The Arena Rematch: Lisa Dergan vs. Karen McDougal by Irish

Lisa had just finished taping a segment for Fox Sports in which she smiled a lot and read sports scores. It was a good gig, but far from the acting career she'd wanted. Thumbing through the July 1998 Playboy where she'd been Playmate of The Month, she stopped at the centerfold. Under ambitions it read, "My dream is to act and one day be the next Bond girl."

"Where'd I go wrong?" she thought as she threw down the magazine. That's when it hit her! On the cover of HER issue, was a picture of Karen McDougal, 98's Playmate of The Year. She grew angry!

Karen and Lisa had appeared together in a straight-to-video epic saga called, "The Arena." It had an execrable script; a blatant rip-off of 'Gladiator', the director hadn't a clue of how to film a fight scene and, except for the two stars, practically none of the actors spoke English. It all contributed to the fact that critics and reviews rated it as bad or even worse. Her anger grew. She thought back to the filming in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the scenes of hand to hand combat between she and Karen.

"That damn bitch never knew how to go half speed!" Her anger grew more!

It seemed usually when the director yelled, "cut" Karen kept fighting. She'd always apologized, saying she was already in motion or couldn't stop her momentum. She always seemed sincere and it was almost believable. But Lisa secretly wanted another crack at Karen. And her anger grew!!

By now she could've been 'Bond, Jane, Bond!' Lt. Commander Eye Candy, or some other clever secret agent with a minuscule IQ and a deep cleavage, but the offers never arrived. And in her mind, she'd that bitch Karen to thank for it. And her anger grew!!!!! Now Karen was a finalist for the 'Wild On' host gig on E! Entertainment TV while she was stuck in a dead end job reading off a TelePrompTer!

A few days passed but she couldn't let it go. She had the weekend off and planned to play a round of golf, her first love, and try to put it behind. While she was waiting to tee off, the starter said, "Please excuse me for being forward, but you're very beautiful. Have you ever thought about posing for Playboy?"

Lisa was caught off guard but then informed the older gentleman she'd already BEEN in Playboy a few years back.

"Really?" he gulped. "Gee, I've got all the past issues but I don't think I remember you. Maybe it was a tiny picture or something? One of those Girls of the Ivy League things?"

"NO! I was the Playmate of The Month for July 98!"

"Hmmmmm. Dunno how I could have missed....Oh right! That was the one with Karen McDougal, Playmate of The Year! Holy cow, no wonder I didn't remember you. She's so hot!"

Then, realizing he'd put his foot in his mouth, he quickly tried to change the subject. But it was too late! Lisa stormed off, her fiery temper had just reached nuclear meltdown temperature! It was time to settle an old score and she planned a little visit to her former costar. Karen had cast a shadow on Lisa's magazine appearance, then ruined my movie career!

"It's my turn now to be 'unable' to hold back," she thought. "It's time SHE gets punished for her crimes!"

Unlike many Playmates, Lisa was one to plan things out carefully and not just rush into things blindly. It had served her well in most situations and this would be no different. She'd make sure she did this right. She grabbed her copy of Playboy's unpublished phone numbers and made some calls, checking with several of what was a long list of Karen's old nemesis to develop an action plan. It was almost too easy! Karen had a strict schedule, starting early every morning with a workout at a Santa Monica gym before work. Sensing something was up because word of the inquiries had gotten back to her, former Playmate Karin Taylor told Lisa the gym would be the perfect place to catch Karen off guard. She'd be relaxed, unsuspecting, and most importantly, fatigued after a hard workout. Lisa tried to play it like she was just asking around, but Taylor crossed her fingers and hoped Karen was in for a sound thrashing!

Lisa sent a lackey to the gym posing as a security consultant who could install a free closed circuit TV system to watch over the expensive gym equipment. He told the gym manager he'd also get a break on liability insurance since many people fake injuries to sue the gym.

"And don't worry about monitoring the system," he stated on his way out. "This system's state of the art. It automatically sends a signal to our dispatch center that's manned 24 hours a day. Don't worry you're in good hands," he promised as he left.

Each morning Lisa woke up and went to her den were the A-V equipment was set up. She got her own version of 'Bodies in Motion' as she drank coffee and did her own workout. Lisa saw that Karen was in great shape, but her workout routine was so anal, she could predict what she'd do next. Upper body on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; Legs and back on Tuesday and Thursday. But what should she target in her ambush? That was answered on Saturday. Karen didn't work on weekends, so she doubled up on her workouts that usually lasted several hours before she showered and made her way home.

