Darkfall #5: Tiffani Thiessen vs. Jessica Biel by The Walkin' Dude

It was a week after Valentine's Day and in the little town of Haddonfield Illinois, there wasn't much to do. It's not so much that the weather was bad or anything specific, it just seemed a quiet sort of lethargy had settled over the town during this cold, gray February and nobody really seemed all that motivated to leave their house. However this ennui was brought to a screeching halt (or perhaps only a temporary one) when Women's Wrestling came back to town for one night only. On this cold Monday night, the denizens of Haddonfield piled into their cars and headed for the old armory situated on the edge of town. It seemed that the promise of watching furious female fisticuffs was enough to break even the deadliest of winter stupors. And tonight's card was going to be a wonderful break from routine. Tonight's main event featured local favorite Tiffani Amber Thiessen in a huge challenge in the form of blonde powerhouse Jessica Biel! It was common knowledge that Tiffani was one of the most cruelly gifted veterans in Fannin's promotion, the brunette able to beat women of all shapes and sizes with her far reaching repertoire of dirty tricks. But it was also common knowledge that Jessica Biel had been on a tear the last several weeks, the blonde goddess still trying to silence the haunting echoes of her last defeat at the hands of another cruel brunette, one Eliza Dushku. Tonight Tiffani and Jessica would clash for the first time and the outcome of this initial encounter was the source of much debate and betting among the crowd at the armory.

Climbing through the middle rope, the Ring Announcer brought his trusty mic up and began the last round of introductions, "Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event! Introducing first at 5' 5" tall, Tiffani…Amber…Thiessen!"

No Doubt's 'Just a Girl' strummed to life and the crowd had to wait only a moment before they got a look at the fetching brunette. Sweeping through the curtain, Tiffani was all smile and playful smirk as she headed for the ring. For her first battle with the blonde, Tiffani was clad in a black two piece bikini with an blue white lightning bolt pattern crisscrossing both top and bottom. Her look was completed with simple black boots and pads. Reaching the edge of the ring, she slid easily under the bottom rope and popped to her feet. Playing to her fans a bit more she circled the ring and whipped the crowd into a near frenzy with a few simple movements. Convinced she had the mob in the palm of her hand, Tiffani smiled once more and then headed to her corner, awaiting the arrival of tonight's opposition.

Clearing his throat the Announcer resumed, "And introducing her opponent; she stands 5' 8" tall…ladies and gentleman I give you Jessica Biel!"

The opening riff of 'Slither' hits the speakers as Jessica makes her way through the curtain and strides purposefully towards the ring. For her war with Tiffani, Biel has chosen a two-piece bikini that's the color of coffee with too much cream. The outfit stretches and holds to all the right places on the girl's athletic figure. It is the antithesis of modesty. Her pads, boots and wristbands are also brown, but they are much darker, almost black. Reaching the edge of the ring, Biel hops up on the apron and stands there a moment before slipping under the middle rope. Standing in the center of the ring, Jessica raises her arms over head and poses, rewarding her fans with a wide grin. The tall blonde's expression and body language spook of an absolute sureness of victory as she strode toward her corner.

The maddening din of the crowd only grew louder as the blonde and the brunette heeded the call of the bell and stalked toward the center of the ring. Face to face for the first time, Jessica and Tiffani stopped a few feet from the other, each regarding the opposition with a slightly sarcastic smirk on her face. Their silent stare-down continued for perhaps 15 seconds before Tiffani spoke up and said rather haughtily, "So YOU'RE Jessica Biel. Funny, I thought you were taller. It doesn't really matter how tall you are I suppose. I've beaten better than you and hey, Eliza tells me you've got a great face for sitting on."

The smaller brunette smiled evilly and stepped forward, her chest brushing lightly against the blonde's. Jessica only breathed deep and fought the rage that was threatening to overtake her. In a voice barely above a whisper she replied, "Eliza got lucky. You won't have that luxury. After I drive you through this ring I'm going to ride your face for as long as it suits me. Afterwards we can discuss who's got a better face for grinding on. Is that OK with you.... Tiff?" she asked as she leaned in closer to her foe, going nose to nose with the taunting brunette.

Not fazed by Jessica's malice, Tiffani responded sweetly, "No problem at all Jesse. What say we stop stalling huh?"

She shot both hands forward and buried them in the sides of Jessica's dark blonde mane. Before the taller girl could do more than let out a surprised grunt, Tiffani had pulled her opponent's face down into her cleavage and began grinding it back and forth, really mashing her tits into Jessica's furiously protesting features. Mere seconds had gone by when Jessica regained her wits and shoved Tiffani away from her. Getting to breath again, Biel wiped the sweat from her face before casting a murderous stare at the smirking brunette. Her tactics may have only worded for a little bit, but Tiffani was already confidant that she'd gained a major psychological advantage. She was still smirking as Jessica advanced on her, cutting the distance between them at an alarming rate. She had just opened her mouth to taunt the blonde when Jessica launched a slap forward that caught her flush in the mouth. The force of the blow caught Tiffani off guard and the brunette was sent sprawling, landing in a rather undignified sprawl square on her butt. Tiffani shook off the haze in her head and looked up to see Jessica looming over her.

