Darkfall #7: Amy Jo Johnson vs. Jessica Alba by The Walkin' Dude

The sky was a leaden gray and the clouds were thick and dense over the small town of Stillwater, Minnesota on this evening in late April. On this night, most denizens of the quiet logging community were at home with their families, trying their best to stave off the last gasp of a tediously long winter and praying that spring would show her warming face in the next few weeks. But while many of the towns denizens were holed up waiting for warmer days, a good number of the town's male populace had braved the chill and icy roads to head a few miles out of town to an old roadhouse off a seldom used logging road. The name of the place was Wendigo's (why was anybody's guess) and tonight the lonely old dive was playing host to women's wrestling for the first time. Those souls intrepid enough to face the elements were rewarded with a great card from top to bottom. As was his custom, Richard Fannin liked to make a great first impression on a new audience and tonight had been no exception. The crowd had been redlining all night and it was just about time for the final match on the card. But before we get to that, a quick word about the eccentric promoter of the league.

The last month and a half had been far from stellar for one Richard Fannin. Indeed ever since early March when Katie Holmes and her followers had revealed themselves (and put Sarah Michelle Gellar back on the shelf in the process) the young promoter had been facing a seemingly uphill battle against Katie and company's plan to totally overrun and dominate the league. Already, Fannin had lost several talents due to either injuries or plain old intimidation at the hands of Holmes' cabal. He was trying his best to put together a group of talents that would combat the Darkness, but with Sarah injured, and a certain brunette still on vacation, Rich was forced to send in talents in ones and twos to face the Darkness. Trying to stymie Katie's takeover in that way was far from easy, but for now it was all he could do. And tonight might be just the thing he needed. If Amy Jo Johnson could take out Jessica Alba in convincing fashion, it might help prove to the rest of the promotion that Katie and her horde were far from invincible.

But enough back story, let's get down to ringside where the Announcer is already doing his thing: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it's time for our main event! Introducing first, she stands at five feet six inches, she is Amy Jo Johnson!"

Can't Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers starts up and the crowd turns to watch the brunette enter. They don't have to wait long as Amy strides through the curtain and makes her way toward the ring, a slight bounce in her step. For her war against the Angel, the auburn-haired girl was wearing a dark pink two piece outfit with complimenting knee and elbow pads. It was worth noting that she had forgone shoes, opting only for ankle wrappings. Reaching the edge of the ring, she quietly slides under the bottom rope and heads to her corner.

"And introducing her opponent. Standing 5' 7", they call her the Dark Angel; I give to you Jessica.....Alba!"

The lights wink out and GOB's cover of Paint It Black roars to life, heralding the arrival of the Darkness. When the lights come back on, Jessica is already in the ring, the tanned blonde clad in a vinyl variant of the black, two piece outfits all the Darkness members were wearing. By all outward appearances, the blonde had come alone, but those in the know would tell you that it was a safe bet to assume that the other members of the faction were closer than you thought.

Eschewing preamble, Jessica went to her corner to await the start of the match and as soon as the bell sounded, blonde and brunette both sprang from their corner, moving quickly to the center of the ring; Amy, with a smooth, cautious sort of stalk and Jessica with an almost nonchalant strut. When the distance between them had been reduced to a few feet, they paused briefly before assuming differing martial arts stances.

Beginning to circle, the Dark Angel smirked, "This is pretty sad. I know Katie wanted to put the hurt on everyone in the promotion, but I figured that excluded no-talent, curtain-jerkers like yourself."

Unfazed by the blonde's taunt, Amy kept her eyes locked on Jessica, "Go ahead and talk Jess. It's going to be a lot harder for you to be coherent when I've slapped the Katahajame on you."

"How's this for coherent?" Jessica asked snidely before she lunged forward and fired a withering onslaught of strikes at Amy's face and chest.

Against a foe with less training, the Angel's attack would have busted a lip or blackened an eye, but Amy DID have the training and she nimbly dodged and blocked everything Jessica hurled her way. In the microseconds between incoming blows, the brunette saw the tiniest of openings and struck, driving a hard open palmed strike into Jessica's chest. The blow caught Jessica off guard and she was knocked back a step. The Dark Angel recovered almost instantly and she eyed Amy with an almost disbelieving stare.

