Turn Right On Red! Susan Sarandon, Dana Delany, Marg Helgenberger, Julienne Moore by TNT

"Should've kept you big mouth shut, lady."

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! One lovely redhead grunted as she hard, fast punch snapped her head to the side and sent her staggering backwards.

"STOP! Unnnhhhhh...nooooo…OH!" Grunts, groans, demands from the beautiful outspoken lips did little to stop the now fast and furious slaps coming in like small missiles.

"Jeeez are you fun, Susan dearest," Marg Helgenberger laughed sarcastically as she treated Susan Sarandon to a backhand that sent the still lovely mature redhead backpedaling as she let out a surprising string of curses.

"My turn. Your mouth just keeps gettin' you the wrong kind of attention, sweet stuff!" Dana Delany quipped as she grabbed a handful of soft red hair, spun Susan around and slapped her pretty red face. Susan cussed and swung hard at her new attacker. Dana ducked and snapped a punch to Susan's ribs.

"Whaddya say, shall we add a bit of spice?"


"Noooo...," Susan screamed as Marg ripped apart the back of her blouse.

Dana's eyes flashed mischief as her fingers darted forth, caught the front of Susan's now loose top and tore it clean open, exposing an overflowing black lace bra.

"Nice bra. Now lose it!" Marg snapped as she slipped behind the furious, frantic Susan, reached for the bra clasp, grabbed the thin left shoulder strap and pulled it down off her shoulder hard, yanking the cup down and releasing her luscious full breast.

"Nice tit, Suzie my dear," Dana chirped as she instantly latched onto the full pleasure mound, catching the erect pink nipple between her thumb and first finger.

"Any more loud smart-ass things you'd like to say?" Marg snickered as she watched Susan's lovely beet red face grimace as she twisted the nipple tenaciously and squeezed the breast flat.

"Uhhhhh! Ooooooh. Unggggh..." moaned the captive redhead as Susan's fingers clawed frantically, wildly and weakly, at Dana's angry talons.

"Nooooo. Stop it! Oh #@#$#@#$# you!" Susan screamed as Marg's eager, determined fingers shredded her blouse and pulled at her torn bra.

"Let's take her down and have some real fun."


"No….STOP THAT! Two on one isn't fair you stupid bitches...unnnnnhhh.." Susan, desperate and double-teamed, realized she was in big trouble and about to get totally embarrassed and switched instantly from survival into attack mode.

"Arggggh!" Marg gasped in stunned pain as the sharp toe of Susan's foot slammed into her shin. A hard fist smacked into Dana's chin and her head snapped back.

"Show me what YOU got hon!" Susan snarled as she fired two quick punches to Dana's ribs and stomach. Dana gasped in pain, stunned at how angry and fast her now topless rival had become.

"Stupid broad. I'm gonna kill her!" Marg muttered under her breath as she rubbed her sore leg and watched Susan tear into her friend. A warm erotic sensual feeling came over Marg as she took in the hot exciting battle. She looked at her lovely friend, taking in Dana's beauty and thought back to how this battle of battles all started. Her friend was backpedaling fast as Susan attacked her with a vengeance. Marg toyed with the idea of moving in to help but decided to enjoy the erotic sight for a few moments.

"Uhhhhh. Ohhhhh. Unggggh..." Dana moaned as Susan treated her to blistering backhands and short fast punches. Dana's sexy lace bra was moving south slowly due to one broken shoulder strap. The shredded remains of her sheer blouse were suddenly in her attacker's hands, then flew towards a nearby waiter. Dana's short skirt had felt Susan's attack and was hanging by only a couple threads; She had lost one heel and her sexy, sheer black fishnets sported several rips, courtesy her rival redhead attacker's sharp fingernails.

"Get her Dana. Come on fight back. Give it to her good!"

And all this because of another woman's smart, catty remarks - and of course, Dana's famed temper.

"AIEEEEE!" Susan screamed as Dana drove her fist into her firm right breast, then buried her fingers in her red hair, wrenched her head to the side and wrestled her onto a nearby table, sending silverware and glasses flying. The couple seated at the table leaped to their feet and stepped aside, seeming both stunned and pleasantly surprised by the intrusion.

