Anna Faris vs. Zooey Deschanel by Fenway

To the west of the town of Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, is a high, green-forested hill, that affords the best view of the lake the town is named for. The hill is privately owned, and to get to the house at its crest one has to first pass through a pair of towering baronial gates set in the high, wrought iron fence, and drive on a rough gravel path that eventually turns turfy and over-grown with grasses until it ceases to be near the higher ground. To reach the house itself, which was built in 1902, one has to leave their car and walk through an ancient-looking gate in a hedge of old thorn bushes. Across the field beyond there seemed to be some faint indications of a track leading to the house. One would rightfully guess that sometimes people did pass by that way, but not often.

The house itself was large, white and impressive for how much acreage it rambled over. Across the front and wrapping around the side was a wide porch, empty now in the dead of February, but bearing the wear marks of summertime wicker furniture from long ago. Above the front door was a large stained glass fanlight. Inside, the once-polished, now dusty oak-floored hall ran past a curved staircase to the back of the house, where there was a large room with a fieldstone fireplace. It hadn't seen a fire inside of it in over sixty years. Nor would it tonight.

One of the two women in the room was standing in front of the fireplace, taking off a pair of heavy silver earrings she had bought in Mexico and laying them on the high stone mantel. They ought to be safe there for the time being. She expected the fight to quickly get out of control, but it didn't seem likely that even then they'd be trading punches up on a mantelpiece. She was 31 years old, with a lithe 5'6 frame, her short, straight blonde hair brushing the tops of her shoulders. After she removed the earrings the only jewelry she had left on was a large and very expensive diamond solitaire ring, on the middle finger of her right hand. A green bra covered her grapefruit-sized breasts, with a matching pair of panties below that hugged what little hip she had.

"I take it he told you that the house wouldn't be heated. We didn't ask far enough in advance," the blonde said. The other woman there was a brunette, with thick chestnut hair that spilled over her shoulders. She had perfect, delicate features, and was the embodiment of the girl-next-door, but with a hint in her deep gray eyes that she would fuck your brains out if she so chose. Her body was tight and tantalizing, with breasts which weren't the smallest in the world, but they were the smallest in the room, an observation she did not miss. Her only jewelry was a ring with a large pink, heart-shaped diamond in the center, also worn on her right hand.

The brunette unzipped her blue jeans and stuffed the into a ready gym bag. "I got the message, the same as you," she said, as she reached around her back and undid the clips of her black bra, her apple-sized breasts sliding out of their lacy harness. "I wouldn't worry about it, though. I'm quite sure we'll find some way to keep warm in here tonight."

"Really, Zooey? Are you going to fuck or fight?"

"Maybe both, Anna. Even if I do decide to fuck you, it'll be AFTER I kick the shit outta you. You won't be in much shape to stop way or another, I'm going to REALLY hurt you"

Anna shook her head disdainfully at Zooey as she finished undressing, both women standing naked. "I'm going to hurt you MORE, bitch," Anna said in a low voice.

The brunette followed up immediately by saying "I hope you realize that there won't be any assault charges. When you agreed to this, all that legal crap went out the window."

"If they're going to file any charges against me, it'll be for killing you, not roughing you up some, Zooey," Anna shot back.

"Oh, I am SO glad to hear you say that, bitch." Zooey said, her eyes beginning to blaze with hate. "Now I can say this was all in self-defense." Her pretty face now glowing with contempt, the brunette went on: "And my name's pronounced 'ZOH-ee,' not 'Zoo-ee,' you idiot. Like the character in the Salinger book. You ever read a book, Anna?"

Faris just glared back her. Knowledge and wit were not exactly her strongest assets. She did think she looked good in a tanktop, but she didn't bring it up.

"Yeah, just as I thought," Zooey said with a contemptuous grin. "It's easier to grow tits than a brain."

"Fuck you, you cunt," Anna hissed, clenching her fists at her sides.

"No, fuck YOU!" Zooey snarled. "You wanted this, so don't think you're going to just walk out when I'm finished. First, I'm going to beat you to an inch of your life; then I'm gonna spay you like the little bitch you are. Only I'm not going to knock you out for the procedure, I want you wide awake as I beat your womb into goo."