Savoring the chance to take Alba down a peg, Amy maintained her stance and said, "Pretty sad getting your ass kicked by a nobody huh Jessica? Maybe your pathetic peroxided self should have stayed slain."

Jessica's eyes widened at Amy's blatant reference to the Angel's most humiliating defeat. Suddenly furious, Jessica moved forward like lightning and smashed the point of her elbow between the brunette's breasts. This time it was Amy's turn to stagger back a few steps, winded by the force of the attack. Cursing quietly, Amy collected herself and moved towards the incoming blonde. Suddenly not interested in subtlety, Amy and Jessica began an all out assault, firing kicks, punches and chops at each other with reckless abandon. For the next 30 seconds or so, the audience was greeted with a sight more suitable for a Kung Fu movie than a wrestling event as blows were exchanged, blocked and countered, with neither woman able to gain the advantage. But there comes a time in any match where someone makes a mistake, and unfortunately for Amy, she was the first to do so. After knocking Jessica back with a fast series of jabs to the face, the brunette tensed and rocketed a Thrust Kick at Jessica's chin.

The Dark Angel reacted at the last moment, catching Amy's ankle inches from her face. Not giving the brunette any time to prepare a counter Jessica lashed her foot out and caught Amy in the knee, roughly sweeping the brunette to the mat. Dropping Amy's foot, Jessica backed off for a moment, measuring her foe as she sat up on the mat. Not wasting any more time, Jessica sprinted forward and delivered a short, stiff kick to Amy's face. The kick snapped the brunette's head back and she uttered a cry of pain as she sprawled back on the mat. Knowing she had Amy discombobulated, Jessica pressed her advantage, bringing her foe off the mat by the hair before placing her in a tight Front Face Lock. Using her free hand, Jessica grabbed a handful of Amy's pink tights before tensing and popping her hips, taking her captive up and over with a perfect Snap Suplex. Amy hit the mat hard and the wounded brunette arched her back upon impact.

Sadly this played right into Jessica's hands and the blonde Angel used the opening to deliver another running kick to her downed foe, this time a crippling shot between the shoulder blades. As Amy moaned beside her Jessica ran a hand through her hair and stood up languidly, enjoying her domination of the brunette. Standing over her opposition, Jessica played to the crowd, hooking a thumb into the side of her bikini bottom before allowing the shiny black material to snap back into place. Returning her focus to Amy, Jessica bent down and grabbed a hold of the girl's auburn pony tail. With a hard tug, Jessica hauled the mewling girl to her knees, forcing Amy to kneel before her. With one hand still buried in Amy's mane, Jessica snapped her free hand out and cracked it across the brunette's face, snapping her head to the side with a brutal, disrespectful bitchslap. Enjoying her foe's cry of pain, Jessica sneered and said "What's wrong slut? You wanted to act like a bitch, well I'm gonna treat you like one."

That said, she pulled her hand back and brought it whistling down at Amy's face. With no time to spare, Amy got a hand up, catching Jessica's fingers in her grip as they came at her. Without a word, Amy twisted hard, bending the Angel's fingers at an unnatural angle. Jessica grimaced as her fingers and wrist were twisted painfully by the still kneeling brunette. Her grimace quickly turned into a groan as Amy fired an Uppercut into Jessica's navel, directly above the waistband of her bikini. Doubled over and gagging for air, Jessica paid no heed to Amy as the brunette regained her feet. Moments later she was wishing she had as Amy left her feet and proceeded to drive them into Jessica's forehead with a beautiful Standing Dropkick. For the first time in the match, Jessica was off her feet, left sprawled and groaning on the mat in a helpless heap. Getting to her feet, Amy sought a way to take Jessica out of this fight early, making it a simple task to choke her out later on. Surveying her foe, her eyes fell on Jessica's ankle.

With a small smile Amy grabbed hold of Jessica's foot in both hands. In one quick step, Amy locked both of her legs around Jessica's immobilized one and cinched it up tight. Still dazed from the Dropkick, Jessica was almost helpless as Amy went about snapping her ankle. Gritting her teeth against the pain of the Leg Bar, Jessica placed both hands palms down on the mat and began laboriously pulling herself towards the ropes and the release they promised. The way was slow going and by the time she got there, the Angel wasn't sure how easy walking was going to be for the rest of the match, but she was free and for now that was all that counted.

