Cat Deeley vs. Denise van Outen by Harry

Neither Cat nor Denise had enjoyed the most successful of times recently. Cat, after giving up many of her TV commitments, had been unable to get higher profile roles on either MTV or terrestrial TV. This, coupled with a couple of less than helpful photo shoots, had taken the shine off her career and with that her opportunities declined. Denise was in much the same situation, without a weekly radio show to use as a platform for self-publicity. To be sure, she picked up a few newspaper headlines and minor appearances, but without a high profile boy friend there was no one to feed her needy ego. Then came an opportunity for them both to appear on a Christmas TV advert for leading chain store Marks and Spencer. Both thought they were the center of the advert, Cat showing off a pair off boots, make up and slinky short sleeved black dress and Denise, appearing in a sexy short sleeved gold outfit that complimented her long blonde hair as she providing the voice over.

This arrangement required them to be in the studio at the same time to shoot their parts of the advert and, worse, to share a dressing room. From the first, the sniping started with bitchy comments and attempts to outdo one another with more outrageous demands of the staff. Cat played dance music on the stereo system provided; Denise changed it to R&B every chance she got. By early afternoon, the shoot was done and they were preparing to leave taking their outfits as an additional, non-taxable, bonus. Cat had slipped on a pair of heels and was just putting her new knee boots in a bag when Denise walked in without knocking. Both were still in the outfits from shooting; Cat a slinky black dress that hugged her curves and Denise in an equally sexy gold number. Each was bare legged and the outfits clung to their bodies, accentuating their glorious figures.

See the younger woman putting away the boots, Denise blurted, "What're you doing with the boots cow? Those are mine!"

Cat stopped, her face showing amazement at her rival's claim, "Piss off tart! I wore them, so they're mine!"

There was a brief face off as both considered their next move. Each knew the others reputation as a fighter and where it might lead.

"Put 'em down you slut TV presenter or else," hissed Denise, sliding off her shoes with great drama.

"Or else what, you bottle blonde slag?" snipped Cat mockingly, kicking the boots aside.

They started circling slowly with their hands up, bare feet making no sound as they slid over the carpet as they closed the distance between them. Denise lashed out with her right hand, slapping Cat's left arm. Cat responded in kind, catching the bare skin of the older woman's arm and making her whelp. As Denise struck out with a second blow, Cat caught her wrist and pulled her close so she could grab her long blonde hair. As their bodies crashed together, Denise struggled to break free and brought her own free hand up to grasp Cat's short light brown hair. They stumbled about; each seeking a telling hold as their expensive dresses rubbed and pressed together.

Cat let go of Denise's wrist and pushed her hand under the older woman's chin, seeking to shove her back toward the table on which the sound system sat. Denise reached up got both hands in Cat's hair, pulling her head backward. Despite her pain, Cat kept forcing Denise back until she had her back against the table edge. Having pinned her, Cat turned her effort to pushing the blonde woman back down onto the table. But Denise fought back, grabbing Cat's jaw and trying to twist her head as her feet lifted off the floor. But Denise's hold was more difficult to maintain and she felt her head being pulled down to the left by the roots of her hair.

As her body twisted over until she was almost laying on the table, Denise drove her right knee into Cat's side which brought a groan of pain and gave her some relief before Cat used a hand to send a series of stinging slaps to the blonde's bare legs. Denise squealed and tried to raise herself upright to fight back more effectively but as her hands reached out, seeking to grab hold of Cat's dress, Cat concentrated on protecting the valuable dress rather than pinning Denise which allowed the blonde to sit up, grab Cat's hair and pull her head back.

"Slag!" screamed Cat as she redoubled her assault on Denise's expensively styled hair, pulling and twisting hard. Having gotten the fight back on a level footing, and having a firm grip on Cat's hair, Denise sought to use her long legs to scissors Cat, but the MTV VJ was too close so the blonde instead dropped her hands over Cat's breasts and squeezed, causing her to gasp and groan. Then, with as much strength as she could muster, Denise pushed, sending Cat staggering backward across the room holding her breasts; golden strands of hair still wrapped in her clenched fists.

"Bitch! I'll ruin your dress for that!" snarled Cat, as Denise slid off the table grinning, then closed in rapidly her hands reaching.

"Rip my fucking dress bitch and I'll rip yours!" hissed the blonde as she grabbed the straps of the black dress and pulled the younger woman toward her.

Cat retaliated, grabbing Denise's long blonde hair until a knee made contact with her lower abs, making her wince and groan as she slumped forward with the pain, losing her hold on Denise's hair.

Denise grabbed the hair at the back of Cat's head and tried to force her down, "On your knees bitch!"

Before she could complete the move Cat grabbed her legs, making sure she sank her short nails into the flesh, and began to pull and lift. Denise squealed as her left foot lifted off the carpet and she began to topple over backwards. Fortunately for her, she kept her hold on Cat's hair so that as she fell onto her back she pulled Cat down on top of her. They landed in an undignified heap on the floor with Cat sprawled on top of the writhing Denise. They lay there catching their breath for a few moment's, then Denise lifted Cat's head by her hair. But before she could fire off some witty bitchiness, Cat had slapped her with her right hand, then brought both hands down on Denise's full breasts and exposed cleavage.

