Dana Delany vs. Sela Ward by Fenway
[Warning: The following story is far bloodier and brutal than most on this site with serious bodily injury and blood]

Succasunna, New Jersey. Because of its elevation it was known as the "Icebox of New Jersey," though it hardly felt as such in the middle of an Indian Summer heat wave. The sky glowed as if great furnace doors had been opened, and there wasn't a breath of breeze anywhere, as the leaves hung listlessly from the sycamore and elm trees. There was no relief to be found even in the shade of the nearby forests, with their green shadows in the noonday light.

Set back off the main roads in the wooded section of town, stood a handsome twelve room Dutch colonial house, with heavy white pillars standing in front, a high-arching, black-shingled roof and multitudes of large windows. It stood on a slight knoll in the middle of six acres of lawns set with soaring old beech, maples and oak trees, and bordered by flower gardens and high wall hedges.

Just a little after noon two cars drove up the flinty gravel avenue that wove across in front of the house, and parked on the grass verge on the eastern side. Two women got out and walked quickly side by side through the blazing sunlight until reaching the stately front door with its old-fashioned bell and huge, gleaming fanlight. The brunette produced a key from her small handbag and opened it, but pushed in front of the redheaded woman rudely as they walked inside. The house seemed incredibly dark after the noon glare outside, even after they removed their sunglasses in the front foyer. Once inside, the brunette led the way toward the left passage and into the library, a mahogany-paneled room full of leather-bound books and best-sellers of the last seventy years. The palladium windows looked out on the gardens behind the house, where summer flowers were in a riot of colors. Air-conditioning flowed noiselessly through the room, and when the brunette closed the curtains, the chamber seemed even cooler.

"I seriously doubt that anyone would disturb us here, Dana," Sela Ward said. "Its four miles to the nearest neighbor, and that's once you got onto the main road."

Dana Delany looked around impassively. "I'm sure you're right, and by the way, drop the small-talk, Sela. There's no reason why we should act as if we were friends."

"Fine, bitch!" Sela said, her voice instantly hardening. "If you want to fight, I guarantee you're in the right place."

Dana didn't give an inch to the brunette. "I don't want to just fight you, Sela. I want to rip you apart. I want you to scream like an animal while I'm doing it. I want to make you sorry you were ever fucking born."

"Oh, I love it when you start your whole trash-talking routine, Dana. The only thing more pathetic than hearing you whine is looking at you. You're just another washed-up broad who suddenly realized her career was ending, and without a husband her life didn't measure up to shit either."

"What was that, bitch," Dana said, her green eyes blazing.

"Oh, you heard me all right. I've heard all about you're not being able to hold onto a man for more than a few months. And then there was that whole business with that guy half your age. And you trying to get pregnant to keep him. Face it, hon. Anyone who would stick a cock into you would throw a rock through a Rembrandt."

"I'm sick of your mouth, you bitch!" Dana fired back. "And its about time somebody shut it. Permanently."

"If you think you're woman enough to handle me, Dana, go for it!"

Both women sensed the time for talking was over. Dana pulled off her green tank-top and untied the knot on her khaki cargo shorts, kicking them into a pile on the floor by her sandals. Sela seemed to be in a fever heat to get naked and begin fighting, almost ripping her white blouse in the process of taking it off. Both women were on the other side of fifty, but even clad in bras and panties, they looked just as fetching as any twenty-somethings. Dana's larger 34C breasts filled in her white bra nicely, while Sela's tight breasts and hard nipples seemed ready to burst through her lacy black one. They squared off in the middle of the large room, each woman slowly bringing her hands up into fists. The time had arrived!


"Last chance to walk out of here, Dana," Sela threatened. "Because if you stay, the only way you're leaving is to be carried out."

"If I'm going to the hospital, I swear to god I'll put you in the fucking morgue, bitch," Dana fired back. "Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't worry about me finding a husband - I'm already fucking yours!"

If Dana's last remark was intended to surprise Sela, the brunette didn't show it. "You and Howard? That's unlikely, being that you're a cheap whore."

"Oh really, Sela? I just love it when he squeezes my tits right before he cums. Surely THAT must ring a bell?"

