Finally:Becky Delos Santos vs. Stacy Sanches by kit

On her way home from the lake Becky drove past Stacy's house and saw her old high school nemises outside washing her car. For a split second Becky nearly honked, but didn't. Looking in her rear view mirror as she went past, Becky saw Stacy bend over and wiggle her ass, almost as if she were waving good-bye.

"Hmph, bitch," mumbled Becky, stopping at the street sign.

Suddenly her cherry red Mustang turned right and she found herself circling the block, heading back to Stacy's house. Becky couldn't understand why; they hadn't seen each other since graduation three years ago, but there she was, pulling up along the curb and stopping.

"Becky?" asked Stacy, just now noticing her as she got out of her car. "Is that you?"

"Hi, Stace," said Becky, giving a little wave. "Yep, it's me."

"Holy shit," said Stacy, dropping the garden hose. "What the fuck! How’ve ya been?"

Becky grinned as she walked up the driveway. "Oh, fine. I was just passin' by and thought I'd stop."

Stacy walked to meet her. "Was that you that just passed by a second ago?"

"Yeah, I circled the block. I didn't know if I should stop or not," answered Becky as they meet up.

"Oh sure! Why not?" said Stacy, opening up her arms for a hug.

"Well, I know," said Becky, opening up. "It's just been awhile."

The two 5’10”, 130 pound brunettes embraced in a full hug. Becky's solid 36C's met Stacy's firm 34C's as four lovely breasts gently pressed together; Stacy's left breast riding over Becky's right breast as Becky's left breast slowly pushed Stacy's right breast sideways. It went unnoticed between the two former cheerleaders.

"Well, I'm glad you stopped," said Stacy, pulling back and running her hands innocently over Becky's body while Becky's hands did likewise. "How ya been?"

"Oh, pretty good," answered Becky as their hands now found each other and clasped together. "Just got back from the lake and was passin' by."

"I heard you were datin' Rob," said Stacy. "You guys still seein' each other?" Stacy's fingers twitched against Becky's fingers. She’d dated Rob a couple of years earlier.

Becky's fingers tightened. She didn't like the fact Rob had dated Stacy. "Uh, yeah. That's who I was with." Their fingers sorta wrestled with each other as Becky broke loose.

"Yeah, he's great," smiled Stacy. "We sure had a lot of fun together...I thought it might work out, but it didn't."

"Yeah, well, it's gettin' pretty serious with us. I think he wants to marry me," Becky stated in a tone of voice that suggested they drop the subject of Rob.

"Then I hope it works out," said Stacy, smiling and getting the hint. "C'm on, help me finish washin' my car."

"Oh, I should be..."

"C'mon!" said Stacy, taking Becky by the hands. "It'll be fun!"

"Oh, I don't..."

"C'mon, bitch!" Stacy said playfully. "We can talk and catch up. I've got a couple of beers with our names on them, and we can relax in the hot tub." Becky knew Stacy was joking, or at least she *thought* she was joking.

"Oh, alright...slut," smirked Becky, then smiling. 'Slut' was a pretty good barb, but Stacy let it go. Surely Becky was kidding just like she had been when she called her a 'bitch'.

Becky stepped back and pulled her shirt over her head. She sucked in her stomach and let her full, round breasts jiggled to a stop before she unsnapped her shorts and slowly peeled them down her long, carved legs. Stacy smirked inside at the display that Becky was pretty on for her. Still, she had to admit that Becky's body looked great in that black bikini; although not as great as her pink bikini looked on her flawless frame. The two fine brunettes talked and visited as they seemed to take turns flaunting and showing off their bodies to each other. Becky wanted Stacy to see what Rob was getting, while Stacy was showing what he used to get.

Throughout high school the leggy brunettes had always had an 'on again, off again' friendship depending on the boy in question or situation that they often found themselves in. Such as class offices; cheerleading; proms and dances. Their rivalry had always been on the up-and-up, but on occassion they had exchanged barbs and catty behavior; although neither had actually bowed up and challenged the other to a catfight.

"How 'bout those beers and hot tub, bitch?" asked Becky, throwing her sponge in the bucket after they had finished.