Amy was a bit frustrated that Jessica had been able to get free in fairly short order, but the quiet brunette quelled the impulse to begin attacking randomly and she waited stoically as Jessica used the ropes to pull herself up. Locking eyes with the tanned blonde, Amy taunted "Foot giving you problems Jessie? That's kind of funny, I never heard of an Angel that limps."

Loathe to be on the receiving end of a verbal barb, Jessica shot back, "I may have a limp when I walk out of here, but at least it's better than leaving on a stretcher."

The last part of the taunt came out as an almost feral his and Jessica lunged at Amy, sending a wild punch at the brunette's jaw. But her anger had made the Angel a bit sloppier than she normally is and Amy ducked the blow, leaving Jessica to stumble awkwardly past her. Sensing a golden opportunity, Amy grabbed a handful of blonde hair and spun Jessica around to face her before using her foe's hair to Snap Mare her to the canvas.

As soon as Jessica's butt hit that mat, Amy left her feet again, before driving both of them into the back of the Angel's skull, a kneeling Dropkick this time. Sitting on her knees beside the moaning blonde, Amy brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes before grabbing a double handful of Jessica's hair. Remembering how Jessica had slapped her around earlier, Amy pulled the Angel to her knees and prepared her own kind of retaliation. Face contorted in a cold sneer, Amy drove a chop into Jessica's forehead, then another to the bridge of her nose and finally a third into her throat. As the Dark Angel gagged and wretched, Amy tossed her face first into the mat, Jessica's abused cranium absorbing all the impact. Not normally one to try and embarrass her foes, Amy went against type and placed a foot on the back of Jessica's neck, pressing down lightly. With Jessica incapacitated, the brunette put her hands on her hips and smiled coldly savoring her dissection of the Darkness mouthpiece.

After a few seconds, Amy tired of waiting and she knelt down, securing a hand on Jessica's hair before pulling the blonde to her feet. Pulling her in, Amy trapped Jessica in a Front Face Lock of her own, intent on returning the Suplex Jessica had dished out earlier. She was just about to take her foe up and over when Jessica came to life in her grip, pounding her free hand into Amy's ribs. Amy grunted and tried to absorb the blows, but Jessica was putting too much power behind them and the brunette had to release her hold. Moving back from the Angel, Amy was dismayed when Jessica buried the point of her boot in her exposed gut. Air rushing out of her, the brunette doubled over and gasped for breath. Jessica on the other hand had spent the last several minutes on the receiving end of Amy's punishment and she wasn't about to let the brunette have the slightest respite. Gathering herself, Jessica stepped back a few paces before running forward and leaping high into the air directly beside her prone foe. As she began to descend, Jessica extended her forearm and brought it smashing down into the nape of Amy's neck. With the force of gravity behind it, the forearm smash was much more powerful than it normally would have been and it sent Amy to the canvas in a heap.

For a moment the brunette's vision was nothing more than fog and swirling lights, the dazed girl unable to decide whether than pain in the front or the back of her head was more pressing. Regaining her breath, Jessica flipped hair from her eyes and took stock of the situation. With Amy down, she had her choice of attack options and she intended to make the most of them. Hating the demeaning way the brunette had stepped on her neck Jessica responded in kind.

"You think you can use me like a doormat?" she hissed. "Let's see how YOU like it!"

She bent her knees slightly before firing into the air with another gorgeous vertical leap. But this time she came down feet first right between the brunette's shoulders, seemingly intent on stomping a hole through her foe's chest. Amy flopped like a speared fish, but for the time being she was helpless as Jessica stood on her with all her weight. Deciding it was time to really put a hurt on the brunette, Jessica shifted her position so that she was straddling Amy's back, facing her head. Resting her butt on the small of her opposition's back, Jessica leaned forward and laced her hands under the brunette's chin. Locking her fingers tightly, Jessica pulled back with all her might, wrenching Amy's neck and back with the Camel Clutch. The brunette cried out through gritted teeth as the Dark Angel put everything she had into earning a submission with the torturous maneuver. Pouring on the pressure, Jessica bounced her ass against Amy's back while simultaneously yanking her head from side to side.

Seeing the ref get into position to ask for Amy's surrender, Jessica said, "Don't ask her to tap out yet! I want some more fun with her first."