"Well Karen, it looks like we have a date next Saturday," Lisa told the monitor with a smug grin.

Lisa spent the next week watching Karen's workout tapes in slow motion, studying her every movement. By the end of the session, Karen moved very slowly to the locker room with her arms hanging by her sides. Yes, Saturday will be a fine day for an ass kicking! Lisa's long awaited day arrived and when her alarm went off, she grabbed her coffee, packed a few last-minute items in a travel bag and set out for the 10-minute drive to Santa Monica.

Meanwhile, at the gym, it was a typical Saturday workout for Karen who went from machine to machine working every major muscle group. Her workout outfit was a tight black Lycra bikini for she was the only one there and she liked the range of motion it gave during exercises. If someone walked in, the hell with them, she worked very hard to get her body to look like this and she didn't mind showing it! She'd just finished the last set of reps and dragged herself to the locker room for a shower. Today she'd spend some time in the hot tub to loosen up the stiffness in her lower back. Maybe she'd get a massage later when IRISH stopped over to fix her dinner.

Just as she reached the locker room and reached for the door knob, the door flew open hitting her in the head, knocking her to the floor slightly dazed. She looked up and saw standing in front of her a pair of legs that seemed to go on forever. Her gaze continued up the figure in front of her, noticing her very fit body in blood red shorts and an off-the-shoulder bikini top. As the haze started to clear, she recognized the leggy blonde beauty as Lisa.

"Oh! I'm sorry Karen! By the time I saw you standing there, I just couldn't stop. Here, lemme help you up."

Karen missed the importance of Lisa's comment as she roughly grabbed her wrist and hauled her up onto shaky legs. Karen didn't know what hit her and was surprised to see Lisa at the gym. Lisa saw Karen was having trouble with her equilibrium and was pleased the look in her eyes seemed to be saying, 'Where am I?' Between the exhaustion from her workout and the door shot to the head, Lisa was thinking this may go down even easier than she'd expected.

Without another word, Lisa drove her shoe deep into Karen's belly, doubling her over and bringing forth a loud "OOOFFFF!" The next kick caught Karen under the chin straightening her up as the sound of teeth clacking together echoed through the gym. Deciding to take it back to the mat, Lisa's third kick was aimed at the side of Karen's head and it connected solidly, sending her spinning around before she collapsed face down on the floor.

Karen lay still for a moment, then let out a low grown as she reached around to hold her lower back with one hand as she tried to push herself up with the other. She got to all fours before Lisa punted her in the ass from behind, sending her skidding forward across the hard carpet on her full tits. Lisa watched Karen favoring her lower back and knew what to target next! Grabbing both of Karen's wrists, Lisa slammed her heel down on the spot Karen had been favoring as she jerked up on her arms and locked her in a surfboard. The pressure on Karen's lower back was unbearable with her arms pulled back nearly 90 degrees and the heel of Lisa's shoe disappearing into her flesh.

Karen screamed in pain, begging Lisa to stop. She felt like her arms were being ripped from the sockets and her body bent sharply in a direction it wasn't designed to bend. Not until she had heard enough screams from Karen, did Lisa move her foot from the small of her back up to the back of her head. She moved it left to right and ground Karen's face into the carpeting until she stopped screaming. The whole time however, Lisa never eased up on the pressure she was applying to Karen's arms.

When Lisa did let go of Karen's arms, they flopped limp to the floor as Lisa strode quickly into the locker room, picked up her travel bag and quickly returned to the main section of the gym where Karen was still face down on the floor holding her back. Lisa pulled out a small length of rope as she dropped the bag to the floor at the base of the universal machine. She grabbed Karen's arms and hurriedly bound them together over her head, then grabbed Karen by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

Lisa dragged Karen to the universal machine and tied her bound arms to the top rail. Karen lashed out at Lisa with her legs, connecting to her shin as she struggled trying free herself. The kick stung Lisa but had little effect on her. She pulled the rope down over the top rail and pulled it until Karen's feet barely reached the floor, then tied it off in place. Karen got off a few more kicks which only infuriated Lisa more.