Delany had expected that would get a rise out of Ward, but even she wasn't prepared for the ferocity of Sela's attack. She charged Dana, their bodies impacting and their breasts slapping together with a wet SPLAT! Sela might have winced as Dana's larger, firmer pair pounded into her chest, but the brunette had the momentum and surprise on her side as she hammered the redhead against a bookcase, so hard it knocked a shelf out of its wall brackets. Dana let out a loud gasp as she was powered hard between the shelves and Sela's body, and an even louder gasp as Sela threw her fist low against her tummy, just to the left of her hipbone. Sela kept driving her fist in, blasting Dana's stomach and ovaries with brutal punches. Shifting herself, Sela now smashed her left knee deeply into Dana's body, once, twice, each time Delany reacting as if she'd been shot.


After the second knee, Sela reeled back with her left elbow and sent it cracking across Dana's pretty face. She had been aiming for the redhead's mouth but her aim had been high and instead she hung it on Dana’s forehead, still making a quite satisfying CRACK! when it hit. Dana's world went black for a moment while Sela took a handful of her thick red tresses in her hand and pushed Dana into the center of the room, letting go and watching the redheaded actress stumble to the floor.

Dana had been in enough catfights to know she had to do something but fast if she was going to beat the brunette bitch. As quickly as she could, she pushed herself onto all fours and then upright, turning around fast to meet the brunette she knew would be charging at her.

Not fast enough, though.

Dana was met with a hard fist to her left eye, rocking her head to the side. She tried to roll with the punch, but it hurt like hell all the same. Sela fired another one against Dana's mouth, sending the redhead stumbling against a chair, before throwing a third punch that smashed Dana's nose, the ring on Sela's right fist whapping Dana's well-shaped nose. The fetching redhead felt her nose crack under Sela's punch and could taste the blood that began trickling down her face. Once again the brunette slammed a vicious right into her face, and the redhead's eyes crossed when Sela's fist clobbered her nose. Once again Dana's lithe body crashed the floor, the thick green Persian carpet doing little to break her fall.

Sela was livid with rage and uncontrollable in her fury, and seeing her redheaded foe knocked to the floor she pressed her attack. Sela used Dana's hair to haul her to her feet, held her right shoulder and proceeded to deliver a sizzling punch right into Dana's unprepared face, again. Dana's nose broke with a sound like pencil snapping, a spray of blood flying straight up following her hair. Dana staggered back, holding onto any piece of furniture to keep her upright. Her manicured hand went to her nose, her fingers finding it totally smashed, flattened, and bleeding heavily. Sela hauled her up again and glared into Dana's punch-drunk eyes.

"Due bitch! Due broke my fukkin' nodes," Dana said, blood thickly flowing down her face.

"What's the matter, Dana? Don't have anything smart to say? Let's see how you look in your next movie film with your face smashed up. Oh, and even if my husband did sleep with you, you were just a pity-fuck!"

"Dat makes due just a pitiful phuck, Sela," Dana mumbled, wiping the blood from her upper lip.

Sela Ward pushed Dana Delany back to the wall, raising her right fist. "Lights out, you fucking bitch!" Sela snarled before launching her fist at Dana's bloody face. At the very last possible second Dana shifted her head three scant inches to the right, but it was more than enough as Sela's ringed fist went sailing by with a whoosh, and the punch that Sela intended for Dana's mouth instead pounded into the wall. Sela cried out in terrible pain as her left fist almost broke as it nearly went through the wall, and as Dana maneuvered away Sela tucked her left hand between her legs, hoping against hope that the mere act would make the pain diminish. At the very least she hoped that she had damaged Delany enough so as she couldn't make a comeback. Wrong on both counts.

Bleeding heavily but determined to beat Sela within an inch of her life, Dana moves across the chamber, and with a loud cry, embeds her right foot into Sela's stomach with a high kick. Sela Ward was lifted off her feet by the force of the blow, then Dana Delany slammed her fist into Sela's face, driving her to her knees. Dana's left fist batters into Sela's face, then with her backfist she puts punch after punch into Sela's face, savaging her with blow after agonizing blow. Blood begins to flow from pressure cuts on the Sela's cheeks, and Ward's left eye is swelling with the beginnings of a mouse. Dana grabs Sela by her dark brown hair, and pulls the bitch back into the position the redhead wants.

