Gabriela Sabatini vs. Pamela David by TommyB

It was an beautiful Sunday evening when Pamela David entered a club in Downtown Buenes Aires. She sat down and waited for her boyfriend to come. When she was looking around the room she suddenly saw him: At the table of another woman. Pamela was shocked and ran over to that table. The woman, now Pamela could see her face, was Gabriela Sabatini, the former tennis-star.

"Get your filthy hands off my boyfriend", she screamed at Gabriela.

"Not so fast girlie, He's my friend now. It looks as if you are not good enough for him so he looked for someone better and here I am.", Gabriela answered self-confident.

Pamela was angry. How could that bitch steal her boyfriend? She was interrupted by Gabriela who told her, "If you don't go away now I'm gonna twist on your fake oversized tits until you are just screaming and crying any more."

"My breasts are real you fucking bitch!", Pamela answered angrily, ready to jump at Gabriela's throat.

"That's enough now, young ladies" the boyfriend interrupted but both women shouted back at him to shut his mouth. " Well, baby, if you wnt to get an ass-kicking, you can have it. What about tomorrow night at the gym a few blocks away?" Gabriela asked.

Pamela accepted, sure that her powerful arms and legs and especially her breasts would help her to kick Gabriela's ass. Gabi was sure of her victory too knowing her strength and her experience. So the next evening both girls arrived at the gym, ready to destroy the other one.

Both women took on their fighting clothes: Gabi wore her normal tennis clothes while Pamela was wearing a short skirt and a blue top without a bra so that Gabi could see her big breasts.

Pamela started the match quickly, hammering Gabi with a series of punches to the belly and the bust, causing Gabi's nose to bleed. Just as Pamela started another series of punches she was apruptly stopped. Gabriela had lifted her leg high into the air, ramming it into Pamela's womanhood. David howling in pain, Gabriela gabbed onto her opponent's pussy with both hands. Then she lifted the heavier Pamela into the air and let her crash down to the ground.

Pamela was gasping for air as she was landing hard on her butt. Gabi, her nose still bleeding, taunted her: " Ha, do you really think you could take me down with a few punches, girlie? You are just too thin and weak to have a chance against me. And now you are gonna pay for my bleeding nose!" After these words Sabatini looked fdown at Pamela's body and one, actually two things jumped to her eyes at first: Her opponents's big tits. Gabi sat down on Pamela's belly and started working all over the breasts. After some time of twisting and rubbing Pamela's nipples she hoisted her foe up by the hair, pulling her to shoulder high and then again let her crash down to the floor, this time Pamela landed on her belly.

And now Pamela's butt was Gabi's next target. In the next minutes stomp after stomp, scratch after scratch and kick after kick reached Pamela's sexy booty." Did you have enough now, baby?" Gabi asked her foe. "Fuck off" was David's only answer. " OK then you'll get another sample of my strength and my experience now." After saying these words Gabi turned her attention to her opponents's face: Still pretty and without any scratch. Gabi grabbed a whole lot of Pamela's hair, forcing the dark-haired Latina beauty to scream in agony. Then Gabi used her long fingernails to destroy David's beautiful face.

Pamela was completely exhausted. She had come here to give Gabi a demolition and now she was demolished herself. With a last rebel she lifted her leg up trying to reach Gabi's private part. But Gabriela reacted and jumped out of the way and Pamela hit the air. " Oh yeah, it's getting fun now" Gabriela taunted." You didn't understand who's the champion here yet?

"I'm not finished yet you stupid bitch" Pamela answered trying to overcome the pain in her whole body. Gabi lifted her leg up and rammed it into Pamela's yet hurting butt. But when Gabi wanted to kick her away Pamela reacted and crawled out of the way.

Gabi hit nothing and for a few seconds was unsteady on her feet. These seconds Pamela used. She stood up, ran behind Gabi and wrapped her thick legs around Gabriela's waist. Gabi had to gasp for air. She tried to free herself but Pamela had the better position and the strength in her legs. When after a few minutes Gabriela's struggles for freedom ended Pamela let her crumple to the floor, whimpering in pain. With Gabi lying on the floor helpless and weak Pamela could use her best weapon: Her tits. Although they were bruised and hurted very much they still could be used for a breast smother.

Pamela placed her big tits on Gabi's bust, forcing her opponent to gasp for air even more. Gabi was yet exhausted by the leg scissors so her resistance against Pamela's breast smother didn't last long. " So who's weak and demolished now? It doesn't seem that you are as tough as you want to be, crybaby.", Pamela shouted at the unconcious Gabriela.

Pamela removed Gabi's clothes and threw them away. She then carried her to a corner of the gym as if Gabi were a sack of potatoes. She put Gabriela into the rubbish bin with her head first.

After that Pamela left Gabriela Sabatini in the bin and left the gym. With much self-confidence she drove back home.

The caretaker of the gym was very surprised to find a former tennis star in his bin the next morning. But Gabi swore that she would get revenge on that bitch as soon as possible. ************* Is there a rematch in the future. Only time will tell?????