This House For Sale Lisa Dergan & Karen McDougal

"I've gotta go show the Taylor street house," said Lisa, getting up from her desk and gathering up her purse and stuff.

"Well okay," said Beth, another realtor in the office, "but I think Karen's showin' that house now...or sometime this afternoon.

Bitch! thought Lisa. "Well I'm sure she won't close the deal," she said, heading out the door to meet her client there.

On the drive over, Lisa thought about how great it would be to fight Karen, and wondered just how it might go. No doubt Karen would be tough to beat, but Lisa felt as if she could take her, and dreamed of getting her fingernails into her flesh and scratching her bloody.

Being a blonde, Lisa had never been jealous of a brunette before. But Karen was no typical brunette, in fact, she was just down right beautiful with a face and body that knew no equal. At 5-8 and 125 pounds, Karen's body was the picture of perfection. Lithe, lovely and tan, the brunette measured a fine and foxy 34c-24-34. And Lisa envied every inch and each pound.

When Lisa arrived at the two-story house on Taylor street she saw Karen's little Mustang and another car parked in the driveway. Parking along the curb, Lisa checked herself out with her compact and added a little more lipstick. Running her hands thru her soft blond hair, her client pulled up behind her.

"Hi, Terri," said Lisa, getting out of her Camero. "I just know you're gonna love this house."

When Lisa and Terri (married and in her early 40s) went inside, Karen and her married couple were upstairs. From an upstairs window, Karen had seen Lisa pull up, and she was not at all pleased.

That slut! she thought.

Karen hated Lisa with an equal passion. Being a brunette, Karen had a thing for blondes, especially when the blonde in question was beautiful and rivaled her body.

Lisa's 5-81/2 and 120 pound body was tight, toned and tanned. Her figure had been sculpt to a perfect and impressive 34c-24-34. She didn't have a line or curve out of place or out of alignment. Simply put, Lisa a was hard-body.

But their hate and envy went a little beyond the color of their roots; tan lines; and shapely bodies. They were also in the business of selling houses, and more than once had one undersold or back-stabbed the other in the year that they had worked together. Their feud was real and justified and coming to a head.

Karen left her couple upstairs in the master bedroom and went downstairs. Finding Lisa and Terri in the kitchen, Karen was cordial to them both, and Lisa was just as professional in return.

"Why don't you have a look upstairs," Lisa suggested to Terri, sensing that Karen wanted to speak with her alone. And that was fine with her. "I'll be up in a minute."

"Okay," said Terri. "I just love this house."

As soon as Terri was out of sight, Karen and Lisa (already moving closer)turned on their heels and met nose-to-nose with lightening bolts flashing in their eyes and fire flaming from their lips.

"You fuckin' slut," growled Karen in deep whisper.

"You fuckin' bitch," Lisa snarled.

As they spoke, their hands instantly found each other and tightly laced up at the fingers. Twisting their hands in combat, they pressed their nails into the back of each other's hand.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doin', bitch?" asked Karen, her nose touching Lisa's nose.

"Same as you, slut," snapped Lisa as their breasts crushed and spilled out over their bras.

"How dare you show this house while I'm in it," said Karen, their fingers tied in knots and twisting.

"Fuck you, cunt..." said Lisa, digging her nails into the back of Karen's hands.

"No, fuck you, you blond hussy," replied Karen, collecting skin under her nails.

" aren't gonna sell it anyway, slut," said Lisa as their nipples turned hard. "And you're the hussy, you fuckin' trailer-trash whore."

"Fuck you, you fake-blond bitch. I've got a good mind to whip your cheap cunt here and now," spat Karen, with her forehead and nose pressed against the blonde's forehead and nose.

"Oh I wish you'd just try. I'd love to kick your fuckin' whore-ass," hissed Lisa as their tempers flared and boiled deep within their bodies.

"Then when they leave, bitch, it'll be you and me," said Karen, almost touching lips with Lisa as she spoke.

"Good," whispered Lisa. "I can't wait to tear into you, bitch."