"Now," Dana Delany whispered. "Take....THIS!!!"

Dana whips a crisp punch that uppercuts into Joan's out-thrust chin, ripping the beautiful brunette's head back as blood burst from her mouth as her teeth tore into her own tongue. Delany cocked her fist back and then sent it screaming toward Ward's swollen left eye, puffy from Dana's punches. Dana's hard punch smashed into her head, and burst the swelling apart, sending a shower of blood across the wall as Sela crashed to the floor, her face a mask of blood and torn flesh.

Straddling the downed brunette, Dana grabbed Sela by the hair and flipped her over onto her back, then pulled her head up and slammed the back of her head on the hardwood floor - twice - hard! Sela’s brown eyes crossed as her body went limp, dazed by the beating Dana had inflicted on her. With a scream, Dana's next punch sizzled straight down on Sela's beautiful full lips, smashing them to a bloody pulp.

Then Dana looked down at Sela's full, firm, as-yet-unblemished breasts. Winding up, she slammed the heel of her right hand up under Sela's left breast, just above the crease where it joins her chest. Snapping out of her daze, Sela wailed in pain, but Dana power-slammed her hand into Sela's left globe again, this time straight down, flattening the flesh and crushing it against Sela's breastbone. With a sadistic smile on her bloodied face, gorgeous redheaded Dana closed her manicured fingers over Sela's sweaty breast, then squeezed and twisted; wringing the soft flesh like a dishrag.

Sela began moaning and sobbing, tears rolling down her cheeks. Changing tactics, Dana clawed, her nails furrowing Sela's flawless breasts, corkscrewing her manicured nails deep into the soft skin; mauling Sela’s breasts as she pressed her back against the floor. With her bare breasts jutting toward the ceiling, Sela was at Dana's mercy and Dana took advantage as she drove home her breast-battering assault, destroying Sela's dazzling mammaries.


In a world of pain, Sela raised her ringed hands and beat fists against Dana's globes, but the redhead had her trapped so that her punches had no leverage or power behind them. Frustrated, Sela reached up in back of Dana and raked her nails down, then back up her muscular back; her sharp nails carving bloody furrows in Dana's ruddy skin. Dana cried out as her back exploded in burning pain as Sela's manicured nails tore open her back. Sela continued to claw, criss-crossing Dana’s back with a bloody road-map of gouges as she raked Dana's back until blood welled from the fresh wounds.

Dana stoically bore in even harder with her own nails, digging deep into Sela's breasts; trying to force the brunette to submit before her back was scarred for life.

Keeping her hands locked on Dana's back, Sela brought her head up and sucked Dana's left breast into her mouth. Totally fixed on destroying Sela's boobs, Dana only vaguely felt her nipple being warmly enveloped by Sela's lush lips, but then she screamed in agony when Sela sucked her engorged breast into her wide mouth, then bit down as hard as she could on Dana's pink, pebbly areola!


Thrashing around on the floor, Dana released Sela's breasts to pry the teeth from her breasts. Bathed in sweat, crying and moaning, Dana could feel the damage Sela’s teeth were doing to her ‘pride and joys’. She had expertly sucked her erect nipple, getting it as hard as possible before clamping down, grinding her teeth and trying to bite the nipple off. Dana was exhausted and pain radiated upward from her partially-severed nipple; in a world of hurt as Sela mauled her beautiful breast.

With a scream of rage and pain, Dana thrashed wildly and finally managed to throw herself off of Sela; her left nipple hanging soft and soggy with Sela's saliva and her own blood. Looking down, she saw two neat rows of perfect bite marks surrounding the reddened areola, blood dripping and her nipple indented by Sela’s incisors. Dana cupped her wounded breast as she slumped back against the wall, sobbing and panting for breath, cradling her breasts.

Sela rolled to the corner opposite Dana, trying to ease the pain in her own enflamed breasts but when she looked up, Sela had a feral grin on her lips as she panted, “So…do…your tits…feel good? Huh…bitch?"