Studiously ignoring the flippant blonde, the ref asked Amy if she wanted to concede, but the trapped girl would have none of it and grunted, "Fuck.....you.....Jessica!"

Smiling smugly, Jessica gave another yank on the clutch and responded, "Oh I don't think so. But I might just sit on your face when this all over. Let's see how tough you are when you can't breathe anything but...."

But her threat was cut off as Amy suddenly surged backwards, upsetting Jessica's balance and breaking the Camel Clutch. Laying awkwardly on top of the blonde, Amy grabbed hold of her foe's leg and wrenched it hard, trying to exacerbate the damage she had done earlier. She had only given the hold a couple good squeezes when Jessica smashed a fist into her temple, forcing her to break the hold and roll away. Recovering quickly from her rival's escape attempt, Jessica gets to her feet and makes a beeline for the dazed Amy. Grabbing a handful of hair, Jessica pulls the brunette to her feet, forcing her to stand wobbly legged before her.

Wrapping her arms around Amy's waist, Jessica whispers malevolently, "Fight all you want. It just makes it that much more gratifying when I break you. You're nothing special Amy. You're just the latest bitch to try and stop the Darkness. Let this be a lesson to you. No one stops us."

She pulls Amy off her feet and holds her prone for a second or two before bringing her crashing down on Jessica's bent knee, a picture perfect Inverted Atomic Drop. Amy's lithe legs turned to water as the pain rushed out from her center and she was barely able to keep her feet. Much to her chagrin, it might've been better if she had fallen over because moments later Jessica almost took her head off with a running Leg Lariat, the Angel's powerful thigh smashing brutally into her unguarded face. Amy went down in an undignified tangle of limbs and was down for several seconds.

Stalking her wounded opposition, Jessica positioned herself behind Amy and waited for the brunette to get up, turn and face her. After a bit of waiting her wish was granted. As soon as she saw the whites of the brunette's eyes, Jessica charged forward and leaped. At the apex of her jump, the Angel scissored her legs open before clamping them tight around Amy's head. In the same motion she pulled back with all her weight. The Hurricanrana landed beautifully and Jessica ended up straddling Amy's face, pinning her to the mat schoolgirl style. Putting all her weight into the pin, Jessica bore down hard, but Amy was still able to kick free at "TWO!"

Angry at Amy's resilience, Jessica got to her feet and set for another Hurricanrana. When Amy got to her feet, Jessica was already in the air, closing her legs tightly around the brunette's face. But when she took Amy to the mat this time, things went a little differently. Bringing her years of gymnastics training into play, Amy bridged up as soon as she felt her back hit the mat. In an amazing display of balance, the brunette slid out from under the Angel and got to her feet while Jessica was still on her knees, disbelieving what had just happened. Amy used that disbelief to make Jessica pay, sending her foot at the back of Jessica's neck in a short, vicious arc. The brunette's aim was true, catching Jessica just behind the ear. The blonde uttered a single low cry and fell forward, slumped face down on the mat. Knowing the Jessica wasn't going to shake off the Buzz-saw like kick anytime soon, Amy took a deep breath to regain her composure. Feeling more than a little vengeful, the brunette stood over the downed blonde and took stock of the damage she had done.

Knowing there was more hurt to be doled out, Amy smiled cruelly before executing a vertical leap of her own, coming down with all her weight behind a vicious Knee Smash to the back of Jessica's neck. The Dark Angel spasmed and tried to roll away, but Amy was relentless, pursuing her injured rival as she tried to escape. Getting in range, Amy, knelt and pulled Jessica to her feet. Standing behind Jessica, she wrapped her foe up in a Full Nelson, putting as much pressure as she could on the blonde's damaged neck. Giving the hold a tight squeeze, Amy took the time to return the blonde's needling. "I don't give a rats ass about your little plans Jess," she whispered. "I just care about putting arrogant bitches like you in their place. Let me introduce you to your place, Angel." In the same breath she arched up and back, taking Jessica over with her. Still trapped in the Full Nelson, the blonde was unable to protect herself from the landing and she took the brunt of the impact on the back of her head and shoulders. Amy knew the Full Nelson Suplex had connected perfectly and she was convinced it could put Jessica away. Planting her feet on the canvas, the brunette bridged up, trying to hold her rival's shoulders for the 3 count.

