The Boat: Lisa Dergan vs. Karen McDougal by kit

"Hey honey!" shouted Pete, from inside the garage.

"Yeah!" answered Karen, in the kitchen packing lunch.

"The Dergan's are here."

Karen came out of the kitchen and into the garage. "They better not want the boat."

"I doubt it," he muttered. "They had it last weekend."

The year before the two couples had gone in on a boat together and took turns sharing it every-other-weekend, but it was kept at the McDougal's house.

"Well they better not," said Karen as her body began to tingle.

"Hmmm," said Jim, pulling into the McDougal's driveway. "Looks like they're going somewhere."

"I hope they're not takin' the boat," said Lisa, eyeing the situation. "It's our weekend."

"I hope they know that. Didn't you tell Pete last week that we weren't gonna switch just because they couldn't use it?"

"I thought I made it clear," Lisa answered, feeling trouble brewing.

Last weekend was the McDougal's turn with the boat, but because they weren't able to use it, Lisa had asked Pete if they could have it. But Lisa failed to make it clear to Pete that they weren't switching weekends, and Pete just assumed that they were.

"I don't like the looks of this," mumbled Jim, spotting Karen in her white bikini top and matching short-shorts.

"They're here for it," whispered Karen to her husband as she saw Lisa get out of the SUV in a red bikini top and short denim cut-offs.

"Try and behave," Pete whispered back, knowing how the two females were apt to get catty with each other on occasion.

"Me?" hissed Karen lowly. "She's the one."

"Hi guys!" said Pete, going out on the driveway to greet them.

Pete and Jim shook hands as their wives lingered a little bit back, but politely exchanged shallow 'hellos'.

"What's up?" asked Pete.

"Uh, well, we just came for the boat," said Jim.

Karen moved forward. "Uh, we've got it this weekend."

Pete quickly tried to take back over the conversation. "Yeah, we're taking Karen's boss and his wife out."

Now Lisa moved in. "It's our weekend, and we've made plans."

"You had it last weekend," snapped Karen, glaring at the blonde.

"Well, Pete, didn't Lisa tell you that we weren't switching?" asked Jim, cutting Lisa off from responding.

"Uh, no...she didn't," said Pete, shaking his head as both women were now standing with them.

"I did too!" shot Lisa.

"Oh please!" fired the brunette, folding her arms across her chest.

Lisa turned to face her, and spat, "I did!"

Pete and Jim could see the fire flashing in their wives eyes as they squared up and stood defiantly before each other. For a few seconds Jim and Pete tried to reason it out as their wives looked cross-eyed at each other and took a step or two closer. Pete and Jim had been friends for a long time, but their wives, Karen and Lisa weren't that fond of each other. Their natural blonde verse brunette female rivalry was further fueled by the fact that they were both very attractive and equally well-built with hard, tan bodies. They were both right at 5’8” and 120-125 pounds, about 34C-24-34.

"You're not gettin' that boat," Karen said firmly in a low tone.

"Oh yes we are," Lisa said as a fact.

"You had it last weekend, and now it's our turn," said the brunette, itching to fight.

"I don't care," snarled Lisa, ready to fight. "It's our weekend, and it's just too bad that you couldn't use it last weekend."

Pete and Jim now noticed their wives getting very close together as their hands now perched above their hips.

"Well," growled Karen leaning forward, "you're gonna care."

Lisa inched closer. "I don't think so."

"Girls," said Jim, softly.

"Honey," Pete said.

"Well," shot Karen, giving him a quick glance. "This bitch..."

"Bitch?" barked Lisa, shoving Karen in the shoulders. "You're the bitch!"

"Bitch!" exclaimed Karen, pushed off balance a step or two. "Fuck you!" she added, stepping in and immediately shoving Lisa in the shoulders.

"Bitch!" shouted Lisa, lunging and reaching.

"Bitch!" Karen yelled, slapping at Lisa's hands and arms.

"Girls! Lisa!" shouted Jim, going to stop them.

Pete grabbed his arm, and Jim gave him a stern, but curious look as Pete quickly shook his head 'no'. "Let 'em go," he said. "I've always wanted to see Lisa fight Karen."



"Hot shit!" exclaimed Jim as his wife and Karen went for each other's breasts. The blonde and brunette spun in a circle, swearing as they squeezed and pulled down each other's little bikini tops.

"Oooowww!" bellowed Karen as Lisa twisted her tits together and ran her nails in.

"Ooouuuch!" winced the blonde as her pink areolas were pinched and pulled.

WHAM! "Uuuunnnggg!" groaned Lisa, suddenly doubling over and holding her snatch.

Karen stepped back, admiring the pain her knee had given Lisa. "How's that feel, bitch?"

"Uuuummm...shit," moaned Lisa, squeezing herself and squinting her eyes.

"Still want that boat, bitch?" asked Karen, taunting her. Lisa glared up at her and suddenly lunged forward with a slap to the face that rang Karen's ears.

"Fuck you!" yelled Lisa, pouncing on the brunette and taking her to the lawn by the hair.

"Oooww! My h-a-i-r!" cried Karen, but digging her mitts into the back of Lisa's fine, golden tresses.

