Erika Eleniak vs. Donna D'Errico by simguy 16-Aug-2000

Before: Whirl wind tour for Eleniak leads her to an outdoor date at the LA Playboy mansion - interesting schism in fan support with most playmates in attendance rooting for DD, most men for Erika - Eleniak with a history of being very rough during her playmate days hasn't outlived the resentment. Erika in pink bikini, pink boy cut swimtrunk bottoms, DD in pale blue.

R1: Wildly undisciplined Eleniak shows no respect whatsoever for D'errico - and pays the price. Donna solid, not flashy, but beating Erika raw with a thudding jab, stepping around her hook to leave Eleniak stumbling forward, and midway through the round putting wobble in Erika's trunks with a pretty left hook, right uppercut, pivot to escape. Shutout D'errico as Eleniak runs into machine gun fire with WWI stubbornness.

R2: D'errico showing surprising poise - Eleniak muscling up, punches whistling just past Donna's chin, but DD judging range and timing exquisitely, picks away, and continues to bail at the right time. Erika not setting up her power properly, needs a jab and some footwork to go with the ferocity.

R3: Eleniak going to Donna's breasts with thudding straight lefts and rights, finally puts D'errico on the defensive, and a crunching left hook on the cheek spins DD a quarter turn in shock. Eleniak wild on follow up, missing as a staggering D'errico reels away and manages to run out the clock as Erika stalks, lunges with power shots.

R4: D'errico still hurting, not as mobile this round - Erika able to square up in front and pound the jugs and jaw with authority. Donna scoring the odd counter, but she's just fighting to get her legs back - round to Erika.

R5: Shutout Eleniak. Erika hounding Donna to the ropes, setting up on wide spread feet, showing a little Boom Boom Mancini look as she cranks hooks, chopping right hands, getting her head under Donna's chin and shoving the blonde back with elbows and shoulders during a constant barrage.

R6: Round destined for blooper reels around the country - Eleniak pounding her way into Donna's trunks, folds D'errico up with multiple fouls and is issued a severe warning. D'errico bailing out, kills over a minute as Erika follows without cutting off the ring, then Eleniak with a series of tackles drives D'errico to the mat in frustration. Constant referee intervention as boxing match descends to the level of catfight - girls locked in a tight clinch at the bell.

R7: More sloppy, chaotic action with Eleniak scoring the odd wide round punch - D'errico stepping in with a nice short right hand on the face - but it's mostly clinching, mugging - Erika issuing elbows to D'errico's mouth, looking to lace up the eyes. Round goes as a draw.

R8: Shutout Donna D. Best boxing of the match as D'errico surprises onlookers with competent footwork, a punishing jab, sharp hook, and laser straight right hand to the face that has Eleniak suffering. Down the stretch, Erika finally takes backward steps as Donna bangs her way up the middle with short lefts and rights from the shoulder - Eleniak glassy eyed at the ropes, getting her head smacked back at the bell.

R9: Erika's composure is broken - she wrestles Donna to the mat, takes her warning, then proceeds to get her ears boxed as Donna works the jab, steps to her left around a crisp hook to nearly close Erika's right eye. Donna putting punches together, working at her own pace - Eleniak on the verge of panic, form completely abandoning her, looks only to clinch or foul.

R10: Eleniak drawing boos as she clubs her way inside and goes low with both fists until a cringing Donna D can tie up. D'errico remaining cool, pounds face with that jab, keeps her distance and has Erika walking into a zesty right hand on the eyes - nothing more than good fundamentals from Donna - Eleniak simply losing it emotionally can't recover. Donna pounding out the round takes the decision as Eleniak flies into a rage as entourages mill about the ring.

After: Erika taunted ringside by former playmates happy to see her get tanned by sweet Donna. Eleniak out of control, is restrained from taking on all comers. Eleniak throwing away a bout she was winning as pressure gets to her - mental breakdown worthy of a Golota or Tyson at their worst. D'errico to be commended for sticking to business, getting the job done and not getting discouraged despite several flagrant fouls.

THE END (Donna won the vote: 381 to 173)