Dana Delany vs. Melissa Joan Hart by bbb4

Dana Delany climbs through the ropes first, her long legs partially hidden by a knee length satin robe. Dana calmly drops the robe, revealing her bare breasts and a gold lame' bikini bottom. Her wide hips and butt are barely contained by the bursting seams of the tight briefs. Her large breasts, just beginning to show the sagging effects of age, swing freely, tantalizing the crowd with her large, dancing nipples. Dana glances to the crowd, letting them know she appreciates their wild applause.

Melissa enters the ring wearing a long terry cloth white robe, which upon seeing Dana drop her robe, she also parts and lets fall to the canvas mat. Underneath is a stunning silver jog bra and matching thong bikini bottom. The oversize top covers the younger Melissa's small, hard breasts, but leaves little to the imagination. Playing to the crowd, which has already given Dana's bare breasted wrestling style a huge ovation, Hart bends at the waist to pick up her robe. Taking her time, she flexes her slight legs and rolls her trim butt cheeks left to right, teasing the crowd into an even larger ovation.

Dana, seeing she has been outdone by a veritable rookie with only one match under her belt, starts toward the young blonde, intent on punishing the upstart for stealing her thunder.

"So, think you're ready for the big girls, huh?" Delany teases the blonde, circling her like a shark. "That cute little butt of yours might get you some cheers out there, but it isn't going to help you in here. I'm gonna squeeze you like a tomato!"

Hart, clearly a little intimidated by bigger, heavier, more experienced Dana, circles away from Delany, as if to dodge Dana. Delany follows Hart around the ring, always one or two steps behind the quick little blonde, but suddenly stops in the center of the ring, "I'm not going to chase you all night! I'm stopping right here! You come to me or go home."

The gauntlet dropped, Hart has no choice but close in and lock up with Dana. Delany feigns the collar and elbow tie up but instead uses her wingspan advantage and just wraps Hart up in a bearhug, pinning her arms down to her sides. Delany grunts in effort as she applies crushing power to Melissa's ribs and back. After a few moments, Melissa too lets out a grunt as Dana puts some more hug into her bearhug. The muscles in Dana's back flex mightily each time she applies more power to the 22 year old Melissa's ribs. Hart's head lolls back as the asphyxiating effects of the bearhug begin to show.

Tiring a bit, Dana picks Melissa up off of her feet, and, taking two steps forward, she crushes Hart into the corner buckle. A light sheen of sweat coats Delany's back as leads Melissa out of the corner by a handful of her front bangs.

Delany whips Hart across the ring and into the opposite corner, following on with a crushing avalanche press.

Delany chuckles as she backs away, leaving Hart to crumple in the corner as her knees give out. Dana picks her up and again leads her out of the corner with a handful of hair. Hart's top is now dappled with spots of dark grey as Delany's and Hart's sweat are now impossible to tell apart. The twin peaks of Melissa's rigid nipples are now clear, even back to the cheap seats.

Dazed by the beating she has taken, Hart is led out of the corner as docile as a tame horse. Ever the talker, Delany continues to verbally assault Melissa as well as physically brutalize the blonde.

Looking down at the youngster's jutting nipples, Dana asks, "Sportin' some nip, huh? I'll fix that!"

Grasping both of Hart's breasts, Delany mauls her nipples through the non-existent protection afforded by the thin lycra of her sports bra. Hart screams out in agony, her knees buckling again as she drops to the canvas on all fours, protecting her aching bosom. Dana strips her top off from above, tossing it out of the ring before resuming her attack on Melissa's pert breasts, squeezing and mauling the firm flesh in her hands.

Hoping for a quick submission, Dana continues the special attention to Hart's small nipples, working them mercilessly between her thumb and forefinger. Melissa screams, pulling at Delany's wrists, trying to free herself from Dana's death grip. Realizing that the blonde isn't quite ready to surrender, Dana releases her grip on Melissa's mammaries and hoists her to her feet, using a handful of Hart's thong style bikini briefs.

Delany turns Melissa around and wraps her arms around Melissa's midsection, jerking her up into another tortuous bearhug. Going breast to breast for the first time, Dana continues to squeeze Hart, heartlessly looping her thong around her wrist for some added pressure to Melissa's twat. Feeling she has a sure submission, Dana fails to secure Melissa's hands and arms, instead swinging the little blonde left and right, letting her arms and legs flop around like a rag doll.