"Sounds good, slut," grinned Stacy, from across the hood. "Meet ya 'round back."

Becky was already in the hot tub when Stacy came out with a little chest full of ice cold beers.

"Here ya go, bitch," smiled Stacy, holding out a beer.

Becky grinned and took the bottle. "Thanks, slut."

Stacy stepped into the tub and went to the other side. "Don't be bashful," she said, removing her top and sitting down.

Becky envied the perfect pair of tits before her, but her tits were just as good and she had no problem letting them out for Stacy to admire.

The first beer seemed to douse the fire of envy and jealousy as the girls gossiped about former female classmates. But halfway thru the second cold beer, Stacy and Becky began talking about old boyfriends and reliving some of the moments went they weren't so friendly with each other. Their eye contact became harder, and their grins and smiles and playful teasing seemed to disappear and Becky began to regret having stopped by, but at the same time she didn't want to leave.

"Any more beers, bitch?"

Stacy glared past her tipped bottle and said, "Sure - get it yourself, slut!" The friction was definitely growing since, up to now, Stacy had been handing out the beers.

"Thanks, bitch. I will," said Becky, getting up and leaning over for the cooler.

"You mind gettin' me one?" asked Stacy.

Becky turned and glared over her shoulder. "Not at all."

"Thanks," said Stacy as Becky tossed her the bottle.

Twisting off the caps, the girls locked an eye as they tipped the bottle and took a big slug.

"Do you mind if I ask you something?" Stacy posed the question more as a statement than a request.

"Um, no...I guess not. What is it?" asked Becky, curious what she had in mind.

Stacy took a sip. "How come you never challenged me to catfight?"

"Excuse me?" asked Becky, a little shocked, but not completely surprised.

"You heard me," said Stacy. "Why didn't you ever fight me? I know you were jealous..."

"WHOA! Just a minute, bitch,'' snapped Becky. "What makes you think I was jealous of YOU? You're the one who was always jealous of ME!"

"You're crazy! Why would I ever be jealous of you?"

"I remember you were pretty pissed when I was elected senior class president," said Becky.

"And seems like you were pretty pissed when I beat you out for cheer captain."

"That was fixed. You only got that because your dad was on the school board, bitch," said Becky.

"Oh, and I suppose he fixed it when I was picked Homecoming Queen."

"Shit, bitch. You were fuckin' the whole football team," stated Becky.

"You're one to talk. You were the biggest slut in the school," said Stacy.

"You're just pissed because I was datin' Tommy Jones and you couldn't steal him away from me."

"Shit! I had Tommy Jones and he wasn't that good," spat Stacy.

"Yeah, right! He told me you were a lousy lay."

"That's a fuckin' lie. You're just pissed because I beat your ass out for Prom Queen too," bragged Stacy.

"Bitch, you're out of your fuckin' mind," said Becky, getting up.

"Like hell!" said Stacy, getting up as Becky got out of the hot tub.

"Oh, fuck you!" shouted Becky, turning around as Stacy got out. "You're the one's that jealous because you don't have Rob and I do."

"C'mon, bitch!" barked Stacy, throwing her beer bottle at Becky's feet.

"Fuckin' slut!" yelled Becky, skipping out of the way.

"Fight me, chickenshit!" egged Stacy. "Let's fight!"

"You wanna fight, bitch!"

"Yeah, I wanna fight!"

"Alright, bitch," said Becky, having taken all she was going too. "I'll give you a fight."

Being topless, their bare breasts and erect nipples made for perfect targets as the two girls launched together and latched on.

"Ooouucchh! Fuckin' bitch!" shouted Stacy.

"Unnnggg! Fuckin' whore!" Becky yelled.

Squeezing and digging, Becky and Stacy took out their jealousy on each other as they grabbed the lawn with their toes and threw back their heads in a howl of pain.

"Ooohhh ggaawwdd!!" bellowed Stacy, doubling over as she tried to pry Becky's clawing fingers from her melons.