"They'll feel better than yours will after I blow them apart," Dana snarled as she got slowly to her knees and began crawling toward the brunette.

Sela's hands grabbed the redhead's shoulders trying to stop her advance, but Dana powered through her and slammed her manicured hands up against Sela's swollen globes again, drawing a sharp cry of pain as she stabbed her fingernails in and ground her palms on Sela's devastated tits. Sela screamed as both nipples inverted as her firm boobs softened under Dana's savage assault.


Rotating her wrists, Dana spiked her nails into the bottom of Sela's breasts, forcing them up under her chin as she ignored Sela's wails and tried to put the brunette away once and for all Sela screamed and thrashed; cried and wailed as Dana continued mauling her magnificent mammaries until her arms began to tire.

Dana threw the beaten brunette Sela to the floor on her back, rose over her on her knees and then bombed her clenched fists down on Sela's boobs, pancaking them until the once-proud breasts lay flaccid on her chest, rolling like partially-deflated balloons. Sela moaned in pain, then screamed in anguish as both breasts erupted in pain as Dana dug her polished thumbnails into the base of each of Sela's light brown nipples drawing fresh blood. Sela screamed and her body shuddered with the pain as Dana kept digging her nails in, gouging Sela’s divine breasts.


Sela screamed even louder when Dana drove her thumbnails deep a second time, sending thick blood running from the deep cuts on both of Sela's breasts as Dana’s nails cut into her nipples. Dana raised her right fist and smashed it down on Sela's left breast, making sure the middle knuckle impacted Sela's nipples where it would do the most damage, Dana regretted she hadn’t worn rings like Sela did to maximize the pain from her punches, but the moans from Sela's lips made up for it. Over and over again Dana punched Sela's boobs until Sela felt the underlying muscles in her chest weakening.

Dana thought she could hear and feel Sela’s milk sacs being ruptured as she hammered her punches down, then changed to swinging her fists from side-to-side, smashing Sela's beautiful breasts with a two-fisted battering. Dana punched Sela until she couldn’t raise her arms and when she stopped, Sela's battered boobs hang limp on her chest like bean-bags.

"OHHH!!! OHHH!!! OOOHHH GOD!!! DANA!!! MY TITS!!! MY FUCKING TITS!!!" Sela sobbed, looking down at her abused assets.

Still enraged, her blood lust unsatisfied, Dana screams at the sobbing brunette, "I’M GONNA RIP THOSE PATHETIC SACKS CLEAR OFF YOUR BODY!!"

Dana stood up with her feet on either side of Sela's head, standing on her long dark brown hair which was fanned out on the carpet. Reaching down, she pinched Sela's nipples with her manicured thumbs and forefingers, then pulled as hard as she could. Sela's screams at this new kind of torture echoed off the walls as her body arched up off the floor and she wailed in agony as Dana stretched her breasts by the nipples, her hair being torn from her scalp as she strained to rise to ease the pressure on her tromented breasts. To Sela, it felt like Dana was going to pull her breasts clean off her body as promised but just when Sela thought she was going to pass out from the pain, Dana would let go and Sela thumped back to the floor - only to have Dana begin to pull again!!

"Give it up you fucking cunt. I can keep this up all day and all night!" Dana hissed between the third and fourth times she gave Sela the vicious double nipple-ripper.

"Go…UNGH…fuck…AAHHHHH…your…OWW…self…,” Sela gasped between racking sobs.

Then Sela saw a golden opportunity. Dana was bending over starting to pull once more, her face was in perfect range. Sela didn't need an engraved invitation. She sent her fist screaming up toward the tip of Dana’s clenched jaw and her fist and ring smashed Dana's chin with every bit of power the brunette could muster. The CRACK of bone on bone resounded through the chamber and Dana went flying backward, a spray of blood spewing from her gaping mouth as she grunted.

Dana managed to keep her feet under her, but Sela's punch had cut her tongue when it was caught between her teeth. Sela clambered to her feet and went on the attack; firing a blistering right uppercut that was fueled by the hatred she felt for the redhead. Her fist smashed into Dana's chin like a rifle shot and she was lifted off the floor by the blow. Sela’s right arm followed through with the punch as her redheaded foe's head whiplashed backward and blood flew in an arc through the air. Sela had never hit another woman as hard in her previous fight and she shook her hand which had gone numb.