"Well good, bitch," snarled Karen, "because you're in for the catfight of your sorry-ass life."

Squeezing their fingers together as hard as they could, Karen and Lisa exchanged just a few more threats and names as they pressed their chests and faces together before they heard Karen's couple coming down the wooden stairs.

"You're mine, cunt," whispered Karen.

"Fuck you, slut," Lisa mouthed as they broke apart and tried to look normal.

Now with their juices freely flowing, Karin and Lisa rushed their clients around the house and did their best to get them gone. It was a long twenty minutes, and Karen thought Lisa would never get rid of Terri as the two stood in the driveway talking.

"Okay, sure...just give me a call," said Lisa, desperately trying to end the conversation.

Tired of waiting and seeing that Lisa needed some help, Karen walked outside and hollared at her. "Hey, Lisa! Can you come back in here."

"Oh...well, I better be goin'," said Terri.

"Okay, sure, and thanks, Terri...just give me a call," said Lisa as they parted.

"Bye," waved Karen.



"Shit, I thought you'd never get rid of the bitch," said Karen, turning and going back inside.

"I know. Thanks," Lisa said, following her.

Lisa closed and locked the door, and saw Karen heading for the den. That's the place she'd of chosen.

The den was adjacent to the kitchen, and that part of the house had a lot of windows and a big sliding door.

Karen was standing at the kitchen bar removing her jewelry, and Lisa joined her there.

"You fuckin' bitch," said Karen, taking off her earrings.

"Fuck you too, slut," said Lisa, removing her necklace.

"This has gone on too long, bitch," said Karin, pulling off her rings.

"Definitely, bitch. I've hated you from the start."

"Well, I've hated you too, bitch."

"I think the loser should leave," suggested Lisa, setting down her rings.

"Okay, I agree. And the winner gets to sell the house."

"Sounds good, bitch," said Lisa, unbuttoning her blouse. "Any rules?"

"Ha!" laughed Karen, unbuttoning her blouse. "What rules?"

"Good," said Lisa, peeling off her blouse. "I wasn't gonna follow 'em anyway."

Karen took off her blouse. "I've been wantin' to get down and dirty with you for a very long time."

Lisa unzipped her skirt. "Well, you can count on a nasty fight, bitch. I've wanted to tear into you since the start."

Sliding her skirt down, Karen said, "We'll see how you feel after I tear out all that dishwater hair and claw out your fuckin' eyes."

Stepping out of her skirt, Lisa responded, "Bitch, you're the one that's gonna get peeled from her makeup. I'm gonna scratch you raw."

Kicking off her shoes, Karen moved to the center of the spacious den. "We'll just see 'bout that, bitch. Now get over here and let's fight."

"I'm gonna enjoy this, bitch," said Lisa, coming out of her pumps and walking towards the brunette.

Left only in bra and panties, the two quickly took inventory of her rival's flawless body. Karen looked delicious in her white silk, and Lisa was ravishing in her white lace.

"You fuckin' bitch," said Lisa, moving to Karen's left.

"Blond whore," snapped Karen, shifting with her.



Like two cats pouncing, Lisa and Karen were in each other's hair pulling. Shouting and swearing, the 27 year-old blonde and 26 year-old brunette violently shook and slung each other back and forth and sideways. Holding onto the thick, plush grey carpet with their toes, Karen and Lisa got it on in hot and heavy classic girl/girl fashion. It had been since their college days, but neither had forgotten the feel of another girl's hair in her hands as they stood toe-to-toe swaying and swinging and racing to be the first to tear out a fistful.

"Ooohh ggaawd! Mmmy hhhair! Oooww!" cried Karen, first to lose a fist of locks.

"Bitch!" swore Lisa, throwing the hair to the floor, and grabbing some more.

Spinning in a circle now, Karen tore out a wad of Lisa's hair, and then drove her back against the panel wall. Lisa screamed as her hair joined Karen's on the floor, and grunted upon the impact of her backside hitting the wall.

"Cunt!" Karen shouted, banging Lisa's head against the wall twice.