Unfortunately for her, Jessica was a remarkably resilient individual and she was able to break free of the hold moments before the final count. Angry, but not yet frustrated, Amy pulled the dazed blonde to her feet and stood before her. Brazenly slapping her disoriented foe, Amy sneered "You seemed to like putting your crotch in my face bitch. Well let's see how you enjoy MY feet in yours." Before Jessica could respond, Amy kicked her hard in the calf, sending the blonde tumbling to her knees. Unable to get her hands up in time, Jessica was subjected to yet another foot based attack as Amy executed a short hop before drilling both heels into Jessica's forehead with a kneeling Dropkick. The force of the kick sent Jessica rolling head over heels before coming to rest near the corner in a painful looking sprawl. Not even close to being done with her formerly cocky nemesis, Amy brought Jessica to her feet and scooped her up, looking like she was going for a Body Slam but instead, she turned to the corner and pressed Jessica into it, threading the blonde's legs over the top rope, tying her to the infamous 'Tree of Woe'!

Satisfied that Jessica was at least temporarily helpless, Amy walked toward the opposite corner of the ring, giving herself enough space for what she was about to do. Taking a deep breath, she exploded out of the corner, heading toward her inverted nemesis at a dead run. With only a few feet separating them, Amy went low in a Baseball slide, the effect of which was to drive both feet into Jessica's helpless face. There was a loud smacking noise, followed by a low groan from the blonde as she came loose from the corner, only to land hard on her traumatized head. Convinced that her last move would finish the Angel off, Amy dragged her weakly protesting opposition towards the center of the ring before going for the cover. This time when Jessica kicked out, Amy was more than a little angry. But instead of haranguing the ref, she decided to take it out on the tenacious blonde.

Pulling the Angel to her feet, Amy stood before her and taunted, "Your Hurricanrana is pretty amateurish Jess; lemme show you how a PRO does it."

With that she leapt into the air and scissored her legs around Jessica's face. But before she could fall back, Jessica got her hands up, grasping Amy's thighs. Holding the brunette aloft, Jessica pushed up and forward with everything she had, sending Amy away from her in a graceful back flip, the ex- gymnast landing lightly on the mat. That is, she WOULD'VE landed lightly but for Jessica's boot catching her between the thighs right as she hit the mat. Tears filled the brunette's eyes and she fell back, clutching her injured center.

Looking down at the crippled brunette, rage filled the Angel's eyes. With a ferocious grimace on her face she bent down and roughly hauled Amy to her knees. As much a fan of eye for an eye justice as anyone, Jessica wasted no time in tagging a low Superkick to Amy's chin that just about took the brunette's head off. Still not speaking, Jessica measured her opponent before bouncing off the ropes and speeding back towards her. When the distance between them was almost negligible, she dove down, driving her forearm hard into the side of Amy's face. The brunette moaned and was knocked onto her side, where she lay holding her injured head and crying quietly. Finally feeling in control of the match again, Jessica sat beside Amy and taunted her.

Slapping the back of the brunette's head, she said, "You don't give a rat's ass about our plans huh? Well I don't give a rat's ass whether or not I cripple you in this fight. Let's see how many fancy flips you can do after I'm done with ya."

She got to her feet, taking Amy up with her and putting her in the Front Face Lock again. Jessica went to work, unleashing a barrage of knees to the gut and clubbing forearm shots to the brunette's back. After a good solid minute of this abuse, Jessica switches tactics. Grabbing a handful of pink tights, Jessica gives her foe a sadistic half wedgie before falling back with all her weight, driving Amy skull first into the mat with a DDT.

The crowd roars as Jessica flips Amy onto her back and goes for a dominating cover, arrogantly placing both hands on the brunette's heaving chest. Amy's supporters and Darkness detractors alike had something to cheer about when the brunette was able to get a shoulder up seconds before the three count. Pleased at the opportunity to dish out more torture, Jessica got behind Amy and pulled her to a sitting position. Grabbing one of the brunette's arms, Jessica fell back and locked both legs around Amy's neck and the captive arm, a brutal Triangle Choke. With her air cut off, Amy began to flail and thrash desperately trying to escape or make the ropes, whichever came first. Jessica gave the hold a hard squeeze trying her damnedest to choke out Amy with her thighs, but the brunette was able to barely get a foot under the bottom rope, forcing Jessica to break the choke. The fact that she had to break the hold did nothing to keep the Angel from milking the referee's count for all it was worth.