Anna almost erupted at that. As long as she remembered, she’d wanted to be a mother, something well-known in the Hollywood circles she and Zooey moved in. Her marriage had just ended in divorce, and she was depressed and angry she didn't have children. To hear Zooey announce she was going to destroy her womanhood was too much.

"We're going to settle this for good tonight, you fucking bitch," Anna snarled. "And don't worry about my baby-maker," Anna said, sliding her hand across her stomach. "Worry about yours...'cause I'm making sure you never have any kids. I am really going to fuck you up!"

Balling her fists and raising her arms, Anna walked toward the brunette. Their nipples were as hard as pink marble in the chilly indoor air, and one look at their ravishing faces would tell anyone that they were going to tear into each other without mercy. They began circling one another, arms raised, slowly closing the distance between them, threatening. The two women simply hated each other.

"You're right about settling this tonight, Anna," Zooey said. "I'm going to put you in so much pain you'll beg me to kill you."

"What are you going to do, make me watch Elf? That WOULD be painful" Anna fired back.

"How about I just rip your tits off and feed them to you? I'd call that a great start," Zooey threatened.

"You know Zooey, if you think you can..." Anna said, spreading her arms wide and baring her white boobs, "here they are. Try it, you cunt."

As Anna advanced on her, Zooey stood her ground until Faris came within striking distance, and Deschanel cracked a back-handed slap across the blonde's face, a cloud of short blonde hair flying as Anna's head snapped to one side from the force. Unfortunately for both the blonde and her mouth, Zooey reversed her arm in flight and land a powerful open-handed slap that hit Anna full in the face, her cheeks and lips stinging from the solid hit. The blonde staggered back, her left hand pressed against her burning lips, her eyes glaring at the brunette who now coming at her.

Anna pulled back her open hand to land a slap of her own, but since her anger had gotten the better of her, Zooey blocked Anna's arm with her own, and slammed Faris right across her mouth again. Anna's head spun as the corner of her mouth was cracked open by Zooey's ring, a drop of blood slowly running down her chin. Faris gasped more in shock than pain as the brunette bitch-slapped her and she dropped back, with her hand over her bruised lips.

Fairly pleased with herself, Zooey reached back and adjusted her ponytail. "C'mon, tough girl," she said to Anna, motioning with her hands, to have another go at her. "Slapping the shit out of you is fun, but this'll be even better."

With the raw hatred for the brunette coursing through her, Anna put up her fists as Zooey's hands clenched into fists themselves, but once again the brunette was too quick for her. The punch that Anna threw was deftly blocked, and Zooey countered with a vicious uppercut that snapped Anna's head back sharply. Zooey showed no mercy to her hated opponent and barraged the blonde with another uppercut that banged across her mouth, and another wicked punch that pulped Anna's upper lip as it smashed against her teeth, the blonde's lips puffing up. Wading into her with a scream, Zooey Deschanel landed a lip-splattering fist into Anna Faris' mouth, Zooey's ring smashing into her swollen lips, bringing a spray of blood and a scream of pure agony from the blonde.

"OOOHHHH!!! shit!!!!" Anna screamed as she fell back yet again, her hand shooting to her mouth and coming away with a copious amount of blood from her busted lip. "YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!" she howled in pain and frustration.

Zooey rubbed her right fist with her left hand, smiling as she purred, "I bet that felt good, didn't it, Anna?"

The brunette grinned but then her face twisted in rage as she put everything into a savage uppercut into the blonde's chin, bloodying Anna's face more as Faris' head snapped back again as Zooey bore into her, smashing her face back and forth with her fists. Anna's cheeks reddened under the assault and her nose began to drip blood as well as she moaned in pain. Zooey sent another painful fist into her rival's face, but that was when Anna planted her feet and fought back with a big right that busted Zooey straight across her jawbone, as hard as she possibly could. The wiry brunette fell to one side, her left arm coming up to protect her face from another fist.

"OOOHHHHHHHH GOD!!!!!" Zooey moaned, both surprised and hurt at Anna's sudden offense as she stumbled back from the blow. "DAMN!!"

Shaken but still in the fight, Zooey snapped off a fist that pounded into the left side of Anna's pretty face as blood and blonde hair flew to the right, but before she could resume beating Faris wholeheartedly, Anna fired a punch that impacted perfectly between Zooey's nose and upper lip, staggering the brunette. Anna belted Zooey's face from side to side with her fists, Zooey's blue-gray eyes showing the first signs of glassiness.

