Cat Deeley vs. Konnie Huq by Harry 11-13-00

Konnie Huq is an Asian BBC TV presenter, predominantly of serious programs aimed at a younger audience. She is attractive and dark skinned which are, to be honest, not the most immediate characteristics to guarantee success on British TV. She is very much perceived as a woman on the way up and is actively seeking more demanding and high profile rolls. Cat Deeley is an MTV VJ who has made it big on TV and as a pin up. She is the reason that the ITV Saturday morning show has such a large audience. Cat is not afraid to use this position and her high profile modeling assignments to launch her career ever higher. They are natural rivals.

The fight
It started when rumors spread in UK papers that Cat was about to take her talents to Satellite TV station Sky. These actually weren't true (but it was a good excuse to print photo's of Miss Deeley) but Cat was disturbed to see the number of other women who had put themselves forward as her replacement. Slightly more concerning were those who had traveled to ITV's London studios to speak to management. Most were little more than talentless bimbo's, in Cats opinion, fishing for jobs. But she was genuinely concerned when her cretinous co-stars mentioned how much they were looking forward to working with Konnie Huq who was being poached from the BBC for an astronomical fee. She dismissed this as a wind up but was further irritated when MTV contacted her saying she could cut back her TV commitments with them as they wanted to show-case new ethnic female talent. The final straw was when Miss Deeley found a demo tape in a production office with Konnie as the main star. Cat was livid and used the information with the tape to track down this young upstart.

Konnie was working at the offices of an Independent TV producer in North London on various projects when Cat caught up with her one Autumn morning. Cat being a blunt young lass cut to the chase and suggested that Konnie should stick to her own shows and stay in the shadows of real stars. Konnie had half been expecting this from Cat and had been warned she could be a right bitch. Konnie replied that she wasn't trying to oust Denise van Outen from 'Big Breakfast' but was simply looking at projects on ITV. And if Miss Deeley didn't like it then she could, diplomatically speaking, "Go piss up a rope."

At this point all female diplomacy went out the window and Konnie agreed that Cat should come visit her that night at the production company offices to sort things out. This suited Cat fine who wanted to teach this little Asian bitch a good lesson. Miss Huq, who was no stranger to struggle, had realized that sooner or later she would have to fight to get to the top, if it wasn't Cat it would be someone else. She did turn the situation to her advantage by impressing the Producer boss by working late and offering the prospect of work Miss Deeley. Although the Security Guard at reception who greeted Cat Deeley at 7.55pm had less wholesome thoughts as to what he would like to see Konnie and Cat get up to.

Cat took the lift up to the assigned floor and as she stepped out she slid off her jackets and placed it with the bag of spare clothes she was carrying. There was only one light on and Cat strode towards it feeling confident. Pushing open a door she entered what was obviously a large reception area ringed with comfortable seats. On the far side reading a magazine was Konnie. The Asian presenter was wearing trainers, her trademark dark green combat trousers and a purple strappy vest top with her dark shoulder length hair untethered. Miss Deeley was wearing black knee boots, black knee length skirt with a split on either side, a black T-shirt with a US flag logo and her blonde hair also untethered. Konnie stood up and moved forward.

"Going to kick your butt bitch!" sneered Cat looking at her opponent in a distinctly unimpressed manner.

"In your dreams honey, you're just another stupid white bitch who thinks she is superior and needs to be taken down a peg or three!" mocked Konnie, bringing up her hands with her fingers bent like talons.

Cat charged forward and the two women locked hands in a test of strength whilst trying to bend one anothers fingers back. Although Miss Deeley was able to push Konnie back slightly, they started to stagger round in circles, neither able make any meaningful headway, so they pushed each other away. But Konnie's anger had been aroused and she reached forward and took a handful of Cat's T-shirt and pulled her towards her.

"Getting heavy are we now slut!" sneered Cat who reached up and took a fistful of Miss Huq's vest. Konnie responded by using her spare hand to grab hold of Cat's blonde hair. Cat responded in kind and dark fingers became entwined in lighter hair and white fingers in dark hair. The two TV stars let go of the others top and moved the hand to increase the hair pulling. They used these holds to try and pull one another around the room and lashed out with their feet. As Konnie was only wearing trainers her blows had little effect, but Cat's boots were able to inflict more pain but not decisively so. This added to Konnie's discomfort, as although this wasn't her first catfight she had never experienced such painful hair pulling.