Finally she let go and got to her feet. Grabbing a damp handful of dark hair, Jessica hauled Amy up and marched her toward the corner where she threw her without much pretense. Measuring her helpless rival, Jessica brought her own martial arts training into play, lacing into Amy with a series of high, hard snap kicks that cracked off the brunette's face, chest and stomach. After an especially hard kick to the head, Amy slumped out of the corner, landing gracelessly on her hands and knees. Hands on her hips, Jessica grinned sadistically as she pulled her foot back and delivered a final kick, this one finding it's way directly between the brunette's thighs.

As Amy wailed in outright agony, Jessica joked, "And one for good luck. How do you like getting kicked, you twat?"

Amy's response was a groan, so Jessica hauled her back to her feet and pushed her back into the corner. In complete control, Jessica muscled her onto the top turnbuckle, before climbing up to the second buckle. Trapping Amy in the Front Face Lock again, Jessica cinched her foe up and prepared to drive her through the canvas with a Superplex. But when she pulled up, Amy held fast.

Grunting with exertion, the blonde tried again, but this time she was greeted with a fist to the ribs. Before she could try again, Amy lit into her with a series of punches. Each blow drove a little more air out of the Angel and the last shot finally dislodged her completely, sending her tumbling back towards the mat where she landed with a sweaty sounding thud. Blinking the stars from her eyes, Jessica was on her feet in a flash and heading towards the corner. She was almost there when Amy leapt at her and absolutely blasted her with a top rope Side Kick. The force of the blow spun Jessica in a full circle and the blonde went to the mat in a heap, not even able to nurse her abused face. Still shaking off the damaging effects of Jessica's attack, Amy was stone faced as she stood over her nemesis. Bending down she pulled Jessica up and forced her head between the brunette's thighs, a Standing Headscissors. Not content with the Scissors, Amy wrapped her hands around Jessica's damp middle and pulled up hard, bringing the Angel into position for a Powerbomb.

Holding the glassy eyed blonde helpless, Amy hissed, "I hate getting kicked Jessica. How do YOU like getting broken it half?"

With that she sat out hard, driving the length of Jessica's back, shoulders and head into the canvas. Keeping a grip on her foe after the landing, Amy held her down and listened to the ref count. Tragically, when he should have reached three, Jessica rolled a shoulder, forcing the match to continue. Reaching the limits of her patience, Amy pulls Jessica to a seated position before sitting behind her, In the blink of an eye, the brunette has her blonde victim tied up in a Rear Naked Choke and a Body Scissors, methodically squeezing the life out of Jessica's throat and chest.

With Jessica's chin nestled on the crook of her elbow, Amy gives the hold another squeeze and asks for her surrender, "Give it up bitch. You're not going anywhere."

Gurgling for air, Jessica's response was muted but clear, "Never tap out to anyone....wearing...pink."

Then she put a surge of strength into lunging towards the ropes, putting herself within inches of escape. Surprised and angry at Jessica's wherewithal, Amy released the choke and grabbed hold of her foe's wrists. With no wasted movement she dragged Jess back to the center of the ring and stomped on her a few times to make sure she wasn't moving. Convinced Jess wasn't going anywhere, Amy moved to the blonde's side and steadied herself. In the next instant she had leapt into the air and completed a full revolution, before landing hard on Jessica's midsection, crushing the air out of her with an amazing Standing Shooting Star Press. Amidst the cheers of the audience, Amy hooked a leg and went for the 3. But again, Jessica powered free before the end. Unable to believe what her senses were telling her, Amy wearily pulled Jessica to her feet. Not bothering to taunt her dazed rival, Amy proceeded to throw everything she had left at Jessica, snapping an endless litany of punches, kicks and knee lifts off the woozy blonde's trembling frame.

Amy had just staggered Jessica with a two-fisted palm smash and was going for the knockout shot when the haze in Jessica's eyes cleared and the blond shot forward driving a fist into Amy's chin. The brunette cried out and stumbled back trying to get her guard up as Jessica went on the offensive. The Dark Angel dug deep into her reserves with her latest attack. Her kicks and punches were flying to fast for most of the audience to even see, the only way they knew the strikes were connecting were the pained grunts and groans coming off Amy as the Angel knocked her around the ring. Finally a particularly vicious Uppercut stood Amy up on her toes and the brunette looked helpless as Jessica arced a hard Crescent Kick at the side of her face.