Once Lisa had Karen firmly secured and she wasn't going anywhere, she straddled Karen's body and worked the bottom of Karen's workout suit down around her ankles, then grabbed hold of both shoulders. She looked Karen directly in the eye and told her she had made a very big mistake - then Lisa drove her knee just as hard as she could straight up between Karen's open legs! Karen's mouth flew open so far her chin met her chest, but no sound came out as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Lisa returned to the travel bag and removed a video camera and a tripod which she set up in the corner. This was another of Karin Taylor's ideas and a damn good one, Lisa thought. Turning back to Karen, a wicked backhanded slap across the face snapped Karen back to at least semi-consciousness.

"Hey, with my broadcast experience, I can always go back and dub some play-by-play onto this tape," Lisa laughed. "Hey, I know, I'll take it to work and mix it in with our highlight films. How'd you feel about having the whole country watch me kicking your ass on Sunday's half-time show?"

Karen pleaded with Lisa, "Please, just stop hitting me and let me go. I swear, I won't press charges against you if you stop right now." But her plea fell on deaf ears. "But why?" Karen asked. "Why are you doing me?" Karen repeated over and over, but she never got an answer.

Lisa grabbed the bottom of Karen's workout top and yanked it up, pulling it over her head until it rested across her shoulders at the back of her neck behind her head. Sensing what was coming next, Karen tightened her muscles as much as she could, her only defense or defiance. As Lisa studied Karen, she saw her body had a light sheen of sweat which made her muscle definition all the more incredible.

Lisa just smiled and said, "O goodie! I love a challenge!"

For the next several minutes Lisa beat Karen like the side of beef hanging in the meat packing plant during the movie Rocky.

After endless blows, Karen's proud and defiant abs were beat and pounded until they all but crumbled. At first, Karen bit her bottom lip and refused to give Lisa the satisfaction of crying out as her punches thudded home with brutal force. But soon, each blow brought a grunt or grown from Karen and a large smile to Lisa's face. Soon Karen's feet were lifting off the floor as her bound body swung back with each punch that smashed into her torso. Lisa started mixing up the punches, targeting Karen's stomach, breasts and paying particular attention to the small area between Karen's belly button and her landing strip of neatly trimmed pubic hair.

When Lisa finally stopped punching, Karen just hung limp in her bondage as Lisa strutted back to her travel bag and brought out two ice-cold bottles of expensive designer mineral water. The first she gulped down as she'd worked up quite a sweat with her own 'full body' workout. The second, she poured over Karen's face to revive her a little, then tilted the bottle toward Karen and asked if she wanted any. She didn't want anything from the cruel bitch and even refused to answer. This just made Lisa so mad she began to shake. She was praying the camera was capturing the look of fear on Karen's face.

Still holding the cold water bottle toward Karen, an evil thought flickered through Lisa's twisted mind. Turning so the camera captured her next move, Lisa slowly poured the ice water slowly onto Karen's overheated body, targeting most of it on her breasts until her nipples were sticking up rock hard. She dropped the empty water bottles on the floor between Karen's feet and went back to her bag. This time she came back brandishing a leather riding crop. She stopped directly in front of Karen, making sure she saw the crop in her right hand. Before Karen could utter a protest, Lisa slashed downward on a diagonal, right across Karen's left nipple. The crop left a red welt about 4" long on the pale flesh of her left breast. A second stroke in the opposite diagonal left a large red X on her breast with her nipple at the crossing point. The breast almost immediately began to swell until it had almost doubled in size.

Tears poured down Karen's cheeks and she begged Lisa to stop torturing her. "How can I stop now?" she giggled. "It just wouldn't be symmetrical!"

True to her word, Lisa repeated the same criss-cross slashing blows to Karen's right breast, leaving a second crimson 'X' over the nipple.

"Now that I crossed my T's," she grinned proudly. "I really shouldn't forget to dot my I's," Lisa snarled as her crop came up from the floor and landed with a sharp CRACK directly between Karen's legs. Lisa stepped back and put her hands on her hips, leaving the torture device wedged deep between Karen's swollen labia. Lisa had taken Karen to a whole new level of pain, but her bag of tricks was far from empty! She pulled out an assortment of clamps which she slowly, lovingly - and painfully - clamped one by one on Karen's throbbing, aching breasts.

"Oh look," Lisa pouted with an undisguised lack of concern. "This ones leaking! Let's see what I can do to help out."

