Marg Helgenberger-Dana Delany-Susan Lucci-Morgan Fairchild by TNT

“Yeowwwch. Stop it. Please. Noooooo..." The pleas and most urgent, desperate requests when unheeded as the beautiful plaintive blonde reeled from the angry redheads blistering backhands and well placed punches.
"You stupid, arrogant blonde bitch. How's this feel?" Marg Helgenberger snarled as she scored another blow to the lovely Morgan Fairchild. The perfect uppercut snapped the beautiful blondes head back. Morgan screamed as she felt her blouse being torn open courtesy Marg's determined fingers.

"Yeah, way to go. Get her good." The cheers came from Marg's "comrade in arms," and fellow redhead and friend. Dana smiled as she noted Marg's progress, then quickly turned to her current project who was doing her best in vehement protest.

"Let go of me. OUCH! Stop pulling my hair. Noooooo, not my dress. Aieeeeee!" Susan Lucci grabbed frantically at Dana Delaney's hands that were simultaneously jerking her head back and ripping at her dress.

"Gonna strip you sweetie. Too bad you had to mouth off to me. Next time you'll think twice." Dana was mad as hell and rightly so. Susan had been really catty with her. The lovely, feisty brunette soap opera actress had said a few two many snippy comments and was now paying the price. As was her blonde friend, Morgan.

“Lesson number one; do NOT get smart with ‘Red’!"

"Noooooo. Not my bra...pleaseeeee...AIEEEEEEE...."

"Yeah, lady. Like your pathetic request is gonna change my mind."

The words were not spoken. But such could have been read into Marg's snarl as she pulled Morgan off balance and put the blonde in a reverse headlock, bending her backwards. After ripping the remaining threads of Morgan's torn blouse off, she tugged at her rival's bra's shoulder strap. Marg's eyes took in the erect pink nipple as it peaked out of the retreating bra cup. Morgan screamed as she felt the loose bra being unhooked, then torn from her lovely chest. Strong fingers captured the stiff nipple, tweaked it to a reluctant firmness then pinched hard.

"Shhhhh...quiet down. Your screaming is hurting my ears," Marg snickered as she pulled the shrieking blonde over to a table and wrestled her down. She released Morgan, slipped to the side, fired two punches into her stomach and groin, grabbed her wrists and pinned her.

"How's it goin' hon?" the now dominant redhead queried of her friend.

"Just a minute. I'm a bit busy," Dana shouted in reply, her voice sounding a little frustrated and her attention obviously occupied on her feisty opponent. Susan was proving to be more than a "handful."

"Yeowwwch. How dare you tangle with me. You'll never win. You'll never beat me...uhhhhmpffh."

Susan's cattiness and confidence were slowly headed downward though she'd never admit it; at least not yet. Dana had slapped her almost senseless and stripped the beautiful brunette down to her bra, expensive dainties, garters and stockings and heels. But modesty aside, the determined soap star was just not gonna go down easy. When Dana had moved in, her talons poised to go for that lovely and seemingly vulnerable throat, Susan sidestepped the last second and introduced her knee up hard and fast to the attacking redhead's "weak" spot.

"Ohhhhh, did that hurt Dana? Sooooo very sorry," Susan piqued sarcastically as she grabbed a double handful of red hair and repeated that most dastardly move twice more.

Dana screamed as her lower half went numb and she felt her blouse being ripped open and saw pretty buttons fly every which way.

"Nice. Very nice. Very elegant display of the merchandise. Let's make an inspection," Susan hissed as she reached for Dana's twin treasures.

"Nice. Firm. Ripe. Peaches are for squeezin," Susan rasped as she latched onto Dana's firm braclad breasts. Dana gasped as pain shot through her chest. She gritted her teeth and treated the brunette to a headbutt. Susan grunted as she felt dizzy. Dizziness melted into pain similar to that with which she treated her rival to a few moments earlier.

"I like this down and dirty move too," Dana whispered as she treated Susan to another crotch shot. The brunette tried to shake away the pain as she uttered what seemed to be a most arrogant and "come and get me" statement of never giving up. She grunted as the knee came up once again hard and fast.

