Marg Helgenberger vs. Dana Delany by TNT

"Take THIS!" the beautiful redheaded Dana snickered a split second before introducing her fist to her arrogant former friend's perfectly positioned upturned chin.

"Uhhhhhh..." Marg groaned as her head snapped back; her beautiful green eyes rolled as her arms flew upward, her open hands flailing.

"Now that's a damn near perfect punch!" a delighted observer noted as she watched Marg sailing over backward, her back perfectly arched, full breasts bulging out the top of a low-cut evening gown. PLOP. CRASH! Marg landed hard on her backside on a large table sending silverware and plates flying.

"Honey, you may be one hot start, but you're still a tramp....remember the good ol' days?" Dana huffed as she watched her once good friend land with a gasp. She just couldn't resist the opportunity to settle old scores as she brought Marg down from her haughty attitude.

"I'm gonna kill you for that," Marg muttered under her fast fleeting breath.

Marg was furious! Dana hadn't given her just praise or complements for her recent stardom. The two had once starred together in 'China Beach' but Marg's high celeb status from her hit show "CSI" had gone to her head - or so Dana believed. A little too much "celebration" juice at the elegant party had put them both in the mood and one snippety snooty comment too many passed Marg's beautiful lips! Dana was only too happy to give her former friend a suitable response.

"Have a nice trip down, did ya' hon?" Dana chirped as she waltzed quickly over to Marg; extended her hands, reaching, trying to decide whether to "loosen" her friends gown right away or help her to her feet first. "Such cute little knockers," Dana whispered with a smirk as she bent over, her eyes zeroed in on Marg's smaller assets fully aware of the stiff nipples that pressed tight against the flimsy gown.

WHOOOSH! "Arggggh....YIEEEEEEE!" The instant burning sensation in Dana's beautiful eyes was caused by the flying liquor Marg had flung in her face! Her hands shot to her face just as a second flood of pain erupted in her full left breast.

"Bigger boobs, bigger target...big mouth!" Marg giggled as she sank a fist deep into the huge firm mound. Her third knuckle met her friends' thick nipple inverting it and causing Marg to smile at the sound of Dana's surprised, anguished groan. She watched her wince as she reached up and grabbed two handfuls of red hair, using it to drag Dana forward. Dana groaned again when she lost her balance and landed hard on top of Marg; her hands eagerly groping for Marg's lovely vulnerable throat.

"Catfight!" the excited announcement raced through the crowd of eager onlookers as they crowded around the two beauties.

What seemed merely a friendly verbal tiff a few seconds before had erupted into a full blown "battle of the redheads" and the prospect filled the small-but-excited audience with sensual hot 'catfight anticipation.'

"Anybody takin' bets? My money's on Dana," a fiery older woman said with a smirk as she watched her favorite wrap her long strong fingers around Marg's throat, squeeze slow and hard, pressing her thumbs into the yielding, gasping flesh.

"No way, Marg'll comeback back bigtime; she's one nasty fighter!" another chirped as she noted the rasping underdogs' desperate fingers hook into the low back of Dana's gown, rip down, then dig instant painful deep furrows into the firm sleek flesh. Dana screamed like a banshee, relaxing her choke hold reluctantly, her still burning eyes widening in pain.

"I still predict Dana's victory," the first woman said confidently; "history'll repeat itself," she quipped. "Viva la China Beach," she snorted, obviously bolstered by some secret knowledge of the legendary battle the two costars had experienced the last day of the popular hits' shoot.

"ARGGGGGHH! YEOWWWWCCCH....YIEEEEEEEE!" Dana moaned as hard tight fists slammed into either side of her head.

Marg's long legs launched upward, snaked around her rivals' body; with a mighty grunt and growl, Marg twisted her torso, dug her nails deep into tender flesh and wrestled her friend clean off the table.

KERPLOP. THUMP! "Ugggnnghhh." The loud gasping mutual groan filled the battlers throats as they sucked precious air into their screaming lungs and tried hard to ignore the pain caused by the hurtful fall. The thick plush carpet seemed not to soften their landing a bit. Long, luscious, lithe legs grapevined for control as sharp talons clawed at yielding fabric and tender flesh.