"I just love a good catfight," a woman sighed to her female companion a few feet away.

"Yeah, Susan had it coming. I hope Dana gives it to her good. Just like that other snippity redhead."

The two women laughed and held up their wine glasses, clinking them together in a toast, then directed their attention to the battling hellcats.

"Gonna pound you senseless, my dear sweet Suzie!" Dana rasped as she banged Susan's head on the table. Susan's long legs kicked furiously and with a snarl the "down under" redhead wrapped her legs around Dana's waist. Dana gasped as she felt her rival's legs tighten quickly. She released a handful of red hair, slipped her hand down, found a nice firm target and squeezed hard, digging her talons deep into the soft, sensitive orb of woman-flesh.

"ARGGGGGH. My boob, my boob. Let go of my boob you stupid bitch!" Susan shrieked as Dana mauled the captive breast. Susan tightened her legs further and Dana gasped as the air seemed to be slowly escaping her lungs. "YEOWWWW! My leg, my leg." Sharp nails raked across Susan's legs, ripping holes in her sheer pantyhose and creating painful furrows.

"Best part those strong, pretty pythons," Marg hissed as she treated Susan to some catfight nastiness. She relished Susan's screams and the fact that she quite willingly released her leggy trap. With a shout of glee, Marg pulled Dana away, grabbed Susan by the hair, jerked her to her feet and treated her to a flurry of well placed punches to her stomach, ribs and breasts, then sent her flying backwards courtesy a blistering backhand. Dana caught the staggering, dazed redhead reaching up behind her and cupped her full breasts giving them a slow, painful erotic yet humiliating squeeze, tweaking, then twisting the erect pink nipples.

"Nice boobs for a big mouth broad," Dana cackled as she suddenly gave Susan a hard push into her back that sent her towards Marg.

"Poor little outnumbered sassy Susan," Marg snickered as she stepped towards her staggering, red-faced rival.

"Hey Dana, wake up; she's gettin' away...stop her!"

"Get her! Get her Delany. Don't you dare let her get away," one eager observer shouted.

Dana took one look at the escaping lovely and shot across the room faster than a cheetah lunging toward a Thompson's gazelle on the Serenghetti.

"Oh no you don't. Get back here, sweetie," Dana shouted as she leaped atop the beautiful redhead's back, grabbed a handful of Julianne Moore's silky long red hair and yanked the captured locks hard while her free hand gathered a handful of material on the back of her elegant evening gown and gave a hard yank, ripping it down around her waist.

"ARGGGGH. Get off of me. My hair. OUCCCCH! Leggo uh my hair!" Julianne screamed as she bucked and thrashed, desperate to throw her furious rider off.

"Shouldn't have been so nasty. Should've kept my mouth shut. Now I'm gonna have to pay the piper," thought Julianne as her scalp exploded in pain and she felt long, strong determined legs wrap around her waist and began to squeeze painfully.

The quiet, peaceful elegant restaurant had turned into one loud, exciting, violent, erotic scene. Maybe because of her. She and Susan were enjoying each other's company, the fine meal, the wonderful wine, when she got the irresistible urge to make some catty remarks to the redhead who sat a few feet away from her. It had all started out so innocent. So boorish. But fun. She made comments about Dana. Susan joined in. (snickers, cackles, teasing, taunting) Julianne had no idea how hot Dana's temper was! She and Susan had no idea how Marg would react either!

"That's enough. Get your smart ass up!" Dana shouted as she stood up, kicking back her chair.

"Oh my, sweet little carrot top Dana is in such a huff. I'm sooooo scared," Julianne chirped in a most taunting, sarcastic tone as she too sprang to her feet and moved toward Dana.

A stilled, chilled hush came over all diners, waiters, bartenders in the quaint little restaurant as the two redheads got into each others' faces. Susan and Marg exchanged icy stares as they waited to see what their friend's would do.