Faris smashed a punch against Zooey's mouth, Anna regretting not wearing another ring or two as this time it was Zooey's lips that pulped under Anna's knuckles. Then Anna blasted her with an overhand right fist that connected with Zooey's mouth, blowing apart Zooey's swollen lips in a mist of blood.


As Zooey swayed, Anna went low, slinging a punch in just above Zooey's pussy; her tight fist landing on the waistband of the brunette's black panties hard enough to drop Zooey to one knee with the pain. Anna is now the one smiling as she saw the damage she'd done. The sweating blonde's bloody face is aglow seeing the brunette on her knee before her.

"Who's the 'tough girl' now, Zooey?" Anna snickered as Deschanel panted with the breath knocked out of her. Placing her right hand flat on the floor, Zooey starts to push herself up as Anna circles, still taunting. "Let's see, bitch. You're supposed to be smart, but you're down there bleeding while I'm up here talking. Hmmm..."

As the brunette pushed herself up, Anna stopped her cold, grabbing Zooey by her very useful ponytail, using the woman's chestnut brown hair as a handle. Anna cocked back her right fist and as she pulled Zooey's head up, and launched a terribly damaging downward punch that crashed into Zooey's beautiful face, rocking the brunette, rattling her teeth, and dropping her hard onto both knees this time. Zooey's hands grabbed either side of her aching head as her ears rang in pain.

"I actually like you better on your knees, cunt," Anna hissed; her hand still wrapped in the brunette's hair. "And by the way, bitch, I read books ALL the time...especially fiction."

Anna's ring had broken the skin on Zooey's cheek with her last punch, but the brunette's face was flushing an angry red as Faris wrenched Zooey's head back viciously, only to see the flashing motion of Zooey's fist as it swept up and into the blonde's wide-open, tender pussy with all the strength she had in her lithe body. The brunette's fist crushed against Anna's sex, her knuckles burying themselves within the blonde's vagina, Zooey's ring smashing against Anna's clitoris, followed by a deep, deep moan of pain from the blonde.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.......GOD.....ZOOEY.....FUCK...FUCK YOU...YOU BITCH..." The color drained from Anna's face as a tidal surge of nausea-inducing pain coursed through her body.

With her pretty features tightened into a snarl, Zooey grabbed Anna's right leg to hold the bitch in place, and punched up again into Faris' groin, scoring another perfect slam into the damp blonde cunt. Shuddering in agony, Anna released Zooey's hair and tried to stumble away, moaning painfully, both manicured hands clutching her wounded pussy, but Zooey's grip on her leg prevented any such respite.

Zooey's third punch penetrated Anna's vagina, Zooey's fist coming away with a smear of blood on her knuckles, and blood began to drip from Faris' cunt. Anna settled for dropping to one knee next to Zooey, but Deschanel was more than ready for her. As soon as Anna had descended to her lever, Zooey pushed her to the floor on her back. Then Zooey clamped her hands like twin vices tight around Anna's marshmallow-soft globes; savagely screwing her nails deep into the soft mounds.

Anna's blue eyes bulged in utter pain and she loosed a scream as Zooey began violently yanking her boobs away from her body and slamming them back into her chest. Twisting hard counter-clockwise Zooey had Anna thrashing and withering in ultimate breast pain, as Zooey's body weight kept Anna locked to the floor as now the brunette's knuckles were furiously kneading the blonde's naked mammaries like warm dough. Zooey was gasping and sweating hard, but she knew if she kept punishing Anna's tender young tits, the blonde would pass out and then Zooey could destroy her.


The structure inside of Anna's breasts was changing under Zooey's assault, and both women knew it. Worse, Zooey's manicured nails were slicing into the blonde's milky white breasts, staining the slopes of her tits red with blood. Anna was trying to pull Zooey's hands off by tugging the brunette's wrists, then tried digging her own nails into Zooey's forearms. But the only respite for the pain-soaked blonde came when Zooey released her tits only to sink both hands roughly into the blonde's tousled hair.

"Get up bitch!" Zooey grumbled as she dragging Anna to her feet and slammed the blonde hard into a large radiator; her back impacting the cold metal. The brunette smiled as she pulled back her right fist, measuring her first punch, then sent a right cross sizzling into Anna's mouth.

SMACK! The punch cracked like a gunshot as the blonde screamed in sheer agony.