"Bitch!" "Cunt!" "Whore!" "Traitor!" "Lech!" "Loser!" were some of the nicer titles the two hurled as they rolled around, kicking, biting, scratching, pulling hair all to the delight of their cheering audience.

"Yeowchhh! Arggggh; you bitch; let goooo," Marg screamed suddenly as she felt Dana's talons latch on to her left breast and squeeze the mound tenaciously through the thin ripped fabric.

"Gonna twist this little peach clean off," Dana snarled wickedly as she felt the nipple stiffen instantly against her palm and heard Marg's angry, desperate low raspy pained protest.

"Yeah go for her boobs!" an excited onlooker cheered as she moved in for a closer better look. Dana's huge melons have spilled out of her dress; the tops of her aerolae were visible as was the loose sheer torn black lace bra cups. The top of Marg's lowcut gown hung in tatters; her flimsy strapless bra barely contained its twin treasures and was being rapidly attacked by Dana's lightning fast angry fingers.

"Grrruhhhhhh." Marg grunted out savagely as she summoned all her strength and energy and with a mighty push sent Dana flying off her. In a flash she jumped to her feet, raced toward the tumbling redhead, grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to her feet. With a snarl she sunk her fist deep into Dana's stomach. Dana groaned, doubled over and was rewarded with a nasty blow to her chin courtesy her "friends" upward blasting knee. Dana's lovely head flew upwards, her vision growing foggy. Two hands shot upward and in two different directions.

"Aieeeeee…nooooooo..." Her mind numb from her wounds, she realized that those nasty fast fingers were at both the back and front of her dress and were flying downward, literally peeling her dress like a banana. A hard shove, sent Dana forward; her legs caught in her slipping dress and down she went.

"Gonna strip you first this time girl," Marg snarled as she treated her rival to a solid kick to her delightfully perfectly positioned derriere. Dana screamed as her lower half burst into pain and she felt what was left of her dress being pulled off by one delighted Marg.

"AIEEEEE! Damn you, I'm gonna kill you!" Dana screamed as she started to twist around and grab for her dress.

"Sorry, you're just a bit slow," Marg chirped as she yanked the dress completely off, smiled and yelled,"Here honey, you seem to be enjoyin' this little girl talk quite a bit." The dress flew towards the excited woman observer who caught it and smiled.

"YEOUUCCCH!" Marg looked down at the source of her pain and saw Dana at her feet; she had latched onto her leg and was digging her sharp nails into her ankle with a vengeance. Wham. Dana yelped as Marg's angry fist smacked into the top of her head. Angry fingers buried deep into red hair, twirled and yanked up hard. "AIEEEEEE!" Dana screamed as her scalp burst into fire and she felt herself being yanked rudely to her feet. The tight fist came out of nowhere and slammed into her jaw. Two blistering slaps sent the busty redhead reeling backwards into the small group of excited observers.

"Honey, don't take that from that nasty little wench-go get her, pound her good, then you can have your dress back," a woman said as she held Dana's tattered dress up. She gave Dana an affectionate pat on the fanny and a good push.

"Yeah, come get me!" Marg said as she greeted her friend with a solid kick to the stomach. Dana's eyes rolled as she gasped. Marg treated her with a slap, headlock and pulled her towards a nearby wall.

"Nouuhhhhhh," Dana yelled as she felt Marg's fingers deftly unsnap her bra just before her head met the hard unmovable force.

"You silly clumsy bitch; no wonder I'm the star and you're not!" Marg snipped as she heard the loud BONK of her rivals head smacking the wall. She grabbed the top of Dana's pantyhose and pulled her backwards. A vicious hairpull brought Dana to full attention. One smooth move and the loose bra twirled for a second in Marg's' fingers before sailing towards the woman who once again made a perfect catch.

"Now lets see those big boobs hone…Eeeeeck. Ooooooofffh." Marg's arrogant confidence drained as rapidly as her face color dissipated. Dana's knuckles had scored big; Marg's hands dropped to her groin. A long arm snaked around her neck and a fist gave painful greetings to her ribs.

"Now its my turn, my dear, dear Marg! Here's a taste of your own medicine," Dana snickered as she grabbed a double handful of Marg's hair and fairly jerked her head around like a rag dolls. Marg screamed in anger and pain, reached up and grabbed a large luscious breast.