The blonde's voice was sheer venom as she spat, "You try something like that again and I swear to God you will leave this ring on a stretcher. You understand me you no talent bitch?"

"All too well!" Tiffani snarled before popping to her feet and shoving Jessica with all her might.

The bigger blonde staggered back a few steps but quickly regained her balance. The same righteous anger still burning in her eyes, the blonde lunged forward with a shove of her own, the force of it sending her shorter rival stumbling backwards into the ropes and then back towards the blonde. Jessica was waiting with gifts in hand, or rather, a gift of hands as she belted her foe across the face with a series of hard right hands. Tiff was about to get her hands up when Jessica grabbed her by the hair and bent her double. Before Tiff could even squawk in protest, Jessica drove her to her hands and knees with a clubbing forearm shot right across the back. Breathing hard, Tiff tried to get back to her feet but Jessica was right there, flicking a series of light but taunting boots right to the side of the brunette's face. As her own rage grew stronger, the brunette endured the taunts of the powerful blonde.

"C'mon Tiffani, get up and kick my ass if you can. Or maybe the locker room gossip is true. Maybe you're just an washed up old has-been living on past accomplishments, a worthless bitch more concerned with collecting a paycheck than winning her matches. You're pathetic." Jessica ended her tirade with a another light kick to the side of the brunette's head.

The kick sent Tiffani into a frenzy and as Jessica fired yet another boot at her face, Tiffani got her hands up and caught Biel around the ankle. Holding her foe on one foot, the brunette got to her feet, holding Jessica's leg extended in front of her, forcing the blonde to hop on one foot.

Smiling at the concern in Jessica's eyes Tiffani snarled, "Riding your sobbing face is all the paycheck I'll need you miserable twat. Let's see how tough you really are!"

She brought up her foot and buried it deep in Jessica's exposed crotch. The blonde's strong legs instantly collapsed and she fell to the mat groaning and holding her aching center, even while Tiffani still had a hold of her leg. Looking to finish this match quickly, Tiffani bent and grabbed Jessica's other leg before pulling them both up and out, holding them spread in a V shape. Ignoring Jessica's groans of protest, Tiffani brought her boot up and then down, burying it in Jessica's mound a second time. The blonde's wails seemed only to motivate the heartless veteran and she continued her attack stomping a proverbial mud hole in Jessica's most sensitive of regions. After a few more stomps, Tiffani threw Jessica's legs aside and bent again, this time grabbing a handful of blonde hair. Pulling the wobbly legged Jess to her feet, Tiff spun her roughly around, so that she as standing behind the agonized blonde gripping her tightly.

Tiff leaned in and said soothingly, "Don't worry little girl. I won't obliterate your filthy twat just yet. I also wanna play with your cottage cheese ass a bit!"

When Jessica only mumbled a curse in response, Tiffani grinned and slipped an arm around her rival's waist. Lifting up, she hauled Biel off her feet and held her aloft for several seconds, even turning in a circle to give the audience a great view of the blonde's helpless ass. Finally growing weary of Jessica's weight, Tiffani slammed her foe down, driving Jessica's tailbone directly into the point of Tiffani's bent knee, a textbook Atomic Drop!! A lightning bolt of agony raced up Jessica's spine as Tiffani tossed her to the canvas and stood gloating over her. Jessica hated the fact that she was getting dominated again, but for right now she could do nothing except clutch weakly at her abused posterior. She was still in this position when the smaller brunette lay down on her back and rather lazily grapevined her legs.

Then Tiffani trapped Jessica's arms behind her, effectively neutralizing the blonde's power with a Full Nelson. As Jessica squirmed helplessly, Tiffani smiled and cinched the grapevine a little tighter, all the while grinding her own crotch against Jessica's sweating lower back.

Pulling the Nelson tight, Tiffani hissed in Jessica's ear snidely, "Is THIS all you've got? Man it's no wonder everybody in the back calls you 'Jobber to the Stars' you're nothing but a glorified dummy for the main eventers to practice their moves on…moves like THIS!"

Then the brunette slammed Jessica's face and chest down again, banging them into the canvas hard. While Jessica was still stunned, Tiffani began pulling back and forth, dragging her victim's face and chest hard along the unyielding canvas. After several seconds of this demeaning treatment, Jessica's head finally seemed to clear and the only thing left behind was the furious desire to first escape and then destroy this bitch who was tormenting her. With a primal screech of rage, Jessica managed to get her knees under her before frantically crawling toward the bottom rope.

