Jenna Elfman vs. Dana Delany w/Lauren Holly by Blizzard

It was supposed to be a warmhearted charitable event. Hollywood personalities reaching out to the community, setting aside precious time from their hectic schedules to roll up their sleeves and join the blue collar brigade. Homes for the needy, newly constructed through a gargantuan volunteer effort were to be painted by a crew comprised of celebrities and hometown volunteers. Full media coverage was provided by local TV affiliates as well as the entertainment tabloid shows. It was meant to be a day for unselfish Tinseltown icons to didn’t go as planned.

Jenna Elfman, the 5’10” gangly blonde star of ‘Dharma and Greg’ had taken the reins as supervisor for the event. Normally a down to earth, free-spirited soul, her patience had been tested early and, as the day wore on, it failed miserably. The wafer-thin 30 year old had a valid reason for being disappointed and, unfortunately, she failed to cope.

Jenna had become a miserable, annoying bitch - much to the surprise of the volunteers present. Things began to go downhill as soon as the morning segment was taped by the media. Many who’d volunteered to put in a day’s work simply made a cameo appearance and, as soon as the crews stopped shooting the footage, they mysteriously disappeared without painting a single brush stroke. The list of hypocrites was quite recognizable; Debra Messing, Julia Roberts, Lara Flynn Boyle, Brad and Jennifer and Terri Hatcher to name only a few.

The work crew had dwindled to a few stars and local volunteers and Jenna was enraged. Unfortunately for those remaining, Jenna vented her frustration at those who skipped out on the one’s who stayed to help the cause. Her incessant bitching and demands they do a better job had chased off many of the volunteers and the handful who remained were on edge because of the blonde’s unappreciative demeanor.

Dana Delany and Lauren Holly, the sole remaining celebrities, carried on painting as Jenna scolded a woman nearby for what she deemed to be sloppy work. The two redheads had done well ignoring the blonde drill sergeant thus far and were actually enjoying the day as they worked side by side. They’d put in a good day’s work and at this point in the day were immersed in a giddy, cavorting mood as they applied a coat of forest green latex paint.

“I’m just trying to get the job done right!” screamed Jenna as the woman she’d just finished chastising scurried off the site and departed with tire’s squealing. Dana and Lauren looked ruefully at the frustrated blonde.

“What on earth is Jenna’s problem today?!” asked Lauren incredulously. “She’s not herself.”

Dana chuckled and said, “She’s young - wants to do well for the charity. Only problem is she’s totally lost sight of the ‘this is supposed to be fun’ principle.”

The redhead ran her fingers through the wet paint on the clapboard and then wiped them on the front of Lauren’s T-shirt, leaving two deep green handprints on her perky breasts. “Like that!” she giggled as Lauren gasped, then grinned.

Shrieking, Lauren ran her fingers across some fresh paint and returned the favor, wiping them on Dana’s tank top with a mischievous laugh. Jenna had heard the redhead’s commotion and turned in their direction just as Lauren smeared paint on Dana.

“All right, that’s it!!!” Jenna yelled angrily as she came running. “I’ve had it!” she screamed as she yanked the paint can from Lauren’s grasp. “This is just a game to you two! Today’s supposed to benefit a very important cause and you’ve failed to take it seriously. You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Lauren stared at the tall blonde in shock and shook her head sadly, “You need to lighten up, Jenna. We’ve all worked hard today. There’s barely anyone left…….thanks to your whining and carping.”

“I’m gonna hav’ta ask you to leave,” growled the blonde. “I can’t tolerate your happy horseshit when there’s work to be done.”

Lauren huffed in disbelief as she spun on her heel and began to walk away, “I can’t believe this shit!”

Dana had remained silent to that point, but she chimed in, “You’ve got a lot to learn, honey.”

Jenna jabbed her finger threateningly in Dana’s paint smeared chest, “You wanna leave too?!”

Dana calmly put her paint can and brush on the ground beside her and glared at Jenna, her blood boiling, “Who are you, the goddam sheriff ‘round these parts?! We all volunteered our services, bitch. Lighten the fuck up!”

“That’s it!” screamed Jenna, her face reddening. “Get off the property!” as Dana laughed maliciously, spurring Jenna to give the busty redhead a shove.

“Do NOT touch me, girl!” warned Dana.

Jenna rolled her eyes and sighed in frustration, “Look, I’m really busy trying to manage a rag-tag collection of weekend warriors here. I don’t have time to stop and kick your ass.”

Dana pushed Jenna back a few steps and snarled, “Well, make time…..bitch!”

Jenna’s face darkened and she retaliated with a shove of her own. The 5’7” redhead was forced to back up a few steps but she quickly retaliated with a slap that stung Jenna’s cheek and made her cry out. The infuriated blonde growled and slashed out at Dana with a slap of her own, but Dana deflected it easily. It appeared Dana had a sly grin on her lips as she rocked Jenna’s head to the side with another resounding slap.