Trying to get their sexy legs scissored around the other's waist, Karen and Lisa rolled vigorously back and forth, pulling hair and shouting in each other's face. Pete and Jim stood silently by, each getting a major boner as he watched his wife catfighting an equally beautiful and determined opponent.

"Uuunngg, you bitch," hissed Karen, rolling on top.

"Get slut!" cussed Lisa from the bottom as Karen's naked nipples stabbed into her bare areolas.

Karen grunted, but crushed her hips into Lisa's hips as the blonde's toned legs slithered into a knot with her shapely legs. Both turned their hands deeper into the other's hair as their bare breasts rolled in a circle and their nipples catfought deep within.

"Uummph!" groaned Lisa as she struggled to get off her backside. Karen's body was winning the grind, and both men drooled at the sight of her tight, tan buttocks flexing and pumping as she gyrated her hips in a bruising roll.

SPANK! SPANK! SQUEEZE! "Ow! Ow! Oouuch!" Karen cried as her ass was slapped twice and then squeezed with Lisa's fingernails digging in. But she stayed on top and made Lisa scream from a painful hair pull on the top of her head.

"Oooowww, b-i-t-c-h! Get off!" cried Lisa, balling up her fist and slamming it into Karen's ribs.

"Uuummph!" groaned Karen, her body shifting, but still on top.

As Karen's body moved, so did Lisa's body move, and suddenly Karen found herself face down in Lisa's left tit and her right hand between the blonde's thighs.

"Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggg!!!" screamed Lisa at the top of her lungs as her tit was bitten and her pussy squeezed.

Instinctively Lisa grabbed a handful of Karen's hair and ripped it out as she used her other hand to fist the brunette in the face with. Karen immediately cried out at her loss of hair and rolled off holding her face.

"Think it's over?" Jim asked, after a few seconds as both ladies lay on the lawn softly weeping and laboring for breath.

Pete shrugged, “Dunno."

"Looks like a tie," suggested Jim.

"Yeah, maybe," shrugged Pete, going over to check on Karen while Jim knelt beside Lisa.

"Baby, you OK?" Jim asked, noticing the bite marks on her left breast and some of Karen's hair between her fingers.

"Honey?" inquired Pete, checking out the swelling starting under Karen's right eye.

"That...that fuckin' bitch," sobbed Lisa, trying to catch her breath and stop her crying.

"Oow. Uum," moaned a teary-eyed Karen, touching her face. "That slut."

Jim and Pete helped their wives up as both wiped away the tears and slowly got their wind back.

"C’mon," said Jim, putting his arm around Lisa. "Let's go home."

"No, no," grumbled Lisa, removing his arm. "I'm not done with that bitch. She bit me on the tit and I'm gonna get her back."

"Bitch," said Karen upon hearing Lisa, "you're not gettin' that boat."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Lisa shouted, springing at her with a wild swing.

Karen managed to pull back and avoid the punch, and then counter with a looping left hook that slammed across Lisa's right tit.

"Ooommph!" grunted the blonde as her tit spread out across her chest.

Ignoring her pain, Lisa lunged and swiped her fingernails down Karen's right cheek while attempting to tackle her. Karen yelped in pain, but peddled back and punched the blonde across the mouth.

SPLAT! Lisa's lips flattened out underneath Karen's knuckles as her knees knocked together and made her go bowlegged.

"Oh baby!" grimmaced Jim, turning his head at the sight of his wife's bleeding lip.

"You slut!" grumbled Karen, digging her hands into the blonde's hair and yanking her over.

Hip tossing Lisa to the lawn by the hair, Karen plopped down in the small of her back and reined back on her yellow locks. Twisting and shaking Lisa's head in a circle, Karen bounced up and down as the blonde scratched at her wrists and started bawling again. Jim knew his wife was whipped, but something about seeing it made him excited, thus he let it go on. While treating Lisa to a new hairdo, Karen added a few slaps upside the head and she also gave her bouncing ass some spanks.

"You fuckin' slut," said Karen, reaching around Lisa's body with her left hand and squeezing her left tit. "Give it up, bitch. You better give it up."

"Uuuuunnnngggg!!!" grunted Lisa, suddenly getting up on all fours and flopping over on her back with Lisa on top of her. Karen shoved her off and then quickly rolled clear before Lisa could do anything.

"C’mon, bitch and fight me!" said Karen, already to her feet and advancing while Lisa was just getting to her knees. Karen helped her up by the hair!

"Oooowwww!" cried the blonde, prying at the brunette's hands. SLAP! Lisa's head turned sharply as Karen smacked the shit out of her face.

"I've gotta stop this," said Jim as Karen slung Lisa around in a circle by the top of her hair. Lisa lost her balance and tripped to the lawn, leaving a huge fist of bloody blond hair in Karen's right hand.

"Don't you ever mess with me again, bitch!" screamed Karen, shaking the handful of hair in Lisa's crying face as Pete pulled her back and Jim stepped between Karen and his beaten wife.


Pete and Jim remain friends to this day and, every now and then, Pete takes Jim fishing on his boat. Karen stays home and fingers herself as she fondles a handful of blond hair she’s framed and has hanging in her bathroom!