Seconds later, the trapped blonde reached for her freedom and as she gripped the rope in both hands, she demanded to the ref that Tiff release her sadistic hold. Frustrated that Jessica had been able to so easily power free of her submission, Tiffani ground her foe's face into the canvas for a final time before relenting. Getting to her feet she headed toward the center of the ring and stalked her foe as Biel slowly regained her vertical base. Voicing a snarl of her own Tiffani launched herself at Jessica, extending one well toned arm, meaning to take Jessica's head off with a Lariat. She had just about closed the gap between them when Jessica went low and wrapped her arms around Tiffani's upper thighs, then with a huge upward thrust, she lifted her as, staggering under the weight, she took a few steps backward, then let herself fall back, dropping Tiffani's throat over the top rope. The brunette's head snapped back on contact and she flopped on the mat retching and writhing in pain, totally oblivious to anything but her injured throat.

Brushing some hair from her eyes, Jessica looked down and saw Tiffani at her feet. Taking no time to plan, the blonde jumped straight into the air, getting great elevation before coming down with a perfect Splash across her foe's outstretched midsection. Smiling viciously as the air exploded from the brunette, Jessica trapped Tiffani's right wrist in both hands, pinning the limb to the mat while at the same time scissoring the brunette's right arm in both thighs, pinning her to the mat with a Cross Body. Jessica held her grip steady as the ref went to make his count. He had just passed "TWO" when Tiffani was able to push Jessica off of her. Getting to her feet, Jessica was feeling more than a little vengeful. Pulling up the mewling brunette, Jessica easily powered the smaller woman off her feet and onto Jessica's shoulders in a classic Fireman's Carry. Walking contentedly around the ring Jess proudly displayed the helplessness of her opposition for all to see.

Turning her attention back on the brunette, Jessica sneered, "I'm the Jobber to the Stars Tiffani? I don't think so. I've beaten girls that didn't break a sweat kicking your ass. And after this match, everyone's going to see that you're nothing but a pathetic shell of your former self. I'm going to savor being the one to put an end to you."

When Tiff only groaned in response, Jessica smiled and began to spin slowly in a circle. She increased the pace gradually so that in several seconds she was moving at a rapid pace, the old school Airplane Spin entertaining the crowd and nauseating the brunette. Moment's later Jessica dumped a stumbling Tiffani Amber Thiessen off her shoulders, leaving her to stumble drunkenly around the center of the ring. The blonde on the other hand seemed to display no ill effects from the dizzying move and she bounded toward the opposite side of the ring before launching herself back at her rival. When the distance between them was almost nil, Jessica fired her foot up and nearly decapitated Tiffani with a Big Boot to the face. Tiff's head snapped back and she fell to the canvas, laying there in one moaning, groaning heap. Enjoying the destruction she had caused, Jessica's desire for revenge had not been sated in the slightest. Bending down, she yanked Tiffani up by the hair and pulled her toward the ropes where she draped her foe throat first on the middle rope. Playing to the crowd a bit, Jessica made a show of wiping the sweat off her brow.

Turning back to Tiffani, Jessica said, "I don't know about you but I could go for a mid match time-out. You won't mind if I used you as a cushion do you? No? Well thanks very much."

Jessica turned around and sat on the brunette's back. Using the ropes for extra leverage, Jessica pressed down with her ass, really grinding Tiffani's throat against the rope. Gagging and choking, the brunette frantically tried to dislodge her nemesis, but Jessica wasn't going anywhere until the ref had gotten to "FOUR" on his 5 count. And even then she was slow in getting up, taking the time to grind her rear one more time on the back of Tiffani's neck. Quite proud of herself at the way she had regained control of the match, Jessica looked to drive the point home even further. Taking off again, she bounced off the far ropes and headed back towards her victim. When she was close enough, Jessica leapt forward, planning to drive her full weight into Tiff's back, choking the brunette even more viciously against the ropes.

Unfortunately for Jessica, Tiffani pulled to the side at the last possible second, leaving Jessica to slam groin first into the middle rope, the strong cable cutting deep into her center. Tears filled the blonde's eyes and she voiced an agonized cry as collapsed near the ropes, holding her devastated crotch. Tiffani got back to her feet and the look on her face was perfectly clear. She was going to take full advantage of Jessica's mistake!

Pulling the blonde up by the hair, Tiffani stared into Jessica's face and said sweetly, "Did you hurt yourself Jesse? Let's see if I can't make it better!!" She brought her knee up full force into Jessica's groin, the blow actually lifting Biel off her feet before dropping her to her knees. Looking down at the sobbing blonde, Tiffani appeared to chastise herself, "Well that didn't work at all. Maybe this will be more useful. She pulled Jessica up again and wasted no time in locking the disoriented blonde in a tight Front Face Lock. Holding Jessica helpless, Tiffani took the opportunity to use her free hand to administer a brutal wedgie to her captive. Jessica moaned in protest but Tiff only pulled harder before suddenly sitting out, driving the blonde face first into the canvas with a DDT. Arrogantly pushing the blonde onto her back, Tiffani stood over Jessica's chest, one leg on either side of her frame. Looking into Jessica's pain wracked face she taunted, "You really are pathetic you know that? Let me show you what kind of damage a real woman can do."

With that she jumped straight into the air and came down ass first on Jessica's heaving chest. The Butt Smash flattened Jessica's chest and she could only sob as Tiffani ground back and forth on her tits. The ref went to count but Tiffani got up after "TWO", pulling Jess up with her.