Zooey's decision to wear a large ring had been a good one, and the stone ripped into Anna's face as Deschanel backfisted her across the face. Anna got hit in the mouth with a punch that completely broke open her lower lip, spilling blood over her chin, her lip feeling like it was on fire. By the third punch, now Anna could feel loose teeth. Each blow resonated sickeningly through the room as Anna's head was smashed from side to side as she tasted the coppery tang of blood from her burst lips. Zooey finally smashed an uppercut into the blonde's jaw, and Anna's head was blasted up and back, and it stayed tilted back. Anna's head was exploding, and blood flowed freely from her mouth. Anna slumped to the floor on her knees and moaned out painfully, her face saturated with blood. By the time she was done, Zooey had literally beaten Anna Faris to a bloody pulp.

"GOD I LIKE PUNCHING YOU ANNA!!!" Zooey yelled. "How about your tits? Am I ignoring them?"

Zooey wrapped her lithe arms around Anna's tight body, twisting it around so Faris was facing away from her, and clapped her hands on Anna's tits from behind. Her right hand closed immediately around Anna's right breast, which was mottled with bruises and becoming crusted with blood, but her left slid down Anna's until her palm rested flat on the blonde's lower stomach. Putting her mouth next to Anna's ear, Zooey whispered:

"I know how much you always wanted a baby, Anna, but I'm going to make sure that never happens. I'm going to rip your tits off first, then I'm going to beat your stomach sooo hard..." Zooey gave Anna's belly a squeeze "...that you'll shit out your uterus. In ten more minutes, you won't be a woman anymore. Hope you didn't think I was fucking around when I said I'd spay you tonight."

Anna Anna's head hung down as Zooey spoke, her eyes closed and her brain dimly comprehending the fact that Deschanel was going to destroy her womanhood, which was something much, much worse than killing her. But now both of Zooey's hands were again on Anna's tits, locking the mounds in her claws before closing her hands into fists and crunching Anna's breasts inside them. Zooey's pink nails ignited searing pain in Anna's tits, and brought Faris back to the horrible reality that Deschanel was going to make good on her threat to tear her prized breasts from her body. Zooey's fingers gripped her nipples and began to twist and yank. Anna moaned in blinding pain as her tits were clawed and torn by Zooey's sharp fingernails, her sensitive breasts about to give way at any moment under Zooey's assault.

Anna screamed for mercy!

Zooey's right hand pinched the blonde's left nipple between her thumb and her forefinger, twisting it viciously. Anna howled in pain as Zooey's left thumbnail pushed her nipple deep into the areola, her nail threatening to slice the hard, pink knob in half. For her part, Zooey ground her teeth together with the effort, her own breasts sliding against Anna's slick back as Anna arched her body attempting to escape. Zooey thought about ripping Anna's tits off. She didn't think she'd have sufficient torque to actually pull them off her chest, but if her grip was good enough she might be able to rip Anna's nipples out by their roots, and the thought of removing Anna's nipples brought a smile to Zooey's bloody face.

Zooey piled on even more pressure to the blonde's reddened tits, her full, shapely orbs providing a great handhold for the brunette, who kept on wringing them mercilessly, until she and Anna both felt Faris' left nipple begin to weep blood. Just at that moment, when victory was literally within Zooey's grasp, Anna threw her head in agony just as the brunette was shifting her position. Anna's head caught Zooey flush in the face, hard, cracking Zooey's nose and bringing instant tears to the brunette's gray eyes.

Zooey stubbornly held on, but Faris tossed her head back again, harder this time, and the blonde's hard skull had smashing the brunette in the mouth. Zooey's manicured hands slipped off the blonde's tits as she pitched backwards with a thud onto her back, spitting out a broken tooth. For Anna the relief was instant and wonderful, and it lasted until she realized that Zooey had indeed managed to break her left nipple open completely.

Faris growled like an animal and launched herself onto Zooey's body, knocking the brunette backward to the floor. Fueled with hatred and now a desire for revenge, Anna swung her right arm back and delivers an enormous uppercut right to Zooey's groin, hitting her anus more than her intended target of her cunt, but sending shooting pains up through the body of the surprised brunette.