But appearances are often deceiving and Amy proved it by ducking under Jessica's incoming foot, leaving the blonde stumbling awkwardly for a moment. The second she regained her balance, Amy was ready for her, burying her foot in Jessica's belly. As the air rushed out of the blonde, Amy stepped back a few paces and then shot forward. Leaping into the air over her bent foe, Amy extended a leg and brought it slicing down, her heel connecting solidly with the base of Jessica's skull. The Ax Kick that Amy often used to finish foes usually came out of nowhere and this was no exception. As the crowd roared, Amy muscled Jessica's unresisting bulk onto her back and hooked both legs, waiting for the inevitable 3 count. But the weird thing about the inevitable is that sometimes it isn't. At the last possible moment, Jessica got a shoulder off the canvas. Amy couldn't believe it. She'd thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Alba and she wouldn't stay down.

A furious snarl on her face she screamed, "FINE! Keep on getting up! I'll keep on cutting you down!"

Taunts degenerating into an angry roar she grabbed Jessica by the air and pulled her to her knees. The brunette had just pulled back a fist when Jessica's came flying out of nowhere, smashing painfully into her womanhood. Rage was replaced by agony in a microsecond and Amy backed away on spaghetti legs as Jessica got to her feet. A mad gleam in her eye, Jessica stalked the crippled brunette and grabbed her from behind. Bending Amy painfully backwards, Jessica cinched her up for what appeared to be a Dragon Sleeper but was in actuality the set up for one of her finishing moves. An inverted Swinging Neckbreaker, she had dubbed, "Paradise Lost."

Holding the brunette in the precarious position, Jessica screamed right back, "FUCK YOU AMY! Let's see you run your mouth after I knock all the teeth out of...ARRRRGHHHHH!"

Her taunt was never finished as the brunette was able to get her free hand up and deliver a desperation punch to the point of the blonde's jaw, forcing her to release the hold. Sensing her last chance at victory, Amy got around behind her opponent and looked to put her way. In one graceful lunge she wrapped her left arm around Jessica's throat and cinched tight. At the same time, her right arm shot under the Angel's flailing arm and pulled up hard. Milliseconds later both of her hands were clasped tight and she pulled up with all her strength, wrenching the blonde from side to side as she did, trying to keep the Katahjame locked on.

With Amy's vise like grip cutting off her air, Jessica knew she had to act fast. And unlike most, who would've panicked trapped in the painful choke, the Angel kept her wits about her. Indeed a kind of frigid clarity seemed to fall over her face as she readied her last ditch effort. Focusing on nothing but escape, the blonde fired a foot back and up, catching her brunette captor between the legs for the second time in as many minutes. This last blow to her womanhood caught Amy totally off guard and she shrieked in pain as she released the choke. Stumbling away, she was easy prey as Jessica strode up behind her and bent her backwards, going for the Paradise Lost a second time.

This time there was no hesitation on the Dark Angel's part and as soon as she had her grip secured she flipped in a tight little half circle, while simultaneously falling to the mat, driving Amy's face and chest into the canvas with ungodly force. Amy hit the mat and lay still, the Inverted Neckbreaker taking the last of the fight out of her. Jessica could have covered her for the 3 right then, but the Angel didn't want the pin. Instead, she hauled Amy to her feet and held the semi conscious girl before her.

Leaning into her foe she says softly, "I hope you have just enough left to tap out Amy. It's more fun hearing you surrender than just choking you out. But the latter is not without its merits."

Speaking no more, Jessica forces Amy's head into her armpit, before bringing her arms up under the brunette's and locking her hands across the Amy's back. For a moment Jessica's victim was held immobile by what looked to be some bizarre variation on the Full Nelson. But Jessica wasn't done yet. Making sure her grip was firm, she twisted her torso violently and fell to the mat, taking Amy with her, the brunette forced to sit on her butt, still bent in the awkward looking hold. Looking to complete her masterpiece, the Dark Angel scissored her legs around Amy's waist, sitting on her victim' lap to make sure she couldn't escape. With a final sadistic grin, Jessica locked her ankles and began to squeeze, administering yet another of her finishers. A diabolical variation on the already painful Butterfly Lock, she called it the "Angel Wing."