WHAP! BAM! Dana landed the first slap but Julianne responded with several fast, hard punches that left Dana reeling and stunned.

"Strip her!" Susan shouted although Julianne didn't need much encouragement and the idea seemed to have already crossed her mind. She was on Dana in a second, grabbed her blouse, ripped it clean open. In the fast and furious battle that followed, Julianne tore Dana's blouse off and broke a bra strap. The taller redhead seemed to enjoy the down and dirty action and she particularly targeted Dana's full breasts and her groin.

"Why you dirty slut… take THIS!" Dana's temper exploded and her face turned red as she fired punches into Julianne's ribs and landed a good low blow to her solar-plexus. Julianne sucked air, her knees started to buckle and her beautiful eyes rolled. BAM! A perfect uppercut to the chin snapped Julianne's lovely head back and down she went. Out cold. Dana smiled as she stared at her lovely mouthy opponent. The beautiful redhead's tight gown clung to her body. The low-cut gown displayed the actress's full breasts perfectly. "Now I'm gonna rip that gown clean off. And gonna give 'em a good pinch," Dana mused as her eyes focused on her downed rival's erect nipples that poked against her silky gown.

"Get your ass away from my friend, you stupid jerk!" Susan's angry words assaulted Dana's eardrums just as her fingers grabbed her hair. The fight was on! The evening's quietness had been shattered; boredom exchanged for catfight excitement...redhead style.

"Get her. Ride 'em cowgirl!!"

"Crap! This lady's a $#$#%$ lunatic," Marg gasped as Susan drilled punches and slaps to her face and luscious body. The two hellcats rolled off the table and Marg landed hard with Susan on top of her.

"UNGGGGH! Get offa me you stupid (Uhmmfh) bitch!" Marg rasped, her voice cracking as she struggled to catch her breath. She screamed as she felt her blouse suddenly rip apart courtesy her attacker's fast, hungry fingers.

"Gonna strip you honey. How'd do ya like that?" Susan Sarandon sneered as she finished ripping Marg's blouse to shreds, fired a punch to her jaw, then shifted into a waist straddle.

"ARGGGGH! OWWWWW! UHHHHH!" Marg grunted and groaned as she desperately tried (mostly unsuccessfully) to block the redhead's lightning-fast SLAPS and fists that were slamming into her bra and scuffing her lovely face.

"How's this feel? Pleasurable or painful?" Susan snarled as she grabbed Marg's hair in one hand and clamped onto a firm, full breast with the other, jerking jerked her head back and forth as she dug into the bra-encased pleasure mound with the vengeance of a crazed hellcat. Susan smiled as she felt the thick nipple stiffen and push against the sheer lace cup into her palm.

WHAM! WHAM! Marg's beautiful eyes glazed over as her head was banged on the carpeted floor; she dimly felt a cool breeze on her chest as her bra was torn off and she heard Susan's giggling, cackling threat followed almost immediately by twin pangs of agony as her redhaired rival grabbed both firm breasts and buried her fingers deep in the soft tissue, squeezing slowly and painfully - shocking Marg back to full consciousness.

"Somebody, help me. Get her off...YEOWWWW!" The voice seemed dreamy, distant, in spite of being so close.

"GET HER; GET HER GOOD!" Julianne Moore struggled to believe the raspy words pleading for help were her own. But they were! She was frantically trying to escape Dana's nasty but highly painful moves. Dana smiled as she looked up and heard one of the excited onlookers cheer her on. She tightened her long sexy powerful legs around Julianne's waist as she slipped her hand over the struggling redhead beauties' mouth and chin. The sexy and constraining move muffled Julianne's screams and curses as her head was bent backwards painfully.

"Nice tits sweetie," Dana snickered as her free hand took pleasure in squeezing each milky white breast and twisting the long stiff pink nipple bringing a muffled protest and a frantic full body squirm.

"Strip her Dana, strip the uppity gal." Dana smiled at the cheering woman who seemed to be her most ardent fan. Her hand reluctantly left the pleasurable "twin peaks" and ripped at the tattered remains of Julianne's gown, as her legs continued their torturous determined crushing of the desperate actress's ribs. Labored breathing and slowly weakening resistance was Dana's delicious reward.

