Geena Davis, Julia Roberts and Suzanne Somers by 'titfreak" 27-Jul-99
Geena Davis vs. Julia Roberts

"You bitch, she's mine and I'll kick your ass if I catch you fucking around with her again," was Geena Davis' comment to Julia Roberts when she found the brunette with her face buried in Suzanne Somer's crotch eating her pussy.

The blonde was gasping through another orgasm over Julia's expert tongue, lips and teeth working on her excited vulva and erected clitoris. Suzanne's thighs were tight around Julia's head, clamping the brunette's face tight against the blonde's spasming cunt and she had both hands locked in Julia's long hair to keep her in her thrusting pussy. This really wasn't as necessary as one might think because Julia had both hands locked on the blonde's buttocks, holding her face deep in Suzanne's pleasure. Julia backed out of Suzanne's thrusting crotch and wiped away the acrid juices she had been sucking from Suzanne's spasming cunt.

Sitting back on her legs, she glared back at the smaller brunette, "You little whore, I'll fuck her any time I want and if you think you can make me stop fucking her when I want, just try it."

Julia was very excited from her activities with the beautiful Suzanne's cunt and Geena's intrusion and demand angered her.

Geena was nearly a head taller than Julia and was confident of beating her in any kind of a fight they might have while Julia had the same level of confidence as she sized up Geena's small, projecting breasts, her shaved crotch and short hair.

"You tiny-titted cunt, I'll have you screaming for mercy in three minutes," the angry Geena spat at the smirking Julia. Adding, "Those lousy tits will be empty when I finish with you!" She'd noticed the droplets of Julia's milk leaking from her nipples from Suzanne's earlier frenzied sucking.

Realizing that Geena was ready for a dirty fight, Julia snapped back, "You little whore, I'll have your tits so red and aching that YOU'LL be the one screaming for mercy!"

Suzanne who was gasping through another orgasm when all this began, nearly fainted at the idea of these two beautiful brunettes fighting over her. The blonde bitch had so many blasting orgasms from both of them that she wasn't sure of which one she wanted to win. But the fight would give her so much excitement that whoever won would nearly die from what Suzanne would do to her later for winning this dirty fight for her body and favors.

Gina was undoing her lacy bra while Julia got to her knees and held her claws up as an invitation for Geena's breasts while the other brunette got down on her knees and the two crawled toward each other, Suzanne, her eyes wide with excitement, began to finger her cunt to another even more violent orgasm over these two beautiful nude women fighting over her.

"Oh my god," the blonde gasped to the two, "Don't scratch each other's faces, you're both so beautiful."

At the same time, she was nearly mad with sex over this violent fight for her body and her favors. Whoever won this fight would have a wild blonde bitch for a sex-crazed night! And as far as face-scratching, whatever the two brunettes did to each other to have the excited blonde for herself, was OK with Suzanne - she wanted to see and hear a really dirty fight between these two!

Suzanne and Geena had already fucked the brains out of each other several days ago and Geena had developed a wild infatuation for the loose-breasted blonde, the big breasts driving her wild as she and Suzanne mutually sucked each other into mountainous orgasms. They sucked each other for several hours, wrestling for dominance when one or the other dried up to give their emptied glands time to renew their delicious juices to drive the other woman into gagging, blasting orgasms.

But now a level of jealousy as the beautiful Julia had found Suzanne in the gym and brought her into the sex-room for the delicious orgasms that were they would have over each other.

Both women decided on a fight for sex and had wrestled and shrieked for a half hour and Julia prevailed, pinning the smaller blonde under her and letting her pert breasts be sucked into Suzanne's gaping maw and her creamy milk sucked out. Suzanne went wild when Julia's nipple began to squirt into her mouth and the blonde wrapped her arms around Julia's back to keep the delicious breast in her mouth for wild sucking and some nipple chewing while Julia gasped and screamed at the sensations of her breasts being sucked by this beautiful, sexy blonde she had very easily overpowered on the soft mats.

All this activity had its effect on Julia and she became more and more stimulated as Suzanne kept up the frenzied sucking and finally drove Julia into her own maddened desire for the blonde's massive and loose breasts.

"You little bitch, I want YOUR tits too," Julia said letting go of Suzanne's blonde hair. She was holding the blonde head to her tit and reaching down to pull off the remains of the blonde's tight brassiere, already half gone in their fight.

Then Julia had swiveled around on her knees and got in position over Suzanne's head, her own breast still in the blonde's mouth and reached down for a spread-out mammary, squeezing it with both hands into a big nipple-tipped, fleshy mound and then feeding the nipple into her own mouth, began to suck Suzanne's tit, having a massive orgasm as she heard the blonde's scream of excitement through the mass of Julia's tit in her mouth.

