Anna Kournikova vs. Elena Dementieva by blackcape 11/19/00

Anna Kournikova sat poolside at her Gregorian style Russian mansion high on a hill overlooking the small town of Vladsnosk. Though the sun was high in the sky, it was still a bone-chilling 15 degrees outside. This didn't stop Kournikova from wearing a skimpy little white bikini, though she had considered the weather enough to wear a long mink coat over her assets. She sat there in her lawn chair watching heavy chunks of broken ice glimmer and float in her pool with a Russian martini in one hand and the national newspaper in the other.

"I wonder what the press said of my appearance in the Chase Championships," she said aloud.

Pursing her voluptuous lips, she flipped to the sports section. Suddenly, to her horror, her eyes fell upon a large color photograph of Elena Dementieva! Worse, the caption read, "Russia's New Sweetheart Dethrones Queen Kournikova!" In the fourth column, three times smaller than Elena's picture, was a closely-cropped black and white photo of Anna. Quickly, she read the article.

She read, "Kournikova is a washed up has-been," claims Dementieva. "She's never been a good tennis player and has to rely on her looks to get by!"

The lovely Anna cried out in anger, "Pixie! Pixie!"

Pixie, her manservant, arrived on the spot, shivering from the cold.

"Get me that bitch Dementieva's number," she ordered. "I'm going to set that fucking slut straight!"

While Anna was warming herself by her pool, Dementieva, who lived with her parents in a small rock-built home in the center of Vladsnosk, was huddled next to the fireplace reading 'Crime and Punishment'. Her mother had made her some gingerbread cookies and she was eating one now (she liked to bite the heads off first). Life was good for the newly-anointed tennis star; she had played well in the Chase Championships and had even been allowed to meet her favorite male singers, the Backstreet Boys. Brushing her long, blonde locks away, she was about to put her book away when her mother called her to the phone.

"Hello?" she answered, hoping it was Justin Timberlake but knowing it wasn't.

"Look bitch! I don't like what you said about me in the paper. It's time I taught you a tennis lesson you'll never forget!"

"Anna?" Elena asked apprehensively. "Annika, is that you?"

"Meet me at the top of Grassy Mountain in two hours and come alone!"

With that, Anna hung up, leaving Elena perplexed.

"Well, if the girl wants to fight, I suppose I'll have to kick her butt!" Elena stated emphatically. "Hey mom, do you have more cookies?"

Two hours later, Elena trudged slowly up what was commonly called 'Grassy Mountain.' The air was chill and the sky covered over with thick gray clouds. A slight watery mist pervaded the scene. Along the way, Elena noticed large pools of water where the previous night's snow had melted away. The ground was soft and mushy; her feet sunk into the ground with each step.

After fifteen minutes, she arrived at the top of the hill to find Anna already waiting for her wearing nothing but a tight pink thong. Her classically beautiful breasts swung free, nipples rock hard from the chill mist around her. Without a word, Elena stripped off her jeans and sweater to reveal her breasts and a low-slung white thong. She shivered slightly; the sun was going down and the temperature had dipped into the low teens.

"You ready to have your ass kicked?" Anna snarled.

"Shut up and fight, bitch!" Elena replied.

"AAAAARRRRGHHH!" Anna screamed and ran full force at Elena, who stood staunch with her hands on her hips.

As the angry pony-tailed blonde rushed her, Elena threw out her arm and snapped Anna down with a crippling clothesline. Anna's body drew horizontal and then crashed to the ground, sending up mud, water and grass. Elena quickly followed with an elbow drop to Anna's neck, shooting Kournikova's lower body into the air on impact. Straddling the prone beauty's breasts, Elena began to bounce up and down with the ferocity of a lioness. Anna's body jerked, sending up splashes of water around her. Anna could hardly believe what was happening; Elena had never been in a fight before (to her knowledge) and she felt as if her own experience would help her prevail. As her tits were smashed into putty by Elena's round ass, Anna came up with a plan.

Reaching up, she planted a face-claw on her adversary, then pushed Elena's head down and back. Though Elena arched her back and tried to remain atop Anna's bounty, the watery conditions made it difficult and soon she was pushed far enough so Anna's legs wrapped quickly around her neck.

In a sudden motion, Anna brought her legs down, smashing Elena's skull on the ground. With Elena still bent backward on top of her, Anna drew back an elbow and began to assault her foe's womanhood, pounding again and again while Elena, limbs bent back beneath her, convulsed from the pain. Anna brought up her legs and smashed Elena's head into the ground over and over, until Elena's body flopped to the ground at Anna's side. Slipping and sliding, Anna got to her feet and began an attack on her, stomping Elena's body into the moist ground.

"I'll show YOU who's the better competitor, bitch!" Anna said with a toss of her ponytail. "It's time for you to learn your lesson!"