In seconds, Anna had turned the tables on Zooey who was getting blasted by punches from a blonde she thought she had all but defeated. Now Faris was banging a series of brutally hard punches, burying her fists into Zooey's midsection, but then walked her punches straight up into Zooey's face. Anna's ring smashed into Zooey's head, rocking it back and forth on the floor, as her fist cracked into it. Two shiners began to appear around Zooey's eyes, darkening with black blood immediately. Zooey's left eyebrow split first, followed by her right, as Anna hammered her without mercy. Anna grabbed Zooey by the back of her neck, driving her fist across the brunette's mouth, and Zooey spit out teeth and blood.

But Faris saw Zooey's nearly unblemished breasts; round, full and firm on her chest, and the mere sight of the untouched, perfect, globes drove her into a frenzy.


Anna's fist fired into Zooey's right breast, driving it accurately right through the tender milk organ and painfully impacted the brunette's ribs underneath. Zooey's breast exploded in sharp, intense pain as Anna set out to destroy her rival's chest completely. Anna wound up and delivered vicious blows that speared deeply into the brunette's tits. Faris slugged her hard, her fists sweeping across Zooey's firm breasts, and it wasn't long before her mounds were reduced to swollen and bruised orbs that were getting dangerously close to exploding.

Zooey's breasts went from looking just as bad to suddenly worse than the blonde's! Anna smiled as she slammed uppercut after uppercut into Zooey's breasts, smashing them upward; working the fleshy undersides of her opponent's tits, and pulverizing the muscles supporting Zooey's breasts as well. The ring Anna wore scraped the flesh on Zooey's boobs painfully, drawing blood. Zooey's milk glands were soon swollen and mottled with purple splotches, which spread as the hematomas blossomed beneath her pale, creamy, skin.

Anna turned Zooey's boobs into doughy masses that rolled in pain over her chest. Anna held nothing back, and put everything she had in to her punches. When the enraged blonde finally stopped for breath, she surveyed Zooey's body as the brunette was racked with sobs. Zooey's hands gently cupped her crippled tits, once firm, ripe, and succulent, but were now red bags of purple pain. Although consumed by pain, Zooey felt rage slightly edging it out as Anna taunted her.

"Might want to get a doctor to look at YOUR baby-feeders, Zooey," Anna sneered. The brunette was a mass of pain as Anna lowered herself onto Zooey, wrapping her soaking wet body around the brunette's; the women lying together, almost sexually.

Anna whispered into Zooey's ear, "You said you were going to fuck me tonight bitch, but it looks like I just won. But I'm not gonna fuck you; make sure YOU NEVER FUCK ANYBODY AGAIN." Locking Zooey's body down with her own, Anna drove her manicured right hand up into the brunette's cunt, plunging four fingers deep in Zooey's vagina, making Zooey cry out in desperate, unending, pain as she beat her fists on Anna's sweaty shoulders weakly. "Like that, Zooey?" Anna asked; twisting her hand in deeper until she could almost feel Zooey's cervix in her grip. "You're lucky I can't work my thumb in there too, you skinny bitch. I'll just have to do this instead."

And with that Anna ripped her polished nails into and then through Zooey's vaginal walls, bringing a scream from Zooey's throat that hurt Faris' eardrums, even though the sound of Zooey screaming like an animal was music to her ears. Anna was ecstatic to see her opponent now suffering as blood began to run from the lovely brunette's crotch. Zooey's love canal was being ravaged beyond any repair. The last time someone had been this deep inside her, Zooey's body had exploded in unimaginable ecstasy when she climaxed. Now her sex was exploding in unimaginable pain as it was destroyed.

"I’m gonna split you in half, Zooey," Anna threatened, reaming her pussy even harder with her hand.

Zooey just screamed even louder, but somewhere in the back of her pain-addled mind was the impulse to fight back no matter how indescribable the agony she was experiencing. With her last bit of resolve, Zooey placed her hands flat on Anna's back, just under her shoulder blades. Hooking her fingers into claws, Zooey tore her pink nails as deeply as she could across Faris' back, leaving angry red and purple welts in her wake, but not stopping Anna's destruction of her cunt. But the second time, Zooey's hard nails bit into Anna's body, she succeeded in lacerating the skin and ripping against the muscles, opening up Anna's upper back in eight bloody furrows that produced an immediate reaction from the blonde.