Desperate for a respite from the crushing arms of Delany, Melissa jabs her thumbs into Dana's eye sockets and rips her nails across her eyes.

"BIIITCH!!", Melissa screams as Delany drops her bearhug, staggering backward with her hands over her eyes.

Melissa falls to her knees, sucking in every breath she can, holding her bruised ribs. Delany, meanwhile, still on her feet, totters away, finding the ropes to support herself. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Delany's vision is clearly impaired. She stares across the ring unseeing, rubbing the blurring and tears out of her eyes. As Melissa stands, she finds it necessary to adjust her bikini bottom before chasing after big Dana, who is facing away from her.

Hart winds up and delivers a debilitating kidney punch, following on with a knee across the low back. Taking a hold of Dana's briefs, Melissa pulls them toward her, using them as a slingshot to rain blows down on her opponent's back and short ribs. As Dana collapses to her knees, holding the ropes for support, Melissa vents her rage on Delany, continuing to beat and kick her across the top of her butt and kidneys, screaming with each shot delivered. Dana grimaces in pain with each blow, grunting and wincing as Hart clubs her low back.

Taking a page from her opponent, Melissa grabs two handfuls of Dana's briefs and hauls upward, bringing Delany to her feet. Taking to Dana to the buckles in the corner of the ring, she slams Dana's face into the padded buckle, draping her chest and arms over the top rope. With Delany facing the crowd, Hart punishes her lower back some more, punching her kidneys, kneeing her in the butt and groin, and spanking Delany's lily white buns with her hands. After admiring the red welts left on Delany's backside, Hart drags her fingernails down Dana's sweat
soaked back. As the blonde rakes her back, Delany falls to her knees, them rolls to the mat, trying to put out the fiery pain in her back.

Hart wastes little time, picking Delany up again, lifting her arm and delivering a rabbit punch to the soft side of her breast. Hart sends her opponent to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, diving into a cross body block. Her weight hits Delany high across the chest, and collapses Dana's legs, as both girls come crashing down. Melissa climbs off of the groaning Delany, taking a handful of her short brunette hair and launches her to the ropes again. Melissa again launches herself at Dana in a crossbody block.

Almost as if she expected it, Delany's experience takes over, catching Melissa in midair, turning her slightly and dropping her into a devastating back breaker across her knee. Wincing herself, Dana reaches back to massage her lower back, trying to rub some of the knotted and bruised muscles. She quickly reaches down an shoves Melissa off her knee and down to the mat, where she curls up into a ball.

Dana isn't the spring chicken she used to be and realizes that the longer the youngster is allowed to draw out the match, the better her chances of winning. To this end, Dana rolls the blonde over onto her back and sits on her face, putting her bikini clad butt right on Melissa's forehead, partially smothering her. Although inexperienced using this particular submission hold, Delany's is physically well suited to the facesit, as her larger butt and hips easily envelope Melissa's narrow face. Hart begins struggling wildly, and eventually breaks the suffocation hold by blindly punching Dana in her injured lower back. Dana falls off of Melissa's face, but the damage to Hart is obvious, as she is now red faced and painfully lethargic.

Dana, having tried a new submission hold, returns to her old favorite, slapping her arms around Hart's ribs and midsection and lifting her off the mat in her third application of the dreaded bearhug. Melissa moans painfully, only hastening the crushing of her ribcage. The lithe blonde begins pummeling Dana's head and shoulders with unaimed fists, and flashing fingernails, but her blows, though effective, begin to taper off in strength and frequency. Feeling she has finished Hart, Delany steps forward, dropping her foes into an inverted atomic drop, slamming her knee into Melissa's groin.

Hart's eyes glaze over in pain as she clutches her aching crotch and slowly slides off of Delany's knee, flopping on the mat, totally defenseless. Delany grabs a hold of her thong, giving a painful wedgie before pulling the thong down around Melissa's knees. Standing slowly, but still in a lot of pain herself, Dana smiles broadly as she reaches down for Hart's feet.

She grabs Melissa's tightly closed ankles, plants her wrestling boot between Melissa's thighs, and without applying any pressure, gently asks "Give?"

With the threat of a stomp to the groin looming, Hart can only nod her head, going down to her second defeat in as many matches. Dana steps back, and collects her robe as well as Hart's full length robe. Bending painfully, she slips between the ropes, leaving the destroyed blonde in her wake.