Flashing the ref a devilish grin she said, "I'm not through with her yet."

The ref just rolled his eyes and backed away, allowing the contest to continue. Holding Jessica in front of her, Tiff wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist and pulled her close in a loose Bear Hug.

Still wearing a confidant smile, Tiffani said, "Had you almost forgotten the pain in your twat Jesse? I hope so, 'cuz it'll make this all the much more excruciating!" She lifted the blonde off the mat and ran forward a few awkward steps before bringing her victim back down, slamming a bent knee into the juncture of Jessica's thighs. The Inverted Atomic Drop had connected beautifully and Jessica's only response was a watery little cry before she fell back to the mat and lay there, breathing hard and not doing much else. Knowing Jessica was almost out of it, Tiffani sauntered forward and sat down on her victim's waist. Slapping Jessica lightly, Tiffani said, "It was a good effort baby but you can't hang with me. But you tried so I'll reward you with some bliss. Even if it has to be forced upon ya."

The crowd went nuts at Tiff's threat as the brunette was about to employ one of her finishers, a simple Grapevine and Breast Smother she had dubbed, 'Unwanted Bliss.' Wasting no more breath, Tiffani lowered her breasts into Jessica's upturned face. Biel tried to squirm away from the looming valley of the brunette's cleavage, but it was hopeless.

Seconds later her face was engulfed by her foe's bounty and she began to squirm as her air was cut off. The crowd roared their approval as Thiessen really bore down on the smother, grinding her chest from side to side so her massive rack slapped wetly against Jessica's face. The brunette flipped a sweaty lock of hair from her face and looked up at the referee, "You can count her out now. Or you can wait til she's asleep, I don't really care."

Shaking off his lethargy, the ref knelt to make the count. His hand was coming down for the final time when Jessica managed to slip and hand free and bring it up into Tiffani's face. Before the brunette knew what was happening, Jessica buried her claw in the Tiffani's cheek and pulled as hard as she could. The smaller brunette shrieked and she pulled away wildly, trying to save her features from any more scoring. Scowling, she scrambled away and nursed her injured face while down on the mat, Jessica was happy just to breath again. And she was taking full advantage of the opportunity, breathing in great tearing gasps of breath. She'd just about recovered when Tiffani pulled her roughly to her feet.

Wrapping the discombobulated blonde in another Bear Hug, Tiffani hissed, "You think that was pretty clever huh bitch? Let's see how clever you feel when I totally destroy your second rate cunt!"

Ending her threat with a wild cry, Tiffani went to hoist Jessica up, going for a second Inverted Atomic Drop. But this time things didn't go as planned. The blonde tensed in her grip and planted her feet, staying on the canvas. When Tiff tried to pull up again, Jessica drove her head forward smashing it into the bridge of the brunette's nose. Tiffani howled in pain and tried to pull away but Jess shot an arm out and grabbed a hold of her hair. Yanking Tiffani toward her, Jessica smashed a brutal Forearm Shiver into the brunette's recently assaulted nose. Tiff's cry of pain was even louder this time and she dropped to her knees in front of the suddenly revitalized blonde. With murder in her eyes, Biel pulled Tiffani to her feet only to immediately lock her in a Front Face Lock. Focusing herself Jessica put all her strength into lifting Tiffani off the canvas. The dazed brunette was lifted off the canvas and held aloft over Jessica's head.

Holding Tiffani in her precarious position, Jessica screamed, "YOU GO AFTER MY CUNT ONE MORE TIME AND I WILL MAKE SURE IT'S THE LAST THING YOU EVER DO!" Jessica sat out, driving Tiffani's face and middle into the canvas with a Sit Out Gourdbuster. The brunette hit the mat and gasped, curling into the fetal position as she tried to get her breath back. Still furious over the way Tiffani had treated her, Jessica kicked the winded brunette onto her back and stood by her feet. Gasping the brunette's right ankle in both hands, she placed her left foot on her victim's left ankle. Pushing with all her strength, Jessica tried her damnedest to rip Tiffani in half with her version of the 'Leg Splitter.' "How's that feel, BITCH?" she taunted. "How do you like getting your twat destroyed? C'mon, answer!"

But Tiffani was in too much pain to respond. Instead she fought the agony as best she could and began to pull herself toward the ropes and freedom. She managed to get one leg free and escape the immediate pain of the hold but Jessica was still holding her prisoner and the brunette desperately needed to get free. With one final panicky lunge, she got a hand on the bottom rope, forcing the ref to call for the break. In most cases, Jessica would have followed the zebra's instructions but she was still too pissed off to just let Tiff go. Instead, she gave her captive's ankle a violent tug and pulled Tiffani away from the ropes and back to the middle of the ring.