Lisa wedged a knee into Karen's belly and pushed, adding a nice hard yank to the hair and a right hand palm across the cheek.


Karen yelped out as the slap stung and turned red with Lisa's fingerprints. Staggering backwards with Lisa driving into her, Karen lost her balance and fell to the floor ass-first with the blonde coming down on top of her.

"Ugh!" grunted the foxy brunette, but yanking back on duel fists of hair.

"Ouch!" winced Lisa, bowling Karen all the way over and pulling on her hair as well.

Karen yanked with her right and slapped Lisa across the ass with her left. "Bitch!"

Lisa yelped, and fell over sideways, pulling Karen with her by the hair. Karen gritted her teeth and made the roll complete as she came out on top.

"You slut," grumbled Lisa, sliding her tan legs around Karen's waist and clamping down with her powerful thighs.

"Uummpphh," Karen grunted, feeling the surge shoot thru her middle.

Karen thumped the back of Lisa's head against the carpet a few times as the blonde pumped pain into Karen's smooth tummy. Pulling back on a handful of hair with her right hand, Lisa slipped her left hand inside of their bodies and cupped Karen's right boob.

"Oooowww!" wailed Karen as her tit oozed out in Lisa's squeezing fingers.

Running her fingernails along Lisa's left leg from the hip to the knee, Karen succeeded in breaking the blonde's legs apart, and quickly straddled her. Plopping her ass down hard across Lisa's hips, Karen slapped the left side of the blonde's face.


Lisa saw stars for a second before the burn set in and flushed her cheek.

With one hand still in each other's hair, Karen and Lisa then grabbed a tit and squeezed. Lisa's left tit and Karen's right tit were the unfortunate ones to house a set of flashing nails.

"Ssssshhhhhit!" cried Karen, squeezing Lisa's tit and thumping her head against the floor.

"Oooouuuuch!" Lisa screamed, stretching back Karen's head and twisting her tit.

Letting go of Lisa's hair, Karen applied a face claw with her left hand as her right hand dug inside of the blonde's bra and pulled out her tit. Lisa squealed, and used both hands to remove Karen's fingernails from her face, but couldn't do anything about the pain her tit was now getting.

"Twist this fucker off," growled Karen, stretching out Lisa's areola and making her scream.

As Lisa's hands went to free her tit, Karen re-applied her face claw and really screwed her nails in Lisa's cheeks. Bucking and kicking and scrambling to get out, Lisa's right hand dove between Karen's thighs.

"YIKES!" yelped Karen, feeling the fingers against her sex.

Springing sideways, Karen immediately escaped danger as Lisa rolled quickly the other way.

Apart for the first time, Karen and Lisa sat back a few feet and collected their breathes, accessing the damage to themselves and each other. Already both were a bit bruised and scratched up and shining with thin screen of sweat.

"You ready to give yet, slut?" asked Karen, pushing her hair out of her face.

"No, bitch. Are you?" Lisa asked, adjusting her bra.

"Good. Because I wasn't done with you yet," said Karen, about to get up.

"Well, bitch, I'm not done with you either," Lisa answered, rising.

Back on their feet, the girls fixed their little panties and made sure their tits were tucked back in place.

Instead of rushing together like last time, Lisa and Karen slowly circled and became disgusted with the fact that they had to admire the other's body. Normally they were always the best looking girl in the room, be it high school, college or work, and having to share space with an equally attractive female was more than either could stand.

"You think you're pretty hot, don't ya, bitch," said Karen, closing the gap between them.

"Yeah, bitch, I do," said Lisa, moving in a step with her. "Especially against a brunette slut as you."

The two girls extended out their hands and came closer together.

"Well, bitch, I'll admit that for a blond whore as yourself, you're not bad, but you're no contest against me," said Karen as their fingers touched tips.

"Well, bitch, we'll see," said Lisa as their fingers slid together and locked.

"Yeah, bitch, we will."