Dana felt her head spinning from Sela's savage punch as she hit the floor hard on her butt, her spine telescoping and her teeth chattering. Looking up, Dana saw Sela raise both fists, gesturing with them for her to get up. "Get up off your ass Dana," Sela hissed venomously. "I’ve just started fucking you up, you twisted bitch!"

Dana struggled to pull herself up, got into her fighting stance, then spit a gob of blood onto the carpet between Sela’s feet.

"You're a real class act, Dana, you know that?" Sela laughed.

"And you're a real third-class act, at best!" Dana growled as they closed on one another again.

Sela waited until Dana drew back her right hand to punch, then moved in and instead of punching the redhead she smashed her knee up into Dana's pubic mound! CRUNCH! With Dana’s sex blasted by Sela’s kneecap and, her hands clapped tight between her legs and tears ran down her face as she waddled away cradling her wounded pussy, her open mouth sucking in shallow, ragged breaths. Sela smiled as Dana's hands dropped to her smashed cunt, then she moved in, her left hand grabbing Dana's chin and lifting her head as her own right fist pulled back slowly.

"Now hon," Sela whispered, "Take THIS!" WHAM!

Sela threw a blockbuster of a punch that hit Dana's jaw so hard it almost broke both it. It might have been better if it had because Dana's head rocked to the side and the cords in her neck wrenching over as the force of the blow almost lifted the redhead off her feet; corkscrewing her once-beautiful body face first to the carpet which she hit with a terrible WHUMP, then rolled onto her side and lay moaning in agony.

Sela bent over and roughly jerked the redhead to her feet by the hair, ripping a handful from her head in the process. Sela pushed Dana back up against a large desk at one side of the room and leaned her butt against it. The fog in Dana's head cleared a little but twin trails of blood ran down from both corners of her slack-jawed mouth.

"Fuck you, cunt," Dana mumbled as she slumped forward, the woozy redhead’s face meeting Sela's face.

"Oh no, bitch,” Sela hissed. “Fuck YOU! I’m just getting started."

Once more Sela's knee came driving up SMACK into Dana's sex. The redhead's near shattered jaw dropped as Sela’s kneecap speared into her womanhood. Seeing the pain flash in Dana's eyes, Sela went on a cunt-busting rampage, holding Dana bent back over the desk with her hands clamped onto her breasts as she pumped her knee over and over into Dana’s battered pussy. Each one harder and more painful than the one before.

"This pussy…WHAM….of yours…WHAP…won't be…THUD…taking in any more…WHUMP…dicks. SMACK. But it…BAM…will…CRUNK…take THIS!!!" WHAAAAM! Every time Sela smashed her sex, Dana groaned and Sela kept up the pounding until she heard a definite CRACK as Sela's final knee lifted Dana's feet off the floor and sent her body sprawling back across the top of the desk.

Dana's body spasmed from the unbearable pain between her legs and Sela couldn’t stop smiling as she watched her hated rival writhing in total, all consuming, agony.


Moving back a few steps, Sela pulled Dana to her feet by the hair and used her foot to kick Dana's soft belly, then sent another kick rocketing up into Dana's vagina. Sela kicked Dana over and over until Dana’s cunt turned to jelly and blood began to stream down the insides of both thighs. Then Sela aimed higher and kicked Dana in the stomach! The redhead groaned as her insides shifted. Sela's last kick smashed Dana directly between her navel and her pussy, destroying Dana's womb. Blood flowed from her destroyed pussy as Sela first took her womanhood and would now try for her life...

"You're finished, bitch!" Sela growled, lining up Dana's sex for a fight-winning kick.

At the last second, however, Dana’s body slid off to one side and Sela’s foot smashed into the desk! Sela hopped around on one foot, whimpering and holding her (possibly) broken foot. Dana shifted her body, clasped her hands together and pounded a heavy, double-fisted ax-handle to Sela battered breasts, smashing her tits flat on her chest. Since Dana had already tenderized her breasts, the new pain was horrific and with a scream Sela wrapped both arms around her bosom. Dana wasted no time slapping her hands away, reached down and gripped both bloodstained breasts. Sela screamed out in her pain. With Dana twisting and tugging, Sela almost fainted from the pain.

