic words, Erica said, "Since when do you refer to yourself in the plural. It's kind of weird."

It wasn't Kristin who responded but a voice from the darkness behind her, "Since she met me Erica!" Erica's eyes widened at the sound of the voice and she whirled. Seeing who was behind her, standing just inside a pool of shadows, Erica suddenly became very afraid.

Speaking barely above a whisper, she said, "I don't care what you want, but I want you out. You don't have anything I need." Turning to Kristin she said, "And if you're with her, I want you gone too. Get the hell out."

The voice spoke again, "You're so eager to see us leave, but all I want is to talk. To ask you to hear me out. If you don't like what I'm saying just say so and we'll leave you in peace. But I don't think you'll ask us to leave Erica. I think you're going to want to be on the winning side when the sun finally sets on this miserable promotion."

Looking back and forth between Kristin and her other guest, Erica spoke quietly, "Talk."

"Very well," the voice said. "Let me ask you a question Erica? Do you like your fans? Do you respect them?" Before Erica could respond, the voice cut her off, "I'm sure you do. They've treated you very well since you've arrived here. Until tonight that is. You respect your fans Erica. But do they respect you?"

"Of course they do!" Erica answered, her tone defensive.

"Really? Then let me ask you this. Just how did your fans react at the end of your match tonight? How did they treat you when you were staggering from the ring with Jennifer's tit sweat still drying on your face?" Erica was silent now, but her guest continued, "I'll tell you how they reacted. They laughed at you and booed you out of the building. All of those supposedly loyal Erica Durance fans cheered their hearts out when that vicious slut jammed her fake tits in your face and choked you out on them! It's a dirty little secret Erica; something Fannin will never tell you. See, the fans have their favorites and they'll cheer and clap the whole time you're winning, but the second you lose....they'll turn on you faster than you can blink. And you know why? It's because deep down in the darkest, truest parts of their souls, they love seeing their favorites get destroyed. Even the most loyal supporter loves to see his 'girl' get trashed and demolished every now and then. They love reveling in the humiliation of their idols, Erica. Am I lying?"

The tears were trying to come again and Erica shook her head 'no.'

"They don't like you Erica and they sure as hell don't respect you. They don't like us either, though Kristin and I could give a shit about that. But respect? Oh, we are going to have their respect Erica. We're going to tear down every stinking one of the false idols those blathering fans love to worship and we're going to enjoy doing it! But we need help. We need people who are angry. We need people who believe in our cause. We need people who want revenge against the type of grandstanding bitch that would tit smother a nearly unconscious opponent and then have the nerve to PIN her. We need you Erica; will you join us?"

Finally letting her tears flow freely, Erica set her anger free along with her tears. Looking back at Kristin and then back at the owner of that persuasive voice, she answered, "Yes!"

The owner of the voice smiled and stepped out of the shadows. Looking from Kristin's cold smile to Erica's burning rage she couldn't help but be pleased; everything was going according to plan. "Two down and two to go," she muttered.

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