"Noooooo. Nooooo. Noooooo…Aieeeeee!"

"Two can play at this game!" Marg's quivering lips rasped out a faint whisper as she seemed to gain strength, hearing the muffled screams of her rival's partner. Knowing that her feisty friend Dana was on the winning things brought Marg back into the fight. She raised her weak arms, opened her hands wide, reached, squeezed and sunk her talons deep into her smirking rival's face.

"Arggggh!" Susan screamed as she felt twin bolts of fire spread through her chest. She shrieked at the high pitch that only dogs could hear as she released her grip on Marg's treasures and frantically clawed at the determined fingers that were crushing, twisting her sensitive orbs and crushing her nipples. Seeing Susan's smirk morph into a grimace of agony and pure terror sent tingles throughout the "down and under" redhead's being. Sparkle returned to her beautiful eyes as she suddenly bucked and sent Susan flying.

In a flash Marg was on her dazed and temporality freed rival. A vicious hairpull, several blistering slaps and angry punches to the face, stomach, ribs and those sore boobs put Susan in a much different attitude and state of mind. "Now you're goin' down for good lady," Marg snarled as she grabbed a double handful of red hair and almost separated Susan's head from her shoulders when she jerked her off balance and quickly scissored her waist. Topless and mad as hell, the now dominant redhead looked incredibly hot and sexy as what remained of her skirt rode high as her long sexy legs and thighs tightened up as she began to squeeze the breath out of her rival. Grabbing one wayward arm, Marg twisted it painfully. Susan was gasping, groaning and being put in a most painful position. "Any last minute thoughts, confessions or observations, Miss Suzie?" Marg cackled as she tightened her leg trap even further relishing Susan's barely audible curses and groans.

"Lecsch meumpfhh goooarghh-uhmppffh, pwreaseeuhhh."

"Hmmmmm. Did I just hear a 'please' from Miss High and Mighty Sarandon?" Marg giggled, unable to muster the mocking sarcasm she wanted to use. She gave her captive one last good long and hard painful squeeze via her perfect leg scissors, heard the pained shrill gasp, gave the bent arm one last twist, then released her almost defeated prey. "Looks like I'm not the only winner," Marg mused as she cast a quick glance at an almost gleeful, Dana.

"Strip her!" Dana urged and Marg smiled a most mischievous smile as she reached down, deciding instantly to follow Dana's sweet suggestion. Susan screamed as Marg stripped her down to her silk panties, then a brief, one-sided wrestling match followed before resistance was subdued.

"Now don't deny yourself or me some well deserved sweetness, hon!" Marg snickered as she grabbed a handful of red hair, jerked Susan forward and slipped behind her to push her forward and down.

"Noooooooo. Please. Umpppfffh."

"Why Marg, girl. How nice of you and your friend to join us," Dana chirped with a delightful smile. "Julianne, your long lost pal is wishin' for a most pleasurable reunion. Aren't you excited?" Dana chuckled with spiteful, but oh-so-pleased glee.

She had treated herself and her rival to a perfect reverse face sit. Now she shifted her position slightly, reached down and grabbed her captive's two firm breasts, squeezing them firmly as her thumbs and forefingers captured each nipple and pulled.

Julianne's muffled protests sent pleasant vibrations upward.

"Yes, why of course Julianne is so happy you could join us Susan dear. Feel free to make yourself welcome." Dana could hardly control herself as she watched Marg force Susan's red face down into Julianne's "welcoming" position.

Whaaack! Whaaack! Whaaaack! Three hard smacks to Susan's upturned derriere brought giggles to both Marg and Dana.

"Oh kind sir, please Mr. I think Dana and I will pass on desert. By the way, so will these two. Miss Julianne and Susan are going to have plenty of sweet stuff tonight. And by the way, don't expect a really big tip. This little show should suffice."

"Get her girls!" the smiling waiter offered his own cheer; no other tip was needed!