As she overcame the shock of the fall, Cat moved to get the best hold on Denise’s breasts, squeezing at first, then starting to pull down the golden material which was soon followed by the sound of ripping cloth. Denise let out a stream of abuse as the bodice of her dress was ripped open. She tried to fling the MTV presenter off her, yanking her by the hair, but Cat held on grimly and her tenacity was rewarded by the golden material splitting wide open to reveal the skimpy see-thru bra encasing Denise's full breasts. This brought a fresh torrent of abuse and vitriol from the blonde who released Cat’s hair with one hand and used it to claw at her dress, quickly tearing holes in the side of the outfit. Cat screamed in pain, anger and frustration as she viciously sank her claws in Denise's breasts which were afforded no protection by her sheer bra.

Denise bit her lip rather than cry but she screamed, "You’re good at dishing it out! Let's see if you're woman enough to TAKE IT!"

With that, she curled her fingers down the front of Cat's slinky black dress, and pulled...hard!. The black dress ripped wide open and Cat's breasts, in an almost identical bra to Denise’s, spilled out into view. Without a second of hesitation, Denise spread her hands and pushed up under Cat's boobs, shoving them up on her chest before closing her fingers and squeezing as hard as possible. Cat let out a scream followed by and a torrent of abuse, pain and vitriol.

The two women lay like that for about a minute; Cat on top squeezing Denise’s breasts, Denise on her back crushing Cat’s, both groaning and squealing. When Cat finally released her breasts, Denise thought for a second she was giving up but the pause was only long enough for Cat to pull aside the blonde's bra - which hadn’t provided much protection anyway - to properly attack Denise’s reddening breasts. The renewed assault drew fresh squeals from Denise who had to retaliate. But as Denise’s fingers gripped the sheer material of her bra, Cat planted her knees on the floor and started to raise up onto her knees. Denise, tightening her grip on Cat’s breasts was pulled up off the floor.

Denise screamed as she was pulled up by the breasts in a painful and undignified manner, but she didn't let up on her attacks on Cat's firm round breasts which were already dappled with red finger marks. As Cat rose up onto her knees, Denise was still holding on to her until she was sitting awkwardly, hanging on as if her career depended on it. Had anyone walked in on the two women, the sight of them seated on the floor with their legs wrapped around each other with mutual breast claws would have undoubtedly resulted in stupefaction. Both were suffering from their unintended breast battle, yet neither was willing to admit weakness by letting go.

When Denise tried to back away to force a break, Cat was having none of it and sneered, "Had enough you blonde slut?"

Denise smiled, eased her grip on Cat's feminine orbs and fell back despite the brunette's fingers still holding onto her nipples. The look of surprise on the brunettes face turned to pain and horror when Denise managed to kick out and drive her foot hard into Cat's stomach. Cat was thrown onto her back with a loud, gurgling, scream where she lay clutching her stomach. But there was no relief for Denise landing a flurry of kicks to Cat’s battered body, her feet striking legs and arms willy-nilly.

Cat tried to roll and then crawl away seeking a respite from Denise’s kicking attacks but Denise was equally desperate to catch her. She dove forward but missed and could only watch as Cat opened a gap between them as she scrambled across the carpet on hands and knees. With a squeal of frustration, Denise pounced forward again, this time managing to grab a handful of Cat’s black dress. Even that didn't stop Cat from crawling away, her dressing straining from the opposing forces pulling it in opposite directions. Inevitably, the dress started to give way with a loud ripping sound, then the dress finally split apart and Cat sprawled forward as Denise tumbled over backward.

Cat got up and the tattered remnants of her dress fell away from her body as she looked to see wear Denise had gone. But when she turned around, Denise was almost on top of her!. Before Cat could react, Denise’s hand grasped her by the hair pulling it, while her other hand clasped onto her right breast, the fingers clamping down like a vice. Cat squealed and twisted, bringing a hand up to grab Denise's blonde hair, all too aware of how precarious her situation was. When Cat felt Denise’s knee make firm contact with the back of her left thigh it sent a spasm of pain through her body.

The two women grappled a second, then Denise’s knee made full contact with Cat’s crotch, pressing hard into it violently. The pain turned Cat's flushed face white as she collapsed on the floor holding her pussy. Despite the pain, Cat tried to push herself up but Denise dropped astride her back with both hands in her hair, pulling back hard on her head. All Cat could do was to reach back and slap and scratch Denise's legs, but it only made the blonde pull her hair harder, snapping Cat's head up and back painfully as Cat screamed in pain as her body was bent backward. She struggled and writhed, desperate to break free, but Denise had her legs clamped around Cat’s midsection and was riding her like an equestrian champion. With one hand fully entwined in the brunette's hair, Denise used the other to reach under and grab Cat's chin to exert additional pressure. Cat grunted at the pain of this new assault, yet aware there was nothing she could do to stop it except….

As her tears began to flow, Cat sobbed, "Let go….you can have the damn boots….you bitch!"

Denise smiled but she kept up the pressure for a few more seconds before releasing her hold. She pushed Cat face down into the floor.

"You sure about that kitty Cat?" asked Denise, sliding her butt higher on Cat’s back, her voice dripping with malice.

"Yes,” Cat wailed. “You win…..take the boots!" Cat just wanted to be left alone as the tears streamed down her ruddy cheeks.

Denise cried out with an excited, "YES!" as she slammed Cat’s face down on the floor.

She slowly stood up and walked over to pick up the expensive boots, leaving Cat’s limp, shuddering body sprawled on the floor. As she rose, Denise’s ruined gold dress slipped down her body and puddled at her feet. But she didn't care; she had the limited edition knee boots. The following morning she'd be as sore and battered as her beaten rival, but at least had the precious boots as her consolation!