Donna D'Errico vs. Erika Eleniak by ctft2000 Aug-29-2000

"Oomph" said Donna, as Erika's right foot lashed out and caught her square in the pussy.

Erika thought back to how this came to be and was more determined then ever to make the younger woman pay. While the two blonde bombshells had both stared on Baywatch, their paths had not crossed until recently. Both Donna and Erika were trying out for the same part in a movie and Donna was leaving the producer's office just as Erika arrived.

"I see you're taking a major step down in terms of the acting ability of your next subject," said Donna, who really wanted the job.

"Shut up bitch," replied Erika who was tired of being compared to Donna. Erika had heard the talk about how the Baywatch viewers frequently compared the two beauties and how they overwhelmingly preferred Donna. Erika always had trouble with this as she thought Donna was a no-talented airhead.

"Why don't you make me," said Donna.

Erika was all too eager to accept but she knew that neither of them was dressed for a fight. "Let's do this in one week's time, in the ring," said Erika. "We can both invite whomever we want to view the battle," she added, screaming at the top of her lungs. "In fact, I'm going to invite all of the cast members, past and present, of Baywatch so they can see that I truly own you."

"Oh yeah," said Donna. "We'll I'm going to invite the producer of this upcoming movie so he can see that I am the better woman in every sense of the word."

The week didn't pass soon enough for both participants but when it finally arrived, they both stood ready in the ring. Donna wore a red, one-piece suit, similar to the Baywatch wardrobe. Erika wore a white bikini that was low cut on top and rode well up her ass on bottom.

When Donna asked what the rules were, Erika replied, "No rules", which is when she kick her right foot forward catching Donna in the cunt, and the fight was on.

"So, you want to fight dirty," stated Donna as she wrapped her hands around her foe's ankles and took her down to the mat. "Well, two can play that game," she said as she wrapped her fingers around Erika's throat.

Erika's hands immediately tried to pry off the hands of her attacker. She was gasping for air and knew this would be a quick fight if she didn't do something quickly.

"Having trouble breathing?" asked Donna with a laugh in her voice, as she released one hand from Erika's throat and used it to pinch her nose closed, depriving her blonde foe of any oxygen at all.

Erika knew the end was in sight unless she did something fast. Acting more on instinct than anything else, Erika pushed her right hand forward with all the force she could muster, hitting Donna in the left tit. The shot stunned Donna and pushed her off of Erika. Erika took advantage of the few seconds she had to fill her lungs with air. She then got to her feet and hit Donna square in the nose. Next she wrapped her right leg around Donna's left foot and pushed her foe with her hands, knocking Donna to the mat.

Erika took full advantage of the situation. With Donna on the mat, Erika jumped up in the air and came down with both knees hitting her opponent in the midsection. Donna screamed and the sound was music to Erika's ears.

"I rather liked that move," Erika said with delight, as she jumped up in the air once more.

This time, however, she came down with each knee hitting one of Donna's tits. Erika was almost in a sitting position with her ass just inches above Donna's stomach and her knees buried in her foe's tits.

"You'll really like this," said Erika as she began rubbing her knees back and forth over Donna's tits. "You'll be a flat-chested bitch by the time I'm finished with you".

Erika was tiring of this move and got off of her opponent's chest via her own free will.

"Don't get too comfortable," screamed the tormentress as she grabbed the top part of Donna's suit and pulled it down, baring a pair of large, pretty but black and blue tits.

Erika then grabbed the tits with her hands and started to squeeze. Donna responded by kicking her legs in pain and in an attempt to free herself. Erika grabbed the legs that were trying to kick her and pushed them wide open so Donna was in a spread-eagle position. Erika stepped on Donna's pubic bone and pushed down - hard! She followed up with a series of kicks to her opponent's pussy.

"And now for the coup de gras," said Erika.

She pulled her opponent, who was still lying on her back, towards the ring ropes. Erika climbed out of the ring and spread Donna's legs wide once more. From outside the ring, Erika grabbed Donna's legs, which were straddling the ring post with one leg on each side. Erika pulled forward with all her might, smashing Donna's cunt into the post.