Changing her tactics a bit, Jessica released her foe's foot and pulled her to her feet. Standing beside her prey, Jessica went to work. The blonde bent at the waist and looped one hand between the brunette's legs while the other found its way around her captives chin. Panting with the effort, Jessica lifted Tiffani off the mat, the smaller brunette draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the insidious Torture Rack. Wrenching the hold as hard as she could, Jessica walked around the ring with the squalling Tiffani on her shoulders. Bouncing the hold up and down, Jess knew that she could stay in this position and eventually Tiff would just pass out from the pain. But that wasn't what Jessica wanted. She wanted to dominate and destroy Tiffani Thiessen. She needed to beat someone badly enough that the pain of her loss to Eliza would finally begin to fade. She needed a sacrificial lamb, and God help her, Tiffani was it.

Looking to impress the mob with a new maneuver, Jessica called teasingly, "CHECK THIS OUT!"

The crowd roared when she bent her knees slightly and then pushed up twisting her torso hard to the right. In the same moment she released her grip on Tiffani's legs, sensing rather than feeling the brunette's frame go sailing out behind her. With Tiff's chin still in her grasp and the rest of the brunette stretched out behind her, Jessica simply fell to her back, landing fairly easily on the mat. Tiffani's landing wasn't nearly so pleasant however. Jessica had ingeniously turned the Torture Rack into an elevated 'Neckbreaker' and the brunette smashed hard into the mat, her neck and shoulders taking the majority of the impact. Assured of her victory, Jessica languidly covered her foe and hooked a leg. She was more than a little perturbed when Tiffani kicked out as the ref said, "THR…". Biting back some harsh words for the zebra, Jess got to her feet and hauled her captive up as well. Deciding that sometimes simplest was the best, Jessica scooped up Tiffani and then planted her with a Body Slam. Seeing that the brunette wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, Jessica deviated from her normal game plan and went to the corner, climbing to the top rope. Perched on the top, she waited patiently as Tiffani shook off the haze and slowly got to her feet.

As the brunette stumbled around to find her foe, Jessica hissed, "Time to cave your skull in you cowardly, dirty fighting bitch."

Simultaneously, Jessica leaped and clasped her hands together; intent on bashing Tiff's face in with a basic Double Ax-Handle but she made the basic mistake of allowing the wily brunette time to recover and as she descended toward her, she was shocked to see Tiffani step back, avoiding the blow. She landed heavily, but Jessica was about to spring forward when Tiffani lashed a foot up and caught her in the groin once again. The fire in her center was too much for Jessica to take and the blonde shrieked her agony and frustration before collapsing weakly to the mat.

Running a hand through her hair, Tiffani flashed a pained smile and said, "Sorry Jessie, I'm not that easy to put away. I've seen every trick you've got girl and I've seen them done by far better. You're mine to finish off however I please."

With the same grin on her face, Tiffani pulled Jessica up and stood beside her, slapping on a side Headlock. With Jessica's arms still hanging limp at her sides, Tiffani took off at a run before leaping high into the air and planting Jessica face first with a Bulldog. Knowing that Jessica couldn't stand much more, Tiffani sat on her foe's stomach, facing her legs. Before Jessica knew what was going on, Tiffani had formed her hand into a wicked Claw and buried it deep in Jessica's mound. The blonde came to life in the devastating agony of the Crotch Claw, but for the moment she could only flail as Tiffani tore at her injured womanhood. Tears running freely down her face, Jessica ignored Tiffani's demands of surrender and put everything she had left into escape. Biting her tongue, she raised her torso up and grabbed two handfuls of damp, dark hair. Screaming in rage, she pulled back violently, yanking Tiffani back and forcing at least a temporary release on the Claw. She was trying to get her legs under her when the brunette pulled her up and slapped her face.

Getting in close to the blonde, Tiffani whispered malevolently, "Not a new trick Jesse but still a pretty good one. Let's see how well you handle THIS!" She dug her claw into Jessica's crotch again while at the same time wrapping her free hand over the blonde's slick shoulder. With a pop of her hips, Tiffani executed a perfect Power Slam while maintaining the Crotch Claw. Feeling Jessica slam wetly into the mat beneath her, Tiff released the Claw and hooked both legs, hoping to put the resilient blonde away. This time it was her turn to be frustrated when Biel managed to get free just before the ref counted "THREE!"

Grimacing in frustration, Tiffani got up off her rival and laid in few stomps to make sure she stayed down. Taking a page out of Jessica's book, Tiff headed to the corner and went up top. Hesitating only a moment to steady her aim, Thiessen launched herself at the downed blonde, intent on driving the point of her elbow through Jessica's heart. But the blonde's resilience had been underestimated and as Tiffani came crashing down on her she managed to get a boot up. The desperation counter caught Tiffani under the chin and the brunette was stopped cold laying on the canvas like a broken marionette.