Suzanne's breasts were much larger than Julia's, but the brunette always was able to lactate very quickly when excited and Suzanne was a very exciting thing and Julia went wild with those mountains in her mouth. The net of it was that each woman was able to drain the other's breasts in about the same time and Julia was so wound up that she squirmed down the blonde's body to continue sucking out the juices from Suzanne's slimy cunt, letting her own cunt fall over the blonde's face and eager mouth for some of the same.

Suzanne stopped the cunt sucking first when she went through an orgasm that nearly stopped her heart and Julia had swiveled around into the prone blonde's crotch and lay between Suzanne's jerking and thrashing legs. Suzanne was going through a huge and continual orgasm from Julia's oozing pussy and all the action down in her crotch.

And Julia was into her pleasures equally violently, both women gasping as the orgasms washed over them. This was how Geena found them!

And now the dirty fight for the blonde Suzanne's beautiful body, face and hair.

On their knees, nude and only a few feet from each other, Geena and Julia crashed together, each with a hand at a breast and a hand locked in hair. "Dirty bitch," and "Fucking whore" comments were mixed with the screams of pain and anger as hair was yanked and ripped and their soft breasts clawed and squeezed, but neither woman seemed to be ready for surrender, at least not yet!

Each woman's breast was being clawed and squeezed mercilessly. Geena's several fingers curled over Julia's breast from the top, her palm pushing the soft gland upwards and into her nails and fingers digging in from the top of Julia's breast to make gouges and marks where they would show over her décolletage. Geena's tight grip was unstable because of the milk being squeezed out of Julia's nipple into her hand, but the smaller girl tightened her slipping grip as Julia gasped in pain, her pretty face contorted with what she felt Geena doing to her beautiful mammary gland.

And Geena was also suffering as Julia's sharp nails were clawing through the tight skin on her tortured breast. Julia always kept her nails pointed and ready for a scratching fight, and now Geena was finding out about it. Julia's nail points were digging through Geena's breast skin and leaving rivulets of blood running down Geena's beautiful breast. Then as several of Julia's nails were inside the outer layer, the bitch dragged them out toward Geena's nipple, leaving long, bloody gouges in the Geena's white skin.

The hair pulling had them both being yanked back and forth and from side to side until the taller Julia lost her unbalance and fell to one side, pulling Geena with her as they both lay facing each other, their knees and legs now slamming against their bare crotches, each hoping to get in a lucky, dirty kick that would disable her opponent and leave her vulnerable for more vicious breast mauling than she had already received.

In some pain, Geena let her hand release Julia's long tresses and smash down to Julia's crotch for some really dirty clawing. Grasping a solid handful of Julia's soft pudenda, Geena was able to get a real scream of pain from Julia and the smaller brunette laughed, "Not so tough, are we," as Julia let go of Geena's breast and her hair to protect her sensitive cunt area, grabbing Geena's wrist with both hands to get Geena's hand out of her cunt.

Geena kept her hold as Julia shrieked at what was happening to her shaven pudenda. Geena already had a finger inside her opponent and it was busy clawing Julia's swollen clit as the bigger girl tried to jerk back to free up her pained pussy. "Let go, let go, you little whore!" Julia screamed as Geena's finger inside her vulva scratched at her swollen clit and caused a level of hurt for the bigger girl. Screaming madly, Julia tried jerking backwards to get free of the mauling Geena's finger was giving her clit.

But instead of freeing up her sex organ, Julia found her back blocked by Suzanne's knees as the blonde crawled closer to better see the mauling that Geena was doing to Julia's thrashing pussy.

Suzanne, her eyes bulging and seeing how Geena was winning this part of the fight, excitedly screamed at the smaller brunette, "Get into her further, get your hand way up into her cunt, get her, GET HER GOOD FOR ME."

The blonde wild with this fight, but not really knowing who she was favoring.

Then seeing how Julia's nails had ripped up Geena's one breast, the crazed blonde screamed, "Julia, do it again, rip up the other tit, claw it, CLAW IT GOOD, RIP UP HER OTHER TIT FOR ME, GET HER GOOD!"

Mad with sex over all this, Suzanne was setting herself up for something she wouldn't like with all this advise to both opponents. But that would come later!

Julia wasn't having much success getting Geena's finger out of her cunt. The smaller brunette's finger had found the entrance to Julia's vagina and now her sharpened nail was inside the taller girl's body and doing some damage to the slippery vaginal walls. Julia's shrieks only invigorated Geena's attack and Suzanne could see some blood showing in the mixture oozing from Julia's cunt and from between Geena's fingers, tightly clamping Julia's outer pussy. Now both Julia and Suzanne were screaming wildly, but not for the same reasons. Geena's teeth were gritting as she forced her hand to grip Julia's pussy flesh even harder, tw