As Konnie yelped with pain, Cat was able to exploit her advantage to drag the darker skinned woman down to her knees. Miss Huq didn't let go of her hold on Cat's hair so that she was now bent over, unable to continue meaningfully kick out at her opponent. They struggled on in this awkward posture for several moments before Konnie, partly because she was losing her grip, let go of Cat's hair and instead took hold of either side of her opponents black skirt.

Before Miss Deeley could exploit her grip on Konnie's hair, her skirt was yanked down around her knees, revealing lace black panties. Then Konnie pulled hard which caused the skirt to rip and Cat to fall on her backside letting go of her black hair. The Asian TV star needed no second opportunity and scrambled forward over her opponent, managing to get in a sly blow to the stomach before sitting astride Cat's stomach. The MTV VJ was bewildered by this turn of event and let fly with a torrent of open handed blows against Konnie which forced her to defend herself rather than attack Cat.

Cat tried to bring up a knee into Konnie's back, but couldn't do so because of her skirt and was reduced to a cry of frustration. She did succeed, however in slapping Konnie's right breast which made the upright woman howl. In retaliation Miss Huq slapped Cat across the cheek and then followed up by clamping her hands round her opponents throat. But Cat wasn't out of the fight and she used one hand to grab Konnie's hair to get her attention, whilst she drove her right hand, balled up as a fist, into the Asian woman's left breast. This wasn't the first fight that Konnie had been in, nor was it the first attack on her breasts, but she had never been hurt like this. It felt as if her breast was being pushed through her rib cage and she screeched with pain, arching her back as she did so and breaking her choke hold.

Whilst Konnie suffered, Cat recovered her breath momentarily before reaching up with both hands and grabbing hold of the Asian woman's vest top. As the thin purple material was pulled taut and then began to rip, Konnie forgot her pain and tried to defend herself, with only partial success. Instead she decided that the time had come to roll in the gutter, so to speak, with Cat and she moved back slightly so that she could reach down to clamp her hands over her opponents breasts. Although hidden away behind the black T-shirt and a bra, Konnie could clearly feel the outline of Cat's orbs and began to squeeze. Cat winced with pain and moved her own hands to protect herself, with some success.

The two women battled on in this position for several moments, before Cat was able to twist and roll so that Konnie slide off of her allowing Cat more room to maneuver. She reached out and took hold of Konnie's raven black hair whilst thrashing her legs in an effort to lose the once expensive skirt that was now a distinct hindrance to her efforts. The Asian TV presenter was not idle and used her own hands to grab and pull on Cat's long blonde hair. Indeed whilst Cat was also trying to remove her skirt, Konnie was able to inflict more pain. But once the skirt was discarded, Cat was able to push herself forward so that she was now lying on top of Konnie. As the two women struggled, they pressed and rubbed their bodies together and soon began to perspire.

"So what's it like to work under a major star!" sneered Cat, narrowly averting an attempt by Konnie to roll them over. Konnie's response was to take one hand from her opponents blonde hair and slap her across her now exposed backside with a resounding thwack that left behind a red handprint. Cat squealed with pain, which allowed Konnie to roll them over at the second attempt. The two women now resumed their hair pulling with a fury born of growing enmity and they tried to pull the other away from them by the roots of their hair. As the squealed with pain and hissed vitriolic insults and slurs that most certainly would not be allowed on Children's TV, the two women began to roll back and forth across the floor for several minutes, before breaking and rolling in opposite directions.

Having broken apart the two women got to their feet and took stock of their situation. Both women's tops had been pulled out of shape, and clearly would not take much more damage and Cat had lost her skirt. The two TV stars began to circle before locking up their hands in a test of strength and resolve. But this was inconclusive and they broke free to take hold of one anothers hair.

As they pulled one another close so that their bodies collided, Cat reached down and took hold of the waist of Konnie's combat trousers with both hands and pulled hard. The effort was such that not only did the seams of the garment bite painfully into Konnie's womanhood (another, and rather unpleasant first for Miss Huq) and Cat lifted her off the floor.

Konnie Huq wailed with the pain and instinctively used her hold on Cat's hair to pull her head back, in turn making the MTV VJ shriek. But Cat didn't let go, although she did start to stagger backwards slightly. With no respite from the pain Konnie's struggles grew more panic ridden, and by accident her trainered left foot connected with Cat's knee just above the top of her boot. Cat wailed with pain and collapsed in a heap on her back with Konnie landing on top of her. They narrowly avoided a clash of heads and lay there unmoving, Cat winded and Konnie recovering from the assault on her pussy.