Dana's face was a study in sheer bloody concentration as she began to destroy Sela's soft, fleshy mounds. Sela's moans were becoming louder and more painful as she could feel Dana ruining her delicate breast flesh. The bitchy redhead had her nails deep in the soft undersides of Sela's globes. Feeling Dana was only seconds away from tearing her breasts off, and with the pain in Sela's breasts more than she could stand, Sela began to collapse to her knees crying and screaming.

Dana released her and fell away, every step an agony; feeling like Sela had cracked her pelvis with her kicks. Now she wanted to do the same to Sela's, but first she had to rest a moment. They’d been fighting for over forty minutes non-stop. Dana's nose was bursed open, her face a mess of blood.

Sela had collapsed to her knees, retching, crying and gagging; the pain she felt came from every part of her body. Her nipples were in agony, her breasts red and swollen; bleeding from a dozen cuts where Dana's nails had sliced and diced them. Her body ached, and as she looked across at Dana, Sela saw the redhead was thinking the same thing - they could both walk away; they didn't have to fight on. But the redhead's eyes also told her there was no way that would happen this day, and Sela would be damned if she called this one a draw.

As if to confirm what they both thought, Dana said, "Come on, you dirty bitch. No rules, no mercy."

Sela dragged herself to her feet as well, as the women came together with fists raised, Dana lined up her right carefully, sending it screaming toward Selas nose CRUNCH breaking it with the sound of a stalk of celery snapping. Staggered and punch-drunk, her face a bloody, swollen mess and her lips beaten to a pulp, her nose severely broken, and her right eye swollen shut. Exhausted, the beautiful redhead couldn't follow it up, as she panted for breath.

Then Sela drilled a punch hard to Dana Dana’s navel, doubling the redhead over, then followed up with a CRACK of a backhand that swept across Dana's face, splitting her upper lip apart and sending blood dripping onto her naked white tits.

Dana sunk her nails into Sela's once-perfect tits and raked them hard, leaving bloody furrows in her wake. Sela howled in pain as Dana scratched her gorgeous feminine globes. Sela's melons burst in pain again as tears washed down the brunette's face, Dana trying to tear her rival's boobs off her body. Sela's tits throbbed and the pain rolled across her chest.

Dana lowered her punches, battering Sela's pussy as she slammed her fist twice into Sela's cunt, crushing the lips as the brunette shrieked in pain. Her legs nearly buckling from the waves of pain surging up from her cunt, Sela staggered and grabbed Dana to hold herself up. Dana’s third punch ripped a part of Sela's vulva away.

But the last scream belonged to Dana as Sela dug her elbow into the redhead's sore boobs. Roughly grabbing Dana's thick pink nipples, Sela twisted hard and sank her nails into the scratches she’d carved into Dana's tender boobs, re-opening the wounds. Pulling Dana upright by her hair, Sela slammed a savage right uppercut to the redhead's chin, snapping her head.

"Nice tits bitch!" hissed Sela. “But not for long. I want to bust those boobs of yours open, you fucking bitch!"

Spitting a glob of bloody saliva in Sela's face, Dana said defiantly, "Do it then, you fucking cunt."

Wiping the bloody spittle off of her left cheek with her hand, Sela Ward whispered, "OK, I will!"

Sela stared at Dana's larger breasts with envy. She hated those tits with a passion, but they did make splendid targets! She smashed punch after punch into Dana's orbs, smashing them, flattening them, spreading the large breasts across her chest as Dana cried and moaned aloud in pain. Sela's fists - and especially her rings - ripped Dana’s breasts apart as Sela slammed her fists into the redhead's orbs, spearing each one over and over, totally destroying the redhead's breasts. Dana groaned as each blow connected. She felt her globes smashed flat and now Sela had smashed her breasts so hard that the nipples inverted and her creamy breasts were horribly bruised. Dana's chest was on fire.