As their long fingers welded up, the two girls began a test of strength by pushing and shoving and trying to turn back the other's wrists and drive her to her knees. But both girls were in excellent physical shape, and this turned out to be harder than they thought. Huffing and puffing and calling each other names, Karen and Lisa took turns steering as the muscles in their arms, legs and stomachs tightened and trembled.

"You fuckin' cunt."

"You fuckin' slut."

"I fuckin' hate you."

"I fuckin' hate you."

Breaking Karen's wrists over, Lisa nearly drove her to her knees, but Karen jerked her hands free and stepped back shaking them out.

"Bitch!" shouted Lisa, waisting no time as she lunged forward with a slap that struck Karen across the left cheek.

Karen's pretty head revolved as Lisa barged into her and drove her up against the wall.

"Uuunnggg!" Karen grunted as her belly took Lisa's shoulder and her backside met the wall.

Grabbing the back of Lisa's lace panties, Karen hiked them up her foxy buttocks and kneed her in the pussy. Lisa squeeled as her ass filled up with her panties, but Karen's knee missed and nailed her on the top of the right thigh instead (giving her what would be a nasty 'charlie' by fights end).

Raising up quickly, the top of Lisa's head caught Karen under the chin and caused her to bang the back of her head against the wall as her teeth slammed together. This naturally forced Karen to let go of Lisa's panties as the blonde reeled backwards, digging them out of her long crack.

Spitting, Karen didn't taste blood or see any. But still her anger was up and she rushed the blonde, who was rubbing her ass.

"Bitch!" yelled Karen, charging, and going for Lisa's hair with both hands.

Lisa yelped and peddled back, but Karen plowed into her and slammed her backside against the opposite wall. Lisa grunted, but filled her hands with Karen's hair as both girls stumbled off the wall, slinging each other in a circle.

"Oooouuuccchhh!" cried Karen as Lisa tore out some hair from the back.

"Bitch!" shouted Lisa, throwing her arms around Karen's shoulders and tackling her to the floor.

Grabbing big tufts of hair, Karen and Lisa hooked up their legs and rolled across the carpet screaming and shouting in each other's ear.

Lisa...Karen...Lisa...Karen...Lisa...Karen...Lisa...Karen...Lisa...Karen...and finally Lisa on top and grinding away.

"Get off, you fat fuck," grunted Karen, pulling straight back of two fists of hair.

"Ooooowwwww!" Lisa cried, giving Karen's right cheek a fine taste of her fingernails.

"Yeeeeeoooowwww!" screamed Karen, running a set of nails up Lisa's spine.

Lisa rolled over wailing, but tearing out a fist of Karen's hair in the process. Karen screamed, but punched Lisa under the ribs. Lisa's face fell against Karen's shoulder. The brunette screamed even louder as the teeth sank in. Grabbing the back of her panties again, Karen yanked them up her ass. Lisa had to scream as the waistband tore away in the back, her ass and crotch filling with lace panties. Falling sideways, Lisa stopped Karen with a swift knee between the legs.

Karen groaned, and her eyes rolled back as she cupped her busted womanhood. " pussy."

" cunt," moaned Lisa as she and Karen turned a roll away from each other, holding themselves.

Painful? Yes. Devastating? No! The fact that Lisa's panties tore loose from the waistband helped save her, and Karen's inner right thigh had caught some of the knee and absorbed the initial contact.

"I'm gonna get you, bitch," said Lisa, pulling some lace out of her vagina.

"Fuck you, bitch," Karen said, rolling to her knees, rubbing herself. "You're gonna be sssooo sorry you ever messed with me."

Getting to their feet, the girls reached for each other's hair and yanked. For several seconds they simply stretched each other's hair out before Karen popped Lisa across the cheek with her right hand. Lisa tried to slap back, but her hand hit Karen across the shoulder as the brunette threw a knee that caught the blonde in the top of the left thigh. Lisa grunted, and her legs buckled. Twisting Lisa's hair, Karen turned the blonde around and gave her ass a jarring jolt with a thunderous knee.

"Uuuuggghhh!" grunted the blonde as her full, round buttocks jiggled under the blow.