"Gonna knock you senseless. Ever heard of a knock down drag out? You're gonna be the one gettin' dragged out," Dana snarled as she fired three shots to Susan's lovely face. One to each jaw, one to that seemingly perfectly arrogant chin. The brunette's head snapped back. Dana grabbed her by the hair and ran her into a nearby wall. As Susan grunted, groaned and wobbled, Dana reached around and with the dexterity of a professional catfighter, quickly unsnapped the front clasp of her bra. With a skillful tug followed accompanied by her rival's involuntary scream the bra was off and quickly wrapped around her neck.

"Oh my. Looks like you're gonna get choked with your own bra honey," Dana said as she tightened the bra around her now topless rival.

"Guess I'm doing better at this, Marg. Catfights are hard work but so much fun. Need any help?"


Marg's reply was a gasp as she felt the heels of her struggling rival smack into her with amazing force. The blonde had gotten a second wind and brought her legs up, executed a double blow then wrapped them around her redheaded rival.

"Uhhhhhh….umppppfh," Marg grunted not wanting to believe how powerful her blonde opponent's legs were. The sight was extremely hot as both women's short skirts rode high.

"I'll never get up lady," Morgan snarled as she pulled her hand free of Marg's grip, reached up and treated her to a most painful face claw. Several groans passed the redhead's lips as her head was forced back and the python like legs stole her breath.

"Yaaaiargggh." The low guttural sound was almost animal like as the down under blonde summoned her energy, gave a hard push sent Marg flying off of her landing hard in a most sexy display of flying legs and flailing arms.

"My turn," Morgan shouted with delight as she jumped to her feet, buried her fingers in the stunned redhead's hair, yanked her to her feet and treated her to three hard slaps.

"Now let's see what you got; OK babe?"

Morgan answered her own question with action, not words as she grabbed the front of Marg's top and tore it clean open. Marg swung a wild punch. Morgan ducked, sunk her fist deep into Marg's stomach, just above her skirt's waistline. The redhead grunted and tried futilely to deter the fingers that sunk into her overstuffed bra.

"Time for a little return titty twisting," Morgan hissed as Marg's eyes widened in pain. If there was one thing the catty blonde enjoyed it was dishing out payback in a fight with another woman.

Her beautiful eyes sparkled as she felt the groaning redhead let out an agonized response of, "My boobs! Yeowwch! My boobs....leggo a my boobs."

"Why certainly honey. Let's try something else." Morgan seemed happy to oblige her opponent's request as she shot her leg out, hooked Marg's and brought her down hard and fast.

"Don't ya wanna help your friend?" The raspy, weak voice brought a smile to Dana's lovely, intense expression as she tried to take her beautiful prey down but Susan wasn't cooperating. Amazingly, in spite of the intense battle and the pain she was feeling she seemed determined to not give up or in. Deep down, Dana was a bit concerned about Marg. Could Donna possibly whoop her lovely butt?


Susan's loud groan signaled a do-or-die last ditch effort to break free. She had hooked her fingers in the tight noose around her neck, yanked out hard to get just a bit of much needed breathing room, then reached up hard and grabbed Dana's hair. Yanking forward hard she pulled the redhead off balance.

"Oh craaaaap," Dana groaned as she felt herself falling. Susan landed on top of her and a furious battle ensued.

Hairpulling, scratching, punching, pinching, slapping and choking were some of the nicer things they did to each other as there beautiful legs entwined and conducted their own battle. Dana's short skirt rode high as her perfect legs slowly brought the brunette into submission. The feisty redhead's fingers moved with precision pulling Susan's dark hair, mauling her full breasts, clawed her arms, thighs, relieved her of her garters, shredded her stockings, then zeroed in on the snarling, cussing brunette's throat.

"Argggggh. NuhUhhhhh."


Dana shrieked in pain as the brunette grabbed two fingers, pried them off her throat and bent them back hard in a most excruciating move. Involuntary and unexpected tears welled up in Dana's pretty eyes. Her face reddened as she grabbed Susan's hand at the wrist and dug her sharp nails in hard. A hard tight fist was formed and smacked into the brunette's jaw, stopping Susan's look of nasty satisfaction and confidence cold.