Both ladies stayed down for quite a while taking as much advantage of the refs count as they could. Finally at around 9 both got to their feet and determinedly stalked toward the other. Getting within striking range, Tiffani and Jessica opened up on each other swinging brutal punches at anyplace they could land them. Tiffani seemed to be getting the better of the contest and when Jessica was rocked back on her heels, the brunette wound up and fired a KO shot at Jessica's chin. At the last possible moment, the blonde ducked out of the way and sidled up beside her rival. Before Tiffani could muster a counter, Jessica had trapped the brunette's arms in a Full Nelson. Thinking quickly, Jess threaded her left leg in front of Tiffani's right leg. Pulling back a bit she thrust forward with all her power, taking Tiffani off her feet and slamming her face first into the mat with a 'Full Nelson Facebuster.' Working purely on instinct, Jessica pushed Tiff onto her back and went for the cover. The blonde only sat and groaned when Tiffani kicked out at "TWO!" Angrier than she could ever remember being, Jessica got to her feet and pulled the brunette up as well.

Clamping a hand on Tiffani's throat, Jessica looked into her face and shrieked, "STAY THE FUCK DOWN!"

When Tiff only gurgled in response, Jessica lifted her off her feet, her hand still wrapped around the brunette's neck and when her arm was fully extended, she hurled it down, tossing Thiessen into the mat with sickening force. The brunette hit that mat with a wet thud and lay there gasping as Jessica covered her for the academic 3 count. But what should have been the end turned out to be only a close call as Tiffani was once again able to weakly roll a shoulder free. Amazed at the brunette's tenacity, Jessica yanked the smaller girl up and got behind her. Wasting no energy she wrapped an arm around Tiffani's throat while the other cupped the top of her foe's head, a beautiful application of the Sleeper. Breathing heavily, Jessica poured on the pressure, jerking Tiffani's head to the side, forcing the brunette to expend even more energy just to stay conscious. As the ref came in to check Tiffani's arm, Biel continued her vicious squeezing and added some taunting just because she could.

"Go to sleep Tiffani! You don't want to be awake for me sitting on your face do ya? I wouldn't mind if you were aware and screaming but I figured you wouldn't want to know what was going on. Of course maybe you're one of those types that gets off on having her ass kicked. In that case it'll be my pleasure to.. ARRRRGHHHHH! LET GO YOU CUNT!!!"

Jessica's sudden agony came when Tiffani had slipped a free hand down her stomach and managed to lock the Crotch Claw in again. Both women were too exhausted and angry to do anything but maintain their holds and that's exactly what they did, Jessica maniacally trying to choke Tiff out while the brunette tried to forcibly remove the blonde's womanhood. Eventually the pain of the dual holds became too much for even their rage to overcome and both women shoved the other away, both collapsing exhausted to the mat where they nursed their respective wounds. After a long minute, both managed to get to their knees and were about to regain their feet when they realized the other was only inches away. Bellowing an inarticulate cry, Tiffani catapulted herself forward landing hard on Jessica's chest and burying her claws in the blonde's mane, her teeth bared as she put all her reserves into bashing Jessica's head into paste on the mat. After several successful bashes, Tiff changed her tactics, scooting up Jessica's frame and bringing her heaving chest to bear against Jessica's panicked face. Wrapping both arms around the back of Jessica's head, Tiffani locked in another Breast Smother.

Feeling Jessica's erratic breathing against her tits, she hissed, "Go to sleep bitch! That way you'll only have to remember my tits slapping your face and not all the other things I'm gonna do to you after the match is over!" She punctuated this statement by pulling Jessica's head even deeper into her cleavage.

Tiff had just pulled her head up to do some more taunting when Jessica brought up her hands and smashed both into the brunette's head. Groaning at this new pain, Tiff released the pressure of her smother and was summarily pushed onto her back and straddled by the blonde, her wrists pinned neatly over her head. Holding Tiffani prone, Jessica whispered "Keep your tits out of my face slut, unless you're willing to face the consequences." With that, she lowered her own impressive rack into Tiffani's upturned face mashing her sweaty assets into Tiffani's equally sweaty face. Jessica smiled as she ground down even harder, Tiffani's struggles growing weaker by the second. The blonde was on the verge of asking the ref to make the count when her confidant grin was replaced with a agonized grimace that was followed by a pained shriek. Microseconds later, the blonde released her smother and fired several hard punches into the side of the brunette's head, trying desperately to dislodge Tiffani's teeth form her breast. Finally getting free of the brunette, fired a seemingly endless litany of punches into Tiffani's face.

Bringing the weakened brunette to her feet, Jessica screamed, "DON'T YOU EVER BITE ME OR I I'LL BREAK YOUR MISERABLE NECK!" Before the words were out of her mouth, she hurled Tiff into the corner, almost smashing her into the surprised referee. Seeing Tiffani hit the turnbuckle, Jessica charged the brunette and extended an arm, planning to obliterate her rival with the massive Clothesline. The distance between the women was minimal but it was all the brunette needed to enact her plan. As Jessica charged in, the crafty veteran shot a hand out and grabbed the ref's arm. With no time remaining, she pulled the official between her and Jessica forcing the zebra to take the brunt of Jessica's assault, his head cracking painfully against the blonde's.