Clawing at Karen's hands in the back of her hair, Lisa was pushed up against the wall, grunting as her breasts impacted with the paneling. Unhooking Lisa's bra with one hand, Karen lost her positioning as Lisa pushed away from the wall and wheeled around with an elbow that nailed her along the ribs. Karen jerked hard on a handful of hair, but the blonde threw her arms around her waist and trip her to the ground. The two girls landed hard, but quickly took each other by the hair as their legs fought to wrap up.

"You slut," said Karen, rolling on top.

"Bitch," Lisa said, unlocking Karen's bra as she ran her fingernails up her spine.

Karen winced, and was forced to roll off. Lisa rolled on top. Karen tried to get her legs around the blonde's waist, but Lisa's legs snaked up with them as their bras pushed over their tits and brought their bare nipples into the fray. Still pulling hard on hair, neither quite realized the conflict between their bare boobs as they both stretched out a handful of loose hair and went into another roll with Lisa coming out on top again.

"Uuummm, bitch...get off," grunted Karen, slapping Lisa across the ass two or three times.

Lisa winced and rolled sideways, sending a slap of her own across Karen's hip. Karen dug into Lisa's ass with a handful of nails and made her way on top as Lisa barked out in pain. Lisa grabbed the back of Karen's panties with both hands and yanked. Karen cried out, but her nipples inverted Lisa's nipples and made the blonde groan.

"Ssssshhhhit!" cursed Karen, her fine, foxy ass full of silk material.

Karen rolled sideways as both girls laced legs and grabbed a handful of tit and hair.

"Sssssshhhhit! Mmmmyyy t-i-t!" cried Karen, squeezing a handful and pulling hair.

"Oooouuuuccchhh! Fuuuck!" Lisa screamed, twisting a nipple and stretching hair.

It was 'lights out' now as the blonde and brunette nearly broke each other's legs with pressure. Grinding their pelvic bones together like milling stones, Karen and Lisa mauled a tit and pulled hard on a handful of hair.

"Sssssshhhhhit! Leeee' gggooooo!"

"Yooouuu leeee' gggoooo! Fuuuuck!"

Neither one did, and Karen lost a handful of precious hair.

"Aaaaarrrggg! Give it up!" shouted Lisa, tears jetting from her eyes as her blond roots clung on and her pink nipple was stretched and turning blue.

"Never! Ooooowwww! You give!" bawled Karen, her eyes blurred with tears as her scalpe and tit were in flames with pain.

"Damn you, bitch!" Lisa yelled, letting go of Karen's nipple and raking her across the eyes with her sharp fingernails.

"Aaaaarrrrggggg!!!" screamed Karen, covering up her face and trying to hide it in the carpet as Lisa rolled across her back and got her from behind.

Shoving Karen's face into the carpet, Lisa rubbed it in while sitting up and seating herself across Karen's shoulders. Karen screamed into the floor as the carpet put burns across her soft, tender cheeks and lips.

Yanking back on a handful of hair, Lisa pulled on Karen's long bangs. "Give bitch! Give you fuckin' bitch!" she said, then slamming Karen's face back into the carpet and grinding.

Sliding a bit down Karen's back, Lisa put her legs on top of Karen's shoulders and pulled her head up between her powerful thighs. Locking her legs at the ankles, Lisa squeezed her tan muscles against Karen's neck while stretching out a fistful of hair and clawing at her ass with the other hand.

Karen kicked with her legs and beat her hands against the carpet as her head was about to be popped like a zit. Her hair was leaving her head and her ass was now getting shredded. "Give! I Give! Give! Give! I Give!"

Adding one more good surge of power thru her muscular thighs, Lisa tore out that fistful of bangs and gave her bleeding ass one last taste of her sharp fingernails before rolling off and collapsing on her back in victory.

Fearful of ever running into Lisa again, Karen moved out of town and got a job as a cashier at a drug store.

Lisa went on to establish her own real estate company, and became the town's richest and prettiest bachlorette.