Dani Fishel vs. Amy Davidson by Jackflash


Dani was staggered by the blow to her temple. Amy wasted no time, slipping behind her opponent and wrapping her arms around Dani’s torso in a Reverse Bearhug. She tightened her grip over the brunette’s copious bosom, actually making Danielle’s breasts a liability as they were crushed against her lungs, leaving her gasping for breath as the redhead poured all of her power into her lethal embrace.

Bouncing on the balls of her bare feet, Davidson cleverly added to her victim’s discomfort as she was shaken up and down. Fishel moaned from the anguish, her hands trying to pry her tormentor’s arms loose, but to no avail. With a wicked grin on her face, the redhead leaned close until her mouth was mere inches from her rival’s ear, and she cooed, “What’s the matter, sweetness? Don’t you want to cuddle?”

The two mini-skirted battlers had waged their war for nearly 45 minutes but now the end finally seemed in sight. Still, Amy was too canny a fighter not to realize that her opponent…who was a veteran of a hundred catfights…might still find a way to break free and regain the advantage…unless the redhead struck first! And so, without warning, Amy suddenly hoisted her foe up off of her feet and into the air, arms still wrapped tight around Danielle’s chest, and then brought the startled brunette down swiftly for a crude…yet more than effective…Atomic Drop!

Dani’s groin was pole-axed on the redhead’s bended knee, and she let out a wretched howl. At the moment of impact, Amy released her bear hug, and the momentum from the heinous impact sent Dani sailing forward, until she crashed face-first into the plush carpeting of the penthouse that was the arena for their battle.

The brunette lay sobbing and groaning, her derriere elevated as her body lay in an awkward jackknife position, her hands desperately massaging her battered womanhood. The smirk on her opponent’s face spoke as much to Amy’s cruelty as to her smug self-satisfaction. Now it was time to go for the kill.

Laying atop her victim’s body and using her own weight to pin the brunette down, Amy used her feet to Grapevine and spread Dani’s legs (the sudden strain on Dani’s inner thighs adding to the pain which wracked her crotch!) She then snaked her right forearm across Danielle’s throat for a chokehold, while using her left hand to cover Dani’s eyes; Amy knew from bitter experience that a wrestler who is dazed and in pain, when robbed of something as elemental as sight, will often panic. Such was the case now, as the brunette frantically tugged at the hand over her eyes, neglecting the arm that was strangling the breath from her.

It was a fascinatingly cruel tableau. Amy could feel their sweat blending into one as their bodies crushed together, and her ears were treated to the sobs and gasps of her fast-weakening foe. Dani had been the odds on favorite going into this match, and the feisty redhead knew that if she could beat Fishel, it would catapult her far up the ladder of catfighting success. She believed deep in her heart she had the tools to beat the more experienced brunette…what she didn’t know, but was now pleasantly surprised to learn, was how much pleasure she took from making her rival suffer.

Finally, Dani’s squirming ceased as she gave way to merciful unconsciousness. Invigorated by success, Amy jumped to her feet and planted her foot upon her beaten adversary’s read end as she flexed a victory pose and basked in the cheers of the assembled onlookers.

Dani howls as Amy sinks her stiletto-like fingers into the brunette’s right breast, digging deep into the tender flesh. The pain saps Fishel’s strength, and she slowly sinks to her knees, her opponent following her down to the carpet to maintain her cruel hold. Davidson gives a wicked cackle, certain that the second and deciding fall is hers.

But if the redhead believed that the agony she was inflicting on her opponent’s breast would paralyze Danielle into helplessness, she seriously misjudged her rival. With a sudden savage roar, the brunette unloads a wildly thrown fist flush into her tormentor’s jaw. Amy is stunned by the blow, but she does not release her clawhold. So, Fishel suddenly launches a flurry of punches at her adversary’s head. Overwhelmed by the furious onslaught, Davidson at last loosens her fingers and frees her foe, and the dazed redhead tries to roll away to safety.

The brunette gives her no respite. Ignoring her own pain and exhaustion, DanI scrambles after her rival on her hands and knees, grabbing Amy by her fiery mane and hauling her back up roughly to her unsteady feet. With a banshee’s yell, Fishel drives her knee hard into Davidson’s back, smashing it into the redhead’s lower spine with all of the force she can muster. Amy wails and drops back to the floor.