To her credit, Amy lasted longer in the hold than anyone ever had, but not even the brunette was tough enough to escape the Angel Wing after all the punishment she had taken. After nearly a minute had gone by, Amy waves her hand frantically, signaling her submission. The referee went to ring the bell and seconds later Jessica had officially won the match. Hearing her name announced, Jessica put all her strength into one final constriction, crushing the helpless brunette into unconsciousness. As she felt all the fight leave Amy, Jessica released the hold and tossed her beaten foe disgustedly to the mat, where she lay unmoving. Still straddling Amy's waist, Jessica scooted up until the crotch of her black vinyl bikini was pressed firmly against the brunette's mouth and nose. Running both hands through her damp golden mane, Jessica made an exaggerated show of wiping the sweat off her sinewy form before looking down at her defeated foe. Smiling viciously, she put her hands on her hips and addressed the beaten brunette.

Beginning to grind in a slow circle, she said, "Personally, I'd love to just give you the ol' butt smother, leave you with a face full of slime and call it a night. But Katie says that's what these idiots want and I have to agree with her. But just because I can't go all the way doesn't mean I can't go MOST of the way. After all, the journey is more fun than the destination."

Jessica proceeded to be as good as her word, grinding her victim's features against the blast furnace of her center, the brunette's sweaty skin making little squeaking noises against the vinyl of her conqueror's bikini. This abuse continued for the better part of a minute and towards the end it looked as if the blonde had decided to disregard her leaders wishes, achieving a savage rhythm as she obliterated Amy's face with her smother. But just when it seemed she was at the point of no return, the Angel rose up and ceased her movements. Looking up at the lights, a powerful shiver ran through her system and then she slowly got to her feet.

Taking a deep breath she looked out into the audience and said loudly, "All right, I'm done with her! Now, let's have some REAL fun."

Moments later the lights went out and then came on again. When they returned, Katie and the other three members of the Darkness were standing alongside the victorious Angel.

Looking at the winded blonde, Katie smiled and said, "Great Job Jessica. I knew you'd win. And now that you have, lets send another message to the non believers out there. Erica, Kristin..... Put this loser out of her misery."

Stepping forward, Kristin Kreuk said, "With pleasure."

Pulling up the beaten brunette to her feet, she threw Amy's unconscious bulk to Erica Durance, who caught her easily. Without a word, Erica lifted Amy off her feet held her tightly around the hips. At the same time. Kristin got behind both of them and grabbed Amy in a Front Face Lock, pulling her tight over Erica's shoulder. The two brunette's held this position for a second before suddenly falling back on some unspoken signal. The effect of the brutal tandem maneuver was to drive Amy's face into the canvas from a height of several feet, a wickedly elevated DDT. The move completed, Erica and Kristin popped to their feet to await further instructions.

Pleased with her minions handiwork, Katie dropped the steel chair she was holding before picking up Amy. Holding the unconscious girl for only a moment, she threw her to Ashley Scott, who had been observing the goings on from beside the Dark Angel.

Looking at Ashley, Katie commanded, "The bitch's already been introduced to the Dark Angel, now acquaint her with the Fallen one!"

She kicked the chair towards Ashley's feet, indicating clearly what she wanted the Huntress to do. Hooking the brunette up for her finisher, Ashley hesitated for just a moment. Looking straight at Katie she said, "With the abuse she's already taken, this could break her neck."

Katie's reply was cold and callous, "That's NOT your concern. Do it!"

Ashley seemed to steel herself before going to work. Pulling the dead weight of the brunette up, Ashley trapped her in a Front Face Lock with her left arm while simultaneously hooking Amy's left leg with her right arm, the set up for a Fisherman's suplex. Instead, the Huntress lifted her prey directly over her head and held her there for just a second before sitting out and smashing the top of Amy's head into the chair with a her combo Fisherman's Brainbuster and Pile Driver aptly called the Fallen Angel.

Amy lay on the mat not moving, her breathing very shallow. As the medics and refs began to storm the ring, Katie looked up towards the ramp and yelled "Is this the best you can throw at us Fannin?" With that the lights went out one more time and when they returned the Darkness was gone, leaving behind the devastated brunette as the only sign of their presence.