Her grin was erased suddenly when Jenna’s long leg flashed out and delivered a sharp side kick to the redhead’s big bosom. Groaning, Dana was propelled backward until she collapsed with a thud, dropping on the lawn flat on her back with a dusty shoeprint on her paint-stained blouse.

The handful of remaining volunteer’s rushed toward the fracas, cheering enthusiastically for Dana. Jenna had managed to piss off every one of them at some point and Dana was confronting the bossy blonde as none of the rest of them had dared to. Jenna was in need of a serious attitude adjustment.

The towering blonde launched herself at the flattened Dana, landing on her straddling the groaning Dana’s chest on her knees. As Jenna’s hands entangled themselves in Dana’s auburn mane, the redhead grabbed two handfuls of blonde hair as they squealed and grappled, rolling to and fro in a hair yanking frenzy. Dana pivoted her hips to one side and they rolled across the lawn, legs entwined and fingers dug into scalps, as their shrieks were heard over the cheers of the boisterous crowd.

Somewhat surprisingly, Jenna finally managed to halt the flopping grapple session and ended up straddling Dana who ended up firmly pinned flat on her back. The blonde’s eye’s flashed with pure malice as she pressed her forearm across the redhead’s throat and leaned her body weight on it, choking her. Dana quickly panicked, her eyes wide as she gagged and kicked her feet on the turf frantically. Dana’s hands grabbed at Jenna’s face, but she tucked it safely into her chest as she applied the lethal choke hold. Suddenly, Lauren moved forward, grabbed Jenna by her blonde hair and dragged her off her friend.

“Get off her, you bitch!” Lauren snarled as she spun the tall woman around.

Lauren threw a looping right hand that Jenna deflected expertly and, with Lauren off-balance, she stepped back and snapped a powerful front kick square to the point of the redhead’s chin. Lauren’s head whipped violently, rattling her skull. She was unconscious before her limp frame landed spread-eagled on the ground.

The crowd gasped and murmured with concern as they looked down at the demolished redhead, laying unmoving on the lawn. A tall, dark-haired young woman, one of the volunteers, took a step forward.

“I can’t let that bitch to do this!” she said.

The woman’s husband restrained her, saying, “Stay out of it, hon. Dana’s gettin’ up.”

Jenna had her back to Dana, unaware of the redhead’s regrouping as she snapped, “OK folks, the show’s over. We’ve got a house to finish painting. Let’s get to it!”

“No, the show’s not over yet, babe!” hissed Dana.

Jenna spun around and took several steps toward the redhead as she said menacingly, “Fine, Dana. You wanna be completely embarrassed, it’s your choice.”

She delivered a swift side kick toward Dana, who braced herself and caught Jenna’s leg at full extension, holding it securely in both hands. Jenna’s eyes showed shock as she awkwardly hopped on one foot trying to keep her balance. Dana unloaded a kick of her own, sinking her athletic shoe into the blonde’s wide open crotch, smashing her pussy with authority. The tall, gangly blonde howled in sheer agony as she crumpled to the ground and writhed with both hands holding her battered pussy.

The crowd was ecstatic when Dana plopped down onto Jenna’s belly and belted the moaning blonde across the face with a whipping backhand. Dana clasped her hands around Jenna’s slender throat and started to choke the gasping, squirming blonde. Jenna’s fingers desperately clawed Dana’s forearms momentarily before she managed to get her own hands up and close them around the redhead’s throat. Dana gasped and increased the crushing pressure to Jenna’s throat, determined to choke the life out of the blonde bitch.

Jenna felt herself slipping away quickly, unable to breathe. She mounted a last ditch counterattack. Jenna released Dana’s neck and savagely raked her fingernails across the auburn-haired beauty’s cheek, drawing blood and a shrill scream. Dana instinctively released her choke and raised her hand to her cheek. She was promptly bucked off of Dana, sent sprawling on the grass beside her.

“C’mon Dana, kick her skinny ass!” urged the dark-haired volunteer as both combatant’s struggled to their knees.

Jenna glared at the woman and gave her the finger, then spat at her, as her husband pulled her away by the shoulder’s.

Jenna and Dana’s bodies slammed together on their knees and they engaged in another grappling match to loud encouragement from the crowd. Dana, livid at being viciously scratched to point of bleeding, freed one hand and drove a fist up from the ground into Jenna’s slender belly. The groaning blonde’s head slumped forward onto Dana’s chest as she gasped and coughed. Dana held Jenna’s hair with one hand as she began hammering punches into her belly, overwhelming Jenna. who was unable to catch her breath.