The move took its toll on all three and they collapsed out of the corner, combatants and referee all but unconscious. Almost thirty seconds later, Tiffani got to her feet and surveyed the carnage. The ref and Jessica were both still down and not really moving. Knowing that she had a golden opportunity to win the match, the brunette slid under the bottom rope to the floor. Slipping past the timekeeper and the announcer, she grabbed and empty chair and closed it before bringing it back into the ring. Holding the chair with both hands, Tiffani waited for Jessica to begin to stir and when she did, the brunette swung with all her remaining strength, bashing Jessica across the back of the head with the chair. The blonde collapsed and lay unmoving. Dropping the chair by her feet, Tiffani went over to Jessica and pulled her to her feet. Taking a deep breath, she muscled the unresisting bulk of the blonde onto her shoulder, holding Jessica's face in her crotch - and more important - right above the steel chair! The mob roared when it realized Tiffani was setting Jessica up for her finisher, a brutal over the shoulder Pile Driver variant she called the 'Vixen's Vengeance.'

Holding Jessica on her shoulder, she roared to her fans, "You guys wanna see me put this bitch away for good?" The crowd agreed that they did and encouraged her to do so. Smiling widely, Tiffani checked to make sure that the ref was still out of it, indeed he was. Preparing herself she smirked, "So long Jessie. Looks like you won't have to worry about me sitting on your face. After this, you won't even have a head." She was just about to sit out when a talon obscured her vision and raked across her face. Crying out, Tiffani released her grip and Jessica slid down her back. Her sight clearing, Tiffani whirled around, swinging where she thought Jessica's head should be….but Jessica anticipated Tiffani and as soon as the brunette swung around, the blonde stepped aside and fired a kick of her own, cunt-punting Tiffani!! The brunette gasped and turned several shades paler before trying to fall over on her side. But Jessica didn't let her fall; instead, she stepped forward and wrapped both hands around Tiffani's throat, lifting her off her feet into the air.

Looking into Tiffani's face, Jessica hissed, "Checkmate you mouthy bitch!" Then she sat out hard, driving Tiffani's back into the folded chair. Jessica's Two-Handed Choke Slam/Sit-Out Powerbomb (The Biel Bomb) devastated the brunette totally and she lay motionless on the canvas as Jessica reached under her to pull the chair free. Seeing the ref coming to, Jessica slid the chair out of the ring and turned back to Tiffani. Straddling Tiffani's face, Jessica looked down at her decimated rival and said, "I've been waiting a long time for this."

She began to grind on Tiffani's face, the slick triangle of her bikini mashing and sliding against Tiffani's unknowing mouth and nose. Intent on total domination, Jessica grabbed two handfuls of dark hair and pulled Tiffani's face in even deeper, the brunette's face now totally engulfed by the womanhood she had sought to destroy. Increasing the pace of her grind, Jessica opened her eyes just enough see the ref. crawling over to where she was having her way with Tiffani's face. Seconds later, she heard the ref's hand SLAP the mat once and she increased her thrusting, her hips like a battering ram, scrubbing out Tiffani's features. Shortly, she heard a second SLAP and - if it was possible, her riding became even more violent, the blonde now almost bouncing up and down on her victim's upturned face. In an odd coincidence, the match reached its climax at the same moment Jessica achieved hers, with the ref's hand hitting the mat SLAP just as she exploded. Shivering with the raw power of her orgasm, Jessica remained seated on Tiffani's face for several seconds, trying to get her bearings and catch her breath,

Flipping her hair back from her eyes and wiping the sweat from her brow, Jessica looked down at Tiffani's face and panted, "I'd forgotten how much fun that is. Thanks for reminding me!" She ground down on the brunette's face one last time before rising on wobbly legs, the exhausted blonde having to use the ref for momentary support. As she drank in the intoxicating roar of the crowd, Jessica posed one more time before slipping out of the ring and heading back up the ramp. As she got to the curtain, she paused to look back at the chaos she had wrought and thought, "From now on, that's what everyone is going to think of when they think of Jessica Biel. Destruction and Dominance. No one in this league is safe from me."
******Later that evening******

Tiffani winced as Fannin's doctor wrapped her midsection with tape and pulled it tight. The doctor tore the tape from the roll and pressed the end lightly into the brunette's stomach so it wouldn't come loose. Looking satisfied with his work, he looked at Tiffani and asked, "Feel any better?"

She winced and sighed, "A little, Doc. Truth be told I thought I had broken something when I first woke up," she said as she pulled a T-Shirt down over the ring gear she was still wearing.

Standing up, the sawbones said, "You're lucky you didn't break anything. As it is, you've got several severely bruised ribs. I'm going to suggest to Rich that you take about three or four weeks off and just rest."

"Three weeks!?" Tiffani asked sharply. "I wanna get a rematch with Biel tomorrow! That little bitch barely beat me and I owe her some payback!"

Doctor Straker looked concerned and said, "If you get in the ring with anybody in the next week you're risking serious injury. Just take some time off and rest Ms. Thiessen. Nobody takes a Biel Bomb onto a steel chair and shrugs it off. Spend a little time recuperating and you'll be back as good as new. You're vengeance will be just as sweet in a few weeks than it would be tomorrow."