"Whauutt...uhhhhhhh….noooooo….aawwwwwck!" Two long beautiful legs moved like lightning, out, up and then into a perfect erotic trap confounding and bringing a sense of fear to the soap opera starlet. The redhead let out a soft giggle as she tightened her perfect leg scissors around her captive's waist. As the topless brunette gasped for air, her lovely chest heaving a game of reapplying the smeared makeup unfolded as well as a bit of unwelcome hairstyling.

"Why Miss Suzie soap diva queen, you look so beautiful," Dana chirped as she ran her fingers through Susan's once perfectly coiffured hair; reached down, cupped a beautiful breast, tweaked, pulled and pinched the stiff nipple. Another lightning fast move of those gorgeous legs. A muffled cry from the dazed and almost submissive brunette emanated from beautiful quivering lips as the redheads legs now were around her neck. "It's been great sweetie. Sorry to say it but I think I'm winning. Translation; you're losing!"

Dana licked her lips, rolled her beautiful eyes as she enjoyed the almost giddy feelings she experienced. She looked down and watched the lovely body in her trap struggle, then go limp. She looked around hoping to see Marg's look of appreciation for her fine work.

"Oh-oh, no, Marg's in trouble."

"Hawua, help me, please." The pleaful look coming from Marg's glazed eyes seemed to saying those words as she staggered back and forth trying to dodge her topless blonde attacker's angry blows. Morgan seemed to be all business as she went at the dazed redhead full barrel alternating punches and hard slaps to Marg's face, stomach, ribs and chest. The drop dead gorgeous redhead's bra was torn, the cups were hanging down most erotically having been deprived of their precious cargo. The two full firm orbs bore the scars of battle, obviously from her rivals vengeful talons.

"Ouchhh!" Dana whispered as she noted the scratchmarks on her friend's bared chest and on her thighs and perfectly muscled legs. What remained of Marg's pantyhose seemed to almost magically hanging on. "This is bad. And it's sooooo hot," Dana mused as she watched the discouraging yet incredibly erotical and exciting battle scene a few feet away.

Morgan was now jerking Marg's head from side to side courtesy a nasty hair pull. The angry blonde spun the redhead around, tapped her chin with a light uppercut then began slapping her silly nailing that lovely face and those big beautiful breasts.

Bonk. Morgan zipped in, grabbed Marg by the boobs then slammed her backwards into a wall. Dana felt warm and almost in a hot sensual trance as she focused her gaze on the intense breast mauling of the blondes fingers. Morgan was milking the redhead and crushing the thick hard erect nipples between her fingers as she pressed her knee upwards into her rival's groin.

"I've got to step in. Help her. Oh my, what's she gonna do now?"

"Awwwwck. Umppppfffh. Noooooo. Ummmmmmpfhh," Marg's eyes seemed as stunned as her partners. Dana swallowed hard as she stared at her friend's attacker's sudden switch in tactics. The blonde suddenly released a captive breast, reached up and grabbed the side of Marg's face. The blonde moved in fast, up close and personal, gave the groaning redhead a passionate kiss as her other hand also got in the spirit of things, switching from angry assault to carressing the luscious breast.

"Gotta step in and help. Maybe. Yeah, I gotta help her." Dana wrestled with doubts in the next few seconds that seemed like minutes, maybe hours as she moved towards her friend in need.

"Surprised. I can be nice too," Morgan whispered ominously, mischieviously as she broke the long hot unexpected but intensely pleasurable kiss. The blonde's hand had moved from the redhead's face straight down south. Pleasure erupted. Pain exploded.

"AIEEEEEE!" Morgan screamed as her lower back burst into a world of hurt courtesy Dana's kidney punch. The redhead came to the rescue. Not a second to soon as Marg sucked air and rubbed her soreness, both North and South.

"You stupid blonde dirty nasty bitch." Dana screamed out a half dozen curses, names and not so nice adjectives.

"Nuuuhhh. Arggggh."

"My hair. My face. My boobs. Uhhhhhh, my stomach."

"Ungggggh my pus-AIEEEEEE!"

"Hmmmmm. Blow my blow commentary. Ever thought about being a reporter blondie?" Dana quipped finding time for a bit of humor as she jerked the screaming blonde's head back and pulled her completely away from Marg. Dana smiled as she saw Marg give a sigh and flashed an expression mostly of relief but a twinge of disappointment. Was it for the loss of the battle or the loss of the possible pleasure?