Grabbing a handful of the ultra-sensitive swollen tit flesh, Lisa stretched the breast as far out from Karen's chest as she could, then clamped the last clamp onto her left nipple. Karen let out a blood curdling scream as, in a totally involuntary reaction to the pain, Karen's legs jerked upward, her knee hitting Lisa's knee and pissing her off once more.

"You fucking dirty whore!" Lisa yelled, snatching the ridding crop from Karen's pussy, spun Karen so her back was to her and then rammed the crop as deep as she could into Karen's ass.

Storming over to her bag, Lisa uncoiled a heavy leather braided lion tamer's whip. She'd been practicing but she still wasn't very good at it, but nonetheless she attempted to make as many "Zorro's Z's" as she could on Karen's back. Karen's body hung limp when Lisa finally grew arm-weary and dropped the whip. She went back to her travel bag where she discovered to her dismay that she'd used up all the goodies she'd packed for the day. She sighed it was probably just as well, since she was exhausted at this point from her own 'killer workout.' She walked to the front door, made sure that it was locked and put a 'Closed Due to Gas Leak' sign in the window.

She'd forgotten her shower stuff but figured, fuck it, she'd use Karen's since she wouldn't be needing it anytime soon. Then, once she had showered and rested a while, she could spend the rest of the afternoon toying with her new plaything. She could think of a couple of friends, or maybe just some ordinary people who'd offered some 'operational' advice whom she could invite over to join her for a little impromptu victory celebration. First things first, she thought as she walked passed Karen and into the locker room.

Karen waited until she heard the shower and Lisa singing before she moved. When Lisa had spun her body around to whip her back and ass, she thought she'd cut her wrist on a sharp piece of metal at the top of the universal gym. Feeling around the top bar she found the spot and immediately went to work trying to cut through her restraining rope. Timing is everything! Karen was able to cut the ropes and even remove the torture devices from her body while Lisa was still enjoying her shower. Fighting through the pain that threatened to overwhelm her senses, Karen picked up a coil of rope and sneaked into the shower where Lisa was still merrily singing and soaping.

Using the length of rope, Karen fashioned a lasso and tossed it over Lisa while she was inside the shower curtain. Pulling it tight, Karen trapped Lisa's arms at her sides, then quickly wrapped the rope around the curtained cutie, tying her up like a rolled carpet as Lisa screamed and squealed in protest. Karen grabbed Lisa's wet hair and pulled her head out of her plastic cocoon. She wanted to make sure she looked Lisa right in the eye when she started beating her head on the hard tile floor of the shower stall!

When Lisa came too, she was naked and hanging from the top rail of the same universal machine where she’d tied Karen. While she was unconscious, Karen had wrapped Lisa's empty travel bag around the top rail, covering and padding the exposed sharp edge so even if she found out how Karen escaped, she couldn’t do it herself. Since Lisa was slightly taller then Karen, she stood flatfooted as she hung from the bar. Karen repaid her for the devastating low blow, using it to incapacitate Lisa, then she took another length of rope and tied her legs spread-eagle to the machine so she couldn’t use them as weapons.

Then, taking her sweet time, Karen went step-by-step, inflicting the same punishment on Lisa as she'd suffered. But for some reason, Karen wore a baggy sweats and a ski mask as she beat Lisa. When Karen figured she'd evened the score for the beating she'd taken, she cut down Lisa's unconscious body, dropped her on the floor and hobbled out the back door.

Several hours later, Lisa came too. She checked around the gym for several minutes to be sure the coast was clear before she gathered her belongings and disappeared.

“That asshole left forgot my video camera,” Lisa thought to herself, grabbing it and heading for the door before Karen came back. "She got even with me today," Lisa figured, "But we'll see who has the last laugh!"

On Sunday at half-time of the football game, the play-by-play announcers cut away to Lisa in the studio for the Plays of the Week. Lisa, wearing dark glasses to hide a black eye, thanked JB and said, "Football fans we have a very special treat in store for you so have those VCRs running."

She was finally going to take her revenge on Karen after all! Unbeknownst to the staff, Lisa had swapped her tape for the network highlight tape she was supposed to show. She hit the play button and all over America VCRs recorded the images of Lisa Dergan, tied up naked, getting her ass kicked by a woman in baggy sweats and a ski mask. Lisa never heard the last of it!