Dana’s breasts were swollen from the power of Sela's fists and when the pain told her that her tits were about to explode, she begged Sela to stop, "OH GOD PLEASE SELA!!! DON'T DO IT!!! MY BREASTS!!! MY BREASTS!!!"

"No way bitch. I'm going to beat the living shit out of you now!" Sela said as she smashed her fist deep into Dana's guts, just above her shattered groin.

"OOOHHHHHHHHHH" was the only thing that escaped Dana's lips before Sela cracked another punch across her face.

Dana crashed to the floor hard, spread-eagled on the carpet. Straddling the downed redhead, Sela dropped her shapely ass on Dana's slim hips and Dana gasped in horror when she realized she couldn't feel Sela's weight bearing down on her pelvis. Sela reached back, clenched her right fist tight and hammered a powerful punch into the ‘V’ of Dana's legs, savoring the sensation of cunt-punching her rival again.

Sela clamped her manicured hands onto Dana's tits and Dana screamed as her titflesh was painfully compressed between her clawing fingers. Sela began scratching her nails into Dana's rubbery nipples, leaving long bloody furrows behind them. Sela's nails were both longer and sharper than Dana's, and when Sela's fingers meet at the nipples she tried to shred Dana's nipples from her breasts. Dana wailed in pain, praying her nipples wouldn’t be ripped off as Sela slashed at her breasts with her nails, paying Dana back for what the redhead had done to her tits.

Dana couldn't even raise her arms to ward off the attack as her jugs were mugged horribly. Sela scratched and slashed as fast as she could, until all of her polished nails were chipped and broken. Then she attacked Dana's nipples with what was left of her nails, putting the redheaded bitch in even greater pain. As Sela wrecked her boobs, blood began to seep from Dana's thick, battered nipples. Sela wanted to destroy Dana, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, and the brunette's breathing became harder and more panting as she ripped into Dana’s breasts.


Sela had swollen Dana’s breasts to twice their normal size and the brunette actress knew that by drilling her punches into and through Dana's nipples that they would soon burst. With every punch, and with every moan and mewl of pain from the beaten, busted-up redhead, Sela wanted to see Dana’s tits explode. Pulling back viciously on Dana's red hair, Sela forced her bloody breasts out as far as possible for her straight punches that devastated Dana’s swollen boobs like a hammer as she slowly and deliberately laid waste to Dana's breasts.


Pressure cuts began to appear on the upper slopes of Dana's swollen, blood-engorged breasts as Sela took them apart with her fists. A split opened up Dana's left breast, widening until the nipple and aureole split in half, destroying the sensitive glands in each of the redhead's tits. Lining Delany up, Sela smashed her fist down onto Dana's massive left breast. Her fist and ring slice through the breast flesh to bone, destroying Dana's milk-bag, and with a squishy, sucking sound, Dana's breast gives way.


Sela, her fist covered in blood from Dana's destroyed jug, punched each tit, ripping her punches against the underside of Dana’s chest. The brunette rockets her hard punches down in to the destroyed globes, and a few moments later, Sela Ward's punches rupture Dana’s breasts, covering the brunette in a thin spray of blood from the destroyed titflesh.

With a scream of rage, Sela Ward banged two right uppercuts into the sagging remains of Dana’s destroyed breasts, spraying her own firm tits with fluid from Dana's blown-apart globes. Dana's perfect rack had been completely wrecked!

Dana moaned out loud and long in the ultimate pain, knowing her tits had been destroyed. The redhead was already flat on her back, so she had nowhere to fall as she passed out from the incredible pain. What was left of her glorious tits still heaved on her chest, but her once fabulous breasts were now in ruins. Sela's own body was a mass of pain, lacerations, blood, and aches; but she had won; she was still conscious; her body and her breasts would heal; she would fight another day. Most importantly, her womanhood, although swollen and throbbing in pain now, would recover in time.

The same could not be said of Dana Delany who had suffered her first loss ever. While she would act again, she wouldn’t do another nude scene for over a year - not until her full recovery from the plastic surgery that rebuilt her breasts better than ever, to Sela’s rage! The rest of Dana’s career, and her sex life, were changed for years. They had truly fucked one another up and while Sela had won the battle, the new, improved body that Dana emerged with would continue to draw Sela like a moth to a flame!