"My head. My neck. My back. Aaawwwck." One more line of commentary escaped the Morgan's lips as Dana went from hairpull to reverse headlock, then sent her falling backwards and down courtesy a leg sweep.

"Upsey-daisy! They make nice handles, these little knobs," Dana snickered as she grabbed the blonde by the boobs, corkscrewed the nipples then latched on and jerked upwards hard. The shrieking blonde beauty followed her rival's rude painful leading most obediently.

Whaack! Whaacck! Two times more. The slaps sent Morgan backpedaling. Long, strong arms wrapped around her chest suddenly from behind.

"Hey, remember me?" Morgan winced as the words rudely slammed into her eardrums and her chest felt the intense pressure of one angry redhead.

"Bearhug. Wrong term in this case. Should be slutty smart ass blonde hug," Marg snarled as she applied her strength to the crushing reverse bearhug that stole Morgan's breath. Morgan felt herself lifted up, her feet leaving the floor.

"Great idea," Marg's eyes spoke loudly as she watched Dana zip in and grab for her kicking, flailing, squirming captive's skirt's waistline.

"Yeah do it." The message was loud and clear. Dana laughed as she unfastened Morgan's skirt and ripped it clean down. She tossed it aside and fired a light but firm punch into the newly revealed triangular target.

"Now let's have some real fun."


"No? Noooo fun? Why you little blonde partypooper."

Both redheads laughed hard as Morgan shouted out her most desperate negatory response and Marg's catty but delicious response. Marg laughed hard enough to release her captive. Dana laughed hard enough to lose concentration.

Whunkkk! The blow came out of desperation and survival instinct. Fear of justifiable payback included. Dana's eyes rolled and she stumbled back. Crotch shots are no fun.

WHAM! Laughter subsided, replaced quickly, urgently by business. Morgan's arms involuntarily shot upward in a flailing motion as Marg's tight fist slammed between her shoulderblades.

"Such lustrous blonde hair; so pullable!"

Morgan screamed as Marg grabbed a handful of blonde, twisted and yanked!. The backhand sent the blonde flailing into a quickly recovered Dana. A "let's see who can slap the blonde bitch hardest and the most" game ensued as the topless blonde beauty felt like she was the tennis ball at Whimbleton. An occasional punch to the ribs, crotch and those two luscious firm breasts seemed to bring added points to the match.

"Think they're silk?"

"Don't know."

"Wanna find out."

"No pleassssseeee." Morgan screamed out a desperate totally ignored protest as the two redheads upped the ante in their cat and mouse, er, cat and cat times two game.

"I'll do it."

"Noooo, let me."

"I want to."

"Nooooo, I get to do it."

"No, me!”

Morgan made a couple of desperate attempts to escape but each time she was caught by one of the two redheads. Marg captured her the final time. A few hard slaps, and a most erotic but excruciating frontal bearhug put Morgan in final dire straits before the beginning of the end.

"Don't squeeze her into total submission, I wanna have some fun too!" Dana snapped as she watched her friend tighten the erotic hug.

Dana enjoyed every second of watching Marg's full breasts crush into Morgan’s. The dominant redhead's erect nipples seemed to overpower the blonde's darker pleasure nubs winning the sensuous dual. Morgan gave a gasp as her face turned red. Marg felt her opponent go limp and slowly released the crushing hold. To both redhead's delight, Morgan revived quickly after Dana gave her a light slap.

"You know what I want, don't ya?" Marg asked her friend with a most interesting look. Dana smiled and nodded yes. Before the "Yes" was officially final, Marg had started on her quest. She grabbed the dazed blonde, pulled her close and started a hard, seemingly most unwanted kiss. Her hands latched onto the blondes breasts and Morgan grunted as her backside me a hard cold wall. It was payback. Matched detail to detail.

"Now about the question."

"Nooooo, please, not that."

"Not WHAT honey?"

"Pleaseeeee…Uhhhhhhhh." Morgan groaned as the two redheads pulled her down. Long legs moved with precision. Hands found vulnerable targets.


"Awwwwh yes, silk; fine silk..."