Wasting not a second’s time, Fishel grabs her foe by the ankles and lifts her legs up and bag, simultaneously planting a foot upon the Davidson’s aching lower back so as to pin her down and maximize her pain.

Amy’s eyes blaze with electric agony as she feels as if her backbone is about to snap in two! She thrashes in a desperate bid to escape, but her adversary holds her fast. The redhead pounds her fists into the carpeted floor and whines, “OWWWWWWWWW! You’re breaking my back!” Then she immediately curses herself for displaying such weakness.

Every instinct Davidson possesses urges her to resist, to find some way to turn the battle around. But she knows she cannot hold out much longer, and every moment she does endure this torture, the greater the risk that she may be seriously…perhaps permanently…injured.

Accepting the inevitable, Amy gasps, “I…give up!”

Rather than taking any satisfaction in winning this round, DanI instead hisses, “Pussy!” She is furious that her foe has submitted so quickly; the brunette wanted nothing less than to batter and humiliate her foe as Amy did to her in the first fall. Angrily, Fishel gives her fallen adversary a final stomp to the back, eliciting a sharp cry, then stalks back to her corner of the penthouse, where she towels herself off and gulps a bottle of mineral water within the span of heartbeats.

Round two had gone to the brunette, and she was determined to make damn sure she not only took the third fall and the match, but that she put her rival in a world of hurt.

Defying the exhaustion which soaked every fiber of their beings, Fishel and Davidson waged in the third and deciding fall a battle which far outstripped the first two in terms of ferociousness and intensity! Control of the brawl swung back and forth between them as they unleashed every bit of cruelty at their command upon the other.

Now, however, command seemed to be firmly in Dani’s hands, as she squeezed her hated foe in a bear hug, Amy’s arms pinned to her sides. Their tank tops long since lost, the breasts of the two bare-chested beauties were mashed painfully together. Fishel grunted as she heavily drew in and exhaled out breaths and channeled her remaining power into her crushing vise. Davidson mewled as she felt the air forced from her lungs, felt her strength ebbing, felt her consciousness slipping away. She had come so close, yet now it seemed as if her struggle was in vain.

But she would not go easily into that dark night! Mustering her will, she tilted her head back; DanI assumed the redhead was close to passing out. What the brunette didn’t realize what that her desperate opponent was about to make one final bid for freedom.

With a sudden blur of motion, Davidson snapped her head forward. There was a sickening crack which echoed throughout the room as their foreheads smashed together. The reckless move succeeded in forcing Fishel to release her bear hug, but at a frightful cost for both warriors as they staggered on shaky legs, each in danger of collapsing under their own weight at any moment.

Almost on animal instinct, Amy stumbled toward her adversary and threw her arms over Danielle’s shoulders, as much to keep the redhead standing as to keep the brunette in place for what came next. And what that was caught Fishel entirely unprepared: with more power than perhaps either young woman suspected she was capable of, Davidson thrusts her right knee up, until it rams into Dani’s already-tender groin. The sudden blinding pain causes the brunette to burst into tears even as she shrieks and collapses onto her back.

The redhead’s bruised, scratched and aching body wants nothing more than to collapse as well. Yet, she orders it to fulfill one last task. Kneeling and straddling her foe’s body, Amy grabs Dani’s wrists, pins her arms to the floor, and drops her chest down for a breast smother finisher. Her sobs muffled beneath her rival, Danielle squirms, but it is a hollow act of defiance, and utterly useless. Within a very short span of time, Fishel blacks out.

The victorious redhead does not move for more than a minute. Then, as if in a daze, she sits up on her knees and pulls her beaten foe’s plaid mini-skirt from Dani’s waist, then down her legs, and finally off of her completely, making the garment a trophy of war. Then driving herself to stand up, Amy looks down with contempt at Fishel, who at last begins to stir. Good, Davidson thinks…I want her to know just how worthless she is.

Haughtily, Amy plants her foot upon Dani’s face and keeps the brunette pinned to the floor, an act of degradation meant to demonstrate that Fishel is now beneath her conqueror, like a peasant to a queen. Danielle whimpers, but lacks the strength to throw her tormentor off.

Amy lets out a throaty “Hah!” in acknowledgment of her tremendous triumph…and then her weary body gives out on her at last, and she collapses atop the prone form of her vanquished rival. And there they lay, breathing as one, but equals no longer!