"Filthy bitch!" hissed Konnie venomously into Cat's nearby ear. Her vitriol was cut off as Cat brought her hands up and into her black hair, pulling her head sharply back. Konnie returned the favor, entwining Cat's blonde hair around her fingers. The two battling TV stars resumed rolling back and forth across the expensive carpet, both getting hotter and sweatier but neither quite achieving a dominant position.

Having assumed the upper slot, so to speak, Cat pressed her larger breasts down against Konnie's. Even through the skimpy material of their tops Konnie could feel herself becoming nauseous as Cat tried to use her feminine assets to overwhelm her.

Rather than retch, Konnie Huq redoubled her effort (the sigh of the strain were the dark patches appearing on her vest top that made it cling to her skin) she used her hair hold on Cat to pull the blonde's head back. She then followed up by rolling the two of them over so that she was now atop her opponent.

Cat responded to this by removing one hand from Konnie's damp hair and using it o land surreptitious blows against her opponents body and whisper nastily, "Sweaty little whore!".

Konnie wanted to cry out with the pain, but bit her lip rather than show weakness. Instead she moved her hands urgently down Cat's body and started to tug at the MTV VJ's black T-shirt. Danger signs flashed through Cat's brain as the sounds of ripping and tearing grew, aware that she had already lost her skirt. She put her strength into pushing her dark skinned opponent off her and the two women rolled away from her. In the process of breaking away, both women lost strands of hair causing them to yelp with pain.

As they rose up on their knees, it was clear Konnie's top was only clinging to her body due to her perspiration. Cat realized this and was determined to exploit it. The two TV stars moved closer awkwardly lashing out with their claws, scratching at bare arms as they tried to grab hold of their opponent. Cat feinted to rake her nails, that in all honesty weren't all that long, across Konnie's face, causing the BBC employee to lean back out of reach. Instead of scratching, Cat drove her left fist to Konnie's unprepared stomach causing the Asian woman to groan aloud and slump forward, one hand around her stomach.

Cat used one hand to hold Konnie in place by her hair and the other to finish ripping off her vest top. As the pain in her stomach subsided, so did Konnie's struggle to break free increase; but to no avail although she twisted her head to the left so that she didn't have a face full of Cat's sweat T-shirt. By now, however, Konnie's top was in shred's and had begun to sink to the floor in shreds. Desperate to fight back Konnie moved a hand round the back of her opponent and sank her fingers into Cat's white butt. This made Cat arch her back in reaction to the new source of pain but it did not distract her from disrobing her opponent.

As the last remnants of the vest fell away Cat ran her nails up Konnie's spine before starting to fumble with the straps of her white bra. This was no mean task with Konnie struggling to break free and Cat had to pull extra hard on her raven black hair to assert her dominance. Konnie wailed with the pain and frustration as she realized that more radical forms of attack were needed if she weren't to be humiliated. She let go of Cat's backside and stopped trying to push her white skinned opponent away, and instead used her hands to pull aside Cat's black panties before pushing her right hand up into Cat's natural blonde pussy.

Had there been an audience, they would have seen Cat's face go white as, for the first time, Konnie plunged her fingers into another woman's pussy. She was so busy with this attack, however, she didn't realize that Cat had unhooked her bra. It was Konnie's very inexperience that probably saved Cat as she fumbled to try and inflict the maximum pain on her opponent, but not being sure of whether she should be pulling hair, scratching, pinching or what!

Cat began to wail with pain and, in desperation, pulled Konnie's head up by her hair. Cat was seriously pissed off by Konnie's ear-to-ear, shit-eating grin of triumph. This was made worse by Konnie's fingers making their way into even more sensitive areas of Cat's womanhood. Cat's screams of pain trailed off as new waves of pain (or pleasure) swept her body. But Konnie was also in great pain - it felt as if her hair was being pulled out by its roots - and she'd expected Cat to surrender from the onslaught against her pussy by now.

Drawing on her reserves of strength from bitter catfighting experience, Cat used her grip on the Asian woman's hair to throw her away from her. In the process of this maneuver Miss Deeley fell backwards and dark fingers were cruelly pulled from short blonde hair, taking with them damp hair that clung to the skin. Both women lay on the floor for a few moments, Konnie looking with a mixture of disgust and pleasure at the state of her hands. Cat was massaging her ravaged pussy determining what cruel revenge she would exact.

