Uma Thurman vs. Becky DelosSantos by Southgate

Two tall women stand in opposite corners waiting for the match to begin. DelosSantos is quiet, almost brooding. Thurman, a cool character, is sizing up her foe. Thurman reasons that DelosSantos is probably strong and has the reputation of a wild brawler. As the bell rings, both woman take a boxing stance and move forward. Throwing caution to the wind, Becky charges wildly at Uma. Thurman covers up as Becky's assault explodes on her. The brunette lands a flurry of punches to Uma's chin, chest and arms, but Uma quickly adjusts to Beck's wild style and blocks most of the rest of what is thrown at her. As Becky tires, the blonde sweeps an overhand right off the top of Becky's head and slams a kick into her side as the brunette moves off.

Now Uma steps forward. With precision, she stays in a crouch, picks her shots and rocks DelosSantos with four hard punches to her left side ribs, followed by a flurry of fists beating the brunette's belly and boobs. Becky moves her guard to protect her left side, which is already bruised by Uma's attack as she tries to stand her ground. Thurman snaps her head back with an uppercut to her chin and quickly follows it with a left, right, left series plowing into Becky's belly. The frustrated brunette, in full retreat, gets hammered repeatedly as she looses ground to the advancing Uma. Caught on the ropes, Becky tries to cover but she's rocked repeatedly by Uma's thundering fists. Uma beats her belly for 30 seconds. Thurman smells blood. She grabs Becky by the hair and hauls her way back over the top rope. As Becky's big chest heaves, Uma slams her elbow down, mashing both boobs flat. Seizing the playmate by her shoulders, Uma drives her knee up into Becky's belly.

As DelosSantos falls into Uma, the treacherous brunette rakes her fingers across the blonde's eyes. Though still breathing hard, Becky spins Uma around and backhands her across the face. She fires off three quick kicks to Thurman's belly. Becky throws a headlock around Uma's head, drags her forward to the center of the ring. The brunette forces Uma's head low as she slams her knee up into the blonde's chin. Uma is knocked to her back, but Becky quickly hair-hauls her to her feet. DelosSantos slams her knee into the pit of Thurman's back. Grabbing a handful of blonde hair, Becky bends Thurman backwards and wraps her left arm around her neck. Holding Uma in the painful arch, Becky proceeds to pound on the blondes full chest, hammering her fist down into each of the blonde's boobs. Thurman battles unsuccessfully to break free. Becky, enjoying herself, raises her fist high before slamming it down into each boob. Finally, a twisting Uma manages to sink her teeth into Becky's arm and finally pulls away, holding her throbbing chest. Becky curses, a ring of teeth marks mare her forearm.

Uma advances again, a bit more wary. Becky changes tactics. She takes another uppercut to her chin as Uma moves inside, but she grabs Thurman's hair. Yanking her head forward, Becky lets fly three staggering kicks to Thurman's chest. Still holding Uma's hair, Becky drops backwards to the mat, intending to jam her legs into the blondes belly and flip her to the mat. But Thurman anticipates DelosSantos's move, twists herself off to the side as she falls forward and avoids the brunette's legs. She scrambles on top of Becky, belly to belly. Becky tries to wrap her legs around Thurman's waist, but the fast blonde again twists away, then drives forward again, straddling the brunette. Thurman grabs onto the brunette's hair and pins one of Becky's arms down under her knee. She slams her elbow across DelosSantos's chest, and repeats the move four more times as Becky wails. DelosSantos again grabs Uma's hair, arches up trying to unseat the blonde. But Thurman's leverage is too great and her reactions lightening fast. Pulling back on Becky's hair, Uma slams the brunette's head into the mat. Hurt, Becky tightens her grip on Thurman's hair, but the blonde retaliates immediately and again slams Becky's head backward into the mat.

Wrapping her left arm tightly around DelosSantos's neck, Uma leans forward and fires off a series of fists into DelosSantos's belly and ribs. As the air rushes from Becky's open mouth, the brunette manages to twist onto her side. She struggles to unseat Thurman and get off the mat. But once more Uma uses her hair hold to slam the side of Becky's face down to the mat. Dazed, DelosSantos twists on to her belly trying to avoid any further punishment. Thurman lifts up on her knees, still straddling the prone DelosSantos, controlling the brunettes movements with her most effective hair hold. She yanks back on Becky's hair, applying a modified camel clutch. Pulling Becky's head high off the mat, Thurman quickly shifts her body back, moving her legs forward, she wraps her thighs around Becky's neck. Rolling to her side, Uma holds tightly on DelosSantos's hair and leans way, way back while maintaining the scissors. She yanks with all her might on Becky's hair. Becky tries to claw out of her predicament, but Thurman yanks all the harder and DelosSantos is forces to grab onto Thurman's hands, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her scalp. The nasty Thurman cranks up the pressure with her legs. Becky's whole body convulses. Becky continues to struggle as Thurman torments her. Ignoring her burning scalp, Becky lets go of Uma's hands and once more claws her fingernails into Uma's thighs. Thurman curses, loosens her scissors and kicks Becky away.

DelosSantos stands, looking sore, tired and very hurt. Uma, also on her feet, rubs the angry red welts on her thighs as her eyes shoot daggers at the brunette. DelosSantos moves slowly in a wide circle as Thurman advances on her, fists raised. Becky kicks at the blonde, using her long legs to keep Uma's fists out of range. Regaining her poise, the tall brunette launches several kicks at Uma's head. There's not much force in the kicks and Uma is able to block them without sustaining too much damage. Suddenly Becky lunges forward and drives a straight arm right into Uma's chin. The blonde glazes over, hurt. Becky, now the aggressor, moves on the blonde, driving her backward with a series of belly kicks and face slaps. Uma is backed into a corner. Becky backhands a wicked slap across Uma's face. Thurman's body sags against the turnbuckle. The brunette unleashes a series of kicks to Thurman's thighs and belly.

Becky grabs onto Uma's hair. She yanks the blonde's head forward, bending her in half. With two hands now holding Thurman's hair, Becky slams her knee up into the blonde's head and then drives her head first into the mat. Thurman is hurt but has plenty of reserve. She drives up to her knees. As Becky leans forward trying to use her two-handed hair hold to control the blonde, she spreads her legs wide for balance. Thurman now up on one knee, slams a fist up into Becky's exposed crotch. DelosSantos lets Thurman go and grabs at her aching crotch. Thurman rams forward with her shoulder slamming into DelosSantos's extended left knee. The playmate falls down hard, now holding onto her knee. Uma moves quickly. She entwines her legs around Becky's, locking her into a figure four leg lock. For the next three minutes, Thurman tries to force a submission, but the stubborn and proud brunette, although in terrific pain, will not concede the match.

Uma suddenly release the leg lock. Standing, she pulls the crippled DelosSantos to her feet and forces her into a hammer lock. She slams her fist into Becky's lower back. Then, stooping for a moment to grab the ankle of Becky's damaged leg with her free hand, Uma bends the leg up, pressing it backwards into Becky's own butt. Uma hoists DelosSantos up several feet off them mat. She walks slowly around the ring, carrying her trapped foe; Becky's twisted arm and leg bear the full force of her own weight. And then Uma lifts her a bit higher still and then slams Becky down on her injured leg. Becky howls as she lays sprawled on the mat. Uma seizes Becky's foot and drags her across the ring to the ropes. Draping the brunette's foot across the bottom rope, Uma drives her knee down into Becky's extended knee, smiling as the brunette lets out an agonized wail.

Uma reapplies the figure four leg lock. Screaming, Becky clutches at her knee and concedes the match.