Anna screamed out in total pain, falling off of Zooey's sweaty body, her hands scrabbling awkwardly to her upper back in the vain hope that merely touching her shredded flesh could somehow stop the pain. Wanting to capitalize immediately, Zooey, despite having just been cunted by the blonde, got to her knees and lashed out at the blonde, slapping her palms together on either side of Anna's head, boxing the young blonde's ears. Zooey's left hand was slightly wide of the mark, only hitting the top of Anna's ear, but her right was right on target, landing flush on Anna's left ear, and ruptured the blonde's eardrum.

Rolling the moaning blonde off of her, Zooey pulled herself dizzily to all fours, then her knees. Anna's eyes were glassy now, and her ears painfully ringing in her brain. Operating on nothing more that instinct, Zooey hit Anna in the middle of her face as the blonde writhed on the floor, and although it was nowhere close to Zooey's earlier punches, Zooey's ring smashed Anna's cute nose - which broke with a soft POP!

Red blood gushed from both Anna's pulped nostrils and flowed back across her face to stain her blonde hair. Anna's hands left her ears and clutched her smashed nose, blood welling up between her fingers as she looked at Zooey in disbelief. Without any strategy, Zooey buried two massive fists into the blonde's stomach, churning her guts, then leveled Anna's gorgeous tits, splattering the blonde's milkers flat, Zooey's ring left both breasts turning solid purple with blood and bruises.

Zooey just wanted to put Faris away for good, no matter what. But they both knew what the winner would do to the loser!

Anna's pain-fogged brain barely responded when she felt Zooey hoisting her up to her knees. Blood still pulsed out of the blonde's ruined nose as she felt Zooey's hands come to rest again on her tits. Zooey gasped in shock though as she felt the lovely blonde's hands glue themselves to her own mauled and lacerated breasts as well. Both tightened their grips on breasts that simply were about to split apart, and dug polished nails back into torn nipples, into wounds which immediately re-opened. Zooey sunk her hands in at the base of the Anna's boobs and tried to rip the blonde's lactose glands out.

Anna moaned, "My tits...My tits...No...Let go...Let go..." as blood and lymph leaked from both red breasts. Still, Anna viciously milked Zooey's tits, popping a gland deep in the tender female tissue and turning Zooey's right breast into a trembling purple, blood-filled bag of flesh.

Their heads were resting on each other's shoulders, and mere inches apart, and in total pain, both women cursed and threatened the other in husky whispers, breathing hard…

"Fuck you, Zooey...Gonna rip your tits off and fuck you up good, bitch..."

" YOU, Anna...I can feel your...tits breaking down... in my hands...I'll milk them...til they explode..."

"I'm g-g-gonna hurt you so...bad, bad...knock your fuckin' head off... crack your cunt..."

"I own you Anna...I'll break your dirty tits off, you bitch...then go after your womb...No babies for you bitch...ever..."

"Uhhh-uhh...Zooey...I'll take you down and rip your sex off first, bitch..."

Someone's breasts were going to explode or get ripped off before the night was out, and each was determined it was going to be the other. Zooey and Anna, their hands locked on each other's breasts, failed to notice that their breasts had ceased to be sweaty and slippery, but now, in addition to being dry and darkly crimson-colored, were becoming hard to the touch. Both pairs had absorbed so much abuse in the past hour of fighting that something had to give, or burst. Too many tubules and milk sacs deep in the globes had ripped or exploded, and the muscles that connected the breasts to their chest walls were about to tear apart in both the blonde and brunette. It was just a question of time, and whose breasts were a little tougher. As Faris and Deschanel wrenched the other's tits, positioning and re-positioning their hands and fingers, tightening their grips for another painful jerk, they screamed in pain.

Suddenly, Zooey's screams grew much louder than Anna's - both of Zooey's cherry nipples had burst at the same instant, slicking Anna's manicured fingers with blood and lymph. Zooey's head fell backward as she cried out in despair,


Her precious breasts emptied themselves as they gave way under Anna's assault. Zooey's hands were still firm on Anna's pair, but with her demolished nipples and destroyed mammary tissue, it was nothing matching the now-ferocious grip that Anna had on her assets.