As Konnie started to get up and gain her bearings she was whacked across the side of her head by Cat's booted foot. Cat had aimed to hit with either the heel or toe of the boot, but instead the blow was landed by the side of the article so no real or permanent damage was done. This allowed Cat the chance to get up, scramble forward and mount her opponent in a reverse face sit. The first Konnie knew about this was when her nose was assailed by aroma of Cat's sweaty backside.

"Get your fat arse out of my face you dirty cow!" screeched the Asian.

"Speak up dearie, I can't hear you!" sneered Cat as she began to rip open Konnie's combat trousers.

Konnie, who in fairness had more pressing concerns, had a dim inkling of what was about to happen and was busy trying to free her hands so that she could meaningfully attack her opponent. Cat, meanwhile, eschewed subtlety and forced open the fly of the trousers. She was about to launch her assault when Konnie took hold of her black T-shirt and began to tug at it in an effort to reach Cat's blonde hair. Cat's response was to punch her Asian opponent in the stomach which caused Konnie to wail and raise her head which smacked into Cat's butt. Then fearing that she might be bitten, Cat repositioned herself so she sat astride Konnie's pert breasts. With her opponent temporarily subdued, Cat plunged a hand into the open fly and pulled aside the damp panties. She pushed her hand in further into the unseen and surprisingly substantial pussy hair.

"Disgusting bitch," sneered Cat scrunching up her nose in disgust. "Have you no idea of personal hygiene?"

Not that this stopped her from beginning to pull the dark, curly black hair. Konnie wanted to scream with pain, but no sound came out of her mouth. In another first for her life, another woman had their hands in intimate contact with her womanhood and it was a very unpleasant experience! In desperation, Konnie began to claw the back of Cat's T-shirt and any exposed flesh available such as the top of the MTV VJ's legs. None of it distracted Cat from her task, which she was now able to undertake double-handed having enlarged the hole by undoing the top button on the combat trousers.

Tears began to trickle across Konnie's cheeks as she realized she couldn't take much more of this punishment. As a last throw of the dice she raised her body as much as she could with Cat astride her breasts and grabbed her blonde hair. This took Cat by surprise, mainly because she was busy enjoying herself, and as Konnie fell back to the floor her head was yanked back. Cat howled with surprise and some pain at this; more so, since as she began to topple backwards she had to stop ravaging the Asian woman's pussy.

This brought some relief to Konnie, but it was short lived as Cat landed on her face. Now it was Cat's turn to struggle. She tried to roll away, but Konnie managed to snake a hand from the blonde's hair and grab Cat's right breast. She squeezed as hard as she could, the burning in her pussy having not yet subsided. This added to Miss Deeley's discomfort, so she moved to protect herself.

No sooner did Cat manage to pry one hand from her breast, than Konnie's other hand took hold of her other breast. Rather than continue to mess around, Cat rolled off of to the right. Konnie reacted by twisting after her and trying to launch a kick, but her trousers prevented this and she screeched in frustration.

Having put clear carpet between them, Cat rose up onto her knees slowly, feeling the strain of the fight. Konnie, meanwhile, was struggling to divest herself of her combat trousers but was being hindered by her trainers. It was as Cat stood up that Konnie realized what an awkward position she was in. She could defend herself or continue to try and undress, but couldn't do both at once! Cat circled while Konnie tried to make up her mind.

That indecision, due to her inexperience as a catfighter, led to her downfall as it allowed Cat to get behind her and grab her dank hair. As Cat sank to her knees she pulled Konnie back so she was lying on her back staring up into Cat's crotch. It didn't take the brains on an Archbishop to realize what was coming and Konnie, not unnaturally, struggled to protect herself. But Cat was having none of this and pinned Konnie's fit arms to the floor with her knees before lowering herself onto Konnie's face - another first for the Asian woman. Konnie had taken a deep breath but her nose was soon assailed by the scent of Cat's aroused womanhood being rubbed across her face. She tried to escape but couldn't and she as she gagged, the effort just seemed to move her face closer towards the source of her torment - much to Cat's pleasure.

By the time that Cat had satisfied herself, Konnie had mercifully passed out. It took almost 30 minutes for Cat to recover enough to be depart after changing into spare clothes she'd bought. The observant security guard noticed the different attire and was the source of several news stories about a lesbian romp between the two women.. Konnie didn't completely come to for another couple of hours and was overwhelmed by the magnitude of her defeat; not to mention the sticky mess that covered her face. Her first reaction was to wretch. (Her second was to think of revenge.)