With the spectator’s surrounding them and cheering wildly, Dana tucked the defenseless blonde’s head under her armpit in a reverse headlock and stood up with Jenna’s head trapped in the hold. She wickedly rammed her knee into the blonde’s chest as she kept her bent over in the headlock. The kneeing lifted Jenna’s feet from the ground as she groaned. Dana snapped several more knee lifts to the defenseless blonde’s chest before she yanked her to a standing position and grasped her by the front of her white overalls.

Jenna was red-faced and woozy, her tongue lolling from her mouth as she gasped for breath in desperation.

“Show’s winding down now, beanstalk!” hissed Dana as she cocked her fist behind her ear.

The beaten blonde’s eyes gazed at her foe without emotion. She was battered and defenseless. Dana fired a crushing punch to Jenna’s chin, sending her sailing backward and laying her outstretched on the lawn at the woman volunteer’s feet. The workers whooped it up, cheering and laughing as they looked down at the unconscious blonde.

The triumphant, mature redhead’s attention immediately turned to her friend Lauren. Dana rushed to her side as Lauren was struggling to sit up, shaking off the cobwebs resulting from Jenna’s earlier kick. Dana helped her to her feet.

“Come on, let’s get outta here, Lauren.”

Lauren looked at her friend’s face and winced as she reached up to touch the bloody scratch, then she licked her finger and pouted, “Oooh, Dana....your beautiful face....”

Dana dabbed at it and said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Retribution was sweet. Come on let’s go back to my place.”

Lauren pulled away from Dana and stepped toward the spread-eagled blonde, her ire bristling, “No, not yet.”

Kneeling beside Jenna, Lauren began to unlace the blonde’s boots as the spectator’s clapped their approval. Catcalls and whistles rang out as Lauren stripped Jenna of her overalls and T-shirt. The bra-less blonde’s small, perky tits were revealed, as were her white cotton thong panties. The crowd was buzzing - their desire to see Jenna punished finally becoming reality.

“Help me get this gawd almighty crew boss over to the house,” gasped Lauren as she bent and grabbed Jenna’s ankles.

Dana grinning wickedly, impressed by her girlfriend’s spunk, caught Jenna under the armpits and, together, they lugged their limp rival’s body over to the freshly painted exterior wall. They dropped her in front of the wall and Lauren stepped behind Jenna’s head and lifted her up onto her knees facing it. With a handful of the unconscious blonde’s hair, Lauren pressed her face to the wet painted surface.

“You’ve done such a stellar job of leadership today,” the petite redhead growled. “I think you should leave your autograph on this project.”

Raucous laughter erupted while Lauren rubbed Jenna’s face on the wet paint, covering her cheeks and bangs with green. As she held the flaccid woman in place, Dana took control of the blonde’s wrists and pressed her palms into the wet paint, coating them. Then she pulled Jenna’s arms behind her back and pressed her painted hands on her lily white ass cheeks, leaving two green hand prints stamped upon the flesh.

“A job well done!” teased Lauren as she pulled Jenna’s head back by her hair. “You’re really good at this!”

The two redhead’s carried their humiliated rival by her wrists and ankles to her car, flopping her body on the hood on her back with her head propped against the windshield.

Jenna began to weakly moan, her eyelids fluttering as she slowly revived. Lauren grabbed her by the hair over her ears on both sides of her head and stared icily into Jenna’s semi-seeing eyes.

“Finish the job yourself, bitch!” she hissed, then slammed the back of Jenna’s head against the windshield several times, knocking her out cold once more.

Dana and Lauren acknowledged the crowd’s ovation, then Lauren went back to the house, retrieving her paint can and brush. Returning to the car, Lauren yanked Jenna’s thong down to her knees exposing her light colored pubic patch.

“I don’t like to leave a job unfinished Jenna,” Lauren said with a grin. “I’d better paint the trim before I leave,” she said as she slopped the wet brush back and forth in Jenna’s lush bush, turning her light brown pubes dark green.

Then Lauren handed the brush to Dana as the spectator’s giggled. Dana carefully circled the wet paint brush around Jenna’s nipples, leaving the blonde’s small tits a matching green. “And I’ll do the peak......I mean peaks!” Dana laughed. Then turning to the clapping volunteers, she told the unhearing Jenna, “Looks like you’d better start searching the want ads for a new crew, cutie. This one just quit.”

The volunteers applauded Dana and Lauren while laughing at the cold-cocked, humiliated blonde laying sprawled over the hood of her car. The crowd dispersed, getting into their vehicles and leaving as the two redheads finished dabbing paint over the rest of Jenna’s naked body.

“I could use a beer, how ‘bout you?!” asked Dana.

“I’m fucking parched!” answered Lauren, pouring the rest of the paint on the roof of Jenna’s car and watching as it ran down over her head and shoulders onto the hood of the vehicle.

The two actresses got into Dana’s car and drove back to her house where they made love the rest of the afternoon; leaving Jenna’s nude body splayed across the hood of her car on lewd display - with a night of long soapy scrubbing in the shower ahead of her once she came to and got herself home.