"I've got you, bitch!!!" Anna grinned diabolically as she rammed her hands back into Zooey's crippled tits, pinching Zooey's crushed nipples between her index and middle fingers and scissoring savagely. Anna was rewarded with two hot streams of pink lymph which shot out and splattered over her own abused breasts. Another scream was ripped from Zooey as Anna, with all her might, heaved her breasts upwards, hard enough that the crease at the bottom of Zooey's breasts where they joined her chest, split painfully. Then, with equal force, Anna pulled Zooey’s battered breasts down until the Cooper's ligaments of the brunette's chest tore apart, separating Zooey's breasts from her chest wall!


Anna pushed her away and Zooey swayed on her knees for a moment, screaming in ultimate pain. The blonde had wrecked her rack, ruptured her nipples, and pulled her breasts down to her hips. Then Zooey crashed lifeless to the floor, her breath as ragged as her tits, still sobbing as she realized that the blonde had (figuratively) ripped her breasts from her chest.

"I TOLD you I'd rip them off, bitch," Anna said, kneeling over Zooey's body. The blonde had done it. But she hadn't forgotten what Zooey had threatened to do to her. Anna knew if she’d been the one on the floor, crying over her destroyed tits, Zooey wouldn't hesitate to spay her just like she'd threatened. "I want you to know something, bitch," Anna said, with a snarl. "I didn't forget what you said about beating my womb out. I told you MY baby-maker would be fine. A year from now I'll be in the delivery room. But if you ever want a kid, you'll have to adopt one." The look on Anna Faris' face left no doubt what she was planning to do next.

"Anna...please...p-p-please don't. You fucked up my beat me...pleese...don't...don't do it...I'm begging..." Zooey whimpered, her hands moving from her destroyed breasts to protect her stomach and groin.

"Uh-uh bitch. If I were you, Zooey, I'd spend your money and try to get your tits fixed, 'cause you won't need it to decorate the nursery. Get ready for THIS, bitch."

Pushing apart Zooey's legs, Anna savored the moment as she balled up her ringed fist, and then drove hard jackhammering punches to Zooey's pussy, as the brunette's body spasmed hard as her face contorted in absolute agony. Tears of pain coursed down her cheeks, carrying away what was left of her smeared makeup as Anna laid waste to her fragile cunt. Her whole body jerked, as Anna powered home a punch straight up and into her sopping cunt. Anna kept firing devastating punches, making a mess of Zooey's cunt, as the brunette hung in semi-consciousness. The blonde aimed carefully, smashing her ring against Zooey's sex, rifling her fist straight into her pussy, again and again.

"NOOOOO...PLEASE...STOP...PLEASE!!!" Zooey moaned.

"WON'T BE NEEDIN' YOUR HONEY-POT, BITCH!!!" Anna screamed thru her burst lips; each cunt-splitting punch ripping delicate tissue and rupturing blood vessels as blood flooded Zooey's crotch.

Zooey was in a world of pain as she began to spit up blood, and Anna knelt for a moment, breathing hard. The blonde's head was reeling as she punched Zooey's bloody pussy again, the brunette's beaten body jumping off the floor as she let out a tortured moan. Anna smashed her fist this time just above the brunette's groin, smashing Zooey's lower viscera, her fists painfully compressing the brunette's ovaries, beating the sex out of them. Sweat poured off Anna's swaying breasts as she destroyed the brunette's innards, trying to kill Zooey's reproductive organs.

Anna punched and chopped Zooey's lower guts, smashing Zooey's lower stomach, exactly where her uterus was. The agony in Zooey's sex and her love canal was nothing compared to this, and clear golden urine sprayed from Zooey's pussy as Anna clubbed her powerfully. Hyperventilating, Zooey explosively evacuated the contents her stomach through her mouth, puking as Anna hit her with one massive punch after another. Bits of vomit dripped down her face as Anna screamed

"Take THIS you fucking whore!" she grunted as she unloaded three savage blows straight down into Zooey's lower stomach, just above her sex; burying her fists in the yielding flesh with her full weight behind them. Zooey moaned in agony, a deep-belly grunt when Anna fist carved into her womb which exploded at Anna's third punch.

“I destroyed you!!!" Anna yelled triumphantly into Zooey's face, knowing the brunette was busted up inside. "We could pump a gallon of cum into you and you STILL couldn't get pregnant, you barren bitch!"

Zooey passed out in pain and defeat; her body shattered; her womanhood destroyed. Anna tried to get up, but she was too exhausted to rise and sat back down on her ass; resting until she'd gathered the strength to struggle to her knees next to Zooey.