Tiffani sighed and hung her head, "Guess you're right Doc. I'm gonna go back to my locker room and pick up my stuff. You'll tell Rich you authorized some time off?"

"Indeed I will Ms. Thiessen. You just focus on getting better. I'll tell Rich when I see him. I'll give you a call in a few days to make sure you're doing better. Sound good?"

The brunette smiled a pained smile, "Sounds fine Doc. Thanks for your help."

She rose and turned to leave. She was at the office door when Straker called after her, "I'm serious about your back! Don't attempt anything strenuous for at least a week."

The Doc looked mildly embarrassed when Tiffani grinned at him, "You're taking all the fun out of this Doc!" Then she limped through the office door. A few moments later the brunette had reached her locker room and opened the door. Slipping inside, she searched around briefly for the light switch before finding it. Flipping it, she was irritated to find that the light seemed to had burned out. Worse, the door had just closed behind her, leaving her in total darkness. Sighing she said, "Well that's just great." She was about to continue when there was a brief hissing noise and suddenly a pinpoint of light appeared. Someone was in her room and that someone had just lit a candle. "What the hell?" Tiffani gasped as her eyes grew more accustomed to the dim lighting. Seconds later, the face behind the candle came into view. Tiffani's surprise grew even more when she saw it was Kristin Kreuk. The evil smile on Kristen's face caused the usually bold Thiessen to act with a little more caution. Finding her voice, she grew more bold, "What the hell are YOU doing here?"

"Waiting for you!" Kristin said. "I have a message from my mistress."

Tiffani was more than a little confused now, and more than a little pissed off. Advancing on Kristin a bit she replied, "All right, tell me your message and then get the hell out."

Kristin's smile grew wider, then she said softly, "You're the first."

Tiffani furrowed her brow, looking confused, then hissed testily, "The first WHAT?"

She'd taken a step forward when Kristin blew the candle out, leaving the room in darkness. Tiffani was about to cry out when there were several more hisses from directly behind her. Whirling around Tiffani saw four more candle-lit figures standing behind her. Shocked at who was behind the light, Tiffani took a step back when the woman in the center stepped forward. Holding her candle up, Kristin's mistress answered with a chuckle, "….the first victim!"

Before Tiffani could react the lights were blown out and then the brunette was being hit from all sides, the blows coming too fast and too savage for her to even think about mounting a defense. She fought for only a few seconds before she was knocked to the ground, the assault still not ceasing. Mere moments later her vision flashed a brilliant white and then faded to a black as complete as the one around her as consciousness mercifully left. Shortly thereafter, her attackers left the room, leaving the door to Tiffani's room open just a crack. They wanted their handiwork to be found fairly quickly. Then the five insurgents escaped into the night outside, leaving the scene of the crime before anyone even knew there was one.

More than ten minutes later, Jennifer Love Hewitt came walking down the hall by Tiffani's room. Toweling off the sweat from her workout session, Jen noticed the open door and thought, "That's kind of odd. The door's open but the light's off." Not wanting to pry, she approached the door and tapped lightly, "Tiffani? You in here? Everything OK?"

Not hearing a response, she pushed the door open a little wider and slipped her hand inside. Slipping her hand on the light switch, she flicked it up and the room was immediately filled with harsh fluorescent light. Jen's breath caught in her throat as she saw the wreckage of Tiffani Amber Thiessen sprawled on the floor. The brunette looked like she's just climbed out of a car wreck; bruised all over and bleeding from several cuts on her head.

Rushing to the door, Jen screamed into the hall, "SOMEBODY GET FANNIN…QUICK! WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM!"

Hearing someone mouth an affirmative, Jen rushed back to Tiffani and tried to help the injured girl as best she could. She was just about to ask the brunette what had happened when she had the strangest sensation of someone standing behind her. The room turned out to be free of anyone else, but what Love saw still caused a frightened gasp to escape her lips. She';d just stood up when Fannin burst through the locker room door and spied Tiffani. Looking like he'd been punched, the promoter turned and barked over his shoulder to a club worker, "Go get Straker; tell him to call an ambulance!" The waiter nodded and turned on his heel. Then turning back to Jen and the downed brunette, Rich asked, "What the hell happened in here, Jen?"

Trying to catch her breath, Jen just shook her head and said, "Hey, don't blame ME, I was just walking by and saw the door open. I thought it was weird so I looked in to check on her and that's how I found her!"

Kneeling over Tiffani, Fannin muttered, "Jeez it looks like she's been mugged. Who the hell did this?"

"Hell, I don't know Rich!" said Love. "But she's not the strangest thing I found."

Rich looked up, "What're you talking about? What'm I missing?"

Love pointed to the wall behind him, "That."

Fannin whirled and his breath caught in his throat. "Oh shit!" he muttered. "Is THIS what Neve warned me about?"

"What's it mean?" Jen asked.

"I don't know," he answered. "But I'm afraid we're all going to find out, whether we want to or not."

Silence fell over the two of them then as they stared at the message scrawled on Tiffani's wall. Written in large, black letters; the words clear, direct and threatening, was a four line message simply reading,


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