"I told you I'd show all the cast members I own you," screamed Erika.

Well, for whatever reason, that comment seemed to revive Donna and bring her back to life.

"Don't get too cocky too soon," said Donna, who grabbed at Erika's feet and tripped up her opponent who, thus far, had dominated the match. "Now, it's my turn," said Donna.

She grabbed at Erika's halter-top and pulled the thin material from her body.

"And, you wonder why people prefer my body to yours," sneered Donna as she grabbed her opponent tits and twisted for all she was worth. Next, Donna sat down on Erika's face. Her ass was covering Erika's mouth and nose and she was facing her opponent's feet.

"How about a wedgie?" asked Donna as she pulled the thong bikini bottoms up into Erika's ass and pussy.

Donna continued pulling the material upwards until it tore right off her opponent's body. With Erika stripped completely naked, Donna grabbed a handful of pussy hairs and yanked them right out.

As Erika screamed, Donna said, "Good! Now, that's the response I was looking for."

Donna, who was still sitting with her ass on Erika's face, continued to pull at her opponent's pussy hair. Erika was screaming but with Donna's ass covering her mouth, the screams were muffled.

All of a sudden, Erika clamped down hard on Donna's ass checks. Donna screamed and tried to jump forward but Erika held her in place and refused to release the bite hold. Finally Erika released the bite but she slipped her hands under the red material that was still covering Donna's ass and pussy. She let her finger's do the walking until the found the desired target, Donna's pussy lips. Erika pinched her fingers together making Donna scream in pain. She then slid the remnants of Donna's bathing suit off of her body.

Now both beauties were completely naked. Donna was lying on the mat with her hands clutching at her aching cunt while Erika took a seat on Donna's face. Erika's pussy was just inches from Donna's mouth.

"Lick it," commanded Erika.

"Never," responded Donna, who received a number of blows to the side of her head for her disobedience. Finally, Donna managed to bite down hard on Erika's most sensitive region. Erika rolled off of Donna. Donna knelt down between Erika's legs and clenched her hands into two fists. Donna made sure that the 2nd and 3rd knuckles of each hand were protruding from the rest of the fist. She put the protruding fingers from each hand on either side of Erika's cunt, then began to push the knuckles from each hand together, pinching Erika's cunt while grinding her fingers together.

The pain was unbearable! Erika began sobbing like a little girl.

"Is there a problem?" asked Donna with a smile on her face.

She knew the end was near. Donna continued to grind her knuckles together causing all sorts of pain to Erika.

"Well slut," said Donna, "it looks like it will be quite some time before you're able to enjoy the company of a man. I guess we know who the better woman is." As she continued to grind her knuckles together, she said, "I want to hear you say it. Who's the better woman?".

"I am," replied Erika, not satisfying Donna.

"Who's the better woman?" repeated Donna as she replaced her knuckles with her knee, driving it into Erika's pussy and putting her knuckles over Erika's nipples and grinding.

Erika couldn't stand the pain any longer and meekly said, "you are".

"I can't hear you," shouted Donna, increasing the pressure her knee and knuckles were applying.

"You are," shouted Erika sobbing, "you're the better woman".

"Who's the better actress," asked Donna, wanting to further humiliate her beaten opponent.

"You are," responded Erika, "you can have the lead in the movie".

"And, who's got the better body," asked Donna.

Again, Erika told her tormentor what she wanted to hear. "You have the better body," said Erika.

"Damn right," said Donna. "Now, let me show you what a real woman's pussy tastes like."

She put her ass over Erika's nose, with her pussy on her mouth. Donna reached down, grabbed each of Erika's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and pinched lightly.

"Now it's your turn to lick. If you try anything funny, or you don't satisfy me, I'll increase the pressure and you won't know what happened."

Erika didn't want to find out if Donna could increase the pressure and she began lapping until Donna had an orgasm. Donna then continued to hump her opponent and smothered Erika's face with her pussy. Eventually, Erika passed out. Donna got up, spit on her foe's naked body and walked away triumphantly.

END (D'Errico beat Eleniak in the vote 381 - 173)