Becky swore at Stacy and gave her a knee to the side of the head. Stacy reeled back a step or two and doubled over with her back to Becky. "Fuckin' whore!" yelled Becky, grabbing Stacy's pink bikini bottom and jerking. "I fuckin' hate you!"

"Ooooowwww!!" wailed Stacy, her ass filling with pink bikini. Becky yanked her back around and took her by the tits again. "Sssshhhhhit!!" screamed Stacy as her areolas were twisted. Stacy doubled over again as she tried to pry Becky's pinching fingers from her areolas. Again Becky brought up her knee, this time planting it against Stacy's cheek. Stacy rocked upright as Becky leaned down and wrapped her lips around Stacy's left areola while slipping her right hand between her foe's thighs. "Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggggggg!!!!!" screamed Stacy at the top of her lungs as her tittie was bitten and her snatch squeezed.

Fear and adrinaline filled Stacy's mind and body as she jerked Becky off by the hair and slapped the shit out of her face. Again Stacy slapped the shit out of Becky as they then took each other by the hair and fought. Both girls had thick, rich hair good for pulling. Stacy's hair was darker and longer, and permed into tight kinky curls. Becky's light brown hair was straight and just past her shoulders. Slinging each other back and forth and around in circles, tears were already running down Stacy's cheeks as she was getting her ass kicked in a fight that was just a minute old.

"Ooooowwwwww!!" cried Stacy, pulled sideways. The left side of Becky's face was lobster red, but her eyes were focused and there was a scowl around her mouth as she tore out a handful of long, kinky locks. Stacy dropped to her knees. Her hands left Becky's hair as Becky jerked her back up and slung her back and forth. "Oooooowwwww!!" Stacy screamed, trying to pry Becky's hands from her hair as Becky continued to violently shake and yank. "Yeeeooowwweeee!!!" bawled Stacy, losing another big fist of hair from her precious head.

Throwing her arms around Becky's waist, Stacy fell forward into her as Becky slapped her across the back. Their long legs and sudden shift of their body weight caused the girls to tangle legs and trip to the lawn with Stacy landing on top.

"Uummpphh!" grunted Becky from the impact of the ground and Stacy's body.

Pulling back on Stacy's hair, Becky forced a roll, but Stacy got her hands in Becky's hair and rolled back on top. Now grunting, Stacy and Becky's long, tan limbs began fighting each other as they rolled back and forth in one spot pulling hair. It was quite a little catfight as their thighs and calves flexed and squeezed on each other while their broad 36'' hips butted and pumped in unison. Further up, their proud C-cups rubbed and mashed as the girls spat insults and exchanged hard hair tugs.

Working her way on top, Stacy grabbed Becky's right areola and pulled. Becky winced, but grabbed Stacy's left tit and squeezed. Stacy, tears pouring down her cheeks, gritted her teeth and tried to turn the tide of the catfight.

"Sssshhhhhit!!" Becky broke down screaming as Stacy ripped her fingernails thru Becky's tit, turning her head into her rival's left breast, then biting down. "Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggg!!!" cried Becky as Stacy's molars chewed on her succulent areola.

Fear and adrenaline now spread through Becky's mind and body as she leaned forward and sank her teeth into the base of Stacy's neck. Stacy wailed in pain and rolled off as Becky rolled over on top of her and bit down on her left tit again, catching just half of the areola in her front teeth.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggg!!!" cried Stacy, bucking and shoving Becky backward. Becky was at Stacy's knees when she pounced for the kill. Diving on top of Stacy's long, lovely body, Becky grabbed her by both tits while shoving her face between her thighs. There was nothing that Stacy could do but scream as suddenly her tits were squeezed and her pussy bitten through her bikini bottoms.

"Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggg!!! Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggg!!!"

Becky bore into Stacy's tits with all ten nails as her teeth gnawed back and forth on plump, tender pussy lips. It was all over but the screaming!

Stacy's body flopped like a fish on a hot rock as Becky tore her apart for several eternal seconds. Exhausted and unable to breath, Becky rolled clear as Stacy still shook on the lawn, screaming and crying silently into the air. Never again did Becky have anything to be jealous about when it came to Stacy.