Dragging the moaning girl to her feet, Anna applied a bone-crushing bear hug. Both girls were slightly covered in mud and grass, face to face, breast to breast, but it was obvious Anna had the situation in total control. Springing into the air, Anna performed a belly-flop, crushing Elena's body beneath her and driving the air from her lungs. Sitting atop Elena, Anna her breasts and heaved her to a sitting position, only to kick her repeatedly in the face. Though Elena's body was held upright by her bulging breasts, her head snapped back again and again, hair flying over and behind her face with every blow.

After seven or eight kicks to the face, Anna let go of Elena's breasts, allowing her to fall back to the ground with a sloshy thud. Kournikova then rose to her feet, stood with legs spread over Elena's body and jumped in the air. She came down ass-first on Elena's bruised and glistening breasts. Her legs kicked out from the blow as her breasts were crushed under Anna's perfect rear. Bouncing up and down, Anna took Elena's neck in both hands and began to choke the life out of her blonde adversary. Elena kicked and squirmed; tried in vain to pry Anna's fingers from her throat; all to no avail. Just as she was about to pass out from lack of oxygen, Anna suddenly released her grip.

"I don't want you to remember our fight this way," Anna said with a smirk, "I want you to remember it THIS way!"

She did a little bunny bounce and came down right on Elena's face. The weight of Anna's ass was enough to drive the back of Elena's head deep in the muddy ground. Though it was indeed cold, Anna could feel the heat of Elena's breath and it turn her on. As Elena tried unsuccessfully to pry Anna's ass off her face, Anna began a slow rocking motion up and down her opponent's features.

Her motion became faster and then faster as Anna's ass and thighs squeezed with involuntary pleasure while Elena's legs began to kick slowly in desperation. Elena could feel Anna's bulging, pulsating pussy, hard and yet pliant, completely cover her mouth and nose; the scent of sex was all-consuming, made even more pungent by the watery mist all around them.

"Unghh! Unghh! Unghh!" Anna groaned, holding Elena by the back of the head as she thrust harder and harder until finally she came all over her adversary's features. Elena's legs and arms jolted out in a spread-eagle fashion, her breasts heaved quickly and her limbs spasmed, quivered, and finally fell still. Anna stayed on Elena's face for two minutes more, admiring the view of the city below her. Then she arose and began stomped on Elena's face, breasts and crotch.

"Wake up, bitch!" Anna snarled, "I'm not through with you yet!"

When Elena groaned slightly, indicating she was awake, Anna walked back to her and standing, planted both feet on Elena's face. Squatting, she grabbed Elena's breasts in both hands and attempted to stand once more. Elena's entire body arched up as far as it could go. Anna could hear Elena's muffled moaning beneath her feet. With an angry grunt, Anna pulled higher and harder until Elena's body was arching up on her toes. Removing one foot from Elena's face, she placed it between her foe's breasts and pressed down, increasing the pressure on Elena's ballooning tits.

Knowing Elena's face wouldn't lend itself to balance much longer, Anna purposely allowed her foot to slip, only to replace it with a knee to the face. Anna could hear her foe's nose snap, then blood began to mix with the grass and water and mud.

Looking down, Anna asked, "Did I break your pretty nose? Let me help you stop the bleeding!"

Straddling Elena's body again, Anna slid herself along like a snake until her beautiful breasts hung just over Elena's face. Then she circled her arms around Elena's head and plunged down, smothering the blonde beauty between her heaving tits. Elena slapped ineffectually at Anna's back, while she obscenely rubbed her crotch on Elena's stomach. After about a minute, Anna felt Elena's arms go slack and her hands fall limp at her sides. Removing her breasts with a soft sucking sound, Anna sat herself atop Elena's breasts and slapped her awake again.

"Unnghh," Elena groaned.

"Good, so you're up!" Anna said with a bounce. "Just in time to take the next flight home!"

Standing over Elena, Anna took her defenseless enemy by the crotch and the neck; hauled Elena over her head in a power-lift stance and, after holding the squirming girl aloft for almost twenty seconds, hurled her off the mountain's edge. Elena was airborne for more than eight feet before smashing into the ground and rolling to a stop fifteen feet away in a large pool of water.

Face down in the water, Elena never saw Anna's next attack. Anna took a running start, leapt in the air, came down feet first on Elena's neck and ass; smashing the girl's face into the suffocating mud and water. Anna jumped up and down emphatically while Elena's arms and legs splayed out in all directions.

Finally, with one more spring, Anna came down ass first on the back of Elena's head, squishing her face completely beneath the mud and water. She bounced up and down several times while Elena's hands clawed vainly in the turf. After two minutes, the only movements were Elena's arms and legs convulsing in the water while Anna sat, back arched and legs spread, on her .

Tiring of this spectacle, Anna stood and mumbled, "You'll never be as good as me, bitch!"

Elena's ass was like a round white island in the center of the muddy water. With a final stomp, Anna brought her foot down on the smooth round ass, smashing Elena's proud pussy into the muck. Then, the proud Russian princess walked away, head held high, heaving breasts thrust out, leaving the pretender to her throne unconscious in the mud and water of Grassy Mountain.

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