"AIEEEEEEE!" Dana shrieked. She fired a kick into Marg's leg; Marg hooked her leg with her own and down the two went.

"YEOOOWWW! OH GAWWWWWD! Let go, please," Dana bawled as Marg's talons maintained their agonizing grip the whole time.

To her horror, Dana felt her rivals long legs wrap around her waist. As her breast throbbed she began to gasp for air as the two strong, determined "pythons" went to work slowly squeezing, crushing. In desperation she clawed frantically at the sheer fabric that stood between her and those deadly legs.


"Now that's one heck of a hot, smart move," one excited fan noted, as she watched Dana shred the lower half of Marg's elegant gown to pieces, ripping holes in her sheer pantyhose as she raked the redheads gorgeous legs.

"Uhhhhhh. Ooooooooh. Umppppppfh! You're crushing me...I can't breathe," Dana gasped, her voice raspy and slowly becoming softer as Marg's legs tightened a little more after each breath she took. Dana's huge full breasts jiggled as her chest heaved, the erotic sight not lost one eagle eye of each excited observer. Marg's bulging, sinewy, perfect thigh, leg and calf muscles brought satisfaction as well.

"She's gonna kill her."

"Who's gonna kill who?"

"Marg, she's gonna do Dana in...the poor girls' sucking air frantically! Maybe we should help."

"Nawwwww, lets just enjoy the show; Dana's a big girl, ya know..."

"AIEEEEEE!!" The bloodcurdling, ear-piercing scream shook the room.

"Like I said..." WHOMPPPH! Marg's world changed in a heartbeat. Her entire body throbbed as she desperately tried to focus her racing mind. She slapped weakly at Dana's hands that pushed her legs apart. She winced as those hands suddenly gripped her wrists and wrenched them painfully.

"Shouldn't have been so mean to me Miss Marg; now its payback," Dana whispered as she rolled away from her whimpering rival. She sucked air greedily, planned her next moves as she rubbed her sore breast and took in the fact that her move was a fantastic one and had done devastation to her once haughty rival.

"Crotch claw, etc. etc. Worked back then. Worked now! Stupid wench, whatta short memory. About the stripping, I like that part too sweetie," Dana said as she lunged at Marg, grabbed her by the hair, jerked her to her feet and hungrily, angrily ripped the remainder of her gown off. "And about that bra-you'd do better with a training bra, cutie," Dana said as she delivered a blistering backhand slap that sent Marg staggering; she zipped in, grabbed both bra straps and yanked hard. The straps broke and she pulled viciously. The bra stretched, stretched more and finally gave way. "Here, catch lady-and she won't be needing it, thank you very much," Dana shouted as she tossed the bra to the lady who already had her arm stretched out. "Same wall, different noggin'!" Dana snarled as she grabbed Marg around the neck and smacked her into the wall.

She yanked her dazed rival around the room via her hair, suddenly released her and peppered her face, stomach ribs and breasts with hard and fast punches, then treated her breasts to several open palmed stinging slaps.

"Nice titties girl, ever thought about being a stripper?" she taunted. (A reference to her CSI character's past life). "Maybe a showgirl, or at least a hot star of today. Maybe you can tell everybody what kind of crime's gonna happen tonight-right here," she teased. "Gonna treat you to some special memories tonight, red hot red," Dana said, her eyes sparkled mischievously, almost wickedly.

"Noooooooo," Marg screamed as Dana pulled her in hard, fired a knee to her crotch, grabbed her around the neck and flipped her to the carpet. "Uhhhhhhh," Marg groaned as she landed hard on her back, the wind escaping her lungs.

"Its showtime," Dana shouted out excitedly as she eyed the spellbound crowd. Her hands zipped to her waist. Eyes widened. Gasps, Oooohs, and ahhhhhs filled the air.

"Nuuuhuhhhhh," Marg protested.

"Memories, what great memories," Dana chirped as she executed a perfect reverse facesit. "Sure beats a mouthful of China Beach sand, doesn't it my dear sweet, red-hot Marg?" Muffled groans rose up to Dana's ears. She reached down. "Such cute little boobies...nice 'n' firm!" Her fingers captured the rock hard erect nipples and pinched, tugged, twisted and pulled. "Now, take this hon!"